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King of the Ring - Segment 9
08-20-2017, 03:48 PM
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Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is for the XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! Introducing first, the winners of the tag team tournament... Scully and Guppy Parsh... TEEEEEEEAM RETARD 2.0!!!!

Scully and Guppy walk side by side down the ramp, giving each other fist bumps and really playing up to the crowd. Scully hugs a young girl holding up a poster in the front row, and Guppy gives away some replica batarangs as well.

They get to the ring and make super hero poses while the crowd chants for them.

"MONEY TALKS" appears on the X-Tron and the crowd goes nuts.

The big screen shows a video montage of Theo begins playing as the XWF co-owner walks out on stage. Doc steps out, standing with Theo, and the two walk to the ring. The tag team belts gleam over the shoulders of the Kings.

They have smug looks as they walk down the ramp, very confident. The crowd is buzzing hard as they make their way to the steps.

And their opponents... they are the reigning Tag Team Champions... Theo Pryce and Doctor Louis D'Ville... THEEEE KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS!!!

The Kings enter the ring and look poised and confident, conferring in their corner as Scully and Guppy do the same across from them.

The bell sounds and Theo Pryce starts off for the Kings, with Scully in for Team Retard.

Guppy Parsh cheers on his friend, getting the London crows hyped for the Englishman. Doc D’Ville merely stands stoic in his corner, the smallest smile on his lips as he leans on the top rope.

Theo ad Scully lock up, and Scully’s physical strength initially gives him a brief burst, pushing Pryce backwards. Theo though, being the veteran and having years of main event experience, eventually switches up the leverage and spins Scully around, shoving him back into a corner. Referee Chaz Bobo gets in between the two, starting a five count, and the opponents actually break apart cleanly with Theo Backing into the center of the ring and taking a prepared stance.

Scully crouches and comes out of the corner, circling to Theo’s left and trying to find a point of attack, but Pryce keeps his back away from Scully and maintains position in the center of the ring. Scully shoots for a double leg put Theo artfully avoids it, then sprawls out after a second dive at his legs from the challenger.

Theo locks in a front face lock on Scully, sinking it deep under the man from Birmingham’s chin. Scully scrambles and grabs at Pryce’s legs, managing to buck under him and lift the tag team champion off the ground, tossing him off of his neck and onto the mat. Pryce quickly gets to his feet as Scully shakes off the effects.

Three Universal Champions in this match tonight, Luca. None of these men are unfamiliar with high pressure situations or championship gold!

Yeah plus my BOY Guppy, who eats Universal Champs for brunch.

Brunch? Why brunch?

Guppy like mimosas.

Back in the ring, another collar and elbow tie up from the competitors leads to a jostling for position. Scully slips on an arm wringer and then attempts an Irish whip into the Kings clrner, but Pryce puts the brakes on and reverses! Scully tries to avoid hitting the turnbuckles by dropping to his knees, but Doc D’Ville’s knee is sticking into the ring as he rests his foot on the second buckle. Scully hits it face first, and Doc raises his hands in the air in a gesture of innocence as the referee admonishes him.

Fat chance that was a coincidence.

Y’all just all hate on the Kings, man. Driking that Vinnie Lane kool-aid. That’s two law abiding gentlemen right there. Role models.

Theo gives Doc a sideways glance but grabs onto Scully anyway, taking full advantage of the situation. Scully has a leak of blood trickling from his nose at this point, and seems wobbly, putting up no resistance when Pryce hooks his arms into a butterfly suplex, bouncing him halfway across the ring.

Pryce immediately follows up with a side headlock before Scully can get his bearings, then once Scully muscles to his feet again Theo runs up the ropes and drops Scully face first in a slingshot bulldog.

Pryce keeps the pressure on, quickly transitioning into a lateral press!



Kickout by Scully!

The champion almost caught him early there, but Scully’s instincts saved him!

Theo Pryce stands and pulls Scully to a vertical base by the head and chin, but Scully throws Theo’s hands off of him with a burst, then catches him with a brisk uppercut! The shot snaps Theo’s head back and gives Scully an opportunity to dive for his corner, slapping the outstretched hand of Guppy Parsh!

Guppy enters the ring by leaping onto the top ropes and flying off with a ninja kick straight out of a Batman comic, catching Pryce flush in the chest and dropping him. Pryce rolls through and is up fast but finds himself caught with a running knee strike as he gets to his feet. Again Pryce recovers fast, the impact from the much smaller Parsh not doing heavy damage… but the speed of the smaller man has Pryce on his heels.

Guppy is hard to get hold of!

