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12-28-2017, 05:27 PM
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[b]LIVE!!!! From the Egg Dome in Tokyo!!!!

This is...

[Image: 1PQyORp.gif]

As the music plays on, the camera swirls throughout the arena, spiraling down to show the faces of the thousands in attendance in Tokyo!

The fans furiously chant "X-Dub-F! X-Dub-F!" and many of them have brought in signs to support their favorites or jeer their least favorites,many of them in broken English!




Finally as the pyro booms in the background, the camera settles on an X-tended announce booth, where both the Warfare and Savage announce teams sit. Pip Collins flashes a smile as he introduces the team.

Ladies and gentlemen we are live and on fire here in Tokyo Japan... a capacity crowd here in the Egg Dome, the Tokyo Dome, legendary wrestling headquarters of the Land of the Rising Sun! I'm Pip Collins along with Luca Arzegotti as always...


And tonight we welcome our counterparts from Savage as well! Audrey Dinklage and Brent Feetman, glad you could make the trip!

Glad to be here, Pip!

What an amazing show!

Indeed it is! And right now we... wait a minute...

Apparently we're kicking things of here with a visit from Taylor Mayde.

That's never good.

Oh give the young lady a chance to speak her piece.

Did she give your unit a few extra “shakes” when she did your physical?

She doesn't even do...ugh! Knock it off!

Taylor Mayde is in the ring, mic in hand. But she almost looks reluctant to say what she came out here to say.

We in the XWF's administration often have to make difficult calls for the good of the company and for the good of our performers. We had to do it when we were forced to remove and replace some of the War Games match participants when they didn't fulfill the promotional end of their contracts. And now we are forced to do it again.

Earlier this month The Engineer and Peter Gilmour participated in a C4 Deathmatch. At the end of the match, the ring exploded and The Engineer took the brunt of the shrapnel and burn wounds from the resulting explosion. We provided The Engineer the finest medical care available to treat his injuries, but it was clear he would not be able to participate in War Games. Nevertheless, he insisted he could, so we booked him against our better judgment. Since then however, it has become clear that The Engineer has been abusing opioid pain killers to cope with the injury. This country has seen the devastating effects the opioid crisis is having, and The Engineer is one of our top stars and we do not want any further harm to come to him. The Engineer refused my request to conduct a drug test earlier today.

So, we have come to the difficult decision to not allow The Engineer to participate in his War Games match later tonight.


Taylor just boned the Motherfuckers hard with this one. There's no way they can find a replacement in time!!

The Engineer's voice cuts through the arena like a knife. He appears at the top of the ramp with Madison Dyson in tow, and they both start approaching the ring.

You don't get to do this!

They get in the ring and Engy gets face to face with Taylor. Madison interjects.

Taylor, we will sue the SHIT out of you personally and....!

Shut up, Madison! Taylor, this is fucking bullshit and you know it. XWF booked me in that Deathmatch 3 weeks before a major pay per view and now you're punishing me for getting injured in it?! This is fucking politics and you know it! First you assholes bring in James Raven to call the match against us and now this? Fuckin' dirty pool!

Mr. Bright, I assure you this is not some kind of conspiracy. I take full responsibility for this call. No one else. I had nothing to do with bringing James Raven in. And the bottom line is YOU ARE NOT WELL. You need to take some time off and we will pay for any detox you may....

I don't need goddamn DETOX, I need the blood of Apex on my hands.

Taylor can't help but shudder a bit when he says that. Nevertheless, she stands her ground.

I'm sorry. The decision is made.

Engy locks eyes with Taylor, his jaw working like he's chewing up his own tongue with pure rage. Madison looks on nervously. Taylor gulps, taking a half step back from the champion.

Okay, everybody be cool....

Engy closes the distance with Taylor by taking a half step towards her now, eyes still locked with hers. He slowly raises his mic up to his mouth as he leers at her.

I accept your decision.

He drops the mic at Taylor's feet and even Madison looks a bit surprised at his restraint. The Engineer turns abruptly and walks from the ring with Madison just behind. Taylor breathes a sigh of relief.

That could have gone a lot worse for that young lady. But what a bombshell announcement. The Motherfuckers and Apex match has just been thrown into disarray.

That was insane, my nigga!

It definitely was! But we have to get this show on the road, the fans are frothing at the mouth for action! And we have a grudge match to get to!

- vs -
Rejects' Redemption!

Tig O'Bitties: Ladieeeessss annnnnnd gentlemennnnnn! It is now time to begin the XWF WAR GAMES!!!! To begin the evening, we have two men fighting for REDEMPTION after being removed from their respective War Games teams! Introducing first...

Tig O'Bitties: From Ottawa, Canada, weighing 225 pounds... HE... IS.... CHAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSMMMM!!!!!

Made Of Scars starts playing on the pa system as smoke fills the entrance way. Chasm walks out and looks around the area. He smiles and starts to walk down to the ring ignoring the fans who are mixed between boos and cheers . He slides under the bottom rope and quickly gets to his feet. Chasm starts to stretch as he waits for his opponent to make their way to the ring.

Tig O'Bitties: And his opponent...






The X-Tron explodes with the spoken words to the well-known intro, and the Japanese fans chant right along as the music begins...

Tig O'Bitties: Seven foot two! Three hundred thirty-five pounds!
He is the slughterhouse from Saskatoon.... GET READY FOR..... DRRREEEEZZZZZDDDIIIINNNN!!!!!!

The arena goes completely black for a moment, then the lights start to pulsate as the music starts to blare through the PA system. As soon as the pyro goes off the lights turn on, the people in the arena turn silent, the people are at awe and shock on how massive he is. He starts walking down the ramp, he yells out...IT'S GO TIME!, then he stops at the end of the ramp to take a deep breath. He approaches the ring, then he grabs the rope ring rope gets unto the ring aparon goes over the top rope then walks towards the middle of the ring. He raises his left hand as the pyro goes off.

We are all set for action!

- Suddenly the lights turn a mixture of gold and green throughout the arena as the crowd grows silent. Chasm and Dredin both look at each other shrugging their shoulders in confusion as they glance around the crowd. The big screen goes black to what looks like a dos screen. The words "Uploading File" start flashing in the top left of the big screen as if someone is hacking it. Suddenly the screen lights up as loud music sends sound waves vibrating across the arena as the following plays out. -

-The confusion grows as the camera pans the crowd frantically trying to make sense of it all. Then out of the left corner of the screen movement in the crowd grabs the attention of the cameraman as it swings to the left and zooms in on a giant Mexican towering over the crowd quickly clearing a path to the ring.-

What the hell is going on? I'm in just as much confusion as everyone else. Hold on I'm receiving some info now...... Uh huh.. yeah..... Ok.. I've been told the giant fella goes by the name Gieco and he is some type of partner with this Chris Clemens character. Just to keep everyone up to date. Chris Clemens has been harassing our main office trying to get on the XWF roster. At least that's my knowledge of the situation thus far. It seems they have hacked our big screen and he hasn't been signed by the XWF yet. He's not supposed to be here folks.

-They finally make their way through the thick crowd. Geico simply steps over the guardrail as if it was a street curb. Chris Clemens and Gloria Gold follow him over as Chasm and Drezdin now stand side by side looking down from the ring. Geico quickly rolls under the ropes and stands up showing how big the 7 foot monster actually is.-

[Image: YTSNBHC.jpg]

- Chasm and Drezdin look at each other and then back at the giant just before launching an onslaught of fists on the behemoth. Geico just stands there taking the punches like insects hitting a window. He suddenly grabs both Chasm and Drezdin by the throats and... -


Drezdin is out cold but Chasm used the momentum of bouncing off the mat to roll back up to his feet. Chris Clemens with his quick speed was already behind the dazed Chasm grabbing him into a torture rack position!

HOLY SHIT REVERSE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!! Chasm just got destroyed!! That was The Impossible!!

The crowd is going nuts!! Boos and chants are mixed throughout the crowd!! Gloria Gold joins Geico and Clemens in the ring. She hands Clemens a mic. He smiles just before saying..

Chris Clemens - I saved money on my wrestling insurance by switching to Geico...

Some of the crowd erupts in laughter along with Chris Clemens who really thinks he's overly funny.

Chris Clemens - I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. I asked the XWF nicely to put me on the roster. I went through every legal and fair option I could find but that just wasn't enough for "King" Vincent. So I decided to take matters into my own hands like I said I would. I'm a man of my word. So, after me and my friend, Geico drag these two turds out to the dumpster I expect a god damn phone call. I mean look at these guys! These two shmucks get some air time on a PPV but I'm left in the dark? (makes stupid face) I don't think so... I didn't go from rags to riches just to be treated like a shit sandwich. I have a gold medal. I am a god damn legend and I, Chris Clemens, am here to stay whether you like it or not and stopping that is well, (cracks a smile) IMPOSSIBLE.... And one more thi.........

Security comes running down the entrance ramp as Chris Clemens, Geico, and Gloria Gold bail out of the ring and back into the crowd. Some crowd members try to slow them down while others help them. Security frantically tries to catch them but it's too late. They disappear into the sea of fans as this logo appears on the big screen.

[Image: yGyodes.jpg]

Everyone clears away from the scene of the devastation, when suddenly referee Chaz Bobo seemingly gets a wild hair up his ass while looking at the two downed pro wrestlers in the ring. Chaz gets excited, then leaps on top of Drezdin, counting a pin for himself!




Bobo then rolls over to Chasm and repeats the process!




Chaz Bobo is declaring himself an undefeated 2-0 performer in the XWF! But wait! Look at ringside!


Tig rolls into the ring and clobbers Bobo, who collapses to the mat like a sack of garbage. She crawls on top of him and drops his own limp hand on the mat!




Tig O'Bitties just ended Chaz Bobo's undefeated streak! The action truly does NOT ever slow down!

Take it easy, Audrey, she isn't even as sexy as you are in those red shoes of yours...

Gross, Brent. We've talked about this, okay?

As a replacement referee, Lawanda Sass, rushes down to ringside, Tig bails and leaves the area. As Sass gets into the ring and checks on Bobo, both Chasm and Drezdin begin to stir.

Drezdin gets to his feet, woozy, and staggers toward the equally disoriented Chasm... but Chasm was playing possum! Chasm ducks under Drezdin's arm and lifts the big man onto his shoulders, then spins him down face first!

The Rift! Chasm nailed it!

Good thing you told me what that was, Pip, I've literally never seen Chasm's finisher before!

Lawanda Sass is right there to make a count as Chasm covers the unconscious Drezdin!




Winner by Pinfall - Chasm

That was REALLY GOOD for a Chasm match!

We can thank Chris Clemens and Impossible Inc. for that!!

Well we have already seen some intensity here in Tokyo, and things are just getting started... Luca are you ready for the first Survivor Series match of the evening?

You know it, man, it says so right there on the cue card.

R... right. Yes. At any rate, this next match is sure to be a barn burner, as there are major stars on both sides of the ring!

Remember Pip, the survivors here will go on to the main event to face the remaining winners of the next two matches as well! They may have an advantage by going first and getting some extra rest!

My... my god, Brent! That was actually thoughtful and relevant!

Thanks Audrey! Lemme suck them little piggies...

God damn it.

In the ring, Tig O’Bitties has returned, now wearing a low-cut “I Ended the Streak” tee shirt showing off her ample assets... and next to her stands the XWF Universal Champion, Robbie Bourbon! In a Santa hat!

Tig O'Bitties: Ladies and gentlemen, Universal Champion Robbie Bourbon wanted me to make a special announcement on his behalf tonight.

Robbie hands Tig a card, which the buxom woman reads aloud.

Tig O'Bitties: In the spirit of Christmas, Jolly Robbie wants to make sure everyone in the audience gets a gift under the tree ... and so, by the power vested in me, Robert Jiggletits Bourbon VII, as well as a loophole in the XWF expenditure account that opens an unlimited line of credit to the reigning Universal Champion... EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE GETS A GIFT!!!!

