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Hooray For Hollywood
09-02-2017, 04:46 AM
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The crowd around a small desk erupts as the camera flies in to show Steve Sayors sitting across from a magnificent specimen of a man.

Steve: Hello and welcome everyone, we are coming to you live from Universal Studios Hollywood on the morning of Saturday Night Savage! The crowds here are already whipped into a frenzy as the XWF superstars will take center stage in what is sure to be another fantastic night of wrestling. I'm here now with one of the newest superstars of the X-treme Wrestling Federation, The Big Kahuna!

Big Kahuna: Well thank you Steve. It's truly nothing short of an honor to be here. And really, let's be honest, an honor for you to have me here.

Steve: I think it may be a bit early to tell with that. But let me ask you...You're less than a day or so into your career with the XWF. What have been your impressions so far?

Big Kahuna: Aren't the women here so lovely? There's nothing like a beautiful Californian woman. In fact, I met a nice little feminina earlier today. I may have the photo...

Big Kahuna reaches into his pocket and grabs his phone, quickly swiping through photos - selfies, selfies of women sent to him...He finally finds it.

Big Kahuna: I mean...Steve. Come on. Take a look. What do you think?

[Image: ypu2RY6.jpg]

Steve: A very fine photo indeed, Kahuna.

Big Kahuna: That's for sure. These women...They just can't keep their hands off of me!

Steve: So Kahuna, back to wrestling for just a moment if I could...What brought you to the XWF...To wrestling?

Big Kahuna:Aw hell. Don't like talking about women Steve? That's alright. More for me I guess. But yes, wrestling...Well, it's a calling Steve. A destiny of sorts. I've always been a fighter. My entire life has been one fight after another. I've been fortunate enough to find success across a number of fighting styles. And ultimately, professional wrestling is the next mountain to climb for me.

Steve: Certainly. In my notes it mentioned your varied career thus far as a former boxer and Olympic style wrestler. Tell me, how have you managed to do so well across a spectrum of sports?

Big Kahuna: There's two things I get into Steve. Women and training. And for the life of me, I couldn't tell you which gets me a better workout! But seriously, I work my tail off. I prepare. I take care of my body. And at the end of the day, it pays off.

Steve: The XWF has an amazing roster of talent that you'll be joining. Have you had a chance to meet any of the other wrestlers yet?

Big Kahuna: No Steve, I haven't yet. But if you know what hotel the Sugay sisters are staying at, I'd love the chance to introduce myself.

Steve: I uhh...Don't have that information.

Big Kahuna: I will say one thing...I'm a nice guy. I like to keep things professional. Most times in a fight, it's nothing personal. It's business. I'm a guy who gets all that. But my god, some of these guys are just complete freak shows. Obsessed with blood, always so vulgar - even a damned terrorist! It's all so off putting. The fine people you see here today, the great fans of the XWF, they want a show! They want entertainment! Not a Marilyn Manson music video freak show. I think it's about time the XWF had wrestlers they could be proud of, that you could take home to mom. Ya know, a little bit of wholesomeness. I'm excited to bring that type of energy here.

Steve: So when can fans expect to see you in the ring?

Big Kahuna: Well tonight I won't be in the ring but I'll definitely be ringside to take in my first XWF event. But I'm ready to go. "Put me in coach", as they say.

Steve: Kahuna, thank you so much for taking some time with us today. I guess I'll finish up by asking if you have any final thoughts?

Big Kahuna: I just want to make one thing clear: fear does not live in this body. I'm 100% ready for next week's Savage if my number gets called. I think the only question is this: who's ready for me?

Kahuna lifts up his arms in a flexing position. He barely holds the pose before relaxing his arms as he shows off his beautiful teeth and picture perfect grin. He shoots some finger guns and clicks his tongue to some newly made female fans close to the interview desk.

Big Kahuna (trailing off as he un-clips his mic and leaves the set, walking towards the females): You wanna wrestle tonight, sweetheart?

Steve: Again, that was the newest member of the XWF, The Big Kahuna. Folks, don't go anywhere, we will be here all day taking you up to the start of tonight's Saturday Night Savage!
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09-12-2017, 01:13 PM
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Chelsea was getting ready for her first interview since arriving here at XFW and being added to the Warfare roster. She was really excited and bursting with energy for her debuting interview, sipping on her lemon and honey tea whilst hair and make up applied their finishing touches. Chelsea asked her just light make up with minimal eye make up and nude lips, and for the hair stylist just to accentuate her natural waves. Chelsea admired natural beauty and believed that less was more. Finishing her lemon tea she eased out of her chair slowly patting down her dress, smoothing out any creases that may have formed. She checked out her appearance in the narrow floor length mirror and was satisfied, she was still quite early for her interview slot as Steve was still interviewing the Big Kahuna. She thought she would check out the closing stages of his interview, walking into the studio where the interview was taking place she thought would lay low a little and observe his actions.

