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12-27-2021 01:02 PM

[Image: V3i33MC.png]

It's a lot bigger than it looks


Tara Fenix
- vs -
Jenny Myst

- vs -
- vs -
Micheal Graves

"Venom" Xavier Lux
- vs -
Tommy Gunn

Them No Good Bastards
- vs -
Corey Smith & RL Edgar

- vs -
Reggie Estrada

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

- vs -
Elijah Martin

OOC: All matches are 2 RPs with 3k Word Limit UNLESS otherwise specified. You must post 1 cold open RP before the soft deadline (Friday, 12/17 @ 11:59pm board time) if you wish to post 2.

HHL: “Hello everyone! Welcome once again to Saturday night…. We are LIVE from the North Pole and this is a very special, VERY SAVAGE XMAS!!! We have one incredible show in store for you all tonight!”

PIP: “You know it Heather! Tonight, we’ll see the Xtreme Championship on the line when Cage Coleman and Reggie Estrada fight in a rematch for the gold… In a Silver and Gold Man Match… THERE MUST BE A WINNER!”

HHL: “Reggie is a former champion, himself, Pip! You know he’s gotta be hungry to get that title back in his grasp! What else is on the card?”

PIP: “We’ll see the debut of Tara Fenix taking on the returning Jenny Myst in a XMAS Wonderland Match!”

HHL: “Jenny is a former XWF Champion herself and I’m sure is looking to make an impression against the newcomer tonight!”

PIP: “We’ll also see Micheal Graves, Centurion, and Rampage in a No Decorations Barred match… ANYTHING GOES PEOPLE!”

HHL: “Xavier Lux will be in action against this week after an impressive debut last week! He’ll be goin toe-to-toe against XWF’s Head of Security… Tommy Gunn!”

PIP: “And let’s not forget our MAIN EVENT, Heather! For the second Christmas in a row, Charlie Nickles will be participating in the ROOFTOP CLATTER SPECTACULAR!!!”

HHL: “And what a match that was last year, Pip… This year, however, Charlie will be putting his Television Title on the line against rising star Elijah Martin!!”

PIP: “It’s going to be one heck of a show, Heather… Let’s get to the ring!”

PA: "Introducing first......standing 5'0 tall and weighing 110 lbs.....from Las Vegas, Nevada......JENNNNNY MYYYSTTT"

Purple and Pink Smoke encompass the arena.......Jenny walks out through the smoke wearing all black with what looks like a denim smock over the top. It has paint stains and.....blood stains? She smiles and waves to the crowd, but not a normal wave.....the type of wave a small child would give. She skips to the ring before sliding underneath. She pops up and stares off into the distance before sitting in the corner......Indian style.......

Every light throughout the arena flickers out while the crowd gives a premature cheer; when the beginning of “The Eagle Flies Alone” begins to play, a blue spotlight comes in at the same sequence and is shining at the curtain which gets the crowd riled up further. The cheers that The Phoenix Queen is receiving from the audience is outweighing anyone in the crowd that opposes her. The sound of the fog machines can be heard going off heavily as the stage soon fills with fog. The lights in the arena are coming back up creating a blue hue and just as the chorus kicks in, the crowd lets out a huge roar when they finally see Tara Fenix emerge from behind the curtain.

I, I go my own way!
I swim against the stream!
(Forever) I will fight the powers that be!

Tara is standing at the top of the stage wearing one of her designed jackets, and the hood pulled over her head. She is carrying a flagpole with a flag attached; she takes a moment to scan the crowd and see the number of her supporters and soon she raises the flag and waves it back and forth several times and the cameras do their own scan over the crowd and can see a number of people raising the same logo that is on the banner. The Age of the Phoenix. Tara continues to wave the banner for a few more seconds before holding it straight up and bringing the pole down to tap it against the stage and finally slings the pole over her shoulder while marching down to the ring. Some of the fans stretch their hands out for her, and she walks to one side with her arm held out slightly; however, her eyes remain locked on the ring. When she reaches the bottom of the ramp she goes to the nearby steel steps and quickly ascends. She stops for a moment and carefully attaches her own flagpole to the steel post where the Age of the Phoenix banner will be for the duration of the match.

I, I go my own way!
I swim against the stream!
(Forever) I will fight the pοwers that be!
The eagle flies alone!

After securing the flagpole to the ring pole, she takes two steps on the apron before sliding forward and down onto one knee; her head and eyes scan the crowd again while the crowd is chanting her name. She finally crawls between the middle and bottom ropes then charges to the far corner and as she lands on the second rope, she pulls her hood back and lets her arms go out with her palms up. She holds the pose for several seconds, then does a one-eighty off of the second rope to land back on her feet; she runs to the opposite end where the flagpole is, and repeats the process but this time holds the banner out for all to see the symbol. She does another one-eighty, lands inside the ring, and takes off her jacket while waiting for the match to begin.

Tara Fenix
- vs -
Jenny Myst

The bell rings and Fenix is the aggresor, charging Jenny with a forearm and knocking her into the corner. She fires off a couple shots to the former Shooting Star Champ, and whips her into the other corner. She races to the other corner, going for a splash but Jenny slides under. She pops up and when Tara turns around Jenny is standing there, cocking her head to the side like a dog. She has a strange look on her face, and she breaks into a giggle. Tara fires off another shot that backs her into the ropes, and goes to whip her off the ropes again. Going for a clothesline, Jenny ducks and comes off the ropes, and goes for a flying cross body but Tara catches her. A scoop slam puts Jenny on the mat.

HHL: Fenix seems to be the aggresor early. She isn't letting Jenny get off the blocks here.

Pip: We've see what Jenny can do in that ring, and Tara has done her homework. You gotta stay on her.

Jenny is getting to her feet. Tara picks her up and hits another scoop slam. Not taking any time to celebrate, the blue haired vetern comes off the ropes with a leg drop. She quickly covers.



Jenny gets a shoulder up.

Pip: It is going to take more than that to keep her down.

He picks Myst up by the hair, whipping her into the corner again. Delivering a running uppercut, Jenny stumbles out into the middle of the ring. She chases Myst out to the middle and as she goes to lock up with her Myst slides down, rolling her up for a small package pin.



Tara kicks out. She looks at Myst, who is now sitting Indian Style giggling.

HHL: Myst is just plain creepy now. I don't like this. I want the Queen back!

Tara comes off the ropes with a running knee, knocking Jenny down. Again she sits up, giggling. Tara looks perplexed by this. She comes off the ropes again and knocks Jenny down with a knee to the face for the second time. Jenny sits back up, giggling.

"You're crazy!" Tara yells, grabbing her by the hair and standing her up. There is a change in Jenny's eyes. Her face turns to a frown. She shoves Tara off her. She yells "I.....AM....NOT.....CRAZY!" she growls and slaps Tara across her face. This backs her off enough for Jenny to hit a standing drop kick, putting Tara on her back for the first time in the matchup.

Tara bounces up quickly however. Jenny clubs her with a forearm, which backs her into the ropes. Jenny goes to whip her into the other ropes, Tara blocks, going for a short armed clothesline, but Jenny ducks and chop blocks the knee of Tara. She drops to one knee. Jenny then kicks the leg out, causing her to fall to the mat holding her leg.

Pip: Myst exploiting that weakness, a true veteran. If Tara can get a few shots to that suspect back of Myst, she can even the odds.

HHL: She can't hit her in the back if she can't stand up, PiP!

Myst kicks her in the back, but instead of staying on the offensive, she grabs at her hair. She is breathing heavy, as if having a breakdown. This gives Tara enough time to grab the ropes and pull herself up. Jenny yells and charges, but Tara lifts her, dropping her outside the ring to the mat below.

Tara is wincing a little, but is able to roll out of the ring as Jenny gets to her feet. She grabs her by a fistful of her blonde and purple hair and slams her face first into the ring post. The ref begins to count both women.

Tara stays on the offensive, whipping Jenny back first into the barricade. Myst has a little blood running from her mouth.

REF: 3!

REF: 4!

REF: 5!

Tara doesn't want to win by count out, she wants to pin Myst or make her tap. So grabbing her by the hair again, she rolls her into the ring. Following closely behind, she grabs Jenny as she goes to get up. She sets Myst up for the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker, but Myst reverses, bending Fenix into position for her coveted Twist of Fate move. Fenix spins out of this, and locks Myst in a headlock. Running off the turnbuckle she spins in mid air and plants Myst face first with a bulldog.

Crawling over she hooks a leg.


2----Kickout at two. Fenix grins a bit, knowing she gets to inflict more punishment and seeming to enjoy the fact that she does.

She picks Jenny up by the hair. Myst, seeming to sense the dire situation, gets a quick thumb to the eye. This backs Tara off and get grabs at her eye and Jenny chops the knee again. Tara goes to one leg.

HHL: Veteran move there by Myst. Nothing fancy, but effective. Tara's leg is going to be hurting tomorrow!

Jenny comes off the ropes, SHINING WIZARD! The knee to the face connects. She bounces off the ropes on the other side, flipping into a moonsault. Myst got all of the moonsault. She doesn't pin, however, she picks Tara up and signals for her finisher. Tara gets a forearm to the face which backs her off, Jenny swings again, Tara ducks, just Jenny kicks her in the gut.

Glitter Blizzard into the pin!



3---Tara pops out.

Jenny stays in the sitting position, giggling as Tara rolls out.

Tara shows great resolve, getting to her feet. Jenny sits there giggling as Tara is taken aback. She doesn't quite know how to approach her.

Jenny waves and blows a kiss at Tara, who grabs a handful of her hair again. She lifts her up, the leg sweeps her, dropping an elbow on her already bloody mouth. Jenny rolls out of it, on all fours, and Tara hauls off and kicks her in the ribs. Jenny cries out and grabs her side.

Jenny tries to crawl away and Tara grabs her foot and locks in the Heel Lock! Myst's eyes go wide!

Pip: The heel lock! This is the same move that Myst used to tap put Madison Dyson and win the Shooting Star title! Tara giving Myst a taste of her own submission medicine!

Jenny starts frantically grabbing for the ropes, Tara pulls harder on the heel/ankle. Jenny goes to kick out of it, but Tara locks it in harder. Jenny has nowhere to go. She kicks frantically, and is able to break to hold but Tara bends back.

Tara Lock! (muta lock!)

She is torquing the neck and knees of the former champion.

Jenny is in dire straights now as she reaches for the ropes. Tara is locked in, and pulling hard. Jenny's eyes are wide, tears in them as she reaches for the ropes. She can't possibly last much longer!

Jenny is frantic, reaching for the ropes....moving her entire body arching to get there.....

She gets there!

The ref makes Tara break the hold!

He begins to count as she refuses to break.

She finally breaks the hold as Jenny exhales, holding her back.

Tara stays aggressive, and pulls Jenny to the middle of the ring, locking in the single leg crab.

Jenny's eyes go wide again as the fire in her back begins again.

HHL: Tara is punishing Myst here! She is DETERMINED to make her tap out!

Jenny's back is arched at an angle. She is reaching for the ropes again. But because it is only one leg, she is able to use the other to kick. Tara tweaks the angle to arch her back further. Jenny slaps the mat in agony. She begins to twist, kicking her leg. She is able to get enough of Tara for her to let go, and Myst locks her into a side head lock. Tara throws her down by her hair, however, stopping the reversal. She goes right back to the ankle lock, but Myst kicks it off this time, rolling Tara up into a small package but Tara pops out quick, and Myst hits a standing drop kick to take her down.

Both women are on their back, the crowd cheers.

Pip: What a match we have had so far to open Christmas Night!

HHL: These ladies setting the tone for the rest of the evening's festivities!

Both women are on their feet. Jenny yells again, charges Tara. Tara goes to dump her over again but Jenny stops short, hitting her with a short club, and whips her into the corner. She splashes Tara. Spinning through the ropes and going to the top, Myst has a look in her eye......

She hoists her rope chin lock! Tara is kicking. Myst has a sick look in her eye as the ref counts to 5. She drops her on her feet and spins down in front of her. She fires off a few shots to Tara in the corner and puts her feet on the middle ropes. She puts her feet into Tara's midsection. Monkey Flip from Myst puts Tara out to the middle of the ring. Myst now has a crazed look in her eye. Tara crawls towards the ropes and Myst kicks her in the back, laying her between the bottom and middle rope. Myst walks over to her and grabs her ankle, turning her over. She looks out at the rabid North Pole crowd. Jenny grins a toothy grin, and stands on her legs, shooting her up for a Decapitator, her neck and torso smacking the rope above. Myst jumps onto the middle rope, and then off with a springboard splash!




Tara kicks out.

HHL: Myst with a flurry of offense there, but she can't seem to keep Tara Fenix down for 3!

Obviously frustrated, she picks up Tara by the hair. She begins to scream at her. "I'M NOT CRAZY! I AM NOT!"

She hits the chokehold STO. Fenix is down again. Myst bounces off the ropes for a injury to insult, landing the knees on her midsection then flipping back and landing it again. She covers again with a leg hook.



3----FENIX kicks out!

Myst grabs her hair and yells again.

Pip: What does Jenny Myst have to do to keep Tara Fenix down!

Fenix is getting back to her feet. Myst comes off the ropes again, going for a clothesline but Fenix ducks, Myst comes off the ropes again..

'Fallen Phoenix'! The codebreaker!

Fenix covers.




Pip: Wow. Neither one of these women want to give up here tonight!

HHL: Myst said she was the measuring stick for women's wrestling. She is making Tara earn this tonight!

Tara picks Myst up by the hair as she signals for the 'Phoenix Wings'.

Myst wriggles out of it. Goes for a high kick, Tara ducks....

‘Genocide Kick’! The super kick to the side of the head! Myst is wobbling! Kick to the gut! PHOENIX WINGS!

Tara covers as the crowd counts along.




Pip: That did it! Tara Fenix beats Jenny Myst here but what a Savage opener!

HHL: Yes, what a match that was!

Winner - Tara Fenix

Tara rolls out of the ring, thankful to have pulled it off. Myst sits up........laughing.

Pip: My god, she just got beat in the middle of the ring and she's laughing? Giggling like a schoolgirl!

HHL: This isn't the same Jenny Myst.....the Queen has snapped here.......she's off the wagon.

Rampage walks to the ring with confidence as his theme music hits. Some fans cheer and some fans boo as the big man swaggers down towards the ring. Rampage steps up the steel steps and walks over the top rope as he makes his way into the squared circle.

HHL: Rampage is looking for a big win here tonight! He has two of the most noteworthy wrestlers in XWF history going against him this Christmas!

PC: It is very rare for a man of this size to enter any match as an underdog, but this might be one of those rare occasions!