[Image: giphy.gif]




[Image: hnGNH.gif]

Suddenly the lights in the arena begin to flicker before finally going out completely!

Robbie Bourbon still in the ring holding his title.

Suddenly the Xtron begins to glow faintly as the sounds of distant thunder begin echoing through the arena.

Without warning a crash of lightning illuminates the arena momentarily!

The moment of light reveals a Universal Champion standing ready on the defensive in the middle of the ring.

Howdy, friend! You can relax a little, sweetheart, it's not quite time for me to walk all up and down that ass. Though, I will say, that time is quickly approaching. You see, Robbie, I respect you. You're a top competitor and you've earned all that you have. You're currently the face of this company, but let's be honest, that's only because I've been on a hiatus, so to speak. Before I left I was the embodiment of this company. A force to be reckoned with, a top competitor like yourself. I was everything any one man could ever want. And now, I'm back, baby. I'm here to tell you your 15 minutes of fame are up, big man. I've beaten everyone else, and I've held the rest of the titles, except for yours, Robbie. Coincidentally, I've not beaten you either. So for me it's a win win type situation. With that said, I want my shot. I want the shot I should have had a long time ago. I don't want it tomorrow, naw. That wouldn't be fair to the rest of the hard working sons of bitches in the back. I'll earn it the same way I earned everything else. That way, when I beat you and take the title, you'll have no choice but to shake my hand and concede that I am in fact the best this company will ever have to offer. So you keep on winning, and you hold on to that title. When the time is right, you're going to know exactly why they call me the Essence Of Excellence.

The lights quickly come back on.

The camera focused on the entrance ramp.

In the middle of the ramp a lone, white, cowboy hat…

The lights go out once more!

Oh, by the way. Full disclosure, totally not proud of this. But, I definitely lied to you about being able to relax.

Suddenly a commotion can be heard in or around the ring!

With the arena pitch black the crowd holds silent as they wait for the lights to come back on.

Suddenly a purple spotlight descends upon the ring to reveal Bourbon flat on his back and none other than Michael Graves standing directly over top of the champion laughing..

Sorry Champ, it ain't personal. Well, okay, I lied. It's totally personal. Anyways, Gravy and I just wanted to say hi. Like I said, you make sure and hold on to that belt. It won't be nearly as fun to take it from some other asshole. Come now, Gravy. It’s time we take back all that we deserve, and reclaim our reign as the..

Masters Of Mediocrity.

[Image: aJrJfEs.png]


Peter Gilmour
Neville Sinclair
Jenny Myst
Robbie Bourbon

- vs -


Phantom Panzer
Micheal Graves
Finn Kuhn

Well, at least the bees are gone...

Tig O'Bitties: The following match is scheduled for FULL ELIMINATION of the opposing team with NO TIME LIMIT! Introducing the first team...

Tig: At a combined weight of 875 pooooounds...the XWF Bombshell Champion JENNY MYST, the XWF Television Champion NEVILLE SINCLAIR, the X.W.F. UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROBBIE BOURBON...and team captain THE GOD OF XTREME...PETER...FUCKING...GILMOOOOOUR...........TEAM..............X--------------TREEEEEEEEME!!

Jesus, Tig's gonna pop one o' dem bitties screaming like that.

Perish the thought, Luca.

Fuck off, B-team's A-announcer.


Hey Audrey? Hi, Brent, your boss? You miss that A-announcer part?

Oh blow it out your ass, Feet.

And we are off to a fantastic start for this match... S I G H.

Led by Gilly, Team Xtreme makes their way down the ramp to raucous ovation, eventually entering the massive War Games cage and taking their pick of the rightside ring.

Tig: And their opponents...

Tig: At a combined weight of 940 pooooounds-

No fucking way! How does a team WITHOUT Robbie Bourbon outweigh a team WITH Robbie Bourbon!?

Jenny Myst.
Jenny Myst.
Jenny Myst.


Finn Kühn is the first to make his exit through the curtains.

Pansiiiiiiies DOUBLOOOOONS!

Ha! Spazzyyyyyy's PANTALOOOONS!

Jammiiiiiiiiiies MACAROOOONS!

Good GOD, can not a ONE of you show respect for the Tank?

I'll let that go once, Pip. Just once. That's it.

That WAS a bit much. You're right, Pip, I apologize.

Pip looks to Audrey in surprise. She levels him with a smile.

Meanwhile, Finn shrugs, still alone on the stage, then makes his way down to the cage, enters, and rolls into the left side ring. Team Xtreme points and laughs.

Simultaneously in poofs of purple, blue and black smoke, Graves, Panzer and Doc appear alongside Finn outta nowhere. Finn grins. Team Xtreme stops laughing.


And we are underway for, MY first War Games match!

Hey, me too!

Brent and Luca exchange looks.

Immediately the teams begin goading eachother, slinging mud and in Panzer's case, literal cream pies composed of cosmic turds collected from 12 intergalactic species just this morning. So they're _fresh_ space shit pies. Mika actually ABANDONS the ring to take cover!

Gilly yells, "FUCK THIS! COME ON TEAM XTREME!" and leads by example, charging the middle set of ropes and taking a few alien poo pies in the process.

When Doc, Graves, Panzer and Finn immediately lay the beat down on poor Gilly as he steps through the ropes, Jenny, Neville and Robbie sigh before rushing to enter the fray.

Myst, the quickest, catapults over the set of middle ropes with a springboard plancha smack into the gang beat down, Finn stumbling to the side. Neville arrives second, immediately laying the fists to Graves remembering the zombie apoclaypse he faced during his TV titlr match with the aforementioned and having a bone to pick. Graves, who has no idea why Neville is so adamant at squaring off with him, takes several blows abandoning the Gilly stomping to spin and pepper Neville back with his own punches. Robbie, last but certainly not least, steps through the ropes and bellows "HEY!!", pulling Doc and Panzer's attention away from Gilly and Myst who now rolls away to receive ground kicking from Finn Kühn. Doc and Panzer look to Robbie as if to say WHAT? Robbie shrugs, "It's fucking Peter Gilmour for christsake." then charges in with a double clothesline! The Doc POOFS away! Panzer however takes Robbie's right arm to the throat and drops to his back. A thousand blue spiders with clown paint scatter where he once lie. Robbie begins stomping away.

Is this...supposed to be bedlam?

It is NOT in fact, this is scheduled for elimination TAG! Where's Mika!?

Where the hell did Doc go?

Right there, dummy.

Doc reappears atop a turnbuckle, perfect balance, looking down upon Panzer's magic and yawning. Meanwhile, the Panzer spiders, the majority unsquashed, begin ascending Robbie's legs. Robbie doesn't like this. Robbie yelps, slapping away at them.

Finn meanwhile forces Myst to her feet for a clean snap ddt.

Graves and Neville continue their fist fighting, toppling over the middle ring ropes in the process.

Doc POOFS out to a lucky fan, poses demonically for a snap, then POOFS back into the ring, commanding a stop to the action.

"Gentlemen. GENTLEMEN including Jenny Myst... IF you please. To your respective sides. Miss Hunt, you may come out now."

Like scolded dogs, Team Xtreme heads off to the far right side apron and the Dragoons step out to their far right side apron as the Panzer spiders combine to reform into the clown itself.

Panzer is PISSED. He stomps into the left ring as Gilly steps up, pointing over Peter's shoulder to Robbie and screaming, "YOU STOMPED ON THE SPIDERS THAT WERE MY BALLS, FAGGOT!!"

Robbie checks the underside of his boots. Panzer snaps his fingers, summoning balls magically, then looks to Gilly who smacks the SHIT outta PP!

Ok, NOW we're underway!

PP's head spins impossibly around on its neck like a top then suddenly stops, a wicked toothy grin eliciting an "AH!!" from Peter. Peter immediately reacts with a kick to the gut and a snap suplex before dashing for a TAG!

ROBBIE takes the tag to the pec, sighs, and enters. Panzer has already popped back up but he merely flips Robbie off then journeys aaaaaall the way over to his team's side to tag in-

Finn Kühn now the legal man.

Finn doesn't care, he wants some action, so he gets some, dashing, leaping over into the other ring and rolling to rise on one knee. Robbie gives him an impressed look before charging in.

Finn catches him with a surprise forward SOMERSAULT KICK to the face that sends Bourbon backpedaling in shock! He charges in again, Finn, unsure, swings an arm but Robbie ducks and catches Finn around the waist as he turns with the momentum to raise him up for an atomic drop. Bourbon then drops a leg across Finn's throat and makes a cover.

Mika doesn't even drop to count before Finn raises an arm and Robbie rises, pulling the Young Lion up with him. He sends him to the ropes-

-back body drop! Finn rolls away and rises as Robbie continues with the pressure, closing in. Finn nails him in the belly with a headbutt, a rising knee to the doubled over Robbie's face then grabs an arm and whips Bourbon-

-Bourbon reverses the whip easily, putting on the brakes, and aims a clothesline at Finn off the rebound which Finn deftly avoids. Finn STEPS UP the ropes behind Robbie and executes a springboard moonsault!!



This can't be good!

Robbie with a jumping piledriver!!!!! He hooks the leg..


Graves and Panzer run in-


Finn with an arm up right before his cohorts arrive!! Mika orders them out.

Mighty impressive there. We may not be far into the match at all but a move like that from Robbie Bourbon can end the match, perhaps the career, for any man or woman.


Robbie rises, pulling Finn up by the hair, places Finn's head between his thighs and-

-Finn counters! "Pulling out" as it were to rise and hit Robbie with a flurry of punches. He manages to stagger the big man back! Finn hops for a drop kick-

-it lands and Robbie stumbles into the ropes then suddenly rebounds forward with a monstrous lariat! Finn slides forward ducking the lariat and catches Robbie turning around with a second SOMERSAULT KICK to Bourbon's face, this time bloodying his nose! Robbie swings in anger, Finn ducks, lands a gut jab with the right. Robbie swings again, Finn sidesteps and ducks in with a left elbow to Robbie's groin!!

Some interesting moves from Finn Kühn tonight!

Robbie groans, Finn delivers a SCOOP SLAM! He forces Bourbon up by the mask, the big man clutching at his own nuts in pain-

-HUGE SUPLEX on Bourbon!

Some impressive displays of strength as well, Pip!

Very true, Audrey.

Pip again looks to Audrey in confusion over her support. She simply smiles, eyes remaining on the in-ring action.

Finn again forces Robbie up and ROBBIE RESPONDS WITH A HARD HEADBUTT STUNNING FINN!! He kicks to the gut, forces Finn's head down-

-RUNNING ROBBIEBOMB!!!!! ROBBIE SLAMS FINN TO THE MAT NEAREST THE MIDDLE ROPES!! With much savvy, before he pins, he looks to the nearby Dragoons, Graves and Panzer specifically, looking to run in and break it up. So Robbie drags Finn over to his corner and hooks the leg.


Graves and Panzer rush in. Doc yawns.


Gilly, Jenny and Neville enter-

-a 3 on 2 commences!!


Finn Kühn has been eliminated

First elimination of the match and now Team Xtreme has a definite numbers advantage...

Well no shit, Pip.

Easy Luca, he's doing his job. And well I might add.

Audrey winks at Pip. He blushes, pulling at the collar of his dress shirt.

Mika randomly picks Graves to bully back over to the middle ropes and exit the ring, making Panzer the legal man for his team. Robbie tags in Neville.

Neville and Panzer, abandoning the magic for the moment, lock up and Panzer ends up gaining control with a knee, then twists Neville's right arm around behind his back by the wrist. Neville counters with a back elbow, then a second which Panzer ducks. Sinclair takes the opportunity to spin back around and nail Panzer in the head with a forearm. A second forearm!! A THIRD!! He whips Panzer to the ropes-

-Panzer executes an M. Bison flaming corkscrew on the rebound!!

