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03-05-2018 02:48 PM

[Image: pxG7VPw.gif]

MARCH 4, 2018...

[Image: duNE4JL.gif]

For the Bombshell Championship

Jessalyn Hart
- vs -
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Mandii Rider

Triple Threat!

Tournament Final for the Universal Championship

XWF Tag Team Champion
Jim Caedus
- vs -
XWF Tag Team and X-Treme Champion
The Engineer (w/ Madison Dyson)

For the Hart Championship

Robert "The Omega" Main
- vs -
Erik Black

Two out of three falls!


James Raven looks to settle a score against the head of the XWF with the XWF Xtreme Title on the line!

For the XWF Xtreme Champions

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane
- vs -
James Raven

Match takes place in a custom aviary - the second of its kind in XWF history!


"The Kaiser" Finn Kühn
- vs -
Danny Imperial

Inside an enclosed steel cage!

For the Television Championship

Drew Archyle
- vs -
- vs -
John Holliday
- vs -
Chris Chaos

Savage Fourway!

Elimination match under standard Savage RP rules!

For a shot at the Tag Team Championsip

Cadryn Tiberius & Micheal Graves
- vs -
Peter Gilmour & Muddy Waters

Tag Team Ladder Match!

Can EACH member of a team reach the top of a ladder and retrieve one of two contracts?
Winners receive a Tag Team Title match?

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Alistair Sørensen
- vs -

Elimination Tag!
Two men start in the ring with each of the others in a corner.
Anyone can tag anyone in, but only two remain in the ring at any time.
Competitors are eliminated one at a time until only ONE REMAINS!

As the crowd continues to go wild, the camera finds a few lucky front row fans who have managed to not get recruited to ISIS just yet and many of whom have even brought homemade signs just like regular American fans!




Wow! Look how into the XWF they are!

Just then…


The crowd goes completely nuts like they were Shaggy’s girlfriend who caught him butt naked banging on the bathroom floor. Vinnie Lane emerges at the top of the ramp in full wrestling gear and walks to the ring waving at all of his adoring Egyptian fans, barely making any offensive “walking like an Egyptian” gestures at all. He’s really done some personal growing!

Vinnie gets to the ring and hops in, doing a little spin and soaking in the applause for a few seconds before gesturing to a ringside attendant for a mic, which he is handed a moment later. Vinnie then finds the hard cam and smiles into it.

”WOW! Thank you SO MUCH, Cairo!”

Cairo replies with more thunderous applause. Vinnie grins and eventually tries to quiet them down with a hand motioning down.

”I hope everyone has been enjoying Turning Point so far… I know I have! But I wanted to do a little bit of business here before moving on with the show. As you all know, every month we in the XWF like to honor one of our own with the prestigious accolade of being named the Star of the Month! The winner every month gets a nice salary bonus as well as heavy placement on the XWF homepage and a cover spread on our magazine. I’ll probably tweet about it, too. Maybe. Well… it’s that time again! So Cairo, Egypt, home of the pharaohs and the Bangles… please welcome the XWF Star of the Month of February, 2018… DREW ARCHYLE!!!!”

Drew’s music hits and the crowd loses its mind some more. Drew stumbles out from behind the curtain looking confused. He meanders toward the ring slowly, looking kind of starstruck the entire way. Finally he gets to the ring and enters slowly, almost timidly, before meeting Vinnie in the middle of the ring and looking him up and down.

“Uh… hey. What’s up Vin? Nice to finally meet you, man, it’s been like three years since I joined and this is a first.”

The crowd laughs and Vinnie’s smile falters for a moment before coming back vibrantly beneath eyes with furrowed brows.

”Ha! He’s joking, folks! I’d never go that long without spending time with each and every member of the XWF roster! Silly Archyle!”

“Uh, yeah, whatever… so what’s this all about?”

”Well dude… you won the award! You’re the Star of the Month! Congratulations dude!”

“Oh, well… cool I guess. Hey… is there like a certificate or something? Like a diploma or some shit?”

Vinnie looks a little confused but sticks his hand out for a shake.

”Uhhhhh… no? But I can give you a hearty handshake, man! Like I said… CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yeah!”

Drew Archyle seems a little miffed and looks down at his feet, shuffling around in place like he’d rather be literally anywhere else right then.

“Okay, well… like… do you think you could write it down? Like a bill of sale or an IOU? I just… look I’d really rather not go into it, but something in writing on paper would really help me out, man. Cool?”

Drew then slaps his hand into Vinnie’s and shakes it once before tossing Vin’s hand down.

“We good? We good now?”

Vinnie is slack jawed and unsure of how to continue. He fishes around in a pocket of his jacket for a moment and finally finds a crumpled up piece of paper that seems to be cliff’s notes on his Star of the Month presentation. Listed fourth in the bullet points is “Say I hear you.”

”Uh… sure! Sure, dude! I hear you. I hear you. Here you go!”

Vinnie then produces a pen from the same jacket pocket and scribbles across the sheet of paper, using his palm as a backboard. He hands it to Drew who snatches it and stuffs it into his pocket, then grabs Vinnie and smothers him in a huge hug.

“Thank you SO much, man! Thanks! Thanks fans! See you later!”

And Drew then scurries form the ring leaving Vinnie standing confused in the ring as the feed fades to yet another hype video package.

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Alistair Sørensen
- vs -

Elimination Tag!
Two men start in the ring with each of the others in a corner. Anyone can tag anyone in, but only two remain in the ring at any time. Competitors are eliminated one at a time until only ONE REMAINS!

Hello, and welcome to Turning Point! I'm Pip Collins, alongside three of my illustrious colleagues....

Brent Feetman!

Good evening everyone, I'm Audrey Dinklage!

Pip notices that Luca is on his phone and elbows him. Luca looks up.

Chill fam, I'm finalizing my bets.

The card tonight is packed top to bottom, and it was just announced 24 hours ago, in a historic move, that the Bombshell title match will headline tonight's contests!


All the competitors for our opening contest are already in the ring, and Tig is gonna run down the rules for everyone that was asleep the first time.

You mean we're not going to get treated to 10 minutes of entrances?

Finance is desperately trying to cut down on theme music royalty costs.

Here's Tig!

Coming to the ring first from who the fuck knows where...RANDOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

Random rides down to the ring on the back of a Silverback Gorilla named Jones Sampson. Random climbs into the ring and just stands there all statue like.

Coming to the ring next from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing 230 pounds......MEZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Mezian walks down to the ring, climbs inside it and waits.

Coming to the ring third weighing 335 pounds from Saskatoon, the man, the myth, the mother fucking legend DREZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZDIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system. As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

The fourth member of this match weighing a sickly 180 pounds from Roswell, Ohio.....The Doctorrrrrrrr......EEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOO!!!

Dr. Emo walks to the ring to silence because he didn't put a theme song on his roster page. Hint hint nudge nudge.

Next up weighing 297 pounds from Oslo, Norway.....ALISTAIR SORENSEN!!!!

As Nightmare begins to play, the fans feel themselves chilled to the bone as an... empty, horrifying bell begins to play as they go silent. About 35 seconds in though, black and white lights start flashing around the arena as the guitar riffs start to kick in. The fans know he's coming. Finally, about one minute in or so...


Alistair comes out staring daggers as the song just states, "Now your nightmare comes to life..."

Alistair walks down the ramp slowly, keeping that cool, calculated and methodical stare painted on at all times. Some of the fans boo, but most of them are in awe of the physical specimen known as Alistair Sørensen.

Alistair pauses once he gets to the bottom of the ramp, his death stare only intensifying. However, the faintest smile can be seen as...

"Oooooooo, it's your fuckin' nightmare!"

Alistair quickly rolls into the ring from there, and looks to get set to get this match underway once the last participant is introduced.

The last competitor for this opening match weighing in at 180 pounds from Houston, Texas...GENOCIDEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

The song hits the airwaves as Genocide bursts through the curtains with a rolling start. He comes to his knee and begins soaking in the adulation, even if it's negative. He hops up to his feet and begins sauntering towards the ring in a sideways walk as if staring down whomever is in the ring already. He leaps up onto the apron, gives the quick peace sign, and leaps up to the top rope with a courteous bow before leaping off backwards into the ring.

The shot cuts to Tig in the ring. Surrounding the ring on the apron are all 6 competitors, each one looking ready to fight.

Your opening contest tonight will be contested under 6-Man Multi-tag rules. Any active competitor can tag in another competitor at any time, with two people in the ring at any given time. Competitors can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, disqualification, or KO at which point the person in the ring tags in another competitor. The match will continue until only one person is left standing. It was randomly determined backstage who will kick things off DREZDIN and GENOCIDE step into the ring!

Tig leaves as Drez and Genocide step in. The bell rings, and Drezdin MOTHERFUCKING EXPLODES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A HUGE BIG GODDAMN BOOT TO GENOCIDE'S WHOLE ENTIRE FACE! Drezdin drops to his knees for the pin!





HOLY COW! Drezdin making very short work of the newcomer!

That's for coming kid, pick up your check on the way out!

Fans are popping HUGE for Drezdin right now as Genocide starts doing the walk of shame back up the ramp. Drezdin, hand on his chin, starts looking around at the array of competitors, making his choice who to tag in. He plays to the crowd, pointing at each in turn and gauging the crowd reaction. Mezian gets the biggest pop so he tags Mezian into the ring!

Drezdin and Mezian lock up, with Drez getting the early upper hand, picking Mezian up with a big time scoop slam! Mezian rolls away and gets up in the corner only for Drezdin to hit a big splash on him! Mezian comes stumbling out of the corner into the waiting arms of Drezdin who plants him with a fall away slam. Mezian rolls to the opposite corner and as soon as he gets up he hits a hot tag on Random!

Okay, I'll bite. Why does Random look like....that?

Indeed, Random is wearing one of those sandwich board signs that is emblazoned with the number for the National Suicide Help Line. However, from the neck up he is now a dead ringer (heh) for Robin Williams.

Apparently management got a lot of push back from the American Psychiatric Association because Random basically made fun of suicide. So they forced him to wear that. As for Robin Williams, he donned that identity as a big “fuck you” to management after the fact.

I'm sure that'll go over splendidly.

It's now Random and Drezdin in the ring. Drezdin doesn't know what to make of starting a fight with someone wearing a sandwich board sign, so he tries to rip it off of him! Random takes this opportunity to stab a thumb into Drezdin's eye before running to a corner and hot tagging Dr. Emo!