Centurion steps onto the entrance ramp and is immediately greeted by audience applause. Only a few fans decked out in TNGB & old BOB merchandise refuse to join in the raucous applause. Centurion waves to his legions of fans as he sauntered down the entrance ramp with a photogenic smile glued to his face. Centurion slides under the bottom rope and into the ring before giving a few more friendly waves to the audience.

PC: Centurion has been on quite a roll lately….but how long can those old bones of his last?

HHL: What are you talking about, Pip?! Centy’s been aging like fine wine! I swear he’s been getting better every match since his return, and now he’s the reigning and defending Anarchy champion!

Micheal Graves makes his way to the ring alongside a chorus of boos. He ignores the crowd and steps into the ring with a snarl. His eyes shift intermittently between his two opponents as he takes his spot in the corner as directed by the referee.

HHL: There is no love lost between Graves and Centurion, that’s for sure!

PC: The beef between Graves and Centurion is big….but Rampage is way bigger!

- vs -
- vs -
Micheal Graves


The bell rings and Rampage charges forward like a bull! His first target is Centurion, who makes the wise veteran move to get the hell out of dodge! Centurion ducks out of his starting turnbuckle just as Rampage comes barreling forward!

Rampage runs chest first into the posts but doesn’t care, he immediately turns right back around…..and sees Centurion rolling right into a belly to back suplex from Graves! Micheal flings Centurion high up in the air….only for the veteran to land perfectly on his feet! Centurion looks as shocked as everyone else!

HHL: Look at the athleticism on display from Centurion! He did a perfect backflip, with a little assistance of course!

Graves doesn’t notice that Centurion lands on his feet. All Graves notices is Rampage staring him down from the post- so Graves charges the turnbuckle! Rampage sees it coming and sticks a big boot up….but Graves expected this! Graves ducks beneath the boot and slides right out of the ring! In one smooth motion Graves ducks the boot, slides out of the ring, then grabs Rampage by his other foot and sweeps it out from underneath him! The big man collapses to the ring…..only to immediately get hit with a diving dropkick by Centurion!

Rampage rolls out of the way as Centurion and Graves make eye contact with each other from inside and outside the ring respectively. Graves calls for Centurion to leave the ring while Centurion calls for Graves to enter the ring! They seem to be in a standstill shouting match!

PC: If Centurion wasn’t a coward he would go out there and show Graves who’s boss!

HHL: What are you talking about?! If Graves wasn’t a coward he’d go into that ring and fight Centurion fairly!

The referee can only sigh in exasperation as Graves and Centurion continue to jaw at each other from outside and inside the ring respectively….but unbeknownst to Centurion, Rampage has risen to his feet!

Rampage charges at Centurion and throws him over the top rope! Centurion falls right on top of Graves, sending both men to the floor in a mangled mess as Rampage triumphantly raises his fists in the middle of the ring!

HHL: Smart move by Rampage, he took advantage of the distraction caused by Graves to take both his opponents out!

PC: But there are no disqualifications or count-outs in this match, Heather, so if Rampage wants to win he’s going to need to pin or submit one of his opponents inside that ring!

HHL: Are there no count outs? Are we sure? Does anyone around here actually know what the hell a XMAS NO DECORATIONS BARRED TRIPLE THREAT MASSACRE match is?!

PC: Well it has massacre in the name, so we know it’s got to be hardcore! And besides, look at all those weird Christmas themed weapons laying outside the ring! Management wouldn’t put so many toys out if they didn’t want them to be used!

Rampage lowers his fists and turns towards the ropes just as Centurion and Graves begin to stir. Rampage places his hands on the top rope then slowly pushes them down as he lifts one leg over them. Then, Rampage slowly follows up with his other leg. Now Rampage is standing on the ring apron……and Centurion and Graves both grab huge candy canes that are laying outside the ring!

As Rampage goes to step off the apron he is smacked in the face by TWO huge candy canes! Both Centurion’s and Grave’s candy cane snaps in half on contact! Rampage looks to be KOed as he falls straight to the mat outside the ring!

HHL: Oh my god! I’ve never seen candy canes do so much damage!

PC: I had nothing but candy canes for dinner last christmas and let me tell you, Heather, they can do a lot of damage to your innards and your plumbing when they are used in large amounts!

Centurion and Graves stare at each other with half a huge candy cane in each of their possession. Then, the two men hit each other in the heads with the candy canes at the same time! Both candy canes completely shatter on impact as Cent and Graves are both forced to wobble back!

HHL: This is anyone’s match so far!

PC: I wonder who’s going to go out there and eat up all that candy cane deliciousness!

Graves and Centurion shake the cobwebs out of their heads before staring each other down outside the ring. Centurion takes a step forward, then Graves takes a step forward! The two take another simultaneous step forward and being duking it out! Centurion with a right fist, Graves with a left, Centurion with an uppercut, Graves with a jab, the action is back and forth and back and forth!

Both men start to look weaker and slower after a half-dozen or so punches connect square to their jaw: but still they fight on! Graves hits Centurion with a haymaker that sends a tooth and some blood flying out of Cent’s mouth- so Centurion repays the favor with a huge uppercut that does the exact same to Graves! The two men are forced to back away from each other on wobbly legs!

HHL: These two men are going for broke! Who is going to fall first!

PC: Whoever falls first has the best chance to eat up all those candy cane pieces!


Graves and Centurion are both breathing heavily and rubbing various bumps on their faces, but both men still look ready for war! They are about to step to each other once again when, out of nowhere, Rampage suddenly rises to his feet with a vigorous roar! The roar of the giant makes both Graves and Centurion take an instinctual step back as they stare over at the big man!

Rampage charges Centurion first. Centurion tries to dodge, but he’s too tired out from the fistfight! Rampage clotheslines Centurion right into the ringside apron! Centurion collapses to the ground as Rampage starts chasing after Micheal Graves! Rampage reaches out for Graves, but Graves is just outside of his reach! Micheal runs away from Rampage and turns the corner, and Rampage follows suit…until he doesn’t! Unbeknownst to Micheal, Rampage decides to stop as he watches Graves run circles around the ring!

HHL: I think Rampage might have learned not to chase opponents around the ring after his latest bout with HGH!

Graves thinks he’s running away from Rampage as he turns another corner and another……until he runs chestfirst into Rampage! Rampage chuckles as he picks Graves up and brings him down to the ground with a huge sidewalk slam! Rampage stands back up and grabs a dazed Graves by the neck. Rampage headbutts Graves repeatedly until blood starts to squirt out of Micheal’s forehead! Then, Rampage laughs like a lunatic before throwing Graves OVER THE TOP ROPE AND INTO THE RING!


HHL: Pip! Don’t say such things on Christmas!


Rampage basks in the gasps of the awe-struck audience, then he goes to pick up Centurion…..but Centurion was ready! Centurion’s hands were underneath the ringside cloth covering, and as he pulls his hands out he also pulls out a cookie sheet full of gingerbread men! The gingerbread men fly through the air as Centurion smacks the big man in the head with the cookie sheet!

But Rampage still stands tall!

So Centurion hits him in the head with the cookie sheet again!

And again!

And again and again and again!

And one last time for good measure before the cookie sheet literally snaps in two from the blunt force trauma!


Rampage is woozy on his feet, but he is still upright…..until Centurion drops the cookie sheet and goes airborne with a standing dropkick! Rampage is forced to lean against the ringside apron after Centurion’s feet hit him right in the jaw! Centurion scurries to his feet before giving Rampage three stiff fists to the face. Rampage looks ready to fall to the ground, but Centurion makes sure to slide the big man into the ring instead!

HHL: Centurion has gained the advantage in this match! He took the fight to Rampage and Graves, and now Centurion is the last man standing!

PC: Centurion may have momentum right now, but he still needs to get in the ring and finish this thing- and that’s way easier said than done!

Centurion wipes a ton of sweat from his brow before sliding into the ring himself. Rampage gets back up to his feet and lunges after Centurion who ducks the blow... Rampage takes a big bounce off the ropes and stomps across the ring... Graves is back to his feet now too and runs after Rampage as he takes a second bounce, Graves bounces off the big man, but stops him in his tracks! Rampage leans back against the top rope and he’s so tall that he almost falls backwards back to the outside! Cent runs over and lifts one of the big man’s legs, but doesn’t have the strength to flip him over the rope himself! Graves dives down and grabs Ramages other leg and together Centurion and Graves lift the huge monster up and send him out to the floor! Graves celebrates the accomplishment and as he does he loses sight of Cent…. Graves turns around and walks into a kick…. Cent lifts Graves up on his shoulders and hits the Fabula Nova Crystallis!!!! Cent pulls the leg for the cover!!!!!





Siiiiiinncccee IIII’mmmmm a baaassstttaaaarrrrddd…

A new theme song is pumped through the arena’s speakers as a custom montage plays on the X-tron. Some of the crowd cheers but most of the audience boos as clips of Charlie Nickles holding the television championship and Devil Hook Dropping people play alongside the unfamiliar melody.

PIP: “Looks like Charlie has picked out a new theme song. I can’t say I’m a fan- of this melodramatic music, or of anything Charlie has done these last couple of months. He’s been acting like a dirty rotten no good bastard!”

HHL: “Well…..yeah! Charlie IS a No Good Bastard and they just made it official last Savage!”

The Nickleman pops out onto the entrance ramp with the TV championship belt around his waist and a huge smile on his face. He has a microphone in hand as he starts swaggering down towards the ring. His arms flow freely at his sides ala Connor McGregor.

All of a sudden Charlie snaps on a dime and rushes towards the barricade nearest him. He starts screaming at the family of a small child wearing a brand new Elijah Martin branded hat. The small child, no more than 6 or 7, begins crying as Charlie calls his mother an “ugly whore!”, his father a “cuckold!”, and his older sister a “jailbait jezebel!”. The father tries to step between The Nickleman and the family but Charlie pushes him down and grabs the small boy by the collar of his shirt!

PIP: “Oh my god what the hell does this bastard think he’s doing?!”

HHL: “I know! That father should have known better than to stand in The Nickleman’s way!”

PIP: “I can’t believe you’re defending Charlie! He’s terrorizing our paying fans!”

Charlie screams in the child’s face. A few pieces of hotdog laden saliva land on the crying child’s forehead. Charlie grabs the hat off of his head before releasing the kid. The Nickleman cusses out the victimized family one last time for good measure before he storms back down the entrance ramp. Charlie, whose smile has now been replaced with a sneer, throws the child’s hat on the ground and stomps on it as he makes his way towards the ring. The small child rushes into his mother’s arms for comfort as the father screams for security to come assist his family.

PIP: “This is disgusting behavior! Charlie is the television champion, he’s supposed to represent the Savage brand and he’s just being an absolute jackass!”

HHL: “There’s nothing more savage than stealing from children! Besides, Heather- think of all the memories The Nickleman has created for that family! They’re never going to forget this show!”

PIP: “Yeah, those parents will never forget the time that bastard ruined professional wrestling for their son!”

Charlie Nickles shakes his head from side to side before sliding under the bottom rope and into the wrestling ring. He steps up to his feet and looks out with disdain at the audience members.

“Now shut yer’ traps and listen here! That small child had to learn a lesson tonight- and if you all don’t stop this fucking heeing and hawing I’m fixing to teach that same lesson to each and every one of you!

The crowd’s boos morph into the class ‘WHAT?!’ chant agitating Charlie further.

What? What?! What?!?!?! Are you people fucking stupid?! You don’t know WHAT kind of lesson plan I have prepared for my detractors?!

Well, let me lay this shit out for you.”

PIP: “And here we go again. I wish we could just skip to the next match.”

HHL: “Don’t let Charlie hear you say that, Heather or he might just teach you a lesson next!”

“I’m going to teach each and every one of you that you don’t disrespect The Nickleman on Saturday nights! I’ll have you know I am a FAMOUS CELEBRITY OF HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE! My grandfather invented the nickel! My family has been giving gifts to the American public for YEARS- and now it’s my turn!

So I’m going to give each and every one of you the gift of obeying and respecting your betters…..that means me! So shut your fucking mouths and listen up before I reach out and slap the ballsacks off each and every one of your vaginas!

HHL: “What the hell does that even mean?!”

PIP: “I don’t think you want to find out, Heather!

The crowd continues to boo furiously as Charlie Nickles grabs a piece of paper out of my pocket.

”Now listen up! You know that jolly Saint Nick has a list of everyone who’s been naughty and everyone who’s been nice… let’s see who’s getting a big whole lump of dogshit in their stockings this year!

First and foremost on our naughty list, we have…..KAREN HUNT! She’s seriously a real fucking bitch!

Second on our naughty list, and I know no one will believe this because this person has NEVER been ranked so high on any list, but there’s a first time for everything! The second person on our naughty list is a reaaaaaal piece of work, their palms are as hairy as they come from all that egregious self-pleasuring. Number two on the list is a man who wrestles like number two in the ring- you know, like shit- he is the one, the only-



HHL: “It seems as though Micheal Graves has heard enough!”

The opening riff of “Four Rusted Horses” strums along as the crowd erupts in a very mixed reaction! Micheal Graves slowly staggers out to the top of the stage, his perplexed gaze locked firmly on “The Nickleman”!

PIP: “Does this idiot even know where he is right now!?”

The sound guy fades out Graves theme, leaving only the deafening mixture of both support and hatred for the twenty-plus-year veteran, Micheal Graves.

Back inside of the ring, Charlie watches on with an amused grin. Micheal slowly brings the microphone up to his lips as the crowd begins to settle down.

”Are you finished?”

”If I was finished your mom would be calling you in to clean the sheets- and I haven’t even started to make that fat lady sing yet!

Micheal looks down to the floor as he chuckles silently before looking back up to Charlie in the ring.

”Which one? The one that died giving birth to me, or the one that everyone believes that I murdered with an ax? You’re going to have to do better than that to get under MY skin, Gravy lite…”

Charlie waves a dismissive hand in Micheal’s direction as he shakes his head from side to side.

”Don’t you go on about that ax murdering bullshit! The only people that believe you have the GUTS to really murder a woman are the same people that say Marf is a ‘tough and crazy guy’. Everyone with half a nut knows that you’re nothing but a little bitch-boy…..a little Charlie-lite. You got all the ugly, but a lot less dick.”

Graves smirks, his eyes firmly locked with Charlie. Without a word, Micheal tosses the microphone over his shoulder and charges down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope and marching right up in Charlie’s face. Neither man backs down as they jockey for dominance!

PIP: “Micheal Graves has just entered unfriendly territory!”

HHL: “Yeah? I’d say it’s “ Gravy-Lite” that’s in REAL trouble!”

The two continue to jaw jack when Charlie suddenly swings the Television championship at Graves’ face, but Graves ducks under the belt and plants his feet! Charlie recovers and turns around only to catch a kick square to the jewels!

HHL: “Micheal Graves with the great equalizer!”

PIP: “It’s a dirty move! If anyone else did that, you’d be calling for their heads!”

