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11-26-2017, 10:01 AM
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The scene opens up to the passing of pavement. The dashed-yellow line zips by appearing as a solid streak of yellow....

The line begins to swerve back and forth.... Steering left then right... Left then right.... Until the screeching of brakes can be heard followed by the smashing and crashing sound of metal....

We now feel tired. Our eyes heavy. Our scene grows darker....

And darker...

And darker.........

[Image: BvMQO7A.jpg?4]

[Image: xzhpMgb.gif]

With a flash of light and a wave of heat our scene opens back up to an open coliseum with demons and ghouls all screaming and shouting in hellish harmony! Standing and surrounded by the lake of fire is the ring where the 2nd Annual Shove It: Where the Sun Don't Shine will be taking place! The stage, ramp, and ring all being bombed with hellfire and brimstone as Dimebag Darrell stands in the entrance way shredding out the riff from 'Cowboys from Hell'! Gorilla Monsoon accompanied by Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan stand in the announcer's booth off from the entrance, dressed to kill in a suits you would save for your own funeral.

Hello fans and welcome to XWF wrestling! This is Doctor Louis D'Ville's.... Shove it!! Where the Sun Don't Shine! I am Gorilla Monsoon and with me, once again, is the one and only.... Bobby 'the Brain' Heenan!

Who's idea was it to wear this suits, Monsoon? I'm sweating to death down here!

I know we've just started here, but will you stop?

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Uh, oh. Here he comes!

The demons and ghouls in the crowd go wild as the music of Doctor Louis D'Ville begins to echo throughout the coliseum! A spotlight shines near the very top where a large throne made of skulls and souls erects out of the structure and extends high above!

Of course HE would get the best seat in the house!

A lightning bolt crashes down onto the seat of the throne and Doc appears sitting comfortably on the throne as the smoke clears. Grinning ear to ear, he stands up as his music slowly fades out. Without a microphone, he speaks and his voice bellows and echoes loudly throughout the coliseum.

Hello, my friends!

Big pop from the audience!

This hometown crowd really excited to see the doctor tonight!

Beside Monsoon, Bobby Heenan has his microphone tucked under his arm so he can applaud with both of his hands to the good doctor.


Bobby nearly drops the mic as he pulls it out.


I would just like to say, I have been EXTREMELY excited for this event. I have looked forward to hosting another Shove It since last year when we awarded the winner with the XWF Xtreme Championship!

This year, however, we currently have a very strong reigning Xtreme Champion... In fact, Mister Engineer has recently accomplished all of the necessary trials to be given a 24/7 briefcase!

So, unfortunately, while I did promise a VERY precious prize at the end of my most glorious rumble, it will probably not stack up to something like the Xtreme Championship.

With the mystery of what the good ol' doctor could provide for a prize at hand, I DO appreciate those willing to step within my own domain to take a crack at chance and put their bodies.... Their minds... And their very souls on the line to compete tonight! So...

Without any further delay....

Let's get it on!

Doc takes a seat and sits back as the demons and ghouls cheer and chant "XWF! XWF!"

And may the best man win!!

There you have it folks! The doctor has spoken!

Start your engines baby! The race is about to start!

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11-26-2017, 10:58 AM
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And here we go!!

Danny Imperial marches out from the fire as it blasts out across the stage. He looks around and gets blasted with a mixed reaction from the hellish crowd around him.

It's the XWF Hart Champion, Danny Imperial!

This guy is going to have a lot of work cut out for him, Monsoon. Being number one out of twenty-one is no joke!

There is a LONG way to go for Mr. Imperial here tonight.

Mr. Imperial walks smuggly down the ramp, looking down at the lake of fire below as he approaches the ring. He steps into the ring and makes for the corner where he stands on the middle turnbuckle and stares out at the gruesome crowd.

Who's number two?!

Nate Higgers is number two!!

Nate runs down the ring and slides in under the bottom rope. A giant gong BONNNNNGS!!!! and shakes the entire colliseum signalling that the match has begun! Nate runs after Danny Imperial and aims to take his head off with a clothesline! Mr. Imperial ducks out of the way and Nate misses and runs into the corner! Imperial follows up and leaps into the air hitting a splash on Nate!

Get with it Nate! You don't want to get tossed out! Trust me!

Why? Do you know what the prize is, Heenan?

I'm not saying I do and I'm not saying I don't!

No wonder they call you the weasel!

Back off, Monsoon!

Imperial has Nate back the back of the neck and tucks his head under his arm. He lifts Nate high up in the air and holds him for a moment before slamming him down in the center of the ring with a vertical suplex! Nate's body bounces off the mat and shakes the entire ring with the impact! Nate begins to roll out of the ring, then stops by holding onto the ropes as he sees what is waiting below instead of solid ground. He rolls back in only to get the bottom of Danny Imperial's boot in his face.

I think Nate had a close call there, Brain.

Ring awareness, Monsoon! Ring awareness! And Nate Higgers has it! Close only counts in hand grenades and horsehoes and I don't see either one here!

Imperial reaches down for Nate's hair but gets a thumb in his eye. He steps away trying to regain his vision as Nate pulls himself up to his feet and charges from behind! He smacks Imperial in the back of the head with a forearm and sends him stumbling towards the ropes! Nate follows up by trying to lift Imperail over the top!

Here it is!

Quickly, Danny Imperial fights back with quick strikes with his elbow while holding on tightly with the other arm to the top rope. He fights Nate off and gets both feet back on the mat. He turns immediately around and flattens Nate with a clothesline!

Close one, Nate! You almost had him!

You're unbelievable.

Imperial continues to work on Nate Higgers as the audience begins to count down from ten! He lifts Nate, grabs him from behind, and slings him across the ring with a German suplex!




It's Michael McBride!

You know I was going to give him an ugly look, but he already had one!

Stop it! Michael McBride now making his way down to the ring and he's not wasting any time!

About halfway down the ramp, Mcbride begins running. He leaps over the top rope and Danny Imperial meets him in the center of the ring! McBride with his drunken Irish style of boxing, also known as "Faq-U", manages to land a few good strikes on the Hart Champion! Imperial absorbs a few of them and strikes back with a few of his own! McBride winds up, misses and gets grabbed by Imperial. He's lifted up and slammed to the mat with a belly to back suplex! Imperial stands up only to get drop kicked and nearly knocked out again by Nate HIggers!!

