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XWF Presents Second Chance
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05-30-2018 05:33 AM


LIVE from the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia...

[Image: sydney1.jpg]

XWF presents...


XWF Television Championship

Chris Chaos
- vs -

Mezian finally receives his Title Shot after being Number One Contender for weeks!

SAVAGE rules - 3 RP limit, 2500 word max!

15 Minute Time Limit!

XWF Bombshell Championship

Mandii Rider
- vs -
Azrael Erebus

X-Treme Undergarments Match!

Competitors must be stripped to their bras and panties or whatever Azrael wears under there before thy can be pinned or submitted!

XWF X-Treme Championship

Ghost Tank
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
- vs -

X-Treme Rules - Falls Count Anywhere - No Holds Barred

BWP stormed the office of Vincent Lane recently and DEMANDED a shot at the title after being "screwed" out of it before, in his words. After Pig threw a 16 point buck down on Lane's desk, Lane reluctantly agreed. Calypso has been added to the match!

Second Chance Battle Royal

The entire XWF roster is invited to participate! Everyone will be entered unless specifically requested to be held out via PM to Vincent Lane. Those who choose to participate may have also appeared in the other announced matches. RPs must be marked as for the Battle Royal.

TWO RINGS will be set up side by side with the roster beginning together in one. Competitors who are thrown over the top rope will congregate in the SECOND ring, and commence a SECOND battle royal. The one man (or woman! or alien, I guess!) remaining in the FIRST ring will wait while the SECOND ring clears... and then the remaining competitor in the SECOND RING will go ONE ON ONE with the competitor remaining in the FIRST to determine a NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for thee XWF Universal Title!

[Image: lmjMMnQ.png]

XWF Universal Championship

The Engineer
- vs -
Finn Kuhn

Hell in a Cell!

Congratulations To Chris Chaos for winning the XWF's April Superstar Of The Month!!

XWF Television Championship

Chris Chaos
- vs -

Mezian finally receives his Title Shot after being Number One Contender for weeks!
SAVAGE rules - 3 RP limit, 2500 word max!
15 Minute Time Limit!

Tig O' Bitties: The following match is for the XWF Television Title and has a 15 minute time limit! Introducing first, the challenger, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Mezian!

Mezian walks to the ring with through the smoke and blue strobe lights. He looks focused, locked in. He slides into the ring and gets ready to face Chaos.

And his opponent, from Clearwater Beach, Florida, he is one half of the XWF Tag Team champions and the reigning XWF Television Champion.........Chris........Chaaaaooooooosss!

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

[Image: MMYDSLd.jpg]

Here we go! What a way to kick off a PPV from down under! A Tv Title match! These two are no strangers to one another, and Mezian had a lot to say this week about the champion! How will Chaos respond?!



Mez and Chaos circle each other, both trying to feel the other out before attacking. Finally, they tie up, and Chris backs Mez into the corner. He fires off a few chops, and some punches, but Mez holds his own and whips Chaos into the far corner. He runs at Chaos and goes for a splash but the champ ducks, and Mez crashes face first into the turnbuckle. As he stumbles back to the middle, Chaos sizes him up and boots him in the face, standing over him for a moment.

Chaos doesn't seem to want to go for the pin here, he wants to punish Mezian in this match. He has spoke all week about embarrassing Mezian!

As much as I hate him, Chaos has been on a bit of a roll lately

Chaos picks up Mez, chopping him once then whipping him into the ropes. Going for a clothesline, Mez ducks, Chaos comes off the ropes for the rebound and Mez goes for a clothesline. Chaos catches him, spinning him into a scoop slam and dropping him in the center of the ring.

Coming off the ropes, Chaos drops a leg down on Mez and hooks a leg.


1 1/2

Mez gets a shoulder up.

It's gonna take more than that, Chaos is toyinh with Mez here.

Mind games, they are a hell of a thing.


Chaos grins as he picks Mez up by the head again. Mezian gets an elbow into the gut of Chaos, then an elbow to the back of the head but Chaos shoves him off. Mez swings, Chaos ducks and drops him back with a suplex. Turning he gives Mezian the "come on" hand gesture. Mez is getting back to his feet and Chaos goes for a kick to the head but Mez ducks, rolling him up into a small package. Chaos quickly pops out of it with a roll but Mez hits a standing drop kick that sends Chaos tumbling back and through the middle rope. He catches himself on the middle rope and stares at Mez with wide eyes.


Mez showing some offense here, I don't think Chaos was expecting that.

He's a fool.

Chaos slowly pulls himself back up and looks at Mez, who is now amped up. Chaos approaches slowly and as Mez goes for another clothesline the champ ducks and rolls out of the ring, bringing boo's from the Australian crowd.

Chris walks around the outside, running a hand through his hair. Mez grows impatient and soon follows him to the outside. Chaos then rolls into the ring as soon as Mez gets outside. Mez then rolls into the ring and Chaos immediately begins to stomp on him, quickly gaining the upper hand again. Mez, however, is able to get to his feet. Chaos elbows him under the chin and backs him into the corner. He goes to whip Mezian into the far corner but Mez reverses and knees Chaos in the gut, then locking in a DDT he flattens Chaos in a quick burst.

My god, out of nowhere! Mezian is holding his own!

It is survival mode out there, he is trying to survive in the ring against Chaos. So far, he's succeeding!


He hooks the leg.



Chaos kicks out at two.

Mezian is now on the offense as he picks Chaos up by the hair and slams his head off the turnbuckle before scoop slamming the champion. Mez bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow on Chaos.

Chaos is up rather quick however, and charges Mez, who hits him with a snap mare and a knee to the back while locking in a sleeper on the sitting champ. Chaos reaches for the ropes but he is in trhe middle of the ring.

Here we go! Mez is on fire, he has Chaos in the middle of the ring!

He wrenches back again, looking up at the clock.


Chris begins to wiggle out, and rolls onto his knees, Mez still has his head in a lock. Chris pushes back, towards the turnbuckle but Mezian jumps, spinning and going for a bulldog but Chaos reverses and hits a fall out slam, dropping Mez back first before going to one knee.

Mez is getting to his feet, and Chaos is going for a spear. Mez moves, and arm drags Chaos who rolls out of the ring again.

Chaos tumbles to the outside.

Mez is a step ahead of Chaos here. Almost like he knows what is coming.

He has been doing the same damn moves for years now, I mean......come on.

Chaos again takes his time getting back into the ring, and Mezian looks less than amused.

Chaos has nothing to lose here, unless he is pinned he can't lose the title. Why would he care about a count out?!

Mez slides out from under the ropes and confronts Chaos. He grabs Chaos by the hair and slams his head off the barricade, and when Chaos stumbles back he whips him back first into the steel steps. The clock continues to tick.


Mez runs at Chaos and delivers a knee to the face, driving his head against the steps with a "OOOHHHHH" from the Aussie crowd.

