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You thought I was gone?
09-12-2017, 11:10 AM
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I didn’t know how to run away,
So, he taught me how to turn around.
I didn’t know what else to say,
So, he taught me how to stand my ground.
I didn’t know which way to turn,
So, he said that I was never cornered,
I didn’t know what else to learn,
So, he helped me to keep moving forward.
I didn’t know what else to do,
So, he taught me how to focus,
I didn’t know what was true,
So, he awoke us.
When everyone else failed me,
His voice whispered, “Not me, but We.

[Image: 3MAM44A.gif]

“Who the fuck is this, paging me at five o’clock in the morning?”

Danny reaches to his bedside table, a pager straight from the 90’s was beeping obnoxiously on it. Its screen was lit up in that familiar green LED tone, with a single word blinking on it.


Rolling his eyes, he sat up on the bed, swinging his legs off at the side, out of the safety of his duvet. As the cold hit his shaven legs, his toes curled reactively. A shudder ran through his body as a yawn split through his lips. His arms stretched out above his head forcing his spine to pop several times, to his satisfaction.

“Too fucking early for this shit.”

He blinked once then, staring into blank space. A curious expression spread onto his face and he quickly looked down. He begins to touch his arms and his chest, followed by his face. With every new body part, a slow smile creeps across his face. As his teeth flash out, something else slips out of him, an all-encompassing laughter that rocked his body.

“Well, well, Danny boy. Looks like it wasn’t just a one-off deal… Huh?”

He said this out loud, reveling in the sound of his own voice. A pink flush ran across his skin, his eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy and the revelation dawned upon him. His hand continued to run across his body, reaching down his toned belly and rested on the waistband of his boxers. An evil look danced on his face as he flicked up the waistband. His teeth clenched down hard just then, eliciting a scream that Danny was forced to suppress. He could taste blood in his mouth, and with a grimace removed his hand from his drawers.

“Well, fuck you too Danny. All I wanted was a little play time, this is mine as much as it’s y-“

Danny choked on the last word, it seemed as if his mouth refused to open. His teeth grinded painfully and he took a deep breath through his nose. Letting it out at the count of five, he felt his jaws relax.

“Fine. All will be well, why don’t you just rest up and enjoy this… Down time? I’ve got it all covered, friend o’ mine. I mean… We got it all covered, don’t we?”

Danny looked at the pager in his hand, he’d almost forgotten about it in light of the revelation. Clicking one of the few buttons on the ancient device, he checks to see what number the message was delivered from. His eyes narrow as one blinks one, recollection slapping him across this face.

[Image: 9505b444ca7fe83d301dd88f8319662619fd7122_hq.gif]

“What is it you want?”

The voice rings clear through the sound system, an impatient Danny Imperial taps his foot as he awaits a response. His arms are crossed over his chest, eyes furrowed in frustration.

“We make a deal, and you get injured, then you return and expect me to forget all about it?”

Danny’s expression relaxes for a split second as he fumbles for a response. His stance seems to relax before he gets himself back together and tenses up more than ever.

“We had a deal, and things didn’t go exactly as planned, we’re done now.”

The man, who’s back is to the camera begins to slightly shake in laughter.

“DONE! You think we’re done? We had a deal, and I always cash in on my deals.”

A look of uncertainty flashes across Danny’s face. This time, he really relaxes, dropping his arms to his side.

“B-but, you didn’t even have to do your part the last time, we got injured before we could even get to that bit.”

The man shakes his head in amused apology.

“You think my involvement in your little game… You think that was all I had hedged on this? I had far more, far more than you can even begin to imagine hedged on our little deal and you didn’t pull through. Opportunity cost, my dear Danny, that’s what you owe me. With interest, at that, Danny dear.”

Danny feels the anger course through his body, his veins begin to throb and his muscles tense visibly. His fingers dig into his palm as he unconsciously takes a step close to the man. Before he can say something he’d regret, however, his mouth seals itself shut.

Damnit Danny, we can take him. Who the fuck does he think he is?

No. Not now.

I said no, this is still my body you’re running, isn’t it?
Not for long, ugh.

Danny forces himself into a straight posture, his smile slowly coming back onto his face. His fingers ease themselves out of his palms, a trickle of blood being left in their wake.

“Of course, a man’s word is a man’s word. Who’d we be if we didn’t keep to the promises we made, yes?”

The man tilts his head just the slightest fraction up, angling his chin towards Danny.

“That’s what I thought. Remember your place, young Danny.”

Danny bows his head, with all his might forcing a smile onto his face. He turns on his heel and walks away from the individual.

