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PlaceMarker Toxic and deliberate
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07-02-2024, 10:12 PM

[Image: FC-TTp-IXEAM3-OQq.jpg]

The sky burned red. Violent red. Gunfire echoed through what was left of the war torn city. An almost liquid-like dust stained the skin and matted the eyes of anyone in its wake. The smell of gunpowder lingered, yet not quite sharp enough to cover the blood and burnt flesh that had overtaken the senses.

Formless and shapeless he drifted through the arid, stale stench of scorched earth and metallic sulfur. An aroma so fierce and penetrating that you could taste as much as smell. Wanton death, sponsored by Lockheed Martin had yet again taken up residency in the name of "Democracy", and on this day, Matthias Syn was at ground zero. 

This once sprawling desert oasis had been reduced to ash and rubble. Entire families, bloodlines, wiped off the face of the earth. Every hospital. Every school... gone, left only to pictures and memories. As is usually the case, imperialism didn't even bother knocking, it blew apart the entire fucking door. 

The loud buzzing of the alarm on his phone woke him. Pulling him from a reality that is all too real for someone half a world away. 

The nightmares were back

Dolly Waters. excuse me, Misty Waters, most people bore me. I find their conversation tedious, tiresome and mostly repetitive. I, I, I... Me, me, me. So quick to wax poetic about their unextraordinary lives. Their uninspired jobs or their unremarkable kids. BORING. It numbs the mind. 

But you, he says pointing through the camera, You, Misty Waters aren't boring. The existential crisis, the disassociation. It's unhinged and completely chaotic. There is an untapped beauty in chaos that not enough people are willing to unleash and you have embraced it through pain and suffering and you have come out the other side REBORN. 

Your long walk through the minefields of misery hasn't broken your brain like the uninitiated will tell you. No Misty, you are becoming the version of yourself that can see the world for what it truly is... a vile, dark and disgusting cesspool that has long since needed to be burnt to the ground. When you finally embrace the violence that lays dormant and still in the darkness but yearns for the light, you will have everything that you ever wanted. 


For you Misty, there is a shadow that looms large over your bald head. A violent retribution that the bill has come due for. She's here and she seems REALLY pissed off. Syn pulls a face. I am going to do Sahara a favor. I am going to break your will. I m going to leave you battered, bruised and broken so that she can finish you off. 

You have to pay Dolly. That is your penance. No amount of changing your identity is going to quell the tides of fate. A spurned lover, patiently waiting for their opportunity to strike, is the most dangerous person walking this planet that is not Matthias Syn. I will deliver you to her. 

Syn glaring through the camera smirks

Centurion. I'm not the first person to call you old and I won't be the last. You are a relic, clinging to and craving for relevancy. A staple of a bygone era riding the last wave of a fleeting legacy. A legacy built on the backs of men that were not Matthias Syn. I don't care about the accolades, I am already bored of your accomplishments. I will never sing the praises of the man solely responsible for Anarchy not being considered on the same level as Warfare. 

You were the one constant. People came and people went and yet there was Centurion, always a solid hand but never the main attraction. Never capable of elevating this brand to where it needs to be. To where it's going.

The Syn City Saint is here now and NOW it changes.

I'll take the greatest pleasure in doing what Madison Dyson couldn't. Sending the man with one foot out the door and the other steeped in the desiccated remains of his empty legacy to he nearest armory or bingo hall to cap off a career that is long past it's expiration date. 

I am a three count away from my opportunity at the Revolution title. Fifteen pounds of leather and gold that brings with it power, control and opportunity. Once I'm champion I will rebuild Anarchy in the image of Matthias Syn. Anarchy will no longer have the reputation of the "B" show because Matthias Syn ELEVATES. 

The Revolution is upon you

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