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The Crossroads
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07-08-2024, 06:02 AM

He was pissed beyond belief.

The losses were one thing - he was getting used to them at this point - but the blatant disrespect shown to him by the XWF management has made Centurion so mad that he has considered setting fire to his contract. He may have failed in qualifying for the Leap of Faith match, and he may have not been able to secure a shot in the Revolution Title match, but to not even be invited into the last chance matches? Over some of the folks that were there?

We open up inside the living room of Centurion’s cabin in the Poconos. There, we see Centurion pacing back and forth with his phone to his ear. He is yelling at some poor sap on the other side of the phone. “I really don’t give a fuck WHAT Thad is doing right now. If he doesn’t have time to speak to his talents, then he shouldn’t be a fucking GM!” Centurion waits a few seconds as the person on the other end of the phone speaks, then Centurion snaps back. “He has my number. If I don’t get a call within the next hour, I’m calling you back and we’re going through this song and dance all over again!

Centurion presses end on his call just as the front door to the cabin opens. In walks Nellie and Erin, both of whom immediately change their expressions to one of concern as they see Centurion pacing back and forth.

This can’t be good.” Nellie says as she and Erin step into the room, with Erin taking a seat on a couch.

I can’t believe this bullshit.” Centurion says, frustrated and fuming over the current events. “Leap of Faith card was posted today. APPARENTLY there’s two last chance matches to try and qualify for the main match itself, and I’m not in either of them!” Nellie’s face drops further as Centurion explains what is going on. “I had an absolute BANGER with Ned Kaye. I came up short, I admit it, but I got closer than most of the people that got the invite. Bob Griner? Bulk Logan? Hell, Peter Vaughn and Sahara are in the matches, and neither of them tried to qualify in the first place! Has my stock dropped so far in this company that I don’t get a phone call but fucking Henry Hittems does?!

That’s…not entirely accurate.” Nellie says, putting her head down. “You did get a phone call.

What?” Centurion’s face of rage turns into one of confusion as he glares at Nellie.

XWF did make you an offer to enter the last chance matches. They called me. I turned them down.

Centurion’s eye pierce through Nellie as he stares her down, trying his best to come up with the words to accurately describe how he’s feeling. His face contorts, but before he says anything, he calmly turns to Erin. “Erin, could you give us a few minutes alone please?” Erin stands and walks out of the room, entering a different room down the hallway and closing the door behind her. Centurion takes a deep breath before he speaks.

You better have a really fucking good reason as to why you would turn them down.

I saw you on Anarchy.” Nellie said, getting herself into a defensive mode. “That match shouldn’t have even been close, and you know it. If you’re not ready to take on names like Matthais Syn, how on Earth did you think you would do against Peter Vaughn.

You really want to do this now?” Centurion says, going back to pacing around the room as he points to Nellie. “Leap of Faith was YOUR idea! You told me to introduce myself! You were the one that said I was toiling in Anarchy.

That was right after your match with Dyson!” Nellie said, yelling back at Centurion. “We didn’t have a direction for you. Then you faced Bourbon and Kaye, and lost both those matches! You had two opportunities to reintroduce yourself, and you weren’t able to pull it off.

I didn’t know I was on a fucking timer!

You’re 47, of COURSE you’re on a fucking timer!” Nellie says, this time becoming more animated. “You want to keep battling on Warfare, I’m perfectly behind that idea, but to get relegated to some second chance match that you likely wouldn’t win…

Nellie stops herself, realizing what she just said. Centurion’s face of anger turns to one of concern. “You don’t think I could have won either of those matches. You’ve lost all faith in me.

Nellie takes a deep breath as she shakes her head. “You’re struggling. You have no direction and no focus. You’re floundering on Anarchy and are nothing more than a stepping stone on Warfare. And you’re not getting younger.

You’re right…” Centurion says, nodding his head as his voice tails off. “This isn’t working. I need something new. I need a change of pace, a change in perspective, a change of scenery. I need to do something to kickstart my career.” Centurion takes another deep breath as he turns away, thinking for a few seconds. Neither he nor Nellie move or say anything, until Centurion turns back around and faces his daughter once more.

Nell Bell, I love you…” Centurion says softly and sweetly. “You’re my daughter. You’re an absolute angel. You’re smarter and more successful than I’ll ever be.” Centurion takes one final pause before lifting his head and looking Nellie directly in the eyes.

You’re fired.

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