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Wednesday Warfare: I want more frequent RPing, no limits Alistair Sørensen
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Registered but either hasn't added self to a roster yet or doesn't RP

XWF FanBase:
Hardly anyone to be honest

(booed by most fans; hurts people even when not supposed to; often angry and shitty)

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02-09-2018 05:56 PM


In-Ring Name: Alistair Sørensen

Wrestler's Real Name: See above.

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: New character, old handler.

Wrestler Date of Birth: 14 February 1988

Height: 6'10

Weight: 297 lb.

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Personality: Said by many a sparring partner to be a quiet killer, Alistair is the epitome of silent but deadly. He can break down his opponent in at least ten different ways at any given moment during a match, and has been said to have practically zero emotion, not letting petty thoughts get in the way of business.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Heel.

Looks Description: See pic base.

Ethnicity: One-forth Irish, one-forth Norwegian, and one-half German.

Pic Base: Alistair Overeem
[Image: overeemcutout.jpg]


Strengths: Nigh insurpassable strength and skill. Moves frighteningly fast for a big man. Combat intuition is practically second to none.

Weaknesses: With the lack of talking and feelings, Alistair is essentially disconnected from society, and can be considered a sociopath by some. In addition, although Alistair received extensive training, he lacks experience in an actual fight setting.

Entrance Theme Music: Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Special Entrance (if any): As Nightmare begins to play, the fans feel themselves chilled to the bone as an... empty, horrifying bell begins to play as they go silent. About 35 seconds in though, black and white lights start flashing around the arena as the guitar riffs start to kick in. The fans know he's coming. Finally, about one minute in or so...


Alistair comes out staring daggers as the song just states, "Now your nightmare comes to life..."

Alistair walks down the ramp slowly, keeping that cool, calculated and methodical stare painted on at all times. Some of the fans boo, but most of them are in awe of the physical specimen known as Alistair Sørensen.

Alistair pauses once he gets to the bottom of the ramp, his death stare only intensifying. However, the faintest smile can be seen as...

"Oooooooo, it's your fuckin' nightmare!"

Alistair quickly rolls into the ring from there, and looks to get set to get this match underway.

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: 
-Punches and kicks
-Amateur-wrestling style takedowns
-Dragon Sleeper
-Fallaway Slam
-Diving Senton

Trademark Move: Killshot
Description: Black Mass

Trademark Move: Slutten På Veien
Description: Cross Rhodes

Finishing Move: Regicide
Description: Spear

Finishing Move: Death Grips
Description: Rear Naked Choke

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Wrapping a steel chain around his fist, he knocks out his opponent with a single blow.

Additional notes: 

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