HHL: “This isn’t a match and Charlie att…”

PIP: “It looks like Micheal Graves is setting The Nickleman up to face Grave Consequences!”

Suddenly TK clips Graves’ knee from behind with a shoulder block! Graves drops Charlie and crumbles to the mat as TK and Charlie scatter to cover with a wall of hammering punches!

HHL: “This is two on one! Micheal doesn’t stand a chance!”

Graves tries to both block the incoming blows and fight his way to his feet, but both ideas prove impossible under the full-on assault from Them No-Good Bastards!

Charlie jumps to his feet and grabs the TV title, tossing it back to the ground just in front of Graves before peeling him off of the mat and driving him headfirst into the championship belt with his signature DDT!

PIP: “That Devil Hook Drop just opened a cut on Micheal’s forehead!”

The camera cuts backstage where we see Vita Valenteen and Calypso engaged in conversation when Vita notices Charlie and TK beating down Micheal on the monitor and she darts off as a result. Calypso takes notice of the beatdown taking place in the ring as well. His eyes narrow before he runs into the broom closet!

Graves is unconscious and his face is covered in blood. TK gets down onto the mat and takes a handful of Micheal’s hair, pulling his head off of the ground as Charlie shoves the Television Title in his face!


HHL: “Charlie Nickles has lost his damned mind!”

PIP: “Well, duh… but that happened long before he came to the XWF!”

”Now pick him up, Tee-Kay, pick this bitch up!

Thunder Knuckles picks up a groggy Graves as Charlie holds the TV belt firmly.

”Now why don’t you give her a kiss!

Charlie prepares to smash Micheal’s face with the belt……but then Vita appears at the top of the entrance ramp! Vita runs down the stage to a big POP from the crowd! ! TK and Charlie spring to action as Vita jumps up onto the apron. Vita begins yelling for them to leave Gravy alone. It doesn’t appear as though TK or Charlie plan on backing down, that is until The Blue Tango comes running down the stage!

PIP: “Is his shirt inside out!?”

Sure enough, in his haste, The Blue Tango seemed to make a few fashion mistakes. TK and Charlie are still on guard as they separate to opposite sides of the ring. Vita springboards into the ring as The Blue Tango slides in under the bottom rope just behind her! TK and Charlie immediately drop and roll out of the ring, and begin mocking Vita and Tango as they reconvene at the stage! Vita checks on a bloody Graves as The Blue Tango stands guard over her!

HHL: “Thank goodness Vita and The Blue Tango came down here to stop this!”

PIP: “Oh yeah? And what did they stop exactly? Because from THIS seat, it looks like Micheal Graves may be in no condition to challenge for the TV title at Fire and Ice!”

PC: Welcome back to A Very Savage Xmas wrestling fans. Coming up next we have a highly anticipated newcomer to the XWF making his debut.

HHL: That’s right Pip, and he’ll be facing off with an XWF veteran tonight…

The camera pans to the ring where Tommy Gunn has just finished making his entrance. He pulls his elbows back behind his ears, and swings his arms around, stretching in anticipation for his opponent.

The lights in the building start to flicker, matching the opening riffs and drums of Disturbed's 'The Infection'. After the intro, a brief pyro explosion goes off in the entrance and as lyrics of the song begin, Xavier Lux steps out from behind the smoke left by the pyro.

He stands there sporting his finest black and green gear, looking around at the XWF crowd most of whom boo him loudly after his recent actions. He shakes his head in disappointment and instead focuses on those that do cheer loudly, and even try to fight the boos with a brief “Venom! Venom!” chant.

PC: I’ll tell you what, Heather. I think I like Xavier Lux already..

HHL: You just like anyone who is mean to the fans, Pip.

PC: Of course I do. They’re scum. White trash who sale their food stamps for XWF tickets.

HHL: They sign your paycheck.

PC: Ha! That’s rich. Like they know how to write.

He smirks before making his way down the ramp, keeping his focus on the ring. Once he gets to ringside, he hops on the apron, wiping his boots showing his respect to the canvas where he is about to practice his craft. He then gets inside and makes his way to the corner, climbs to the second turnbuckle and again just looks around at the crowd who is now giving him a mix reaction. He acknowledges a fan here and there who is showing him support before hopping down from the ring; he checks in with the ref and then gets ready for the match as his music dies down.

"Venom" Xavier Lux
- vs -
Tommy Gunn

The ref calls for the bell, Tommy dances into position to strike and lunges for Xavier, but he’s bitten with venom. Lux easily wraps Tommy up and torpedoes him to the mat with a vicious snap suplex. The thud stings your ears.

HHL: Wow! Venom didn’t even break a sweat planting Tommy Gunn to the mat.

PC: Look at him standing over Tommy smiling, Heather…

Venom lifts Tommy and whips him into the corner, following with an effortless and precisces European uppercut.

PC: …he’s playing with his food!

Venom whips Tommy again to the opposite corner, and follows behind. Tommy smashes chest first into the corner and falls backward. Venom leap frogs Tommy, then leaps onto the turnbuckle. Tommy is standing out of pure luck, unconscious on his feet. Venom takes full advantage. A diving hurricanrana plants Tommy on his neck.

HHL: Tommy Gunn is a former Champion here in the XWF, and not someone who should ever be taken lightly-

PC: And yet Xavier Lux is dominating him with ease, and I love it!

Tommy rolls under the bottom rope and tries pulling himself up with the ropes. Just as he stands, Venom strikes with a pele kick that hurls Gunn from the apron to the barricade and to the floor. Just as Tommy tries to get back to his feet, Xavier Lux dives with a stunning Tope Con Hilo, bashing the two of them right back to the floor. But Lux stands quickly, unphased and completely in control. He grabs Tommy Gunn up and rolls him back into the ring.

Lux bull rushes the crawling Tommy in the middle of the ring. Lifting him by his pants and whipping him towards the corner. The already dazed and defeated Tommy Gunn eats a picturesque running dropkick to the jaw.

PC: Xavier Lux connects with The Toxin!

HHL: This is the setup to his big finishing move! He has made childsplay out of an XWF veteran.

PC: He doesn’t even need to use his finishing move, Heather

Lux smiles and stands aside as Tommy falls from the corner. Shaking his head and smiling, he climbs the top rope and watches as Tommy rolls toward the middle of the ring. Lux leaps from the top ropes. His body lighting up from the camera flashes as he flips in the air,


Connecting perfectly with an incredible shooting star press. He covers a destroyed Tommy Gunn in the center of the ring.




Winner via pinfall -”Venom” Xavier Lux

The ref raises Xavier Lux's hand as he celebrates his victory in his very first XWF match. Unfortunately the celebration doesn't last long as the cheers quickly turn to boos as Peter Vaughn, Betsy Granger and Bam Miller walk out from the back and down towards the ring.

Pip: Looks like business is about to pick up here.

HHL: You might be right Pip.

Xavier Lux takes a few steps back as The Exiles climb into the ring. Peter Vaughn has something scrunched up in his hand but the camera can't make out what it is. With his free hand Vaughn reaches through the ropes and grabs a microphone from the ring announcer.

Peter Vaughn: Look Xavier I'm going to keep this short and sweet. You and I go a ways back. We all saw what you did at Bad Medicine to further the cause so how about we make this official and you join The Exiles?

Vaughn unfolds the item in his hand revealing it to be an Exile's t-shirt. He shows it off to the crowd before holding it out for Lux. Xavier thinks about it for a few seconds before taking the shirt out of Vaughn's hands. He holds it up in the air as the boos rain down from the crowd like Covid droplets at CPAC.

HHL: The moment of truth Pip. All this talk the last few weeks of will he or won't he, now Lux has a decision to make.

Pip: He'd be a fool not to join the hottest faction in wrestling today Heather.

Instead of putting the shirt on Lux tosses it over his shoulder and then pushes his way past the Exiles and exits the ring without saying a word leaving the Exiles in the dark as to where Lux's head is out.

HHL: Well I guess we aren't getting our answer today after all.

Savage goes to commercial as The Exile's remain standing in the ring chatting amongst themselves.

We see Barney Green, dressed in a orange and green checkered suit with a green tie, giving a speech backstage to a crowd of people.

Barney: Now that I have gotten all your attention. Please continue investing in BarnCoin. I can help you. Just remember the info and please send whatever cash you may have saved away. It is for your future.

Barney pauses as the crowd starts to talk among themselves. Barney goes to speak.

Barney: I'll let you all think this over as I have a match incoming. Gotta help my friend out.

We see Barney Green start to loosen his tie and remove as he goes to walk towards the entrance way and the crowd just slowly disperses. He stops and the camera shows security staring at him. One of the guards goes to speak.

Security Guard: I don't see you listed for this match. We cannot let you come down to the ring.

Barney: But Bobby Bourbon isn't even here. Its okay. I am a standby wrestler in the event of this happening. My name is Barney Green.

Barney goes to move forward only to be blocked.

Security Guard: You have to stay back here, Mr Green.

Barney: Listen, I don't have time for this. Are you gonna let me through or do we need to do this the hard way?

Green goes to move forward only to get shocked by one the guards. The guards swarm him and we see them start carrying him off.

Barney: I know what you want. I can set you up to become a millionaire in seven months if you just invest in this BarnCoin. Just let me go through and i'll give you some for free.

One of the guards cracks Green over the head with a billy club and Green goes limp. They continue carrying him out as the scene fades to black.

HHL: “Up next fans we’ll see two champions teaming up with two former champions in a XWF Winter Storm Warning Tag Match!! Corey Smith and RL Edgar will face off against Thunder Knuckles and Charlie Nickles…. Those No Good Bastards!!”

PIP: “No rules! No tags! Pinfall or submission! Let’s get it on!”

HHL: “And here comes Them No Good Bastards!!”

PIP: “Those new and improved No Good Bastards!”

HHL: “Why do you say that, Pip?!”

PIP: “Because here comes the one, the only, XWF Television Champion… Charlie Nickles!!! An official No Good Bastard!!”

HHL: “Funny, I thought he was one of those all along.”

PIP: “What do you mean?”

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Charlie Nickles deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and completely miss a no-look fist bump, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Charlie climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Charlie raises his arms and the XWF Television Title at a 60-degree angle.

RL Edgar walks out on the stage and waits.

The arena is pitch black and the melancholy opening tunes to “Identity” begin. But as the song starts to pick up in intensity, down in the entry way, you see a Jericho-esque light up jacket glow brilliantly. Then, twin explosions emit from either side of the ramp and the lights turn on in a swirling red and blue pattern that throb in sync with the beats of the song. XWF Supercontinental Champion Corey Smith joins RL Edgar on the stage,, the jacket now flashing intermittent heart and lightning bolt patterns. On the 'Tron you see images of Corey/Lux pulling off fantastic moves, intercut with blur effects on Corey's face that obscure his features in an eerie way.

RL and Corey make their way towards the ring… Those No Good Bastards look to each other in the ring and decide they’re not going to wait for their opposition to enter the ring and meet them on the outside!

Those No Good Bastards
- vs -
Corey Smith & RL Edgar


HHL: “And this match is underway!”

PIP: “And it’s already nuts, Heather! I give credit to Those No Good Bastards by immediately recognizing the rules of this bedlam and attacking Corey Smith and RL Edgar while their guard was down!”

HHL: “Let’s keep in mind, Pip… Charlie Nickles wasn’t originally scheduled for this match! The change was made after the match was already booked and he’s already scheduled to defend his Television Championship in the Main Event TONIGHT!”

PIP: “Right! This is just a warm-up, Heather!”

Charlie Nickles is on RL Edgar and Thunder Knuckles is on Corey Smith! All four competitors battle in front of the ring exchanging fists back and forth!

Charlie thumbs RL in the eye and slams his head against the apron! Charlie slams him again then whips him into the barricade and RL bounces off with his back and falls to the ground.

TK and Corey start off with fisticuffs, too, and TK gets the advantage after sneaking in some good jabs! Charlie and TK notice each other and grab each of their opposition and Irish whip them towards each other! But, RL and Corey reverse and send TK and Charlie at each other! The two bastards stop just before they collide and miss a mini no look fist bump… As they turn around… Corey lands a superkick under TK’s chin and RL lands an uppercut under Charlie’s! The two bastards stumble back and switch sides… Corey jumps up onto Charlie’s shoulders and flips him over and to the ground with a hurricanrana and RL leaps up and drop kicks TK across the chest!

HHL: “Both bastards are down!”

Corey grabs Charlie and drags him over and throws him up on the ring apron. RL works on getting TK to his feet, but TK fires a few shots back knockin RL back! Corey has hopped up on the ring apron and plants a couple of stiff boots across the Television Champion’s head before hopping up to the top turnbuckle! He leaps off as Charlie’s head dangles off the side of the apron and hits Charlie with a guillotine leg drop scrambling Charlie’s brains making him curl up and roll towards the center of the ring!

Outside the ring, TK has taken control of RL and has him back into the corner of the barricade punishing him with punches and kicks… From around the corner of the ring, Corey runs up the ring steps…. Takes a couple long steps across the apron and somersaults off landing on Thunder Knuckles and RL Edgar!

PIP: “Corey is all over the place here, Heather!”

Corey shoves TK aside and helps RL to his feet who is also shaken by Corey’s leap from the apron, but quickly pulls himself together and the two double team TK! They lift the bastard up off the ground and slam him face first onto the barricade! TK falls to the floor and as Corey turns around Charlie comes out of nowhere and cracks in the side of the face with a chair! He swings at RL but cracks the barricade instead as RL ducks and dodges the attack! Charlie tries for another swing but RL boots Charlie in the face through the chair!

HHL: “Great counter by Edgar!”

Charlie drops the chair and fumbles back. RL grabs him and Irish whips him towards the ring steps, but keeps hold of Charlie and pulls him back clotheslining him straight to hell! Charlie gets sent straight to his back on the floor and RL follows up with a hard stomp to Charlie’s chest.

TK is back to his feet, has Corey by the hair, and tosses him under the bottom rope into the ring. TK rolls in behind him and, again, takes a big handful of Corey’s locks. He drags Corey over to the corner and throws him against the turnbuckles. Corey bounces off and takes a couple steps out where TK grabs him in a scoop slam and plants him in the Tree of Woe! TK starts with the stomps to Corey’s head as RL notices his partner in peril from the outside. He goes to climb into the ring, but Charlie grabs his ankle and holds him back. Thunder Knuckles walks over to the side of the ring and kicks RL in the head through the ring ropes knocking him back to the floor.

PIP: “Great teamwork from the Bastards!”

Charlie is up and has control of RL and tosses him into the ring. TK lands a stomp onto his back as Charlie rolls in, himself, then heads back over to Corey who is still hanging upside down in the Tree of Woe. As TK approaches him, Corey grabs him around the neck with his legs, twists around, and pulls TK through the middle rope and onto the apron with a strong headscissor takedown! TK is quick to his feet outside, but Corey takes a step up onto the middle turnbuckle, leaps off, and cracks TK across the face with a kick sending him down to the floor!

