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ANARCHY - 07/04/2024
Author Message
Jett Sterling Offline
XWF Management
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(fighting the odds; helps others; disliked by most adult male fans)

07-04-2024, 06:17 PM

The screen fades into a large American flag waving in front of a blue sky in the background.

The camera fades to the stage where  we find an older man standing at a podium, squinting slightly, with a somewhat bewildered expression on his orange spray tanned face.

It's President Joe Biden, here to introduce the 4th of July Anarchy special!

Joe Biden: "Uh, hey there folks, it's... uh, good to see ya. Happy, uh, you know the thing... We're here in, uh, where the Hell are we, pal? Um, anyway… We've got a... a real humdinger of a card tonight, folks. Real, uh, Ukrainian spirit, you know?"

He glances down at his notes, shuffling them a bit.

Joe Biden: "First up, we've got... Sean, uh, Parker, takin' on Sean, uh, Cameron. Two Seans, that's... that's gonna be somethin', ain't it? Uh, yeah."

He squints at the next part of his notes.

Joe Biden: "Then we've got, uh, 'Spoiled'... uh, Summer Page, yeah, against, uh, 'The Fighting, uh, Spirit', Cameron, uh, Parker. Lotta Parkers tonight too, folks. Real, uh, you know... the thing!"

He scratches his head, looking a bit lost, but continues on.

Joe Biden: "The Thugs, uh... they're, uh... takin' on The American... uh, Storm? The American Storm... Is that MAGA related? Maybe I'll, uh... take them out behind the, uh, that's where I beat Medicare..."

He chuckles awkwardly and moves on.

Joe Biden: "Then we got, uh, Centurion, uh, versus... uh, 'Syn City Saint', Metathesis?... um? Syn... Uh, 'Natural', Dick, uh, Drizzle, and, uh, Misty, uh, Waters. Triple threat... no, wait, it's, uh, four of 'em. So, uh, quadruple threat? Right."

He shuffles his notes again, trying to find his place.

Joe Biden: "And finally, folks, we got, uh, 'Badman', uh, CornPop... uh, no... Spencer Adams... versus, uh, Oz? You know, I used to fight bad men in the land of Oz. Saved, uh, that Kansas girl, saved her a few times, I did... Uh, where where we?.. Ah, uh? for the, uh, Revolution title, uh, in a Cage."

He smiles, somewhat confused and possibly shitting his pants on live TV again.

Joe Biden: "So, uh, enjoy the show, folks. It's, uh, Anarchy, 4th of July special! God bless, uh, Vanilla ice cream!"

BAMA T: "If you can still afford it in this economy, baby!"

As Biden finishes, he turns to walk off the stage but misses the exit, stumbling and crashing off the side of the stage and through the pyro control table. The impact triggers all the stage pyro, filling the arena with the biggest and brightest ANARCHY opening pyro show yet!

If you suffer from epilepsy 
or are sensitive to flashing lights
please look away during the pyro display. 
Viewer discretion is advised.

The camera quickly cuts away to the shocked crowd!

Todd: "Oh my... did he just...?"

Bama T: "Well, put the rumors to bed, baby, cause after that fall, I'd bet my bottom dollar Kamala's on the ticket before Anarcgy comes to a close, baby!"

Todd: "Talk about an unexpected opener. Let's hope the action in the ring is a bit more coordinated!"

Bama T: "If this is any indication of the night, we're in for one wild 4th of July!"

“Spoiled” Summer Page is walking into the RP Funding Center. She has AirPods in her ears, her hair in a ponytail, a vitapink Lululemon midsize jogger, a white Lululemon waist length tank top, along with a pair of white and pink Nike Dunk Low shoes on when XWF interviewer Steve Sayors approaches Summer.

Steve Sayors: (Timidly asks) Excuse me, Summer, may I have a moment of your time?

Summer stops and squeezes the AirPod in her left ear to pause the music she is listening to.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: What was that Steve?

Steve looks frightened as he staggers backwards a few steps.

Steve Sayors: Um nothing, nevermind, sorry to bother you.

Summer looks at Steve with a confused look on her face.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: No, wait! What?

Steve turns to scurry away.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Stop it right there, Mister!

Steve stops in his tracks after a few steps and turns around to face Summer.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: If you have questions to answer then you can go ahead and ask them.

Steve Sayors: Seriously?

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Yes, seriously!

Steve’s face lights up.

Steve Sayors: You know I was scared to approach you because you have a reputation for being this mega bitch.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Really?

Steve Sayors: No, I mean not anymore…

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Let’s just stop trying to explain yourself and just dig yourself into a hole that you won’t be able to get out of.

Steve Sayors: Oh yes, the art of quitting while one is ahead. Wise move! With all that being sad tonight you are making your XWF return as well as your Anarchy debut tonight. What are your thoughts going into a very tough match with Cameron Parker?

“Spoiled” Summer Page: I’ve got to admit, Steve, I am a bit impressed with what Cameron is all about. We need more people like him around this business. He defeated a grizzly bear in a match just a couple weeks ago so to take him lightly would be a huge mistake.