Holy shit!

Neville's eyes widen in shock, he rolls away to avoid the display of terrifying galactic Clown abilities and Panzer snuffs out, alighting on his feet with a smirk. Mika lectures, "Knock it the fuck off seltzer nuts or I'll DQ your ass!"

Panzer responds, "Keep it up, Mika, I'll take you in the back and tan that juicy ass wit' 12 inches of cosmic clown cock!" Then turns to regard Neville who happens to be running him down for a HUGE YAKUZA KICK TO THE PAINTED FACE!!

PANZER FLIPS OVER BACKWARDS FLAT ON HIS FACE!! Panzer slowly rises, hurt, to all fours-





Jenny, Robbie and Gilly battle Graves easily back out of the leftmost ring over the ropes and head back to their apron. Panzer wobbly rises-



A second hook of the leg!!


Jenny, Robbie and Gilly turn and rush the pin for a block as Graves spins yelling "FUCK!"





Hitting Neville with a splash a second too late!!

Phantom Panzer has been eliminated

Well how do you like that? Now it's just 2/3 of the Dragoons without a team captain! 2 on 4!

Bah...I'll take Graves and Doc over Team Xtreme in whole any day.

While Doc may be a living legend of the XWF and Graves is indeed a talent to be reckoned with, a legend in his own right, statistically speaking-

-you talk too damn much for a midget, Pip. You people are like children, best seen- well, preferably NOT seen AND not heard.

That was completely inappropriate as well as illegal Mr. Arzegotti, discrimination is defined by many forms. I suggest you apologize to Mr. Collins before you see possible legal repercu-

Alright, alright! Eaaaaasy there Judge Snooty! ......Sorry Pip. FUCK you Pip. Best you're gonna get.

Pip turns to Audrey with eyes wide, Audrey meets his gaze with stars in her own.

Back in the cage, Graves commands legal man and immediately attacks Neville, hammering him on the back of the head with a double axehandle that sends Neville stumbling forward towards his team's apron to rebound off backward-

- right into Graves waiting grasp for a SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX INTO A BRIDGE PIN!!


Neville kicks out. Graves rises first and puts his fists up in challenge...Neville raises his own-

-before smartly dashing around Graves and leaping for the tag to-

-Robbie Bourbon re-enters the battlefield, strolling up to Graves unafraid-

-Graves closes the distance much quicker, incredibly confident, to stand face to face with Bourbon.

The two offer each other some inaudible cutting jibes before Graves slaps Robbie across the mask. Robbie responds with his own. Graves retorts. Robbie retorts. Neither man flinches, neither man breaks his stare!

Graves slaps WICKED HARD! Robbie tweaks Graves' nose and laughs! Graves punches Robbie in the THROAT!!

Robbie raises a hand to his throat, coughing, gagging, as Graves grabs him around the waist-

-BELLY TO BELLY ON BOURBON!! Graves stands and begins laying the boots to the big guy, stomping away in anger!! Jenny of all people suddenly darts over to a turnbuckle, leaps atop and executes a beautiful tornado drop kick, sending Graves stumbling back a few paces before she lands beside Robbie who begins rising.

Graves is already on that shit, charging in and snatching Jenny up as she rises, throwing her over his shoulder and TOSSING HER OUT OF THE RING!! JENNY SLAMS INTO THE CAGE AND DROPS TO RINGSIDE!!

HAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAAAAAAW!! Hey I Am Audrey Hear Me Roar, how'd you like DEM ap- Huh? Where's Audrey?

Where's Pip?

Both Audrey and Pip's chairs at the B commentator's table are empty.

Back in the ring, Robbie catches Graves from behind with a hammer fist to the back of the neck. Graves spins and like an animal lays a right left right combo to Bourbon's ribs, a right left right to the head, staggering him back, then whips Robbie to the middle ropes-

-following behind to clothesline the big man over on the rebound!! Robbie flips over the first set of ropes but doesn't clear the rightmost ring set and tumbles onto his head between them, legs up in the air!! Graves steps over, steps through the ropes into the Dragoon's ring and grabs Robbie by the ankles, attempting to use leverage to somehow pull Robbie into his ring. Robbie kicks free, allowing himself to fall over sideways. He begins to push himself up-

-as Graves returns off a rebound running his rings ropes for a baseball slide to Robbie's midsection!! He forces Bourbon to his feet-


Graves rises, walks calmly over to Doc and tags him in. Doc yawns for the third time and steps through the ropes into battle.

Robbie rises, shaking the cobwebs free of his head, to see Doc standing there before him smiling pleasantly.

Hello, my friend!


Doc hooks the leg!!


Gilly, Myst and Neville rush the middle ropes as Graves enters, barreling towards them to deflect!




Robbie Bourbon has been eliminated

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about, THERE YOU GO BOYS!!

Where's Pip to see this defiance in the face of statistics, hey Mr. Arzegotti?

Probably ballin' Audrey under the ta- He pauses in mid revelation. Brent gapes. don't think-?

I ain't lookin'.

That makes two of us.

The Doc then POOFS away, reappearing beside Graves on the apron to tag him back in. Graves laughs, steps through the ropes and heads for the middle ropes.

Neville enters for Team Xtreme.

The two meet on opposite sides of their middle rope sets.

"Come 'ere bitch. You want me? Come get me," Graves spits out.

Neville looks to the fans, back to Graves who takes a few steps back, hands up innocently...then steps through his ropes and into the rightmost ring-


Graves sets upon Neville halfway through the ropes like a rabid dog, pounding away with his forearms until Neville collapses and flips over the mid rope into the ring. Graves forces him up, whips him to the ropes-




Doc remains on the apron, unconcerned with winning a match for Phantom Panzer of all people, while Gilly and Jenny enter to rush the second ring!


Kick out!! Jenny and Gilly find they need not aid Neville as the XWF's Higher Educator kicks out just fine. Neville is in bad shape however, Graves signature move taking a toll. And speaking of Graves...

He pulls Neville up for a few body shots to the ribs as he did with Robbie before flinging Neville around for a hard whip to the hard camera left turnbuckle near the two ring separation. He follows up with a running corner body splash!! Graves turns right around, jogging to the back right corner and charges in gutsily for a SECOND CORNER BODY SPLASH!! Neville nearly crumbles to the mat.


Oh. Fucking. A. My. Nigga. GET HIM GRAVES!!


Get off deez nuts, Feet.





Some BULLshit!!







Neville can't believe it, rising and looking down upon Graves like he smells something STANK. Graves eyes open and he sits up erect, his head turning to Neville. Neville runs the ropes behind and drop kicks off the rebound!!

Graves rolls aside to his feet easily avoiding it catching Neville with a diving lariat to drop him back down as he rises!! Graves rises at half speed, pulling Neville up along with him... He nails Sinclair with two jabs to the face, kicks him in the pelvic region then shoves his head between his legs-

- Graves lifts him for-

Yeah my nig, YEAH, GET 'IM!

















Micheal Graves has been eliminated

Gee, I uh...I'm sorry Luca-


Doc looks to Neville from the apron and sighs. "SIGH...If I must, I must." Then he steps through the ropes, POOFING halfway through to reappear an inch from Neville-


But Doc doesn't cover!! He merely stands there looking down upon Neville who eventually comes to and rolls away at the sight of Doc towering over his prone form.

Neville scrambles to the middle set of ropes, through, and into the Team Xtreme ring, making a mad dash for-


She looks to him, open-jawed, incredulous. Neville gestures to Doc then shouts, "You two haven't done a bloody damn thing! GET in there!"

Get your dick and balls in there Myst!

Jenny steps between the ropes then cautiously walks over to the middle set. Doc steps forward to hold open his ring's middle set politely. Jenny looks dubiously to the fans, several fans egging her on to do it.

Eyes full of fear, Jenny steps through the middle set and-

-Doc allows her entry into his ring!!

Jenny is taken aback, extends her hand in respect, THEN SLAPS DOC ACROSS THE FACE!!


As with Neville, Doc stands there unimpressed, gazing upon his victim, cocking his head to the left and right side like Michael fucking Myers...




Doc stifles a laugh as Gilly enters the ring, strides over unconcerned to the middle set of ropes, steps through then enters Doc's ring.

Two outs...BAAAATTER UP!!

Gilly meets Doc eye to eye, Doc looks as if he might break out into hysterics...

...Gilly looks down...

...Doc looks down with an "oh? Something to show me?" patronizing expression...







The arena has fallen completely silent...Mika looks to Gilly, shrugs, and begins her count.










No fucking way.


Doc D'Ville has been counted out

Survivors: Peter Gilmour, Jenny Myst, Neville Sinclair

The fans erupt.

What a TREMENDOUS match!

The best and, ironically, BIGGEST ever!

Luca and Brent look to Pip and Audrey, suddenly back in their seats, Pip's hair askew,
Audrey's sparkles with either donut glaze or dwarf jizz.

Now let's never speak of this again.

[Image: aJrJfEs.png]


James Raven
Chris Chaos
Michael McBride

- vs -


Grande Ricardo
Danny Imperial
Erik Black
R.L. Edgar

What an incredible night it has been thus far here in Tokyo Japan! Luca, what do you think of that last match, and what it means for our main event?

Maaaaaaaaan, GillyDaGod.

Right. Okay, good. I’ve been informed however, that this next elimination match will NOT be underneath the cage, as the structure needs to be checked and repaired after the damage it experienced in that match... so the Dragons Pals and the Unknown Soldiers will have a standard elimination match!

I think it’s for the best, Pip, we have to keep things fresh, the entire show doesn’t need to be inside the steel cage!

Maybe not, Audrey, but that’s what the performers were prepared for... last minute changes are never good for the wrestlers!

Tig O’Bitties: The following match is a SURVIVOR SERIES match! Each team consisting of fourmembers will act as traditional tag teams, eliminating one another one member at a time under normal rules, until one team is ENTIRELY ELIMINATED! The survivors will go on to tonight’s MAIN EVENT!!! Introducing first...

From behind the curtain, former Universal, Tag, X-Treme, and Retarded Champion Scully walks out wearing a glittering Union Jack flag and spinning in place before heading to the ring.

Another former X-Treme and Tag Team Champion, fan favorite and Peter Gilmour best buddy Michael McBride walks onto the rampway with an Irish flag in his hands, which he waves back and forth with exuberance as the fans cheer.

McBride heads to the ring and snickers at Scully’s cape as he hands over his flag to an attendant.

The crowd explodes as former Universal Champion and current Tag Tam Champion, one half of the winners from Doc D’Ville’s epic Shove It Where The Sun Don’t Shine, Chris Chaos walks out onto the ramp banging his head to the music.

Chaos races to the ring and slides in under the bottom rope, holding his tag team belt over his head as his teammates look on.

And finally...

The Japanese fans all leave their seats as the opening strands of Linkin Park’s “classic” song fill the arena. When the lights go down and then come back up, they show the XWF original, the one and only legendary James Raven standing with his head down on the rampway.

Raven crosses his chest and points at the black armband reading #PrayForAidan in block letters, then heads to the ring soaking in the raucous applause from the crowd.

Well Luca, it sure looks like the fans are getting their money’s worth early! Big returns here tonight!

Yeah, I ain’t seen Scully or McBreezy for a minute!

Uh... right, but Jams Raven is a living legend while still under the age of thirty!

My question is how will Raven and Scully’s late addition to their teams affect their chemistry and game plan?

Great point Audrey! They didn’t get much time to get on the same page, and they don’t historically all get along either! Remember, it was Chris Chaos that injured James Raven during his return to XWF action!

GUYS! Tig is in the ring and she’s wearing heels!