Mez rolls into the ring to break the count. Rolling back out he grabs a now woobly Chaos by the hair and rolls him into the ring. He locks in a DDT, but with a burst, Chaos reverses and slides behind, throwing Mezian backwards with a belly to back suplex. Rolling over to catch his bearings, he looks at Mezian with wide eyes.

Mezian is using the ropes to pull himself up. Chaos gets to his feet as Mezian charges.


The super kick! My god the super kick out of nowhere!

And we all knew that was coming. Yawn

Chaos slides into the cover.



3----MEZIAN KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The crowd goes wild as Chaos runs his hands through his hair and can't believe it.

Chaos stands back up, and picks up Mez by the hair. Hitting a sidewalk slam on Mez he looks around with a grin. Then looking up at the clock, with is around 6 minutes, he locks in the sharp shooter.

Sharp shooter, middle of the ring! This could be it! Mez has nowhere to go!

Mez is wincing, reaching out for the ropes. Chaos has a crazed look on his face. Mez is in trouble. He is reaching for the ropes, crawling towards them, but Chaos slides him further into the middle of the ring. Mezian is dead to rights when suddenly he is able to turn, using his legs for leverage and is able to kick Chaos off and break the hold. Chaos bounces back off the ropes and goes for a spear on a kneeling Mez but Mez catches him.

Setting Chaos up for Apocolypse now................

Chaos is wiggling, and Mez, on injured legs, is trying to hold on. Chaos is able to bring the two of them, while in the arm, towards the turnbuckle. He uses his leg to bump off the ropes, falling off Mez's shoulders, and onto his feet then lifts Mezian up..............

Setting up for the Equalizer......................

Mezian begins to wiggle out of it now. He drops down to his feet, he lifts Chaos into a suplex but Chaos drops on his feet......Mez hits a standing drop kick which stumbles Chaos back against the ropes and Chaos comes back off the ropes Mez ducks a clothesline and Chaos rebounds off the other end and Mez hits Sunset Flip Powerbomb!






Mez can't believe it and pops up. Chaos, OUT OF NOWHERE..........


Flattening Mezian!

He picks Mez up....





Chaos survives! What a fight from Mezian! The TV Champ had all he could handle tonight! I bet the war between these two is far from over!

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, and STILLLLLLL XWF TELEVISION CHAMPION...........CHRIS CHAOS!

Chaos, panting, snatches the belt and sits in the middle of the ring, hugging it. He looks over at Mez, who is flat on his back, and nods to him.

Was that a sign of respect from Chaos?

Respect? From Chaos? I don't think Chaos knows what respect is!

What a match! Hell of a way to kick off a Pay Per View!

Chaos rolls out of the ring, throwing the belt over his shoulder as he backs up the ramp, wincing, his lip bleeding.


XWF Bombshell Championship

Mandii Rider
- vs -
Azrael Erebus

X-Treme Undergarments Match!
Competitors must be stripped to their bras and panties or whatever Azrael wears under there before thy can be pinned or submitted!

The following match is set for one fall and it will be for the Bombshell championship! The contest will be under.....**sigh**X-treme Undergarments rules. The winner must strip the loser down to....whatever they wear underneath. Introducing first, the challenger he weighs in at 168 pounds and hails from the planet of Ozuul.....AZRAEL EREBUS!

The fans look towards the top of the arena as Azrael drops down from the rafters, mighty cloak fluttering like wings on his way down. Azrael smiles confidently at Tig as he removes the coat and takes his position in his corner.

And his opponent, she weighs in at 130 pounds and comes to use from Jacksonville, Florida....the reigning Bombshell champion, MANDII RIDER!!!

Skylar Grey's lyrics start spitting as the Bombshell champion makes her way out from the back, eyes boring a hole through the challenger as she walks around the ring to hand off her title. She then slides into the ring and roars to the top turnbuckle to raise her arms in the air before hopping down as the bell rings and the match begins!

Azrael and Madii circle each other before locking up, with Mandii getting a quick advantage and chaining the lock-up into a front chancery before Azrael shoves her off into the ropes. Mandii hits the ropes and comes roaring back with a big boot to Azrael's chest! Azrael buckles and hits the mat, but rolls with the fall back up to his feet as Mandii advances and clotheslines her down, once, twice, three times!

Mandii backs off to reassess her strategy as her opponent closes the distance. Mandii grabs Azrael by the hair and throws him into the corner, kicking him fiercely before the ref makes her back off. But Azrael pushes past the ref and grabs Mandii's shirt trying to rip it off her, but Mandii counters with a face rake followed by a quick spinning face buster! With Azrael on the canvas she then tries to pull his shirt up over his head but he fights her off and gets back to his feet.

Both competitors are vertical again and Azrael forces another lock up, followed by whipping her hard into the corner and following that up with a big splash before lighting her up with some nasty punches! Mandii tries to get away by scooting up to the top turnbuckle but this turns against her as Azrael locks up with her up top and brings her crashing down with a big time superplex! Mandii locks to have the wind knocked out of her and Azrael takes advantage by grabbing the neck of Mandii's shirt and tearing it off her up over her head, revealing a black frilly bra!!

The men (and lesbians) in the crowd pop huge at the first sign of bare flesh! Mandii instinctively covers up and looks enraged! She springs to her feet and clubs Azrael with a forearm shot, but he fires back with a big punch, a kick to the midsection and then a huge gutwrench neckbreaker!!

Azrael drops to the canvas and tries to pull off Mandii's pants, but she comes to and kicks him in the face. Azrael, unrelenting, then grabs Mandii by the leg and drags her closer to the center of the ring when he locks in a Walls of Jericho style crab, dropping the knee down right into Mandii's back! Mandii cries out in pain but knows she can't even tap out, so she tries to crawl to the ropes, fighting hard to save herself! Mandii inches closer, and closer, and finally makes it causing Azrael to break the hold! But Mandii is nursing her back and clearly some damage has been done. Azrael grabs Mandii by her hair and wrenches her to her feet, headbutting her and then tossing her back down with a nasty front powerslam! Azrael then gestures for the top rope, mounting it in a single leap and casting himself off into his When Worlds Collide style swanton bomb! He nails Mandii dead center in her abdomen, causing her to gasp in pain!

Azrael takes a moment to recover himself before leaping on Mandii and trying to remove her pants again! But Mandii instinctively drops him down into a small package, but she can't win that way so she again goes after Azrael's shirt and tries to get it off, but once more he escapes! Mandii crawls to her feet and Azrael attacks again, kicking her in the midsection and whipping her into the ropes, catching her with a roundhouse kick on the return, followed by an uppercut that drops the champ. The spaceman, with seeming inhuman grace, then launches himself into a standing twisting moonsault right onto Mandii's chest! Azrael pulls Mandii up and goes to put her in the Darkest Light...he's looking to end this! But Mandii drives a thumb into Azrael's eye as he tries to set up the move, followed by tagging him in the chin with a brutal knee lift!