Steve Sayors: May I ask you another question?

Summer looks at Steve dumbfounded.

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Are you for real?

Steve Sayors: I am as for real as it gets. I take my job so seriously!

“Spoiled” Summer Page: Alright…Then what do you got, Steve?

Steve Sayors: Oh! Wasn’t actually expecting that. I got noth…Wait a minute I got something. Oh no! I have said too much, haven’t I?

Summer stares at Steve without adjusting her line of vision in the slightest.

Steve Sayors: What I mean is what are your thoughts about your old friend, Marisol Vilaro, rejoining XWF just mere days after you did?

“Spoiled” Summer Page: It was bound to happen, Steve. I am focusing on myself and getting to the top of the Anarchy mountain top. If that means I have to go through whomever I have to then I will do that no matter what.

- vs -

TODD: “Well, Bama, this is certainly going to be an interesting opener for sure. After what happened on the last episode of Anarchy with Sean Parker and Mark Flynn to the brawl between Parker and Sebastian Everett-Bryce on Warfare this past Monday night, you can imagine the Anarchy Champion is not in the mood for playing games tonight.”

BAMA T: “No doubt, no doubt, baby! Parker’s going to be swinging for the fences tonight against Sean Cameron. Although I’m sure he’s looking to get Romaniamania running wild tonight and what better way to start than knocking off the top dog!"

TODD: “Coupled with the fact that Sean Parker recently lost his mentor, his father-figure this past week. We understand Sean was very close with his Sensei, a man he knew his entire life and the champion’s adversaries have not shied away from pointing out that that could be playing on Sean’s mind too much.”

BAMA T: “Sean Cameron is a rookie but it would certainly be a rookie mistake if he doesn’t look to take advantage of the champ’s mind possibly being elsewhere!”

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat, the Anarchy Championship around his waist. Sean goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down. He unstraps the Anarchy Championship belt and holds it up to the crowd as his music fades out.

As Rebel Rouser begins to play throughout the arena, Sean Cameron walks out onto the stage wearing a turban, a kimono, and a kilt over his plain navy blue trunks, proudly waving the Romanian flag. He walks proudly down to the ring in what he believes to be traditional Romanian garb. Once in the ring, he removes the turban and throws it out into the crowd. He removes the kimono and throws it out into the crowd. He removes the kilt and throws it into the crowd. He hurls the Romanian flag, pole and all, into the crowd. He keeps his trunks and boots on.

TODD: “We should remind our viewers that although the champion has that iconic championship belt with him, that this is a non-title match this evening between Parker and Cameron.”

BAMA T: “You never know though, baby! If Cameron scores an upset win here and it could open the door for a title match down the road!”

The bell has barely rung before Sean Parker explodes out of the corner like a ballistic missile, catching an unsuspecting Sean Cameron with a shotgun dropkick that sends him flying back into the corner.

TODD: “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Big time shotgun dropkick into the corner! The champion comes flying out of the gates like a man possessed! No messing around from Parker tonight!

BAMA T: “You called it, baby! He’s not in the mood for playing games!”

Parker doesn’t let up though, rebounding off the ropes and smashing into Cameron in the corner.

TODD: “And here he comes again! Big-time corner clothesline that cleans Cameron’s clock! Parker backs off again, what’s he looking for now?”

As Parker looks to build up another head of steam but before he can land whatever it is he had planned, Cameron quickly pulls himself under the bottom rope and out to the floor for a breather.

TODD: “Smart move by Cameron. He’s fairly new to the business but he knew the right thing to do was get the hell out dodge before the Sky Assassin took out another target!”

BAMA T: “And he might just do it, Todd, Parker’s gonna fly!”

Right on cue, Sean Parker sprints across the ring, taking to the air and flying clear over the ropes, corkscrewing through the air and flattening Cameron on the outside, landing perfectly on his feet. The crowd pops majorly.

TODD: “Sky. Twister. Press! Sean Parker doing what he does best and that’s fly! Sean Cameron hasn’t had a moment to breathe at all so far, such has been the early dominance from the Anarchy Champion!”

BAMA T: “Looks like Romaniamania might not be runnin’ wild for much longer, baby!”

Parker forcefully pulls Cameron to his feet by the back of his neck, unleashing a hard knife-edge chop across the newcomer’s chest, sending a loud thwack throughout the arena. Cameron grimaces in pain as he clutches at his chest. Parker rocks Cameron with several right hands before throwing him back into the ring under the bottom rope. As Cameron jadedly clambers back to his feet, Parker looks to size him up again, hands gripped on the top rope in anticipation.

TODD: “Parker has something else in mind now, looks like he’s gonna springboard off the ropes, he’s sizing Cameron up here. This one could be over in record time, Bama!”

BAMA T: “Cameron’s gotta get some sort of offense or foothold in this match or else Parker’s gonna be in the showers before the first commercial break!”

Just as Cameron turns around, Parker leaps up and, as Todd predicted on commentary, he springboards off the top rope, flying forward. But, incredibly, Cameron catches the champion coming in, diving onto his back and pulling Parker in, using his own momentum to drive his face into his knees.

