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WARFARE: Our Main Bi-Weekly Show Vic Vernacular
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06-30-2024, 05:45 PM

Vic Vernacular


Wrestler's Real Name: Victor Pournelle

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 27 - 8/29/96

Height: 5'8" 

Weight: 196 lbs.

Hometown: Rockford, Illinois

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Braggadocios heel

Pic Base: Aaron Paul

Backstory/Important Character Details: Vic made a small name for himself in the local slam poet scene in Rockford, but honestly, to him, it was like being the biggest fish in the smallest pond and while he was proud of his writing, the idea of being stuck in that small bubble was slightly maddening. After languishing in other mediums by himself, he knew there was a need to reinvent himself to break out into something bigger.

At one point Vic was attending a local rap show where a fight broke out. Finding himself pulled into it, he was quickly working to fight his way out and find himself back to back with one Henry Hittems. The chemistry wasn't immediate, they didn't manage to immediately take out everyone around them, but as soon as they found themselves in the same situation, they stuck it out until they managed to find a way out. From there they found a number of similarities between the two of them as they laughed off the man bruises received.

Vic isn't sure when the idea of working together, much less fighting together, came into being, but never had he felt so ready to say yes to an idea, and from there the rest is history.

Strengths: Fast and agile physically. He is also rather quick witted and able to improvise in tough situations.

Weaknesses: Over confident in his own abilities and will get himself into the aforementioned tough situations.

Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version): 

"Bussit" by Joey Valence & Brae

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing): "Bussit" by Joey Valence and Brae hits the sound system, blaring over the crowd's reaction with its abrasive beat. Vic runs out onto the entrance space immediately throwing out taunts towards the audience.

Rochelle Adams: Coming to the ring weighing in at one hundred and ninety-six pounds, hailing from Rockford, Illinois; he is the "Mic Crushing Phenom", "The Backpacker Backbreaker", "The Nintendo-Playing, Pabst Blue-Drinking Lyrical Messiah"... VIC VERNACULAR!

Coming down the ramp, Vic dances like a fool as he jams out to his own theme. He quickly rolls into the ring and leaps to his feet, still grooving as he sets himself into his corner.

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): High flyer with some technical flavor.

10 or More Standard Moves:
1. Enziguri variations
2. High leap dropkick
3. Flying back elbow
4. Arm drag variations
5. Moonsault
6. Flying Heel Kick
7. Head scissors
8. Snap suplex
9. Tope Suicida
10. Standing front flip leg drop
11. Sunset Flip
12. Tornado DDT
13. Springboard Spinning Crossbody
14. Yakuza Kick
15. Spinning Neckbreaker

Trademark Move Name(s): Punk Tactics
Description(s): Curb stomp

Finishing Move Name(s): No-Sleep-'Til Backbreaker
Description(s): Vic Vernacular starts out in the sliced bread #2 position and transitions it during the back flip into a double knee backbreaker.

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Vic loves doing dives onto tables, especially through the announcer's table just to mess with them.

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): 

Vic is something of a silly character, but in the ring its all business. There might be a comedic spot here or there, but he largely will take the match seriously. He is very aggressive offensively, but will decide on tactical retreat if he is in over his head (when possible).

He can get cocky at times and taunt his opponents, but is usually either to goad them into a short sighted attack or try to distract them.

[Image: A69FLep.png]
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