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SAVAGE Saturday Night 12/2/17
12-03-2017, 08:49 PM
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[Image: xqzlf6O.jpg]


The scene opens with Taylor Mayde sitting in her office in the XWF headquarters. The TV's have the shot of LA, setting up for the Savage Match.

"Welcome to the special edition of Savage Saturday Night. These two competitors have prepared all week for this opportunity. I have tested both of these men, and even though War Pig's sample said "yummy yummy" on it, he passed.

So, that being said, enjoy this special show and we will be back to regularly scheduled programming next week!"

The scene cuts from the blimp shot of sprawling Los Angeles to the empty hallways of the arena. Erik Black is looking around as he walks through the empty arena. He is walking around the hallways, going slowly around corners, expecting an ambush from the TV champ.

"PIG! Where are you pig! I am here!" he makes his way around the corner, and the curtain leading into the arena is in front of him. He takes a Jenny Myst outfit mannequin and shoves it through the curtain, expecting Pig to be on the other side and attack it instead. Nothing, silence. Black walks through the curtain to a lit up arena with the ring dead center. There is a ref in the center of the ring, checking something on his smart phone. He looks up when he hears Black's footsteps on the ramp.

"Where is pig?!" Black yells. The ref shrugs.

"Well if he doesn't show up, I win by default!" he walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He tries to get the ref to raise his hand. The ref refuses, claiming he wants to wait a few more moments. Black is getting restless as just then the sound of a truck backing up can be heard. He looks towards the ramp. There is nothing there.

As Black is about ready to make the ref give him the victory there is a rumbling sound coming from the side of the stage. The camera is shaking as out of the blue a giant M1A2 tank rolls into the arena. It rolls to a stop just before the open area is cut off by the barricade where the seats are. The top pops open and War Pig pops out. "HOOOOOHAHHHH!"

He climbs down the tank, with his belt over his shoulder, as Black's eyes are as wide as saucers. Pig walks to the ring and climbs the steps. He steps in, hands the belt to the ref who holds it over his head. He signals the the timekeeper, who rings the bell. Pig and Black circle, and the empty arena match is underway! War Pig immediately charges with a roar, backing Black up against the ropes. The challenger immediately covers up like a boxer as War Pig rains shots down all over his upper body. Black takes advantage of War Pigs big size, however, and waits for him to tire out. Just when there is a second to spare between blows, Black knees him in the gut, backing him off. War Pig is right back on the offensive, however, and clotheslines him over the ropes as Black spills to the outside. War Pig yells and pumps his fist before stepping through the ropes. When he jumps down from the apron, Black hits a big uppercut that stumbles him back. Grabbing War Pig by the arm Black uses all of his strength to whip Pig into the steel steps. In the empty arena, it makes a massive noise as the top steps fall off and the bottom ones shake. Black pumps his fist this time and runs, kneeing Pig in the face and in the process slamming his head back against the steps he is sitting against. Black yells out, now fired up. He walks over to Pig and punches him twice in the head. Then lifting him up he goes to pick up Pig, but the veteran (literally) hits a thumb to the eye and an elbow to the face. Black stumbles back and leans against the barricade. Pig takes Black's head and slams it against the barricade, bringing him to one knee. BWP is woozy still from his incident with the steps, however, and he takes a quick breather as well. Approaching Black again, Erik makes a quick move and hits a standing drop kick on Pig, who stumbles back, sitting against the ring apron. Black runs and fires another running knee, bending a trying-to-stand BWP nearly in half the wrong way from the impact.

Black walks over and grabs the steps. He picks them up and throws them at BWP, who manages to duck at the last second, as they echo through the arena from their collision with the ring post. War Pig is walking up the ramp, holding his back. Black goes and gets him, taking him by the head and tossing him back towards the ring. Pig is quickly to all fours. Black kicks him in the ribs, then goes and picks up the steps. Bringing them over his head, he makes his intentions known. He is going to bring them down on top of Pig! At the last second, the champ kicks Black in the knee and he goes down. The steps fall right on top of his head!!!!!

Black is down, as Pig uses the barricade to pick himself up. He looks at the motionless Black and grins, a little bit of blood on his lips. He removes the steps that are on top of Black, and covers.

The ref slaps the mat.



Black gets a shoulder up. BWP this time slaps the mat in frustration. He covers again, and this time Black kicks out after one. He picks up Black, who is wobbly, and tosses him towards the barricade and he tumbles up and over into the front row, which is devoid of fans for this special contest. BWP steps over the barricade and picks up Black again, walking him towards the hand rail in the middle of the isle. Bouncing his head off of it, Black stumbles up the steps to try to get away. BWP gives chase, bouncing him off the hand rail again. Black goes to one knee, and Black goes to pick him up by Black gets a forearm to the face of the champ and fires a few desperation punches off. BWP hammers Black with a hard shot and Black goes back to one knee. War Pig feels like he is firmly in control now. Still grimacing from his encounter with the apron, he grabs Black by the head and walks him up the steps. When they get to the top, he whips him back first into the popcorn machine. There are sparks and what not as the glass shatters and Black is covered with hot butter and grease. War Pig takes a few pieces of popcorn off the chest of Black and eats them. What he doesn't see is the challenger reaching for something. Pig goes to lift him back up again and Black cracks him in the forehead with the metal scooper.