Tig O’Bitties: Representing the Unknown Soldiers... Michael McBride! Scully! XWF Tag Team Champion Chris MF Chaos! And the one... the only... JAMES... RRRRAAAAVVVEEENNNN!!!!!!

The crowd goes ballistic once again as the Soldiers meet in the center of the ring momentarily, discussing their plan. Eventually they all head into their corner and stand on the apron.

Tig O’Bitties: And their opponents...

From the back, all four members of the Dragon Pals walks out onto the ramp in unison, all wearing matching bearded dragon tee shirts. Grande Ricardo, Danny Imperial, Erik Black, and R.L. Edgar stand shoulder to shoulder as their entrance theme plays, then walk to the ring as one.

WOW! How about this display of unity, Luca?

They really are Dragon Pals!

Tig O’Bitties: Consisting of FOUR CO-CAPTAINS... Erik Black! R.L. Edgar! Danny Imperial! Grande Ricardo! They are... THEEEEEE DRAGON PAAAAAALLLSSSSS!!!!

The Pals climb into the ring and have a pep talk in the center of the ring before exchanging high tens and heading to their corner. Grande Ricardo insists on not starting the match, allowing the other members to decide who goes first.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, James Raven leans in to enter the ring, but is grabbed and stopped by Chris Chaos. The two bicker for a second before Michael McBride jumps into the ring himself and heads to the center.

A little early discord on the Soldiers team. Meanwhile, the Dragon Pals... a team of actual jerks... is acting like a family!

Erik Black finally gets the nod to start for his team, and he meets McBride in the middle of the ring.


There’s the bell!

Thanks, Brent, we all heard it...

Black and McBride lock up and McBride gains a little advantage by immediately stomping on Black’s foot and twisting his arm in an arm wringer. Black makes the ropes though, and referee Richard Wang starts a five count forcing McBride to break.

Important to note that traditional rules apply here! Team members can be pinned, submitted, counted out... and disqualified!


Black walks back to the center of the ring where McBride is still arguing with Wang. Without warning, Black rears back and slaps McBride across the face, knocking the Irishman to one knee!

McBride quickly jumps back up though and shoves Black backward hard into the ropes. McBride run back into the opposite ropes as well and the two men meet in the middle with matching shoulder blocks... and neither man budges an inch! The two men look each other up and down and then run to the perpendicular ropes with the same idea again, but this time McBride instead drops onto his belly and Erik Black has to high step over him as h bounces the ropes a second time. McBride stands and goes for a leap frog as Black rushes back to the middle of the ring, but Black catches him in midair! Black with a spinebuster!

Erik Black takes a second to mug for the crowd but it gives McBride enough time to regain his wits and take down the former TV Champ with a basement dropkick to the knee when he turns back around. Black drops to his other knee and McBride takes advantage with a snap DDT, then does some mugging of his own.

These two are off to a hot start, and both men are looking to win a popularity contest as well as the match itself!

McBride gets too close to his own corner, however, and Scully tags himself in! The man from Birmingham enters the ring with a chuckle at the Irishman’s expense and heads straight over to Black who is recovering. Scully grabs him by the head and starts hitting some lazy knees to the head and body, keeping Black on the defensive. Scully then wraps Black’s arm down between his own legs and sets up a pumphandle suplex, but Black throws a knee of his own up into the Brit’s face, getting himself free. Black takes advantage of the stunned Scully and grabs his neck in a Muay Thai clinch, throwing vicious right and left knees that Scully struggles to block. Scully manages to stumble backward into a corner and get a hand on the second rope, forcing a break.

As Black backs away, Scully charges out of the corner and takes him down with a spear! Scully lands on top of Black and starts dropping heavy hammer fists onto him, not noticing Black’s legs creeping up around his shoulders... until he gets trapped in a deep triangle choke! Scully squirms and flops around trying to loose himself, but Black has the hold sunk in deep!


Michael McBride with a springboard elbow from his home corner breaks the hold for his partner! Richard Wang admonishes McBride as Black roll away clutching his sternum, having not seen that move coming whatsoever.

Michael McBride here demonstrating why he and Gilmour are such a great tag team – McBride understands teamwork in a way that Scully could stand to learn!

Yo, Scully is a former tag team champion himself, Pip, check yourself.

Erik Black rolls to his corner and tags in R. L. Edgar as McBride leaves the ring. Scully actually turns to McBride and starts yammering at hi about minding his own business, shouting that he had everything under control, and Edgar grabs him from behind and hits a lightning quick backstabber! Scully’s shoulders are down and Edgar hooks a leg!



Scully with a last second kickout!

Edgar checks with Wang, making sure it was only a two count. He then gets up just as Scully too is regaining his vertical base, and the two go toe to toe with hard right hands. When Edgar’s fist hits Scully, the crowd shouts


Then when Scully follows up, the crowd hollers






Scully stops and turns to the audience, seemingly confused. He walks to the ropes and yells out at them.

Are you saying “BOO?” Or are you saying “Scoo?” Like “Scoo-ully?”


Scully is incensed by the crowd’s reply and turns back around right into a series of rights from R.L. Edgar!





The final punch, a wind-up haymaker, sends Scully flying onto the canvas. Scully retreats into a corner and begs off as Edgar approaches, but then thinks quickly and grabs the front waistband of Edgar’s trunks, yanking him forward face first into the turnbuckles! Edgar is stunned, and Scully spins around him, hooking an arm between his legs and rolling Edgar up with a pin!




NO! Richard Wang sees Scully’s feet up on the bottom rope and waves off the pin! Scully is fuming as Wang scolds him for the illegal move, and Edgar once again takes full advantage of the distraction by leaping behind Scully with a high knee to the middle of his back! Scully is thrown headfirst into the Dragon Pals’ corner, where he comes face to face with the team mascot, Mike, the bearded dragon, who is tied to the top rope via a tiny leash.

Scully recovers quickly enough, but Edgar is right on top of him with a splash into the corner, and then he grabs Scully’s hand and whips him hard across the ring into his OWN corner, with a ring rattling impact!

Scully hit hard into his team’s corner, but I don’t think R.L. Edgar noticed that Chris Chaos just made a blind tag!

I think you’re right, Pip, Edgar is still focusing on Scully!

R.L. Edgar moves to follow Scully as the Brit collapses sideways, leaning against the bottom rope, but Chris Chaos rushes into the ring and absolutely folds Edgar in half with a high impact spear! Edgar never saw it coming, and Chaos leaps back to his feet with a smile on his face, grabbing Edgar up by the hair and waistband, then pulling him up onto his shoulders and driving him headfirst into the canvas with an Equalizer DDT! Chaos slides into a lateral press!




R.L. Edgar has been eliminated

We have our first elimination of the match and I have to say, I’m surprised it goes to a Dragon Pal! They seemed to have the advantage this whole match!

Chris Chaos is a wrecking machine, Pip, him getting in the ring makes all the difference!

Edgar is removed from the ringside area and Chris Chaos waits while Erik Black re-enters the match. Black meets Chaos right in the center of the ring and wastes no time throwing hard leg kicks right into Chaos’ upper thigh, causing the tag champion to limp and adjust his stance, trying to absorb the punishment. Finally, one of Black’s kicks lands flush on the hamstring and Chaos drops to one knee. Black hits the ropes and bounces off hoping to hit a big move, but he runs face first into a high angle dropkick from Chaos!

Chaos uses the fact that Black is down to get back to his corner with noticeable difficulty, favoring his leg, and he tags McBride back in. Michael McBride goes right to the downed Erik Black and starts hammering him with hard punches to the temple and forehead. Black covers up but can’t stop every blow from getting through, and a big mouse starts to form over his right eye. Finally, McBride sizes him up and measures him, slicing a razor elbow shot right across Black’s hairline, splitting him open!

Erik Black is busted open ladies and gentlemen! He’s going to have a hard time seeing what’s going on around him now!

McBride sees the blood and knows he has the upper hand. He twists Black’s arm and pulls him back into the Soldiers’ corner, reaching back for a tag... which he gets from Scully! Scully climbs the ropes and comes off the top with a big double ax handle onto the twisted arm of Erik Black, who drops to the mat clutching at the damaged limb.

Scully keeps pouring it onto to Erik Black, stomping and kicking away at him, getting a little of the heat back from the earlier exchange. Scully hits the ropes and charges at Black with a big lariat, but Erik Black ducks under. Scully keeps it going and hits the opposite ropes where a knee to the back from Danny Imperial outside the ring stops him dead in his tracks, clutching at his spine! Scully wails in pain and staggers out from the ropes... right into a huge spinning roundhouse kick from Black!

Fade to Black! He hit it flush!

Scully falls to the mat and Black quickly pounces on him with a cover.




Scully has been eliminated

Erik Black has just pinned a former Universal Champion clean in the ring!

He had a little help from Imperial!

Michael McBride immediately gets back in the ring and rushes Black, once again hammering the newcomer with hard rights and lefts. Black’s eye continues to swell, but he holds his own, throwing stiff body shots to the ribs of the Irish brawler.

McBride has no choice but to cover up, and Erik Black drills a hard punch right between the eyes of McBride, staggering him backward into the ropes. As McBride comes off again, he throws a wild clothesline that Black ducks, causing McBride to spin around in a 180. Black takes advantage and wraps his arms around McBride’s head in a sleeper hold!

McBride needs to hurry and get out of this, that sleeper is tight!

Erik Black can’t possibly hold it long enough to put McBride down, he’s lost too much juice!

You may be right, Luca, Erik Black is struggling to hold McBride still!

McBride keeps himself moving in a semicircle, trying to create some space between his carotid artery and Black’s arm... eventually he takes a running start towards a corner and walks up the turnbuckles, back flipping over Black and using Black’s own grip to hold him in a pin!



Black with a shoulder up!

Erik Black I fatigued, but he manages to block a left hand from McBride and fire back with a right. McBride muscles his way inside of Black’s range and grabs a waistlock, then slips a go behind. Standing switch from Erik Black! Black now holds McBride in a rear waistlock, and he pulls McBride up and over with a chaos theory delayed German suplex! Black with a bridge!




He got him!

Michael McBride has been eliminated

Erik Black holds his hands up to celebrate, but referee Richard Wang rushes to tell the timekeeper ad ring announcer something. He slaps his hands three times while pointing back at Erik Black and waving his arms.

Tig O’Bitties: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that BOTH men’s shoulders were on the mat when he counted the pin... therefore BOTH MEN have been eliminated!

Erik Black has been eliminated

Erik Black is livid in the ring but he exits as he is told to.

What a shocker that is, Luca, it looked like the Dragon Pals were about to have an advantage but now we have a two on two!

If I were Erik Black I’d be filing a grievance... this was looking like a career defining moment for the guy! Call me, boi, I got lawyers!

I’m sure we’ll see a replay sooner or later, but referee Wang says his shoulders were down. Nevertheless, both men are gone and this match is not over!

In the ring, Chris Chaos and Danny Imperial enter to a firm crowd reaction. They want to see these two square off.

Chaos and Imperial lock up, but Chaos quickly breaks away and circles Imperial, hopping up and down as if to loosen up. Imperial stalks him, but Chaos stays a step or two out of his grasp, continuing to circle. Finally, Chaos extends a hand in the air to suggest a test of strength, which Imperial eagerly latches onto. Chaos wastes no time pulling Imperial toward him and burying a knee into his midsection, then driving the point of his elbow hard into Imperial’s back. Imperial grimaces in pain, and Chaos switches into an abdominal stretch, rubbing his forearm hard into the painted face of Danny Imperial, wiping away quite a bit of the grease paint.

