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The Beast (Part 1 of 2)
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02-11-2019 12:36 PM


Last week, VV found herself the victim of what appears to be a stalker. He sent a disturbing package to her hotel, one that contained a note professing the “fact” that he believe himself and VV to be soulmates. That same package also had a used tampon in it. VV wouldn’t realize it, but it was one of hers, discarded in a rest stop trashcan during her drive to North Dakota for Savage. Next, she would be surprised yet again at a different city and in a different hotel when someone would tape another note to the door of her room. It warned that little girls shouldn’t travel alone.

VV assumed that these events were mind games played by her opponent last week. One Tommy Wish, bust after the message she received on Savage promising that “he’d always be watching”, VV was beginning to wonder of she had an entirely different problem altogether.


Fear of the beast caused our village to close its doors each day before dusk. Each night it would come and stalk the villagers from outside. I remember the terrifying noises that ensured through the night. Sleep was a rare commodity for a child like me. Father would always try and comfort me. “You’re safe darlin’” he’d say with a smile so warm it could melt butter. “Our home is locked up tight, he could never get in.” Despite his reassurances, I would still lie awake at night, my blanket pulled up just to my eyes, and stare through the window to the darkness outside.

Often I wondered, will this be the night? Will tonight mark the night that the beast found his way into our warm home? The days weren’t much better than the nights. Each morning was spent cleaning the mess left from the night before. The adults did their best to shelter the young ones from seeing what little was left behind, but they didn’t always succeed. I remember the first time that I stumbled upon the remains left from the previous night. Mother had sent me out to the chicken coop to gather some fresh eggs for breakfast. A typical beginning to my daily chores. As I approached the coop, I couldn’t help but notice a strange smell. It was almost metallic, but it had a distinct smell to it, a dead smell.

My first thought was to run and get pa, he would know what to do, but in the end, curiosity would get the best of me.

I wasn’t scared of what I saw, but more intrigued. For the first time in my life, I was looking at the result of being chosen by the beast. I stood over that child's body, looking down to the bloody and mangled remains. The clothes of a once inocent child ripped to shreds and barely covering the scattered remains. I wondered who would find me when my time came? Would the discovery of my body bring forth the anguished screams of a loved one, or the morbid curiosity of someone like me?

My thoughts then turned to the act itself. How did this child die? Was it quick and relatively painless, or did the beast take it’s time and dish out pain and suffering over the course of the night? As I stood there pondering all of these questions, I was almost in a trance like state. Maybe it was shock, maybe I was just fascinated by what I saw, maybe it was a little of both.

Whatever it was, I snapped out of it pretty quick when I heard a limb snap somewhere in the woods to my right. I nearly jumped out of my skin and turned my attention to that general direction. My eyes darted back and forth, searching for any sign of the source, an animal, another villager… the beast? Anything. As I peered into the woods frantically searching for whatever made that noise, I thought that I saw something. A tall dark figure. One without any noticeable features that would define it as man. It was more of a shadow than person. I froze on it and stared. I could feel it staring back at me, staring into my soul. I knew then that whatever was standing in those woods was what we referred to as the beast. It had stuck around to watch and now it had it’s sights locked on me.


The sound of my father’s voice calling out my name snapped me out of it. I turned to see him walking towards me. I pointed to the spot where I had seen the shadowy figure and yelled.


He must have picked up on the fear in my voice, or smelt the same dead smell that I had because he picked up the pace and ran over to me, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

”What is it girl, what did you see?”

I didn’t have words for him. I just couldn’t formulate them in my head. Instead I just pointed again to the woods.

”Stay here darlin’”

He said as he stood up and slowly approached the tree line. The figure that I had seen was gone, but I didn’t know where. As my father started to venture into the woods I yelled out.


Tears already beginning to form in my eyes. Pa looked back to me and held his index finger to his mouth, signaling for me to hush. I watched on as he walked deeper and deeper into the woods until I couldn’t see him anymore. I continued to stand there, frozen in fear. Whatever I heard, whatever I saw, it was going to get my father, I just knew it. I looked on intensively. My heart racing as my eyes combed the area for any site of my father, or the shadowy figure. Soon, I realized that my palms were becoming sweaty and I was shivering involuntary. It had been too long. Whatever was in those woods had my pa, I just knew it. I thought about running back to the house and getting my mother, she’d know what to do. I turned and began to take off when I heard it.


My father! I looked back to the woods. At first I couldn’t see him, but soon enough, there he was, making his way back.

”It’s alright girl, whatever it was is gone now.”