That's it! Get back in there, Nate! Here's your chance!

Why don't you go down there and give him and hand, Brain?

No thanks! I can smell McBride from here, I think I'm close enough.

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11-26-2017, 01:43 PM
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Danny Imperial

Nate Higgers

Michael McBride

Imperial catches himself on the ropes and lands back to his feet safely in the ring. Higgers doesn't give up on the attack and goes back after Imperial! He lands a kick to the stomach of the Hart Champion and sends him back towards the corner and continues to beat him down! Imperial catches a boot then trips Nate backwards! McBride is to his feet now and lands a couple of boots of his own to Higgers! McBride looks up to Imperial....


Oh no!

McBride signals with his thumb to the outside of the ring and motions towards Nate Higgers.

It looks like McBride wants Imperial to give him a hand in removing Nate Higgers!

Never trust and Irishman!

Imperial doesn't react at all to McBride's gesture, but reaches down to pick up Nate Higgers from the mat. He pushes Nate into the corner and McBride joins him in trying to eliminate Higgers!

Here we go! Team work could result in our first elimination of the evening!

Fight Nate!

It looks like we're within seconds of our next entrant! Who will it be?!




Who is THIS guy?

James Ellsworth is number four!!

James Ellsworth jogs out from the fire and down to the ring! He steps in and begins helping Imperial and McBride take out Nate Higgers, but catches an elbow from McBride as the Irishman struggled to push out Nate Higgers! Ellsworth staggers back in the ring and feels his jaw. His face turns red as he looks out to the crowd!

It looks like Ellsworth didn't take too kindly to that elbow!

Take out the Irishman!

Ellsworth rushes over to the opposite corner! He measures it up.... Sprints across and dives on all three men!


McBride and Imperial moved at the last second! Ellsworth only managed to splash Higgers!

Well, that kind of panned out for him!

I don't think it will, Monsoon!

Ellsworth leaves the corner and gets grabbed by Danny Imperial!

Imperial Insanity in the middle of the ring!

James Ellsworth just got destroyed!

McBride grabs Nate Higgers and tosses him out of the corner. McBride sends Nate into the ropes, Nate bounces off, but is immediately clotheslined by Imperial and sent backwards over the top rope into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!

Eliminated by Danny Imperial - Nate Higgers

Ellsworth is still laid out in the middle of the ring and McBride doesn't look happy that Imperial jumped in like that.

I think McBride is taking offense here.

Irish temper, Monsoon. I hope he gets a black eye.

Ellsworth does his best to move and begins crawling towards the corner away from the two arguing men beside him. McBride pokes the chest as he rants into the face of the Hart Champion.

McBride and Imperial both look down to James Ellsworth who hasn't made it to the corner yet, but Imperial slugs McBride across the face before any other decisions can be made. McBride flies back into the ropes and manages to get his leg up to stop a clothesline from Imperial.

Imperial takes the kick to the stomach and tries to bounce back from it, but McBride kicks him again and lands a DDT on the champ! He gets right back up to his feet and heads over to James Ellsworth who just managed to get himself up and sitting in the corner. McBride lands a boot to his stomach and grabs him by the head and whips him down to the mat with a snap mare!

Imperial is reaching his feet now and as McBride was picking up Ellsworth to deliver more punishment, he drops him. He heads over to Danny Imperial and slugs him in the back again! Imperial strikes back with a stiff elbow to the gut, then wraps his arms around McBride and throws him over his shoulder!

Wow! These two have been going back and forth here, Brain.

Maybe because no real talent has made it to the ring yet, other than Nate Higgers, of course.

Are you saying the Hart Champion Danny Imperial and former Xtreme Champion Michael McBride do not fit into a "talented" category for you?

I'm just saying they haven't impressed me yet, is all. Is that bad? Is that so wrong? Am I supposed to be 'Wow'd' ten minutes into a match, Monsoon?

I'm just saying that some of these men have a reputation that preceeds them!

Yeah, you know what reputation preceded in Michael McBride's life?


I don't know! I never heard of the guy before tonight.

Imperial and McBride circle the center of the ring now as they catch their breath while Ellsworth continues to drag himself around the mat.

McBride is the slightly fresher body out here, but the Hart Champion, Danny Imperial, has shown just that.... Heart!

Don't be so corny, Monsoon! You've been to how many rumbles in your day? You know it takes a lot more than that to survive one of these!


The two men tie up in the ring and Imperial takes the advantage with a headlock. He keeps McBride's head wrapped tight as McBride pushes him off the ropes. Imperial bounces off the other set and ducks a clothesline! McBride turns around and jumps in the air for a drop kick, but Imperial holds the other set of ropes! McBride springs back up to his feet like a cat and runs after Imperial and attempts to clothesline him over! Imperial ducks and lifts McBride up and to the outside! McBride manages to land on his feet on the apron and elbows Imperial in the back of the head! Imperial stumbles towards the center of the ring! As Imperial turns around to face his opponent, McBride springs himself across the ring and hits a big shoulder block on the Hart Champion and knocks him down!

Meanwhile, Ellsworth has finally reached his feet after hanging out in the corner.

Ten more seconds and we'll get our next participant!

McBride drops a quick elbow drop on the face of Imperial. As he stands up he notices the clock on the Hell-Tron counting down from :10 and readies himself for the next competitor...




From the fire marches Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis!!!!!!

Here comes a big man!

Oswald stomps steadily to the ring and climbs in. Oswald stares at McBride who remained still waiting for him in the ring. Ellsworth signals to McBride to take out Oswald together, McBride nods.

I think that's what it's going to take to get someone the size of Broken Oswald out of this Rumble early.

I think they're wasting their time! Trust me, I've managed big men in my day. Andre the Giant, for example. The man could take on seven men at once, Monsoon! It's going to take more than tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum here.

McBride signals for the attack and takes one step before stopping as Ellsworth goes pedal to the floor right into Oswald's grasp!

I told you, Monsoon! Never trust an Irishman!