TODD: “Oh my God, what a counter by Cameron! I don’t know if he was baiting Parker there or just managed to see him out of his peripheral vision at the very last second but he just drilled the champion!”

BAMA T: “He calls that the Romanian Sensation I believe, Todd! What a move, baby!”

Not wanting to waste any time, Cameron immediately floats over into a pin as the referee slides down into a prone position to make the count.

TODD: “Cameron’s got the cover, this could be the upset of the year! One! Two-No! Parker kicks out!”

BAMA T: “A tiny part of me thought Cameron was gonna sneak that there, Todd!”

Parker, still a little stunned by Cameron hitting him out of nowhere with one of his trademark moves, staggers back up to a vertical base. He blinks his eyes several times, trying to gain his bearings but this time it’s the rookie not letting him get any recovery time. Cameron returns the favor from earlier, landing a stiff chop across Parker’s chest, drawing a pained expression from the champion.

TODD: “Well, they say turnabout is fair play, Bama! Parker wasn’t shy of chopping away at the rookie’s chest earlier and it seems he hasn’t forgotten about that!”

BAMA T: “How could he forget about it, Todd, it was only five minutes ago?!”

TODD: “It’s called play-by-play commentary, Bama! I’m telling a story here!”

BAMA T: “If you say so!”

Cameron reaches up and snatches Parker around the face, pulling him into a side headlock. He squeezes his bicep hard around Parker’s temples before immediately switching to his back, pulling his arm in too, and twisting his wrist around. Parker involuntarily grunts in pain, straightaway reaching up to his shoulder joint with his free hand. Keeping a hold of Parker’s arm and wrist, Cameron switches back, this time pulling the Anarchy Champion into a front face lock and plants him downward onto the top of his head.

TODD: “Wow! Nice hammerlock DDT by Cameron! This is an infinitely more impressive showing than his debut against Syn and HGH!”

BAMA T: “Apparently he has experience in amateur wrestling and he’s putting those skills to good use tonight, for sure!”

Cameron continues his flurry of offensive momentum on the Anarchy Champion, trying to break the fingers of Sean Parker with some old-school finger joint manipulation. Parker yelps out in discomfort, trying to alleviate the pressure. He pulls Cameron in, before kicking him back, sending the Romanian Sensation into one of the corners. Parker rolls back to his feet, but Cameron comes running back in and looks for his codebreaker signature move again but this time Parker has it scouted this time. He blocks the knee-smash and pulls Cameron, spinning around and plants him down with a hard sitdown powerbomb!

TODD: “Big time powerbomb by the champion there, countering another Romanian Sensation attempt! And Parker with the cover, he’s got the shoulders pinned! One! Two! No, a nearfall this time!”

BAMA T: “The rookie went to the well one too many times!”

Cameron rolls backward, groggily getting back to his feet. He turns around and Parker explodes out of the corner, almost taking Cameron’s head off with a devastating elbow strike to the jaw!

TODD: “Masamune Decapitation! What impact! Out of nowhere!”

Parker makes the cover, hooking the leg as the referee gets down to make the count.




Winner - Sean Parker

The referee hands Parker the Anarchy Championship and raises his hand but he doesn’t look to be in the mood for celebrating, simply placing the title belt over his shoulder and giving a small acknowledgement to the fans.

Just as he’s about to leave the ring, the familiar tune of Fame plays throughout the arena and the fans come to life with thunderous cheers as the Universal Champion himself, Sebastian Everett-Bryce appears from behind the curtain and onto the stage!

TODD: “Oh my! Things just got a little bit more interesting, Bama! SEB on Anarchy for the second week running!”

BAMA T: “You’re telling me! Things didn’t exactly end with these two friends on the same Christmas card list!”

The Universal Champion makes a beeline for the ring, and his Anarchy counterpart immediately adopts a defensive posture. However Seb immediately holds his hands out in a reassuring motion, gesturing to Parker he’s not out for a fight. He motions for a microphone from the timekeeper and raises it to his mouth.

Seb: Hold up, Sean, hold up. I’m not out here to make any trouble. You had a decent match tonight, congratulations. I just came out to clear the air after Monday. Tensions are running high before Leap of Faith. I think we both said some things we probably didn’t mean, so I just wanted to say no hard feelings and best of luck in Rome. And for what it’s worth, I’m sorry about your Sensei; I know he meant a lot to you.

Sean nods his head in acknowledgment as the fans applaud. Seb then holds his hands out in a gesture of friendship. A moment passes before Sean nods again and accepts Seb’s extended hand. The two champions get another massive cheer from the crowd.

TODD: “Fantastic show of respect between two fine champions, Bama T. Tensions are definitely running high as Seb said but there’s no doubt come main event time on July 21 that all that will go out the window.”

BAMA T: “Oh baby, I can’t wait!”

Sean and Seb both go to exit the ring from opposites but suddenly they both double back, running at off the opposite sets of ropes! Seb goes to unleash a brutal Empire Kick, his leg extended outward and Parker has his arm cocked and ready to unload a Masamune Decapitation. The two champions are millimeters away from one another; poised with their finishers. Both look slightly taken aback by each other; chests heaving, their eyes locked; knowing both men had the exact same idea.