The screen fades into a well lit room, the crackling of wooden logs in a fire can be heard in the background. The faint music of Mozart dancing its way into the speakers. The camera pans through the room to reveal an ensemble of beautiful furniture, books, paintings and artifacts that are carefully positioned across the room. The perfection is shattered by a loud thud, caused by the swinging open of the ornate wooden doors that act as the gate to this space.

[Image: 85226f67f19ff2be88d2cd4bfc785226.jpg]

“Get that camera focused on our face, We have got a word or two we would like to share, shitstain.”

The camera jerks hurriedly, blurring the image before focusing on the grotesquely skewed face of Danny Imperial. His eyes are strained, veins pulsing causing a dark red hue to fall upon them.

“If some fucking little piece of shit thinks he can tell us what to do, he’s got-“

A coughing fit catches him in his sentence, causing his eyes to bulge further and a vein to throb by his right temple. Danny takes a deep breath, and something calming seems to overwhelm his body. When he looks back up at the camera, his eyes are perfectly clear.

“We’re sorry for that… Outburst, sometimes we can’t really keep ourselves under control. You know how it is, temper and all. Once again, we apologise. We think it’s about time someone more… Composed took the reins. We know we’ve been awfully silent since those two quick left, rights by Chaos. Thought he could blindside us on the marketing front when we were busy… Dealing with other, more pressing issues.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Brand is far more than an odd match on Warfare, it’s far more than a return bout with a former Universal Champion and current top 50 freak show like Chaos. We’ve got… Much larger plans, if that’s any indicator of where our priorities lie.

However! We have not forgotten our devoted fans, those who’ve seen us dance before and have never forgotten us since. Those of you who walk in, week in and week out, holding up signs for your rightful King. Those of you who cry out for just a glimpse of the perfection that we are. Those of you who have been striking dates off the calendar till our anticipated return. For those of you… We have a promise. “

Danny’s head tilts away from the camera, before returning with a white smile. Light from the room reflexes off his teeth flashing a glare onto the camera.

“We promise to entertain.”

Danny throws up a pair of deuces.

“Dopamine, Seratonin, Endorphins and Oxytocin. Chemicals worth releasing.

You see, Chaos might be running his mouth about some fear or rather he thinks highly of. A man that has to walk about calling himself Chaotic when his Modus Operandi is as predictable as it gets? What exactly are we fearing, his ability to cheat without remorse? His flowing golden locks shrouding the thick phallus of whomever will let him run the show this week? We’re sorry, fear and attention seeking backstreet boys reject do not really go hand in hand.

Oh, dear Chrissy. We’ve been paying attention alright. It’s the fact that you think we care that the two of you are “no longer”, that amused us. You fucked us over as a couple, hell, you fucked a lot of us over as a couple. Just because you got bored off her herpes-spreading cunt, or maybe she got bored of your two-inch replacement for her vibrator, doesn’t mean that your slate is suddenly clean… Fella’. You think just because Trump fires everyone who’s spoken to Putin he’s suddenly not his bitch? You think just because Clinton fired Monica, he no longer had her suck his little soldier? Just because Vinny cleared his porn history doesn’t mean he wasn’t just stroking off to beautiful videos of himself he’d drunkenly uploaded to pornhub? Just because one of you chucked the other to the curb, doesn’t mean you both don’t have exactly the same array of puss-filled infections.

Oh, dear me, your crimes will stay with you for eternity buddy. That’s right, even after I smother both your faces into the dirt, grind them beyond recognition, you both will still be held accountable to your actions. That, my friend, is the unfortunate consequence of siding with the more… Morally questionable side of the business. Whilst the rest of us ached to improve ourselves, reach for higher heights, you succumbed to the desires of the flesh. Overwhelmed by your own ‘Amygdala’, churning out chemicals to remind you that your own end was nigh. Fear is a powerful tool, I don’t deny it, it’s helped you carry your worthless self thus far… There’s no doubting it, we can see it in your eyes, in your cries as you find a way to weasel out of demise. But fear is only good for as long as you can keep running.

Your track is up, the finish line looms closer with every passing second. Instead of a ribbon and cheering fans waiting for you at that final mark, however, there’s us. Danny Imperial. Standing, waiting for you, as you come hurtling towards us with all your strength. Running at full force, you brace for impact, bracing yourself for the crushing impact of running into a reinforced wall. You see, we aren’t the same individual you faced all those months ago, like you assumed. No, no, no. We’re no longer alone, we’ve never been stronger. For even the fastest man alive finished his last race in second place.

All your choices thus far, have led you to this. Be it wise or foolish, you will soon realise. Forget Gabe Reno, forget Steve Davids, we are no former Universal Champion, we are no XWF Legend. You’ve only faced us once, you’ve only seen us in action a handful of times. There’s only so much all of you know about us, you, Theo, Vinny, whoever else pretends like they’ve got a grip on this place. None of you know who we are, none of you are aware of what we bring to the table. Yes, we’ve had some bumps, yes, they’ve hurt us terribly… But is that not the beauty of development? Is that not what makes a new challenger ever so exciting? The little bumps and scraps we pick up along the way, they are stepping stones in propelling us to stardom… They’re all stepping stones towards the Universal Championship, they’re all rungs on a ladder towards becoming a true Legend.