Oswald picks up James Ellsworth like nothing and tosses him into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!

Eliminated by Broken Oswald - James Ellsworth

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

Oswald screams out and points at McBride! Imperial is to his feet now and readies himself next to McBride. Oswald rushes in and takes both of them out with a clothesline from each arm. He picks up McBride and lifts him up over his head, only to drop him back down to the mat behind him.

Not there, stupid! Out of the ring!

Oswald turns around and pulls Imperial the rest of the way to his feet and lifts him up on his shoulders! He carries him around the ring a couple of steps before slamming him down with a powerslam.

Broken Oswald walked in and took over this rumble, Heenan.

Just like I told you, Monsoon. Oswald is going to pick apart this guys one by one and walk out of here the winner, because there isn't one man here that can take down-----

You were saying?

Calypso emerges from the hellfire and panics trying to put out his purple bolo which was the only thing to catch fire on his way through! He throws it on the ground, it bursts into snakes, and they all slither away! He bounces around the stage a couple of times, smacks himself in the face, and jogs to the ring!

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11-26-2017, 05:35 PM
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[Image: D7D1uhO.png?1]

Danny Imperial

Michael McBride

Broken Oswald

It's Calypso! Calypso has entered the Shove It Rumble!

Calypso continues to jog down to the ring at a stead pace. He reaches the apron and points to all of the competitors in the ring, including Oswald, McBride, and Imperial. Imperial and McBride are still down, the only man standing in the ring is Broken Oswald! He waits for Calypso to take a couple of steps and slams him down the mat with a forearm!

Calypso just collapsed like a cardboard box, Heenan!

A wet cardboard box!

He picks Calypso up and sets him up for a powerbomb! He lifts him up and slams him down hard in the center of the ring! McBride attacks the back of Oswald with a hammerfist and barely budges the big man. Oswald turns around and pushes McBride away with one hand and takes his attention back to Calypso. McBride dives at Oswalds right leg and finally takes the big man down to one knee! Imperial is to his feet now and rushes over, planting Broken Oswald on his back with a clothesline!

Down goes Oswald!

Now good luck getting him up to throw him out!

Imperial and McBride are eye balling each other once again. These two have seen people come and go in this rumble already with not much team work from either.

It IS every man for himself, Monsoon!

Imperial starts hitting Oswald in the chest and stomach with his boots. McBride follows as Calypso gathers his bearings in the corner then rushes over and joins in the beating! Oswald takes every boot, but manages to fight to his hands and knees.

Three men struggling to keep this behemoth down!

Imperial switches to forearms while Calypso an McBride continue laying the boots to Oswald's back. Oswald manages to get a foot down then springs up in an explosion of momentum! He bellows aloud and begins fighting each of the men off one by one, switching between them!

Fists are flying everywhere, Brain!

I think we're close to another entrant!

The timer reaches :10 on the screen and the fans begin counting down again as Broken Oswald fights off Danny Imperial, Michael McBride, and Calypso!

McBride takes a hard fist to the face and falls back into the corner, Calypso got caught with a boot, and Imperial just got nailed with an elbow!




Here you go Heenan!


You wanted talent? You can't argue that a former Univeral Champion isn't talented!

Get off my case, Monsoon!

I just want you to admit that this even has been filled with talent!

And agree with you? Over my dead body!

Very funny!

Chris Chaos sprints out from the hellfire and rushes to the ring like a bullet! He runs across the apron and straight to the top rope where he dives off and nails Oswald, who was the only one standing in the center of the ring, with a missile drop kick!!

Chaos coming out like a ball of fire!

He goes straight over to Calypso and starts hammering down on him in the corner! He throws Calypso out from the corner towards the corner Imperial was sitting in, but the Hart Champion steps out uses the momentum to throw Calypso awkwardly into the corner with a suplex! McBride attacks McBride and the two take their fight across the ring.

Oswald steps up behind Chaos and grabs him atop his shoulders...

Oswald never went down from that drop kick, he just absorbed it and stared at Chaos as he went after Calypso!

Oswald grabs Chaos by his head with both hands and throws him across the ring!

Bodies are flying everywhere out here, Brain!

McBride is working on Imperial in the corner beside the mayhem going on. Oswald steps to the corner where Chaos and Calypso are lying and goes after Calypso first. He picks him up and hits Calypso with the DELETION!!

Oh! Did ya see that, Monsoon? Calypso is dead.

Oswald gets to his feet and takes a boot to the face from Chris Chaos who came running out of the corner! Oswald goes down! Chaos focuses on Calypso now and picks him up! Equalizer on Calypso in the middle of the ring!!!!

Calypso is being punished!

Danny Imperial and Michael McBride bring their battle out to the middle of the ring where Calypso is lying unconcious. Oswald stands over Calypso and gets bumped into by McBride! Oswald turns around and pushes McBride hard into the corner! Imperial moves aside as McBride is thrown by him and hits hard in the corner. Chaos cracks Danny Imperial in the jaw with the Wrong Side of the Tracks!!!


Danny Imperial's eyes just rolled in the back of his head. I could see that from here.

Imperial lies flat on his back after taking all of the kick from Chaos. Meanwhile, Oswald picked up a dead Calypso and threw him into the same corner as McBride! McBride ducks down and back body drops Calypso out into the the hellfire!!!!!

Eliminated by Michael McBride - Calypso

That's it for Calypso!

Oswald rushes the corner and squashes McBride! The crowd begins to count down from ten as Chaos stands and waits center ring while Oswald works on McBride and Danny Imperial still lies on his back behind him!




It's the Universal Champion, Robbie Bourbon!

Robbie Bourbon emerges from the hellfire and walks slowly towards the ring, only stopping at the top of the ramp for a moment to look out to the demonic crowd cheering and jeering him alike. He enters the ring and gets immediate work from Chris Chaos!

Former champion versus current champion! Here we go!

Imperial is gaining some life back from being hit with the Wrong Side of the Tracks from Chaos a bit earlier. He takes his time reaching a corner to assist him gaining his feet.

Oswald has McBride beaten down in the corner and has started to work on getting him over the top rope. McBride has resisted enough to not allow Oswald to simply pick him up and lift him over.

