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The Changing Winds
12-05-2017, 12:58 AM
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Directly continued from - What're you insinuating?

Danny looked up from the camera with his scowl slowly evolving into a smile as he looked at Ina. Her expression is slightly bemused, mouth hanging open every so lightly and eyebrows notched just little up.

”How was that?”

Ina smacks her lips together and gives their cracked edges a quick lick.

”Well, if that didn’t turn me on, I’m not sure what will.”

”Some would call that a sickness, Ina.”

”That’s Miss Ina to you.”

She mocks the way he says Mr Imperial, her sentence ending off with a little laugh.

”Anyways, stop ye’ slacking and get back to hammering, I’m no going to put those shelves up.”

Danny’s eyes widen a little, and he eases himself off his seat. This was weird, he wasn’t used to this. Usually he had to wrestle control back and forth from the voices in his head, but this time it all felt so… Seamless. He could chuckle and flirt on one side, growl and decimate on the other… Is this what it meant to be whole?

”Well since I’m doing all the heavy hitting, you going to be a doll and make me a cup of coffee too?”

Ina clicks her tongue in a tsk.

”Make your own gaddamn coffee. I’m running low.”

”Heh, funny situation, I have nothing in that god forsaken apartment.”

”Oh, so you forgot to do your groceries, so you thought you could take some shit from me. Is that why your tight little ass decided to come return me my necklace, for a spoon of coffee grounds and hot water?”

Danny runs a hand through his hair sheepishly.

”Actually, if it wasn’t for wanting some coffee I’d probably not found that necklace, so in some way, you’re right.”

”Ugh, fine, I’ll make you a cup. You can be [in a horrible Irish accent] shure it’ll be mostly diluted cup o’ piss you’ve ever tasted in your life.”

”God, what the hell happened to your voice?”

”Excuse me? I’d like to think my Irish accent sounds pretty damn good. You best shut it before I spit in this cup too.”

”Well, you see, anything with O’ gives me the creeps. Not something I enjoy hearing.”


The sound interrupts what little tension had formed in the room, both their heads jerking towards the door.

”You little fucking whore, get your ass out here before I drag it out!!”

The voice rings out loudly through the closed door. Mind you, it was close to three in the morning by this point. Even this hell hole of a block had reasonably quieted down by then. The gruff, clearly inebriated voice cracked the silence of the place like a whip in a field.

Danny eases him self off his seated position, smile curling into a scowl.

”Must be some crackhead infront of the wrong door, I’ll get rid of him.”

”Well aren’t you a little knight, don’t worry about he’ll leave soon en-“

“INAA I can smell that floppy cunt through the door, I know you in there bitch, open up!”

“You know this asshole? Because the Son of a bitch seems to know you, something you want to tell me?”

“Ugh, asshole. Yes, yes I do know him. Just don’t go out there, he’ll leave.”

“You fucking some other sad fuck, INAAAA!”

Without a word Danny moves to the door, Ina tries to stop him feebly, but her arm on his elbow is simply brushed away. His fingers are curled around the hammer he was just using, and his eyes are cold as he swings the door open.

“There’s a good b- WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

“Sorry you had to see this.”

“HAH, see what, that whore with another man? She goes through them like a flea moves from one pile of shit to the oth-“

“I wasn’t apologising to you.”

With a ridiculous speed Danny has his palm into the side of of the man’s skull, before he can even cry out in pain, a knee is slammed into the opposite side, righting him straight again. With a crack, Danny drives his heel into the left knee of the rotund man, fracturing it. The man drops his bad knee, holding himself up by one leg.

“You crazy Mother fucker, what the fuck do ya thinking yer -ugh- doing? You broke my fucking leg, you BROKE MY FUCKING LEG.”

“Calm down, you’re in shock. The pain should wash through you soon.”

“Y-you broke my f-f-f-ucking leg! What the fuck, what the fuck what the fuck.”

“Now, answer me this, what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I’m going to fucking kill you bitch, I’ll kill you!”

Danny nudges the broken knee with his toe, licking his teeth.

“I asked you a simple question, answer me, before you have to crawl out of here.”

The burly man spits a wad of blood out, splattering against Danny’s pants. Danny looks down at the blood, turning over his shoulder to look at Ina with a look of incredulousness. The expressions shatters at the sight of her concerned, slightly afraid face. She shakes her head once, yearning for him to stop. Danny gives her a knowing look, turning back to the man. He throws the hammer in the air, lowering himself to face level, and catching the hammer right beside the man’s skull.

“I’ll splatter your brains all over this carpet. I don’t actually give a fuck as to why you’re here. I thought perhaps if you’d told me, I could help fix it for you, send your hideous face on it’s way out of here. But since you don’t feel like cooperating, I’m going to-“

“This whore bitch has you wound up good, doesn’t she? You’re just another dog for her to walk around on a leash. What’s she k-k-keeping you around for? Coke? Crystal? Which one is it, big man?”

Danny’s eyes widen, is that what Ina was? Just another drug abusing degenerate? Nevermind. He pressed the cold, metal head of the hammer against the man’s skull, shoving him onto his back with it. Danny lifts his boot and slams it down onto the broken knee, eliciting a loud howl into the corridor. In the distant, an annoyed neighbour screams to shut the fuck up.

“Only because it’s going to a bitch to clean. Fuck off. Right now.”