So Pip what's the over under on Dr. Emo being triggered by Random here and actually killing himself?

Oh knock it off! The psychiatrists are watching!

Drezdin beats his chest before going after Emo! Emo ducks under a big clothesline from Drezdin, which causes Drezdin to lose his footing and stumble a bit towards the ropes, closing the distance just enough for Alistair Sorensen to tag him out!

Looks like the newcomer was sick of waiting on the sidelines!

Alistair, looking like a big mountain of ass kicking, bears down on the smaller Dr. Emo. He lashes out at him with a nasty roundhouse kicking closing the distance between them and backing him into the corner where he lights him up with a series of quicks elbows and jabs before arm draging him back into the center of the ring and drop kicking him in the back of the head. Unrelentingly, he forces Emo up and then tags him with a DDT before covering him.




Alistair a house of fire so far.

True! He could be a force to be reckoned with in the XWF going forward!

If he can get through this match, maybe.

Emo tries to crawl towards the ropes to tag someone else in, but Alistair catches him by the ankle and drags him back towards the center of the ring! Emo flips onto his back and kicks out, trying to get the big man to break the hold on his ankle, but his grip is like a vice! Sorensen picks Emo up and dead lifts him onto his shoulders for a military press slam! As soon as Emo hits the canvas, Sorensen drops on top of him, locking in the Death Grips rear naked choke! The ref hits the canvas, checking on Emo!

Emo fighting hard here to escape.

But it quickly becomes clear that it's a losing battle. Emo starts to fade, and finally his eyes close. The ref checks again, raising his arm and letting it fall once....twice....three times! We have another elimination!


Sorensen throws Emo off of him and starts eye balling the others. Drezdin has his hand out, begging to be tagged in! The fans pop huge as Alister approaches him!

We could be seeing two giants square off here!

Just as Alister looks like he's about to take in Drez....he flips him off and rushes over to hit a hot tag on Random! The fans boo!

Guy's got some decent entry level trolling skills, Ill give him that.

What do you have to do to become a middle management troll, Luca?

Be incredible at sucking dick, mostly.

Random gets in the rings, perhaps somewhat reluctantly, to face down the rookie. Random throws a punch at Alister, which he capably blocks and responds with his own jaw jacker.

No hesitation at punching the beloved Robin Williams at all, this guy is cold!

Alister irish whips Random into the ropes, but he's saved by his sign on the rebound which gets caught up on the middle rope! Random tries to extricate himself and Alister smells blood! By the time Random is free it's too late! Alister pulls Random into a vicious headbutt, followed by a big time lariat that plants him! Random struggles to his feet and goes to tag in Mezian but Mezian drops to the floor, laughing and shaking his head no! Random flips off Mezian and turns around right into a massive spear from Alister! The Suicide Help Line sign shatters everywhere in an explosion of debris! Soresen covers!





Sorensen making a big statement in this match! Hope management is paying attention!

And Drezdin still wants in badly!

Sorensen walks up to Drezdin again, sizing him up. Drezdin is just BEGGING to be tagged in now, and the crowd is 100% behind him! But again Sorensen smirks and tags in Mezian instead!

Mezian smiles and launches himself over the top rope! He tackles Sorensen on the way down, punching him in the face furiously and taking every bit of the fight right to the big man! Mezian then runs the ropes, back and forth building up steam as as Sorensen gets up Mezian nails him with a hurricanrana take down the practically knocks the big guy out of his boots. Sorensen shakily gets up, thrown off by Mezian's pure speed and energy. Mezian stays on the attack, hitting Sorenesen with a running neckbreaker, followed by a high angle elbow drop to the skull. Sorensen rolls away, trying to distance himself. Mezian stalks him as he gets up, slinking up next to him and lifting him up into a fireman's carry type position!

Mezian going for the END IS NIGH!

But Alister fights out, dropping behind Mezian, wrapping him up in a waist lock and dumping him on the back of his head with a german suplex! Sorensen, pissed at having ceded the offense for so long, grabs hold of Mezian's leg and drags him into the center of the ring, where he starts to kick and stomp his thigh and knee cap, focusing on it for a solid 20 seconds! Mezian cries out in pain and finally Sorensen stops and picks Mezian up for a powerbomb, but this time Mezian is able to slither out and drop behind Sorensen, grabbing him by the back of the head and dropping down with him, burying his knee's in Sorensen's spine!

Drezdin is still on the apron, rallying the crowd and asking to be tagged in. Mezian starts to crawl towards the ever willing entrant when Sorensen takes hold of Mezian by his pants, stopping his advance. Mezian kicks back at Sorensen's head and arms, finally getting him to break the hold, but Sorensen still doesn't want to let him go, exploding to his feet and dropping down on Mezian's fighting for that rear naked choke that he used to take out Emo!

Better pray to the heavens Mezian, you're about to be SOL!

Mezian screams in defiace as he tries to fight, finally settling on biting down hard into Alisters forearm, so hard it draws blood! This gives Mezian just enough chance to escape, but he unknowingly drops into the wrong corner where there are no entrants lefts!

Knocking at the wrong door, bro!

Sorsensen goes to splash Mezian in the corner, but he blots out of the way just in time. The big man stops himself before eating the turnbuckle, but Mezian catches him from behind and rolls him up!


2...NO! Sorensen kicks out!

Mezian tries to keep up the pace, stomping the shit out of Sorensen as he attempts to get vertical. Sorensen finally shoves Mezian away, but Mezian simply rolls back up to his feet and launches himself against his opponent again with a dropkick! Sorensen falls into the ropes where Drezdin is waiting! Drezdin grabs Sorensen's head and drops down to the floor, garroting Sorensen on the top rope! Sorensen goes down clutching his throat!

The ref's calling that a tag though! Drezdin finally got what he wanted!

Yeah, and Mezian goes from squaring off with one big man to another!

Sometimes size matters. Sorry guys.

Drezdin eagerly gets in the ring now as Sorensen rolls out. Mezian is forced into a lock up with Drezdin, and Drez muscles Mezian into the ropes. The ref forces Drezdin to back off and Mezian responds with a snapmare takedown on the fan favorite. But Drezdin is just to fucking PUMPED and doesn't even seem to let it slow him down! Drezdin recovers quickly and tags Mezian with a big time knee lift, followed by grabbing his head and slamming it into the closest turnbuckle. That is followed up by Drezdin grappling Mezian into a powerbomb position. He lefts Mezian up and drills him into the canvas!




Drezdin, loking frustrated, hefts Mezian up again and goes for another powerbomb, but somehow this time Mezian musters up the strength to back body drop Drezdin! Mezian chains that into a senton splash on Drezdin's face, and then a cover!




This is gonna be Drezdin's biggest pay per view payout of all time. Drinks are on him.

You really think you're invited?

Of course Pip, me and Dez are tight as shit.

Back in the ring, both men are vertical. Sorensen is, by now, back on the ring apron, staring taggers at Drezdin. Drezdin notices him and he allows himself to get distracted, jaw jacking with the rookie, but Mezian demands his attention in short order with a big chop to Drezdin's chesk, and then another, and then another! Drezdin grabs Mezian by the skull and throws him into the corner, but as Drezdin draws closer Mezian jumps up, wraps both his legs around Drezdin's head and pulls him into a hurricanrana! Drezdin hits the mat. Mezian jumps on him with a precision knee drop to his forehead and tries for another cover.




My boy got no quit!

Mezian forces Drezdin up and Drezdin surprises him with a knee to the gut. Mezian responds with a punch, another punch, a THIRD punch before going for a double leg takedown. Drezdin hammers Mezian in the back, stopping that, and then deadlifts him up for a power slam, but Mezian floats out just in time, causing Drezdin to turn right into an impressive fisherman's suplex by Mezian!

Wow! That is some scary strength by Mezian!

Mezian keeps Drezdin's leg locked for a pin!




Mezian argues with the ref, insisting it was a 3, but the ref stands his ground! Drezdin staggers up.

Drezdin, look out!

Sorensen, who appears to have grabbed a steel pipe at some point, crushes Drezdin right in the mouth with it! The ref SEES NOTHING! Sorensen quickly tosses the evidence away as Drezin drops like an anvil, bleeding profusely from the mouth. Mezian looks past the ref, confused, but instinct kicks in and he covers!





Drezdin got SCREWED!

Oh he sure did and...hey, watch out!

Sorensen leaps over Drezdin's downed form in a mad dash to get at Mezian. Mezian, caught off caurd, falls prey to a stiff short armed clothesline from him. He gets back up to his feet just in time to eat another short arm clothesline. Sorensen makes a quick pin.




We are down to the final two and I have to say, there is a favorite. Sorensen is fresh as a daisy and Mezian is looking tired.

Sorensen picks Mezian up onto his shoulders, showboating with him for a bit before tossing him off into a fireman's carry slam,which he then follows up with some mounted punches! Mezian gets busted open in the process! Sorensen, looking to finish this, pulls Mezian up by an arm and locks him into an inverted chancery, he calls for the Slutten På Veien! BUT MEZIAN SUDDENLY SLIPS OUT!

Sorensen looks shocked and tries to recover! But Mezian punches him in the eye! Sorensen gets rocked, but he quickly recovers and lunges, but Mezian gets him with a drop toe hold which drops Sorensen into the ring ropes! Mezian leap frogs over the top rope, landing across Sorensen's neck with a leg drop on the outside! Sorensen, getting choked on the ropes for the second time this match, grabs his neck and rolls away. Mezian rolls back into the ring and pulls Sorensen back toward the center, but Sorensen is aware enough to power away. Mezian waits for Sorensen to turn before exploding into him with a huge spear! Mezian, his face a crimson mask by this point, stirs first, crying out in pain as he forces his exhausted body to function!

Sorensen also staggers up, holding his midsection and sounding like he's still struggling to breathe. The final competitors collide in the center of the ring, but Mezian gets up and under Sorensen and lifts him up!

WHOA! He got him up!

Before Sorensen can react Mezian drops him into his waiting knee cap with the END IS NIGH! He collapses on top of Alister with the cover!





I don't know how he did it, BUT MEZIAN JUST WON THIS THING!

Clearly I counted him out too soon. Serious grit and determination from Mezian. He's truly showing how much he's improved here lately and hopefully it leads to some good things for him in the very near future!

Winner - Mezian

For a shot at the Tag Team Championsip

Cadryn Tiberius & Micheal Graves
- vs -
Peter Gilmour & Muddy Waters

Tag Team Ladder Match!

