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Mexican Nights, 'Neath Mexican Moons
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01-11-2019 01:00 AM


Ya know, life can be funny sometimes. Take for example the fact that I’m so afraid of what my parents might say about my venture into the XWF, that I go out of my way to avoid speaking to them. I didn’t even visit for the holidays because despite my success here in the XWF, I just knew my pops would find a way to belittle my decision to quit school and follow my dreams. I’ll admit, maybe he’s right and I should have finished school before trying to make it in wrestling, but I figured why waste anymore time with studies when I could just dive right into what I really want to do. Anyway, that fear that kept me away from home led me to the doorstep of Micheal Graves. A wrestler who was forced to retire after a losing effort teaming with me. He’s also a guy who is, or maybe it’s more like was quite infamous for trying to force himself on an underage girl back in the summer of 2016.

So here I am, sitting in this guys living room, pouring my heart out to him. A vulnerable seventeen year old girl in the den of a predator, and yet nothing happens. Nothing worth mentioning anyway. Ya know, I didn’t even think about the danger that I put myself in until after the fact, and that’s when I realized…

Nothing exciting ever seems to happen to me…


”Oh my God, this is exactly what I needed!”

The shot fades into what appears to be a beach party. Tons of drunken men and women, all seemingly in their early to late twenties stand in the background, huddled in their cliques drinking, dancing, and generally having a good time. In the foreground is VV and Jessica who are drinking what you would assume is alcohol out of red Dixie cups and keeping to themselves.

”You work yourself too hard girl, I figured that you could use a night of letting loose.”

VV gulps down the rest of her drink with a big smile on her face.

”You know it girl! I’m just glad that you decided to come down here with me!”

A slight smile comes over Jessica's face as she shys away.

”Yeah me too, but I’ll probably be looking for a new job when I get back to New York…”

”Screw it! If you need money, I’ve got your back.”

”No, I wouldn’t feel right if I…”

”Nonsense! You’re my best friend, and the only person who has given me any kind of support since I started wrestling school last year. I’d be happy to help, especially if it means that we get to spend more time together!”

Jessica smiles nervously, not really knowing what to say. Fortunately for her, VV doesn’t allow for any type of awkward silence.

”I need another drink! Want me to get you one too?”[dpink]


[dpink]”Of course you do! I’ll be right back!”

A few moments later VV finds her way to the makeshift bar on the beach and orders her drinks. While she's waiting, three men, all in their early to mid twenties seem to recognize her and make their way over. All three of them look like some total douchers, especially the guy leading the pack, with his khaki shorts and light pink dress shirt unbuttoned to expose the bird chest that he seems so proud of. Of course he’d be the first to speak.

”Hey, aren’t you that girl wrestler from XWF?”

VV looks over to these guys, assuming they’re fans and not wanting to give a bad impression, she cheerfully replies.

”You know it, what’s up guys?!”

”Hey, where’s that tranny tag partner of yours? She around somewhere?”[red]

The douche and his buddies all laugh as the lead douche acts like he’s looking out to the distance for Jessalyn Hart.

”Okay guy, very funny. I think that you ought to move on, k?”[dpink]

[red]”Hey, you do realize that you beating The Killers was a fluke right?”

[dpink]”Are you kidding me? Gilmour and McBride? Puh-lease!”

”Peter Gilmour is a living LEGEND! He’s accomplished more in his career than the two of you will ever do!”[red]

”Yeah yeah, that’s why he’s carrying two championships right now, right?”

The douche smiles a cocky grin before responding.

[red]”Yeah, living it up sweetheart, but we both know that the Midnight Dolls time with those belts is numbers.”

He looks back to his friends, both of which seem amused.

”As a matter of fact, I’d say that it’s safe to say that your reign as tag champs ends on January 16th!”

VV, now looking visually frustrated, gets a little defensive and steps towards the guy, getting in his face (or chest really since she’s so short).

”Listen, I’m getting real tired of your crap! Now I suggest you get the heck outta here, NOW!”

All three guys laugh off VV’s attempt to intimidate them.

”Or what?”

Though not usually hot tempered, Vita is still pretty young, and with that, sometimes acts on emotion without putting any real thought into her actions before hand. This just so happens to be one of those times.


Before he knows it, VV snaps a jab square on the guys nose! The shots catches him off guard and immediately brings tears to his eyes. He doubles over, covering his nose as he staggers back. Unfortunately for VV, this act of aggression causes his friends to take action. They charge in together and go straight for VV. Surprisingly, she manages to slip another shot to one of the guys, but is quickly grabbed up by the other.

”Come on guys, cut it out!”

Says the girl working the bar. Of course they ignore her and continue on.