Azrael falls into the corner and Mandii runs at him, nailing a big time face wash on him with the bottom of her boot. Mandii then runs back, but not without a grimace of pain and goes for the face wash again, but this time Azrael had her scouted and he pulls her down facefirst into the turnbuckle!

The lights go dim as the deep voice comes over the PA.

"Ladies and Gentlemen"!

What the hell is this? That's Jenny Myst, nobody has seen her since she was last eliminated in the rumble on Warfare! She's been MIA!

Thank god!

Jenny makes her way down the ramp with authority. She is making a bee line for the ring. She goes under the ring and gets a kendo stick.

[Image: iFGgxzH.gif]

My god, she's got a kendo stick! Little miss Myst with evil intentions here!

The match is going on as Azrael whips Mandii into the ropes........

There is no DQ here! It is an X-Treme rules match!

Jenny, now on the apron whacks the Kendo stick across Mandii's back. The crack is sickening!

Mandii, rocked by the shot, teeters backwards into Azrael's waiting arms where he picks her up and drops her with the Darkest Light! Azrael then spins Mandii around and pulls at her pants, ripping and tearing them until they come clean off revealing a pair of black barely there panties!! AZRAEL EREBUS WINS IT IN A DOMINATING PERFORMANCE!

Tig gets on the mic to make it official!

Here is your winner....and NEW BOMBSHELL CHAMPION.....AZRAEL EREBUS!!!!


Jenny has a sick grin on her face as the bell rings. She brings the stick down across Mandii's front side 3, 4, 5 times. Mandii grabs her mid section to cover up and roll over but Jenny brings the stick down 3 or 4 times on her back this time. Finally, it breaks in half.

Erebus is just watching this, this is total destruction of Mandii Rider and he, she, it, isn't doing a damn thing about it!

What are they supposed to do?!

Jenny looks over at Azrael and signals the belt symbol, then smiles at Mandii and lifts her up onto the top rope. She fires off a couple hard shots to Mandii's face and stands her on the top turnbuckle, balancing herself strattled across her on the top. She grabs Mandii by the hair and kisses her on the lips, then, with a smile.........

My god no! No, don't do this!!!!!!!


My god, she could have killed Mandii with that move!

The EMT'S rush to the ring as Jenny sits there, licking her lips and staring at Erebus as it backs up the ramp, holding the Bombshell Title.

Jenny made a hell of a statement right there! She wants back in the Bombshell picture!

What she did was prove how cowardly her and her boytoy are. Chaos couldn't beat Caedus, so he took him out. Jenny couldn't beat Mandii, so she took her out. This isn't honorable, its deplorable! She should be suspended!

XWF X-Treme Championship

Ghost Tank
- vs -
Bearded War Pig
- vs -

X-Treme Rules - Falls Count Anywhere - No Holds Barred
BWP stormed the office of Vincent Lane recently and DEMANDED a shot at the title after being "screwed" out of it before, in his words. After Pig threw a 16 point buck down on Lane's desk, Lane reluctantly agreed. Calypso has been added to the match!

Ghost Tank walks out wrists and ankles seemingly bound in solid steel manacles. The sound of the chains scraping along the entrance way. As the song hits its slowest part, he throws his arms out in a t pose, ripping the chains away, freeing himself. He then rips the chains off of his ankles before making his way to the ring. Waiting for his two opponents.

Bad Motherfucker blasts over the PA and out steps BWP with a wicked smile. He charges down to the ring sliding in under the bottom rope. Not paying any mind to the Behemoth already in the ring while he climbs a couple turn buckles throwing Boom Knucks up in the air and signaling as if Gold will soon be around his waist.

Calypso jogs out from the entrance and poses at the top of the ramp. He attempts high fives to the crowd on his way down, but misses several of them or no one returns the gesture. Nearly falling out of the ring, he pulls himself in from the middle rope, and falls on his face on the ring apron. He uses his "natural" guns with his fingers to point out to the crowd and then holsters them in his imaginary holsters.

"This is going to be fucking intense the welcome back of B-W-Fuckin-P, Calypso crossing over to the Xtreme Division and this new Ghost Tank who seems to be ready to destroy worlds."

All three men stand in the ring circling one another, Pig glances toward Ghost Tank throws up two middle fingers as if he is going to attack Tank first. Right after giving the middle finger salute right in the giant man eaters face, BWP quickly pulls an about face and begins laying lefts and rights into Calypso's head. Pig presses him back into the turnbuckle with jackhammer like fists being spent at the cyclic rate. Calypso begins to grow smaller and smaller almost resorting to a complete fetal position.

Out of no where comes Tank full sprint with a body splash into the back of Pig sending both Pig and Calypso to the ring mat. Tank then begins to stomp away at BWP. Every blast from the Monster's oversized boot just about splinters ribs. Before having a rib broken Pig begins to defend his torso, Tank quickly goes for his melon, Pig rolls just a cunt hair away from having his head busted open like a watermelon met with a twelve gauge triple ot buck. Tank becomes even more ferocious in his eyes. Charging toward the rolling Pig, bending down to grab Pig but only to miss four times before noticing Calypso has rolled out the ring and into the crowd.

In the audience he begins searching for either a straight Guido with rings on every finger or a pimp of some sort. Calypso finds him a white tank top wearing hamburger meat chest Italian man wearing more rings than any man should. Calypso whips out some cash and buys three which he places on his hands before returning to the ring. Inside the ring Calypso bounces of the ropes and lands a solid superman punch across the jaw of Ghost Tank with the huge rings from the Italian fan. The first blow barely makes Tank and his monstrous self take a single step backwards.

Calypso realizes and bounces off the ropes again with another superman punch this time it sends Tank back into the ropes. Calypso charges and lands another sending the monster of a man over the top ropes with a couple nice scrapes on his chin. Ghost Tank lands flat on his back as Calypso turns to BWP.

Pig has now returned to his feet and slightly recovered from the beat down he received from Ghost Tank. Calypso goes for another superman punch, Pig dodges and blasts Calypso in the back of the head with a vicious forearm smash. Calypso goes toppling over head between balls and ass almost. Pig quickly charges in lifting Calypso up by the throat. He then tosses him in the turnbuckle. Noticing the bling on his right hand Pig smiles gives him a double barrel salute before he ruthlessly begins making Calypso punch himself in the face with his bling'd out knuckles.

Tank is now stirring and has gained his way back to his feet from off his back on the ringside floor.

"Pig better not waste all his energy on Calypso it looks like the monster is stirring."

"Pig doesn't worry about shit, haven't you watched any of his promos?"

"Yeah well he better start Tank is a fucking monster!"