He’s a super hero, Jim! What would you expect?

Guppy hits the ropes and flies at Theo Pryce with a cross body, but Pryce braces his legs and catches Guppy in midair! He adjusts the weight in his grasp and then arches backward, tossing the one-time PATROL member in a fallaway slam! Guppy Parsh turns in air and lands on his feet!

Great counter by Parsh, I don’t think Theo realizes he didn’t connect!

That turns out to be the case, as when Pryce turns around to look for Guppy, Parsh is already up for a dropkick that sends Theo staggering back into the ropes. Trying to take advantage, Guppy rushes forward but Theo sees it coming and throws himself to the mat, taking Parsh down with a drop toe hold! Parsh’s head hits the bottom rope, bending his neck back at a bad angle. Theo rolls across the mat and tags in Doc D’Ville who saunters into the ring in no particular hurry.

Louis D’Ville, easily one of the biggest threats anyone runs across in the XWF. He doesn’t make many mistakes, Luca!

Then why he only got one eye then, JR?

Well, that’s unknown, as are most things related to D’Ville. But one thing we do know is he’s dangerous in the ring.

As if on cue, Doc accelerates his leisurely pace into a full spring, punting Guppy Parsh right in the cowl of his Batman suit.

Guppy grabs his face and tries to back away, but D’Ville is on him, grabbing him by the back of the neck and lifting him off his feet, then choke-slamming him face first to the canvas. Guppy bounces before falling flat, and D’Ville steps one foot directly on the back of Parsh’s neck, pressing downward and causing the Future Hero to squirm like a butterfly pinned to a wall.

Doc stands on Parsh, taunting him by pointing at his partner just a few feet away. Scully is screaming for Gup to get loose, leaning in and extending his hand into the ring as far as he can without being out of position.

Suddenly, Guppy reaches down deep and finds his fighting spirit, managing to roll onto his back and grab Doc’s ankle, tripping D’Ville and freeing Parsh. Guppy gets away from the off-balance Doctor and heads for his corner, connecting with the tag. Guppy rolls out of the ring as Scully bends down to enter between the ropes…and D’Ville meets him with a brutal running knee to the temple.

Good God! That’ll need a cat scan!

Scully got the CTE, smdh.

Doc pulls Scully further into the ring, gripping him in a firm Muy Thai clinch and burying knee after knee into his head and upper torso. Scully manages to ward off many of the blows by keeping his forearms tight around his head, but many find their mark and eventually the Brit slumps to his own knees after a particularly nasty strike catches him directly on the point of the chin.

D’Ville adjusts his grip, releasing Scully’s head and wrapping his arms instead around his waist, then pulls the man up and drops him onto the top of his head with a piledriver. D’Ville then stands and walks back to Theo Pryce in no particular hurry.

Guppy Parsh is in the ring, Luca!

My nigga.

Guppy rushes to Scully’s side, and he looks to be working his partner’s mouth, feeding him something.

What is that? A vitamin?

Oh shit, that must be that Plot Device! That Deux Ex Machina, bruh!

Scully’s facial expression changes as Guppy massages his throat and gets him to swallow the pill. Scully’s eyes begin to point in different directions, and his tongue fattens and rolls out of his mouth.

Oh dear God… he retarded him!

It’s like the Limitless pill, but kind of the exact opposite. I didn’t know they’d developed a chewable version!

Doc D’Ville makes the tag to Theo, not aware of what’s going on with his opponents. He exits the ring casually and Pryce enters to face Scully… who is now standing in the center of the ring!


The crowd erupts for Retard Scully! He pulls the singlet straps down from his shoulders and adjusts the headgear Guppy placed on him before exiting the ring. The laughs it off and walks toward Scully with confidence, and Scully immediately scoops him up and over onto his back in a crisp fireman’s carry takeover! Scully floats over with the grace of a gazelle and hooks the legs!



Kickout by Theo Pryce!

Theo rolls onto his hands and knees, and Scully hops onto his back, quickly getting his hooks in around Pryc’s waist and flattening him down onto his stomach. Pryce scrambles to get loose, but Scully traps his arm in a half Nelson and flips him, getting both shoulders down!



The kicks out again, just in the nick of time!

Scully is suddenly an amateur wrestling savant! His mat skills have gone through the roof, to Olympic levels!

PEDs, man. He’s gonna piss dirty tonight.

Theo is quick to get to his feet again and spins free of a diving single leg attempt from Scully, but when he does, he exposes his back. Scully leaps onto him, hooking him in a rear waistlock! Theo displays skill of his own, executing a near perfect standing switch, but can’t stop Scully’s momentum as h runs forward into the ropes and then pulls Theo down into an O’Connor Roll!



