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04-28-2019 01:00 AM

Ned sits in front of his array of televisions, all of them turned off but the center one. His body obscures the picture and the sound is too quiet to hear any discernible noises. He leans forward and turns the TV off, conjuring a DVD as he stands. In his other hand is an opened case that he places the DVD in. Closing the case, he unzips the side pocket of his suitcase and carefully slides it in. With a deep breath, Ned walks towards the door.


The scene cuts to outside of Kaye's gym, Ethan leaning somewhat on his suitcase, the extendable handle pulled all the way up. Slung around Ethan's shoulder is the strap for a camera bag, seemingly brand new. Ned, wearing a white t-shirt and a blue windbreaker, steps out of the building's door, walking to Ethan's right before scanning his eyes over the street to check for any cars coming to stop by them. As Kaye approaches, a necklace with a ring hanging off it is seen around his neck.

"You sure we'll be safe, Ned? I mean, hitchhiking hasn't really been known for its safety."

"We'll be fine. Besides, if things do go south, I've prepared contingency plans for almost all possible outcomes."

Ethan smirks slightly.

"Ned Kaye and Ethan Davis on the road to Anarchy, then back to New York to fly to Warfare. And the only transportation we're certain will come are your fans. I'm sure the XWF Galaxy will love watching that."

"Hey, you joke around now, but this is the time to connect with my supporters. I mean, if I can't be amongst them while I'm marching forward to the most important match of my life, when can I?"

With a shrug, Ethan visibly acknowledges his point.

"Oh, by the way, I forgot to thank you for this."

He pats the camera bag at his side.

"You don't need to. It was your money."

"You gave me that money, man."

"For helping me get two promos recorded when I almost got zero out there. You worked for it, you earned it. Nothing to elaborate about."

"...Y'know, not everyone would've done that, though.

"So what? It's the right thing to do. If you don't carry your values and morals with you, then what do you become?"

"...Noah Jackson?"

The two begin to laugh lightly.

"That's certainly not inaccurate."

Ned begins to trail off into thought, but his focus is broken by Ethan's voice.

"It's a shame how that match ended up. He bought himself a victory just by paying the right guy."

"God knows it highlights some of the problems that come with working in this company. I half expect that even if I do pull it off, Justin Sane will cash in that briefcase of his to rip it out of my fingers. Hell, maybe he'll sell it off if someone offers enough. I'm fighting an unwinnable battle here."

"That's why you're gonna win."

A red SUV appears from behind a building as it's turning.

"...Do you ever worry that when you improve in some values, that you'll lose part of yourself? That you'll lose your essence just because you dared to try grasping onto something greater?"

"Yeah. Yeah, man, I do."

The SUV stops in front of them. They look to each other and then begin picking up their bags.


Inside the SUV, some time later, Ned sits in the passenger seat. Driving is a young woman, mousey in stature, with dyed red hair, several unidentifiable tattoos, and elaborate earrings in the shape of axes. Somehow cramped in the backseat, Ethan sits to the right of the cameraman.

"Really? DDW?"

The woman nods her head quickly, a large smile draped across her face.

"Yeah. Disaster Drop was my shit for a while! But it really lost its appeal when you left. Not to say you carried it, I just like watching you wrestle."

"I understand. It was hard for me to leave at first, but circumstances shifted, so it was necessary."

"Like what?"

Ned hesitates for a moment, adjusting himself in his seat.

"You know... I don't quite recall."

"Oh well, I'm sure it was important."

"Yeah... Do you have any tips?"

"About what?"

"The match."

The woman looks flabbergasted, almost laughing.

"I-I don't know! I'm not a wrestler!"

"I'm aware, but you are a supporter of mine. What you think about how I handle myself out there matters a great deal to me."


"Yeah, he means it, m'am."

"Okay, well-uh... I think you do best when you calm down. It really plays to your strengths."

"Thank you. I'll try seeing if I can't do some mental exercises to keep my temper down."

The car grows silent for a moment.

"Well, we're almost there. Do you need any help getting your luggage out of the car?"