Corey lands on his feet and as he turns around Charlie swoops in for an attack! Corey ducks a clothesline and pulls down on the top rope and Charlie bounces off of it nearly flipping to the outside! He manages to catch himself, but RL comes up from behind and he and Corey finish the job by pushing Charlie up and over the rope! Charlie’s body slams off the apron and he rolls off to the floor!

HHL: “RL Edgar and Corey Smith are showing great momentum here, fans!”

RL and Corey look to each other and nod. They run to the opposite side and bounce off the ropes! They run to the other side and both leap through the middle and top rope to the outside, spearing Charlie and TK as they’re reaching their feet, taking them out! RL and Corey both grab Charlie and throw him over the barricade into the crowd. They immediately change their attack to TK as they both hit him with kicks to the back and head. RL lifts TK up and together he and Corey lift TK up and slam him down on the ramp with a double vertical suplex!! TK bends and holds his back in agony after hitting hard on the steel! RL nods to Corey and heads back over to do more work on Charlie, but as he turns Charlie slams a steel chair down over his head, bending the seat of the chair!

PIP: “Nice hat, Edgar!!”

Corey is distracted by the chairshot on Edgar and goes to approach Charlie… TK is still on his hands and knees but manages to grab Corey and spin him around. Charlie grabs Corey from behind and pulls him over the barricade, as well! Charlie stuffs Corey’s head under his arm and DDTs him down on the floor!! TK grabs the still scrambled RL Edgar and tosses him over the barricade where Charlie and Corey are and hops over it too. Each Bastard takes one of them and starts working their way up the seats towards the exit…

HHL: “Where the heck are these guys going?!”

PIP: “This match started out of control and it hasn’t gotten any better, Heather…”

The referee exits the ring and warns both Bastards that even though the rules allow it, the match can’t continue unless they remain in the arena! Charlie and TK ignore the referee's pleas and continue up through the crowd! Corey and RL find life again and start fighting back and the brawl resets! The ref leaves the ring and cuts through the crowd trying to follow them, but before he can reach them all four competitors battle their way down along the stage where they leave the arena. In the distance an air horn can be heard and brakes squealing! Two big LED headlights come into the scene and the Bastards big red hummer screeches to a stop in front of the four competitors… The driver’s side window rolls down and Jimmy sticks his head out…

“Charlie!!! We have to go! You have a TV Title defense in Colorado and if we don’t go now we’re never going to make it!”

HHL: “Huh. I was wondering how Charlie was going to get to his match later…”

PIP: “That hummer is a beast, Heather. Have faith.”

HHL: "Can it fly?"

Charlie takes his focus off of RL Edgar and walks towards the hummer, only for RL to slam his face off the hood splitting Charlie open! Charlie bounces back and falls to the ground… RL peers into the hummer which freaks Jimmy out who punches it slamming the front of the hummer into RL sending him tumbling back! TK and Corey continue their fight a few feet away! Corey has TK against a guard rail delivering kick after kick to his midsection! Charlie is to his feet, he comes up behind Corey, grabs him, and throws him head first against the guard rail!

“We gotta go NOW!”

I can’t leave without Goldi!!!

Charlie takes off towards the ring and to the time keeper’s table and it sends Jimmy into a tizzy! Charlie grabs Goldi and straps her around his waist and heads back towards the hummer. RL is still down from being hit by the vehicle and Corey starts to stir. TK goes after him, but Corey sees him coming and flips around hitting TK square in the nose with a pele kick and TK goes flat! Charlie finally makes it back as Corey is over checking on RL…. Charlie looks to Jimmy who is about ready to explode and back to Corey and Edgar…. Jimmy yells to get Charlie’s attention as he tries alone to pull TK across the floor and load him into the hummer… Charlie runs over and assists him and they all load up and the hummer squeals off….

HHL: “I guess we’ll have to wait another day to see this conclusion, Pip…”


HHL: Folks, we’re back here on Savage and I hear we’re about to be joined by a seldom seen face on Saturday nights!

PIP: That’s right Heather! On behalf of the entire Xtreme Wrestling Federation, we’d like to wish our Lionheart, Thaddeus Duke a very happy 23rd birthday!

HHL: And a Merry Christmas!

PIP: Fuck Jesus, praise Thaddeus!

HHL: Wow, okay!

He came to the XWF as a spoiled 17 year old with a sense of entitlement. Five years on, he’s matured into a bonafide wrestling megastar before our eyes and whether you hate him, love him or fall somewhere in between… not a soul on the planet can question his natural gifts.

The upper bowl lighting of the stupid igloo goes dark.

PIP: What would a Thaddeus Duke entrance be if not somehow dramatic?

The lower section falls dark.

HHL: This is the sort of thing a lot of people miss with their on screen presence!

The ring area falls dark, bringing the entire stupid freakin’ igloo into complete darkness.

PIP: It’s a psychological thing, Heather! They know something is coming, but what? Slowly build to that reveal and by the time they get it, they’re worked into a frenzy without ever saying a word!

On the stage and in the darkness, a number of Thaddeus Duke’s ‘Collector’ purge masks light up. Alternating between white and gold.

HHL: Collector masks on stage, Pip!

Suddenly, the X-Tron lights up with the Chris Page countdown, causing an anticipatory positive reaction from the XWF Universe.

Psychology, people.

New Tron, Different Than The Old Tron: Special THANK YOU to Jim Caedus <3

As the music transitions from the Page countdown to Thaddeus Duke’s new entrance theme, the dozen or so Collector mask wearing persons on stage are illuminated in his dim gold mood lighting, revealing their musical instruments as they play his music LIVE for the Universe.

Shortly thereafter, Chris Page and Thaddeus Duke emerge from backstage. The positive reactions soon turn negative and Page & Thad love it up a moment as they head toward the ring. Inside the ring, resting on a crimson velvet rug, is the Lion’s Throne.

HHL: He really loves the hate, Pip!

PIP: He is fueled by the Universe! Whether it’s love or hate, he thrives on the atmosphere!

The lighting remains gold colored and dim as the duo makes their way into the ring. The music fades as Thaddeus stands front and center for a moment before sitting the Lion throne in the ring. CCP stands before Thad with a mic while the Birthday Boy puts his own crown on his head. In his right hand, Thad repeatedly flips his dads XWF Hall of Legends ring like a coin.

I look at you and I know you… sometimes I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that you’re still as young as you are. To have the amount of success you’ve had is nothing short of… LEGENDARY.

So in honor of your 23rd birthday… Thaddeus Duke… and to celebrate your first ever LIVE concert, CCP Enterprises proudly gives you, your greatest hits!

CCP steps aside, pointing toward the X-Tron where a video replay from Warfare plays on the screen showing the moment Thaddeus busted his prized Ed Sheeran guitar over his fathers head.

Show it again! he says with a great big smile.

Ask and you shall receive, Page replies as over and over Thad busts that guitar over the head of his father.

At its conclusion, the X-Tron goes dark as Thaddeus takes a second mic from Page. CCP takes a step backward to the left side of the Lionhearts throne.

Any regrets? Page asks, stepping forward a moment before retreating again.

Yes, actually, Thad replies as Page gives him a slight look of confusion.

I fucking loved that guitar, he jokes, causing Page to crack a smile. And Adi’s not here.

The Universe boos this revelation.

Right!? She’s great, isn’t she?

It’s funny you should mention that, Page says. Did you really think a replay of Warfare was the only thing I had up my sleeve?

Did you really think Adi would miss your XWF birthday bash?

Thad smiles a knowing smile. CCP points toward the entrance.

Adi Gold, ladies and gentlemen!

Emerging from backstage as the Collector Band plays ‘New York, New York’, in a white blonde Marilyn Monroe wig and looking almost exactly like the 50’s starlet, is Adi Gold to a great big roar from the XWF Universe. She wears the famous Marilyn Monroe style evening gown.

In the ring, Thad is all smiles looking at her.

HHL: The young Lion… he’s completely smitten with Adi Gold!

PIP: Can you blame him?

HHL: Not in the least!

PIP: She’s beautiful, talented, and he gets to touch the booty!

Just as Adi reaches about half way down the ramp, Cyrus Braddock emerges from backstage carrying a large, wrapped package.

…that’s not a euphemism.

As Adi climbs the steps, Thad goes to stand up, but CCP places his hand on his shoulder. Page then walks across and holds down the bottom rope with his foot while pulling up the middle rope, helping Adi enter the ring.

Seated in the Lion’s Throne, Thad stares across the ring with a huge smile at his dear Adi Gold. Page hands her a microphone and once again backs off beside the throne. Meanwhile, Cyrus lays the package in the corner and he too retreats on the other side of the throne.

Happpy Birthdaayyyy…. To yooouuuuu, she begins to sing like Marilyn Monroe to John F. Kennedy nearly 60 years ago in that sweet but seductive tone, getting a rise out of the Universe.

Happpy Birthdaayyyy…. To yooouuuuu, Adi sings before sitting across Thad’s lap.

PIP: Is it getting hot in here!?

HHL: Little bit, yeah!

Haaapppy Biirrrrthdayyyy… dear Thaaaadeuussss, she removes the crown from Thad’s head, hanging it off the back of the big chair. Happy birrrthdayyy…. toooo … yooouuuuu, she concludes with some applause from the Universe before she plants a kiss on his lips.

Happy birthday, baby, she says to him sweetly.

Thank you so much.

Cyrus, do be a dear and… she points to the large package leaning against the turnbuckles. Cyrus grabs the gift as Adi steps off of Thad’s lap. It isn’t much, but I know how much the first one meant to you…

Adi hands the package to Thad and he tears the wrapping from it. Removing the top of the long box, Thad smiles at the new Ed Sheeran guitar.

I had our peeps get in touch with his peeps and he was happy to send you a replacement… but maybe this time don’t break it over yer dads head, huh?

I promise, Thad says with a smile as he stands up. After giving her a thank you kiss and a hug. Adi takes a step back as Thad paces the ring a moment.

Just as Thad starts to speak…

The X-Tron rigging bursts into flames to a huge pop from the crowd as Thaddeus Duke and company are momentarily startled by the loud explosion. Sebastian Duke emerges from backstage. He stops on the stage, dead staring at his son.

Twenty-three birthdays and you finally decide to show up to one, Thad says toward his father, mock slow clapping. Like the rest of them, I see you’re empty handed.

Not even a card man?

Thad lays out, while Sebastian retrieves a mic from inside his cape.

You got something that belongs to me.

Thad approaches the ropes near the entrance side as both CCP and Cyrus Braddock exit the ring to the floor after aiding Adi Gold out of the ring.

If you want it back, Thad says while flipping the ring like a coin again a few times before holding it up in front of him. Then I guess you’ll have to come take it.

Thad slides the ring into his pocket as Sebastian Duke starts to head toward the ring. A couple of Thad’s Collector Band try to impede Sebastian’s route toward the ring but he dispatches them quickly with a few heavy fisted blows.

HHL: That distraction was by design!

PIP: The Lion takes flight!

As Sebastian Duke clears his path, he looks up toward the ring to see Thaddeus leaping over the top rope and taking him to the floor with a top rope suicida. Thad stays on his father, landing repeated rights into the mans skull.

Sebastian Duke though, has more power than he knows what to do with and flicks Thad off him quickly with a sort of stiff arm, face shove gaining immediate separation. Thad and Sebastian both work their way to their feet and start trading blows with Sebastian clearly landing heavier shots sending Thad reeling a bit back toward the ring.

Thad charges toward him but eats a big boot to the face and is grounded immediately. CCP clubs Sebastian Duke in the back and the man turns around quickly. Page retreats by rolling himself into the ring and Sebastian follows him in. Page gets in a few vicious stomps and kicks but even still, Sebastian Duke gets back to his feet.

On the floor, Cyrus has helped Thaddeus back to his feet. With CCP and Sebastian Duke locked in a staredown, Thad reaches under the ropes and grabs his dad by the ankle as Cyrus makes his way around the opposite side of the ring.

Sebastian turns his attention toward his son who backs off from the ring a few feet while CCP escapes the danger zone. Behind the elder Duke, the big hired gun of Thad, Cyrus Braddock enters the ring.

Thinking CCP was still behind him, Sebastian Duke quickly grabs the new Ed Sheeran guitar and turns around again but comes face to face with Cyrus, as on the floor, Thad and CCP regroup after sending Adi Gold up the ramp and out of danger.

[Image: 7teG9Ao.jpg]

HHL: Braddock and Sebastian Duke!

PIP: Two monsters! Just like on Warfare!

Thad starts to climb up on the apron behind his fathers back, but CCP stops him.

This is what you hired him for, CCP reminds him. Let him do his job!

Cyrus wags his finger in Sebastian Duke’s face, easily removing the guitar from his grip. Not taking his eyes off of the elder Duke, Cyrus hands off the guitar to CCP on the outside of the ring as Thad relents, backing down off the apron.

Once again, Cyrus Braddock and Sebastian Duke are nose to nose.

HHL: And all hell has broken loose here on Savage!

The two giants start trading blows with heavy fisted right hands. One good one staggers Cyrus before Sebastian Duke clotheslines the man over the top rope. Cyrus though lands on his feet. Upon landing, he pounds the apron with both fists and starts to climb back onto the apron before Thad grabs the big man by his waistband, stopping him from entering.

Pacing the ring like a caged animal, Sebastian Duke searches around for a mic as the trio slowly backpedals up the ramp. I didn’t come empty handed Thad, Sebastian Duke begins.

I’m giving you the gift of an accepted challenge for Fire & Ice!

HHL: Big development!

At Fire & Ice… you better know damn well what you’re gettin’ into.

PIP: The Duke Legacy explodes at Fire & Ice!

The crowd pops at the news and Thad looks ecstatic as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out his dads ring. Page whispers something into his ear and Thad stops a moment before putting it back in his pocket.

You know what? Sebastian says as he smirks while pacing. Next Savage, how ‘bout you give me that son of a bitch! he demands, pointing toward Cyrus Braddock.

Thad and CCP look at each other, then at the big man Braddock. Cyrus nods.

You’re all his, Father!

Taking the crown that he once wore from the back of the Lion’s Throne, Sebastian Duke chucks it toward his son who miraculously snags it out of the air one-handed.

HHL: We got Duke versus Duke confirmed for Fire & Ice!

PIP: And we got Old Man Duke versus Cyrus Braddock next Savage!

The Old Man’s music hits as Thad, Page, Cyrus and Adi Gold back through the entrance way.

PIP: "Coming up next, we have the final match of the trilogy that is Reggie Estrada and Xtreme Champion, Cage Coleman."