Robbie Bourbon has fought back against Chris Chaos, but with interference from Danny Imperial, Bourbon is pushed to the corner. Imperial attack Chaos and shoves him into the corner adjacent to the one the Universal Champ is occupying.

I bet the Hart Champ's jaw is still sore from that kick, Brain!

Imperial has taken a beating in this match, Monsoon, I don't think I'd be messing around with a guy like Chris Chaos right now!

I told you! The guy has heart!

I'm going home.

Imperial lifts Chris Chaos up on the turnbuckle and climbs to the second. He grabs him around the waist and throws him over his shoulder!

Imperial has been suplexing the entire roster tonight!

Imperial sees Oswald continually trying to remove Michael McBride from the rumble and runs over to assist! On his way over, Robbie Bourbon stops him!

Is Robbie just talking to Danny Imperial?

This isn't the first time someone's tried colluding with Imperial! I wouldn't trust him either, Danny!

Robbie heads towards the corner with Oswald and McBride, but Imperial grabs him and sends him across the ring! Bourbon bounces off the ropes and smacks Imperial with a solid shoulder and Imperial goes down again!

The Hart Champion showing a bit more wear and tear than Universal Champion here.

I thought he had heart, Monsoon?!

Shut up!

Chaos is up on his feet and started over towards Oswald and McBride. McBride managed to fight his way out of the corner, but still hasn't gained much ground on Broken Oswald. Chaos cracks the big man in the leg with a quick kick followed up by a high enziguri!

Times almost up, Monsoon! Who's next?




It's Jim Caedus! One of the two 24/7 Briefcase holders! And there are TWO XWF Champions in the ring right now!

The possibilities are endless in the XWF!

Caedus runs out from the fire and brimstone and rushes down to the ring with a mixed reaction from the demons!! He enters the ring and goes after the big man Broken Oswald who is still on the mat recovering from kick from Chaos! Chaos helps with with own pair of boots to the back of the head of the broken one! McBride joins in too!

A beat-down on Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis for the second time in this match and it doesn't look like he's as quick to get us this time!

Caedus lifts Oswald up as Chaos steps back. McBride helps with the big man and moves him towards the ropes. Oswald fights back though! He elbows McBride across the head and sends him flying backwards and pushes Caedus away with one hand! Chaos goes to rush in, but stop as Oswald was waiting for him!

Ya know, I think Chris Chaos is smarter than he looks!

Oswald was waiting for him, but now what is he going to do?!

Caedus didn't take the shove to kindly and pounced right back with a combination of precise kicks and punches to different limbs of the giant.

Robbie Bourbon is still going to work on Danny Imperial, but not for long as McBride diverts his attention to the Universal Champion! This gives Imperial enough time to catch his breath away from the action.

Jim Caedus is doing his best to keep the giant Broken Oswald at bay!

Imperial rests on one knee against the ropes while Chris Chaos looks around the ring trying to pin point his next target. In another corner, Robbie Bourbon fights off the attacks made by Micahel McBride.....

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11-26-2017, 07:41 PM
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[Image: WQOhJbq.png?1]

Danny Imperial

Michael McBride

Broken Oswald

Chris Chaos

Robbie Bourbon

Jim Caedus

Like a lumberjack, Jim Caedus continues to chop down at the giant Broken Oswald!

Robbie Bourbon and Michael McBride are battling on the other side of the ring. Chris Chaos is in one corner and Danny Imperial is in another, both noticing each other biding their own times.

Imperial slowly creeps over to the battle McBride and Bourbon are having. Chaos sees what he is doing and approaches them, himself. Imperial attacks McBride and pulls him away from Robbie Bourbon. Robbie doesn't see Chaos coming and gets cracked with a superkick to the side of the chin!

Wrong Side of the Tracks on the Universal Champion!

Bourbon falls backwards and goes top heavy on the ropes! Chaos steps back and cracks him in the chin again!

Another one!

Bourbon falls even more over the ropes, Chaos rushes in and lifts him the rest of the way out into the LAKE OF FIRE!!

Eliminated by Chris Chaos - Robbie Bourbon

The Universal Champion has been eliminated!

Across the ring, Oswald has lifted Caedus up and slammed him into the turnbuckle! Caedus groans out in agony, but fights back immediately!

If anyone's brought any fight into this match, I know it's Jim Caedus, Monsoon!

I've never known him not to bring the fight, Brain!

The guy's like a lion.

We're seconds away from the next entrant!




Here comes Butch Holliday!


Butch steps out from the hellfire and runs to the ring ready for action! He steps through and joins the fight with Jim Caedus against Broken Oswald!

Everyone comes in and goes right for the big guy! When are they going to smarten up and just get rid of the guy?

I don't think Oswald is making it easy on anyone in the ring tonight, Brain!

Imperial is laying the boots to McBride in the corner while Chaos once again bides his time in the corner!

Chris Chaos, on the other hand, is making it look VERY easy.

He just eliminated the Universal Champ, Monsoon! He's on top of the world right now! Well, not literally.

All the men continue their work as time ticks down again and the crowd counts down!




Here comes Jamaican Jimmy!

Jimmy runs through the hellfire and down to the ring! He springboards up onto the ropes and jumps across and is caught mid air by Oswald as he's beating around the ring by Caedus and Butch Holliday! He throws Jimmy across the ring at both Jim Caedus and Butch and catches them both!

Cross-body by Jamaican Jimmy! What a move!

Are you serious?

What? I thought i was a good move!

Caedus, Butch, and Jamaican Jimmy are down. Imperial and McBride are still in their own corner and are the longest standing men in the rumble. Chaos and Oswald stand in separate corners, but not before Oswald notices Chaos by himself. Oswald stomps over, but Chaos was ready for him.

It looks like Broken Oswald is out for blood again, Brain!

Chaos rolls out of the corner and Oswald follows him around. Butch sits up and trips Oswald on his way by, which stops the monster in his tracks. He reaches down and grabs Butch by the throat and picks him up to his feet. Butch struggles but can't break the hold. Jimmy gets to his feet and begins landing shots on the chest of Oswald, but they don't seem to be affecting him. Oswald grabs Jimmy by the throat, as well! Next, Jim Caedus gets to his feet and stares Oswald directly in the eye before hitting him with Wrexus Plexus!!!!