The man manages to pull himself up onto his one good leg with the help of a neighbours door. And half-limp, half-hops his way to the elevator. Danny turns around without another word, and looks at Ina.

“What the fuck was that Danny, why’d you have to go and pull shit like that?!”

“Excuse me? I just dealt with a problem. I’m not the one who caused it, I was the solution. I’m always the fucking solution. Who the hell was he, and what did he come here for Ina?”

“That is none of your business, HE was none of your business. He came here for me, and I could have dealt with him. You shouldn’t be sticking your nose into matters that don’t concern you, you’re my fucking neighbour for Pete’s sake, not Captain America.”

Danny has a serious look on his face, until the final word, where he can’t help but to crack a smile.

“Captain America, really? Do you see this face, I’m as far away from a generic white and blonde dude as it gets, at least like Green Lantern or something.”

Ina looks at him with her mouth open. She throws her hands into the air and turns away from him.

“Fuck off, out, right now.”

“Not until you tell me who that fucker was, and why he was banging on your door like the damned redcoats were coming.”

Ina turns to face him again, her hand shoots out to strike him in the cheek but he stops it with his own.

“Don’t you fucking tell me what to do in my own house.”

Danny gives her arms a shake, and looks her dead in the eyes.

“I solved a problem. He can’t be pulling shit like that, calling you thinks like that, it’s not fucking okay.”

“You don’t get to say what’s okay and what isn’t. You think he’s not coming back, well he is, you didn’t solve shit. All you did was piss him off a little more than he already was. AND MAYBE, I deserved all that shit he was throwing at me. You know nothing, bitch.”

Danny lets go of the hand, and shakes his head disappointingly at Ina. He puts the hammer he was holding down on a side table, before walking out of the door. His hands are balled up in frustration, veins popping. He pulls out his phone and makes a quick call.

“Camera crew, now, Bronx Park, New York Botanical Gardens, now.”

The camera flickers on with Imperial sitting on a wooden bench. The background noise is filled with children, birds and the occasional dog’s bark, however less so than one might expect. The wind blows strong, and Danny Imperial is dressed in a thick long overcoat, with a cotton suit underneath. His hair is let loose to flow down his back.

“The seasons are changing. They’ve been changing for a while. A fool who can’t see that, when it’s happening even to himself, doesn’t deserve the time of day. Just the like the chill of oncoming winter has turned the leaves brown and the trees bare, the XWF has been changing, and a fool who can’t see that, even when it’s happening right around him, doesn’t deserve the time of day.
I’ve been thinking about how much I’ve changed, in the short time I’ve been here. Due to myself? Perhaps. But more likely, due to a shift in the plates that control this federation. Look at anyone, from Chris Chaos to Peter Gilmour. Everyone has experienced a shift.

I watch my work from when I first started, not too long ago, and I loved it. Entertaining, with flair and brilliance, with a little eccentricity and arrogance. I long for it even now. But that’s no longer who I am. That’s no longer my fight or my ultimate desire. I love to entertain, but I love to fight even more. That’s what I’d gotten wrong when I first started here, I wrestled to fight, not to entertain.

You are fool, Robert Main, for you experienced a change and you’re running back away from it. You’re a fool because you finally found a way out of your boring little hole, but you’re throwing it away in one quick sweep. You’re a fool, Main, because you cannot see that whilst we’re all evolving, you my friend are regressing.

You know how many times I’ve been called a want to be here? By just yourself, that was your whole rhetoric when we first came to fight. Then Chaos said the same thing. Fighting you two makes my paychecks bigger, right? Fighting you lot put my name in the lights. You’re a fool, Main. My name’s already in the lights. I offered you this bout, to enjoy myself, but what I was really giving you was a chance to shine yourself. Why don’t you see that?

You repeatedly claim my arrogance, when you’re the one who can’t see for pride has shrouded you. I don’t boast greatness, I don’t hide behind my title. My title is simple a ticket for further destruction, I’ve sad that before. My greatness is defined by the seconds in the ring where I look at my opponent and see pain and suffering that I have caused. My greatness is defined by the sweat and blood that drips off my body, even in defeat, when I and all who watch me know that I gave it my all.

Whilst your greatness still defined by the number of times you’ve been put down like a dog, mine is defined by the present. The very moment we find ourselves in. My greatness morphs from occasion to occasion, faltering only when I don’t fight. Which you’ve done plenty of recently, tightening loose ends or whatever your fucking excuse is.

That is evolution, Main. Relying on what you’ve done, is pathetic. Because that’s the thing about records, they’re always inadvertently broken. No man holds on to records for too long. Hell, the moment mine comes to an end I’ll lose this title. And rightfully so. A record is only good enough as an evaluation of your past glories, your future is still in MY hands.

I’m going to rip you apart on Wednesday because that’s what evolution is all about. Those who change go on top, those who don’t, get brushed aside. Like Raven who lost his position atop this federation, you’ll soon be forgotten. No matter his record and yours, you’re all destined to be crushed if you do not moult and adapt.

You are skilled, and you are strong, Main. But even the great dinosaurs came to a bitter end. Even Apex predators are only atop for so long.

Everyone can see my change, except for you.

Take my words to heart Main. And get that fat fucking head out of your own ass.”

Danny takes a deep breath, and pulls out a cigarette. He lights it and places it against his lips. Taking in a long pull, he blows out watching as the smoke gets picked up by the wind.

“The winds are changing, Main. You best scurry along with it if you don’t want to be blown away like smoke.”

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