HHL: "This match will be an Xmas Silver & Gold Match; and, while I'm not quite sure what that means, I DO know there will be no time limit."

PIP: "That's right, Heather, by ruling of management, there MUST be a winner here tonight!"

The smoke fills up with red on the stage, as the arena lights flickers. Then once we see "The Rebellious One" on the X-Tron, we hear the voice of Bone Thugs and Reggie Estrada walks to the song. Then we see him with walking down the ramp, and stop at the camera gives it the finger. Then he rolls into the ring, and goes to the top rope and poses. Then he jumps down, and chills on the corner as his theme cuts off.

As the Instrumental version of the Power Rangers theme song begins to play, the stage parts like the Red Sea as the crowd waits with anticipation. Up from below rises none other than Cage Coleman, wearing a modified version of Saiyan armor, a green Power Ranger helmet, and, of course, the XWF Xtreme Championship around his waist. He holds his arms up with excitement before punching the air in front of him, sending fireworks shooting up from the entryway.

The Traveler then makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with random fans and pumping them up as he passes by. Once at ringside, he jumps up onto the apron and over the top rope, inside the squared circle. He then goes to run the ropes, but Reggie Estrada steps in his way, preventing him from doing so.

HHL: "Reggie's playing mind games with the Champion!"

PIP: "I don't know how smart this is, as we saw last Savage, Cage Coleman's Xtreme Champion for a reason!"

HHL: "And Reggie Estrada's getting another shot for a reason, too! He took the Champion to 30 minute draw, and has earned the right to try and actually beat him!"

PIP: "He already HAD his chance, let someone else have a turn! Bam Miller's the former Champion, doesn't THAT count for something?"

HHL: "It does, Pip................. just not right this second!"

PIP: "And when the hell does Marf get his turn?!"

Coleman gets in Estrada's face, pushing his helmet up against Reggie's skull. The challenger doesn't back down, giving the Champion a shove that causes him to rip his helmet off and chuck it at Estrada.

PIP: "He's getting under Coleman's skin!"

HHL: "Cage better be careful, emotions have cost better men bigger matches."

PIP: "Bigger matches?! This is for the Xtreme Title, Heather, how much bigger does it get than THAT?!?"

HHL: "The Uni."

Cage Coleman takes his belt off and holds it up in Reggie Estrada's face, causing him to motion around his waist in response. Coleman then hands it to the referee, before proceeding to take off the rest of his entrance gear as the ref shows his Championship off for the crowd. He walks it over to the time keeper and calls for the bell, kickstarting the first of two Title matches.


- vs -
Reggie Estrada

PIP: "This match could last five minutes, or five hours; either way, there MUST be a winner!"

Reggie and Cage meet in the center of the ring where they, once again, get up in each other's faces. After a bit of smack talk back and forth, the Xtreme Champion holds his hand up for the challenger to grab. Estrada looks reluctant at first, but eventually does so, prompting Coleman to hold out his other one. Reggie grasps that one, too, igniting a back and forth Test of Strength. Cage starts with the advantage, his technical wrestling skills playing to his advantage at first, until Estrada is able to overpower him. He bends the Xtreme Champion backwards, to the point where the top of his head is touching the mat. Coleman stays like this for a moment, until he begins working his way back up. Cage only makes it about halfway before Reggie starts to push him back down, again. This frustrates the Champion to the point of Kicking the challenger in the midsection, causing him to bend over as the fans boo.

HHL: "And a cheapshot from the Xtreme Champion!"

Coleman follows it up with a hard right, before dropping to the ropes and back. As he bounces at the challenger, Reggie runs forward and drops Cage with a Glenn's Park that forces the Xtreme Champion to retreat to the outside immediately after, sending more boos roaring throughout the arena.

PIP: "What's wrong with this crowd?"

HHL: "They don't like seeing an Xtreme Champion who'd rather run away than fight."

PIP: "If people would stop trying to pin him, he wouldn't HAVE to run!"

HHL: "Maybe he should've thought about that before pulling every dirty trick in the book to sneak his way into a Title run!"

Cage Coleman heads towards the timekeeper, where he takes his belt and proceeds to head up the aisle as people begin throwing trash at him.

HHL: "What part of 'there MUST be a winner' does he not understand?"

PIP: "I don't see anyone stoppin' him!"

Seeing his chances of becoming Xtreme Champion literally walking away, Reggie Estrada rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp after his opponent. It doesn't look like Coleman notices, at first, that is until he abruptly turns around and decks Estrada with the Xtreme Championship!

HHL: "What a cheat!"

PIP: "Cheat?! All he did was give Reggie a better view of the Title!"

The shot drops Estrada, leaving Coleman standing over him with the belt held high above his head. He then slings it over his shoulder and begins dragging Reggie, by the hair, back towards the ring. Once there, he tosses Reggie in, drops the Title, and follows close behind with a pin.




HHL: "I thought Cage wanted to outwrestle Reggie, but I guess I was wrong!"

PIP: "What are you talking about?! He just about pinned him right there!"

HHL: "After another cheapshot!"

PIP: "Im sure he didn't MEAN to hit Reggie with the belt, he probably slipped!"

Cage Coleman brings his opponent to a vertical base and Irish Whips him to the ropes. On the rebound, he goes for a Kitchen Sink, but Reggie Estrada dives over his leg and rolls him up for a Schoolboy!




Both men hurry to their feet, with Cage Coleman being one step ahead thanks to the momentum from kicking out. By the time Reggie makes it to a Knee, Cage rocks him with one of his. He then lifts Estrada up onto his shoulders and attempts an Around the World, but the challenger escapes mid-move! Reggie lands on his feet and Kicks Coleman in the gut, before attempting a Mashful! Cage counters it with a Dragon Suplex, keeping his hands locked and bringing Estrada back up for another one! Upon connecting with that one, Coleman brings Reggie up for a third, this time keeping it bridged for a pin!




PIP: "What a counter!"

HHL: "And an equally impressive kickout, as well!"

Coleman argues with the rest, who assures him the only 3 count was the number of Dragon Suplexes he just did. Cage rolls his eyes and drags Reggie to his feet, getting him in position for a Reverse DDT. Instead of hitting one, though, he instead grabs Estrada by the tights and flips him backwards into a Stunner. With his opponent dazed, Coleman kips up and knocks Reggie into the corner with a Superkick. His back hits the turnbuckles, sending him back into Cage's open arms, allowing the Xtreme Champion to hit a Belly to Back Suplex. He then goes to finish it off with a Standing Moonsault, but Estrada has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring, causing Cage's chest to smack against the canvas. Despite this, he hurries to his feet and bounces off the ropes on the opposite side. On the way back, he dives through with a Topè Suicida, only for Reggie Estrada to duck out of the way! This causes the Xtreme Champion to crash, face first, with the barricade!!!!!

PIP: "Cage Coleman with a nasty spill on the outside!"

HHL: "High risk doesn't always mean high reward!"

A dazed Reggie Estrada rolls Cage Coleman over, revealing the bloody mess that is his face, before hooking a leg for the cover.




PIP: "With this being for the Xtreme Championship, Reggie Estrada can pin Cage Coleman anywhere throughout the arena! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Xtreme Champion!"

HHL: "That's what makes the Xtreme Championship so unique, Pip, the Champion almost has a DISadvantage!"

PIP: "That they do!"

Reggie Estrada brings the Xtreme Champion to his feet and rests him against the barricade, where he proceeds to hammer away with a flurry of Punches. After about seven of 'em, the challenger Whips Coleman towards the ring, where he jumps up onto the apron and catches Reggie off guard with a Moonsault!!! The move leaves both men out on the floor, as the fans show their appreciation.

PIP: "Cage Coleman can strike out of nowhere, and he showed it there!"

HHL: "But how long can he keep it up? He's losing blood fast, and can't capitalize on that, admittedly impressive, Moonsault."

Neither man stirs for quite a bit. After some time, they both begin to slowly work their way to their feet. Reggie gets up first, allowing him to swing on Coleman.................................. who ducks the Punch, and delivers a vicious Dragon Suplex into the steel steps!!!!!!!!

PIP: "Cage Coleman just broke Reggie Estrada's neck!!!!!"

The Xtreme Champion takes a moment to shake out the cobwebs before rolling his opponent back into the ring. He sprawls out on the mat, allowing Coleman the time to climb up to the top rope and connect with a Top Rope Leg Drop! The impact causes Reggie's legs to kick up, allowing Cage to grab hold of one for the cover.




HHL: "Is there anyone more hungry for the Xtreme Championship than Reggie Estrada?!?"

PIP: "Bam Miller, North Korean War Criminal, Latina Submission Machina, Marf........... need I go on?"

Cage Coleman cusses Reggie out, before getting to a vertical base and going for a Snap Suplex. Though Estrada blocks it, that doesn't stop the Xtreme Champion from going for another one................. which is also blocked! He attempts one more, this time actually LIFTING the challenger up, only for him to slip out behind the Champion! From there, Reggie hits Coleman with a Side Suplex, which he rolls through and brings Cage up for another one! After connecting with that one, Estrada, once again, brings Cage Coleman back to his feet and teases a third Suplex. Rather than go for it, though, Reggie whipchords Coleman around and hits him with an RKO from out of nowhere!!!!!!!!

PIP: "Bloom-Ace! I don't think the Champion's gonna kick out of THAT!"

HHL: "Well we're about to find out; Reggie hooks the legs, we could have a new Champion right here!"




PIP: "No! The Champ hangs on!"

A frustrated Reggie Estrada brings Cage Coleman to his feet and Irish Whips him towards the ropes, only to have it reversed! Reggie rebounds back at Coleman, who lifts Estrada up, spins him around, and drops him on his head with a Tombstone Piledriver!

PIP: "The Spiral Driver! That could be all she wrote!"

Upon connecting with the move, Cage Coleman falls right over top of his opponent for an exhausted cover!



THRE---SHOULDER UP!!?!!!?!?!!!!!!!!

HHL: "I can't believe either of these men are still going!"

PIP: "I can't believe Reggie kicked out of one of Cage's best moves!"

HHL: "The Champ's taken a beating, he may not have gotten all of that Spiral Driver."

Cage Coleman stumbles to his feet, his face an unrecognizable, bloody mess. He bends down and lifts Reggie up onto his shoulders. However, before he can even attempt an Around the World, Estrada slides off behind him. Coleman turns into a Kick to the midsection, followed by a Mashful. Cage pushes Reggie off before he can hit it, and goes for a Superkick in response. Estrada catches his opponent's foot and tosses it to the mat, forcing Coleman to bend down INTO a Mashful, nearly blowing the roof off the building!!!!!!!! Unfortunately for the challenger, the impact sends the Xtreme Champion flying backwards, over the top rope, and out onto the floor below.

HHL: "That is the LAST thing Reggie Estrada needed!"

Reggie falls to the mat in disbelief, but doesn't waste more than a second or two before following his opponent outside the ring. By this point, Cage Coleman's crawled halfway under the ring apron, where Estrada joins him for a pin attempt. The referee climbs out with them and tries to count the Fall, but refuses due to it being too dark to see whether or not the Champion's shoulders are down.

PIP: "Reggie Estrada can't catch a break!"

HHL: "This is unfortunate for the challenger, who likely would've had the belt won by now had it not been for an unusual set of circumstances!"

Reggie hurries to drag Coleman out from under the ring, where he can actually make the cover without any sort of obstruction.




PIP: "He took too much time, and by no fault of his own!"

HHL: "Absolutely! Had it not been for Cage falling to the outside, we'd be looking at a new Xtreme Champion!"

Reggie Estrada gets up and Kicks the barricade in frustration, giving him an idea. He grabs hold of his opponent, lifts him up, and brings him down, neck first, across the barricade. Cage drops to the floor, grabbing hold of throat as Reggie drops down and covers him, again.



SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HHL: "Neither of these guys can believe how much it's taking to put the other away!"

PIP: "We saw what they were willing to do last time, and they've done everything they can to turn it up here tonight!"

Reggie Estrada rolls Cage Coleman back into the ring before climbing up onto the apron, followed by the turnbuckles. Once he reaches the top, he jumps off with a Flying Elbow Drop.................................

................................. only for Cage Coleman to pop to his feet and catch Reggie on his shoulders! The Xtreme Champion lets out a victory yell, and plants Estrada with an Around the World!!!!!!!! As soon as he hits it, Cage grabs hold of his opponent's legs for the pinfall.




PIP: "I don't believe it! Reggie Estrada just kicked out of an Around the World!"

HHL: "He did the same thing last Savage, robbing the Xtreme Champion of the definitive victory he'd been looking for!"

PIP: "Well the bell's not ringing here 'til we get a 3 count, even if it takes all night!"

Cage Coleman sits up, a look of disbelief on his face. He shakes his head and pats Reggie's back for a moment, before dragging him to his feet by the hair. Coleman holds Estrada in place with one hand, while belittling him with the other. All of a sudden, Reggie slaps Cage's hands away, Kicks him in the gut, and pulls his head down for a Mashful!!!!!!!!!!!! Unlike the last one he took, this time Cage Coleman doesn't catapult out of the ring, instead falling to the mat for Reggie Estrada to cover!




PIP: "What in THE hell do these two gotta do to finish the other?!?"

HHL: "I don't think ANYone knows, Pip!"

Reggie looks to the sky, completely stunned by the fact his opponent kicked out AGAIN. He doesn't let it get to him, though, as he quickly gets to his feet, bringing Cage Coleman with him. Estrada positions himself behind the Xtreme Champion, grabs his arms, and slowly turns him into Killswitch position.

PIP: "Reggie's looking to end it right here with an Azteca Sunrise!"

HHL: "He doesn't use it too often but, when he does, it can be devastating!"

PIP: "Just goes to show how desperate he is to finish Coleman off!"

Before Reggie can hit the move, Cage escapes and shoves Estrada off him. Reggie turns around, just managing to sidestep a Flying Knee attempt at the last second. He goes to Kick Coleman in the stomach, but the Xtreme Champion catches his foot and spins him around. Cage sets up for a Dragon Suplex, only for the challenger to slip out and escape between his legs. From there, Estrada lifts Coleman up in an Electric Chair, walking around the ring with the Champ up on his shoulders. This gives Cage enough time to lean back for a Reverse Hurricanranna, but Reggie stops him and pulls the Champion back up! Coleman uses the momentum to roll forward for an attempted Small Package, but Reggie falls forward and traps him in a pin, instead!!!




Winner and NEW XWF Xtreme Champion, REGGIE ESTRADA

PIP: "He did it! After 3 tries, each one a better result than the last, Reggie Estrada's finally beaten Cage Coleman!"

HHL: "And he did it for one of the biggest prizes in our sport!"