Tank rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and stealthily charges in and wraps his arms around BWP's waist sending him flying and smashing into the canvas hard with German Suplex. Tank doesn't release, but instead rotates back to his feet and delivers another. Not finished with two Tank repeats the process.








"Holy fuck he is going to German Suplex BWP through the fucking Earth!"

"It's his trademark move Quindecuple German Suplex! What strength, power, and technique he displays."





"13, just two more and he should be finished."

"Wait a minute."



No Calypso interrupts the finishing of Tanks fifteen German Suplex's in a row with a missile dropkick to the face of Tank. Which sends him smashing back still hanging onto BWP and executing a sloppy fifteenth German Suplex which sends Pig flying out of the ring. Calypso wastes no time and begins to kick and stomp Tank's mass of muscle with his teeny tiny legs. Tank catches one of his legs and begins to attempt interference from the mud hole stomping. Calypso quickly reaches down his pants and pulls out a can of silly string unloading the can into the eyes of Tank. Calypso then executes a goofy styled five finger shuffle with his gold laced knuckles.

Calypso then goes for the cover.




No Tank kicks out with authority throwing Calypso halfway across the ring. He sits up like the undertaker and begins clawing the silly string from his eyes and face. Calypso quickly scurries to his feet and bounces off the ropes delivery a basement drop kick to Tank's almost busted open forehead, where he had just received a gold plated five finger shuffle. Tank flattens back out on his back holding his head in what seems to be a little show of pain felt. Calypso rolls out the ring after the basement drop kick and begins to look around for something to help him cause more damage on the big man.

He finds an empty foldup steel chair and slides it in the ring. Following right behind it, Calypso scurries to his feet with chair in hand. He takes off starting to raise the chair above his head but his weakness shows as he trips up and losses the chair but accidentally stumbles and falls forehead first right into Tank's baby maker.

"Head fucking butt to the go nads!"

"He couldn't even execute a proper chair smash, what the hell is he doing in the Xtreme Championship match?"

Calypso sits up rubbing his head while Tank is rolling on the canvas holding his giant monster balls. BWP has managed to crawl up to all fours shaking his head trying to shake the stars from circling. Slowly but surely he makes it to one knee his eyes light up like a furnace in hell. He begins rolling toward the ring and right under the apron he goes.

Meanwhile in the ring Calypso begins spitting on the ground trying to get the taste of Tank's ball sweat out of his mouth. Not realizing BWP has emerged from under the ring with his best new buddy before his departure, "Lil Engy" (A Barbwire wrapped AK-47 with a similar beanie resting on top to Engy's and drawn eyes and mouth kind of like plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Bdubbs slides in the ring with "Lil Engy" in his hands like a baseball bat. Both hands wrapped around the barrel like Mark McGuire.

"Hey you liberal commie bastard!"

Pig calls out to Calypso who starts to turn around.

"My little friend didn't like the harsh words you had to say about rednecks!"

Pig twists his foot transferring the power from the ground up through his knees, into his waist, and up into the grand slam of a homerun hit connecting barb wired wooden buttstock to the side of Calypso's dome. Sending the funny man toppling head over ass as blood sprays and smears the canvas. Pig then looks to "Lil Engy" placing his ear toward the drawn on mouth.

"You want to see what the inside of a Monster's ass looks like? Okay!"

Pig begins to prepare to shove "Lil Engy" up Ghost Tanks ass but, Tank rolls out of the way and quickly charges in with a clothes line knocking "Lil Engy" from Pig's hands. Tank furious decides it's time to make the match real Xtreme, he climbs to ringside and begins throwing different size ladders inside the ring. His smile becomes twisted and depraved. Tank slides back into the ring that now is laced with Ladders, a chair, and "Lil Engy!" Tank wastes no time and smacks Pig in the back of the head with one of the smaller ladders he had thrown into the ring.

Noticing Calypso climbing to his feet Tank sets the ladder up climbing to the top. Tank leaps off the ladder to the outside of the ring crashing into Calypso with one of the most monstrous cross bodies the XWF has ever seen sending both men crashing through the Spanish announce table. Tank quickly stands up as if the impact had no effect to his body.

Tank spins around and starts to charge at Bearded War Pig but Pig side steps him and sends Tank's face into the steel guardrail. Tank's face bounces off of the guardrail, some blood dripping out from a newly opened cut above the left eye. Tank raises two fingers to the wound and removes some of the blood and then licks his fingers before smiling.

Tank then throws a punch to Pig's stomach, and another, and another but none of it seems to phase Pig in the least. Instead Pig punches himself in the face twice and then starts shooting a pretend machine gun in Tank's general direction.

"This can't be good for Ghost Tank."

B.W.P then goes on an all-out onslaught led with a hard skull crushing headbutt out of nowhere that busts Tank open above his other eye. Pig then grabs Tank around the neck with a Muay Thai clinch and begins delivering cyclic knees to both sides of their rib cage, while maneuvering Ghost Tank toward the nearest announcers tbale. Once against the Russian Announce Table Pig delivers a couple Muay Thai elbows to the temples of the bruised and blood Ghost Tank. He then lifts Tank on top of the table, following him up there and begins delivering a few punches to make sure they are still dazed. Bearded War Pig then and delivers a backflip German Suplex onto the hard concrete landing ontop of Tank by pure chance.

The ref gets into position and makes the count.





Second Chance Battle Royal

The camera pans in to reveal two rings side by side. Tig is standing in the empty second ring getting ready to discuss the rules. The first ring is already filled to the brim with XWF superstars!

The following contest is THE SECOND CHANCE RUMBLE! The rules are as follows. Each participant has two chances to win. When a participant is eliminated by going over the top rope they will immediately step into the second ring to compete. Anyone who is then eliminated from the second ring is out of the rumble completely! When one participant remains in the first ring and one particpant remains in the second, the two remaining competitors will square off until one goes over the top, with the survivor being declared new number one contender to the Universal Champion!

The camera scans the ring, and we see all the competitors.....


Amber Dawn
Steve Wolf
Barney Green
Ron Cena
Jackie Peppers
Bilbo Blumpkinz
Sebastian Dyke
Peter Gilmour
Griffin McAllister
Mini Morbid
The Aurora Effect
Vanessa Navarro
Chelsea Storm
Benny Blowjobs
Remy Skyfire

Frodo Smackins comes tearing ass down to the ring!! He slides under the bottom rope just as the bell rings to get things underway and immediately starts challenging the rest of the competitors! Just then, a group of surly looking prison inmates in orange jumpsuits jump the crowd control barricade. One of them is holding a huge black dildo! Frodo doesn't even see it coming as one of them scrambles up onto the ring apron and pulls him by the back of his shirt up and over the top rope! The inmates drag him to the floor, kicking and screaming. The guy brandishing the big thick dildo waves it in front of Frodo's face and taunts him, saying “Your ass is mine!” Frodo, his face an ashen sheet of fear, is then helpless as they all carry him up the ramp where his ass will surely be plundered.


