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BobGrenier420 Online
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06-30-2024, 03:25 PM

Did I miss the deadline for Warfare? I thought it was tonight? Either way, RP posted. What time is deadline usually?
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Theo Pryce Offline
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06-30-2024, 05:12 PM

Hey Bob,

Welcome to the fed! Will had nice things to say about you which means you are either the worst person ever sent here to destroy us from the inside or actually nice. We'll see.

As for the deadline, it is 11:59pm PST on Fridays. Normally I am not a worthless bum and I update the timer on the boards to reflect that but I pretty much forgot until the last few hours of the deadline. I'll try and be better about that next time.

Thanks for posting anyway. I did really enjoy your rp if it's any consolation.

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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Prince Adeyemi (07-01-2024)
Prince Adeyemi Offline
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07-01-2024, 03:52 AM

I demand a match with Bob as two bums who missed the deadline due to confusion.

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