The fans go crazy as the referee walks over and takes the Xtreme Championship from the timekeeper. Cage Coleman sits on his ass in disbelief as the ref brings the Title over to Reggie and hands it to him. Estrada gets up and begins celebrating, only to walk right into the chest of the former Champion!

HHL: "I don't like where this is going!"

PIP: "If Coleman wanted to, he COULD pin Reggie right here and win the belt back!"

The fans give a mixed reaction as both men stare each other down for a moment until, finally, Cage Coleman extends a hand. Reggie looks a bit hesitant at first, but eventually decides to take it. The two of them show each other respect, but that doesn't mean it's not without ANY tricks, as Bam Miller slips in behind Estrada and takes him out from behind!!!!!

HHL: "Looks like someone heard you, Pip!"

Bam Miller begins laying a beatdown on the new Champion, prompting the old one to walk over and yank him off. This earns him a beating of his own, as Miller turns his attention to him for a second, before going back to Estrada. He drags Reggie to his feet and connects with a Miller Time, dropping to the mat and covering him afterwards. The referee hesitates to count it, at first, but some strong insistence from Bam convinces him to do so.



THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

PIP: "What happened?! Did Bam win the Title?!?"

All of a sudden, the lights come back on and Marf has Bam Miller set up for The Sway!

HHL: "It's Marf!!!!!"

PIP: "I KNEW he was gonna want in on the action!"

Marf connects with his finishing move, before turning his attention to Reggie Estrada. He picks him up and prepares for another Sway, but Cage Coleman attacks him from behind!!!!!

PIP: "This is absolute chaos!"

Marf lets the Xtreme Champion drop to the mat and begins exchanging rights with Coleman. This gives Estrada the opportunity needed to take his belt and escape with it, as Bam Miller joins the fray, once again!!!!!!

PIP: "The Xtreme Championship may be the most sought after belt in ALL of XWF right now!"

HHL: "It's certainly attracted alot of attention over the last month or so, I'd hate to be the one to decide which of these men is most deserving of the next shot!"


Children piled together in a small gathering were all smiles. The setting was very Christmasy with all the decorations one could imagine in an exaggerated scene. It was the North Pole so.. Imagine far too much Christmas Spirit. If the overabundance of lights and a theme of green and red didn't cause you to add some alcohol into the egg nog then the screaming cheers of the little ones who still believed in the fairy tale would cause a double dose of liquor.

They had a reason to be excited though. This was as Christmas as one could be location wise and they were SURE that this Santa Claus was the real one. Not to be confused with the fake bearded ones at the Mall who often got the job without a background check. Elves or as the real world called them, midgets were scurrying about on stage, placing presents and doing little dances to entertain the crowd. Building anticipation for the arrival of Santa. Another echo over the PA system played off an audio recording.


Because that wouldn't get fucking annoying after the 10th playback. You could tell the difference between newer Parents and Experienced Parents by the bags under their eyes and the smiles on their faces. Those that were forced and dead inside and those who were experiencing something magical with their first kid.

On stage was a whole setup. A sleigh with a big red bag in the back, presents peeking out from the opening. Live reindeer connected in place, 12 of them to be exact and a few of the elves were keeping things clean as the reindeer dropped gifts of their own right there on stage. The smell could get a little moist I'm sure. At the center and closer to the crowd was Santa's Chair, a microphone stand infront of it.


From stage left comes a bigger elf. This guy was much bigger than the others and he looked vaguely familiar to anyone who paid attention to XWF. Yes, it was one half of Them No Good Bastards, it was Thunder Knuckles dressed as an Elf. Not just any Elf but THE Elf. He had a name tag on his green vest that said as much. 'Head Elf In Charge'. TK Elf stands in front of the microphone and speaks to the audience.

TK Elf: "Guess what Boys and Girls?"

A handful of the munchkins in the crowd annoyingly ask what.

TK Elf: "Santa Claus is coming to town!!"

The crowd erupted. A cheap pop for a man who was dressed in an Elf suit that may have been a few sizes too small. Making a face as he cups his right ear, TK Elf asks another question to the crowd.

TK Elf: "Do you hear that?! I think.. Yes, I think he is here!!"

Again the crowd cheered and lost their ever loving minds. More so when Santa Claus himself stepped out from the left side of the stage. He was a jolly sum bitch and tall as well. One could only assume who was wearing the costume.. Because.. You know, Santa isn't real? Nevertheless, a man of great size stepped out wearing the costume. He was as tall as he was round and he bellowed out a jolly greeting!


The people ate that shit up like they hadn't just heard it on repeat for the last 30 minutes. TK Elf was just as excited as the kids were.


Stepping out of Santa's way. TK Elf held his hands together in awe of Saint Nick. Santa pats his belly and looks out over the wave of children in attendance.

Santa Claus: "Have you all been GOOD boys and girls?"

The deafening sound of children saying yes could make you sick.

Santa Claus: "Good! Good! Who wants some Milk and Cookies?"

Their hands and voices went up as everyone in the crowd wanted milk and cookies. I think of Bernie Mac when I think of Milk and Cookies but that's not on topic so let's continue..

The elves got busy, all working together to roll out carts full of milk cartridges and Christmas decorated cookies. The kids went bananas!

Santa Claus: "My Elves will pass them out! Next.. Who wants some toys!?"

You could argue that going for so many cheap pops is a Heel move. It was as if he WANTED the children to lose their voices. Would that make him a heel for doing it or a Face if the Parents appreciated the deed? You decide.

A chunky monster in the front row fought an Elf and got two cookies instead of just one. As Santa takes a seat in his chair, his big black boots planted firmly into the ground, knees secure as he was approaching that time to honor tradition. Sit on a stranger's lap and ask for gifts. It's fucking weird, I'm sorry.

Santa Claus: "HO! HO! HO! What a good bunch of children! Who is first?"

TK Elf nods and knows what to do. He scans the front row and points at one of the kids. Waving for them to come up on stage. The kid looked like a jerk, shoving other kids out of his way. He was entitled so he was white as hell. Looked like a turd made entirely of snow but even those kids end up on a Good list somehow. How do we explain that this time of year? Why did Santa give shit to that bully at school? You lie but then tell them lying is bad.

The kid struts up the stairs and beelines to Santa. Leaping up and plopping on the big guy's lap.

Santa Claus: "What's your name son?"

Kid: "You're supposed to be Santa, you tell me! How can I be on a Naughty list if you don't even know my name?"

Kid was smart even if ass was to follow the word. Santa snaps back with a response though.

Santa Claus: "I'm meeting with your Mother later tonight. She is giving me all the details!"

The insult didn't go unnoticed, at least not by the Parents. A few had their mouths dropped to the floor but the kids had no idea what he was referring to. That was for the best.

Santa Claus: "Okay then what is it you want for Christmas?"

Kid: "Ummm…"

As he put deep thought into what all he wanted. None of which was giving but the receiving of the holiday which is the original point. A beautiful tattooed woman prances on stage.

Kid: "I want one of her!!"

She was wearing a VERY sexy reindeer outfit. One that was far more Roleplaying in the Privacy of a home rather than on stage with some kids but she wasn't there for the kids. Grabbing the microphone, she made eye contact with both Santa and then TK Elf. Both of whom were VERY excited to see her..

Santa Claus: "Get down son.. You're on the Naughty List! Next! What can I get you for Christmas Miss?!"

Santa was patting his knee for her to take a seat. TK Elf was big eyed and moving his stare from her toes to her eyes a few times over. She takes the microphone and whispers into it.

Lady Reindeer: "Merry Christmas boys…"

From stage left (everything came from stage left right?) comes a BIG ass gift wrapped present. It was so big that it was being rolled out on a dolly by four Elves (midgets). Which in itself was a sight to see!

A few Parents had covered their children's eyes. A couple even stormed out with their kid in tow. This clearly wasn't in the brochure. Santa was licking his lips, he found what he wanted for Christmas as she trotted away from where she came from. Upon seeing the giant present, Santa turns to TK and nods to him to open it up. Nodding in return, TK moves in to investigate. That annoying ass recording begins to play once again over the PA.


The playback is cut off. "Mo'Murda" by Bone Thugs replaces the music and TK stops just feet in front of the big gift as the lid lifts from it and up pops Jason Cashe! Cashe wasn't empty handed, he had a gift on hand and as he cocks back, TK ducks. Cashe throws the present and it soars right into the face of Santa Claus as he stands and turns from his chair! Santa was down. Flat on his back like he was about to make a Snow Angel. Blood formed and rolled along his face, puddling in his eye sockets and staining the white of his beard. TK Elf reacts with his words.

TK Elf: "You motherfuc--"

From Stage RIGHT (I know, plot twist) comes Cyrus Riddle and he was carrying a HUGE Candy Cane.


From behind, Thunder "Elf" Knuckles is hit with the candy cane on steroids. He flops forward and falls to his hands and knees. Again, Riddle lifts and slams the candy cane down and claps TK to the back of his head with the enlarged candy. It breaks as TK goes limp on the stage.

Jason Cashe: "Watch! I bet you it's him!"

Cashe was looking at Riddle as he climbed out from the trojan horse esq Christmas Present. Stumbling towards Santa, Cashe squats down and tugs on the beard. It didn't come off.

Jason Cashe: "What the hell?"

Stabbing down with the blunted end of the Candy Cane, Riddle knocks TK in the nape of his neck.

Cyrus Riddle: "Told you! That Bastard got fired!"

Jason Cashe: "Boooshit! He just grew a beard… Watch!"

Reminder. This Santa was unconscious and bleeding from wherever the present had hit him in the face. Cashe leaned down and sniffed at the gaping mouth of the jolly man in red. He sits up confused..

Jason Cashe: "Is it weird that I smelled his breath or that it doesn't smell like cheese?"

Cyrus Riddle: "Definitely both! Also that means it can't be Bour--"

Elves: "Hey!"

There were like four of the midget helpers who stood their ground. Who stood up for Santa Claus. They weirdly spoke in unison. Let's call them Santa's Helpers..

Santa's Helpers: "Leave Santa alone! You bullies!"

That last part was just one of the Elves but still, he stood among them. Cashe grabs the present that he had thrown before standing up and facing them. Riddle has a grin on his face as he shakes his head from side to side. KNOWING that his Tag Partner has a thing for the Wee People.

Jason Cashe: "Awwww! Look how TINY they are!! I just want to tickle their weee little armpits!"

Santa's Helper 1: "Fuck you, you Normie!"

Tossing the brick in one hand, Cashe catches it and shrugs. He rips off the wrapping paper to show it was a brick. Then he launches it at the gathering of the Wee Ones and catches a little one.. One of the little ones with the brick and they all tumble like bowling pins. Cashe catches the visual and makes a reference.

Jason Cashe: "Strike!"

One of them doesn't quite fall and the midget scurries away in a wobble.

Cyrus Riddle: "You missed one."

Jason Cashe: "The one that got away…"

Now Cashe looked sad like he had lost something of value as the midget disappeared into the back.

Cyrus Riddle: "What about him? We do still have ONE Bastard remaining. No more Rainbow Laser Death Sequence, that's for sure!"

Joining Riddle near where Thunder Knuckles was laying. Jason Cashe looks down at him and then up at Riddle.

Jason Cashe: "I have no interest in a replacement Bastard.. I don't give two damns about someone taking a spot for an ass whooping that isn't due an ass whooping and Them No Good Bastards are DUE an ass whooping!"

The idea was simple. The issue had a simple solution. Cashe holds out the palm of his hand facing upwards. His other hand clenched in a hammerfist.

Jason Cashe: "Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winner gets TK, one on one. Neither of us want a Handicap Match and we sure as fuck aren't letting him find a friend like he did earlier tonight.. Let's decide who gets the match."

Nodding, Riddle matches the hands of Cashe.

Cyrus Riddle: "Seems fair.."

They both say the necessary words to begin the game.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

Cashe throws Paper, Riddle throws Scissors.

Cyrus Riddle: "I win!"

Jason Cashe: "Best two out of three?"

Cyrus Riddle: "Heh.. Fine…"

Again they play. Riddle just needs one more win to secure the match for himself. They repeat the words again as if it were a magic phrase to cast a spell.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

Riddle throws Rock, Cashe again throws Paper. It was tied 1-1 as Cashe pumps a fist in celebration.

Jason Cashe: "This is getting intense!"

By the way.. There were still children crying. Parents are upset and angry. A few of the kids were up on stage trying to help Santa. It was touching but completely ignored by both Cashe and Riddle as they played their game of decision one more time.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

They threw at the same time. They both threw Scissors.

Jason Cashe: "Dang it! Again!"

Nodding, Riddle was ready. Cashe shook out some nerves. As they say the words again, they don't notice Thunder Knuckles getting up slowly from the ground.

"Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!"

Cashe threw Paper and Riddle threw out Rock.

Jason Cashe: "Hot Damn!"

Jolting away from their little game, Jason Cashe crashes a stiff Elbow into TK's face as he stands tall. It knocks TK into a spin before he collapses to the stage once more. Cyrus picks up the big Candy Cane and hands it to Cashe. He then grabs TK and helps him up to his knees as Riddle holds back his arms.

Cyrus Riddle: "Batter up.. Babe Ruth his bitch ass!"

Jason Cashe: "Swing batter batter.. SWING!"

And in a two step motion, Cashe swings the Candy Cane like a baseball bat and connects flush to the temple of the right side of TK's head! He stiffens and flops down face first onto the stage. Cashe holds his swing into position as if watching the ball leave the park. Returning from parts unknown comes the skippy little beauty that had appeared and introduced the big gift earlier. She hugs into Cashe as he drops the candy.

Jason Cashe: "Josslynn my pretty? I am going to do this Bastard diiiiirty come Fire and Ice!"

As if hearing and reacting to Cashe's words. Thunder Knuckles begins to stir and lift up at the head.

Jason Cashe: "If only he would STAY the fuck DOWN!"

Cashe steps out of Josslynn's hug and jumps up over TK, coming down with a huge stomp to the back of his head. Face Stomping him back into the stage. Blood begins to pool underneath. Cashe bends down and rolls TK onto his back, his lip, nose and eyebrow is draining with blood.

Josslynn Spencer: "Where did Riddle go?"

Cyrus Riddle: "I'm right here!"

Appearing from the right side of the stage, Cyrus Riddle had a bottle of liquor in his hand. Presenting it to both Cashe and Josslynn, it was open.

Cyrus Riddle: "To the homies we've lost and those bodies who haven't yet been found!"

Riddle begins pouring out the liquor onto TK's face as it burns and splashes about.

Jason Cashe: "Hey! Don't waste the Bourbon like that! I'll drink it!"

Josslynn Spencer: "We should probably go.. Someone has called Security or the Cops by now.."

Cyrus Riddle: "We paid Security off beforehand but cops? Good point. Let's get out of here!"[/color]

Jason Cashe: "Wait.. I wanna grab something."