The rest of the participants look at each other awkwardly for a moment, and then, with a collective shrug, remember the bell already rang and start beating on each other! And as quickly as it starts for Kruzifix it ends as Scully clotheslines him over the top rope!

KRUZIFIX eliminated by SCULLY from RING 1

Kruzifix shuffles over to the second ring as the action continues. BX3 members Dyke and Bimbo corner poor Chelsea Storm, with Sebastian reigning down punches on her as Bilbo....well, lays on his side and jerks off. The Aurora Effect is slugging it out with Peter Gilmour when Mini Morbid runs at Aurora landing a diving headbutt to his crotch! Ron Cena, Steve Wolf, and Vanessa Navarro and Griffin McAllister are all brawling in one corner. Benny Blowjobs drops to his knees in front of Jackie Peppers offering to suck his dick and Jackie kicks him in the face! Pestalance is fending off an attack from XWF mainstay Barney Green. Meanwhile Scully sets his sights on Remy Skyfire. Scully chops him brutally in the chest, Remi responds with a punch and Scully counters with his own before picking him up and spine bustering him through the canvas. Scully hefts Remi to his feet and drops him over the top. Sculy collects another scalp!

REMI eliminated by SCULLY from RING 1

Scully laughs at Remi and waves goodbye to him as he goes, but he can't celebrate long as Mini Morbid creeps up behind him and punches him right in the balls! Scully sinks to his knees. Meanwhile, Griffin is getting the best of his foes in the corner, which distracts him just long enough to be ambushed by Peter Gilmour! Peter clubs Griffin in the back and then viciously headbutts him once, twice....a trifecta! Then, for good measure he bounces Griffin's head off the turnbuckle and sends him over the top!!

GRIFFIN eliminated by PETER GILMOUR from RING 1

Peter flips Griffin the bird and smirks at him as Griffen recovers on the floor. The officials force an angry Mechanic to the second ring as the action continues in the first!

The Aurora Effect backs up into Bilbo who is still masturbating on his side and slips and falls on his ass. Jackie Peppers sees this and scoops up Bilbo into his arms like a sad, crippled infant and dumps him over the top. Jackie mutters “Sorry!” as he does so.

BILBO eliminated by JACKIE PEPPERS from RING 1

Seeing as partner eliminated, Sebastian then runs at Jackie, only for Jackie to react instinctively and back body drop him out of the ring too!


At this point Ring 2 is starting to fill, with Remi, Griffen, Krucifix and now BX3 in it! Remi and Krucifix, being the first in, are brawling between each other when Griffen, recovered now from the multiple blows to the head, roars in like a house of fire and clotheslines them both over the top rope!


Dyke, how carrying Bilbo, then climbs in the second ring and Griffin makes a beeline for them as well, knocking them up and over the top as soon as they set foot in the ring. Griffin laughs mockingly, HE'S CLEARED THE RING!


Meanwhile, back in the first ring the herd has been thinned somewhat. Barney Green and Peter Gilmour have now set their sights on Pestalance and they are putting the boots to them. Pestalance tries to fight his way to his feet and Peter clothesline him over the top....but Pest holds on! He lands on the apron and slides back in the ring!

Across the ring, Mini Morbid is looking strangely at Benny Blowjobs, and Benny starts making a dick sucking motion at the little bastard. Morbid is instantly enraged and he goes to sock Benny in the cock, but Benny ducks and grabs Morbid, throwing him over the top rope!


Morbid scrambles to his feet on the outside and immediately runs into the second ring, where he dives at Griffin and starts biting his ankle screaming triumphantly about how big his cock is. Griffin tries to shake him off!

Ron Cena then takes sight of Pestalance, and remembering the heat he had with him trying to recruit him into the Hate Nation, starts moving to attack him, but Pestalance sees him coming and drop toe holds him into the corner turnbuckle! Pestalance then wastes no time picking him up and fireman's carry style tossing him over the top!


As this is happening, The Aurora Effect wades into battle against some chicks, namely Vanessa and Amber. Barney Green and Steve Wolf start trading blows when Benny Blowjobs sneaks up behind Steve and grabs his ass! Chelsea Storm is trying to take a breather in the corner.

Meanwhile, back in the Second Chance Ring, Griffin is still trying to pry a Rabid Mini Morbid off of him when Ron Cena gets in the ring. Ron punts Mini Morbid off of Griffin, kicks Griffin in the stomach and goes for the BIG FUCK YOU!! But Griffin slides out behind him and german suplexes him. Mini Morbid then shakes the cobwebs loose and crawls to the top turnbuckle to pounce on Griffin, but Griffin spots him and simply shoves him off!


Back in Ring 1, Peter Gilmour has spotted some prey in Chelsea Storm! He grabs her by the hair and whips her over the top rope!


Meanwhile, Scully points at Jackie Peppers and implies they should team up. Jackie, being a reasonable sort, shakes his head in agreement. Scully points out one of the biggest guys left in Ring 1....The Aurora Effect! Jackie and Scully go one the attack, ambushing him from behind and reigning blows down on him furiously before muscling him up and over the top rope!


Back in Ring 2, Chelsea Storm and The Aurora Effect make their way in, with Ron Cena and Griffin McAllister still in it! The Aurora Effect immediately goes after Ron Cena, sizing him up as a credible threat and they lock up! But Griffin, wily bastard that he is, sees an opportunity and strikes! He nails Aurora Effect in his already injured balls from behind and muscles him over the top!


Ron responds by waving his hand in front of his face “YOU CAN'T SEE ME” style, but Griffin shrugs, punches him in the face before he can finish the taunt, and throws him over too!


After that, Chelsea Storm tries to have a run at Griffin! She's charges him, but he ducks low and pulls the top rope down, sending her over as well!!


Griffin looks incredulous and ecstatic, looking at the pile of eliminations he's just accrued. He pumps a fist in the air and starts stalking the second ring, waiting for someone else to be sent over!

Back in Ring 1, Pestalance is now squaring up with Vanessa Navarro. She tries to slap the taste out of his mouth but Pest counters that into an arm bar followed by an axe kick to the back of her head. Steve Wolf dives in to try to ambush him but Pest has an answer for him too and surprises him by body dropping him over the top!


But the team of Jackie and Scully have spotted this! Scully picks up Vanessa by her hair and whips her over the top as Jackie takes on Pest!


Jackie hits a side kick on Pest, sending him into the ropes, and Scully quickly follows that up smoothly by clotheslining him up and over! But Pest grabs on at the last second and only one foot graces the floor! A member of the ring crew rushes in to make sure Pest hasn't been eliminated and he judges him in the clear! But Jackie and Scully have already moved on, assuming he was done for! Pest scoots back in under the bottom rope.