"No, no. Not at all."

"Alright. Good luck on the ladder match, Ned. You need it against a guy like Robert Main."

Kaye chuckles lightly.

"I think I'll be alright."

"I hope so."

"Yeah, me too. He's not paying for your ride home!"

After a little more driving, the car slows down, parking outside of a nice looking hotel. The three guests start to grab their things while the woman parks her vehicle.

"It was really nice meeting you both! I'll be watching with my family that Wednesday. Hopefully, we'll get to watch you win!"

"Thank you so much for taking us here. Here's some money for gas so it doesn't cost you out of pocket."

He hands her a decent handful of money, the woman looking pleasantly shocked by the gesture.

"Wow-uh, r-really? Thank you! I-I really don't know what to say! You're one hell of a guy, Ned."


"You can't run from yourself."

In a hotel room, Ned sits on one of the two beds, leaning forward to look straight into the camera.

"It's sort of mantra of mine. A reminder that we are all bound to ourselves. That while my opponents can flee from every challenge in the world, there is no haste any of them can possess that allows them to outrun their nature. And you, Robert Main, are no exception. But to merely state that doesn't mean much at all, rather, I need to prove I understand you. To summarize the Universal Champion and remind the world that beneath the gold stands a man. And whilst that man casts a shadow that encompasses great portions of this industry, a single spark shatters shadows. And I am a firestorm waiting to happen. When we do battle Wednesday night and that title hangs above us, I don't just want to come out of there holding the belt. Even if you ultimately retain your status as that belt's holder, I will dispel the myth of Robert Main."

"So, where to begin? If one is to claim that they are able to delve into the chasm of their opponent's psyche, they must provide a compelling starting point. Luckily for myself, it isn't a difficult concept to grasp. See, Main, you have begun to view yourself on the peak of this business. To believe that you've made it to the top. It would be difficult not to carry that belief as you possess the most valuable metal in this company. However, this concept is hollow and self-defeating. Why exactly? Allow me to make something transparently clear to you. There is no top. It's an illusion; a trick of your mind's eye to lull you into complacency. This is a cliffside with no end, Robert, so we climb, fall, or cease moving. But no matter how hard any of us try, we're never reaching an end point. I understand that fully, but you've allowed your position to grow in your mind like a tumor. While you've been comfortable with how far up you managed to reach, I am still climbing."

"Perhaps that's why you chose me as an opponent. Somewhere, deep in your subconscious, you know that I personify the climb. That should that belt sit on me at the end of next Warfare that I won't stop climbing. I am approaching like the passage of time, Omega, and if you don't start climbing again, you'll go from looking up and seeing no others perched above you to having a clear view of my heels. You tossed this gauntlet towards me? You've been watching? Well, I'm ready, Robert. I was born ready and no force in this universe could cause me even the slightest of falters."

"So you'd better begin climbing once more. Because I haven't stopped- I will not stop. Let Vincent Lane describe me as a trash bag. Let company officials value me as little more than set dressing. I will not stop. Whether this ends with that belt on my waist or not, I will not stop. Your victory is written in stone? I shall scrawl my name larger. You wanted to witness me at my finest? I will provide it willingly, as I always do. You desired a challenger worthy of your talent, Robert? Here I am."


The scene cuts to Ned Kaye laying on the same bed, staring at the ceiling, deep in thought. Ethan is seen unpacking a few of his belongings, halfway paying attention to his computer. The calm is disrupted by the ringing of Ned's phone. Picking it up carefully, he answers.

"Hello, Ned Kaye speaking?"


"No, I haven't watched it yet."

His face turns to slight surprise.


"Yes, I understand. Thank for you ensuring that I was informed. Good night."

"What was that?"

"A call from an XWF intern. I'm a team captain at War Games."

"Holy shit."

The room goes quiet.

"That involves drafting and preparation, right?"


"Are you gonna be able to do this with that on your mind?"

Ned takes a deep breath.

"I don't know."


"You can't run from yourself."
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