”You stupid bitch, you broke my nose!”

VV struggles to break free of the guys grip, but before she knows it, a flash of red, followed by a sharp pain and the sensation of warm blood pouring from her nose. Her legs get weak and just then, the guy releases his grip, causing her to fall to the ground.

”Stupid bitch! Did you really think that you could go toe to toe with me?”

The douches wipes the blood away from his nose and grins.

”Just imagine what APEX are going to do to you? Maybe they’ll beat you lesbians so bad that go back to the kitchen where you belong!”

VV pulls herself up to all fours, but before she can get up, the lead douche hauls off and punt kicks her in the gut so hard that she lifts up off of the ground flies back, rolling a good ten or twelve feet away.

”This bitch is a champion too, what a fucking joke!”

The three guys laugh as Vita lays there holding her gut and trying desperately to catch her breath. The bartender rushes over and kneels down to check on her as the three guys walk away laughing.

”Are you okay?”

Through the coughing VV manages to respond with an irritated tone.

”I’ll be fine…”

The bartender helps VV up to a sitting position.

”Can I get you something? Should I call somebody?

”Thanks but I'll be fine…”

”Are you sure?”

”Yeah I'm sure, really. I’ve had worse than that.”

The bartender gets up and goes back to her station at the bar. VV on the other hand continues to sit there for a moment, looking frustrated as she reflects on what that guy said. Then, something seems to call her attention off into the distance. She looks up and notices lights reflecting off of something in the sand about 30 feet from where she’s sitting. Whatever it is, it seems to call to her. She climbs up to her feet and with a curious look, begins to walk towards it. As she draws closer, she can see that it’s some sort of cup or pot, golden in color, or maybe brass? She kneels down to get a closer look.

[Image: Genielamp.jpg]

Weird, she thinks. It looks like the genie lamp from Aladdin. She looks around for the owner, but nobody seems to be near. VV reaches down to grab the lamp, but thinks better of it. Maybe it’s best to leave this alone. After all, it probably belongs to someone. She stands up and turns to walk back to the bar and get her drinks, but quickly changes her mind and grabs up the lamp before leaving…

To be continued...


“Okay, let me get this straight. Now, I know that everyone in the XWF is well aware of the sexism that runs rampant through this place. Heck, sexism isn’t even the worst thing about the XWF with all the blatant racism, pedophilia, and other vile crap that pops up more often than not, but it’s a problem none the less and one that I, as a woman, face on a daily basis. It’s also something that I have been vocal about in the past, but boy did I underestimate just how bad things really are! I mean, let's look at the facts. The XWF went out of it’s way to create a segregated division for the women on this roster. They ushered it in under the guise of some sort of women's revolution. Us females were finally going to get our due, right? Except for the fact that there were only a very few women on the roster at the time, and it really didn’t make any sense to try and separate us from the men to begin with. Despite that, the Bombshell title was created, and it was a complete bomb right from the get go!”


“Because like I said, there weren’t enough women on the roster to support a woman's division to begin with! Vincent Lane went out of his way to sign up any female that he could, usually to very limited short term contracts, in an effort to try and artificially boost the division, but at the end of the day, there just wasn’t a deep enough talent pool to support such an idea, and everyone knew it.”

“Now, even though the Bombshell title has been a complete bust, it did serve its purpose. Though that purpose didn’t benefit a single woman in the XWF as it only served to keep the women that were here busy, and mostly out of the title picture for the male titles. Sure, a women could still technically wrestle for the Universal Title, but how often did that happen? Was there even one match since the creation of the Bombshell division where a woman challenged for the Universal Title?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Now, I’m not saying that Vincent Lane, or even the XWF board of directors has a problem with women carrying major titles. No, what I’m saying is that they don’t think that women can stand toe to toe with the men. They worry that we will get hurt by the bigger and stronger guys, and that it could cause a PR nightmare for them if suddenly a bunch of women are getting injured or worse when stepping into the ring with the boys.”

“See, it wasn’t about holding women down and keeping them in “their place”. The Bombshell Title was about keeping the women out of what management thought was a risky situation. If Jenny Myst were to challenge for the Universal Championship, if she were allowed to compete on that level with a man and she got hurt, what would that do to the public image of the XWF? Sure, women fought men before that title, and they’ve fought men since, but those matches have had the distinction of being hand picked by management. No worries about what would happen if Robbie Bourbon were to ROBBIEBOMB some poor defenseless girl right into a hospital bed. Now sure, a few women have held major gold in the XWF in the past few months. As a matter of fact, I count myself among them as both one half of the Tag team Champions, and the Xtreme Champion. Women have opportunity here if they are willing to seize it, but the fact that a woman's division was ever created to begin with just goes to prove that SOMEBODY in management was afraid of the idea of women stepping into the ring with men. SOMEBODY thought that we needed protected. SOMEBODY thought that MAYBE we just… couldn’t… do it, and that’s bull crap!”