At the same time, Barney Green and Peter Gilmour, the two biggest guys still left in this thing have started squaring off! Barney goes to land a haymaker on Peter when Peter shocks him from out of nowhere with a big time GILMOUR CUTTER! Peter picks Barney up and dumps him over the top rope too!


Back in ring 2, Griffin cracks his knuckles as fresh meat Steve Wolf and Vanessa Navarro enter. He's ready as Steve slides in under the bottom rope, but Griffen wastes no time dropkicking him right in the face, which sends Steve right back out again!


Vanessa sneaks behind Griffen and synches in a rear headlock, but Grffin scoops her up by her legs and turns it into a sidewalk slam!

Back in the first ring, Amber Dawn, who has successfully managed to avoid notice thus far by staying on the outskirts of the ring, runs up behind Pestalance and drops him with a sit out facebuster! She then picks him up and tries to muscle him up over the top, but has little ease in doing so given his size. Jackie and Scully see this and work as a unit to try to get them both over! Pest and Amber slide over the top rope and Amber hits the floor but Pest stays in and slides quickly back into the ring between Scully's legs!


Jackie and Scully, surprised to find Pest still in the fight, proceed to pick him up and start working him over! Scully picks him up in a full nelson as Jackie starts punching him in the stomach!

Back in Ring 2 the ring is starting to fill up once more with the addition or Barney and Amber. Barney and Amber start fighting as soon as they get in as Griffin lifts Vanessa up onto his shoulders and muscles her out of the ring as well!


Griffin is looking VERY confident now, as well he should be as he watches Barney and Amber go at it. He decides to kick back in the corner for a moment to let them wear themselves out as he takes a rightful breather.

Back in Ring 1, it's down to Benny Blowjobs, Pestalance, Peter Gilmour, Jackie Peppers, and Scully. Jackie and Scully are still working on Pest, and the newcomer looks like he's seriously starting to dim.

On the other side of the ring, Peter Gilmour is staring down Benny Blowjobs. Benny gets on his hands and knees pleading for some of that sweet, sweet SUPER DICK!! Peter rolls his eyes, sighs, and starts to step towards Benny and unzip his pants! Benny can hardly (heh) believe it...he's finally get that dick! Peter gyrates his hips as he playfully undoes his fly, reaching past it into his pants...BEFORE ELBOWING BENNY RIGHT ON TOP OF THE HEAD! Benny is stunned! Peter pulls him to his feet and tosses him right over the top rope!


Peter zips his fly back up and takes notice of Scully and Jackie beating the shit out of Pestalance. Peter has himself a chuckle and applauds the carnage. Scully drops the full nelson on Pestalance and lets him slump to the mat. Pestalance looks seriously down and out. Scully instructs Jackie to grab him by the heels as Scully takes him by the shoulders and they pick him up and over towards the top rope. Just then, right as they are about to dump him right over, Pestalance stirs and wriggles out of Jackie's grasp! He kicks Jackie in the chest, sending him to the mat and then wraps his arms around Scully's face, dropping him down with a surprise jawbreaker!

In Ring 2, Griffin sees Barney getting an advantage on Amber and he is pushing her up and over the top rope. Griffin, repeating an earlier strategy, then gets himself up and under Barney and lifts mightily, sending them both over at the same time.


Griffin falls into the corner, laughing hysterically at how easy this has been, just as Benny Blowjobs gets in the ring which....really just causes him to laugh even harder. Benny licks his lips and ges to lock up with Griffin. Griffin also goes for the lock up but it was all a ruse, as Benny sinks to his knees and plants his face right in Griffin's crotch! Griffin palm shoves him in the face with disgust!

In Ring 1, Peter, seeing how Pestalance has again managed to beat the odds, grabs a hold of Pest's hair and pulls him to his feet. Peter nails Pest with a big haymaker, backing him up into the corner before irish whipping him into the opposite corner. Peter then runs at Pest, splashing him avalanche style in the corner! Pest crumples, and Peter walks backwards right into Jackie Peppers, who unleashes a blast of his patented pepper spray right into Peter's face!! Peter hollers in pain as Jackie takes him by the back of the head and tosses him up and over the top rope!!


Scully is back on his feet now, and Jackie gestures towards Pestalance, who is struggling to get back to his feet. Scully nods his head in agreement, and then proceeds to clothesline Jackie over the top rope, stabbing him in the back!


Jackie, now on the outside looking in, looks angry and Scully laughs at him and casually turns his back on him to focus on Pestalance.

Peter Gilmour is now in Ring 2, but he can still barely see thanks to the stinging mist from Jackie. In the same ring, Griffin has jacked up Benny in the corner and is punching him repeatedly in the face and chest, before bulldogging him back out and into the center of the ring. Peter makes his way to a neutral corner and tries to clear his eyes. Griffin looks like he's going to eliminate Benny, but instead sees Peter in a weakened state! Griffin starts to close in on Peter when he's blindsided by Jackie, who just entered the ring! Jackie pears Griffin and starts punching him in the head. But Griffin wasn't the only one to see Peter in a weakened state! Benny decides to try to take another crack at that Super Dick! Benny lunges at Peter's crotch and starts trying to pull his pants down. Peter roars furiously and blindly knees Benny in the head! Peter, eyes watering from the pain, can finally see Benny well enough to grab him by the shirt and toss him over the top, finishing him (pun definitely intended)!


In Ring 1, Scully is dragging Pestalance to his feet. Scully tags Pest with a European uppercut, followed by a snap mare takedown, and then a series of vicious elbow strikes to the man's head and neck! Pest is wilting under the offense and Scully smells blood. He lifts Pest up and runs him over to the top rope, but just as he is about to toss him over Pest springs to life again, putting a boot up on the rope to stop the momentum and lashing back at Scully with a back elbow strike, and then another, before turning around and kneeing him in the stomach, followed by a big time beal toss that sends Scully skittering across the ring! Scully is down, but this flash of offense clearly took something out of Pestalance as well!

Back in the Second Chance Ring, Jackie has just finished giving Griffin a beating when he turns on Peter, who is still pawing at his eyes. Jackie lashes out at Peter with a roundhouse. He then locks up with Peter and transitions that into a suplex which lands him right on top of Griffin! Both men buckle in pain and Jackie goes to the corner to slip something from his boot into his mouth! Peter Gilmour clambers to his feet, stewing in anger and starts walking towards Jackie. Jackie rears back to deliver more mist to Peter but Peter sees it coming this time and ducks! Jackie is shocked by this and Peter takes hold of Jackie and throws him over the top rope! But Jackie clutches onto the top and doesn't hit the floor, wrapping his arms and legs around the top rope to hold on for dear life! Peter starts punching and kicking at Jackie to get him to break his grip and eliminate him....when Griffin comes up behind Peter and dumps him over the top rope!!