TODD: “Can you believe that?! They both tried to take each other out at the same time!

BAMA T: “It’s like Rocky and Apollo, baby! I love it!”

TODD: “Wait a minute! Who’s that! Someone just jumped the barricade!”

The camera pans to the side where a person is seen sliding into the ring, briefcase in hand!

TODD: “It’s Mark Flynn! Look! He’s got his briefcase!”

Flynn slams his briefcase straight into the back of Parker’s head sending him tumbling to the mat! Seb goes for an Empire Kick but Flynn is all over him, not giving him any time and cracks him square in the face with the briefcase too! Choruses of boos rain down from the crowd as Flynn goes unhinged, laying into both champions with his briefcase like a madman! He waits for Parker to climb to his feet before running at him and lets him have an elbow to the face with Parker’s own Masamune Decapitation! As Seb slowly gets back up too, Flynn sprints off the ropes and catches him flush on the jaw with an Empire Kick, turning him inside out!

TODD: “My God! Flynn just destroyed both Parker and Seb with their own finishing moves! Talk about sending a message!”

More defeating boos and jeers continue to pour from the fans but Flynn just basks in it. He looks down at the beaten forms of his pay-per-view opponents before lifting up both the Anarchy Championship and Universal Championships. He looks at the Anarchy belt in disgust, throwing down on Parker’s prone form before lifting up the Uni belt above his head.

- vs -

TODD: I can’t believe what we’ve already witnessed here tonight, Bama!

BAMA T: C’mon BABY, don’t dwell on it for too long, because Anarchy is just starting to heat up!

TODD: You’re right, and coming up next, we have the return of “Spoiled” Summer Page.

BAMA T: Against the newcomer Cameron Parker, who seems primed and ready to try and exploit Summer Page’s ring rust.

TODD: If there is any ring rust to exploit, Bama, because Summer Page looks great!

S&M By Rhianna will play throughout the arena as the crowd cheers while Summer walks down the aisle. Summer gets to the ring side and walks up the ring stairs. Summer looks out at the crowd and raises her arms out to the crowd as the crowd cheers louder. Summer turns her attention to inside the ring where she motions to the referee to open the bottom and middle ropes so they can enter. Summer walks over to the closest ring corner and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle.

BAMA: She’s got the look for sure, baby. But Cameron Parker said he’s not concerned with Summer’s experience. He’s ready to pick up the big win here tonight.

The Raising Fighting Spirit polo plays over the speakers and then big screen lights up with the words The Fighting Spirit and then out runs Cameron Parker all hyped up with a smile on his face as he looks out towards the fans and then starts running down the ramp with enthusiasm, giving as many fans as he can a high five before walking up the steel steps then stepping inside of the ring and goes to the left side and climbs up the turnbuckle to raise one finger in the air as he looks out towards the fans and then steps down and walks toward his corner to wait for the match to start.

Summer is rolling her eyes at Cameron as the bell rings, giving him a stink face.

TODD: Summer Page was sure to point out this week that she comes from austerity. That Cameron Parker is beneath her, in every way. She’s had every advantage that he wasn’t dealt by life, and she plans to put those advantages on full display here tonight.
Parker tries to tie up Page, but she sidesteps him, and plants him quickly with a spinning, snap ddt that’s executed poorly. A quick cover from Page!


And a quick kickout from Parker!

BAMA: That wasn’t a very clean looking ddt there, baby! Maybe this ring rust might be a problem for Summer Page after all!

Parker is already up, and has tied up with Page now, a side headlock takedown plants Page on the mat where Parker starts to work in the headlock on the mat, displaying is technical prowess. But Summer Page, being a technician between the ropes two, rolls over, getting Parker on his back. She bridges her legs and pins Cameron’s shoulders to the mat-


He’s forced to release the headlock to kickout.

Both Cameron and Page are up, Cameron runs in with a clothesline, and NO, Summer Page hits a high knee, then turns quickly into a snap german suplex. The moves still don’t look clean, but Cameron is down either way.

TODD: The former Madness star is showing everyone her vast ability tonight, but also she’s still doesn’t look 100% comfortable out there- -


Due to the poor execution of the suplex, Parker lands into a roll and takes little damage, he’s already back to his feet, smashing Page with a clothesline this time. He picks Page up, throws her into the ropes and lands a superkick!

Page is down, and in a bad way. Cameron stands over top of her, holding up her legs, and stomping her gut before locking in a deathlock!

Cameron turns Page over onto her stomach, and applies pressure to her lower back. Page screams and starts reaching for the ropes. But Cameron is holding tight. The ref is down in Page’s face, asking if she wants to submit, but Page screams and waves the ref away. She gets all the way up on her forearms, and pushes back, breaking Cameron’s hold, and turning the move into a deathlock of her own. Again the move is poorly executed, but Page’s experience is still keeping her safe in this match. Cameron is able to crawl out of Page’s deathlock counter. He’s crawling toward his turnbuckle, getting to his feet just in time for Page to come running in!