Woah! Nailed him!

Never thought I'd see that!

Oswald flies back from getting kicked directly in the chest and takes Jimmy and Butch with him! Still holding onto both men, even after getting the Wrexus Plexus to the chest, he stands up with both men still locked in chokes. Caedus looks at him in disbelief and rushes after him again, but gets speared by Chaos!!!!!! Oswald picks up Jamaican Jimmy with one arm and slams him down, then sets Butch up for another Deletion!!!!




Here comes the next competitor! Number 12!!!

It's Scully!!

Scully rushes out from the fire and runs straight to the ring!

Scully is an XWF Veteran folks! Multi-time champion, including a former Universal Championship reign! A strong favorite for tonight's rumble!

Scully? That guy couldn't fix a sandwich, Monsoon, let alone his career.

What's wrong with his career, Brain?

The guy is the definition of a downward spiral. He recently challenged our host of the evening to a match. One on one.

Who? D'Ville?

That's right.

Well, what is he? Unchallengable?

I plead the fifth.

I beg your pardon?

I plead the fifth.

You're unbelievable.

Scully hops into the ring and attacks Chris Chaos! He lays punches on his back and drops him down with a quick DDT! Oswald rushes after Scully, but Scully ducks and runs into the ropes! He holds onto them as he bounces off, but Oswald still lifts the boot! It throws him off balance and Scully catches him with a drop kick!

Oswald stumbles back and runs into Imperial and McBride who have been fighting back and forth for quite some time now! Jamaican Jimmy and Butch Holliday are still down and Scully and Chaos are back to battling it out!

Imperial and McBride both turn their attention to Oswald now and begin wearing down the big man even more!

These three; Danny Imperial, Michael McBride, and Broken Oswald are the three longest surivors in this rumble, Brain!

Within the first five! These guys have to be wearing out!

If they're wearing out, they're not showing it...

Gorilla Monsoon is right as the three men battle with their fists like they first entered the match. Imperial and McBride manage to work Broken Oswald back towards the center of the ring while the rest of the men in the ring begin to do so as well...

Uh, oh!

They're starting to gather!

Chris Chaos, Jim Caedus, Jamaican Jimmy, Scully, and Butch Holliday all join Danny Imperial and Michael McBride in the center of the ring as they all beat down Broken Oswald!

Oswald tries fighting back, but can do nothing against the seven men. He is slowly worn down to the mat...

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[Image: pG52V2S.png?1]

Danny Imperial

Michael McBride

Broken Oswald

Chris Chaos

Jim Caedus

Butch Holliday

Jamaican Jimmy


The seven men continue to beat down on Broken Oswald! They all lift him back to his feet and push him into the corner.... All at once they lift him up and throw Broken Oswald into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Eliminated by Danny Imperial, Michael McBride, Chris Chaos, Jim Caedus, Butch Holliday, Jamaican Jimmy, and Scully - Broken Oswald Autem Sephtis

See? It took half the locker room to eliminate him.

I was never arguing with you about it, Brain. Would you just stop it?

I'm just saying I've managed big men. I know how they work.

McBride watches a little to close the ropes as Broken Oswald sinks and gets topped head over heels by Danny Imperial!!!

Watch it!


Michael McBride just took his plunge into the fire, folks! Two quick elminations here from two men that have stuck it out for a long time!

Eliminated by Danny Imperial - Michael McBride

The crowd begins counting down as all of the competitors stand idle in the ring for a moment as they scale each other up.




Here comes one half of the Disintigrators!!

Johnny "Twisted" Steele!!!

Johnny Steele rushes out from the hellfire and straight into the ring! As soon as he jumps into the ring all of the men progress in a battle with each other. Caedus and Butch battle it out! Chris Chaos and Jamaican Jimmy are back and forth! Danny Imperial and Scully are tied up in a corner! Steele looks between the three battles and attacks Scully from behind!

Johnny Steele not hesitant to jump in the fray, Brain!

I ran into the Disintigrators backstage, Monsoon.

Did ya?

Yeah, they said that the Disintigrators are going in it to win it tonight and if it came down to the two of them... They'd draw straws.

Who told you that?

They did!

Would you just call the match?

When Scully turned around to face his attacker, Imperial blew through both of them with a clothesline. Steele went one way and Scully another. Across the ring, Jamaican Jimmy is locked in a cross-face and half hanging out of the ring with Chris Chaos. Caedus has Butch in another corner.




Here comes the Bearded War Pig!!

Oink! Oink!! Monsoon!

Bearded War Pig jumps out of the fire and runs to the ring!!! He steps through the middle rope and meets Johnny Steele as he reaches his feet with a clothesline! Butch Holliday escaped the corner with Caedus and stomps out to the middle of the ring, but gets met with a drop kick from BWP! Imperial is right there and gets slammed down with a side walk slam! Scully then attacks and he and BWP wrestle into a corner!

Butch stumbles back to the corner after the drop kick right into a hip toss by Jim Caedus to the outside!!! Butch falls into the LAKE OF FIRE!!

That's it for Butch Holliday everyone!

Eliminated by Jim Caedus - Butch Holliday

Chaos throws Jamaican Jimmy up on his shoulders looking for the Equalizer, but Jimmy tangles himself up in the ropes. Chaos takes advantage of it and dumps Jimmy off over the ropes and he lands on his feet on the apron.

This may not be a very good place!

Why would you say that? It's just as hot in Jamaica, Monsoon.

Chaos backs up and kicks Jamaican Jimmy off the apron and into the LAKE OF FIRE!!

Eliminated by Chris Chaos - Jamaican Jimmy

Another elimination!

Just in time for a replacement!




Well, that's random.

That's who it is! Random!

What's he wearing?

Random rushes to the ring in a nuns outfit. Head to toe. He reaches the ring and steps in through the middle rope.

Well, that's hardly appropriate.

Are there actual boundaries here, Monsoon? If there are I've missed them.

Random jumps after Chaos and Caedus and doesn't fair well as the two had no time for him and beat him down in a corner.

