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PlaceMarker The Epic Conclusion...Who is Locksley?
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02-12-2019 05:42 PM

This is a direct continuation of "Junkyard Dog".

You sure this is going to work man? Harley will be sniffing a mask that is made of actual human flesh. Not to mention Locksley was also wearing said mask. Wouldn’t there be two sets of scents?

Bob, it’s going to work. I know about these things.

How sure are you?

Drew gazes down at the mask for a split second then up into the heavens like he is doing a very difficult match in his head. He then starts using his fingers.

Add the one subtract two..Uh…. 50-50


Maybe more maybe less let’s just see what happens first. Harley….. Harley…. Here girl… Sniff this and go find the bastard…

Robert watches in amazement as the dog sniffs the mask for a few moments before sticking her nose into the air. She growls instantly, freezing in place.

What the fuck is she doing?

Drew motions for Robert to keep his voice down as the dog starts circling our heroes.

Drew? Thoughts on the current situation?

Bob, I don’t know how to say this but… I think we are being watched..

Robert & Drew move back to back surveilling the hills or rusted out cars and truck waiting. A few seconds pass by as Locksley emerges above Robert & Drew taking the high ground. Without hesitation, Robert pulls his knife from his hip. The knife was sharp and threatening. It had been wanting to murder since its birth. It had a large steel serrated blade with a deer antler as a handle.

Locksley this ends right here right now. Come down here and let’s make this easy for all of us. We’ll never stop until we have captured you. Take that mask off and reveal yourself.

He’s going to take the hard way, isn’t he?

Do you expect anything else? The bad guy always takes the hard way. Don’t you watch movies?

Yes who doesn’t watch movies, Robert. I was just saying the easy way would be nice after everything we’ve gone through. But the hard way is much more fun I must admit. Locksley show’s over. We’ve got you. Come down here dick before we have to start kicking names and taking asses..

Really you fuck up the tough talk?

He knows what I mean Bob such a stickler. You know what I mean get your ass down here now.

Locksley stood tall on the stack of cars leering down. Drew then shrugs.

Here we go..

Fuck it.. Go get um Harley!

Harley takes off like a bat out of hell, barking wildly, hurdle over twisted metal, worn out tires and broken glass. Locksley sprint across the junk cars when he leaps to a set of metal stairs ten feet above a car compactor. Locksley sprints up the stairs skipping every other one with Harley now right on his tail. Instantaneously everything goes silent as Robert and Drew rush up the stairs. The pair sees a pair of pants torn to shreds, as each of their hearts is in their mouths, salty sweat beading up on their foreheads dropping down stinging their eyes.

Where the hell did they go?

Robert kept a white knuckle grip on the knife waiting for the moment to lash out with a killing blow to Locksley.

Oh my God look Robert.. He tossed Harley down into the car compactor. We’ve….. We’ve got to save…..


Drew is dropped instantly with a lead pipe shot to the back. Robert lunges at Locksley with the knife slamming him into the control panel for the car compactor. Robert slams Locksley into the control panel a few times as both men dropping their weapon of choice. Locksley hits Robert with a vicious right elbow sending Robert staggering a few feet back holding his eye. Robert quickly shakes it off raising his fist.


Robert wasn’t sure just who threw the first punch, he did know he connected with Locksley as the blood pooled in his mouth he spit as they stumbled apart for a brief second to catch their breaths before diving back at each other, eyes narrowed in determination. Robert dodged Locksley’s flurry of rights and lefts covering up, then returned fire with vicious knees none of which connected. Both men lock up grappling for position Robert watched as Locksley’s eyes behind the mask widened before he managed to tilt his head back and slam it into Robert’s.


Stars burst into Robert’s vision as he speedily shakes it off, throwing a sloppy kick. Locksley stepped back, easily evading the kick. Robert growled throwing himself at him, changing direction at the last minute. His blood hummed in my veins as determination and anger took over. Robert takes Locksley to the ground reaching for the lead pipe that is just out of reach. Robert delivers a few thunderous bombs connecting with Locksley slightly ripping the mask made of human flesh. Robert grasps the lead pipe raising it into the air Locksley rolls Robert over onto his back delivering a few shots of his own to Robert. Crimson flows from Robert’s nostrils as Locksley raises the lead pipe into the air Drew places Locksley in a headlock pulling Locksley away from Robert.

Locksley expeditiously stands bashing Drew up against the metal railing. Drew releases his grip and is met again with the lead pipe, this time across the face sending Drew down to one knee. The defiant Drew laughs as blood covers his teeth dripping from his mouth. Drew stands back up pushing Locksley falling back down to one knee. Locksley looms over Drew who stands up again this time mocking Locksley.

You wanna see a magic trick?

Drew’s flipsLocksley both barrels as his eyes move from Locksley for a brief second as Robert comes dashing in. Locksley side steps tossing Robert over the railing down into the car compactor ten feet below with Harley. Robert lies motionless as Locksley hits Drew again with the lead pipe crumpling him to the cold steel walkway above the car compactor. Locksley eyeballs the downed Robert acknowledging he isn’t moving, then back at Drew who isn’t moving either. Locksley drops the lead pipe starting the car compactor. Robert still lies motionless with Harley. The compactor moves in closer.


Hasta la vista, Locksley!

No sooner than the words leaving Drew’s mouth he pulls the trigger on a flare gun he had in his backpack. The flare leaves the gun like a rocket striking Locksley in the back of the head dropping him to one knee. Drew pulls himself up by the railing grabbing the metal pipe as he begins to whistle tossing the pipe from hand to hand. Locksley still on one knee leers back at Drew who swings the lead pipe with all of his might sending the mask fromLocksley’s head. Locksley collapses face first as Drew shuts down the car compactor. Still whistling Drew leans over the railing looking down at Robert who is now sitting petting Harley gazing up at Drew

Bob you okay? That was one hell of a fall.

Robert raises a thumb shouting

I’m fine Harley too. You know we should take her with us. Locksley?

Oh, he’s very much knocked the hell out right now.

How’d you do it?

I shot him in the back of the head with a flare gun. Then hit um with the lead pipe. Lights out.

Did you say flare gun? You shot the son of a bitch with a flare gun?

Drew nods grinning from ear to ear as blood drips from his head, mouth and nose

Damn.. Is he dead?

Nope.. His mask is off though wanna see what he looks like?

Yep we’ll be right up

Robert climbs out of the car compactor helping the new APEX mascot Harley out as well. Both climb the stairs where Drew is waiting standing over Locksley Robert pushes the body a few times with his foot making sure he is unconscious.

Thank God this is over. What a major pain in the dick this prick has been huh?

You know Bob I was thinking we are so good at this.. Maybe we should be bounty hunters. Like Dog the bounty hunter. His wife has major knockers. Imagine the special she could give. Holy shit. I mean damn. If we get tits like that in our faces, I’d be all over this. I’d walk around with a raging boner.

Robert shoots a quick smile

Brother we are great at anything we set our two minds too. All this is what happens when two great friends come together for one common goal. Or a huge fuck up in your case where you steal 100,000 grand. Either way though.. We’re blood Drew and don’t you ever forget that.

The two-fist bump

Roll this mother fucker over let’s see who it is..

Drew rolls Locksley over as Robert & Drew both take a few steps backwards their mouths opened in shock.


OOC Note: This roleplay like all roleplays that Apex does during tag team matches was a collaborative effort. Robert was going to post this but due to a family emergency I am posting it for him. Judges please consider this a Robert Main rp.

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