His words put me at ease slightly, but there was still the matter of the body behind the chicken coop. Father sent me back to the house with mother while informed the other villagers. They identified the body as a boy that lived nearby. I remember watching through the window as his parents were given the news. His mother fell to her knees in tears and his father tried to put on a brave face, but I could see the heartbreak in his eyes. Father and a few other villagers cleaned up the remains, and a burial was held that same day. I couldn’t help but wonder if the shadowy figure I saw in the woods was in fact the beast that killed that boy. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was to be next…

(To be continued in The Beast part 2)


“I did it guys! I beat Tommy Wish at his own game and walked out of Savage with my Xtreme Championship intact! This victory can now be added to a long list of victories since gaining this belt, twenty altogether! That’s two in tag team matches, three in singles, and an astounding fifteen times that I’ve successfully defended this title in random twenty-four-seven attempts. Fifteen times, let that sink in for a minute. I’ve barely held this championship over a month, and I’m already averaging a defense every two days. Life is hard when you have a big red bullseye on your back, but I think that I’ve proven that I’m up for the challenge!”

“Somebody who hasn’t proven that he’s up for the challenge is Alejandro Rivera, otherwise known as El Pantera. Next week, he gets his chance at the belt, but he’s not getting that opportunity because he’s earned it. He’s getting it because he was lucky enough to be the first to answer my open challenge. See, I’m a fighting champion guys. I don’t see the point of carrying a belt if you aren’t willing to defend it at every turn. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been defending this belt each week against some of the brightest new stars, and soggiest old vets this place has to offer. My path to this Savage has seen me escape tag matches with APEX and Job Ber TooTree with this belt still around my waist. It’s seen me get a clean pinfall over Dillinger D’Marco, submit Lux with the Rings of Saturn, and it’s seen me step out of my element and defeat the deranged Tommy Wish in an Xtreme rules match!”

“The only thing that my opponent has accomplished since joining the XWF is ensue in entertainingly laughable battle of words with Drezdin, and get caught with a kick to the head to lose his first official match with the company in a record 17 seconds.”

“Oh yeah, and he managed to run into me backstage just before my match against Tommy Wish at Savage, and of course he came off as a complete jerk!”

“Alejandro, I get it. You suffered a loss. A loss that you probably weren’t expecting. A loss that you probably found to be quite embarrassing. I get it, I really do. I may be undefeated in singles competition, but I have suffered my fair share of losses. My very first match in this company was a loss, much like yours. I was set to team up with Micheal Graves to challenge for the Tag Team Championships. I wasn’t his first choice as a partner, as a matter of fact, I wasn’t his choice at all. In a desperate attempt to convince the champions, BX3, to give him a shot at the titles, Micheal offered to not only put his career on the line, but to let BX3 choose his partner. Of course they chose me because they thought that a fresh faced girl with a complete lack of experience would give them the advantage they needed to retain those titles.”

“Unfortunately they did retain those titles, but imagine their surprise when this fresh faced girl nearly beat the both of them single handedly after they took Micheal Graves out before the match?”

“I’ve also lost the tag titles twice. Once when Jessalyn showed up to our match under the influence, and again when Robert Main and Drew Archyle proved why APEX are always at the top of food chain.”

“So while I don’t know the embarrassment that goes along with a seventeen-second loss to a kick, I do understand the emotional hardships that come from taking a loss…”

“But you know what, I’ve never taken those frustrations out on someone else.”

“Now, as I’m sure you know, I’m fairly new to the XWF. This is still my rookie year after all, but I have a pretty deep knowledge of most of the people walking the halls of the XWF from my years as a fan of this sport. You are not one of those names that I know anything about. So my first impression of you stems from that interaction, and I must admit, I’m not impressed.”

“You are a loser and a bully whose ego is obviously swollen to the point of no return. It astounds that somebody can come into an environment like the XWF, and not expect to face some of the toughest competition the world has to offer. That’s apparently what you did though, and your temper tantrum that was still ensuing well after your match proves as much.”

“I wonder, how will you react when you fall short once more? How will you react when I climb that ladder and retrieve this championship and cross you off of my list as my fourth official defense? Will you learn some humility, or will you through another fit and pick a fight with the wrong person once again?”

“Alejandro, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will not be walking out of Savage as the new Xtreme Champion, you can’t possibly. You just don’t have the self control or the mental awareness required to beat me, and you proved that all last Savage. You weren’t prepared for Lux, and you fell quickly. Everything that transpired after that fact showed that you are more of a child than people assume me to be.”

“That lack of aptitude, that lack of self control, that will be your undoing. Just take one look at me. I’m not the strongest, I’m not even the fastest, but I win, and I do it by outsmarting and outlasting guys like you. Given enough time, people's frustrations always get the best of them, and when that happens, it’s only a matter of time before I find my opening and go for the win. With you, I don’t think it will take very long at all.”


VV waves at the camera, a confident smile adoring her face.

Fade out...

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