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King of the Ring - Segment 7
08-20-2017, 03:27 PM
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This is going to be a first class catfight, Luca!

Damn right it is, Jim! An awful lot of estrogen is about to be in that ring!

This match is set for one fall and is for the inagural XWF Bombshell Championship!

The crowd roars.

Introducing, to present the title to all of you here at Wembley Stadium......XWF's First Lady, Roxxxxyyyyyy Cotttoooonnn!

The lights in the massive arena go purple and white as Lady Gaga's voice can be heard over the loudspeakers. She emerges from the curtain in a flawless purple dress, designer of course, with the shiney new Bombshell Title over her shoulder. The sell out crowd roars as she smiles and waves.

JR, stand up for true royalty! That's Queen Roxy, King Vinnie's main squeeze!

I know darn well who she is Luca! And she looks darn good in purple!

Are you hitting on Vinnie's woman, JR?!

By no means!

Roxy walks up the steps and through the ropes. She smiles wide and holds the belt over her head.

After a brief pose and another cheer, she exits the ring.

It looks like she is coming over here, Jim!

She is fixin' to join us on commentary, it looks like!

Roxy lays the belt out into the velvet bottom of the glass case at ringside, displaying it for everyone to see. She then saunters over to the announce table and takes a seat next to Luca, putting on a headset.

Hello, Gentlemen!

Why hello

Roxy! We've got Roxy with us!

She laughs as Tigs brings the mic back to her mouth.

Introducing the Special Guest Referee for this contest, Madison Dyson!

Madison walks out onto the ramp with a referee striped blouse on and a pair of black slacks. She walks straight to the ring, climbing the steps and enters the ring as the crowd boos. There is a "USA, USA, USA" chant somewhere in the rafters, but it is quickly stifeled.

Once Dyson is set, hands on her hips, Tigs brings the microphone to her mouth once again.

The lights go off, and the crowd rumbles.


Introducing first, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Ezariaha!!

She stands to wait for the music to start. On the second drop, pyro goes off and she screams to the crowd, throwing an arm up and pointing to the open night sky.

Well, here is the first contender for the belt, and picked by you, of course.

Yes, well, we had to choose someone. A triple threat is best for business, and you know I am a woman about my business!

Your choice, and an interesting one. She is stranger than a pet coon, lemme tell ya!

I have a feeling her end may indeed be 'nigh'.


She walks down to the ring and climbs the ropes and yells "YOUR END IS NIGH!" to the crowd.

She runs a hand through her air and over her face with a crazed look.

Just then, the lights dim again.

And introducing next, from London, England this week, Abigail!

The crowd roars at the word London being said.

This is a chick who means business here. No nonsense!

Her music is creepy. There is something surreal about it.

Standing in an all black tight kevlar body suit, the camera cuts to the rampway as the lights go grey, making the scene look almost black and white.

Abigail stares straight ahead at Ezariaha and begins to slowly walk.

She has a job to do. I like her no nonsense approach. But like I said, she has a job to do. We need someone as disciplined as her to be our first ever Bombshell Champion.

I agree!

You would.

She doesn't stop, she continues to walk slowly with the music down the ramp and into the ring completely focused on her opponent the entire time.

Lets just say......she better get it done......

Stepping into the ring she takes a corner, her eyes focused on Ezariaha until the lights go off and pink and white strobes encompase the stadium. She turns her head towards the ramp.

And introducing the third competitor, from Las Vegas, Nevada......she is the Diva of the Damned, Jennnnny Myyyyyst!

Jenny, decked out in pink with what look like black scratches down the front enters the arena when the drums hit for the first time in her entrance music. Around the 20 second mark.

This is a very dangerous woman here, and probably the favorite to win this thing

Lets not get too ahead of ourselves, JR.

Does anyone else smell that?

I smelled it, but I thought it was you.

Smelt it, dealt it!

You two. Please.

Jenny is supremely confident walking down the isle. She sees a fan who is reaching out for a high five. She goes for the high five but sarcastically pulls away at the last moment with a smirk and an eye roll. Jenny enters the ring with her traditional entrance:

[Image: RUlZaSV.gif]

The bell rings and Madison waves her hands to signal the ladies to begin.