Can EACH member of a team reach the top of a ladder and retrieve one of two contracts for a Tag Team Title match?

Cadryn Tiberius & Michael Graves
Peter Gilmour & Muddy Waters

“This is a #1 Contender Ladder Tag Team Match! Introducing first from Morgantown, West Virginia… CADRYN TIBERIUS!”

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

“Introducing his teammate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… MICHAEL GRAVES!”

A thick fog rolls onto the entrance ramp as the opening riff of Unholy blares throughout the arena. Suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes the stage and in the flash Micheal Graves appears seemingly out of thin air. Graves walks down the the ring to a mixed reaction. At the bottom of the ramp he takes a running start and slides under the bottom rope into the ring. Graves stands up and raises his arms out to his sides like a cross. He slowly lifts his head up, looking to the sky as the lights fade in.

“Introducing their opponents, first from Pikeville, Kentucky… MUDDY WATERS!”

Muddy runs to the ring and slides right in.

“Introducing his tag team partner from Los Angeles, California… PETER FUCKING GILMOUR!”

The lights in the arena dim, then go to full black. We then hear the eerie sounds of a bell being tolled and then an explosion of fire emitting from the entrance ramp. The beginning of DADDYS FALLEN ANGEL by IN THIS MOMENT begins as the heavy guitar riffs kick in and red strobes dance around the stage. As soon as the verse kicks in, we see Peter Gilmour and his wife Maria Brink come out to the ramp. They smile at each other before going down the ramp hand in hand. Peter bobs his head to the song. They get in the ring together and Peter gets on the turnbuckle and throws up an "X" sign as pyro goes off above the ring. Peter hops down and kisses Maria as they wait his next victim.

Well it looks like we’re all ready to go for our big tag team match!

I’m not sure who I want to see get their brains bashed in more… Muddy Waters or Peter Gilmour.

The safe answer is always both, what do you think Brent? Who needs a good head-bashing more?

Oh will you be quiet so this match can begin?

All four men are in the ring as this match is set to begin! It’s Cadryn Tiberius teaming up with Michael Graves to go against Peter Gilmour and Muddy Waters!

The bell sounds as these four men go to work in the center of the ring! Cadryn and Muddy lock up in the corner as they are trading some serious blows back and forth. Meanwhile Peter Gilmour is blasting Michael Graves with some heavy shots as well! Graves is down in the corner as Peter Gilmour is stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry! Gilmour turns around and sees Cadryn getting the upperhand on Muddy in the opposite corner. He rushes towards Cadryn and whips him around before delivering a huge superkick! Tiberius hits the ground as Gilmour pushes the chest of Muddy and points out of the ring.

Both men exit the ring and begin grabbing ladders!

The only way to win this match is by climbing up the ladder so this is probably a smart strategy here.

Here I was hoping they’d just try to jump for it.

With who is in the ring, it wouldn’t shock me.

Regardless, they’ll be taking the more direct route.

They slide into the ring with these ladders and begin to set them up. Muddy sets up his ladder directly underneath the contract suspended above the ring and Peter sets his up in line with Muddy’s with the ladder placed right on top of Michael Graves.

Peter gets on the ladder and uses his weight just to press the weight of the ladder down onto the chest of Michael Graves! He yells at Muddy to climb the ladder and he does! Muddy isn’t the fastest, but he makes his way to the top of the ladder, but he can’t quite reach the contract that is swaying in the air.


Nice move there!

Wow, you’re actually paying attention to the match for once?

Well I’ll tune out if you don’t leave me the hell alone.

That seemingly came out of nowhere as Tiberius just blasts Muddy Waters with a huge dropkick! Muddy falls from the top of the ladder as his throat lands first atop the top rope!

Tiberius gets back to his feet as Peter rushes towards him, allowing Graves some time to breath. As Peter approaches Cadryn, he leaps into the air and connects with a hurricanrana that sends Gilly into the corner face-first! Tiberius scampers over to his partner and insists that Graves gets up. As he gets up, Graves rushes over to Gilly and begins drilling into him with vicious stomps as Tiberius rolls out of the ring and grabs yet another ladder!

Cadryn slides into the ring with the ladder, walks over to Graves, and just bestows it upon him as hardcore violence really isn’t his thing.

Graves takes the ladder and rams it right into the junk of Peter Gilmour who howls out in pain! Graves goes over to the two ladders already standing and puts a ladder propped up connecting the two with a sort of bridge! Tiberius grabs Muddy and throws him onto the ladder bridge! He climbs up there as Graves climbs up as well. Tiberius and Graves continue to trade blows on Muddy who is being destroyed by this onslaught! Graves grabs Muddy, climbs up to the top of his ladder and…. CRADLE TO THE GRAVE! The moonsault fallaway slam falls right on top of the ladder bridge!

That looked painful in a good way. A good kind of painful.

It was a monumental move there by Tiberius and Graves to set that move up! It doesn't break!

A hard landing for Muddy Waters as his back arches in pain as he rolls away. Graves looks up at the contract with a grin; however, Peter Gilmour is back up! He climbs up the other side after shouldering Cadryn Tiberius out of the way. He reaches the top JUST as Graves is about to get a contract!



Graves bends over as if he looks like he might fall down from the sheer pain of that blow!


Both men are down leaving only Tiberius standing in the ring. He quickly moves towards the ladder, but it’s Muddy who catches him off guard by grabbing his ankle! He tries to kick Muddy off, but his grip is too strong! The distraction was just enough though as Peter comes up from behind with… THE GILMOUR CUTTER AGAIN!?!

Peter Gilmour is the only man standing though! He slowly, steadily climbs up the ladder before he tries to reach out and grab those contracts! Muddy begins climbing up the other side of the ladder as they’re both trying to grab these elusive contracts.

As they’re fishing around for these contracts, Michael Graves reaches up and grabs Muddy’s arms and… GRAVE CONSEQUENCES onto the mat!
Muddy Waters is out cold so it seems as Michael Graves begins to climb right alongside Peter Gilmour, only Gilly ain’t having that shit! SPIT right into the face of Michael Graves! Graves goes to wipe that off as Peter smashes his head into the top of the ladder.

Not once…

Not twice…

But three times!

Finally, it appeared that Michael Graves is the one going for a ride as Peter Gilmour stands on top of the ladder, pulls Graves in, and…


OH SHIT! Muddy Waters out of mother fucking no where drills Graves in the back of the head interrupting the Great Gilmour's attempted Deathstrike.

Oh fuck! I've seen that face before. Peter is about to go full retard!!

What? What do you mean.

Just sit back Pip. You are about to go for a ride!

Gilmour balls up his fist and punches Muddy Waters right in the face! Muddy stares at him like "WTF Mate" and then returns the favor punching Gilmour square in the nose. The two partners now enemies start punching the shit out of each other. Michael Graves looks for his partner Cadryn Tiberius but the former Jester to the Kings is caught in between the ring ropes and it looks like he is peeing himself as he frantically tries to escape.

Graves reaches up for one of the contracts and just as he grabs hold of it Gilmour punches him in the gut. Graves responds with a punch to Gilmour's gut which Gilmour just shrugs off naturally.

Graves again reaches for a contract and now Peter does as well. Not to be forgotten Muddy Waters also reaches skyward for one of the contracts. All three men have now grabbed at the contracts. Three hands...two contracts who is the odd man out? All three men now start punching each other with their free hand when suddenly Gilmour delivers two devastating headbutts in a row to both Muddy and Graves. All three men come crashing down to the ring producing a loud thump.

Who won? Who grabbed the contracts.

My money is on Peter.

Both of them?

Have you ever known Peter to not take as much as possible? Ever see him at the post show buffet?

The ref looks down at the sea of bodies before signaling for the bell.


The ref reaches down and lights the victorious hands of Michael Graves....and Peter Gilmour!!

Winners - MIchael Graves and Peter Gilmour

Graves drops to his knees and pulls at his hair.

"Micheal Graves looks to be on the verge of snapping!"

"Can you blame the man? Cadryn really seemed to phone it home tonight. If it weren't for Gilmour screwing over his own partner Graves would be walking out a loser."

Graves rolls out of the ring and stomps towards the announce table.

"Watch out guys, he's coming this way!"

Graves grabs a microphone from the announce table and slides back into the ring.

"It looks like he's about to vent some frustrations."

"More likely he's about to cry and make excuses!"

Graves pulls the mic up to his mouth, but pauses before speaking. Graves looks out to the crowd who are slowly beginning to liven up and pull for him. Micheal pulls the mic back to his mouth and... Nothing.

"I never thought that I'd see the day that Micheal Graves was at a loss for words."

Graves looks over at Cadryn who is still caught in the ropes and shakes his head in disgust before tossing the mic to the mat and exits the ring.

Hands on his hips, Micheal stares at the ground as he unceremoniously walks up the ramp and backstage.

"Micheal has been struggling with the idea of retirement for some time now. Do you think this is it for him?"

"With a tag title shot on the line? I don't know he could step away now!"

The scene fades in and we see XWF Television Champion Drew Archyle walking through the halls of the arena hosting this year's edition of Turning Point. Drew stops along the way to sign some autographs for a few "Make A Wish" kids before continuing on his way. Drew rounds a corner whistling to himself when he comes upon Erik Black.

Hey Erik how goes it?


Nothing? Ok then. Well good luck're gonna need it!

Drew walks past Erik barely grazing him on the shoulder as he does. Whether it was the barely touching of shoulders or what Drew had just said to him a second ago Erik Black loses his shit. He picks up a metal folding chair that just happened to be comfortably resting against the wall next to him and with one violent swing damn near separates Drew Archyle's top half from the rest of his body. Arcyhle falls forward the TV title which had been resting on his shoulder goes flying in the air coming to a stop on the floor about 10 feet away from him. Drew grabs at his back and as he starts to roll over is yanked up to his feet by an angry and aggressive Erik Black.

You and I, we ain't finished. Not by a long shot.

With a well placed strike Black is able to open Drew up at the bridge of the nose, with another strike he does the same thing below the right eye and with a third he breaks Drew's nose. Blood immediately comes pouring out from his two nostrils. Black holds Drew in the air by his collar and leans in real close as the TV champ struggles to keep conscious.

After I'm done with your buddy Robert Main I'm coming back for you.

The show goes to commercial as Black leaves Drew in the hallway a bloody and broken mess.

For the Television Championship

Drew Archyle
- vs -
- vs -
John Holliday
- vs -
Chris Chaos

Savage Fourway!