Hurrying over to the sleigh. Cashe climbs up into the back and lifts the bag of presents. Josslynn laughs as Riddle tries to educate him on a truth.

Cyrus Riddle: "That isn't real presents. I saw them wrapping up empty boxes. It's just for display.."

Throwing it over his shoulder, the bag wobbled him some. Cashe kept his balance as he moved towards the stage exit.

Jason Cashe: "It's the principal of it all man.. We mugged Santa! In the North Pole? That's bucket list shit right there! This is happening.."

Pausing, Cashe turns to the small crowd of people that still remained. Most of them are children. He holds up a hand.

Jason Cashe: "Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night! Santa Claus isn't real…"

Josslynn Spencer: "JASON!"

Turning and disappearing backstage, Jason Cashe had a sense of pride. Him and Riddle had gotten some revenge on TK, stole from Santa and made a bunch of kids cry. In the words of Ice Cube: Today Was a Good Day!

HHL: “Okay, folks! It’s finally time for our Savage XMAS MAIN EVENT!”

PIP: “This takes us back to last year, doesn’t it, Heather?”

HHL: “Sure does, Pip! Last year we had Savage Solstice with Doctor D’Ville facing Charlie Nickles in the Rooftop Clatter Spectacular! The two men met atop the Overlook Hotel, with several thick strands of barbed-wire XMAS lights surrounding the outside perimeter! To win you must stuff your opponent down the chimney! And what a crazy match-up that was last year, eh Pip? I wonder what Charlie might have up his sleeve to redeem himself!”

PIP: “Redeem himself? This is the second XMAS in a row where Charlie is the XWF Television Champion… Only this year…. The title is on the line and it means more to him than anything!! I’m sure he’s confident by choosing to repeat this match a year later!”

HHL: “Well, I hope Eliah Martin knows what he’s in for tonight…”

PIP: “The fight of his life, Heather… The fight of his life."

The camera pans around the rooftop. There is a build-up of several feet of snow and the perimeter of the roof is tied off with the blinking barbed-wire XMAS lights. The place has been rebuilt from the massacre last year where most of the hotel was destroyed in the fight. Shortly after completion, the Overlook Hotel is ready to host another fight!

An air horn can be heard in the distance and the camera pans down the road. A big red Hummer zooms up to the long driveway to the hotel and screeches to a halt in the front. XWF Television Champion Charlie Nickles jumps out of shotgun and walks into the building.

PIP: "Charlie's Pinto must be in the shop.."

HHL: "I don't think that thing was salvageable, Pip…"

PIP: “Well, regardless, Charlie has new means of transportation via the Bastardmobile!"

Several minutes after Charlie entered the hotel through the main entrance he reached the rooftop via fire escape. The champ crosses the rooftop and tests the strength of the chimneys remembering last year’s incident where one collapsed.

PIP: “Charlie’s looking like he’s ready for this one, Heather.”

HHL: "Can you hear that?"

PIP: "Hear what??"


Across the moonlit sky a flying sleigh led by eight reindeer soars by.


PIP: "Oh no… Is that who I think it is?"

HHL: "It’s Barney Clause!"

PIP: "Not again!"

The sleigh soars across the sky and below hanging onto one of the runners is the challenger… Elijah Martin! Barney Clause steers down close to the rooftop and flips off Charlie as Elijah lets go and lands cleanly on the roof. Barney takes a quick lap then comes to a smooth landing across the rooftop. He steps out with a candy cane microphone and gives it a couple taps before speaking.

PIP: “Wait. Is Barney the ring announcer? Who’s going to read him the card?”

HHL: “That’s the Xtreme XMAS Legend, Pip!”

PIP: “I don’t care what he is… Do you remember last year?”

HHL: “Of course I do!”

PIP: “Barney has no business here. I thought he was trying to get us to invest in Barncoin or something....”

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Ladies and gentlemen!! Boys and girls!! Children of all ages! Welcome to the merry SAVAGE XMAS MAIN EVENT!!"

Elijah swings his arms around and shadow boxes on one side while Charlie admires Goldi so much that the title twinkles in his eyes. Barney Clause takes another step forward between the two competitors.

"The following contest is a Rooftop Clatter Spectacular for the XWF Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from the Bronx! Weighing 240 pounds!! Elijah Martin!!!”

Elijah holds his arms high in the air and screams “I’M THE KING, MOTHAFUCKAS!” after his name is called out then points straight to the title in Charlie's arms.

"And his opponent, from Steubenville, Ohio… He is the XWF Television Champion…. Charlie Nickles!!!"

Charlie gives Goldi a long smooch across the nameplate as Barney Clause waits to take the title to hold during the match-up as he is the un-official timekeeper of the match. Charlie gives his beauty one last look before, very skeptical, he hands it over. Barney throws the title into the back of the sleigh, hops in himself, and calls out his reindeer one by one…

“On Clasher, on Slasher, on Basher, and Wilson! On Connor and Stupid! On Robert and Nelson!”

The reindeer and sleigh start to levitate and like hyper speed the sleigh zips away.

PIP: “What. Was. That.”

HHL: "An amazing introduction! That’s what that was! Here we go!"

[Image: rWOE8Gi.png]

- vs -
Elijah Martin

Both men take off towards each other, slipping and sliding all the way across. Elijah winds up for a clothesline and misses as Charlie slips in the snow and drifts down the slope in the roof.

HHL: "We would like to remind the fans watching at home across the world that unlike a normal Television Title bout… this match will have NO fifteen minute time limit."

PIP: "So, what you're saying is this could potentially take all night?"

HHL: "That's right, Pip! And we will be staying with the action until the very end!"

Elijah nearly loses his balance, but catches himself as Charlie gains his footing again. Elijah leaps down from the peak and hits Charlie with a diving elbow!! It connects and the two roll together further down the rooftop closer and closer to the edge. Both of them flail the arms and legs about and both manage to stop several feet before the perimeter of barbed-wire XMAS lights.

Covered in snow, the two struggle to their feet and begin working their way to the peak again. Slowly, but surely, they reach the top and have another stand-off. Elijah approaches Charlie first but is stopped by a swift kick to the challenger's midsection. Elijah doubles over, Charlie takes his arm within his and flips him over onto the roof with a hip toss! Elijah reaches around to his back in agony as he rolls to his stomach and slides down the roof face down. Charlie grabs Elijah by the ankle to stop him from going any further and starts pulling him back up. Elijah turns to his back and kicks Charlie in the knee buckling it and causing the champ to fall back on the other slope.

PIP: “These two are slipping and sliding all over the place.”

HHL: “Yeah I don’t think Charlie’s beat up sneakers are doing the trick here.”

Elijah gets back to his feet and crosses the peak to Charlie’s side and kicks Charlie in the side of the head. Charlie eats a couple and rolls to his knees and retaliates with a punch to Elijah’s midsection. Elijah gives one back to Charlie’s face knocking him back down and sliding down the roof. Elijah follows him down and grabs Charlie by one leg and cranks back on it in a single legged Boston crab! Charlie’s face is buried in the snow muffling his painful screams while Elijah bends the champ in half!

HHL: “It looks like Elijah is loosening Charlie up to fit down that chimney, Pip!”

Elijah cranks back again and ends up slipping in the snow breaking the hold. Charlie rolls and allows himself to slide further down the slope very close to the edge. Elijah takes his feet and slides down on them towards Charlie who is also to his feet. As Elijah reaches him, Charlie grabs him and throws him into the barbed-wire XMAS lights!! Elijah screams in pain as he bounces off of them and falls to his back!! The snow around him turns a bloody red as he rolls around trying to sooth the fresh cuts in his back! Charlie gets up, grabs Elijah, and pulls him to his feet. He attempts to throw Elijah into the barbed-wire again, but Elijah holds onto him and they both get caught in it! As they’re stuck, they exchange punches back and forth until the jagged lights give out and they fall off the roof, still tangled in the mess! They swing out and back into the building where they crash into a window on the second floor.

PIP: “Oh no! The place is getting wrecked again, Heather!”

They end up in a long hallway with white doors lined up on each side. Charlie crawls around, pulling shards of glass out of his arms as Elijah does the same.

HHL: “These two competitors are getting wrecked, as well… Ew! They’re bleeding all over the carpet, Pip!”

PIP: “I’m sure the cleaning ladies get paid pretty well there.”

Elijah reaches his feet and grabs a vase off of a small table and smashes it across the back of Charlie’s head! It shatters on impact which flattens Charlie on the floor!

HHL: “These guys are gonna have to find their way back up to the roof if we expect to see a winner here…”

Elijah picks up the champion by the hair and drags him down the hallway slamming his head off and leaving bloody prints across each door as they go by. When they reach a dead end, Elijah takes hold of Charlie by the back of his neck and spins around to build momentum then slams Charlie’s face first against the door, busting it open! Charlie falls to the floor and immediately pulls himself up with the television stand. Elijah huffs and puffs on the outside of the room glaring in at Charlie when something catches his eye and he turns to the dead-end where two small girls in matching blue dresses that weren’t there a second ago are standing.

Elijah: “The fuck?!”

HHL: “Hey, who are they?”

PIP: “Where did they come from?”

“Come and play with us.”

The two girls say simultaneously.

[Image: 07twRi4.png?1]

PIP: “I got a bad feeling about this.”

Elijah rubs then opens his eyes wide then looks in on Charlie. When he looks back they’re gone.

HHL: “Creepy.”

Elijah shakes his head and goes back after Charlie who is sitting on the edge of the bed. Elijah runs in and attacks Charlie with a series of punches to the back. Charlie grabs a coffee maker off the TV stand and throws it over his shoulder into the face of the challenger! Elijah stumbles back holding his face and the coffee maker shatters as it hits the floor.

Elijah: “A fuckin’ CAWFFEE MAKA?!”

Elijah goes in for another attack, but Charlie blocks the punch! He wraps his arm around Elijah’s head, lifts him up and vertical suplexes him onto the television and destroys the stand it sits on! Charlie rolls up and pulls Elijah with him. He tosses the challenger across the room; Elijah bounces off the Queen-sized bed and falls off the other side of it to the floor where he crashes into the nightstand, busting the small, golden lamp in the process. Charlie looks around the room for something else to attack his opponent with then suddenly stops like he’s listening to something.

Charlie: “Goldi??”

HHL: “What did he say?”

PIP: “Goldi.”

Charlie wanders out of the room and takes a left down the hallway, still listening to something we cannot hear ourselves.

HHL: “I think Charlie’s losing it.”

PIP: “Meaning he hasn’t already?”

HHL: “Good point.”

He continues down the hallway, putting his ear to each bloody door as he passes. He finally stops in front of one and it opens up slowly for him. Entering the room he allows the door to close behind him, which reads “237”.

Meanwhile, back in the other room, Elijah picks himself up after getting thrown through two different pieces of wooden furniture. He looks around at the wreckage as well as for Charlie before stumbling over the shattered door and exiting the room. Looking up and down the hall he sees no sign of the champ. He goes the opposite way Charlie did towards the dead-end again where he follows an EXIT sign towards a fire escape. He tries opening the big steel door to the outside, but it appears to be locked and won’t budge.

PIP: “Who locks a fire escape?!”

Elijah then hears two voices in unison coming from behind him.

“Come play with us, Elijah. Forever and ever….”

Elijah turns and sees a horrific and disturbing vision of the two little girls in blue dresses from just a little earlier lying bloodied on the floor next to an ax.

“.... And ever.”

Elijah, shocked by the image, stumbles back against the steel door. He turns around and starts booting it until it finally swings open to the outside. He runs through and slams the door behind him.

Back in Room 237, the camera pans through the room, up a couple of steps to the bedding area, and towards the bathroom where the door is open just a crack. Charlie creeps up to it and opens it the rest of the way and has a dead-like gaze into the room. Lying, draped over the side of the bathtub is a beautiful, shimmering, spectacular looking Universal Championship. Charlie seems mesmerized by it and slowly walks over and picks it up. He folds the straps back and stares admirably at the title belt. He smiles and leans in and kisses the face plate very passionately. Opening his eyes, he notices in the mirror that what he's holding is not the new looking, shining and shimmering beauty that he thought… but a rotted, rusted, and corroded leather strap missing most of the gold face plate. Charlie shudders and drops the belt on the ground and stumbles backwards out of the room… He cries out...

Charlie: “Goldi?! You're not my Goldi!!”

Charlie holds his hands over his ears.

Charlie: “Why are you laughing?! Stop it!! Stop laughing!!!!!”

Charlie slams the door closed and holds his hands even harder over his ears. He takes a moment to regain his bearings… He cannot believe what he just saw. Heading for the door he’s stopped by something on the other side of it smashing through.




After a couple hits the tip of an ax can be seen poking through splitting the wood.




The door splits some more and through an eventual hole a head pokes through….

[Image: bx7hPbs.gif]

HHL: “What the heck is Doc doing here?!”

PIP: “To ruin the match, that’s what! First Barney… Now HIM?! Come on!”

Doc D’Ville yells out to Charlie with a smile, then steps back and starts swinging the ax some more busting further through the door. Charlie looks around for something of his own. He grabs a similar lamp that broke in the last room by the bedside and throws it at Doc when he reaches in with his arm for the lock where it smashes to pieces. Charlie backs up and looks around some more, until Elijah crashes through the window onto him!

PIP: “Where did he come from?!”

HHL: “Well, he can’t win the match without Charlie, Pip! Both of these guys need to get to the roof!”

PIP: “That doesn’t answer my question, Heather!!”

Elijah has some barbed-wire XMAS lights wrapped around his one leg that lead out the window. A similar situation from earlier where both men crashed through a window via barbed XMAS lights. As Elijah is pummeling Charlie with fists, Doc finally breaks through which Elijah now realizes. Doc charges in with the ax and overhead swings down onto them. Both Elijah and Charlie roll together out of the way and the ax sticks into the floor behind them. Elijah gets up and trips over the lights wrapped around his leg. Charlie follows him up as Doc takes another swing with the ax and misses striking and embedding it into a table! The ax sticks in the wood and Doc struggles to get it out! Charlie grabs Doc and slams his head off the wall. Elijah grabs the ax and swings it down cutting himself free causing a bright spark and the lights in the hotel to flicker real quick. Elijah runs and boots Doc into the face making him stumble back pnto the steps. Elijah takes Doc by the back of the head and throws him into the bathroom! Charlie then follows behind carrying a television and tosses it at Doc, who catches it but falls back into the tub! Charlie grabs the cord to the TV, plugs it in, and hits the shower!! Water pours out from the shower head onto Doc, causing him to be electrocuted!! The lights flicker on and off in the room until the lightbulb in the vanity shatters and the room goes dark.

HHL: “Both men worked together there for a moment to take Doc out of the picture…”

PIP: "I think they did a little more than, 'Take him out of the picture', Heather… And I’m not sure what Doc’s intentions were there, but they definitely didn’t seem good!”