Here we go! We are about to witness history here!

You're welcome.

Ezariaha immediately chrages Jenny who ducks, flipping her over the ropes and to the mat outside. Jenny didn't ave time to react, however, as Abigail nails her with a kick to the face, taking Jenny down. Picking her up by the hair, she whips the blonde into the corner. Abigail doesn't cease in her attack, charging with a clothesline onto Jenny in the corner.

But as she goes to continue the assault, Jenny punches her way out, the two exchange blows as Ezariaha gets back into the ring and grabs Abigail by the hair. She yells something non comprehendable to her before Jenny jumps on both of them. The three women rolled around, hair pulling and puncing before Madison pulls Jenny off--letting the other two continue out of the ring.

Madison coming to Jenny's aid there?

Maybe they DO have an alliance!

That is nothing yet, guys. She is just trying to keep control, don't get your panties in a bunch

I'd like to get yours in a bunch!

Jenny and Madison look at each other for a moment before Madison nods. Jenny runs and baseball slides under the ropes, kicking Abigail in the face and sending her into the barricade. Ezariaha grabs Jenny legs and pulls her out of the ring, but immediately Jenny lands on her feet and begins to fire punches to the face of Ezariaha.

Madison begins her ten count.



Jenny and Ezariaha are exchanging blows when Abigail, the XWF veteran, grabs Jenny by the hair. Whipping Myst into the steps, the blonde grabs her already injured back. Abigail rolls Ezariaha into the ring and plants her with a MASSIVE DDT!

Abigail goes for the cover!

Madison looks out to Jenny, then back, taking her sweet time.



Ezariaha kicks out and Abigail is pissed. She rolls her eyes and slaps the mat.

Still don't think Madison is on Jenny's side here?

Myst is to her feet, holding her back as she rolls into the ring.

Jenny grabs Abigail and those two trade blows before the veteran gets the upper hand and knees Jenny in the gut, driving her head into her knee for a brain buster---then ducking out of the way and tripping Ezariaha as she charges--then hits a standing drop kick on Jenny!

Abigail is rolling here!

As she should.....

Taking no time to celebrate, Abigail yells at Madison to count properly this time and lifts up Jenny. She goes for a firemans carry slam, but Jenny wiggles out, wrapping her arms around for a belly-to-back suplex as both women crash to the mat. Both lay there for a second or two as Ezariaha is back to her feet and looks at Jenny trying to get to her feet. She charges, going for a running knee but Abigail comes out of nowhere with an off the ropes stunner, she calls it the Disasterpiece, and Ezariaha is out cold. She can't cover her, however, because Jenny comes off the top rope with a drop kick, sending Abigail stumbling back as Jenny slides in for the pin.

This time, a quick count from Madison.



Ezariaha JUST gets a shoulder up!

Jenny slaps the mat in frustration and puts 3 fingers in the air towards Madison.

Madison shrugs and says she is sorry, but Jenny doesn't have any time to react as Abigail comes off the ropes with a flying cross body! She lands on top of of Jenny, then switches position quick and locks in a modified figure four!

There is that technical prowess we know from Abigail!

Jenny screams out and reaches for the ropes as Abigail increases the pressure. Jenny runs her hands over her face, covering her eyes that were clearly full of pain, as Abigail screams at her to tap.

Madison is looking concerned in the corner. Jenny looks like she might be close to tapping when Madison lifts up Ezariaha and throws her on top of the two women, breaking the hold just as Jenny's and came down.

Abigail gets up and gets in Madison's face. Jenny sees this and limps over, rolling up Abigail from behind.

She's got a hand full of kevlar!

Another quick count.



Abigail powers out, flipping onto her feet and kicking Jenny in the head before dropping to one knee.

Madison has cost Abigail this match twice now!

She will get hers, JR. She will get hers

All three women get to their feet. Abigail and Jenny look at each other for a second, then look back at Ezariaha. Obviously deciding that this would be a lot easier for both of them 1 on 1 they grab both arms and whip her into the corner. Abigail runs and cartwheels into a splash. Ezariaha stumbles out to the middle where Jenny plants her with a fall away slam.