Elimination match under standard Savage RP rules!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that Drew Archyle has been attacked back stage. He is not able to compete, so therefore this match has now been changed to a Triple Threat match! So, this triple threat is an elimination style match with a 15 minute time limit! It is for the XWF Television Title!

Wow! They gonna do him dirty like that!

We need to have a title match, what is the point of a normal triple threat?

Number one contender?


Tig O' Bitties: Introducing first, from Birmingham, England, Scullllllyyyyy!

Suddenly the arena lights go red and "Angels Fall" by Breaking Benjamin blares out of the P.A System. After about 40 seconds The Scull Meister finally steps out on to stage, his XWF Universal Championship over his shoulder. He looks around at the XWF Galaxy in attendence and smirks. The chorus of boos fill the arena in disapproval of Skull, he shrugs it off and slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring them. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and smirks once again at the crowd. He then raises his XWF Universal Championship in the air as the boos become louder. He walks up the steps and walks along the ring apron. He turns to look at the fans whilst slowly moving both hands from his face to the floor, gesturing "A look at me" type taunt, before raising the title once again. Scully enters through the middle rope and into the ring. Skull walks over to the far turn buckle and climbs to the top. He holds his hands in the air, making sure the title is there for everyone to see and then does his "Look at me" taunt. The Scully Meister spins himself round and chills on the turnbuckle with his arms folded, his title put over his shoulder. His music fades out.

Certifiable, to say the least.

How is he the crazy one?!

Look at him!

I think he's legit. He was a former Uni champ after all.


Just then, the lights go dim.

Here is my vote to win this thing!

It would be!

Tig O' Bitties: Introducing next, from Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, John Holliday!

The Trooper By Iron Maiden hit over the speaker in the arena, John walks out from the backstage. In his hand is a long hunting knife that he twirls between his fingers. He gets to right outside the ring, before driving the blade down into the ground in front of him. It punctures through the padded material, before he hopes onto the skirt and lets himself into the ring. John leaned on the turnbuckle waiting for the next opponent.

And he isn't crazy?

He's intense, there is a difference.

The lights go off as blue and white strobes flood the arena.

Here we go!!!!!!

Its Chaos time!

Tig O' Bitties: And their opponent, hailing from Tampa, Florida. Chris Chaoooosssss!

The words [shadow=white]"FOLLOW ME"[/shadow] show up on the X-Tron screen as smoke billows at the entrance. Blue and white lights flicker. At the 10 second mark, he steps through the smoke wearing his jacket (Rated R Edge trench coat). Looking to both sides of the crowd. He walks slowly to the ring until he gets about 3/4 of the way down, then jogs and slides into the ring (edge style)...When he gets into the ring he gets up on the far turnbuckle and gets up on it, throwing both arms up.

This is a big time match now. It has that big match feel to it now that Chaos has arrived!

This guy is a former Universal Champion, he has been in the last 3 or 4 main events, and now here he is a 9 o clock?

Hey, its a title shot!



The bell rings and the three men circle. Holliday and Chaos lock up, as Scully grabs Holliday from behind. Chaos uses his leg power to shove both of them back first into the corner. Scully's arms are wrapped around Holliday as Chaos shoulder-blocks John in the mid section, driving him back into Scully.....



4 times. Chaos backs off as Scully has now let go. Holliday stumbles out to the middle and Scully runs and grabs his head, going for a bulldog, bit Chaos kicks Scully in the face then hits a DDT on Holliday.

Chaos dominating this match in the early going!

Did you expect any less?

Actually, yes.

Scully is getting back to his feet, Chris charges, but Scully ducks the clothesline and hits a drop toe hold, sending Chris face and chest first into the top rope. Scully slides out of the ring and grabs Chaos by the hair, forcing his neck over the ropes as he falls back clutching it.

Nimble move there for Scully.

Technically sound!

Scully throws his arms up as if to say "look at me!" but doesn't see Holliday who runs and baseball slides, sending Scully into the announce table.

Look out!

Fuckin A'!

There is a brief static as Holliday is now outside the ring, and begins to Hammer down on Scully. Scully fights back and the two exchange blows outside the ring.

Neither one gains a major advantage as the crowd begins to buzz. Chaos is on the top turnbuckle and dives off, taking both men out as all three tumble to the floor on the outside. Chaos scrambles up, using the apron, and Holliday is back to his feet. He goes to attack Chaos, but Chris ducks, picking him up and dropping him over his knee for an atomic drop. Just then Scully comes out of nowhere and goes for a clothesline but Chaos ducks and Scully turns Holliday damn near inside out. Scully turns after making contact and walks into fists from Chaos. The ref is counting inside the ring as Chris whips Scully back first into the steps.

Chaos using his head there, knowing what was coming.

What I know is coming is a DQ if they don't get back in the damn ring!

The ref is at 7, and Chaos rolls into the ring to break the count then rolls back out.

He picks up Holliday, but the scrappy former champion is battling back. The two trade blows on the outside.


Scully is back to his feet and grabs Chaos by his hair from the outside. He pulls Holliday off Chaos and throws Chaos down on the outside and Scully and Holliday begin trading blows. The ref counts to 8 and Scully rolls Holliday into the ring. Chaos makes a dive and gets into the ring before 10 count.

Close one there for Chaos.

Too close.

I am surprised he has lasted this long.

Chaos is back to his feet and gets into the middle of the Holliday and Scully battle. He grabbed Scully and threw him off. Holliday, however, kicks Chaos in the gut. He goes for a back body drop, Chaos wiggles out. Scully comes flying in with a forearm and knocks Chaos into the corner. Holliday looks at Scully for a moment. They both grin.

Uh oh!

Bad intentions here from these two!

Imagine if it were 3! Chaos has Erik to thank, at least a little bit!

Scully and Holliday both begin to fire shots down on Chaos in the corner. He fights back but the numbers game catches up to him. He slumps down in the corner as the two continue to lay the boots. Once Chaos is down in the corner, Holliday throws his arms up and smugly turns around. Throwing up his arms, he doesn't see Scully come in from behind. A kick to the gut and a fishermans suplex, into the bridge.



Holliday kicks out.

Almost had our first elimination there!

Scully picks Holliday back up and goes for another suplex but just as he gets Holliday up, Chaos charges out of the corner with a spear! Holliday falls on top of Scully, and both fell akwardly, and Chaos didn't get it all. He rolls over holding his shoulder as his two opponents lie in the ring.

Chaos may have tweaked his shoulder there!

That could come in big later on in this match!

Time is ticking here, and we don't have an elimination yet!

Chaos pulls himself into the corner, holding his arm. Scully, who got the brunt of the spear, is still down but Holliday gets up. He stumbles over the Chaos. Chaos fires a punch, but Holliday lifts him up and sits him on the middle turn buckle. A few shots back and forth, but Holliday hooks the arm. He drops Chaos back in a fallaway slam, and the Chaotic one hits the mat! Scully is stirring now and Holliday comes off the ropes with a leg drop..............


Holliday is holding his backside and rolling around.

What a match this has been. Very back and forth!

Doesn't take much to impress you over there on Savage, does it Audrey?


Scully gets up. Chaos is stirring now too. Scully stomps on him a few times. Chaos is determined to get to his feet, however, and Scully picks him up for the angle slam. He plants Chaos in the center of the ring, and goes for the pin but a hobbling, literally butt-hurt Holiday breaks it up after a 1 count. He grabs Scully and locks in a one legged Boston Crab! Scully is in pain immediately and begins writhing. Chaos rolls to the corner, knowing that if Scully taps he only has to get through Holliday so he is taking a breather, letting the submission play out.

Scully is writhing hard now, reaching for the ropes, but he is in the middle of the ring.

Holliday has Scully dead to rights here! He has nowhere to go!

Holliday with an intense look, he wants to break Scully's ankle!

I hope he does.

You're a monster.


Just as it looks like Scully is about to tap, he is able to turn over on his back and use his other leg to kick Holliday off. This is when Chaos explodes out of the corner and levels Holliday with a spear just as he comes off the ropes!


Came off the ropes and Chaos took advantage!

He hooks the leg.



Broken up by Scully!!


Scully gets up, he is hobbling on one leg. Chaos chops him twice, then backs him into the ropes. Whipping him into the other ropes, Scully is gimpy coming off them and Chaos goes for another spear but the veteran Scully stops short, kicking Chaos in the face and slapping his back before planting him with a DDT. Scully goes for the immediate pin, but Chaos kicks out at two.

Scully picks Chaos up and hits and atomic drop, then locks the hands in for a German suplex. He connects. Scully looks up at the clock.


Scully looks at the top rope, and grins.

Oh my, what is Scully thinking here!

Retarded thoughts, most likely.

Scully climbs the top rope! He throws his arms up to pump up the crowd before going for the Moonsault off the top.

He wants to end it here!

Scully wants that belt!

John Holliday is back to his feet, stumbling around when he turns right into the waiting arms of Scully....


This could be it. Scully will be the new TV champ!!

Wait a second...Chris Chaos has other plans.

Just as Scully goes for the pin Chaos grabs him by the neck and tosses him out of the ring where Scully crash lands on the outside. Chaos takes advantage of the downed Holliday and makes the pin.





He did it! Chaos is the new Television Champion!

Tig O' Bitties: Here is your winner, and NEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW XWF Television Champion........Chris Chaos!


Scully looks pissed at what just happened!

Can you blame him? Chaos stole his victory!

He sure did..


[Image: descenso-steel-cage-o.gif]

"The Kaiser" Finn Kühn
- vs -
Danny Imperial[/b][/white]

Inside an enclosed steel cage!

"Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is VINCENT LANE'S REDEMPTION REBOOT, being held inside of an enclosed steel cage! Introducing first, from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Frankfurt, standing in at 6'1 and weighing in at 200 lb., he is THE KAISER, FINN KÜHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!"

As the heavy riffs of No Resolve's Kill Us echo their way through the arena, the fans begin to litter the stage and arena with boos as they know who's coming out. As the main riff starts to play, Finn Kühn makes his way out from the back - flanked by his talent agent, Isabel Mercier - in a long, black jacket, and his head bowed and in a hood, walking slowly towards the ring, allowing all the noise from the fans to go in one ear, and out the other.

As the lyrics began playing, Finn removes his hood, looking ready, determined, and walks to the ring with purpose. However, before he steps in the door, he pauses, and then smiles. Going under the ring, he starts pulling out weapons and throws them in!

Kendo sticks!


Steel chairs!