BWP and Scully are still neck and neck in the corner. Every is just beating the hell out of each other. Imperial has Johnny Steele wrapped in a headlock trying to wear him down. Random tries his luck with Scully and BWP next.

As he approaches them, BWP feels his presence and turns around. As soon as he does he lunges out and headbutts Random right between the eyes! Random staggers back towards the center of the ring as Scully and BWP follow him! BWP grabs Random and throws him into the corner where Scully is waiting and lifts Random up and over into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!

Eliminated by Scully - Random

Once again, just in time for another competitor to enter!

At least it's not getting too overcrowded in there, right Monsoon?




Here comes the other half of the Disintigrators!!

Dangerous Dave Mustang bursts through the flames and rests on a silver-black phantom bike. He gets off of it and rushes to the ring to join his partner in the action!

We can expect some definite teamwork out of Dave Mustang and Johnny Steele, Brain! Let's watch these two clean house!

Mustang goes to the rescue of his partner who is still tangled up with Danny Imperial. The FIRST entrant to this rumble! Mustang attacks Imperial from behind with fists and kicks and pulls his partner to safety. Both men begin going to work on the Hart Champion in the corner.

Chaos and Caedus have gone back and forth from the two adjacent corners trying to get the other out, but neither will budge. BWP Irish whips Scully into the opposite ropes at the same time Chaos does it to Caedus. Scully and Caedus collide in the center of the ring and fall to the mat. BWP doesn't hesitate and rushes across the ring and shoulder blocks Chaos into the ropes!! Chaos nearly falls out of the ring!!

Oink! Oink! Mother fucker!

Imperial has managed to fight out of the corner against the Disintigrators and wraps an arm around each one of them... He lifts them up into the air and suplexes them backwards out of the ring at the same time!!! Both Dave Mustang and Johnny Steele spill into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Another one bites the dust!

That's another elimination for Danny Imperial! Another TWO actually! This guy is insane!

Eliminated by Danny Imperial - Danger Dave Mustang and Johnny Steele

Caedus reaches his feet and looks down at Scully. He goes to pick him up, but Scully kicks him in the head! BWP has Chaos and backs him into a corner. The two sides of the ring begin their own separate battles again as Danny Imperial stands alone in the center. He looks to each side then rushes over to Jim Caedus and slams against him and Scully in the corner! He bounces off of them and rushes across the ring and does the same to BWP and Chaos!

BWP turns around, Chaos takes advantage and kicks him in the gut! He picks up BWP looking for an Equalizer, but Caedus made it across the ring to kick Chaos in the gut! He drops BWP!

Why would he do that?

Caedus grabs Chaos by the head and slams it off of the turnbuckle! Imperial, who started this current mess, pulls back on Caedus's hair and Irish whips him across the ring! Imperial swings, but Caedus ducks! He bounces off the ropes again and gets caught with the WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS!!! Chris Chaos with the superkick out of nowhere!!

Jim is fading!!

He stumbles back across the ring! Imperial runs after him and spears him!!! Caedus falls through the ropes and to the outside into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Oh no!! Watch out!

Well, that's a shame.

I'll say! Jim Caedus wasn't eliminated!

It's not like he can climb back into the ring, Monsoon!

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Here's 12 hours of working on this off and on today. I'm gonna go do something else for the rest of the night and maybe sleep. The rest will be up early tomorrow, promise. Hope it's been fun.

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OOC: *Looks around with my dick in right hand and bowl of extra buttery popcorn in left* Can't wait for more, have a good night.

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OOC: Loving the show so far, I appreciate the effort you put into this so much dude.

The Unchained Prince

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[Image: zBj05eT.png?1]

Danny Imperial

Chris Chaos



BWP grabs Chaos from behind and picks him up then slams him down with a takedown! He keeps his hands locked around him and wrestles him to the ground. Scully took advantage of Imperials back being turned after spearing Caedus out of the ring and now has the upper-hand.




It's Bilbo Brommer!!

Bilbo hobbles down to the ring and climbs through the bottom rope. He joins the fun with Chaos and BWP, but just gets kicked around from the men fighting. BWP has Chaos in a headlock and actually takes the time to kick BIlbo in the head before getting back to work on Chaos. Bilbo turns around and walks over to Scully who is wearing down Imperial across the ring and drops an elbow on Scully's knee! Scully shrieks in pain and looks at Bilbo with a disgusted look as if to say, "What the fuck?!" And lets go of Danny Imperial to face the little monster.

Bilbo is doing his best to find a fight here, Brain.

It looks like he may have found one!

Scully liicks his lips as he's ready to attack but gets slammed from behind from Danny Imperial! All of a sudden 'Ready Steady Go' starts to play throughout the colliseum....

Wait a minute!

Can it be?!

Jim Caedus emerges once again through the flame and rushes to the ring!!!

It is! Jim Caedus is back!

But how?! He fell into the fire, Monsoon!

I don't have answers, Brain! All I know is that Jim Caedus was never eliminated in the first place, and now he's back in it!

He's rested up! How is this fair for the other competitors?!

Caedus runs and literally hurdles over the top rope and finds Imperial.

Mister Imperial is the one that speared Caedus out of the ring to begin with... I can see where Caedus could have a bone to pick with him.

Danny Imperial would be the last guy I'd be concerned with right now. The guy is a slug! He's been in the match since the very start!

He doesn't look like much of a slug to me, Brain...

A slug with heart! How about that?

Ugh... Oh, look! The actual counter is ready to get down to zero! We'll have a new entrant! Number 18!!

See? Caedus screwed the flow of this match ALL up! It's been a sequence this entire time until he showed back up.

The crowd counts down!!




Chasm steps out from the flames!!

Here comes Chasm at number 18! Only three competitors left folks!

Finally!! When are you making your surprise entrance into the rumble, Monsoon? Last?

*Laughs* Well, if I was that's where I'd like to be!

Figures, ya coward.

Well! What would you do?!

I'd come in at #1 just like Danny Imperial did and run the whole damn thing.

The slug, huh?

I'm not saying HE'S in it to win it, Monsoon. Don't put words in my mouth. I'm saying I'd get the job done, that's all.