Ezzy tries to roll out of the ring, but Jenny grabs hold and follows her out, going under the ring and grabbing a chair.

Uh oh!

Abigail slides out of the ring just as Jenny goes to swing, and grabs the chair. She whips Jenny bad back first into the barricade, and then picks up the chair. Abigail licks her lips as she turns towards Ezariaha, but the spunky rookie fires off a punch, causing er to drop the chair, then grabs a hand full of hair and slams her head off the apron. Abigail stumbles back. Ezariaha continues her charge, but out of nowehere Abigail with a bicycle kick! Ezariaha falls back against the apron. Abigail runs and jumps, driving both fists in a club formation into the upper chest of the larger blonde. She whips Ezariaha at Jenny, who is back to her feet, and the smaller blonde once again flips her over but this time it is over the barricade and into the London crowd!

And into the crowd goes Ezariaha!

Now, it is one on one!

Now, the plan can commence.

Jenny, however, clearly on the same page as Madison, slides into the ring as her count hits 9. Abigail, using some sort of super human quickness, slides in also, avoiding the count out. Jenny tried to steal one, and fails. She sees Abigail enter the ring and begins to stomp on her with a yelling rage.

After several stomps Jenny picks her up by the hair and drops her with a face buster! Landing on her but, and Abigails face to the canvas, Jenny gets a sick look on her face. She looks up at Madison, wo is smiling, also. Jenny gets up and picks up Madison by the hair. Ezariaha is climbing back over the barricade, and is now outside the ring. She seems, however, hesitant to enter the ring. Jenny has Abigail in the corner and is firing off a series of viscious chops. She has a wicked smile on her face.

Ezariaha doesn't seem to want any part of this!

Would you? It is basically 3 on 1 in there!

Jenny whips into the other side of the ring, to the far corner. Now Ezariaha's eyes light up. Jenny runs for another splash but Ezzy grabs her legs, dropping her down, Jenny crashes into the turn buckle as Ezariaha spreads Abigails legs and pulls her into the corner, crotch first. Jenny gets her wits about her and shakes her head, sliding out of the ring. She cubs Ezariaha in the head and shoves her back against the barricade, chopping her too. Madison is out of the ring now too, and pulls Jenny off, telling her to focus on Abigail. In a fit of blind rage, Ezariaha hits Madison! The ref puts a hand to her mouth as the crowd "oooooohhhhhs".

Madison shook her head then LEVELED Ezariaha with a clothesline. Abigail and Jenny continue to fight around the ring with punches and uppercuts. Madison picks up Ezariaha and whips her into the steps. Going under the ring the referee pulls out a stop sign, a chair, and a table. She sets up the table just as Abigail dropkicks Jenny, sending her retreating up the ramp.

This is NOT the conduct of a referee!

All hell has broken loose here! And now the ref is part of the mayhem!

Up on the ramp, Jenny grabs the arm and whips Abigail into the Xtron setup, crashing her into it with a loud thud. Jenny picks Abigail back up and whips her into it again and this time whipping her THROUGH the X-Tron set up! Sparks fly as Jenny falls back on her ass.

Madison puts Ezariaha on the table and walks up, grabbing Jenny and helping her back down towards the ring.

What the hell is this! This is a damn screw job!

Jenny and Madison......they are both weak. They can't win unless they team up. I'll be sure to make both of their lives hell. I am docking Madison's pay for this match!

She signals Jenny to go up top! Jenny climbs the top rope, blows a kiss to the crowd and then jumps off the top rope.


Buh gawd! She damn near broke Ezariaha in half! I swear she's broken in half!

Both women are down and I think Abigail has been fried!

Madison rolls both women into the ring and is draggin Jenny towards the downed Ezariaha when the crowd begins to cheer.

Abigail is making her way out of the rubble and down the ramp.

Madison sees this and throws Jenny on top firing off a quick count.




Madison looks pissed, Jenny spent, and Ezariaha unconcious. Abigail then locks Jenny in what looks like Hells Gate!