Baseball bats!

A sack of thumbtacks!

Satisfied, Finn rolls in and sits at the corner while Isabel stands by Finn on the outside as fans continue to boo the Kaiser.

"The Kaiser looks ready tonight, I must say."

"Hard to argue against that, I'd imagine, given his performance against Jim Caedus at the last Warfare."

"Yeah, Sauerkraut put on the second best match of the night with Caedus last Warfare, but he still lost. That's gotta be eating him at the back of his mind, know what I mean?"

"Introducing his opponent! From New York City, standing in at 6'0 and weighing 215 lb., he is the KING OF THE JUNGLE, DANNNNNNNNYYYYYY IMMMMMMMMPERIALLLLLLLLLL!"

"Hail To The King" Blares through the speakers as laser multi-colored lights move haphazardly through the stadium. As the heavy guitar drops, two opposite flares shoot out from the base of the entrance. A crazed, grinning Danny Imperial walks out from behind the curtain. He runs a hand across his face, pulling back his hair.

"Speaking of guys who lost last Warfare..."

"Danny has shown though he's one of the best guys in this business time after time though. The Sauerkraut Krusader, on the other hand, is still relatively unproven."

"Regardless, Luca, this looks like this will be one hell of a contest between the semi-finalists."

He strolls down the ramp towards the ring, smugly glancing from side to side, giving Betsys in the crowd a wink as he passes them. He slides smoothly into the ring, crawling up to the announce, Tig O' Bitties. Climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He sticks both hands into the air and licks his lips in anticipation.

He leaps off the turnbuckle, walking to the center of the ring as a blue light shines on him. He simulates a crown on his head, lifting the imaginary crown and placing it at the center of the ring. He walks back to a turnbuckle, and lies across the ropes awaiting the match to start.

As the bell rings, both Kaiser and King of the Jungle slowly make their way to the center of the ring, neither man unwavering, both with cocky smirks...

And they lock up.

Finn takes control after a little bit, using his slight height advantage to go through with a snapmare, dropping Imperial to the mat. Still keeping a tight headlock on, Finn rains down a fist or two before Imperial uses his strength to get them back onto their feet. Imperial pushes Finn off towards the ropes-- AND IMPERIAL DROPS FINN WITH A WICKED CLOTHESLINE!

Imperial licks his lips as he sits back up; he's hungry and ready for this as Finn is shaking out the cobwebs from that clothesline. Imperial grabs Finn up by the head-- Finn with a body blow! And another! Imperial keeps getting rocked downstairs as Finn is battling his way out-- dropkick by the Kaiser!

Imperial almost looks like he's on spaghetti legs as he's wobbling towards the ropes... both Finn and Danny pick up kendo sticks as Danny is wobbling back...


"Jesus fucking Christ!"

"Both men are willing to stop at nothing here in the early goings as they seem to be evenly matched!"

"Evenly matched isn't good enough for either man though! You said it, Pip, they're willing to stop at nothing... so who's gonna crack first?"

Danny slumps forward onto the mat as Finn wobbles back to the other set of ropes, expression hazy. He slowly walks forward as it's now Danny's turn to shake out the cobwebs as he gets back up to his feet-- HURRICANRANA BY DANNY! Quick pin attempt as Mika Hunt slides in!



Kick-out! Not quite enough to put Finn away as Imperial grabs Finn up by the hair. Danny irish-whips Finn and is gonna try and hit a dropkick-- Finn hangs onto the ropes and prevents himself from moving! Imperial's dropkick goes awry as a result, causing him to hit the mat hard, which allows Finn to move in and hit a solid-looking neckbreaker!

"Both men still look to be evenly matched here! Their hunger, their desire to succeed is keeping them operating at the highest level here!"

Until Finn pokes Imperial in the eyes unbeknownst to the ref and then rolls him up in a small package.




Winner - Finn Kuhn


James Raven looks to settle a score against the head of the XWF with the XWF Xtreme Title on the line!

For the XWF Xtreme Champions

"Loverboy" Vinnie Lane
- vs -
James Raven

Match takes place in a custom aviary - the second of its kind in XWF history!

The entire arena slowly fades to black as the audience excitedly awaits the entrance of "The Peoples GOAT". The drum beat and guitar solo start and a series of white and blue spotlights come up and pan the crowd. Mike Shinodas voice is heard on the speakers singing.

“Now here we go for the hundredth time, hand grenade pins in every line, throw ‘em up and let something shine, going out of my fucking mind… filthy mouth, no excuse, find a new place to hang this noose, string me up from atop these roofs, high and tight so I wont get loose.”

By now the fans are going wild and cheering as the spotlights slowly make their way to the top of the entrance ramp where a dim fog begins to form.

“Truth is you can stop and stare, rub myself out and no one cares, dug the trench out and lay down there with a shovel up, out of reach somewhere… yeah, someone pouring in, make it a dirt glass floor again, say your prayers and stomp it out when they bring that chorus in.”

The spotlights come together as one, and the fog fills the top of the ramp until the downbeat hits and a major blue and silver pyrotechnic display goes off and the rest of the arena lights turn up to full. When the smoke clears James Raven is seen on top of the ramp, his hands thrown up over his head and a huge smile on his face.

“I BLEED IT OUT!!! Diggin’ deeper just to throw it away, I BLEED IT OUT!!!”

James makes his way down the ramp, high fiving fans and posing for pictures with several of them until he reaches the base of the ramp. Then, he pauses for a few seconds and sprints for the ring, diving in under the bottom rope and sliding in to the center of the mat on his hands and knees. He poses for a second, then gets up and runs for the turnbuckle, climbing up and posing yet again for the fans before doing a 360 degree spin off and doing the same on the opposite turnbuckle. As his music fades out he stretches in his corner, and then waits for Vincent Lane.

"I Wanna Rock!"

The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. As two big pyro towers shoot off on either side of the stage, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane spins out of the entrance ramp, wearing his favorite t-shirt, a cutoff Faster Pussycat screen print, long silver tights and shining silver boots. The crowd pops as Loverboy struts down the aisle, strumming the air guitar [color=#FF1493and leaping into the air with a jumping split. As he hops onto the ring apron, he swings around, facing the crowd, and pumps his fist along to the music, singing along and inciting the crowd to do so as well.




The fans are absolutely ecstatic as the two XWF Legends stare each other down inside the giant custom made "aviary" cage. They take a few steps towards the center of the ring, circling each other slowly before they each look up into the top of the cage and see a variety of crows and falcons flying around the steel links. Vinnie Lane smiles to himself, confident about tonights match up as Raven just shakes his head wondering what the hell he's been dragged into. Lane moves first, tying up with James Raven in the center of the ring and gaining the upper hand, irish whipping him into the ropes and looking for a clothesline! Raven has it scouted and ducks underneath it, sprinting to the opposite side of the ring and using the middle rope as a springboard to throw a flying crossbody back at Lane! Loverboy sees it coming and hits the canvas sending Raven sailing harmlessly over him and rolling to his feet in the far corner. They rush each other and lock up once more, this time the advantage going to Raven as he whips Loverboy into the ropes and leaps into the air for a picture perfect dropkick. Loverboy hooks his arms over the top rope to stop his momentum and Ravens dropkick connects with empty air.

"These two are incredibly matched so far! Neither one can even land a clean attack!"

"So are they evenly matched, or do they both just suck?"

"Vinnie Lane beat you back in the day, didn't he?"

"I don't remember shit like that, homie."

Raven pops back to his feet, taking a step towards Lane when suddenly a crow dives down into his face, talons outstretched to rake the former Universal Champions eyes. James bats at it, barely managing to beat it away in time to see Vinnie Lane charging at him with a forearm smash. He sidesteps in time, but Vinnie ducks and attempts to sweep the leg! Raven leaps over Lane's foot and throws a low knee of his own at Vinnie's body but misses as Lane rolls away with a sommersault and back to his feet in the corner. Loverboy stands in the turnbuckle, soaking in the cheers of the crowd as Raven sprints full speed into the corner looking to spear Lane in the spine! Vinnie sees him coming by looking at the X-TRON, and without looking back he jumps up to the middle rope and then across the corner to the top rope and over to the apron as Raven catches himself right before he sails into the ringpost!

"Oh my! What athleticism by Lane to get up and over the ropes there, he had nowhere to go it looked like!"

James turns and grabs Vinnie by the hair, trying to line up a jaw breaker on the top rope, but Vinnie flips into the air with an enziguri kick that lands clean on Ravens jaw and sends the Xtreme champion slumping to the canvas! Vinnie lays on the apron, proud of his work, and rolls underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Raven crawls away and back to his feet before Loverboy can capitalize, but the fans are cheering wildly as someone has finally landed a move of substance! Raven gives Vinnie a thumbs up in acknowledgment, but quickly afterwards he's back on the offensive feigning with an overhand right and instead throwing a kick that doubles Vinnie over. Raven hits a swinging neckbreaker, shaking the canvas. Both men pop up, Vinnie slower than James, and as James looks for a belly to belly suplex Lane is able to counter, hitting a quick DDT on the Xtreme Champion! Lane is up, bouncing off the ropes and looking for a legdrop! Raven rolls out of the way and back to a vertical base as Lane lands hard on the canvas and groans in pain. Raven dives on top of him, hitting a back bridge for an athletic pin as the referee slides across for the count!



"It'll take a lot more than that to keep Vinnie Lane down! He kicks out!"

Raven backs up and gives Vinnie room to climb back to his feet, the two slowly circling each other once more before locking up. Suddenly several of the birds dive down from the top of the aviary, hacking and slashing at the exposed arms and backs of the two men and causing them to break apart. Vinnie bats furiously at the winged assailants as Raven covers up and tries to get in the corner and use the cage as a deterrent to the divebombs. The birds eventually retreat back to the top of the aviary, bloody talon trails left on both of the men below. James and Vinnie look at each other uncomfortably, neither comfortable launching an attack when they don't know if the birds might be coming back! Eventually they extend hands to each other and lock up once more, Raven hooking Lane's head and lifting him in the air for a vertical DDT, but Lane drives a knee down into the top of Raven's head and forces the Xtreme champion to set him back down. Lane bounces off the ropes and grabs Raven around the waist, lifting him for a spinebuster... but Raven gets his hips back and gets his feet behind them, landing in a sprawl to the frustration of Vinnie Lane. Raven pounds Lanes side with a few hard punches, but Lane churns his feet and drives Raven backwards into the ropes and up against the cage! Lane lets go and stands up straight, but before he can get another grip on Raven the Xtreme champion shuffles to the side and unleashes a hellish superkick on Loverboy!

