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King of the Ring - Segment 5
08-20-2017, 10:32 AM
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What's this? Who's rolling up to the arena right now?

Look at the headlights Old Man... We know damn well who that is! That is a 1958 Plymouth Fury; an exact replica of the car from the John Carpenter film Christine.

You mean?

Yes. The XWF Federweight Champion, Kruzer, and likely, his parnter in everything, Jezzabel... Yes. The Transcendence is about to Descend on the XWF King of the Ring.

No, they're not scheduled to be here though.... The Psych Ward can't be here.

Oh don't you worry old man, Tommy Dreamer is scared shitless of that car, but trust me... That's atleast Kruzer and Jezzabel. Have a look... California plates.

But Kruzer is from Canada not California?!

Way to do your research Geraldo... But Jezzabel is from Death Valley, not to mention they both own the Brentwood house that Marilyn Monroe died in back in 1962.

That's kind of macabre...

Look who we're dealing with here. How do you not know these things?

That's what I've got you around for.

Uh... Yeah, clearly...

Well if you're right partner, things just got a whole lot more interesting here at the King of the Ring.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

You're welcome.

Next up - and this is sure to be a cracking one folks - one fall with a fifteen minute time limit for the Television Title. Let's get to ringside.

The following contest is for the XWF Television Championship and has a fifteen minute time limit. Introducing first, the challenger:

Mezian appears by the X-Tron - a dim blue light engulfs the arena as the challenger makes his way to the ring. He's all business as he slides into the ring and waits patiently.

From Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing 230 pounds, Meziaaaaaaaaannnnn!!!!

And his opponent:

From Oxford, England, weighing 225 pounds, he is the XWF Television Champion, Neviiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllleeeeeeeee Sinclaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiirrrrrr.

Neville calmly makes his way to the ring, TV Championship around his waist. He sips from his glass of Scotch, which he sets down next to his title belt outside the ring, before stepping through the ropes as the bell sounds.

Mezian looks into Sinclair's eyes, with wide eyed aggression, Neville merely regards his opponent with a look of sheer disdain. The two lock up, but Neville quickly reverses the collar and elbow tie up into a hammerlock, and applies pressure to Mezian's arm.

This one will be interesting Luca, Mezian is very quick, very aggressive, puts his own body at risk to get what he wants.

Yeah but Neville is a master strategist Ross, he'll measure out Mezian's weaknesses and strike when the iron is hot. That gothic goof won't know what hit him.

Gothic goof?

Have you seen his hair??

It's no worse than yours

I have style...

Mezian reverses the move and locks Neville in, exerting an equal amount of pressure, but the Champion dips his shoulder and rolls forward, sending Mezian into the corner while he moves out of the way. Neville is on him in a flash, driving knees into the top of his shoulder blades while he lies next to the ropes. He applies the hammerlock again, twisting Mezian's limb up into his upper back. The challenger grunts, and makes his way back up to his feet, all the while Sinclair holding on and applying more pressure. Mezian twists through once more, getting behind Neville and creating enough space for him to hit a standing dropkick into Neville's back and send him through the ropes to the floor.

Great move by Mezian, caught the champion napping there.

Yeah, but Neville is wearing him down, the longer this goes on, the more the champion will have him right where he wants him.


The Champion takes stock, walks over to his TV Title, and grabs a handkerchief from a nearby member of the ring crew. He breathes on the belt and uses the handkerchief to bring up the shine. All the while Mezian bounces in the ring, telling Sinclair to bring it while the referee begins to count. Neville tells the ref to wait - he's getting back into the ring, he's just taking his time. Deliberately, he steps back through the ropes and offers to tie up with Mezian again - only to boot the challenger in the gut when he gets near enough. Sinclair wastes no time, grabbing Mezian in a double underhook and hauling him over his head.

See THAT is what Neville Sinclair brings to the table - precision, impact and pain.

Don't count Mezian out yet - this guy is a fighter, he won't give up

Neville is over quickly, again driving knees into the upper back and shoulder blades. He hauls the challenger up and positions him in front of the turnbuckles, he rebounds off the opposite corner, and slams his knee into Mezian's upper back, driving him into the turnbuckle chest-first. He follows up with a running elbow, clubbing Mezian in the same area, having him wince in pain as he arches his back and drops to his knees.

I love this Ross, he's picking him apart like to two bit pussy Mezian is!

Oh I'm gonna love watching you take that back, when Mezian puts Neville's shoulders down.

Ain't gonna happen Ross.

Neville begins to slam European uppercuts into Mezian's chest as he gets back to his feet.. He whips the challenger into the ropes and takes aim with a clothesline, only for Mezan to duck. Sinclair drops to his belly and Mezian leaps over him again, but this time, pauses instead of rebounding off the ropes. When Sinclair gets up, the challenger grabs him and hurls him over his head with a vicious belly to belly suplex. Neville is up quickly, but Mezian catches him again with another belly to belly and plants the champion into the canvas, immediately making a cover.



