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The night Storm
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07-01-2024, 11:09 PM

The Kingdom hits when American Nightmare is already inside the ring with a microphone in his hand while talking to the XWF Universe
[Image: Cody-Rhodes-WWE-Elimination-Chamber-645x370.png]
American Nightmare | Razor Blade: Lakeland, Florida What do you guys want to talk about?
XWF Universe Cheers for Razor and Lakeland Florida
American Nightmare | Razor Blade: let's talk about last month's Anarchy when my friend Latoya won our tag match in this very ring we decided that we would fight Ned and Prince King. for their XWF Tag team Championships at Leap of Faith.
XWF Chants Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!
[Image: Screenshot-2024-03-18-at-8.18.34%E2%80%AFPM-948x570.png]
American Nightmare | Razor Blade: and once we prove that to them at Leap of Faith then we will be your new Tag team Champions for the first time here at XWF but we have to get sir passed of The Thugs which they called themselves as long as I andHixx defeat them then there will be no problem cause  Reggie and Tommy Wish. I swear up in down that they are a great team the only team that those two are gonna need someone to put out their misery once and Latoya take them out come July fourth at Anarchy on XWF.
XWF Universe Chants We Want Storm, We Want Storm We Want Storm We Want Storm!
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
American Nightmare | Razor Blade: it sounds like you all want The Storm Well guest she's already in the building and before we get to my tag partner she wants to win this tag team more than anyone that's on the Warfare and Anarchy roster and let's chase the facts Latoya wants those tag team titles and hell I want differently want those tag team belts off of Prince and Ned Kaye.
when they defend their tag team Championship against their truly most popular tag team of the decade that's The American Storm so without further with do allow me to introduce to you Lakeland Florida she is The Storm Latoya Hixx.

[Image: jade-cargill-smackdown.png]
[Image: jade-cargill-wwe-friday-night-smackdown-...c68210087e]

[Image: Screenshot-2024-03-30-064141.png]

[Image: intro-1711762080.jpg]

[Image: 8103f2a31e7627f0dde14eb2144e4974dc30b944.gifv]
lights went out and a loud thunder strikes and heard a woman's voice a Storm haha is coming Storm
is Coming hit when the lights turn light blue and smoke appears on the stage and she walks out and flexes her muscles and separate are arms and walks straight down the aisle and walks up the steps and gets inside the Anarchy ring and the lights shut off and she flexes her muscles and the lights stays on and they handed her a microphone when she stands a side with The American nightmare
[Image: GODJmjaXcAAXEAw.jpg]
The Storm| Latoya Hixx:  it's great to see you all in Lakeland, Florida I mean ever since Razor and I both won our tag team match last month we decided to get our rematch for those tag team Championship against Ned and Prince King and a No holds Barred
match at Leap of Faith and me and Razor are gonna leave out as your new XWF Tag team Champions after we handle these chumps which they called theme selves The Thugs who they are
Reggie and Tommy Wish. and don't worry you two Thugs you'll be seeing The American Storm will
soon cause tonight I have a single match to get ready for and his name is Mark Flynn. and he better bring everything that he has in this ring because when that bell rings I'm giving everything that I have in that ring and when I defeat Mark Flynn. then Razor and I will fight Tommy and Reggie
Estrada is in a tag team and that's all we gonna get after we settle with The Thugs. at Anarchy on the fourth of July on XWF.
XWF Universe Chants Whoop Them Thugs, Whoop The Thugs Whoop Them Thugs Whoop them thugs!
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
The Storm| Latoya Hixx: that's exactly what and Razor. are gonna do because come fourth of
July The American Storm is gonna make you two Criminal Thugs and offal Independence day
So after we get rid of The Thugs. Razor and I are getting our rematch for those tag team titles and it won't be a fifteen or ten-minute time limit cause this match will be a No Holds Barred match for that tag team Championship at Leap of Faith.
XWF Cheers for The Strom when she continues talking
The Storm| Latoya Hixx: my arm may be sore but I still have a lot of strength inside of me and we're gonna walk into that Anarchy building and beat the living hell out of The Thugs. and meet Prince and Ned Kaye. to defend there tag team Championships against The American Storm in a No holds Barred match on Leap of Faith at XWF.
Latoya is upset after the brutal match she had way earlier on Warfare
American nightmare| Razor Blade: Sorry you had to go through with that against Mark Flynn. but he won't be Universal Champion anytime soon but like Hixx just said me and Latoya. are gonna leave out as the winner and defeat those Street Thugs in their own game and once that's all in said in done it's onto the next level which that is the tag team gold in they will defend those tag team belts against your hero in that is The American Storm and Latoya and I are gonna become your new XWF Tag team Champions in a No Holds Barred match at Leap of Faith.
[Image: sddefault.jpg]
The Storm| Latoya Hixx: and Reggie Estrada. we don't understand what the heck you were saying cause we don't speak Spanish or Mexican words but all we know is that get ready for an ass-kicking coming your way on The fourth of July and once we defeat you two Thugs then you won't be at Leap of Faith for those tag team titles and like you said, Reggie. I and Blade did come up short at The Revelry but it won't be short after we school you two Thugs when you beat you two short just like we lost to Ned and Prince King short and you think that you two can handle Razor and me when we defeat you Thugs in our tag team independence day of the fourth of July and once we humiliate you front of Flordia then we're getting our Rematch for those tag team belts rather you Thugs like it  or not in the tag team Champions are coming home with the American Storm after we take out these Thugs this Friday at Anarchy on XWF.
Hixx let American Nightmare to close out the segment
[Image: mqdefault.jpg]
American Nightmare | Razor Blade: and where not through with our Story until we get both Championships which are the tag team titles and a Universal Champion in the near future and Latoya a TV Championship and we will have all the golds in the XWF and once we complete our mission starting with The Thugs on Friday then next it's Prince and Ned Kaye. will put those tag team Champions on the line against The American Storm in a No Holds Barred match at Leap of Faith
as soon as we get to take out these lame-ass Thugs and send them back on the streets where they belong and bring everything that you Thugs have because we're not giving up until we earn ourselves another shot at Prince and Ned Kaye. tag team titles once we put an end to these Thugs this week at the Fourth of July on Anarchy.
American nightmare| Razor Blade: by The way Thugs. The American Storm. Is.. Coming to fourth of July.
Kingdom  hit's playback when Blade and Hixx both raised there arms in mid-air and hugged it out and they both climbs up the ropes and taunt and gets down and Razor holds the ropes for Latoya after her brutal fight and they both exits the ring and heads back up towards the stage and goes back to there locker room before Anarchy
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