Chasm has made his way to the ring fans and looks like he wants a piece of Chris Chaos!

He enters the ring right as Bilbo Brommer finally found his piece of Chris Chaos as he rushes over and starts humping Chaos's leg!! Chaos can't shake him! He looks to BWP with almost a look of help as their own battle has been put on hold! BWP kicks and punches at the relentless Bilbo but to no avail!! Chaos manages to pick his leg up with Bilbo still attached and rest it on the top turnbuckle!! BWP runs across and headbutts Bilbo off of Chaos's leg and into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!

Eliminated by BWP - Bilbo Brommer

Chasm waited patiently for that nonsense to end and came up behind Chaos!! Chasm spins Chaos around and tries picking him up, but Chaos blocks and picks up Chasm instead!! EQUALIZER!!!! Chaos grabs Chasm and throws him like nothing over the top rope and into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!

There's two more quick eliminations!!

We're getting down to the nitty gritty here!




Just then the lights dim and a spotlight begins circling and swirling around the crowd! The spotlight stops on Doctor Louis D'Ville who is nearly blinded by it. He waves as a smaller spotlight appears beside him. Out comes Mini Morbid wheeling out a large cannon!!

What in the world do we have here?

It looks to me like a midget with a cannon, Monsoon.

Everyone in the ring stopped and is watching up towards Doc's throne where this is happening.

Morbid looks up to the good doctor and gives a respectful bow before signalling for a drumroll, lighting the fuse, and climbing inside the cannon. After a few seconds the drum roll stops and the cannon blasts off shooting Mini Morbid like a bullet out of it! He soars straight towards the ring........

And straight through the ring!!!

Oh no!!

There is now a Mini Morbid shaped hole just of the center of the ring where the LAKE OF FIRE is exposed within!

That should make things interesting.

Another hazard in the ring. I'll say.

Oh, relax, Monsoon. It's a rabbit hole!

Chris Chaos runs over to a Scully who became too curious of the hole and tried tripping him in!!! Scully begins losing his balance and falls ass first into it and gets stuck!!! Caedus grabs Imperial and tries slinging him to the outside, but Imperial has some fight left in him and grabs the rope and pulls himself back in! BWP jumps over a stuck Scully and attack Chris Chaos!!

Scully seems to be in quite a predicament here!

You smell something? I smell something cooking.

We're just a few seconds away from our last entrant!!

The crowd begins counting down from ten as all of the competitors, minus Scully, all fight in the ring!




It's Lacertus!!

This is it! The home stretch!

Lacertus walks out from the hellfire and slowly marches to the ring!! He steps over the top rope and looks down at Scully who also makes eye contact and begins struggling even more to get out! Suddenly, the ring begins to shake! All of the competitors try their best to keep their balance! Scully screams out as he's blasted out from the hole and is shot several feet into the air! A tiny red bullet shoots out from the hole like Super Mario and lands on his feet in the middle of the ring!

It's Mini Morbid!!

What?! How?!

Doctor D'Ville sits up on his throne, applauding and laughing aloud.

At least Doc's enjoying himself.

Mini Morbid stands in the middle of the ring, cherry red and smoking like a little lava baby. He points to Scully and bounces off the rope shooting at him like a torpedo! Scully thinks fast and knees Mini as he gets there, bobbling him like a soccer ball, then back kicks Morbid out into the crowd completely missing the LAKE OF FIRE!!! The demons and ghouls in the front row play hot potato with him and crowd surf him back to the front and toss him IN!!!!

Eliminated by Scully and the fans - Mini Morbid

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Danny Imperial

Chris Chaos

Jim Caedus




We are down to our final six folks!

Only one can win!

Lacertus towers over most of the men in the ring. He's the freshest and definitely the strongest body in there right now so all five men go after him! He fights them off with ease, one by one. He tosses BWP into the corner then grabs Danny Imperial and hammers down on his face! Imperial stumbles away as Scully begins his attack only to be blocked, kicked, and thrown down! Chaos and Caedus attack together with drop kicks!! They bounce off of Lacertus, who bounces back into the ropes.... BWP is jumping off the second rope with a diving shoulder charge, but Lacertus catches him mid-air!! He carries BWP to the side and tosses him over into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!!

Eliminated by Lacertus - Bearded War Pig

Scully is back and follows up with another attack on Lacertus!! He has the bigger man teetering as Imperial comes over to give him a hand! Lacertus tries battling back, but Chaos and Caedus rush across the ring and help them finish the job!!!

Eliminated by Scully, Danny Imperial, Chris Chaos, and Jim Caedus - Lacertus

We're down to four folks!! Danny Imperial was the first to enter!! Will he be the last to leave?! Will he leave at all?!! Chris Chaos and Jim Caedus have been fighting a while too!! Scully has been on fire!! Who's going to take it?!!

Each man occupies a corner. Scully is the first to step out as Chaos and Caedus hang behind. Imperial meets Scully in the middle of the ring and look over to the other two. Chaos and Caedus look to one another and rush the middle! A four-man brawl starts!

Here we go!!! The final blows are going to be taken right here, Monsoon!!!

No man has a real target, they're just slinging fists! Scully begins boxing his way out of the middle and works everyone back! Chaos comes out of nowhere with the WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS ON SCULLY!!!

Oh my! He caught all of that one!! Scully's jaw could be broken.... Wait!!

Scully falls right into Caedus who picks him up!!!!

Imperial rushed in but missed his attack on Chaos!! Chaos has Imperial up!!!!

Katabasis and the Equalizer simultaneously in the ring!!!!!!

Scully and Imperial are out cold in the middle of the ring!!

Chaos looks at Caedus and Caedus back at Chaos...... They each grab their man and toss them out into the LAKE OF FIRE!!!!!

Eliminated by Jim Caedus - Scully

Eliminated by Chris Chaos - Danny Imperial

And there was two.

The fans go estatic as the rumble is finally coming to a close. Both Chris Chaos and Jim Caedus circle the ring, both avoiding the Mini Morbid sized hole in it, and focus 100% on scaling each other up one final time.


The entire collisiem begins to rumble.

Oh now what?!

We're out of entrants, right?!

Yes! I think?

