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Home Sweet Home
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07-02-2024, 12:51 PM


A week after winning his debut match and securing his contract with the XWF Cameron Parker returned home to his small town of Gray Ga to see his mother and do some training in a comfortable setting as he prepares for his next match on Anarchy against the one known as The Spoiled Summer Page a highly talented individual that is familiar with success so Parker knew he was going to have to step his game up and be better version of himself then he was in his debut match but first Cameron would surprise his mother as he gets out of his black pick up truck and walks up to a white and blue house with a gated fence around it as the sun shines brightly on it.

Cameron makes his way to the blue front door and knocks on it and three times and after a few minutes the door opens up slowly to reveal a redhead slim woman in her 50s who happens to be Cameron's mother, she jumps with excitement and then brings Cameron in for an emotional hug.

Candice Parker: This is so unexpected, why didn't you tell your mama you were coming by? I would've made you your favorite chocolate chip cookies.

Cameron just laughs playfully as he walks into the house.

Cameron Parker: I wanted to surprise you mama and that's ok about the cookies. I'm not eating sweets right now while I'm locked in and training for my next upcoming match, got to keep up that momentum mama can't let you, All Might and everyone else that roots for me down.

Cameron's mother smiles and looks at her son with such love in her eyes.

Candice Parker: You could never let me down son I'm already proud that you never gave up on your dream, you used to dress up pretending to be a wrestler and had me spend most of our money on all your favorite wrestler's merchandise but now after seeing you defeat a literal Gorilla you are now living your dream.

Cameron nods his head with a smile.

Cameron Parker: Yeah it was a little strange to fight a gorilla but all I cared about was securing my contract with the XWF and now the competition gets tougher because I'll be facing an actual competitor in Summer Page so I'll have to be better than I was last match.

Cameron mom pinches his face playfully and then goes to the kitchen.

Candice Parker: You're so dedicated son I just know you'll beat Summer and whoever else they throw at you in XWF but go ahead and sit down I'll fix you some food I know your hungry from your trip.

Cameron shakes his head.

Cameron Parker: No time right now mama I'll be back later, I just came by to see you first before I head to the local training facility.

She folds her arms with a little disappointed look but then softens.

Candice Parker: Fine but don't be gone too long I already know I only have you got a couple days before you head on off to the XWF.

Cameron walks over to his mother and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Cameron Parker: I won't be long mama, I'll see you later.

Cameron grabs his gym bag and walks out the door and then the scene closes out.

A few hours later have passed and Cameron is grabbing his gym bag and getting ready to go until a familiar voice stops him in his tracks.

Voice: Leaving so soon I see?

Cameron turns around with a smirk on his face and as he expected it's his mentor All Might standing there and Cameron instantly puts on a joyful facial expression and walks up to him for an embrace hug.

Cameron Parker: What are you Doing here?

All Might: Now come on Cameron you know I had to come check up on my favorite pupil and make sure you were transitioning to the pros smoothly.

Cameron nods his head.

Cameron Parker: Yeah I'm doing good just staying focused for my upcoming match.

All Might: Oh yes I saw you'll be taking on Summer Page on Anarchy and she is very much I step up In competition from a Gorilla you know.

All might gives Cameron a wink and Cameron just laughs it off.

Cameron Parker: Anyone is a step up in competition when it comes to a gorilla but I've done my homework on Summer Page and I know despite her reputation on being a spoiled princess I know how much of a competitor she is because she's been doing this since 2019 and I know she's not coming in expecting me to lay down for her, she's expecting a fight as much as I am so I'll have to bring my very damn best to get a win over her.

All Might gives Cameron a pat on the back as they start walking towards the exit.

All Might: I like that but remember when you are in the ring to stay on your toes because she has more experience than you so she might try to pull some tricks out on you.

Cameron nods his head.

Cameron Parker: I understand but all her tricks and even her ability won't match up to my fighting spirit because what I lack in experience, speed, and strength I make up in heart just like you.

All Might smiles.

All Might: That's the spirit kid, now let's go get some of your moms's cooking.

Cameron nods his head in agreement and then the duo head out the gym as the scene ends.
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