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The Macho Man Randy Savage of the nWo!
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The Macho Man Randy Savage Offline
Ooooh Yeeah, nWo, DIGGIT!

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Very random

(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

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03-22-2014 02:27 PM



Height: 6'2

Weight: 240

Hometown: Sarasota, Florida

Personality: The Madness!

Alignment (heel/face/tweener): nWo

Physical Build Description: Pretty well defined and ripped. Good tan.

[Image: M1qO2RW.jpg]

Ring Attire: Various nWo outfits, usually black and white but sometimes dabbling in his more classically known attires

Out Of Ring/Casual Attire: Whatever he feels like wearing!

Wrestling Style: The Madness!

Strengths: The Madness!

Weaknesses: The Madness!

Entrance Theme Music: "Oooh yeeeah"... followed by the nWo classic theme with Macho Man sayings playing over it.

Entrance Description: The fans are holding up their nWo signs and have their Macho Man bandanas on. There are a good number of people booing THE MADNESS because they just can't wrap their minds around his methods. The Macho Man shoots out from the back a ball of energy, pointing to fans and circling the stage as the X-tron plays clips of his greatest elbow smashes. Macho Man throws up that nWo sign and then waves the lovely Miss Elizabeth out onto the stage with him as the men go nuts! Liz has on a black leather skirt and a black tank top that says MADNESS across the tits! Macho Man exclaims, "Ooooooh Yeeeeeaah!!" The two proud nWo representatives make their way down the aisle as Macho Man exchanges a few nWo salutes with some of the fans. Macho Man enters the ring and holds the ropes for Miss Elizabeth before climbing the ropes and raising that nWo hand signal sky high to all the fans while Liz claps and smiles.

Manager: Miss Elizabeth

Top 15-20 Commonly Used, Standard Moves:
Eye rake
Eye poke
Double axe handle from running or off the ropes
Alternating jabs to the opponent's chest and head
Atomic drop
Diving crossbody
Hair-pull hangman
High knee
Jumping knee drop
Lariat takedown
Scoop slam
Snake Eyes
Vertical suplex

Trademark Move(s): Diving double axe handle after screaming "nWo 4 Life!" or some other Madness related phrase
Description(s): The move does much more damage after he gets all amped up like that

Primary Finisher: Macho Man Elbow Smash off the top!
Description: He climbs the turnbuckles and points up high before taking flight, landing the ribcage crushing elbow smash directly to the intended target regardless of where in the ring or arena they were laid out!

Secondary Finisher if applicable: Underhanded nWo BS
Description: Something along the lines of... the referee just happens to be Nick Patrick and he DQ's the opponent just for the hell of it, giving Macho the win! Or... Miss Elizabeth slides a large steak knife into the ring and Macho Man grabs it, stabbing the opponent in the inside of their thigh before pinning them. Or... The Outsiders, Nash and Hall rush out and one of them distracts the referee while the other one hits Macho Man's opponent with their finisher so Macho Man can easily crawl over and pin them. Sometimes it might even be Hollywood Hogan getting involved. It doesn't even matter if they're not on the roster THEY WILL STILL SHOW UP!

Favorite Weapon if any: The Madness!

Additional notes: The Madness is here; OOOOOH YEEEEEEAH! Dig it!

[Image: aiV8fLy.jpg]

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