Chelsea clocked his appearance she thought to herself he was quite a handsome fella with a naturally tanned complexion and by the impression of his shirt he appeared to be quite chiseled. Yet looks are superficial and Chelsea was an intelligent cookie she liked to see what the real person was behind the surface. She raised her eyebrows as she started to catch what he was saying, he had charisma but was it to much charisma?

“No Steve, I haven't yet. But if you know what hotel the Sugay sisters are staying at, I'd love the chance to introduce myself”, The Big Kahuna chirped confidently

Hmm… It seems to me that this Lothario lives up to his stereotype of the Hollywood play boy who just wanted to bang fame hungry bimbos, asking the interviewer for the Sugay Sisters hotel room as if they were a piece of meat. It was clear to me that he had very little class, he may have the looks but not much else going on. Chelsea smirked she wanted to have a little fun with this guy she loved a new challenge, in putting fellas like this in their place.

The big Kahuna smugly whispered to a group of girls"You wanna wrestle tonight, sweetheart"?

Smirking to herself Chelsea was ready to go make him swerm , so she struts over to to where The Big Kahuna was flirting with groupie girls, his eyes clocked her and his lips rubbed together to form a smirk. Chelsea grimaced knowing she had his attention, as she approches him she strokes his bicep before before stroking his chin and lifting his face up a fraction.

“I’m sorry to interrupt girls, was Mr Hollywood here bothering you with his Mr Hefner routine? Yet then again by the looks of it they way you were flattering your eyelashs girls it would not take a lot. I guess some girls would just do anything for fame. In any case I thought I shoud come over and introduce myself Chelsea Smith, and I’m sure you are going to tell me how honoured I am to meet Hollywood”...

[Image: BD7OeI3.jpg]
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TheBigKahuna (09-12-2017)
09-12-2017, 08:40 PM
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The Big Kahuna finally glances over at Chelsea Smith, looking her up and down, before turning back to Steve.

The Big Kahuna: I don't know Steve, I think the only way she's getting her hands on me is in the ring!...If I wrestled women that is.

Kahuna now looks back over to Chelsea.

Kahuna: Ms. Smith...

Kahuna nods his head in Chelsea's direction.

Kahuna: Sweetheart, if I may...These women are just fine, they are in toned, large, and absolutely gentle hands, I promise you.

I like that though, "Mr. Hollywood". You're a very clever girl.

Kahuna looks back and nods at Steve and then turns to address Chelsea.

Kahuna: Well then. It was a pleasure meeting you.

Kahuna slowly walks by Chelsea, stopping for a moment to lean in and whisper into her ear.

Kahuna: And if you try and cock block me again like that, I'll punch you in the god-damn face.

Kahuna pulls back and smiles, looking Chelsea right in the eyes for a few seconds too long. Finally his gaze pulls away and he raises his arms up to a light smattering of cheers from the crowd.

[Image: J8V4IkJ.png]
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09-13-2017, 04:28 AM
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"And if you try and cock block me again like that, I'll punch you in the god-damn face." He whispers in Chelsea's ear.

The heat of his breath cascades her ear as he ushers his little threat. A smirk purses her lips as a slightly sinister laugh escapes them. That is not the first time she has been threatened and it probably wont be the last time either. Chelsea was often threatened by her ex-fiancée that were often followed through when he came home pissed up from the pub, but she was not the kind of girl who would take it lying down and she would fight back. Chelsea stares into his deep brown eyes she was going to enjoy this.

After Mr. Hollywood does his pose and a roaring of cheers escapes the crowd, he was about to make a swift exit but Chelsea reaches for his hand and turns him back to her before whispering in his ear.

"Oh babe I would like to see you try sweetie... In fact babe I will have great pleasure in watching your efforts".

Chelsea leans back from his ear but her gentle grasp on his hand still remained. His expression was bemused by the words she just ushered in his ear.

"The pleasure is all mine Mr. Hollywood I am sure we will be seeing a lot much more of each other babe... and I must say I look quite forward to it. Watching you with them bimbos is enough amusement it really is"...

[Image: BD7OeI3.jpg]
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TheBigKahuna (09-13-2017)
09-13-2017, 08:34 AM
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Calypso! sits naked on his recliner with a bottle of lotion next to him and a box of tissues blocking his privates. He has a look of surprise and sadness.

"Awww? Is that it?"

XWF Record and Accomplishments:
7 x XWF Federweight Champion
Won his debut match on Wednesday Night Warfare, November 19, 2014 against the gigantic hell-beast known as the Ghost Tank in a Meathook Match!
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