Jackie slides back into the ring but Griffin goes on the offense immediately, dropping a knee down on Jackie's back! Jackie gets to his knees and punches Griffin in the stomach until he gets vertical. Jackie then goes for a forearm shot but Griffin catches it and uses Jackie's momentum against him to spin him around into a REALITY CHECK!! Griffin nails it, bringing Jackie crashing down! Griffin, weary now from all the action, slowly gets to his feet and grabs Jackie by the hair, tossing him over the top as well!


Griffin collapses on his back, tired but still laughing at the sheer number of eliminations he has racked up!

Over in Ring 1, Pestalance has used the ropes to get to his feet as Scully gets up at the same time. Scully beckons Pest to come at him and Pest circles around him before locking up with him. Pest gains the advantage, pushing Scully back towards the ropes. Scully then snakes a leg out behind Pest's leg and trips him up. Scully releases the hold and nails a back splash on his opponent, before rolling over into an arm bar! Scully plants his feet and wrenches on the arm, causing Pest to cry out in pain. Finally, when Scully is content with the damage he's done, he gets up and pulls Pest up with him. Pest's arm dangles uselessly at his side but he still has fight in him, lashing out with a punch to Scully's jaw that rocks him. Scully returns with his own punch which rocks Pest! Pest then responds with a kick to Scully's midsection before dropping to his knees and uppercutting Scully, planting his back on the canvas. Pest then runs the ropes, tagging Scully with a big leg drop across his face. Taking a moment for a breather, Pest tries to wring some feeling back into his arm, but this allows Scully time to rouse. Scully runs at Pestalance....and Pestalance shocks him with a stiff kick to the face! Scully is rocked but on his feet. Pestalance then hustles Scully up onto his shoulders and drops him with the “HOLLA AT CHA LATER BITCH!” in a flash! The crowd pops at how smoothly he pulls it off!! Scully's face meets knee and he drops! Pest then picks Scully up with his good arm and sends him over the top rope!! Pest collapses to his knees!


Griffin looks on with interest from his ring, cracking his knuckles and smirking now. It actually takes the ref on the outside a moment to rouse Scully, and when he realizes what happens he pounds his fist on the mat in frustration. Working his jaw and cracking his neck, he walks around the second ring a moment as Griffin taunts him to get in, eager for more blood! When Scully is good and ready, he slides in and Griffin locks up with his immediately! Griffin quickly gets one over on Scully, hitting a knee left to his abdomen before launching him at the ropes, tagging him with a big dropkick to the face on the rebound! Looking confident as Scully is slow to get up he measures Scully before going for a kick to Scully's head, but Scully traps his leg and hits a deep leg drag on Griffin. Griffin uses the corner to get to his feet and meets Scully in the center of the ring, where he chops his chest and headbutts him. Griffin then wraps Scully up for a belly to belly suplex but Scully puts on the breaks and reverses it, suplexing Griffin instead. Scully waits for Griffin to get up before wrapping his fingers in Griffin's hair and trying to throw himover the top, but Griffin stops him, turns towards him and short arm clothslines Scully down.

Griffin poses for the crowd, looking supremely confident now! Griffin glares at Scully, taunting him to get up. Scully, his back turned towards Griffin, turns around right as Griffin launches himself at Scully for the P.O.A., bringing his knees up and wrapping his arms around the back of Scully's head. But, in an amazing feat of strength, Scully instead grabs Griffin's back, turns towards the ropes and dumps him powerbomb style over the top rope!! GRIFFIN IS FINALLY OUT!!


Griffin, upon realizing he is eliminated, looks enraged! He tries to climb back in the ring at Scully but the officials rush to pull him back down!!

Meanwhile, Pestalance wastes no time sliding in the second ring behind Scully! He whips Sully around and goes for another big roundhouse to his face! Scully barely blocks and fires back with a forearm shot. Pestalance goes down but Scully stays on him, pulling him up and throwing him into the corner. Scully nails him with a series of shoulder thrusts before waiting for Pest to stumble out and going for a super kick! Pestalance counters by slapping Scully's leg away and going for his own kick which Scully dodges. Scully counters by getting behind and underneath Pest's arm and nailing him with an Angle Slam. Scully gets to his feet, howling for the crowd and gaining confident as Pest rolls over and tries to get up. Scully drops a knee down on the back of Pestalanace's head. Scully then wrenches Pest to his feet and measures him for a spinning heel kick but he whiffs when Pest ducks!! Pest then goes on the offense, grappling Scully up to a standing position and suplexing him. Pest keeps the hold on though and goes for another suplex, but instead of dropping him backwards he dumps Scully on the top rope! Scully, realizing he's almost over, scrambles to hold onto the rope! Pest beats on him furiously, trying to force him over but Scully is able to sneak back in through the middle ropes! Pestalance kicks Scully in the stomach then followed by a roaring uppercut, which drops Scully back into the ropes. Pest again tries to push Scully over and finally he does it....but Scully lands on the apron and drags Pestalance over with him! They're both on the apron! Both men start throwing rapid fire fists, teetering on the edge of oblivion as the crowd rises in their seats!!

They trade blows back and forth, holding the top rope with one hand and lashing out with the other. Finally, Pestalance starts to get the advantage, rocking Scully again and again upside the head! Scully sways but he's still holding onto the rope so Pestalance kicks his forearm, causing him to let go and fall to the floor. IT'S OVER!!!



XWF Universal Championship
[Image: lmjMMnQ.png]
The Engineer
- vs -
Finn Kuhn

Hell in a Cell!

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve's Kill Us echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

Well here comes the number one contender, Finn Kuhn has showed a lot of promise on the road to Second Chance.

Yeah, but does he have what it takes tonight in the Cell?

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose. Once in the ring, he poses on the turnbuckles as fans continue to boo the Kaiser. After a few seconds, he hops down, and waits for the match to begin.

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau and his 'tron. The arena is still bathed in sterile white lights which are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

And the Universal Champion is on his way, folks!

Yeah, but how much longer can we call him Universal Champion?

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, and he takes in the crowd, the ring, everything. Slowly an unsettling smile bisects his face, and some black tar like liquid will spill from his mouth. He'll run his sleeve over it before stalking to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then picks himself up in a neutral corner,
remaining there with a dead eyed stare until the match begins.

The lights begin to flash throughout the arena as the cell slowly decends from the rafters.

As if the championship itself wasn't enough, the real X-factor tonight is going to be that unforgiving steel cell!

Both men want to use that to their advantage, Stump.

As the cell finally sets in place, the referee calls for the bell. The Engineer comes charging at Kuhn with a clothesline! Kuhn counters...



Finn with the pin!





