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Savage Saturday Night: I want less RPing + limits in place Ladies and gentleman, CALYPSO!
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7x Federweight Champ and Monster Slayer

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11-05-2014 12:48 AM


In-Ring Name: Calypso!

Wrestler's Real Name (if applicable): Calypso Nodik

New to XWF or a returning roster member?: 1-0, continuing the streak

Wrestler Date of Birth: 2/2/19**

Height: 6'2

Weight: 175 lbs.

Hometown: Hollywood, CA

Personality: Calypso may be awkward at times, but his ambition and motivation is unmatched. The guy moon-walks into a room with 100 people and leaves knowing every single one of them. He's the trumpet of the ska band. He's the party after-party. He's the cherry on top. He's Calypso!

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): True Face (Love by all.)

Physical Build Description: Tall and lanky, no muscle to him at all. Receding hair line and an over bite, not a lot to look at.

Ring Attire: Since Calypso has won the TV TItle his ring attire has switched to the old school-style ring tights, with wrestling boots, and knee and elbow pads.

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: During shows he would wear his robe with ring attire. Outside XWF he wears very hipsterish, uncomfortable looking clothes.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Pic Base: Paul Scheer

Wrestling Style: Calypso has gotten better over the years in the XWF. He is still very awkward at times, but his strength and ring knowledge has grown tremendously. He is more freestyle and adapts to his opponents more than anything. With a purple belt in jui jitsu, he will wrestle if he has too, box if he has too, and street fight if he has to. His first match was a meat hook match against Ghost Tank, which he won, which also involved a combination of many different styles.

Strengths: Underestimated by all.

Weaknesses: Has the pain tolerance of a little girl.

Entrance Theme Music: Top Gun Anthem

Entrance Description: The lights in the arena dim as Calypso's music starts. Several spotlights pan over the crowd and all meet at the entrance where Calypso appears wearing a glittering robe. He walks through the mist wearing the Television Championship proudly around his waist and slowly makes his way to the ring. Using the ring steps, he climbs to the apron, wipes his feet, and steps through the ropes into the ring. The spotlights follow Calypso to the center of the ring where he stands, unstraps the title from his waist, and holds it high into the air.

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves: No Power Moves



Punches, kicks, slaps, bites



Running knee

Side Russian leg sweep



Running cross-body

Diving clothesline

Standing double foot stomp



Standing neck breaker

Spine buster

Fireman's carry

Trademark Move(s): (1) Guns for Hire, (2) Face-Lift
Description(s): (1) A Lou Thesz Press followed by slaps and closed fists to random places on the body, face, and head., (2) Skull Crushing Finale.

Primary Finisher: Calypsonator
Description: Was once a very awkward rendition of the Stone Cold Stunner, until Calypso went on Stone Cold's podcast and was taught the right way by Stone Cold, himself.

Additional notes: Calypso is a cool cat hailing from an awesome studio apartment in downtown New York City. He has to have the latest and greatest of everything and loves to host wicked parties. He's very physically awkward, but with his swift tongue and big mouth he manages to keep an upper hand on his opponents.

After a near death experience, Calypso gave up the part life to find a truer purpose in life. It did not take long for him to find it after he began becoming recognized for his turn around in the XWF ring. He became the XWF Television Champion and has been riding on the momentum from that ever since. He's recently moved to Hollywood where he is close to work and fights crime at night.
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