Cameron moved out of the way of Page’s superkick, causing her leg to go over the top rope leaving her positioned poorly at the turnbuckle. Again, the ring rust is making things challenging for Summer Page.

Cameron leaps and hits her in the head with a forearm, making her fall in a way that one leg is still over the rope and the other leg on the mat in front of the turnbuckle….

TODD: Page is in a bad way here, Bama and it looks like Cameron is setting up for something big!



Page falls out of the way, and now it’s Cameron’s leg going awkwardly over the top rope.

His crotch lands poorly, and now it’s Page from behind!


Page covers Cameron!




A nearfall for Page there. Her veteran instincts assisted her in countering Cameron’s trademark with a trademark move of her own, and now she smells blood.

She backs up to the center of the mat, and lets Cameron stagger up to his feet. Just as he turns to face her-



Cameron spins away!



SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX FROM PAGE! She tries again, with the fishermans suplex!


Page covers!




Winner - 'Spoiled' Summer Page!!!

Cameron Parker stands in the ring catching his breath as the arena's PA system crackles to life with the familiar entrance theme of Anarchy GM, Jett Sterling.

Jett walks out onto the stage with microphone in hand.

Jett Sterling: "Tough luck, kid. Can't win them all, huh?"

Cameron is still winded as he looks up at Jett with frustration and determination.

Jett Sterling: "But hey, you showed some grit out there. What I think you need is more experience, and maybe a change of pace. So, here's what I'm thinking. We’ve seen you topple a gorilla, and we just watched as you fell victim to veteran experience. I think working hand in hand with a veteran would be a great learning experience for you. Now, I know you have All Might on your side, but when I said you could use a change of pace, I meant it. That's why at Leap of Faith, I’m teaming you up with a grizzled veteran of the XWF that you may not see eye to eye with on every little issue.”

The crowd murmurs, intrigued by this announcement. Cameron looks both surprised and intrigued, clearly wondering who his partner will be.

Jett Sterling: "But that’s just the sort of challenge I hope to see you overcome when you team with Madison Dyson!"

TODD: “Madison Dyson!? No way!”

BAMA T: “Oh, baby—you’ve gotta question why Jett would send this cub into the lion’s den!”

Jett smirks before turning to exit the stage, leaving Cameron in the ring in confusion over what just happened and why.

- vs -
Tag Team - 2k word limit

TODD: That was quite an exciting match between Summer Page and Cameron Parker.

BAMA T: Yeah, baby! The experienced, but rusty Summer Page was having it taken to her by the young upstart Cameron parker, but in the end, experience proved key for the veteran. Her countering skills saved her tonight!

TODD: Well, coming up next, we’ve got another pair of XWF veterans who haven’t taken the ring together in some time. Reggie Estrada and Tommy Wish, The THUGS, going up against a pair of fiery newcomers of their own tonight- The American Storm.

BAMA T: Razor Blade and Latoya Hixx, baby. The two of them just picked up a monstrous win against Michael Graves and Vinnie Lane two weeks ago, and these two are trying to fight for a rematch at those Tag Team Titles at Leap Of Faith. Beating The THUGS here tonight might just punch that ticket for them!

The lights goes out and hear a voice saying Wrestling has one royal family and when Kingdom hit's fireworks burst open and Razor Blade comes out wearing a American nightmare outfit. Latoya Hixx walks onto the middle stage next to Razor, flexes her muscles and walks straight down towards the aisle.  Razor Blade lifts his arms in the mid air and fist pumps in a fake air and he saw a kid wearing a Blade shirt and he takes off his American nightmare belt off his waist in hands it to the XWF fan and climbs up the steps in hops on the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air and more fireworks burst once again and he gets inside of the ring and climbs on the top rope taunts some more and gets down and takes off his American nightmare jacket and prepares for a fight.

We see the X-Tron come to life with the words THUGS in red font, and smoke comes out of the stage and the camera see's Tommy coming out first trash talking to the camera, then Reggie follows behind as he raises his fist in the air as they walk down to the ring. At the ramp area, Tommy and Reggie smack talk some people, Reggie talking smack a little longer, before and they both climb to the ring and enter it and bask in the mixed reactions as their theme cuts off.

Reggie and Latoya Hixx start the match off, with Estrada wasting no time- he runs in and starts nailing Hixx with punches and kicks. The punches leave Hixx disoriented and and leaves her wide open for an exploder suplex. Latoya bounces off the mat, and Estrada takes full advantage. He climbs the turnbuckle and flies off with a diving elbow drop- taking full control here early. He picks Hixx up and puts her in the corner- tagging Tommy in and preparing for the double team. He lifts Hixx onto his shoulders for a powerbomb, and Tommy climbs up top- leaping off and hitting a diving cutter on Hixx as Reggie slams her to the mat. Tommy goes for the pin



Hixx Kicks out!