HHL: “He was wielding an ax, Pip. Was there any part of that situation that made those seem like good intentions?”

PIP: “Depends who got stuck with the ax, right?”

Elijah and Charlie don’t waste much time to get back at it. They start slugging each other in the middle of the room again and work their way back out to the hallway! Charlie takes a wide swing that Elijah ducks then hooks into Charlie. He throws the Nickleman over his head with a T-bone suplex!

Charlie takes a tumble. He reaches back and holds his already bruised and cut-up back, but fights to get straight back up to his feet. Elijah pulls a portrait off the wall and smashes it over Charlie’s head and Charlie wears it! He grins at Elijah with his head sticking out of the ripped canvas. Elijah gets a smug look on his face and zips around behind Charlie and German suplexes him right on the back of his head, busting the frame into a few pieces. He then grabs Charlie and starts dragging him across the floor down the hall. At the opposite end of the hall of the dead-end is an elevator that will take them to all floors of the hotel… Including an attic with roof access!

HHL: “It looks like Elijah is trying to get this match back on track… We’re never going to see a winner if these guys don’t get back on the roof.”

PIP: “Things got complicated, Heather! There’s some weird stuff going on!”

HHL: “There’s no doubt about that!”

As Elijah and Charlie approach the end of the hall, the elevator dings. Elijah stops in his tracks and looks up and as the doors begin to open and hundreds of gallons of what could only be blood spill out from it onto the floor and rush out like river rapids towards the two men! They’re instantly washed away and sent sailing back the other way! The red river takes both men all the way down to the dead-end by where they started and Room 237.

[Image: U6qL4iA.gif]

Both men lie on the floor, drenched in red, spitting up whatever they managed to ingest while getting whooshed away. In the distance a loud crash can be heard. Both Charlie and Elijah perk up and in a few seconds someone is calling out…


PIP: “Oh no! Doc’s back!”

Doc stumbles out of the hotel room over the broken door he destroyed, wielding the ax once more. He looks up and down the hall and sees the two competitors laid out at the end of the hall. He snickers then begins to quickly stomp towards them foaming at the mouth. Charlie and Elijah both scramble to their feet, but Doc is right there. He takes a horizontal, baseball bat swing that Charlie ducks by basically falling back to the ground. Doc goes for an overhead swing, but gets blasted by a fire extinguisher from Elijah! He coughs and spazzes as Elijah empties the contents all over Doc. Elijah winds up, cracks Doc across the face with it and lays him out!! Both Charlie and Elijah scurry past him and race down the hallway!

HHL: “Did Elijah just save Charlie?!”

PIP: “Maybe it was a lesser evil thing? Charlie doesn’t do Elijah any good dead, Heather!”

HHL: “Well, all he has to do is shove Charlie down a chimney… No one said he had to be in one piece, right?”

PIP: “You’re sick, Heather. Just sick.”

HHL: “I’m just saying.. He’d probably fit better in pieces, wouldn’t he?”

PIP: “I’m not hearing this!”

Charlie and Elijah race down the hallway side-by-side until Charlie reaches out with a foot and trips Elijah! Charlie reaches the bloody elevator at the end of the hall, but the door won’t close and it just won’t do anything. Charlie swears at the contraption and exits to try the one beside it. Inside, the attic doesn’t have a button and is labeled, “Maintenance Elevator Access ONLY”. Charlie throws his arms up in the air in frustration and notices Elijah on his tail. Charlie hurries and presses #1 and the doors close on Elijah just before he reaches them as Charlie flips him the bird.


Doc can be heard screaming behind Elijah.

Elijah: “FUCK this.”

He goes for the double doors beside the elevator, which is the stairwell, but it’s locked. He kicks the doors until they finally fly open. He looks up to the top of the elevator and sees Floor One lighting up, signaling where Charlie ended up.

Elijah: “Wrong way, asshole!”

He goes through the doors and descends down the steps.

Meanwhile, the elevator doors open up and Charlie exits out. He wanders out into what would be the lobby and takes an immediate left into a large dining room. The room is completely open with tables and chairs set up in rows and a bar on the far side. He sees a man standing behind the bar dressed in an all black suit, wiping down a glass with a clean towel. He approaches the bar and takes a seat on one of the stools.

Charlie: “Hey there, good fellow… Busy night?? You know this place was supposed to be cleared out, right? The last time I was here I kinda brought the house down, if you know what I mean…”

The man smiles and sets down the glass.

“Oh we remember you alright, Mr. Nickles...”

Charlie looks around as if to say… “We who?” And smirks to the bartender.

"How could we forget the Great Nickleman?? Tell me, how are you doing tonight?"

Elijah hops down the steps a couple at a time until he reaches two doors; one leading out to another fire escape and another to enter the first floor, which is chained closed from inside the stairwell.


Doc's raspy voice echoes and Elijah knows he's got to be close. He can hear something metal dragging and the metal clink that could be safely assumed to be the ax Doc was wielding being drug down each step. Elijah debates his situation and messes with the thick, bundled chain on the door before giving up and exiting to the outside once more.

Charlie remains seated at the bar talking with the bartender until he hears a crash from the next room over in what would be the kitchen. He almost ignores it, then recalls it was most likely one of two things. Either his opponent who he needs to get to the roof and stuff down a chimney… or Doc, who is for one reason or another, stalking Charlie throughout the hotel with an ax. Charlie shushes the bartender and takes to all fours then crawls across the floor behind the bar.

Charlie: "If I were you I'd get down and keep quiet, buddy…. Buddy??"

Charlie peaks above the bar and the bartender in the all black suit is gone. Instead, it's Doc swinging the ax down across the bar!! He misses Charlie who jumps back and the ax sticks where it lands. Doc tries over and over again to pry it out, but Charlie grabs a bottle of cheap vodka and throws it at Doc’s head! It bounces off as it’s made of plastic but it still throws Doc off the ax. Charlie grabs his own barstool and throws that at Doc! Then another one! And another one! Doc is on the ground and dazed when Charlie hops up on the bar, grabs a bottle of Bacardi 151, and starts pouring it over Doc! He reaches down and grabs matches from behind the bar, lights the whole pack on fire, and tosses it down at the doctor!!!

A whoooooosh of flames rose up from behind the bar causing Charlie to dive off…. The flames are so great that all of the other bottles behind the bar explode and the entire shelf and counter space catches fire!

HHL: “Now he did it!”

Charlie guards himself from the flames and smoke and makes his way to the back into the kitchen where as soon as he goes through the door he is smashed in the face with a frying pan! Elijah was waiting for him behind the door and cracked him as soon as he had the opportunity! Smoke starts to creep in through the swinging doors as the fire spreads from inside the dining room. Elijah notices and grabs the dazed Television Champion and starts dragging him further into the kitchen. Charlie comes to and starts fighting back… He grabs a cart and drags it along the way with him sending different pans to the floor. He grabs a baking pan as he kicks Elijah away… Elijah leans down to regrip and takes several shots from the pan to his head!




Elijah falls back against a counter! Charlie notices a maintenance elevator in the back of the kitchen near the pantry… He grabs Elijah and leads him that way! Elijah manages to grab a brick bag of flour and smack Charlie in the back of the head with it! It explodes and the two men get covered in the white powder! Coughing and gagging they exchange punches until Charlie reaches behind him and starts grabbing small cans of fruit cocktail and chucking them at Elijah who tries his best to shield himself but takes a few good ones to the jaw and chest! He grabs a wooden crate of bananas and rushes after Charlie smashing it into his face, sending the crate into pieces! Battered and beaten the two men take a seat in the rubbish around them, glaring at each other sucking air… They both look to the maintenance elevator close to them and both get up and head towards it. Reaching it together they stand side by side as Elijah manually pulls the cage door closed and Charlie pulls the lever that takes them up to the attic.

PIP: “What are you doing? Get him, Charlie!”

The two of them continue to stand side by side with each other… Watching the arrow at the top above the door move from 1…. To 2…. To the very right where it was maxed out and unmarked. The elevator stops and Charlie reaches out and opens the gate back up. They exchange glances before going right back to right hands!!! They battle out of the elevator into the attic which is basically empty besides some HVAC units that looked out of place. The two beat on each other as they work their way through the attic… The come close to a window and manage to throw the other out, smashing through it, and landing on the lower part of the roof!!!

HHL: “They’re back on the roof!!”

PIP: “It’s about time!”

The two of them stand up in the snow, exchange scowls, and quietly agree to work back up to the peak of the rooftop. Once they do…

HHL: “This could be the final stand-off, Pip!”

PIP: “God, I hope so…”

Both Charlie and Elijah are bloodied, battered, and bruised… They breathe deep and slowly start stepping towards each other across the peak…


PIP: “Oh come on! How?!”

HHL: “Where is he?! I don’t see him!”

Two arms stretch out of the chimney behind Charlie and out comes Doc D’Ville from inside! Doc stands on the top, charred and burnt to the bone…. Creating a fireball somehow within his hand he aims at Charlie when….


PIP: “Oh no… Not Barney, again!”

From high in the sky, Barney Clause shouts out! From his sleigh he points a rocket launcher down at the house, more specifically at Doc, and fires! A missile fires out and connects with the chimney destroying it, blowing up Doc, and taking out most of that part of the roof of the hotel! Charlie and Elijah dive down the sloped roof and roll towards the bottom and was actually safe from the blast…..

PIP: “Dammit, Barney! How’s anyone supposed to win this match now?!”

While all wasn’t lost, the blast left a hold in the roof that still connected to the rest of the stack that went down to the basement to the furnace, Pip still believed that it was… A heavy snow, really heavy snow, begins to fall and instantly begins to build up and is so thick it manages to snuff out the flames on the roof. Barney Clause swoops around again with his sleigh….

“To all members of the XWF…. MERRY FUCKING XMAS TO ALL….”

Barney throws out a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire and a red ribbon bow tie and a kendo stick wrapped just the same! The baseball bat is caught by Charlie and the kendo stick is caught by Elijah!!!!!


HHL: “The final showdown it is!!!!!!”

Each swing is met by the other! The two barbed weapons stick to each other with each blow causing each competitor to pull them apart from the other. One strike after another! After another! Until Elijah sneaks in a kick causing Charlie to buckle over then manages to bury the barbed-wire kendo stick into the back of Charlie’s neck! Charlie screams out as it tears just a little bit more flesh from his body…. He retaliates with a sweep to the legs with his bat cutting Elijah’s leg causing him to fall to his back! Charlie takes a step and takes a homerun swing that just grazes Elijah’s face!!! Elijah wacks Charlie on the side with it once! Then quickly again! And again!

Charlie takes each blow one after another until he catches the kendo stick and barbed-wire in his hand! He and Elijah tug back and forth at it until Charlie comes down with the baseball bat with his other hand into Elijah’s stomach!! Elijah lets go of the stick and Charlie throws it down the roof! He reaches down to grab Elijah, but is kicked in the face causing him to stagger back and teeter on the edge of the hole that’s left of the chimney!

PIP: “Look out Charlie!!”

HHL: “This could be it! Elijah just needs a little push and we have a new champion!”

Elijah gets to his feet and wipes the blood away from his eyes.

Charlie catches his balance and manages to take a small step away from the hole.

Elijah charges.

Charlie swings the bat.

Charlie whiffs and Elijah grabs him around the midsection…. Picking Charlie up!!!

Losing his grip…. Charlie loses the bat and it goes flying into the air!!!

Elijah carries Charlie a couple of feet and goes to slam him down!!!!!

While up on Elijah’s shoulders Charlie hooks both arms!!!!!!!!


Charlie’s patented double arm DDT plants Elijah onto the roof leaving him motionless in the heavy snow!!!!!

Charlie lies there with him for a moment………. He starts to push Elijah towards the hole……

Elijah is still out…. Charlie pushes a little more….. Elijah’s leg is in the hole…. Then the other…..

Elijah’s weight does the rest of the work and he falls into the remains of the chimney stack and straight to the cellar of the hotel!!!!

PIP: “It’s over!! It’s over!!!! It’s finally over!!!”

HHL: “Charlie Nickles retains the XWF Television Championship in a once in a lifetime experience fans!!!”

“HO!!! HO!!! HOOOOOO!!!!”

Barney Clause soars by again and as he does the XWF Television Championship floats down via parachute into Charlie Nickles’s arms where he caresses it!


HHL: “What a night, fans! We’ve crowned a new Xtreme Champion! And we’ve gone through literal hell in a crazy main event for the Television Championship!!! Tune in next week where Charlie will put his title on the line once again!!!

PIP: “A fighting champion, Heather!!”

Charlie stands on the top of the hotel holding his Goldi high in the air as the snow falls and the scene fades to black.

Apologies for the late show... Special thanks goes out to:
Big D
Jenny Myst
Charlie Nickles
RL Edgar
Cashe & Riddle
Thaddeus Duke
Thunder Knuckles
Barney Green
Micheal Graves
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12-27-2021 02:28 PM

The main event match was great, thank you to the match writer and to Elijah Martin for creating a great Xmas main event. Also, that X-treme championship segment was great! Marf coming out of nowhere was some made for TV stuff! Am I sensing a Bam Miller vs Reggie Estrada vs Marf Swaysons triple threat for the belt? Is Cage Coleman going to let the belt slip through his hands so easily? The drama is as legit as it comes! Great segments and rps from all, new faces and familiar folk alike!

Great Savage!

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12-27-2021 04:59 PM

(12-27-2021 02:28 PM)Charlie Nickles Said:  The main event match was great, thank you to the match writer and to Elijah Martin for creating a great Xmas main event. Also, that X-treme championship segment was great! Marf coming out of nowhere was some made for TV stuff! Am I sensing a Bam Miller vs Reggie Estrada vs Marf Swaysons triple threat for the belt? Is Cage Coleman going to let the belt slip through his hands so easily? The drama is as legit as it comes! Great segments and rps from all, new faces and familiar folk alike!

Great Savage!

I like you so much more when you're tryna put everyone over. Keep that up.

For clarity, I always like you.
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12-27-2021 05:00 PM

Great work, Guys! I may have gotten thrown out the arena but BarnCoin made some sales and just watching that value increase is absolutely amazing. Invest now so you too can watch yourself achieve greatness in the next few months when it takes over the market.

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I want to point out that I missed an important segment at the end of the triple threat match between Micheal Graves, Centurion, and Rampage. It was my fault and I'm sorry to everyone involved with it. This kind of stuff CAN'T happen. It's unfair to the writers and the people that put in the work. There's no excuse for it, especially at a time where us, as GM's, promised all of you that we would focus and work on better consistencies throughout all of the shows.

So, please go back and have a look. It's important to storylines heading forward. Again I apologize to Graves, Charlie, and anyone else involved.
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