The Gogoplata! She locked in the gogoplata!

This one is over, I should get the belt ready.

After about 30 seconds, Jenny stops struggling and goes limp.

Jenny is out, but Madison turns her back and looks at her nails. Abigail is fuming. She turns and grabs Madison spinning her around and looking at Jenny, pointing to call the match and a victory by submission. Madison laughs at her. Abigail, knowing she can't hit her because Madison will disqualify her, stares daggers through her and grabs Jenny by the hair. She locks her in a body sissors and wrenches, torturing that back. Jenny back concious and struggling again. Abigail pulls harder.

Her mission is to torture the young blonde here!

I've faced Jenny.....she is a resiliant little bitch.....she isn't going to quit, not going to tap. Abigail is going to have to KO her.....but......

Just then, Jenny reverses the hold and pins Abigails shoulders to the ground.



Abigail kicks out of another quick count. Jenny falls back, spent. Abigail is on her back too. Ezariaha is still out. Jenny and Abigail get up at the same time. They stumble towards each other and Abigail out of desperation grabs her.

MERCY KILL! The flatliner!

She hooks the leg.

Roxy stands up and tells her to count! Madison bites her lip, then gets down to count.




Told ya

Abigail, who is stumbling and a bit hindered from going through the X-Tron set, climbs to the top rope.

What is she doing Jim!

I would gander she is about to put this away, Luca

Perfect Ending!!!!!!!!!! The graceful 450 splash!


Abigail grabs her midsection and rolls out of the ring. Jenny is up and stumbles out, following her. Grabbing a head full of hair she walks Abigail over the the belt display case near the announce table.

"THIS! THIS IS MY BELT!" She yells, basically shoving Abigail's face in to it. "MINE!" She says, bouncing the veterans head off the glass. Abigail hits the mat, holding her face. She looks in the ring and sees Ezariaha getting to a knee. She slides into the ring. She picks up Ezariaha by the hair and signals for her finisher.

Jenny is going to try to put it away here!

She is setting Ezariaha up for Pink Perfection when Abigail enters the ring, flying at her, Jenny ducks. Then quick draws into her bra, grabbing the pepper spray. She sprays Abigail in the eyes, who screams and falls back holding her face. Ezariaha stumbles into Jenny's grasp............


Jenny hooks the leg.....but this time Madison hesitates, staring at Jenny.



THR..... NO!! BROKEN UP! SOME HOW! SOME WAY! A blinded Abigail breaks up the cover!!

Abigail grabs Myst by the hair and pulls her to her feet. The two exchange forearms, Myst swing and misses! She runs at Abigail who has backed into the ropes!

Abigail pulls down the top rope and sends Myst to the outside!!

Abigail turns into a forearm from Ezariaha!

Abigail, still slightly blinded, impulsively returns the favour though!

Myst gets up on the apron!

Ezariaha runs towards the ropes and inadvertently sends Myst flying!

She looks down!

But Ezariaha turns....


Madison reluctantly counts the pin... slowly!




MERCY KILL SEALS IT! Abigail is the first Bombshell Champion!


Here is your winner and the NEW Bombshell Champion: Abigail

Abigail celebrates her victory with her arms held high!

Jenny Myst cannot believe it!

She gets back in the ring and begins to stomp on Ezariaha's lifeless body!

But who's this! Who's that getting in the ring!! Just a darn second!!

It's Jezzabel! It's Jezzabel!

She has been a success all over the world! But here she is in the XWF!

Jezzabel heads directly for the ring!

Myst instinctively runs at her with a clothesline but Jezzabel ducks it!

She turns!!!

Kicks Myst in the gut!

IMPALER DDT!!!! With devastating effect!!

'Toccata & Fugue' begins to play gain as Jezzabel gets to the ropes and rolls backwards over the top rope and lands on her feet on the outside.

She smirks as she looks at the pure devastation she has just caused.

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.
Margaret Thatcher

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Guess I made a mistake issuing a challenge to Jenny saying she just proved that she isn't the best female in the XWF like I originally thought, oh well guess beating the second best will have to do.

See you at Savage Jenny

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