The crowd starts to stomp and clap, chanting for Imperial to break free. Chaos drives hard palm thrusts into Imperial’s exposed floater ribs and pushes his knee down to the canvas, exacerbating the leverage advantage and really twisting Imperial into a vulnerable position. Imperial doesn’t stay down long though, regaining his footing and fighting through the pain until he is able to hip toss Chris Chaos up and over, dropping him hard on the mat. Chaos sits up quickly but right away catches a dropkick to the back of the head from Imperial. Chaos gets to his feet but is met again with a dropkick, and then a third time when he stands up again. Chaos stumbles back into his corner where his tag to James Raven is met with a huge cheer from the Tokyo crowd.

James Raven is a legend around the world, but especially here in the XWF!

Every time he steps into an XWF ring it’s a special occasion, Pip!

Raven enters the ring but right away he shakes his head at Imperial and points back into the Dragons’ corner. He points right at Grande Ricardo and waves him into the ring.

Looks like Raven has his target picked out!

Danny Imperial nods and walks to his corner, tagging in Ricardo who slowly enters the ring, assessing the situation. Raven puts up his dukes and starts dancing around the ring with Golden Gloves level footwork, throwing quick jabs that come mere inches away from Grande’s mask.

Luca, what do you make of the interesting reveal of Grande Ricardo and Frodo Smackins? Is that real? Camera tricks?

Man, I don’t know, but if it really IS Frodo, then the whole world should be happy that he put that mask back on.

Grande Ricardo lifts his hands in a boxer’s stance just like Raven, but as soon as James Raven nears him he sends a swift kick into Raven’s nethers that buckles the Canadian’s knees and drops him like a stone. Richard Wang gets in Ricardo’s face and threatens to disqualify him, pointing as hard as he can to the XWF logo on his referee shirt... but then Raven shoves the ref out of the way and throws a field goal kick of his own right between Ricardo’s legs... and that one would be good from sixty yards!

Grande Ricardo doubles over, clutching at his potentially ruptured testicles. Raven grabs him by the back of the neck and tosses him out of the ring, and then climbs the ropes where he perches on the top turnbuckle, waiting until Ricardo gets to his feet... and then flies off with a high cross body! Raven and Ricardo smash into the guard rail, and both men look like they were thrown from a car wreck.

Raven gets to his feet first, but his punch is ducked by Ricardo and Raven’s fist collides with the ring post. Raven shouts in agony, clutching his hand, and Ricardo slams him face first into the apron. Grande Ricardo goes for a whip into the guard rail, but Raven puts on the brakes and turns it into a short arm clothesline!

The referee is counting both of these guys out of the ring, Luca!

Raven and Ricardo continue to brawl, and they make their way around the ring and halfway up the entrance ramp as Richard Wang holds his hands over his head and counts.





Neither Ricardo nor James Raven seem to notice the count as they are both preoccupied with one another in a donnybrook for the ages.


The bell rings to signify an elimination, but both of them continue to go at it, fighting tooth and nail all the way up the ramp and even as they disappear behind the curtain.

James Raven and Grande Ricardo have been eliminated

What a swerve! We are down to one on one here in this intense survivor match up!

Who you got, Feet? Chaos or Danny?

Man, that’s too close to call!


Back in the ring, the two remaining competitors both enter back into the ring to face off one more time. This time Imperial wastes no energy stalking Chaos and rushes right after him, burying a shoulder into his midsection and forcing him back into a corner. Imperial follows up with a few hard shoulders into the gut until Richard Wang gets in between them to break it up... and Chris Chaos reaches over Wang’s shoulder to flick a finger into Imperial’s eye.

Imperial is blinded and he stumbles backward, grabbing at his injured eyeball, giving Chaos time to hoist himself up onto the top buckle and dive forward with a flying knee! Imperial goes down and Chaos tries to end things quick!



Imperial kicks out!

Frustrated, Chaos pulls Imperial up and measures him, then backs up and throws a superkick right at Imperial’s jaw.... missed!

Imperial ducked the Wrong Side of the Tracks and the momentum took Chaos over, exposing his back... and Imperial sinks in a coquina clutch!

Imperial has him dead to rights here in his Crown of Thorns submission! Chaos can’t have much left in the tank!

Chris Chaos is a pure athlete Pip! Don’t count this man out yet!

Chaos starts to fade, but he stays on his feet. His arm hangs loose at his side after a moment and the referee checks it... it falls.

He checks again...

It falls.

Richard Wang checks Chris Chaos’ arm one more time...


NO! Only for a second, and Chaos grabs the ref by his collar shaking his head back and forth violently to clear the cobwebs. Chaos plants his feet and pushes backward as hard as he can, driving Danny Imperial spine first into the corner and breaking the hold!

Chaos takes a step out of the corner and turns...


Danny Imperial’s head snaps backward and he collapses on the canvas, where Chaos immediately rolls on top of him for a pin!




Well you don’t see that every day!

Absolutely not! Danny Imperial must be running on pure instinct to kick out of that! Chaos hit that kick perfectly!

Chaos must be at the end of his rope... what is he trying to do here??

Oh don’t tell me...

Chaos lifts Imperial in a fireman’s carry and drops him onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs up after him and starts to position him on his shoulders once again, looking to hit him with an avalanche version of his Equalizer finishing move.

Chaos gets him up! Imperial is strewn across Chaos’ shoulders, but he starts to wiggle and kick, ruining Chaos’ balance as he tries to stand on the top. Imperial drivees a few hard elbows into Chris Chaos’ head, and he gets free of his grasp. Thinking fast, Imperial drives his foot down heavily right onto Chris Chaos’ knee cap! Chaos wails and falls from the top rope, slamming hard onto the ring floor and grabbing his knee in anguish as Danny Imperial sits on the top buckle and catches his breath.

Chaos struggles on the mat, his leg clearly in bad shape, but he manages to get to his feet with some difficulty, limping hard and bent over at the waist... which is when Danny Imperial flies from the top rope and drives a devastating curb stomp into the back of his head!


Chris Chaos took the full brunt of Imperial’s best move!

Danny Imperial hooks both of Chaos’ legs and presses all of hiss leverage on top of him.




Chris Chaos has been eliminated


Winners of the Match: THE DRAGON PALS


Danny Imperial has shocked the world by being his team's sole survivor, and he'll head into the main event on his own! Against all odds!

Suddenly, Chris Chaos turns around and GETS BLASTED IN THE HEAD BY THE ENGINEER'S 24/7 BRIEFCASE!


The Engineer just rushed the ring and attacked Chris Chaos! What the hell is this?!

Chris Chaos goes down! The Engineer stands above him, briefcase in hand. He points at the official.


A dazed and confused Chris Chaos tries to sit up, but the Engineer kicks him in the face back down. He then gets on top of Chris and lifts the briefcase over his head and smashes the end of it down on Chris' face!

Oh my God!

Chris nose spurts blood, but the Engineer doesn't stop! With a manic gleam in his eyes he smashes Chris n the face with it again and again and again. The briefcase is covered with Chris' blood now. Chris Chaos is not moving! Engy reaches up and pulls the ref down to the canvas with his free hand and then presses the bloody briefcase into the ref's arms.

[Image: 247shot.gif]


The Engineer pins Chris Chaos! The ref makes the count!




Winner and NEW XWF... Tag Team Champion? THE ENGINEER!


The Engineer rolls out of the ring and snatches Chris' tag team title away from the ringside crew. He rolls back into the ring.

Why...? It makes no goddamn sense! Now he's forced to team with Apex's Jim Caedus!

The Engineer walks right up the camera and grabs it with both hands, pulling it into a close up shot of him.


And Robbie! Robbie Bourbon....I'm a man a my WORD! I told ya I was with you. I told ya you didn't have to look over your shoulder at me. Now roll into that match and FUCK APEX UP!

He lets go of the camera and climbs to the corner ring post, holding up the tag team championship belt!

Okay....I'm starting to see the big picture now. This is honestly some grade-A trolling. Jim Caedus now has to go into their match later knowing he's stuck working with Engy going forward! And Engy stayed true to his word by not dicking over Robbie Bourbon.

Whatever the case, I don't think anyone saw this coming. The landscape in the tag team division just got very interesting now that the titles are held by one member of Apex and one member of The Motherfuckers.

Engy gets down from the turnbuckle as medical personnell rush the ring to check on Chris Chaos. He rolls out of the ring as “Insect” by Die Warzau hits, ushering him back up the ramp.


[Image: c4ZwCDD.png]

Robbie Bourbon
The Engineer

Bearded War Pig

- vs -


Jim Caedus
Robert Main
Drew Archyle

The following contest is a War Games match introducing first Apex!

“Radio Active” by Imagine Dragons blasts over the PA. Out first steps Jim Caedus followed by Robert Main and Drew Archyle. Walking down the ramp to ringside. At ringside they find themselves climbing into the cage surrounding the squared circle through the unlocked door. Once inside the ring all three members of Apex take a turnbuckle throwing a arm and both the Championships they poses high into the air.

Their opponents the Motherfuckers!

“Bad Motherfucker” By MGK featuring Kid Rock blasts over the PA. Out from behind the curtain steps Robbie Bourbon the XWF Universal Championship wrapped around his waist. At the top of the ramp his arm with a balled fist launches into the air. The People go bananas for their Champion. Then out walks Bearded War Pig with his ‘Boomstick’ raised in the air. Except this time his Boomstick is different it has Engy’s beanie resting on the top of it. As well as a mouth and eyeballs painted on the buttstock, something like plank from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Pig waves the Boomstick in the air frantically before he takes off down the ramp toward the ring. Bourbon just marches like the powerhouse he is toward the ring.

At ringside BWP climbs into the cage through the door and points the slightly Engy look a like inanimate object toward all three members of Apex who bad mouth and wave Pig to bring it on. Pig just chuckles and climbs a turnbuckle to taunt fellow Motherfuckers throughout the audience. They go ballistic as Bourbon makes his way into the cage.

What the hell is Engy too good to come out with his brother’s in arms?

Looks like the Motherfuckers may have replaced him with that AK-47 with barbwire wrapped around the buttstock. BWP’s Boomstick!

This match has a special guest referee, without further ado I give you…

BWP has hopped down from the turnbuckle now and has made his way to Tig O’ Bitties. His hand palms the mic piece. Bearded War Pig smiles and then slides his hand down pushing her hand free from the microphone. Pig raises it to his lips.

Woah, woah, woah there sweetheart! Before you bring that pretty smile and washboard abs out here, we have an announcement to make. See we had to replace The Engineer with the little Engine that could!

Bearded War Pig raises his Engy look alike Boomstick in the air as the audience begins to erupt in excitement.

Glad you all are fond of Lil Engy, because well he is so excited to be apart of tonight’s fight, well, he can’t even wait for the bell…

Bearded War Pig wastes no time and charges Apex swinging like a rabid Babe Ruth missing Jim Caedus twice before turning with his third swing connecting a barbwire covered buttstock into the ribs of Robert Main. With Caedus backed away in fear of eating a headbutt from Lil Engy. Bourbon charges in smashing Jim up against the cage with a huge body splash. Drew Archyle charges at BWP with a sickening grin. Only to end up with a forehead full of barbwire wrapped wooden Ak-47 buttstock.

Drew falls on his back holding his head. BWP raises Lil Engy into the air with both arms and begins to stomp away on Drew Archyle’s midsection. Robbie has taken Caedus over to the turnbuckle. Bourbon on the second turnbuckle dropping bombs on Jim’s head with the people behind every blow.






Just as he is going for his sixth closed fist, Robbie is interrupted by Main who has recovered from a rib shot from Lil Engy with a Drop Kick to the lower back. Bourbon doesn’t fall but is forced to embrace himself by grabbing two hands full of Jim’s luscious locks. Caedus quickly breaks Bourbon’s grasp with two forearm smashes. Caedus then begins headbutting Robbie in the midsection repeatedly.

What the hell?! This is wrestling, not gay porn!

Where the hell is the referee, this match has been going on for a little while now.