TODD: Razor Blade was stepping through the ropes there to make the save, Bama, but Hixx was just able to kick out of that spectacular tag team move on her own…

BAMA T: Razor Blade looking frustrated here, baby! He wants to win this match badly, so he and Latoya can move onto Leap of Faith and challenge for the tag team gold- but right now, two very GAME Thugs look like they’ve got other plans

TODD:In most of their promo this week, The American Storm seemed more focused on Kaye and King. While on the other hand The THUGS semed to dismiss the American Storm’s ability. Right now, it really does seem like one time was overlooked, and the other team was disregarded as slim pickins!

Tommy stomps on Latoya, and then puts her in a Boston Crab. She screams out, but is able to use her impressive, athletic frame to crawl over and grab the ropes. The ref calls for the rope break and Tommy stands. She sizes Hixx up, smashing her with a forearm, and then grabbing her head- RUNNING BULLDOG- NO!

Hixx pushes Tommy from behind and sends him into the ropes, on the rebound she hits him with a fallaway slam! She crawls over to her corner where Razor Blade is begging for the tag. She reaches out- - BUT IT’S REGGIE!

Estrada reenters the ring and grabs Hixx by the leg, pulling her away from the tag. The ref scolds Reggie and forces him out of the ring, but all of this gave Tommy enough time to get to his feet. He picks Hixx up and plants her with a DDT. Now he whips her into the corner- tagging Reggie. The two of them do a double mudhole stomp on Hixx in the corner- and now Blade is in the ring!

TODD:He’s seen enough!

BAMA T: He’s seeing his chances for Leap of Faith slip through his fingers!
Razor Blade hits Estrada in the back- but Tommy turns and kicks Blade in the gut, toppling him over. Razor Blade and Tommy Wish both roll out of the ring, as Estrada is slow to get back to his feet. He limps over to Hixx in the corner- BUT SHE RUNS AND HITS A BYCICLE KICK!

That move took a lot out of Hixx- who is unable to make the cover, despite Estrada being downed. Instead she starts crawling again to Razor Blade who is desperately trying to tag in- - - FINALLY THE TAG IS MADE!

Blade hits the ring!

A running crossbody to Estrada as he stands. Both men pop back to their feet- and it’s a dropkick from Razor Blade- followed by a snap powerslam! Razor Blade covers!



But Tommy Wish breaks up the pin! Wish tries getting some extra stumps to Blade’s head- but the ref sends him back out of the ring. Razor Blade is frustrated, but still has Reggie where he wants him. Just as Estrada stands-


IT’s countered by Reggie! He whips Razor into the corner, and tags Tommy-

Riggie throws Blade into the ropes, and lifts him on the rebound- - TOMMY LEAPS INTO THE AIR!


The THUGS hit the 3-D and REggie immediately runs over and smashes Hixx off the apron- and steps out of the ring.

Tommy covers Blade!




Winners - The Thugs!!!

- vs -
- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat - Revolution Championship Contendership Match!

The arena goes dark as Wildthing plays. A spotlight hits the stage as Centurion steps out. He walks down the ramp as the crowd cheers. He climbs the steps and enters the ring, ready for action.

Pomp and Circumstance fills the stadium from the loud speakers. Under the XTron, Misty Waters wastes little time making her way to the entrance ramp. She's wearing a luxurious blue fur robe, lined with red and white tassels. She has a read bandana tied around her skull, keeping her red wig in place, and a pair of single-lensed sunglasses covering her eyes. Misty hops onto the apron, stands, and points a single finger in the air, looking back at the crowd. She steps through the ropes, both hands in the air motioning for noise as she does a slow spin in the center of the ring, then climbs the turnbuckle and points with both hands up to the ceiling.

The opening riff of The hangman's body count by Volbeat starts to play throughout the arena as the lights dim. Several red and purple laser lights envelope the stage as Matthias Syn casually walks through the curtain. As he steps onto the stage, he stops and acknowledges the crowd by stretching both arms forward while touching his balled up fists together. After several seconds he begins to nonchalantly walk down the ramp towards the ring, not allowing the fans to touch him. He slides under the bottom rope, jumps to his feet and poses on the ropes. As he drops down from the ropes he takes off his red leather shearling coat, hands it to the ring girl and sits on the middle turnbuckle awaiting his opponent.

We cut to the X-Tron, where we’re met with the sequin printed words 'The Natural'. 

The camera pulls out to reveal the bluest of blue sequined robes. With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous gleam, Dick turns to the camera with a smirk.

Dick Drizzle: "WOOOO! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get ready for the one and only, high-flyin', hard-drinkin', big-bettin' son of a gun, The Natural, Dick Drizzle! WOOOO!"

He pauses, grinning widely as he adjusts his robe to show more of his flabby chest.

Dick Drizzle: "Centurion, you old fossil!

Hahaha, imagine ME calling you old!

You're just a spring chicken compared to The Natural, but unlike The Natural, you're already looking like you need a walker!

And you didn't have a single thing to say, did ya?

Too scared to face The Natural, huh?

Well, let me tell you something, while you were hiding, I was stylin’ and profilin’, getting ready to win myself a shot at the big beautiful gold strap. You call yourself a legend, but I’ve never seen a legend of anything that was no bite with nothing to bark at. Keep working at it kiddo, you’ll figure it out some day—WOOOO!"