"The F.Y.S.! James Raven nearly decapitated Vinnie Lane with that superkick! Incredible!"

Raven takes a step towards the Lane, looking for a pin fall, when all of the sudden a chant breaks out in the crowd.


"CLIMB!!! THE!!! CAGE!!!"




Raven turns around, looking at the steel aviary structure and then through it to the cheering fans outside. He looks back at Vinnie Lane, then hesitantly turns and makes his way through the ropes and begins to climb the aviary!

"PIN HIM! Why is Raven trying so hard to please the fans here instead of winning the match?!"

Raven gets a good fifteen feet above the canvas and begins shifting on the cage, finding the best grip and footing to launch himself off when suddenly several birds attack him and cause him to slip slightly. Raven covers his eyes as a particularly aggressive crow swoops in and rakes at his face, and knowing he can't hold on much longer he hurls himself blindly from the side of the aviary!

"OH MY GOD! Raven plummeting from the side of the cage! Vinnie Lane has moved!"

Raven hits the mat hard and skids several feet, blood dripping from his forearms and staining the canvas. He's clearly dazed and disoriented after the fall, and Vinnie Lane has pulled himself to his feet in the corner! He plays to the crowd, watching as Raven rolls around and tries to regain his senses before eventually climbing to his feet with his back to Lane! Raven stumbles around, clutching his body as he turns to face Lane!



Vinnie hooks the leg, the referee slides into position!





This one is over! Vinnie Lane has beaten the Peoples G.O.A.T. and he's the new XWF Xtreme Champion! Loverboy jumps up off of Raven, retreating away from the fallen champion before he has any thoughts of revenge. The crowd reaction is split nearly down the middle, but Vinnie celebrates enthusiastically nonetheless as the referee throws his hand in the air and retrieves the XWF Xtreme Championship through the door in the corner.

"Vinnie Lane has been deemed your new champion, but can he really say he 'beat' Raven tonight? Those birds in the aviary played a bigger role than anything either of the competitors did!

"The gold is around his waist now. That's all that matters, Pip."

"A win over James Raven is a win over James Raven, no matter how it comes. This may not have been the cleanest win of Vinnie Lane's career, but it sure as hell won't stop him from bragging about it!"

Raven begins to stir on the mat, holding his head as blood from the talons of his winged assailants continues to leak from his face. He looks at Loverboy, furious with the outcome of the match, but Vinnie continues to celebrate as we fade away from the ring.

Winner and NEW XWF Xtreme Champion - Vincent Lane

For the Hart Championship

Robert "The Omega" Main
- vs -
Erik Black

Two out of three falls!

"The following contest is a two out of three falls match, with the XWF Hart Championship on the line! Introducing first... YOUR CHALLENGER! Standing 6' 1" and weighing in at 220 pounds! From Compton, California! He is... ERIIIIIIIIK... BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACKKKK!"

As soon as his music hits Erik Black makes his way out from behind the curtain with a towel draped over his head, and beelines towards the ring. He ignores the fans completely, reaching the apron and sliding underneath the bottom rope with determination. He passes the referee and makes his way into his corner to prepare for the biggest match of his XWF career as his music begins to fade.

As "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest begins we watch as Robert Main slowly rises up from the depths of the stage, his back turned to the ring as he rolls his shoulders to the cheers of the crowd.

"Next, making his way to the ring at 6' 4" and weighing in at 220 pounds! All the way from Las Vegas, Nevada he is a member of The Apex and he is you REIGNING... DEFENDING... XWF HART CHAMPION... THE OMEGAAAAA! ROBERT! MAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNN!"

Following Tig's introduction, as the music begins to rise and the lyrics "I make them for you" hit the speakers, just as the sting hits, he raises his arms to the sky, the XWF Hart Championship strapped tightly around his waist and turning around slowly to face the ring! He then hops off the small platform, and begins to walk to the ring, avoiding the outstretched hands of the fans in disgust along the way. Once Robert reaches the apron, he eyes those in the ring, smirks, then ascends the stairs to his corner and steps between the ropes exuding confidence.

"The fans are really showing support for The Omega, but he's ignoring them totally, as did Erik Black!"[/font]

[color=#FF0000]"Sucks to be them I guess."

Robert Main unstraps the title title from around his waist and hands it over to the referee as be backs into his corner and eyes Black down. The referee rushes to the ropes and hands the Hart championship over to the timekeeper before backing into the center of the mat and shouting a check in to each competitor. Erik Black nods his head. He's ready. Robert Main nods his head as well. It's time!




Erik Black rushes out of his corner immediately, taking the fight to the champion and smashing a stiff forearm into Main's jaw. Main stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle and Erik charges after him slamming several more forearms into the face of The Omega. Erik Black grabs Main by the wrist and irish whips him across the mat into the opposite turnbuckle. Main bounces into the corner chest first, groaning loudly as he stumbles out to the middle of the ring and turns around to face his opponent. Erik dives at the champions knees with a beautiful shoulder block, chopping Roberts legs out from underneath him!

"Wow! Erik Black has really started this match out on the right foot! This is arguably the best he's ever looked in an XWF ring!"

"You might say it's a Turning Point for him..."

"Shut the fuck up, Pip. That was awful."

Erik leaps on top of Robert, throwing several right hands into the champs face before grabbing a fist full of his hair and dragging him up to his feet. The Omega cocks back and unleashes a wild right hand, but Erik ducks underneath it and bounces off the ropes behind Main, charging up behind him and diving with another shoulder block to the same knee! Main collapses, his knee buckled and a howl of pain from his lips as Black leaps on top of him again and grabs his ankle, dropping back and locking in a tight knee bar! Robert Main uses his free foot to kick at Erik's face, but Black simply locks the kneebar in tighter and adds torque to the champions joint! Robert gives up with the kicks and rolls as far as he can to his side... stretching for the bottom ring rope!





"He got it! It's a rope break! The referee is urging Erik to release the hold, and eventually he does!"

Black rolls to his feet, backing up and putting his back against the ropes to take a quick breather. The fans aren't happy to see The Omega being worked over so thoroughly, and boo the California tough guy as he shrugs his shoulders indifferently. Robert Main rolls slowly to his hands and knees, then uses the ropes to pull himself slowly to his feet. Erik Black waits for Main to turn, then bounces himself off the ropes and sprints at the champion!


"Robert Main drills Erik Black with an uppercut! He almost took the young mans head clean off!"


Black stumbles a few feet before collapsing limp to the canvas. Main takes a step towards him, but his knee buckles underneath him and he topples over a few yards short of his victim. The crowd gasps, but Main doesn't give up and army crawls across the canvas towards Erik and eventually manages to drape an arm over his shoulders. The referee slides into place beside them and begins the count!



A kickout by Black! He's still alive in this one! Main rolls over to his back, frustrated and clearly in pain. Black begins to stir, and the two mean climb simultaneously to their feet. Main uses the top rope for support, Black taking a few careful steps towards him so as not to get caught with another haymaker. Sensing weakness, Black unloads two heavy muay thai leg kicks, digging into the thigh and the back of Main's injured knee. The Omega nearly collapses but clutches the top rope desperately. Black grins to himself, blood in the water, and charges forwards... but Robert Main drops to the mat, pulling down the rope and sending Erik toppling over to the floor outside! What a fall!

The crowd cheers loudly, The Omega gaining himself a chance to swing the momentum in his favor! He rolls underneath the bottom rope, joining Black outside the ring and using his right leg to hold nearly all of his weight as he lifts Erik Black to his feet and hurls him into the ring steps!


The top level of the steps slides out of place and clatters to the ground as Erik slumps to the floor, Main stalking him slowly and nearly hopping on one foot. The referee urges the two men to get the action back inside the ring, and soon has no choice but to begin the count.





Main lifts Erik Black up again, grabbing him by the back of the head and driving his face forcefully into the steel ring post. Black nearly falls, but Omega holds tight to his head and brings his knee driving up and into Erik Blacks nose!

"I think Erik Black's been busted open! HE HAS! Blood is dripping down his nose and into his mouth!"

"That's disgusting! This is a brawl, not a wrestling match!"




Main, still hopping on one leg, rolls Black underneath the bottom rope and into the ring before pumping his fist confidently to the delight of the fans! He follows Black into the ring and avoids the risk of a count out, slowly and gingerly climbing to his feet to continue his assault when suddenly Erik Black grabs him by the tights and rolls him up with a small package! The crowd screams in horror as the referee slides over, caught offguard as was everyone else, and makes a quick count to make up for his delay!







The winner of your first fall, the challenger... Erik Black!

The crowd boos loudly as Erik Black rolls away from Omega quickly, the champion quickly popping to his knees in anger! He pounds the canvas angrily, screaming at the referee for the quick count and becoming even more irate when the referee tries to explain himself. He notices Erik Black climbing to his feet and gives up his appeal, climbing to his feet as well so as not to get caught off guard again. Erik Black throws another heavy leg kick, a sickening thud echoing through the Egyptian arena as Main clenches his jaw but holds his ground. Black tries another shoulder block at the injured knee, but The Omega won't fall for that a third time, and leaps into the air and lands a flying knee straight into the temple of the diving challenger! Black gets knocked silly, flying backwards and getting himself tangled in the bottom rope!

"That mother fuckers eggs got scrambled! Someone call Frasier to toss the salad and finish him off!"

Frasier references. Topical.

Robert Main scrambles across the ring on all fours to cover Erik, making sure both shoulders are covered and shouting for the referee to do his damned job. The referee complies, sliding over and beginning his count.




He stops, pointing at Erick Blacks foot which has been underneath the bottom rope the entire time! It's a rope break! The Omega is irate! He pounds the mat angrily again and pulls Erik Black to the center of the mat, dragging him to his feet and hitting a snap suplex that sends Black skidding into the corner. Black is trying to recover his senses and gets groggily to his feet, stumbling out to meet Robert Main only to be smashed with a heavy clothesline! Black flips backwards, his legs folded over his head as he lands! Robert Main rolls him over and pins him again, doing his best to even the falls in this Hart title match!



A KICKOUT BY ERIK BLACK! He refuses to give up here, desperate to claim this second fall for himself and earn his first XWF championship! Robert Main rolls away from Black, climbing to his feet in the corner and trying to stretch out his knee.

"That leg is still bothering the champion! He's having a hard time planting it to land any real offense!"

