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05-08-2017 11:24 AM


In-Ring Name: Bearded War Pig

Wrestler's Real Name: Joshua Hatred

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: Returning.

Wrestler Date of Birth: 10/21/89

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 224 lbs.

Hometown: Lake Station, Michigan

Personality: No non-sense, hard ass who will go above and beyond for his country or brothers in arms, sarcastic, dark, sick sense of humor. Conspiracy Theorist and despises mainstream agenda.

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener, leaning more face but has heel tendencies against other heels.

Looks Description: Rugged, thick beard, muscular, little chub never hurt, and tattoos.

Ethnicity: Caucasian. (White Mutt)

Pic Base: [Image: 40qHLyg.png]


Strengths: Able to think under pressure, loves controlled chaos, can lead or follow, military background, and very skilled in Muay Thai.

Weaknesses: Anger, inability to control his PTSD, injuries from war, and ego.

Entrance Theme Music:

Entrance Description: The arena is moderately quiet when suddenly birds chirping the Star Spangled Banner begin to pierce the ears of everyone in attendance from the rafters above. This goes on for about fifteen to twenty seconds, then a brief moment of silence...




A crashing commotion startles some of the fans before the instrumentals to "B.M.F" by Upon a Burning Body erupts from the arena's surround sound system. Simultaneously Red, White, and Blue flames erupt down and then back up the rampway. The flames die down and "The Wild" Motherfucker, Bearded War Pig stands proud and invincible. His Boomstick resting on the right shoulder strap of his flack jacket that's covering his bare chest. Repetitively his weight shifts to the left and right his balls swing freely under his American Flag patterned silkies. Pig's thousand yard stare becomes a fierce warrior like grin as he points the barbwire buttstock end of his Boomstick toward the ring. Exploding like a well-stacked IED, BWP begins bouncing down the rampway with a shit-eating grin to the beat of his theme music. Sliding into the ring under the bottom ropes Pig quickly and powerfully charges to the nearest turnbuckle, hopping into the air both his ranger laced combat boots land firmly on the second turnbuckle. Pig's left foot rises to the top turnbuckle as he raises his Boomstick in the air with his right hand and his 'Boom' knucks with his left!

"Bearded! War! Pig!"

Begins to erupt from the majority of the people in attendance. Pig begins making harsh and violently disturbing remarks about his opponent(s), something similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin before climbing down off the turnbuckle. BWP then struts around the whole squared circle like a predator circling his prey. Stopping in his corner after making one complete lap Pig tosses his Boomstick outside the ring and begins stretching and cracking bones while waiting for the match to begin...

5 or More Commonly Used, Standard Moves: Kick Boxing Combo, German Suplex, DDT, Arm Bar Triangle Choke, Knee Bar, Knee Strike, Uppercut, Jab, Rear Naked Choke, Belly to Belly Suplex, Head Butt, DDT, Springboard Leg Drop, Leg Drop, SpringBoard Elbow Drop, Elbow Drop, Lariat, Forearm Smash, Superman Punch, Round House Kick, Axe Kick, Cross, Hook, Leaping Lead Hook, Overhead Punch, Spinning Back Fist, Camorra Lock, Low Kick, Head Kick, Half-Shin Half Knee Kick, Jump Kick, Step Up Kick, Straight Foot Jab, Rear Foot Jab, Side Foot Jab, Jumping Foot Jab, Slapping Foot Jab, Diagonal Knee, Jumping Knee, Side Knee, Curving Knee, Flying Knee, Step Up Knee, Horizontal Elbow, Uppercut Elbow, Slashing Elbow, Forward Elbow Thrust, Downward Jumping Elbow, Back Elbow, Spinning Back Elbow, Diagonal Knee, Downward Elbow Drop, Reverse Horizontal Elbow. Double Chop Elbow, Muay Thai Throw, Hip Toss, Judo Toss, Cross Face, Ankle Lock, Spinning Suplex, Power Bomb, SpringBoard Knee, SpringBoard Elbow, Turn Buckle Beat Down, and SpringBoard Moon Sault.

Trademark Move(s): Devildog Drop and Shadow OP
Description(s): German Suplex Toss catching into a Stunner and Deep Body Triangle Rear Naked Choke while raking the eye(s).

Finishing Move(s): Wargasm
Description(s): Bearded War Pig will be on the defense or ropes if you must when all of a sudden he will have a flashback from his time served overseas in Afghanistan. Usually starting off with aiming pretend m4's in the air and mocking machine gun fire as his opponent continues to throw punches that have no effect on B.W.P (Bearded War Pig), much like Mr. America or Hulk Hogans hulking out. B.W.P will then proceed to reenact scenes from his past, rolling around, tossing imaginary grenades, screaming phrases such as: "Boys we are in the shit now!" "Die Mother Fucker Die!" and "Fear the Infidel Goat Fucker!" After a minute or two of his flashback antics, B.W.P then goes on an all-out onslaught led with a hard skull crushing headbutt out of nowhere. B.W.P then grabs his opponent around the neck with a Muay Thai clinch and begins delivering cyclic knees to both sides of their rib cage, while maneuvering them toward the nearest turnbuckle. Once in the turnbuckle B.W.P delivers a couple Muay Thai elbows to the temples of his enemy. He then lifts their dazed bodies to the top and begins climbing once to the second turnbuckle he delivers a few punches to make sure they are still dazed. Bearded War Pig then climbs to the top as well and delivers a backflip German Suplex.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks: Boom Stick (Barbwire AK-47, Bearded War Pig uses it like a baseball bat), Jumper Cables and Battery, Parking Garage, but really anywhere and with anything. Bearded War Pig loves that hardcore lifestyle.

Additional notes: Always for hire! Will play dirty with bad guys. B.W.P is a Combat Veteran who doesn't break easily. Is a Co-Founder of XWF's bad boys the, Motherfuckers.

[Image: BNfJAHE.jpg]
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