But Neville kicks out.


The champions makes it up to a seated position, but Mezian flies off the ropes from behind him and vaults over Neville's shoulders, grabbing his hair and bending his torso forward with a brutal snapmare. Neville howls in pain and grabs the back of his head. Mezian seizes his chance, putting the boots to the back of Neville's head and neck. He grabs the champion and doubles him over, simultaneously putting an elbow across the top of his back and a knee into his chest. Neville chokes as the challenger unleashes a vicious chop across his chest, backing him into the corner. An Irish Whip sends the champion into the opposite corner, and as Neville staggers out of the turnbuckles, Mezian levels him with a brutal spear!

High impact manouver from Mezian!

The challenger makes the cover.



But Neville once again gets his shoulder up. Mezian shakes his head, wanting to put the champion away as the clock ticks down.

It's been even so far Ross, you can't say that Mezian is gonna win this, the guy can't put the champ away.

You have to give credit to Neville Sinclair, the man is a fighter. He has a refined edge, but underneath that, here's a man who has put away some tough, tough bastards, and he's not prepared to give up that TV Championship without a fight.

Mezian brings Neville back up to his feet, and without wasting any time, ties him up in a fisherman suplex.



But Neville again kicks out. Mezian grows increasingly frustrated. He boots Neville in the head, then pulls back to the corner, mounting the second rope. The challenger flies off the turnbuckles but catches the sole of Neville's boot right in his face.

POW! Right in the kisser Ross!!


Mezian grabs his face in agony, as Neville shakes off the cobwebs and gets to his feet. Two uppercuts spin Mezian around, before the champion grabs him around the waist and blasts him with a German suplex. Neville holds on ,a dn gets up while still holding Mezian. The challenger is still clutching his face from Neville's boot, when he's ragdolled over Sinclair's shoulders again for another German suplex, slamming his shoulder blades and upper back onto the mat once more.

Neville continuing to work over the upper back of Mezian, setting him up for The Education, and you have to think, with the damage done to Mezian's back and shoulders, that'll carry even more impact that it would usually.

Especially if he drops that Bookend first Ross, that'll put Mezian in real trouble.

The clock is still ticking here as we count down on that 15 minute time limit, and so far it's too close to call - either one of these men could walk away with that prestigious XWF Television Championship.

Neville goes for the cover.



But this time Mezian just gets a shoulder up.

He's spent Neville, come on, put him out of his misery!

Will you shut up, the winner of this will take home that title because they've earned it, not because of your noxious cheerleading Luca!

Neville rebounds off the ropes and drops his knee onto Mezian's chin - again making the challenger grab his face in pain. He rolls onto his belly, but Neville uses the opportunity to drive his knee into Mezian's upper back again.

This is systematic destruction Luca - Neville is picking apart his challenger like a surgeon.

And he's just about to operate.

Neville picks up his downed opponent, grabbing his wrists, and twists his head round into the Killswitch position - then drops him straight onto his face.

The Bookend! That's should do it!

Neville retains!!




NO! Mezian just gets a shoulder up at the last minute!

What intestinal fortitude from the challenger! He's not giving up without a fight!

If he was smart he'd give up now.


Frustrated again, Neville grabs his challenger by the throat while he lies on his back, trash talking him and slapping him across the face. Mezian's face contorts in a frown, and he club's Neville alongside his head with a closed fist. Neville gets to his feet, the blow having caught him across his temple. Mezian seizes on him with a rollup!



But Neville squirms out of the pinning predicament. This time it's Mezian who is frustrated - and as Neville gets to his feet, he aims a big right hand, Neville ducks, and grabs him behind the waist again. Sinclair pushes the challenger forward going for a schoolboy, but the challenger holds on to the ropes, and Neville falls backward. In the process though, he performs a backward roll and ends up on his feet. He charges Mezian, but the challenger backdrops him over the top rope to the concrete floor! He wastes no time in going up to the top rope, and aims a brutal flying clothesline at the champion from the top of the ringpost.

My God! My God! My God! Mezian just broke the TV Champion in half with that - what a move! We know he doesn't like going to the top rope - but it's a measure of how far he's willing to go to win that belt.

I don't believe it - Mezian actually pulled off a move without fucking it up - he might have actually won himself the TV Title, if he's smart enough to get the champion back in the ring.

The referee begins the count as both men lie on the outside.






Both men have managed to get to their feet - very slowly. Neville is obviously the worse for wear - Mezian wear a look of determination on his face, the adrenaline surging through his veins, knowing he's got Neville on the back foot. He rolls his opponent back into the ring.

Mezian whips Neville into the ropes!!!








The cover!!!




Neville retains! Neville retains!

What a champion this guy is turning out to be!

Here is your winner and STILL the Television Champion: Neville Sinclair

If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.
Margaret Thatcher

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