Raven probably isn’t all pretty boy’d up yet is all.

Main has climb back to his feet from the Drop Kick he delivered to Robbie right in time. Jim connects with his final headbutt, Robbie starts to totter backwards, Main hops on the middle ropes and leaps off as Robbie falls off the second turnbuckle. Main grabs Robbie by the back of the neck and connects with a Springboard Neck Breaker. Jim shakes his head from all the blows he delivered to Robbie’s power gut and stars climbing the turnbuckle.

BWP notices his pal is down and charges over dropping Main back to the canvas with a huge punt like kick to the jaw. Just as Caedus leaps from the top turnbuckle to fuck Bourbon’s world up BWP quickly intervenes driving Lil Engy head first into Caedus’ stomach.

With all three members of Apex laid out on the canvas, Pig begins to aid Bourbon. Lifting him to his feet, when suddenly the lights cut out. They flicker on and off for a second, the crowd goes silent. The lights flash back on James Raven stands in between the standing Motherfuckers and the now slowly climbing to their feet the Apex. BWP turns to Robbie and mutters something, Robbie nods his head in agreement.

Both men charge like the Patriot’s they are, screaming America at the top of their lungs. Pig and Bourbon both avoid Raven who has now signaled for the bell and has begun locking the cage door. Pig bashes Archyle in the head with Lil Engy before moving to Jim Caedus. Pig uses Lil Engy as a strangulation device, Caedus forces four fingers in between his throat and the barbwire Ak-47. Lil Engy’s beanie falls off during the struggle between the “three.” Meanwhile Bourbon has delivered a massive knee to the side of Main’s head sending his face bouncing off the bottom turnbuckle.

Robbie proceeds to stomp on Main in the corner. James Raven is quick and abrupt to break the respective stomps on Main’s skull. First Raven just slightly pulls on Bourbon’s shoulder. Robbie pays no mind and continues to deliver boot after boot to Main’s head that is caught on the bottom turnbuckle. Raven shakes his head and this time pulls on Bourbon’s shoulder like he has a pair. Bourbon spins around throwing a wild haymaker, James drops his weight and head. Avoiding contact from Bourbon’s frying pan fist. James then delivers a furry of quick but deadly rib blows into the Universal Champion.

Oh come on Raven, just referee the match, no need to get involved!

He wouldn’t of had to if that fat blimp would abide by his rules!

This is a WAR GAMES match for crying out loud, no rules in war.

Back in the ring Bourbon and James Raven begin to have a shouting match while Pig still struggles with choking out Jim with Lil Engy. Archyle starts to stir climbing to his feet he quickly goes for payback on Pig. Clocking him hard in the back of the head with a Double Axe Handle Smash. Being the ruthless son of a bitch that he is Pig just cranks Lil Engy down on Jim’s throat even harder. Archyle delivers another. Pig shrugs it off and continues yanking down on Lil Engy. Caedus’ hands slip free allowing the barbwire to press into his throat. Ripping his flesh and cutting off his air way. Drew grabs BWP by the sides of his head and begins slamming his own skull into Pigs.

After about the fifth headbutt from Drew. Pig’s grip loosens up allowing Jim to collapse to the canvas, his throat a bloody mess and his face purple. Archyle takes advantage and drops BWP face first with a Snap DDT. Archyle rolls over to his stomach and lifts himself back to his feet. Drew goes to lift Pig off from the canvas but is knocked off his own feet with a yank from Pig with Lil Engy against the back of Archyle’s kneecaps.

Meanwhile Robert Main has made it back to his feet and has charged in at Robbie Bourbon. Bourbon throws Raven out of the way and begins exchanging closed fists with Main. Main kicks Bourbon in the shin before bouncing off the ropes and sending Bourbon stumbling back toward a turnbuckle with a sprinting Clothesline. Bourbon gains footing about four feet away from the turnbuckle. Main Bounces off the ropes again and sprints toward Bourbon. Main Leaps into the air and delivers a Drop Kick. It sends Bourbon back into the turnbuckle.

Robert Main has Robbie Bourbon in the corner! A huge chop to Bourbon! Another huge chop, which echoes throughout the arena! Robert Main climbs up and starts laying the fists into Robbie's head! The fans all count along!










At that, Robbie Bourbon scoops his hands under Robert Main's legs and hoists him, stepping away from the corner! Robbie does a slow turn and Robbiebombs Robert Main into the cage wall! The cage wall gives! Robert Main falls through onto the cage wall, which is now bridged across the ring apron and the guardrail!

Holy shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!

Begins to erupt from the fans. Giving BWP the energy and motivation to take back control of the match with the help of Lil Engy. Pig climbs to his feet to receive a hard left from Archyle. Pig spits on the canvas and charges in dropping Archyle to the mat with a Forearm Smash. Archyle quickly recovers to his feet to be met with another. Archyle rolls to his feet again, this time Pig Spears Archyle into one of the three still standing cage walls.

Wait. No, did you see that, Archyle reversed the Spear into a DDT, Pig maybe busted open.

Whoopity do da day. Pig is a tough SOB!

Not tough enough for a four on two handicap.

They have Lil Engy, the little engine that could!

Yeah and he is just as laid out as BWP is right now!

Pig’s head bounces off the cage wall as he collapses backwards on his ass. Caedus has made it to his feet and charges in drops Pig from the sitting position to on his belly with a Snap DDT. Caedus and Archyle then turn their attention to Robbie Bourbon who is being stopped by James Raven from pursuing the fallen Robert Main onto the chain link bridge. Caedus spins Bourbon around to be met with a hard right from Archyle. Then a right from Caedus. Another from Archyle. Again, from Caedus. Bourbon then slaps himself in the face four times on each cheek before Clotheslining both Drew and Jim.

Jim quickly jumps to his feet and leaps on Bourbon like a spider monkey. Caedus like the crazed warrior he is begins bashing his face into Bourbon’s repeatedly. Archyle then gets to his feet and charges in with a Running Cross Body sending Bourbon tumbling over onto his back. Thud. Bang. As soon as Bourbon’s back smashes into the canvas, so does Jim’s skull into the bridge of Bourbon’s nose. Blood sprays almost instantly only for a few seconds before bare knuckles from Jim clog the flow. Jim and Drew then double team Robbie to his feet. Both smile at one another as they lift Robbie into the air vertically for about five seconds before dropping him backwards with a Double Team Vertical Suplex.

Pig has wiped the blood from his face and is standing on his feet. He looks to the crowd, then to Apex double teaming his brother, and then to Lil Engy. The crowd begins to go bonkers wanting to see more Beard and Engy violence. BWP lifts Lil Engy into the air and bouncing off the ropes Pig leaps into the air flying toward Drew and Jim. He is holding Lil Engy with both hands above his head. Connecting with Lil Engy into both Drew and Jim’s chest knocking them off their feet. BWP tosses Lil Engy across Jim’s chest and delivers a People’s Elbow onto Lil Engy sending the barbwire wrapped around it’s face into the already torn up chest of Jim Caedus. Pig grabs his elbow and rolls on the canvas in a little pain himself.

Robert and Robbie begin to stir. Robert Main rolls off the cage bridge and onto the floor at ringside. Almost keeled over holding his back. Robbie Bourbon rolls underneath the bottom ropes to ringside still holding his back from the Vertical Suplex he received. He slowly walks over towards Main and raises his Main by the chin and delivers a stiff shot to it! Main retaliates with a stiff left! Out of nowhere, we see Jim Caedus come flying from inside the ring to the outside onto Robbie! Then out of nowhere, we see Bearded War Pig come flying from inside the ring to the outside onto Robert! Caedus and War Pig glance at each other and start to brawl on the outside!

This is insanity! Pure insanity!

And it looks like Raven has no idea what to do here.

Not at all!

Looks like Robert Main is managing to allude all the haymakers being thrown as he ascends the cage.

Bourbon and Pig lock arms and are charging at Jim Caedus! This doesn’t look good for him!


At the last second Drew Archyle comes flying into the picture as he shoves Caedus out of harms way and in so doing takes the brunt of Pig and Bourbon’s might! RIGHT THROUGH THE CAGE!!!!

Pig walks over to Caedus and lifts him to his feet as Archyle lays motionless on the outside floor.

Amid the brawl on the floor, Robert Main has managed to stealthily his way to the top of the cage! He's watching as Bearded War Pig and Jim Caedus continue to swing away at each other, lining up his best shot! It doesn't come, though, as Robbie Bourbon is on the cage roof and he delivers a forearm shot to the back of Robert Main's head! Another forearm to the back of Robert Main's head! Main turns and throws a left, but Robbie catches it! A boot to the gut of Robert Main from Bourbon! Robbie lifts Main and Robbiebombs him from the roof of the cage through the wall of the cage that's bridged ringside!


Some needs to call an ambulance, the police and possible FEMA, Robert Main is dead!

What the hell is FEMA going to do?

I don’t really know.

Caedus slowly walks over towards his fallen comrade to check on him while Robbie lets out a massive belly laugh from the top of the cage.

While this is going on Bearded War Pig is using Lil Engy to perform free reconstructive surgery on Drew Archyle’s face.

You think Pig is going to improve Archyle’s situation or no?

One can only hope.

While Bourbon is slowly descending the side of the cage Caedus is getting Main to his feet, resting him up against the side of the cage while James Raven looks on from the center of the ring. Caedus walks over towards Pig and while he’s mid swing takes a hold of Lil Engy and yanks it out of the soldier’s hands. Caedus looks down at Archyle and see’s nothing but a bloody mess and somewhere in there a half open eye.

He deserved it!

Caedus immediately goes into red as he grabs Pig by the throat and slams him up against the side of the cage. Pig headbutts Caedus and the two lock up again on the outside of the ring as Bourbon finally gets back down off the side of the cage.

Medics come rushing down to the ring and start tending to a still motionless Archyle.

Bourbon moves towards Caedus and Pig but before he can the ref James Raven grabs him by the arm and spins the Universal Champion around and starts jawing with him.

Caedus and Pig continue to exchange blows on the outside with Caedus getting the upper hand courtesy of a DDT onto the exposed floor. With Pig now down Caedus takes a quick look over towards Archyle and then Main.

Raven shoves Robbie backwards a few steps, a fatal mistake as the Universal Champ quickly recovers and after a massive kick to the mid section Bourbon delivers a devastating RobbieBomb to the former Universal Champion. He then grabs Raven by the head and literally tosses him out of the ring. Just as Robert Main and Jim Caedus climb into the ring to meet him. Main makes the first move but Caedus sticks his arm out, blocking Main’s path.

“He’s mine.”

Main backs away and tends instead turns his attention to the medics attending to Archyle.

Caedus and Bourbon circle each other before locking up. Robbie get’s the upper hand at first tossing Caedus into the corner. He charges at the former member of the Motherfuckers but Caedus moves at the last second and with his right hand swiftly grabs Robbie by the back of the head and smashes his face into the top turnbuckle.

Robbie stumbles out of the corner dazed and confused right into a violent Purgatory Punch. Robbie goes down to one knee and looks up at his opponent as Caedus smiles.

Caedus lifts Robbie up to two feet and holds him there for a second before moving in for the kill….

NAIL DRIVER!!! Right into a pin….

But there is no ref…

Main sees this and runs over towards Raven. He grabs him by the head and rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope just as Bearded War Pig comes back into the picture with a violent right hand to the side of Robert Main’s jaw.

Raven turns over and looks at the pin.




Winners: Apex

Wow!! What an ending! What a match!!

That was definitely a battle for the ages!

Caedus rolls out of the ring as the medics lift Archyle up on a stretcher and start wheeling him up the ramp with Caedus and Main in tow.

The crowd begins to stir as two members of Geico climb over the guardrail and approach Robbie Bourbon and Bearded War Pig.