With a gleam in his eye, he struts closer to the camera.

Dick Drizzle: "And Misty Waters, you delusional dame! You think you’re the second coming of some wrestling legend from the 80s? Honey, I was THE legend with ALL the ladies of the 80s—and much like everyone else around here—MISTY—I ain’t ever laid eyes on you in my life! 

That Madness ain’t Macho, it’s MUCHO, but no amount of madness will save you from ‘the trickiest Dick in the game’, baby—WOOOO!"

He smirks and takes a step back, sipping from an unmarked flask he pulled from his robe.

Dick Drizzle: "Now, Matthias Syn, you poetic poser, you had the gall to ignore the greatest talker in the game? Let me tell ya, pal, your little nightmare speech is nothin’ but a bedtime story!

You talk about burning skies and war zones, but the only thing getting scorched tonight is your pride when I walk out of that ring with my hand raised high—WOOOO!

You’re lookin’ at a man who’s seen more action in one night than you have in your entire career!

Tonight, the Revolution Championship contendership is mine for the takin’, and there's nothin’ you three can do about it!

I’m gonna strut down that ramp, step into that ring, and show you all why they call me 'The Natural'!"

He throws his head back with an exaggerated motion and lets out one more triumphant "WOOOO!"

The spotlight catches Dick Drizzle stepping out in a blindingly bright robe, instantly grabbing everyone's attention. Swaggering down the ramp with a whiskey bottle in hand, he throws out a hearty "Woooooo!" to the roaring crowd.

Reaching the ring, Dick downs a swig of whiskey, hands the bottle off to 'Loady', and confidently gestures for the ref to open the ropes for him. With a slight stagger, he slips through, and makes a spectacle of removing his robe and revealing his wrestling attire of droopy trunks and saggy moobs.

The competitors stand ready in the ring, waiting for the action to start, but Dick Drizzle has other plans. With a coy grin, he pokes Misty Waters in the eyes before the bell even rings. Misty is instantly blinded and stumbles backward.

Todd: "Drizzle wasting no time! Misty didn't see that coming!"

Bama T: "Dirty tactics, classic Dick, baby!"

The bell sounds, and Drizzle takes Misty by the hair and unceremoniously dumps her out of the ring. She lands with a thud on the outside, clutching her face in pain.

Centurion rushes at Drizzle from behind. He locks his arms around Drizzle's waist, but the seasoned scuffler has more tricks up his sleeve. Drizzle shifts his weight and delivers a sneaky low blow with his trick knee, causing Centurion to double over in agony.

Todd: "Ouch! I hope he was all done on the kid front!"

Bama T: "The ref didn’t see a thing! This match continues. baby!"

With Centurion doubled over, Drizzle takes advantage, chopping him hard in the throat. Centurion gasps for air, staggering backward. Drizzle, not missing a beat, grabs him by the head and tosses him over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor outside.

Todd: "Look at Drizzle, cleaning house!"

Bama T: "I think Dick might be having a senior moment, baby—this isn't an over the top battle royal!"

Drizzle begins to strut, but his celebration is short-lived. Just as he takes his first step, Matthias Syn, who had been lurking in the corner, springs into action. Syn charges at Drizzle with incredible speed and delivers a devastating SYNthesis (cutter) out of nowhere, driving Drizzle face-first into the mat.

Todd: "SYNthesis! SYNthesis! Drizzle is down!"

Bama T: "Where did Syn come from?! This could be all she wrote, baby!"

The crowd erupts as Syn hooks Drizzle’s leg, and the referee drops to make the count.




Todd: "It's over! Matthias Syn steals it!"

Bama T: "Incredible! Drizzle never saw it coming!"

Matthias Syn stands victorious, while Drizzle lies on the mat. A recovering Centurion and Misty Waters look on from the outside..

Winner - Matthias Syn

- vs -

A choir stands on stage, in safe spots, as flame begins to erupt from the stage, as Oz walks out. It seems as if Oswald has literally paid for an entire metal orchestra, just to play him to the ring. As the first lick of the guitar hits the air and the drums start off, Oz starts to walk to the ring, dressed in a large white cloak covering his body. However, instead of entering the ring first, he waits. He stands there near the ring floor next to the edge of the ramp. He slowly pulls off the cloak, folds it and then places it on the edge of the ring, next to one of the posts before climbing onto the apron and over the top rope where he goes to his corner, sitting down as he waits for the bell.

The opening baseline of No. 99 by Joey Bada$$ hits the PA and a spotlight pans over the crowd in search of Spencer before a camera cut shows us Spencer moving through the arena before eventually reaching a staircase between sections.

With the chorus playing out, the crowd’s chants of “BADMON!” carry throughout. Spencer marches down the stairs before hoping over and sitting atop the barricade. He looks over the crowd and raises an arm and pointed finger towards different parts of the crowd as he mouths the words “What’s my name?” for continued call and response.

Ring announcer: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 190 pounds! STANDING at five feet eleven inches….”BAAAAADMON” SPEEEEENCER ADAAAAAMS!