You see, all of you see, that we’ve come to remind the world of our place. We’ve come to cement our position in the company, and we’ve been blessed to start with the man who we last had the opportunity of facing. What better way to reignite the flame beneath the rockets of our careers, than paint a new coat over our previous records? What clearer way to show the universe that we deserve greatness, than overcome the obstacle that stopped us last? What straighter path to glory than to smite he who took it away from us? Redemption is a beautiful thing, a second chance is a glorious thing. You can be assured the only chemicals we’ll be experiencing are those that come together to be described as joy and passion. For what do we have to fear from one we’ve already, does loss really scare us, when we’ve already experienced it? Who is there to fear, when your opponent foolishly believes he’s already won?”

Danny gives the camera his dashing smile, before he turns away from it’s focus. His right palm shoots up just then, slapping the side of his face still captured on the screen. His face jerks back to the camera, his hand covering the right side of it. With only half his face visible, his mouth cracks open.

“We apologise for being… Rudely cut off earlier. It’s nice to be back in charge. We almost fell asleep from that dreary trash that was tumbling out of our mouths, See. We usually like a unified front, see, but when the limelight is in question, sometimes we have to fight for exposure. But alls well that ends well, I like to say. Now that we’re back, we can actually tell Chaos exactly… Exactly what’s on our minds.

You see you fucking piece of scat on the underside of the XWF boot, you’re no longer needed. Fuck, you were never needed. The company just happened to step onto you and you saw a chance to steal some some… Some of the attention and you jumped at it. Stuck your scum-filled self to the business, and let your stench flow. You began to rot and infect the whole, causing everyone who came into contact to scrunch their nose and shirk away. Tell us one person you’ve left happier, one person who’s been genuinely pleased after dealing with your pathetic self. Not your opponents, not the establishment, not your teammates and fuck me, definitely not that whore you used to carry around.

You’ve left a sickening test in everyone’s mouth, and we’re here to stop that from happening again. Think of us like a refreshing dose of Listerine, or for those of you that aren’t raging alcoholics, that little bit of coke that helps you take down that disgusting tinge of vodka. That much needed session with your therapist after a hard week at work. We’ll be your doctors, your medicine and your cure. We’re coming to eradicate the XWF of your very presence. Not just beat, not just get the three count or the tap out, when we say eradicate, we mean eradicate. Exterminate like the vermin you are.

We see you like stories, we see you like analogies. Something about it just seemed familiar… Unoriginal even. So, we had Jackson go back through the archives and whip this sideshow out. Similar theme, same shit, you got some kind sick fetish for age regression? Liken your opponents to school children, yourself to some kind of school yard bully, does that make your shriveled up little pecker tingle with excitement? Hello! Is there some kind of porn category we could direct this gentleman to? Or maybe it’s just us, we didn’t bother looking through all the shit you put out there to see if it was a running theme with all of your opponents. This isn’t some playground brawl, and dear if you think you’re some fearsome bully, you’ve really punched above your weight limit. One thing that you can be sure of is, no school teacher is going to break this one up and mummy isn’t going to be waiting for you to cry to once we’re done with you. Fuck, if we were characters in your sick school fantasy, we’d be the kid with the balls to pull your pants down in front of the whole school to show them just what you’re busy compensating for.

Sick little fuck.

You’re a paradox. We’re both disgusted by you, and find ourselves salivating at the thought of crushing you. We hurt at the mere sight of you, yet cannot wait to make you scream in pain because of us. So many conflicting ideas, desires. Luckily for us, we’re so used to drastically different voices in our heads it doesn’t fucking matter! We can have it all! Throw up whilst clawing your eyes out, squeeze our eyes shut whilst smashing your brains into the mat. Ooohwheee! Aren’t you excited? You better fucking be, because it’s going to be one hell of a ride and you’re in the front seat. Danny might want to entertain the masses but, fuck, Mr Imperial cannot wait to entertain you. So be sure to play with all your toys and read up that underaged fanfiction you’re in the middle of, because once we’re done with you this Wednesday the only thing you’ll be doing is slurping Jennyjuices out of a wide straw.”

Danny lunges towards the camera, knocking it off the camera man’s shoulders and onto the floor. The screen shudders with static before blinking off, the last sound being the manic giggles of Mr. Imperial.

[Image: giphy.gif]

The Unchained Prince

[Image: werwolves-eyes-for-Jason-Momoa.gif]
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