Looks like Robbie Bourbon must have purchased Geico from Impossible Inc.

The two man Geico team grabs Robbie and Pig and escort them out of the area through the crowd.

[Image: c4ZwCDD.png]
Match #1 Survivors
Danny Imperial
- vs -
Match #2 Survivors
Neville Sinclair
Jenny Myst
Peter Gilmour
- vs -
Match #3 Winners
Jim Caedus
Robert Main
Drew Archyle

Tig O' Bitties: This is the final match of the War Games Pay Per View! Coming to the ring first at a combined weight of of 550 pounds and representing APEX....Jim Caedus and Robert Main!!!

Out from behind the curtain comes two thirds of Apex. Unfortunately Drew Archyle has been removed from this match due to injuries sustained in Apex's bout with The Motherfuckers. Jim Caedus and Robert Main walk down to the ring side by side, each wearing their respective XWF belts as well as a Drew Archyle t-shirt for their fallen comrade. The two climb into the ring and stand in the center raising their titles with one hand while also pointing to their t-shirts with the other.

The two men then hand their titles to the ref who then hands them off to a member of XWF Security on the outside of the ring.

Tig O' Bitties: And coming to the ring next the lone survivor from tonight's first match former Hart and Television Champion, Danny Imperial!!!

"Hail To The King" Blares through the speakers as laser multi-colored lights move haphazardly through the stadium. As the heavy guitar drops, two opposite flares shoot out from the base of the entrance. A crazed, grinning Danny Imperial walks out from behind the curtain. He runs a hand across his face, pulling back his hair.

He strolls down the ramp towards the ring, smugly glancing from side to side, giving Betsys in the crowd a wink as he passes them. He slides smoothly into the ring, crawling up to the announcer, Tig O' Bitties. Climbing up one of the turnbuckles. He sticks both hands into the air and licks his lips in anticipation.

He leaps off the turnbuckle, walking to the center of the ring as a blue light shines on him. He simulates a crown on his head, lifting the imaginary crown and placing it at the center of the ring. He walks back to a turnbuckle, and lies across the ropes awaiting the last set of opponents.

Tig O' Bitties: And the survivors from tonight's second survivor series match, at a combined weight of 585 pounds, Peter Gilmour, Neville Sinclair and Jenny Myst of Team XTREME!!!

"Comanche" by In This Moment comes blasting out of the speakers as Gilmour, Sinclair and Myst all walk down to the ring. Sinclair being the gentlemen that he is pushes the middle rope up and the bottom rope down for Jenny Myst but Peter being who he is, he takes the opportunity to climb in first with Myst coming in right behind him. The three stand in one corner of the ring and await the bell.

Here we go! The final battle! War Games will be decided right here!

The best match of the night, by far, with all worthy opponents. The survivors of the earlier matches battle for bragging rights going into 2018! My money is on Apex even without Archyle who was taken out earlier with an injury!

It would be. I like Jenny and Neville, personally!

Tell us something we don't know.

I was born a woman

Sorry I asked.

Neville and Jenny look at each other, seemingly on the same page. They both look at Peter, who nods. Imperial seems to be on edge, but he is alone so his guard has to be up. Jim and Main all get into a fighting stance as they look like an imposing force.

Jenny rolls her eyes at Tigs when she smiles. Tigs looks down and leaves the ring.

The bell rings and all of the people in the ring charge each other like a metal concert "Wall of Death". Punches are being thrown from all angles as the crowd goes nuts. Caedus and Neville break away from the pack as Caedus throws the English man into the corner. He fires away but Neville fires back.

Main locks up with Neville in the corner.

Jenny is fighting with Main as she has him against the ropes with a series of chops.

Imperial is trading blows with Gilmour.

Jenny's chops get countered however as Caedus lifts her up and over the ropes. She tumbles to the outside and slaps the mat.

Caedus turns his attention to Gilmour, and both Caedus and Imperial whip Gilmour into the other corner.

Gilmour has battled out of the corner but the numbers are too much and Main and Caedus hit what looks like 3D on Neville in the center of the ring. Main and Caedus slap hands as they grab Imperial. Gilmour charges out of the corner and begins to fight them........

Jenny is on the top rope........

Missle drop kick from Myst which takes down Main just as Gilmour whips Caedus into the corner. Running splash from Gilmour on Main but he turns around and walks right into a big boot from Neville.

All hell has broken loose here! I don't know whose fighting who its just a mass of bodies in there!

It will even out, always does.

Gilmour points to Myst and blows a kiss and then yells “SUCK MY DICK!” She grimaces with disgust as Caedus and Main stand tall. Neville clubs Caedus from behind and Jenny attacks Main.

Main and Caedus tumble over the ropes right in front of the announce table. Imperial and Gilmour are in one corner battling it out.

In the center of the ring Jenny panders to the crowd while Neville looks on. Main slides back into the ring and catches a quick knee from Neville. Caedus also slides in right behind Main. Jenny goes for a DDT but he counters with a back body drop. He hooks the leg.

First cover of the match here.



Jenny gets a shoulder up.

Gonna take a lot more than that to keep the goddess down!

On the outside now Gilmour whips Imperial into the steps. Neville, who came out of nowhere, grabs Main in the center of the ring with a reverse neck breaker. He then goes to work on Caedus in the corner, helping his team mate Jenny Myst, and they get Main into a double DDT! On the outside Gilmour is hammering away on Imperial as Jenny looks at the top rope yet again---this time with a grin. She climbs the top rope and jumps.......

Jim Caedus catches her in mid air…


The crowd goes nuts.

My god! Jimmy C just killed her!

She has to be broken in two!

Jim lets out a roar as he stares at the limp girl on the broken table.

Jenny Myst, one some people say could win this thing for her team, has been neutralized early on in this finale!

She's always been a risk taker, this time it didn't pay off!

Neville and Gilmour, meanwhile, are pounding Main in the corner. Imperial grabs Neville and spins him around, going for a DDT, but Neville counters and locks in a sleeper. He gets Imperial down to one knee as Caedus slides into the ring and boots Neville in the side of the head. He grabs Gilmour from off Main and lifts him up.


Caedus is dominating here!




3----Neville kicks out!

Almost stole one there did Apex!

Neville is back on his feet. A bloodied Imperial slides into the ring. Jenny is beginning to stir a little on the broken table.

Apex picks up Gilmour and hits a double DDT in the center of the ring. Apex is dominating the match as the group sans Archyle tall.

Jimmy stands up the TV champion, Neville, and does the throat cut symbol.

He's gonna end it right here!

Jenny on the outside, in the meantime, is up but moving gingerly. She shoves Tigs off the chair and folds it. Just as Jim lifts Neville for the Katabasis, she brings the chair across his back. He drops Neville and goes to a knee as Main boots her in the face.

Jenny just saved her team there!

Yeah but now she is going to be lunch for the rest of the pack!

Main picks her up by the hair, she fights out of it as Imperial picks up the chair. He is getting ready to take her head off when Gilmour tackles him with a spear. Neville comes out of nowhere with a spike DDT on Main and everyone in the ring is down for a moment----some hurt, some catching breath.

Jenny uses the ropes to pull herself up. Caedus is back on his feet and charges her, going for a boot to the face but she moves and he gets hung up, strattling the middle rope. He winces as the crowd goes OOOHHHH. Jenny rolls away.

Neville and Imperial are now locked up. He kicks Imperial in the gut.


He turns around into a Caedus DDT!

And Caedus turns around into a GILMOUR CUTTER!

and Gilmour is hit in the head with a forearm by Main.

This is crazy! All hell has broken loose here!

All of these competitors are spent. It’s been a long night! They are battered and bruised. This is gonna be a test of wills here. War of attrition!

Neville Sinclair attempts to get involved between Main and Gilmour, but his Television Title challenger, Jenny Myst, won’t stop getting involved! She grabs at his heels, and when he kicks her away she jumps onto his back, clawing at his eyes! Myst screeches while Neville staggers around the ring trying to get the Bombshell Champion off of him, but she’s stuck to him like a marmoset!

What the hell is Jenny Myst doing?? Neville is her teammate!

For one night only though! Remember, she intends to win that TV Title for herself next weekend!

Neville rushes backward into a corner, but Myst is wise to his attempt and hops off of his shoulders and onto the top buckle just as Sinclair crashes into them. She then wraps her legs tight around his neck and flips backward, throwing Neville outside of the ring and into the cage wall with a poisoned top rope hurricanrana! Neville’s body is a twisted mess on the floor!

Gilmour, having just managed to get a slight advantage over the Hart Champion Robert Main, ees the commotion and storms over to Myst and then grabs her by her protruding nipples!


Myst screams in pain as Gilly twists harder, and then he does the unthinkable!



Oh... oh my... that hurt just watching it!

Do you need me to check your vulva, Audrey?


Jenny Myst’s face goes purple and Gilmour shouts FUCK IT! At the top of his lungs... then drops his teammate Jenny Myst with a Gilmour Cutter!!!

Gilmour is in the zone, but as soon as he turns back around to face Main, he catches a huge right hand to the jaw for his trouble! He spins around from the impact, and Jim Caedus is right there on the other side of him to drill him with another huge punch! Gilly is spun back and forth between the two APEX brothers eating punch after punch until he finally collapses and Caedus and Main look up to the cage rook to gasps from the crowd.

They aren’t thinking of going up there again are they?

You never know with these two... they are bloodthirsty Viking soldiers!

Main grabs Gilmour in a foreman’s carry and he and Caedus head toward the ropes, seemingly looking to drag Gilly up to the top of the cage... but as soon as they get to the side of the ring...


Danny Imperial just dropped from hanging off of the cage top onto the skull of Jim Caedus! Caedus is in dreamland! I didn’t even see Imperial go up there!

Indeed! Danny took out Jimmy, but at what cost? He seems to have tweaked his knee and can’t even take advantage with a pin!

Meanwhile, Robert Main still carries Gilmour on his shoulders, and he shrugs at what Caedus and Imperial have going on. Show must go on.

With a gleam in his eye, Main looks at the corner and then charges forward at a full run...

Main screams while he runs with Gilmour on his shoulders, flipping him into a face up position in mid-stride...

Then he climbs the buckles like steps at full speed....






Ho... lee... shit.

Gilmour’s head practically goes through the canvas at the impact. Main wastes no time at all floating over into a cover...







Why in the world would Myst stop Imperial from breaking up the pin? She just cost herself and her team the win!

I don’t think she knew what was happening, Luca, she just saw an opponent and took him out!

Whatever her reasons, you can bet that Peter Gilmour isn’t going to be happy with her when he regains consciousness!

What a match!

What a SHOW!

That's all we've got for you tonight ladies and gentlemen, be sure to tune in this weekend for Savage, and have a safe and happy new year with us when we invade NORTH AFRICA for the next leg of the Warfare World Tour!

The scene fades to black, but then just before the credits roll...

We see Taylor Mayde, walking through the darkened parking lot to her car. She withdraws a key fob from her purse, and her car's lights blink affirmatively. She pulls the door open and gets inside, her first actions being to turn on the overhead light and pull down the visor so she can look in the mirror.

She stops short.

Something is not right. She cants her head, thinking she heard something. But no. It's not possible. She looks to the passenger seat. And sitting there is a Mamushi snake, one of two of the most venomous snakes in Japan. Taylor palls, her bottom lip quivers in terror.

[Image: giphy.gif]

The snake lunges for her, and the camera pulls away to the exterior of the car. It rocks and Taylor's horrifying shrieks from within punctuate the night as the shot fades to black.

HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped make this show happen!


I hope all of you enjoyed it. I know I did.

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"Robert! Jim! You won!! You actually won!!"

Steve Sayors nearly trips over himself and the, for some reason in JAPAN of all places-

Dr. Emmett Brown: Well see now, that's the reason. "Made in Japan".