Main continues to stretch and doesn't notice as Erik Black gets up slowly! The fans scream loudly as Black charges at The Omega, and their cries alert the champion of the incoming attack. He sidesteps Black, sending the challenger crashing into the turnbuckle! Main pulls Black out of the corner!




Robert Main connects with his patent technique, rolling atop Black and hooking the leg. The referee slides into position and there's no doubt about this one!







The winner of your second fall, the champion... Robert Main! The third and final fall will determine the Hart Champion!

Erik Black looks like he might be out cold here! His eyes are closed, his chest heaving wildly as he tries to regain his breath! He needs to pull things together here or his dreams of being the XWF Hart Champion are over! Robert Main leaps on top of Black, trying to end this quickly, and the referee is already in position to make the count!




KICKOUT! ERIK BLACK DIGS DEEP AND FINDS THE WILLPOWER TO KICK OUT! He refuses to give up, as blood continues to pour from his nose and Robert Main pounces back on top of him to pound him with hammer fists he refuses to surrender! He struggles to free himself from underneath the champion, covering his face as The Omega slams fist after fist into his skull! He finally gets a foot on Roberts hips and shoves the champion backwards off of him! The Omega gets to his feet in the corner, winding up for a super kick!

The fans are on their feet!

This could be over soon!

Erik Black gets unsteadily to his feet! Robert Main shuffles forwards and cocks back for the kick!

"His knee gives out! The champion is down! He's rolling around the mat in agony, clutching his injured leg!"

Seeing his opportunity Erik leaps on top of Main for a quick pin fall, but Robert Main was playing possum! He catches Black coming in, and rolls him over and locking him into THE LAST BREATH!


On cue Erik Black taps the mat furiously, submitting to the wrath of the champion and ending this title match!




The winner of your third fall, and STILLLLLLLLLL XWF HART CHAMPION... "THE OMEGA"!!! Robert Main!!!

The referee retreats to the ropes to reclaim the championship belt from the timekeeper, bringing it over to Main to declare him the winner, but The Omega has no interest in the title right now. He lets go of the Last Breath submission and postures up, pummeling Erik Black viciously as the referee tries to stop him and pull him off! Main shoves the referee away with one hand and continues to destroy the bloodied and bruised Erik Black!

Black slumps to the mat lifelessly, and Robert Main finally relents and climbs to his feet picking up the title belt the referee dropped on the canvas beside him. He stares down at Black with fire in his eyes, lifting the belt over his head as the crowd cheers the dominance of the Apex member #AndStill Champion.

Robert Main leaves the ring slowly and makes his way up the ramp, limping the entire time until he disappears behind the curtain. We fade out.

Winner and STILL XWF Hart Champion - Robert Main

Tournament Final for the Universal Championship

XWF Tag Team Champion
Jim Caedus
- vs -
XWF Tag Team and X-Treme Champion
The Engineer (w/ Madison Dyson)

The following contest is schedule for ONE FALL and is for the XWF Universal Championship!!

Here we go! The moment we've all been waiting for!

Who's we?

I think she means the XWF Universe, Luca.

I was gonna say... If you ever catch me anticipating the arrival of Jim Caedus, shoot me.

Jim Caedus's theme music starts to play throughout the arena, but after the first measure of the song the track begins to skip and is cut off. Jim makes his way out from the back and down the ramp in silence as several fans from the front row throw garbage at him.

Introducing first! One half of the XWF Tag Team Champions..... Jim Caedus!

And his opponent!

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen. After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Insect” by Die Warzau and his 'tron. The arena is still bathed in sterile white lights which are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

One half of the XWF Tag Team Champions..... The Engineer!

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, and he takes in the crowd, the ring, everything. Slowly an unsettling smile bisects his face, and some black tar like liquid will spill from his mouth. He'll run his sleeve over it before stalking to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He then picks himself up in a neutral corner, remaining there with a dead eyed stare until the match begins.

What a match this should be folks. These two men have proven that they're the two top competitors here in the Xtreme Wrestling Federation!

I couldn't agree with you more, Pip!

The official of the match, Mika Hunt, holds the prestigious Universal Title in the air for the crowd to see. She then holds it forward for each competitor to see. Engy doesn't take his eyes off Caedus while Caedus drools over the thing like a rabid dog.

The bell rings and Jim goes right in for the attack! He pummels the Engineer with overhead fist after overhead fist! He works him back into the corner, but Engy overpowers him easily and pushes his way out of the corner! Jim rolls backwards and grabs his ankle!

Uh oh! It looks like Jim rolled back on that ankle a little weird!

I didn't notice anything! What a pussy!

Engy waits a moment, giving his tag team partner a moment to get back to his feet. Tears roll down the face of the fallen champion as his ankle must really hurt! Maddy is on the outside of the ring telling Engy to go after Caedus, but Engy sits back in the corner and continues to wait for Jim to reach his feet.

Jim finally manages to crawl to the corner and, with help from Mika the Official, pulls himself to his feet. He wipes his tears and gimps a limp out towards the middle of the ring where Engy meets him with a kick to the stomach! Jim throws up a little bit in his mouth from the kick, but swallows it up like a good boy and doesn't dirty up the ring! Engy pushes him back against the ropes and Irish whips him a across the ring! Jim takes two steps and can barely walk on the twisted ankle and collapses against the opposite ropes! Jim rolls over and sits up grabbing the ankle against and moaning like a wounding dog!

I must say, it does NOT seem like Jim Caedus came here prepared tonight...

Mika checks in on Jim again. Meanwhile, outside of the ring Madison produces a pair of brass knuckles and tosses them up to Engy. Engy looks down at them for a moment, then frisbies them across the ring where they slide out and hit the floor. He looks back add Maddy and shakes his head "No" before focusing back on the wounded Jim Caedus across the ring.

Mika finally begins to count Jim down after he spends another few minutes pouting on the mat. He slowly works his way back up before the count of six. Engy moves back in ...... but he's caught!!!!!!! Katabasis!!!!!!!

Where did that come from?!

I'm not sure, but Jim Caedus just flattened Engineer with his big move! What a comeback!

Jim goes to roll through for a pin, but Engy rolls out and gets right back to his feet!

Engy is unphased by that! Jim Caedus is a phony!

Jim struggles to get back to his feet, but does and walks right into a standard DDT! Caedus is out cold! Engineer wastes no time and looks in "A Boy Named It"!! His patented submission finisher!!!!

Unable to take ANY pain at all Jim Caedus immediately taps out and frantically cries out like a little bitch for the entire XWF Universe to hear.

Engy releases the hold and immediately rolls out of the ring, meeting the time keeper, Nipsey Russell, before he even has a chance to hand the title over to the referee......

Winner and NEW XWF Universal Champion - The Engineer

For the Bombshell Championship

Jessalyn Hart
- vs -
Jenny Myst
- vs -
Mandii Rider

Triple Threat!

The following match is a triple threat for the Xwf Bombshell Championship and it's our Main Event.
Introducing first from Jacksonville Florida...Standing 5'7" at 130lbs Manndii Riderrrr

Mandi makes her way down to the ring ignoring any and all boos. She climbs up on to the ring apron and steps through the second rope.She stands in a corner waiting for her opponents.

Looks like the vet is ready to take this title

Or she has to poop real bad.

Is he always like this?

This tame for him, he is on his better behavior.

Her first opponent from Cincinnati, Ohio...Standing 5'9" at 159 lbs Jessalynn Haaaaarrrttt

Ezariaha walks out waits, and on the second break, her Pyro hits and a litany of colors strobe through the arena.She walks down to the ring slides in and climbs a turnbuckle with arms open wide screaming your END IS NIGH

Do you think Jessalyn Hart will finally make her way to the top of the division?

Well if she is able to use the hatred of the other to advantage maybe.

Finally making her way to the ring from Las Vegas, Nevada standing 5'0" at 100lbs. She is a two-time Xwf Bombshell Champion.....Jennnyyyyy Myssssst.

Jenny enters the arena when the Drums hit for the first time in her entrance music, Around the 20 second mark. She is usually taunting the fans or pretending to give high fives and then pulling away at the last moment with a sarcastic smirk and an eye roll. When she gets to the ring

The moment Myst in the ring Rider jumps her throwing her to the ground and pummeling her with fists. The ref tried to break it up but is unsuccessful. Jessalyn sees an opportunity, she climbs the turnbuckles and leaps.....


Jessalyn breaks up the brawl and goes for a cover on both of the women.




Rider and Myst kick out. Jessalyn rolls out of the ring and smiles at the two women.Rider starts to go after her but is stopped my Myst when she grabs her hair. Myst slams her to the mat by her hair.Myst then begins to kick Rider while she is down. Repeated stomps to the chest and abdomen. The crowd starts to count the kicks...






Jessalyn slides in to drop kick the smaller Mysst off of her feet. Hart then grabs Myst and puts her on her shoulders.

It looks like she is going for a Detonation Kick

Mid lift Rider knocks out Hart's knee with a shoulder block.The three women all crumble to the mat. Rider is the first to get up, she grabs the two women by an arm each and drags them off of each other. She then locks in an STF on Hart.Jessalyn screams in agony as Rider wrenches her head back. The ref is checking Hart and asking if she wants to quit.

She could tap, this could be it. We could see a new champ right here

Hope not, I didnt pay for to see a five minute Main Event

But Luca, you didnt pay to see any of this. You work here.

My point exactly, Keep up will ya Pip?

Hart is still in the hold as she is beginning to drag her self to the bottom rope. Inch by inch she makes it closer and closer. Rider is yanking really hard by this point. Almost bending Harts neck completely backward.But hart is fighting it, Myst gets to her feet and sees what is happening. She grabs Rider by her legs and pulls her to the center of the ring. Myst drops both fists into the back of Rider breaking the hold.

Hart rolls away and tries to recover, but soon after Myst is on top of her.She grabs Hart by the hair and pulls her to her knees. Still weary Hart sways slightly while in the knelt position. Myst starts to slap her But is caught by the hand of Hart.Hart stands up and kicks Myst in the gut. Myst bent over is grabbed from behind by Rider. She puts Myst In the Vertabreaker position and the SLAM!!!!!


Rider hops to her feet to taunt the now prone Myst, she kicked in the gut by Hart. Jessalyn smiles as she stuffs Rider's head between her legs. She makes a rolling motion with her hands.Grabs Rider by the waist and then flips her over......


Hart goes for the cover.




The ref then realizes that Rider's foot was on the rope. Nullifying the three count.