The Engineer barely gets a shoulder up, and Finn looks at the referee while gesturing the number 3. The referee nods it off and Finn gets to his feet. The Engineer slowly rises to his knees, and Finn is off the ropes fast! Rebounding, he lays a low dropkick to Engineer's gut! Finn is up again and shooting off the other ropes! He comes back with another low dropkick! Engineer is down! Finn looks at the turnbuckle and climbs! Finn flies with a leg drop! The Engineer rolls out of the way as Finn hits nothing but mat! Finn is on the ground! The Engineer, still shaking the cobwebs loose, starts to help himself up with the aide of the ring ropes!

Wild start to this Universal Championship match tonight!

The Engineer has regained his bearings and delivers a punt to Finn Kuhn's torso! Another boot to Kuhn! The Engineer sneers and looks outside of the ring! He climbs out, and reaches under the ring. Engineer pulls a ladder out from under the ring!

Who put that there?

Engineer looks back into the ring with ill intent. He climbs onto the apron holding the ladder! Finn is up and throws a dropkick at the ladder! Engineer sidesteps, and Finn hits the end of the ladder, causing Engineer to spin! The legs of the ladder get wedged into the cell wall, and the ladder itself is bridged over the top rope! Engy tries to pull the ladder free of the wall, but Finn is up quickly! A right from Finn! A right from Engineer! A right from Finn! Engineer blocks! Engineer with a headbutt! Finn reels backward, and the Engineer bolts to a corner and climbs! Diving palm from the Engineer, his hand slamming Finn's head flat into the mat! Finn is leveled! Engineer is back up, and lifts Finn with a headhold! Exploder suplex from Engineer! Engy with the pin!




Engineer rolls his eyes as he looks back at the ladder, still bridged from top rope to cell wall. He picks Finn up, and holding the back of Finn's head, Engy goes to ram Finn's head into the ladder! Finn gets a hand up in the knick of time, blocking! Finn goes to slam Engineer's head into the bridged ladder! Engineer blocks. Both men step back and look at each other!

They then grab each other's heads and start to throw wild hockey style fists at each other! Finn blocks a punch! He whips the Engineer into the opposite ropes! Engineer comes back at Finn, and gets backdropped onto the bridged ladder! The crowd is in a fervor!

No, no, he can't be thinking this!

Finn scales the turnbuckle again, and flies through the air...

MASSIVE FROG SPLASH THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER! Both men land in a piled heap of destroyed ladder on the arena floor, and the cell wall itself is pulled down along with it, leaving a huge gap!


The crowd is going insane for what can only happen in the XWF!

*Ecks Dubbya Eff!*Ecks Dubbya Eff!*Ecks Dubbya Eff!*Ecks Dubbya Eff!*Ecks Dubbya Eff!*

The referee is in complete disbelief, running both hands through his hair. He looks around and calls for the medical staff! EMTs scramble and begin to pick through the rubble! They check on Finn, who looks responsive! They check on the Engineer, who is still holding his body. The EMTs signal for a stretcher! Finn slowly gets to his feet as the fans are still going crazy, and the EMTs appear to try to get the Engineer onto the stretcher! Suddenly, the EMTs scramble as the Engineer spews thick black goo into their eyes! Finn with his back to the Engineer, thinking he's got this one won! Engineer gets to his feet and beckons for Finn to come to him! Finn turns, and the Engineer gives him a kick to the nuts! Finn falls to his knees, and the Engineer hoists him onto the rolling stretcher! The EMTs retreat! Engineer looks at one of the cell walls still in tact and spins the stretcher! He runs with Finn, and blasts Finn into the cell wall with the stretcher!

Wow, this is gruesome!

This is the XWF, Stump, and this is for the Universal Championship!

Engineer picks Finn up and slowly rolls him into the ring. Engy has to take his time getting back into the ring himself, and the referee is checking on both men! Engy scowls at the referee and slowly climbs on top of Finn for a pinfall!



Finn Kuhn gets a shoulder up at the last second! Engy rolls off, looking dismayed. He runs off the ropes and comes back with a fist drop. Engineer with a second fist drop. No! Finn Kuhn rolls out of the ring, and Engineer lands in a heap in the ring, holding his wrist! Finn is leaning against the ring apron! Engineer gets up and goes for the baseball slide! Finn dodges, and pulls Engineer out of the ring feet first! Engineer recovers and lands on his feet facing Finn! Engineer with a back handed chop to Finn! A second chop follows up, sending a loud resounding crack throughout the arena! Finn is doubled over! Engineer lifts Finn by the chin, and a third chop hits home! Finn recoils and leans against the cell! Engineer spins, and with Finn in his sights he runs! Finn steps forward and delivers a drop toe hold, causing Engineer to smack face-first into the cell wall!

Both men are nearly homicidal out there!

Finn steps over Engineer and walks back over to the rolling stretcher! Finn backs the stretcher up and sends it careening towards the Engineer! The Engineer drops and rolls out of the way at the last second! Finn approaches and corrects the mistake, throwing a boot to the Engineer! Finn picks the Engineer up and delivers a vertical suplex into the stretcher! NO! Engineer blocks the attempt, and instead suplexes Finn backward onto the arena floor! Engineer is up and climbs on top of the stretcher! Finn is up too, and he climbs onto the stretcher! Both men are standing on the stretcher! Engineer with a right! Finn with a right! Engineer with a chop! Finn looks super pissed after that last chop, and delivers a headbutt to the Engineer. Engineer throws a headbutt back at Finn! Finn shoves the Engineer, sending him off the stretcher! Engineer clings to the cell wall like a spider! Engineer with a back heel kick while clinging to the wall! Finn leaps from the stretcher, springboarding off the top rope, and comes back around, catching Engineer with a DDT through the stretcher!


Both men, again, are sprawled on the arena floor! The referee is in utter dismay!

Neither man is willing to give up! Both men want the championship! Something has to give!

Just as Stump says this, Madison starts to make her way down to the ring with a steel chair in hand!

Madison climbs into the ring taking up a position between the two fallen competitors.

This can't be good for The Engineer.

Madison starts slamming the chair into the ring mat in an effort to get the two men's attention. It takes a few hits before the two men are able to pull themselves up now standing a few feet apart, only crazy Madison and her steel chair standing in between them.

The two competitors are exchanging glances at each either while not overlooking the crazy woman in the middle of the ring with the chair. She turns 90 degrees so that she can see both men. She looks at the Universal Champion first, then the Kaiser, then back to the champ.

The ref is yelling for her to get out of the ring but it's No Disqualification so what can he do but yell?

Madison lifts the chair, stares down the champion one last time before her face contorts into an evil grin and then swings!!!!


Finn Kuhn is down and he sure as shit ain't getting up!! Madison leveled the #1 contender with a chair shot to the chrome dome.

The Engineer smiles and pats Madison on the back before kneeling down and pinning Finn.





Thank You to everyone who participated in this show. I know it wasn't ideal with the boards being the way they were but you all made the best of it.

A special thank you to the following who helped put the show together:

Chris Chaos
The Engineer
Robbie Bourbon
Bearded War Pig
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