Spencer pushes off and rolls into the ring nodding along to the song before dapping up the ring announcer and leaning against a corner in anticipation.

Todd: "Here we go, folks! The steel cage is locked, and there's no way out for these two competitors!"

Bama T: "This is gonna be a war, baby! Spencer's out for revenge and his rightful title!"

Spencer Adams starts off with a flurry of kicks and jabs, targeting Mr. Oz's midsection. Mr. Oz, towering over Spencer, absorbs the hits and retaliates with a powerful clothesline, knocking Spencer to the mat.

Todd: "Spencer's bringing the fight, but Mr. Oz's size is going to prove a real challenge!"

Spencer quickly gets back on his feet and evades another attack from Mr. Oz, countering with a running knee to the gut, followed by a snapmare and a running bulldog into the steel cage. Mr. Oz crashes into the cage wall.

Todd: "Spencer's using the cage to his advantage!"

Bama T: "He needs to keep this momentum going, baby!"

Mr. Oz charges at Spencer, who ducks under his arm and delivers a springboard coast-to-coast kick, the Southside to Outside. Mr. Oz staggers, dazed. Spencer then hits a missile dropkick from the top rope, sending Mr. Oz crashing into the turnbuckle.

Todd: "Spencer's on fire!"

Bama T: "He has everything to prove tonight, baby!"

Spencer, sensing victory, goes for his finishing move, the 99 Problems (Kinshasa). He charges at Mr. Oz, but just as he's about to connect, John Black appears at ringside with a steel chair and begins climbing the cage. Distracted, Spencer hesitates for a split second, allowing Mr. Oz to catch him with a big boot!

Todd: "What is John Black doing here?!"

Bama T: "Oz just kicked his head clean off, baby!"

John Black climbs onto the cage wall, shouting at Mr. Oz.

John Black leaps as Oz pulls a recovering Spencer Adams into their path!

Black accidentally strikes Spencer with a steel chair crossbody meant for Mr. Oz!

Spencer and John Black are down after that impact!

Todd: "No! John Black just hit Spencer!"

Bama T: "He should’ve minded his own business, baby!"

Mr. Oz drags Spencer to the center of the ring and locks in his finishing move, the I Failed You (Mandible Claw). With Spencer already out, the ref has no choice but call for the bell.

Todd: "It's over! Mr. Oz wins!"

Bama T: "What a turn of events! Mr. Oz is the new Revolution Champion, thanks to John Black's interference!"

Winner - Mr. Oz (NEW Revolution Champion)!!!

Mr. Oz celebrates his victory as "Radagon (The Final Battle)" plays. Suddenly, the music shifts to the theme of Anarchy GM, Jett Sterling.

The crowd's attention shifts to the stage as Jett makes his way out with a mic in hand.

Jett Sterling: "Alright, that's enough! I've had just about enough of these constant shenanigans from you two! John Black, Mr. Oz, every time we have a Revolution title match, it ends in chaos because of your issues over that belt. This nonsense ends now!"

The crowd roars in approval as Jett continues.

Jett Sterling: "We're going to settle this once and for all. At Leap of Faith, Mr. Oz will defend the Revolution Championship against Spencer Adams and John Black in an end-all, be-all match to determine who's the deserving Revolution Champion, and we're doing it in the ThunderDome!"

The crowd explodes with excitement at the announcement.

Jett Sterling: "That's right! The ThunderDome! A steel cage dome with no exit, electrified walls, and only one man leaves – the Revolution Champion! At Leap of Faith, we're going to find out who truly wants that title, and how far they’ll go to get it!"

As Jett turns to exit through the curtain, Mr. Oz looks down at the fallen Spencer Adams, a sinister smile spreading across his face as he pulls at Spencer’s ankles. Suddenly, he begins to sling Spencer headfirst into the steel cage walls.

The crowd gasps in horror as Spencer's body convulses with each impact.

Todd: "This is brutal! Oz is trying to end Spencer's career right here!"

Bama T: "Jett said three men enter and one leaves as champ, well, Oz is thinning the competition, baby!"

Mr. Oz continues the assault, swinging Adams’ like a ragdoll into the cage walls repeatedly. Spencer's head crashes against the steel, blood gushing from a cut on his forehead.

John Black, seeing enough, rushes and tackles Mr. Oz to the mat. The two brawl furiously, exchanging heavy punches and rolling around the ring. The crowd erupts as security rushes down the ramp. Production staff starts lifting the cage to allow security to enter.

Bama T: "The Revolution is Anarchy, baby—it's absolute chaos in there, Todd!"

Security finally enters the ring, pulling the two men apart. Mr. Oz and John Black continue to shout at each other, straining against the security team holding them back. The camera cuts to Spencer Adams, being stretchered out by medical personnel, his face a crimson mask.

Todd: "Spencer Adams is in a bad way, folks. I’m not so sure he’ll make it to the ThunderDome."

Bama T: "Sucks for him, but either way, Leap of Faith is going to be explosive and the ThunderDome match is going to be a battle like we've never seen before, baby!"

The show fades to black.

Dolly Waters
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