Shoulder up from Theo! Pryce is frustrated now!

Theo spins to face Scully but is immediately gathered up into a small package!



AGAIN Theo muscles out of the hold just in time!

My God, is that a Whizzer???

Indeed, Scully sinks in an overhook on Pryce’s arm, easily manipulating him onto his knees and them barreling into him and rolling him onto his back.

Before Scully can attempt a pin, though, Pryce rolls all the way through and continues rolling until he exits the ring beneath the bottom rope. Scully quickly rebounds from the far ropes and goes for a baseball slide, but Theo has it scouted and sidesteps, then hooks Scully around the head and neck and slams him backward in a vicious STO against the ring apron!

Theo then gets back into the ring and moves to make a tag to D’Ville, but D’Ville suddenly drops from the apron, hitting his face against the ring as he does so! Scully’s gotten up and pulled Doc down by his ankles!

By god that retard can take a beating!

Look at him throw them hands tho!

Scully is outside the ring peppering D’Ville with hard pugilistic punches, driving his bare knuckles into D’Ville’s ribs and midsection, then drilling him right in the jaw! Doc stumbles backward and actually trips on the ring steps, taking a tumble at ringside.

Theo Pryce starts to exit the ring but gets blindsided by Guppy Parsh! Guppy hooks Theo’s arms and drops him with a snap Dragon Suplex! Chaz Bobo gets Guppy out of the way just as Scully comes back into the ring, and Scully grabs a disoriented Theo Pryce….


Scully goes for a pin and hooks both legs.



We’re gonna have new champions!!!


Guppy Parsh hops off the apron and runs around the outside of the ring, getting in between Doc and Scully. Doc manhandles Parsh until Scully doubles up on him and then Team Retard 2.0 just pick away at D’Ville with vicious shot after vicious shot, not giving D’Ville a moment to recover.

Theo Pryce rolls to the outside as well to even the odds, and a full-on brawl breaks out at ringside.

The official has completely lost control! He needs to get this fight back in the ring!

Now, now, there’s blame on both sides.


The melee continues until suddenly, from up in the rafters, a bright spotlight turns on and shines down to ringside. It has the familiar shape of a bat in the center of the lens, and a man stands next to it in a black cowl and cape.

What the hell is this?

The bat signal, JR, come on man.

I KNOW THAT but why?? This is what cost Guppy a match against his own partner back in October… who is that up there?

The man in black points down at Guppy, who has stopped moving and is staring straight back up at him. In fact, everyone seems to have abandoned the fight and are just standing open mouthed at hat’s going on.

Then, the man in the rafters pulls back his cowl.


Guppy looks enraged, or as enraged as he gets which is sort of bemused and somehow still adorable. He turns to Scully and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Scully.... you've done really, really great. But I must go."

And just like that, Guppy launches a bat-claw from his utility belt up into the rafters and ascends in pursuit of his tormentor. Seth Feder bails and Scully is left at ringside between the two Kings, and then things take a turn for the even worse.

Guppy just abandoned his partner and the match! And Scully’s FACE… it’s going back to normal!

He needs another hit of that good-good, fam.

Scully rolls into the ring but is followed right behind by Theo Pryce who clobbers him with a vicious lariat to the back of the head. D’Ville enters the ring as well and grabs Scully, lifting him up in a suplex but then resting his feet on Theo’s shoulder.

The Kings spiral down in a magic killer, spiking Scully’s head off the mat. Doc leaves the ring but Theo walks over and tags him in, and they swap places. Doc wastes no time grabbing the nearly unconscious Scully and pulling him up…


Doc slithers on top of Scully for a pin!




Winners and STILL XWF Tag Team Champions – THE KINGS

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08-20-2017, 04:21 PM
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"Sorry Scully! I overestimated your wrestling ability and left you alone, but Ted and Dave told me bad guys are going to rape your ex wife, so um...chin up! Let's go save her!"

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08-21-2017, 02:55 AM
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"Guppy, you retard, fancy leaving me. Never mind my ex wife who I wasn't actually married too by the way, but I feel like I was raped at King Of The Ring.

We had them aswell, I can't believe it.

Guppy... Team Retard 2.0 is DEA...."

Scully doesn't finish the word and instead says, Okay I forgive you. Just don't do it again okay. Now let's go and save this bitch from a Cumfest"

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July 2016 Superstar of the Month

Everyone in the list below has lost to Scully or just been Scullanated and never returned to the XWF!☠

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