“Just like Drew Archyles argument that he and Robert Main will walk out of Warfare as newly crowned Tag Champions just because they’re facing a couple of girls is bull crap! Sure, Drew didn’t come out and say that straight up, but it’s there if you read between the lines. Poor poor Drew, forced to lay hands on us poor defenseless women. His mother taught him better than that. His mother taught him that a man shouldn’t raise a hand to a woman because… Well because why Drew? Let’s be honest for a second, what is it about the idea of punching me in the nose that turns you off? It’s pretty well known that I’ve always been a big wrestling fan, Hell, I wouldn’t be here today if that weren’t the case. So as a fan, I’ve seen plenty of your antics over the years, and you know what I’ve never seen you do? I’ve never seen you shy away from hurting another man in the ring. You’re kind of a crazy dude, right? I mean sure, you ain’t Micheal Graves level nut job, but you’re also not quite right either.”

“You’re drawn to violence.”

“Admit it or not, I’m sure you get your jollies from inflicting pain and crushing whoever the unlucky SOB across the ring from you’s head under your boot. This is the XWF after all, and we’re all pretty much drawn to violence, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen this as a career.”

“But despite all that, you have reservations about hitting a girl?”

“Well let me tell you something brother!”

Vita pauses for a moment as a playful grin forms after the Hulkster quote.

”I don’t have any issues hitting you back, and neither does Jesslyn! Do you think that we won these titles playing patty cake? Heck no! We won them by taking The Killers through the ringer, and trust me, Gilmour and McBride didn’t have any issue trying to put us down by any means necessary!”

“Now while I understand that APEX presents a challenge to us the likes of which we haven’t been faced with before. I also know that Jessalyn and I have both spent the last few months shattering peoples lowered expectations of us! Jessalyn came into this company not really knowing the first thing about how to wrestle. She was greener than grass, but she dedicated herself to improving match after match. Next thing she knew, she was reigning as both the Xtreme and Tag Team Champions with me! The wrestling world was shocked at how fast she improved, and how quickly she rose to the top. My story is very similar. I dropped out of school to pursue this career. This, this is my dream, and it’s a dream that everyone in my life told me that I’d never achieve. My friends, my peers, even my parents. Nobody believed in me because I was a sixteen year old girl who stood five-three and barely broke a hundred pounds, but now I’m standing here just six months later holding my half of the tag titles and the second most prestigious championship in the company. So just because APEX presents a challenge, that doesn’t mean that Jessalyn and I aren’t prepared to shock the world yet again and defeat APEX to retain OUR championship gold! People lose every day, even a legend in the making like Robert Main has tasted defeat his fair share of times. If I recall correctly, the last time he faced a champion in a championship belt, he found himself left wanting at the end of that contest. Too bad he doesn’t have another briefcase lying around huh?.”

“?Now I may be a bit disillusioned with my perceived worth in the XWF at the moment, but I’m not blind to the fact that Jessalyn and I are no doubt the underdogs in this contest. Maybe that’s because we’re just a couple of girls, and maybe it’s because that’s just where we are at this point in our careers. At the end of the day, I suppose it doesn’t make a difference why, only what we’re going to do about it. It would be easy to accept our apparent fates and go into this match expecting to lose. We could reduce the amount of damage we take, and we could live to fight another day.”


“That’s not our style now is it?”

“So while everyone backstage from the talent to management may think they see the writing on the wall, and while even our fans may already be preparing themselves to the idea of us dropping the titles come Wednesday night, We’ve decided that we aren’t accepting that fate without one hell of a fight! Now, can I stand here and tell you that we are walking out of Warfare with our titles intact? Do I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt?”

“Of course not, but what I can say… What I can promise you… Is that no matter the outcome, at the end of the night as the dust settles, whoever stand victorious will have earned the right to be called the Tag Team Champions and we will fight to retain these titles with every last fiber of our being. APEX, you say that you want to breath new life into the Tag Team Division, well we’re already doing that, and if you expect this match to be a walk in the park, you’ve got another thing coming!”

“Robert, Drew, if you really want to take these titles, then I’d suggest that you forget about the fact that you’re standing across the ring from a couple of “girls”. Because to take these titles you’re going to have to stand in that ring and fight toe to toe with us like you would any other man on this roster, that much I can promise you!”

[Image: jtHw5j1.png]
[Image: EflKPMR.png]

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