War Pig stumbles back for just a second, a small cut on his head. Black tries to get up but War Pig is right back on him. He fires clubbing blows to the side of the head of Black, on both sides, then kicks him in the upper back to send him face down onto the concrete floor below. Slamming Black's head on the floor a few times, War Pig looks around and sees the beer vender area. He grabs a But Light, pops it, and chugs it. "Weaksauce."

Black is showing a lot of resilience, however, and is still trying to get up. War Pig goes to crack the beer bottle over the head of Black but he slides out of the way and chops the knee of BWP. He shoves him forward and the champ catches himself on the beer shelf but Black uses all he has left to launch himself at the champ with a forearm. Making contact, he hits a few more forearm shots and stumbles away from War Pig. The veteran gives chase however as they make their way down the empty hall ways. They each take turns bouncing each other off the walls as they come to the office areas. Black uses his speed to get the advatage and throws War Pig through the plate glass window as he tumbles into the production offices. Black stands there for a moment panting. Black then opens the door and sees a bloody War Pig. He covers. The ref slides in and covers.



3----War Pig gets a shoulder up!

Black is frustrated now.

He grabs a keyboard off the desk and begins to choke the war veteran with it, pressing the edge against his neck. War Pig is kicking and clawing at Black, who has a fire in his eyes. He presses down harder just as BWP powers him off and sends him back first into the desk. War Pig gets up holding his throat and Black charges but War Pig hits a huge Spinebuster, putting him through the table as it collapses down around him.

War Pig stumbles out of the room with blood running down his face. He walks back down a corridor and mumbles to himself, wiping the blood off his face. He notices he is near a skybox. He jiggles the handle, and the door is unlocked. He walks in and opens the cooler, chugging a few beers and eating the food that was obviously set there for the next event. Suddenly, as he has a mouthful of pasta salad, Black comes out of nowehere with a massive SPEAR!





Both men disappear off camera. The camera finally catches up to them, both on the ground in a twisted position. War Big is bent over some seats in the top row. Black is on the conrete steps, contorted.

The ref looks around for a moment, and decides the only logical thing to do is begin to count.




Both men are beginnin to stir, though, slightly.



War Pig is moving more.



Both men are to all fours.



Black to his feet and charging. War Pig picks him up and drops him over the hand rail, strattling his nuts on it. His face contorts as War Pig stumbles down the steps and Black falls off the rail sideways, holding his man business. Pig steps over the barricade and slides back into the ring. Black is slow to get up, and he is wincing bad. He has trouble getting over the barricade. War Pig cuts him off, lifting him up and dropping him chest first over the barricade. Black is in rough shape, and War Pig takes advantage, whipping him over the barriacade on the far side. Black rolls and ends up right in front of the tank, using it to help him up. War Pig takes Blacks hand and slams it off the tank tracks, then grates his face against it, drawing blood.

BWP goes back under the ring and sets up a table. He has two tables, actually, and sets them up one on top of the other. He climbs the top of the tank. Black is slow to get up. War Pig invites him to climb up on top of the tank. Black is slow to do so, but he eventually makes his way to the top.


The two exhange punches. War Pig wobbles, but stays up and punches back. An exhausted Black then wobbles, but keeps his balance. The two continue to fight on top of the tank when all of the pulls something out of his tights........


Slipping them on he slams BWP in the face and the big vet tumbles off the tank, through both tables, and to the concrete below. He is not moving. Black pants for a second, then looks at the bloody knuckles. He climbs down, finding Pig.

The cover





He rolls off of Pig, who still hasn't moved, as the ref hands him the belt. He hugs it close as the front of it smears with both his blood and Pigs. The ref helps him up and he holds the belt above his head and spits on Pig as the camera fades out, out of the arena and up to the blimp shot above the arena and then out to sprawling Los Angeles.

The blimp says "A NEW ERA HAS ARRIVED"

Erik Blak is the new Tv Champion!

Special Thanks to the awesome GM Staff. Erik and BWP for a close, hard fought RP battle and Chris Chaos for writing this match!

[Image: IJkS6WM.jpg]

"It's Better To Be Pissed Off, Than Pissed On"
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12-05-2017, 09:13 AM
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OOC: Congratulations Erik Black it was fun, until next time. Thanks Chaos for a well written and entertaining match.

[Image: BNfJAHE.jpg]
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