The lights go black!!!!

A red spotlight appears in the ring where the Mini Morbid sized hole is..... Ascending from the hole is none other than...............


Okay, what's Doc doing down there?

I'm afraid to ask.

The red spotlight grows wider until is covers the entire ring. Doc steps in the middle as Caedus and Chaos get ready for a fight. Doc looks over to them both and laughs.

Not today, my friends. The good doctor did not come here to fight. In fact, quite the opposite.

What's he up to?

Chaos and Caedus look to one another, not fooled by Doc's words they keep their dukes up, ready for anything.

This is the second year in a row that I've been allowed to host one of the biggest event of the year right here in my back yard. And as much of a prick that he is, Mister Lane has been so kind to allow me to reward some of the greatest gifts any competitor could ask for. Last year, as you all know, we crowned a new XWF Xtreme Champion. It didn't exactly pan out, am I right?

Who's he talking about?

Who cares?

This year, won't be much different. As I have something in my possession that many have tried to take, but could not. For well over a year, I, and I alone, have carried a burden that not only restricted me, but haunted me constantly. These days I'm not much for forced work, but as each month passed, that's what it seemed to turn into. The aching chatter of every little bug that thought they had something going for them. The constant, pathetic groveling that I've heard throughout my career of just giving someone a chance. Nonsense. So, without any further delay, I'm washing my hands of it.

He doesn't mean?

Demons, ghouls, spirits, and XWF....

Your winners.

And the new

XWF Tag Team Champions

Chris Chaos and Jim Caedus!!!!!!!

Chaos and Caedus look at one another speechless as the XWF Tag Team Title belts appear from thin air around their waist.

You've gotta be kidding?! Doc is relinquishing his titles?! He's had them forever!

The weight of a champion is sometimes to heavy to bare, Monsoon!

I'll tell him you said that.

Don't do that to me.

Caedus and Chaos still aren't sure what to say as the good doctor stands beside them, a hand on each shoulder before he raises their arms in the air in victory!!!

Winners and NEW XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Chris Chaos and Jim Caedus

I think that's all the time we have, fans. It's a been a pleasure! Brain, same to you!

See you in Hell, Monsoon!

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11-27-2017, 10:10 AM
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That was fucking awesome. From the kick off and through the roleplay cycle (excellent work from all of you Lacertus, BDub, Oz, McBride, I personally enjoyed all your writing very much, and especially Scully ((goddamn hilarious TT, fam)), Chris ((bro, fuckin A great job)) and Danny ((Danny, you blow my fuckin mind with your work, fucking elite talent)). You all kicked major fuckin ass), the match itself was unbelievable (the commentary as well was spot on Brain and Gorilla, nostalgic af) and the twist at the end was the biggest shock I've had since the Top 50 honors (Chris its an honor to share this with you). Thank you guys for making this show such a badass battle.

Doc thank you for putting this all together and delivering an epic (Oz you too for the Punjabi Shove-It, this concept rocks and I'm grateful the two of you have taken the time to give us all an extra challenge) and Doc...the prize...I bow to you sir. That's fucking amazing, thank you for that honor and the opportunity to begin with, fam.

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I hope that everyone enjoyed my screwy little rumble. It was a lot of fun to write up in every aspect. From my favorite commentary team of Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan, to the awesome participation from those who did, and the awesome plans I had weeks leading up to it.

Congrats to Chaos and Caedus on taking over as Tag Champs. I hope you guys are happy with the prize and carry it on like two of the best champs we could ever have. You guys put forth great effort, with or without the stamina bars or your order in the rumble. I hope that I displayed with my writing that truly ANYone could have won, with the right amount of work and their number of entry. Danny Imperial put on some awesome work this week and I hope I made it show. If it wasn't for my method of results, he could've have won! Scully had a magical spot in the entry draft too and could've walked away with one half of the titles.

I hope you enjoyed my twist and method of doing it. It's a gamble, but has the potential to pay off in the long run. I'll be sure to reward those who did the best in certain categories with Xbux or something when I get around to it as an extra thank-you for those who aren't Jim Caedus or Chris Chaos.

Thanks again. I hope this year was just as epic as last year, if not more, and I hope to host another rumble again!


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Oh, snap new tag champions!

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OOC: That was a fun read. Good show, Doc. Enjoyed it from start to finish. Congrats to the NEW Tag-Team Champions, Jim Caedus and Chris Chaos :)

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So, I'mma tell ya what I liked about this. For starters, there was clearly a lot of effort put into the results. They were fun, well written, and I too must give props for the Brain and Monsoon team.

But more than the results, the final twist was just so damn selfless. Doc, you gave up your own title to ensure that this event had a great payoff. That degree of sacrifice for the good of the fed is rarely seen and I just wanted to let you know, as some one who didn't even participate, that it was noticed and appreciated so goddamn much. You made a call for the good of the entire XWF and your fellow players when you had absolutely no obligation t do so. Thank you.

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[shadow=orange]Congratulations My APEX BROTHER![/shadow]

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The Omega

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Post: #18
The results did not disappoint, thanks for writing Imperial so well Doc. I loved everything you did with him and the other commentators. Another massive props for the commentary team, phenomenally entertaining.

The titles passing onto Jimmy and Chaos is also well deserved, I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

The Unchained Prince

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(11-27-2017 05:11 PM)Maddy and Engy Said:  So, I'mma tell ya what I liked about this. For starters, there was clearly a lot of effort put into the results. They were fun, well written, and I too must give props for the Brain and Monsoon team.

But more than the results, the final twist was just so damn selfless. Doc, you gave up your own title to ensure that this event had a great payoff. That degree of sacrifice for the good of the fed is rarely seen and I just wanted to let you know, as some one who didn't even participate, that it was noticed and appreciated so goddamn much. You made a call for the good of the entire XWF and your fellow players when you had absolutely no obligation t do so. Thank you.

Doc is an all-around great dude and one of the best people to ever have anything to do with XWF. I'm happy to see hard work get appreciated, especially for someone as deserving as he.

Now, let's quit fagging up the joint.

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Love the show

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11-28-2017, 05:57 PM
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congrats JC.. shine em up for the KILLERS

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