Well, that was some bullshit.

Dont you root for the guys?

I don't ask questions anymore

Can we get back to the action, please? You catfight can wait.

The ref informs Hart that her foot was on the rope. Hart screams at the ref and picks up Rider again puts her in the same position between her legs.When she grabs Mandi around the waist her attempt is blocked. Mandi then lifts Hart up and over the ropes by standing up. Hart falls to the floor surrounding the ring.Falling awkwardly onto her neck.

The crowd reacts to the sickening thud that echoes throughout the arena. Rider looks at the motionless possible unconscious body of Hart and scoffs. She turns her attention back to Myst who is running full speed at her. Mandi lifts her boot up and connects with Mysts face knocking the smaller woman off of her feet.mandi then places her foot on the chest of Myst for the cover.....




Myst kicks out and grabs the leg of Rider and pulls her to the ground.Myst transitions into a sleeper hold position. Grasping at Riders neck, she tries to lock in the second arm but is met with elbows to the sternum. Rider breaks the hold from Myst and rolls out of the ring. She makes her way back to the side where Hart landed. Jessalyn is lying prone on the floor, Rider grabs her and throws her into the ring. Myst crawls over and covers...



Rider breaks it up.

Jenny Myst is the definition of opportunist

She just vultures off other peoples work.

Rider kicks Myst while she is down. She yells at Myst " You think its gonna be that easy Bithch!!!". She begins to kick her repeatedly as Myst tries to crawl away from Rider.She finally makes it to a corner and uses the ropes to steady herself. Rider charges Myst while she is using the ropes for support.

Myst moves out of the way and rider goes full force into the corner. Rider's shoulder slamming into the ring post is played on the Screen over and over. Rider balls up as she recoils from the impact.Myst smiles as she stalks Rider like some sort of prey.Myst closes in on Rider. Just as she is about to pounce she is grabbed from behind by Hart.

Holy shit she isn't dead.

You owe Twenty Bucks Luca

My wallet is in the locker room

Myst is turned around to be kicked in the gut. Hart puts Myst in the headlock position. Hart takes the time to blow a kiss and wave at Rider as she is on the mat...


Did she just steal Myst's Finisher.

Yup, It Maybe the end of the match right here.

Myst's face bounces off of the mat as it is driven down by Hart. Hart gets back to her feet and smiles again.She begins to laugh hysterically as she stares at the carnage in the ring.She points to Rider and screams "YOUR END IS NIGH". She moves towards Rider, Mandi rolls out of the ring. Jessalyn chases after her. The two make two laps around the ring as the vet slows down and positions her self by the steps. Hart runs full force looking for the spear.

Rider side steps, Hart goes head first into the steps. Rider yells " Who's END IS NIGH?"She then moves over to the announcer table.

Audrey said you looked like a whore, not me

He did fucking not say that

Luca, did wonder if you were busy alter. He likes to beat up by women

Mandi ignores the announcers and begins to tear apart the table. Tossing monitors and mics to the ground. The ref is telling her to get back in the ring. He begins to count.




RIder grabs hart and rolls back into the ring.Myst and Rider square off over the body of Hart. The two women lock up and move away from Hart. Mandi throws a knee into the abdomen of most.She throws her to the ground. Rider then grabs Myst again kneeing her in the gut again. Myst again falls to the mat. Rider then goes to grab Myst again and she is countered as Myst monkey flips Rider through the ropes.

Rider hits the floor, another sickening thud is reacted to by the crowd.Myst then turns to Hart, she picks her up. Myst screams at her " steal my finisher will you"Myst sets up the Pink Perfection and drives Hart's head into the mat.




Hart now bleeding from her forehead get a shoulder up. Myst is fuming at the ref. She pleads her case for the three count. The ref warns her about the arguing. SHe continues to plead her case. Jessalyn out of nowhere rolls her up from behind.




Jessalyn with her last bit of energy rolls away from Myst. Myst gets to her feet and makes her way towards Hart.Meanwhile, Rider is lurking outside of the ring waiting to strike. When Myst goes for the cover Rider breaks it up. Rider grabs Myst and throws her over the top rope.Myst lands on her feet.

Apearently Jenny Myst Is a fucking cat

No, It's her supreme athletic ability

Nope, I'm going with she is a cat.

Rider slides out from under the bottom rope. Her and Myst start throwing fists at each other. Trading lefts and rights on the outside.The two women make their way towards the table. Myst goes for a haymaker and misses, she is met with a knee to the mid-section from Rider.

Rider grabs ahold of Myst and throws her onto the announcer's table. Rider climbs on top with her.Rider grabs Myst and sets her up for the DAREDEVIL FALL. Rider has Myst in the air above her head. Myst starts to struggle and finally breaks free and lands on her feet. Myst kicks Rider in the gut, grabbing her head in the headlock position. She smiles blows kisses to the fans and the flips off Luca.


The two women go crashing through the announce table.

Well, that was uncalled for. I hope you get a splinter.

Really Luca? You most definitely deserve it.

Which one of these three women will get up first?

My money is on Myst, She has a nice face.

Jessalyn Hart slides out of the ring and grabs Jenny Myst off the floor and throws her into the ring. She pulls Myst to her feet but Myst shoves Hart back and drills her with Pink Perfection!! Myst falls down to the mat with barely any energy left just as Mandi Rider slides in. She grabs Jenny Myst by the throat and slaps her across the face before kicking her outside of the ring.

Mandi picks up Hart and damn near kills the bitch with her famed finisher the CRACK HEAD!!!

But not just one...not just two but three CRACK HEADS!!

If Jessalyn Hart isn't dead I'd be surprised.

Mandi lays down and hooks the leg for the cover.





As Jim stumbles around the back, holding his head, disgruntled and pissed about his loss to the Engineer, he isn't paying attention. Jenny, who is holding her back and wincing, upset over her most recent Bombshell Title loss, also isn't paying attention. She walks smack into the chest of Jim.

She looks up, and he looks down.

"Da fuck. Watch where I'mma walkin' slut".

Jenny, in no mood to play games, tries to walk past Jim. He steps to the side, blocking her path.

"For real, Jim?"

"Whattya you gon' do?"

Jenny bites her lip, wincing and holding her back. "I am not gonna go anything, Jim."

He seems a bit taken aback at this response.


He tilts his head.

"He is."

Jim was about to say, "da fuck?" but got cut off by Chaos, who comes out of nowhere with a lead pipe to the side of Jim's head. Caedus is knocked off balance and falls into some crates and boxes by the wall. Chris and Jenny begin to stomp on Jim. Chris takes the pipe and begins to hammer down body shots on Jim, and he groans with each one.

"Yeah! Who can't beat who now, Jim?! Who...can't....beat......WHO!"

He fires another shot down onto Caedus, this time connecting with his face and drawing blood.

Chaos has snapped here, someone get some help back there!

He is going to kill Jim!

He picks up Jim by his scraggly Viking hair and throws him face first into the wall, leaving a red, head shaped stain. Caedus begins to stumble away as Jenny and Chris give chase. Caedus stumbles into the parking lot, and looks around, panting, seemingly having gotten away from them.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, he is hit with a massive SPEAR and is driven hard onto the concrete. A truck skids up to a stop. Erik Black jumps out. Jenny appears into the picture and stomps on Jim a few times.

What the hell is the truck for?! Where are they taking Caedus?!

The Chaos sex dungeon?

Can you be serious for even one moment?

Throwing Jim into the passenger seat, Erik jumps into the back with Jenny as Chaos jumps into the driver seat. Black wraps a belt around Caedus's throat and pulls, keeping him at bay for the drive.

The truck peels out of the parking garage.

The scene cuts to the truck driving on a bridge. We get a shot of a few gas cannisters in the back. The truck skids to a stop. Jenny and Erik jump out. They take the gas cans and begin to douse the truck in it.

Chaos slams Jims head off the dashboard. He then gets out of the car with a lighter in his hand.


Chaos grins a wicked grin as he says, "Whose the Apex now?"

He lights the lighter.

"Empire, bitch!"

Chris lights the truck on fire.


Chaos takes a brick out of the truck just before it goes up in flames. He quickly puts it on the gas, the engine revs.

"Long live Empire........"

He steps away as the truck screeches into the median, crashing through it and off the bridge!

The truck plummets down.................






It crashes on the ground below, exploding on impact.

My god........

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just witness the death of Jim Caedus......

Audrey's voice was deep, quiet, emotional.

The camera cuts back to Chris, Jenny and Erik standing over the bridge, looking down.

They stare at the firey wreckage for a moment, then Erik asks "so, how are we getting back?"


They all nod and say "Uber" at the same time, as Jenny pulls out her phone. They walk away from the flaming, smoldering wreckage as the scene cuts to black with the XWF logo.

[Image: S0YLeIW.jpg]



A Huge Thank You To All Of You That RP'd For The Show.

A Special Thank You To:

Shane Carver
Vincent Lane
Taylor Mayde
Jefferson Jackson
The Engineer
James Raven
Finn Kuhn
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so me and gravy get the tag shot? this isnt gonna work well... sorry mikey we got to work together to beat them tag champs.. assuming jim cadeus is still alive which i think he is.. barely..

good show everyone

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03-05-2018 06:43 PM

Suck my dick!
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03-05-2018 06:47 PM

[shadow=purple]"Do you see? The Kaiser is so dominant, so skilled that I didn't even need to pin Imperial. I might as well have blown on Imperial hard enough and the match would have been called off."

"Though, there is that nagging issue as to which title to go for no- pffffffft, who am I kidding? Engy, shine up that belt, sweetie. Or perhaps Madison would prefer it in German?"

"Engy, ich werde dir diesen Gürtel abnehmen."

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03-05-2018 06:59 PM

(03-05-2018 06:43 PM)"Dark Warrior" Micheal Graves Said:  Suck my dick!

id rather not

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03-05-2018 07:04 PM

(03-05-2018 06:47 PM)Finn Kühn Said:  [shadow=purple]"Do you see? The Kaiser is so dominant, so skilled that I didn't even need to pin Imperial. I might as well have blown on Imperial hard enough and the match would have been called off."

"Though, there is that nagging issue as to which title to go for no- pffffffft, who am I kidding? Engy, shine up that belt, sweetie. Or perhaps Madison would prefer it in German?"

"Engy, ich werde dir diesen Gürtel abnehmen."

Mmmmmmm....Gaaaaaahd, don't stop I'm almost there....

Picks up a copy of Mein Kampf.

Do this one now!

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