Fuck you talkin' 'bout Doc, all the best stuff is made in Japan.

Yeah that's right, a Back to the Future 3 reference. Anyway...Steve Sayors is tripping over his own corded mic, extremely ecstatic for his despite-the-pantsing-in-promo new adopted buddies, Apex, for their surviving the likes of not only The Motherfuckers but also the TV and Bombshell Champions Neville Sinclair & Jenny Myst, the incomparable Danny Imperial and fucking Peter fucking dawgs, you seent what he did, right? In his first match? Dude punched Doc. With his dick.

His dick.

But shit ain't so happy right now in Apexland, not all the way, and how can it be...when Drew Archyle is being loaded into the back of an emergency vehicle, unconscious?

Steve notices this as he closes in and simply remains silent while the camera catches the drama. Robert Main and Jim Caedus move to enter once Drew has been loaded up. A raised hand from EMS #1 stops them.

"You can't both go," he says in pretty damn good English considering we're in Tokyo.

Jim and Robert exchange a glance.

"Drew and I are brothers _now_ but you knew Drew long before I did. You should go, Maneiac, I'll catch up."

Alright Jim. Watch your back alright?

"No worries- 'ey," he stops Robert from stepping up into the vehicle with a hand on the shoulder. Main turns to acknowledge. "Fuckin' kickass job out there."

Thank you brother, don't be too long. I'll text you the info when we get there.

Jim nods an affirmative as Robert ascends into the emergency vehicle. The doors close and scant moments later the vehicle accelerates away.

Looking on in concern, Jim doesn't notice Steve Sayors moving in for in a few words.

"Jim, I- LOOK OUT!"

But Jim looks the wrong way, to Steve Sayors in confusion, as BWP charges in and tackles Caedus into the nearby solid arena wall. Pig follows up with shoulder throw, flipping Jim over onto his back where he absorbs several kicks before Pig ceases the assault.

BWP bends down, face to face with Jim Caedus as Jim gasps for air.

See you at Anarchy, Jimbo.





::Not FADE TO BLACK the Erik Black maneuver on a grounded Jim Caedus coughing in pain::

(ooc: That was the dopest fucking card!! Combination most entertaining/nerve wracking/hilarious/flowing from start to end read I've ever experienced! Thank you to everyone involved in putting this together, I think "worth the wait" says it all to that context and to everyone who role played, this was the most fun roleplay cycle I've had in XWF so far because of you guys, you all wrote up some fuckin' badass amazing content! Fucking X. W. F.)

[Image: YSqFoQ7.jpg]
[Image: oqNqgFo.jpg]
Shout out to Gravy for these kick ass banners

~XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPION w/The Engineer - 1x (current)
~XWF 24/7 Briefcase - 2x (current)
~XWF Trio Tag Champion w/Ax3 - 1x
~XWF Television Champion - 1x (undefeated)
~XWF Federweight Champion - 2x
~XWF Triple Title Holder - 1x (TV, Federweight & 24/7 case)
~XWF Double Title Holder - 3x (TV/Feder, Uni/Trio & Tag/24/7 case)
~XWF 2017 Lethal Lottery IV Tournament winner!!
~XWF 2017 Leap of Faith Rafter Match winner!!
~XWF 2017 2nd Annual Doc D'Ville Hosted Shove-It Rumble Co-Winner w/Chaos!!
~XWF 2017 War Games Co-Winner with Robert Main and Drew Archyle as APEX!!
~XWF Feb. 2017 J. Carver Federweight Scramble Winner!!
~XWF January 2017 RP of the Month!! - "Like a Moth to the Flame"
~XWF February 2017 Star of the Month!!
~XWF March 2017 3-Way Star of the Month!!
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12-28-2017, 09:24 PM
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Panzer rests in his dimension, chuckling, as he sighs, floating about.

"I am proud that my team fought. Doc, it was rather, interesting, being a part of a team with you. Know that your Cleanser would've killed for this chance. I took it from him."

The clown cackled as his words are heard into the mind of every person upon Earth

"Graves, you have a choice. You can either stay in this era, or I can wipe your memory, send you back, make it seem as if nothing ever happened to you. Bring back your current self back into being. Maybe fix him up if you wish. Since Doc was going to try and ruin my plans and do such. Even though it's a good thing I did bring forth you, because I don't think the 'current' self could've done anything. Probably would've lost before I did."

He chuckled before sighing

"And Kuhnt... you're the new Drezdin. Get used to it.

I'll remember fondly, my time with those who mattered, but it's time to continue. To take on some tittles. That's what I call championship belts that're worn over the chest. Tittles.

Anyway. Peter, go fuck yourself. Rest of Peter's team, good job. Good fight."

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12-28-2017, 09:39 PM
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Great show everyone, congrats to Apex on the big win, congrats to the Mother Fuckeds on an incredible showing, and congrats to the roster and staff for continuing to put up great stuff.

Thanks for letting me be involved.

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12-28-2017, 10:40 PM
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The show was great, even if the the start had me confused at what the hell was going on, wish I was able to do more

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might as well throw another pin in here as well

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12-28-2017, 11:36 PM
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anybody seen doc after I dick punched him to heaven? I bet God himself doesn't want him. Ah but who cares.

jenny.. you're a dead little cunt next time I see you. sucks i took the pin but the show was EPIC!

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12-28-2017, 11:44 PM
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Right here, Pete. I'll be at Warfare, too.

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12-28-2017, 11:54 PM
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ahh there u are doctor. how's your chin after I dick punched it?

you'll be at warfare u say? I'll be waiting. And after I beat Chris Chaos and BWP to earn my shot at the tag belts.. maybe i'll give you a little present ;)

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12-28-2017, 11:55 PM
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Ah fuck, it sucks to be that close and lose it because of a betrayal. Anyways, I'll always have Saturday to take my frustration out on Jenny.

Also, I've always been kind of a lone wolf, but it was kind of fun to fight with people. Maybe Neville's learned something.

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12-28-2017, 11:58 PM
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glad to team with u there champ

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12-29-2017, 12:21 AM
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(12-28-2017 11:54 PM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  ahh there u are doctor. how's your chin after I dick punched it?

You dick punched his chin? That's sexual assault, Peter.

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- Member of the XWF Hall of Legends (inducted 2011)
- #4 on the "Top 50 XWF Stars of All Time" List
- Former XWF Owner
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(w/ Aiden "Blizzard" Collins, Roxy Nova, Mia Sanchez & Big Shank)
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- 1x XWF Women’s Champion (disguised as ‘Miss Terry’)
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12-29-2017, 12:49 AM
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not in a court of law it is ;)

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12-29-2017, 02:18 AM
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I mean next Warfare, dummy. You know I just don't come out of the woodwork for nothing. Allow me the chance to "redeem" myself after you kicked me into oblivion.

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12-29-2017, 07:44 AM
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(12-29-2017 02:18 AM)Doctor Louis DVille Said:  I mean next Warfare, dummy. You know I just don't come out of the woodwork for nothing. Allow me the chance to "redeem" myself after you kicked me into oblivion.

"For someone that's supposed to be such a veteran and so amazing, Doc, Petey Williams here doesn't seem to understand that everyone else on his team were the stars and that he got carried by them to victory. Especially by Neville."

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12-29-2017, 07:50 AM
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(12-29-2017 07:44 AM)Phantom Panzer Said:  
(12-29-2017 02:18 AM)Doctor Louis DVille Said:  I mean next Warfare, dummy. You know I just don't come out of the woodwork for nothing. Allow me the chance to "redeem" myself after you kicked me into oblivion.

"For someone that's supposed to be such a veteran and so amazing, Doc, Petey Williams here doesn't seem to understand that everyone else on his team were the stars and that he got carried by them to victory. Especially by Neville."

Boy oh boy did you just step in a pile of shit. How are you going to sit there and say anyone was carried when your team just got embarrassed the way it did? Newsflash fucko you were as I predicted the second guy eliminated on your team.

Three people on the other team survived. Literally only one person on the other team was eliminated by you and your three teammates and if it weren't for that half dead corpse D'Ville it probably would have been a clean sweep.

Stop talking like you aren't half a new grown cunt hair better than Finn Kuhn because you ain't. You are fucking garbage. And not even the kinda garbage that gets thrown away. The kinda garbage that gets left in the street and stepped on because everyone is too lazy to pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Go fuck yourself you stupid cock thistle.

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12-29-2017, 07:53 AM
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(12-29-2017 12:49 AM)Peter Fn Gilmour Said:  not in a court of law it is ;)

In literally every court in America it's against the law. Where did you get your law degree from Peter?

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12-29-2017, 08:07 AM
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(12-29-2017 02:18 AM)Doctor Louis DVille Said:  I mean next Warfare, dummy. You know I just don't come out of the woodwork for nothing. Allow me the chance to "redeem" myself after you kicked me into oblivion.

Ill still be waiting

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12-29-2017, 08:58 AM
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(12-29-2017 07:50 AM)Basic Bitch Doctor Joshua Reno Said:  
(12-29-2017 07:44 AM)Phantom Panzer Said:  
(12-29-2017 02:18 AM)Doctor Louis DVille Said:  I mean next Warfare, dummy. You know I just don't come out of the woodwork for nothing. Allow me the chance to "redeem" myself after you kicked me into oblivion.

"For someone that's supposed to be such a veteran and so amazing, Doc, Petey Williams here doesn't seem to understand that everyone else on his team were the stars and that he got carried by them to victory. Especially by Neville."

Boy oh boy did you just step in a pile of shit. How are you going to sit there and say anyone was carried when your team just got embarrassed the way it did? Newsflash fucko you were as I predicted the second guy eliminated on your team.

Three people on the other team survived. Literally only one person on the other team was eliminated by you and your three teammates and if it weren't for that half dead corpse D'Ville it probably would have been a clean sweep.

Stop talking like you aren't half a new grown cunt hair better than Finn Kuhn because you ain't. You are fucking garbage. And not even the kinda garbage that gets thrown away. The kinda garbage that gets left in the street and stepped on because everyone is too lazy to pick it up and throw it in the trash.

Go fuck yourself you stupid cock thistle.

"You don't realize what my job is on this planet is. Nor will you ever. And you need to get ready. Doesn't Lane want us to be tag partners on the next Warfare? Or do you want to just be a little baby bitch and back off on that?"

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12-29-2017, 09:27 AM
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Being a shitty wrestler who can't back up his cock holster and runs and hides the second things get tough...yeah I know exactly what your purpose is on this Earth. To be a bitch.

As for backing out of the proposed match why would I go and do a thing like that. I already told you I ain't planning on doing a God damn thing before during and after that match. It's basically a paid week off for me. So of course I'll be there.

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12-29-2017, 11:20 AM
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(12-28-2017 09:24 PM)Phantom Panzer Said:  Panzer rests in his dimension, chuckling, as he sighs, floating about.

"I am proud that my team fought. Doc, it was rather, interesting, being a part of a team with you. Know that your Cleanser would've killed for this chance. I took it from him."

The clown cackled as his words are heard into the mind of every person upon Earth

"Graves, you have a choice. You can either stay in this era, or I can wipe your memory, send you back, make it seem as if nothing ever happened to you. Bring back your current self back into being. Maybe fix him up if you wish. Since Doc was going to try and ruin my plans and do such. Even though it's a good thing I did bring forth you, because I don't think the 'current' self could've done anything. Probably would've lost before I did."

He chuckled before sighing

"And Kuhnt... you're the new Drezdin. Get used to it.

I'll remember fondly, my time with those who mattered, but it's time to continue. To take on some tittles. That's what I call championship belts that're worn over the chest. Tittles.

Anyway. Peter, go fuck yourself. Rest of Peter's team, good job. Good fight."
What the?.....don't put me into your vocabulary

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12-29-2017, 11:22 AM
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Suprised that bourbon got eliminated

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