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Leap of Faith.
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06-30-2024, 03:23 PM

Bob Grenier is in the basement of his home. The house is 75 years old and sits on 140 acres of land in Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada. This particular room we find ourselves in was the childhood bedroom of his father, Joe Grenier. It's now the room where he keeps mementos of his career. The rest of the house has been renovated and modernized but this room has not been touched since 1982. There is an old four post brass bed in the corner and above that bed is a poster of Dame Lesley Dawson, More commonly known as Twiggy. She was an English model in the 1970s, Known for her thin build and androgynous appearance. Bob looks at the poster with love in his eyes.

"Oh Twiggy, I might be burning the candle at both ends these days. That, Or I'm just chasing the sun.."
He laughs. Clearly, Bob Grenier spends the majority of his time at home by himself. With little to no human companionship, A conversation with the Twiggy poster is a normal practice.

"If the XWF is my destiny, If this is what I should be doing at this point in my life, My dear Twiggy, Give me a sign.."

All of a sudden his beloved Jack Russell Terrier enters the room. He drops a dead snake at Bob's feet.

"Twiggy, Thy will be done."

Champ looks up at his owner. He is clearly proud of his most recent kill.

"Alright boy, it's time to pack up these old memories and make some new ones..."

He speaks these words to his loyal companion and most trusted confidant with a confident tone in his voice. Champ wags his tail and gives a supportive whine. It's as if he is fully aware that his human is about to embark on some new chapter in his storied career.

"Yeah, I know, it's hard to believe it's been five years since I won the OCW championship and I've probably only won a handful of matches since. I'm getting old Champ, But I still think I have something to prove." 

Bob holds up his old OCW Championship, The one he truly never lost. He gives the belt and a nostalgic polish with his sleeve and proceeds to pack it away in a wet cardboard box marked "Junk".

As Bob packs away his old wrestling trunks and boots, he can't help but think about all the good times he had in OCW. The thrill of the night in Compton, When he defeated his long time rival Chad Vargas for the OCW Title, The roar of the crowd in Hawaii when "Lopaka" went to war with Scott Syren and Chad Varagas in a triple threat cage match. But with OCW on hiatus and a desire to perform still burning deep inside his soul, He knows that the XWF is the next step in his career.

"You know, Champ, I'm going to miss those old times.."  He holds up a faded "Classic OCW, Baby!" t-shirt and tosses that in the junk box as well.

"I'm excited to see what the future holds. New gear, new opponents, new challenges. It's going to be different though, Starting from the bottom in a brand new company. "

Champ gave a supportive bark, as if to say, "You got this, Bob!"

As Bob finishes packing up the last of his OCW memories, he takes a step back and looks around the basement. It's filled with these memories, from his old wrestling posters to his championship belts. But he knows that it was time to move on, to start a new chapter in his career.

"Well, Champ, it's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new."  He gives his dog a scratch behind the ears. "Let's go show these XWF choads just who Bob Grenier is."

With that, Bob and Champ head upstairs, ready to start this new chapter.

Later that day as the sun beats down on the farm, Bob seeks refuge on his front porch. He has spent many a night in this very spot, Pondering his life and career. He is surrounded by the gentle rustle of leaves and the soft chirping of birds. He settles down in his worn wooden rocking chair, Holding a steaming cup of steaming Nabob Black in one hand and a joint in the other. The sweet aroma of marijuana fills the air as he takes a long drag. He feels the tension and all his apprehensions melt away.

His loyal companion, lay by his side, contentedly chewing on a deer tibia, a trophy from Bob's recent hunting trip. Bob watches his dog with a smile, feeling grateful for the simple pleasures in life.

As he rocks gently, He opens his worn copy of "East of Eden", the pages yellowed and dog-eared, He has read this book countless times. He had always found joy in Steinbeck's novels. the struggles of the Salinas Valley farmers echoing his own upbringing in a farming family.

The blistering summer heat gives way to a cool evening as Bob immerses himself in the novel, the characters coming alive in his mind. He identifies with Cal Trask's struggles, His search for identity and purpose.

As the sun continues to set, It casts a golden glow over the barren fields, Bob closes his book and takes a sip of his lukewarm coffee. He gazes out at these once prosperous fields. Though these fields haven't yielded any crops in 30 years a sense of peace washes over him. This is his sanctuary, away from the chaos of the wrestling world.

Champ, sensing his human's relaxation, let out a contented sigh and snuggles closer, the deer tibia not forgotten. Jack smiled, scratching his dog behind the ears.

"You know, Champ, sometimes I think I'm more like Cal Trask than Bob Grenier.."  He says in a low tone.  "But that's okay. Because in the end, it's not about the fame or the fortune. It's about finding your place in the world, and being true to yourself."

The sun dips below the horizon, casting the farmhouse in a warm orange glow. Bob takes one last drag on his joint, feeling the stress of his impending XWF debut melt away. He knew that no matter what lay ahead, he would face it with the same courage and determination that had defined his wrestling career.

As the stars began to twinkle in the night sky, Bob stands up, his joints creaking in protest. Sitting down is the easy part, Getting up is difficult. He looks down at Champ, who gazes up at him with adoring eyes.

"It's time to go back to work.." He speaks to his dog with conviction in his voice. He speaks with the confidence of a 5 year old boy in a batman t-shirt. It's unwavering. "But for now, let's just enjoy the peace and quiet."

With that, Bob and Champ head back to his living room, ready to face whatever the future holds, side by side. He sits on his couch and turns on the TV. As Vernon Schillinger turns Tobias Beecher into the prison "prag" he reaches for his phone and quickly scrolls through Tinder. One particular lady catches his eye. Her name is Marianne. She is 6'1, 180 pounds of pure muscle. She only eats beef and his looking for a man who can ride on her shoulders. Hoping they match, He takes a massive toke of cannabis from his bong.

As he continues to smoke grass, Somewhere in Marietta County, Georgia, A 12 year old boy named Ricky Jordan has recently discovered the joys of masturbation. He has also discovered the black hole that is internet pornography. He is furiously tugging on his weiner when his father, Simon Jordan, Opens the bedroom door and peeks his head inside. This immediately causes his son to break stride and sheepishly put his pecker away in shame..

"Son, Are you masturbating?"

Ricky looks incredibly embarrassed. He slyly closes the PornHub tab and brings up the YouTube tab. Ricky knows that you always need a 2nd tab open in case someone catches you in a sticky situation. He turns the laptop towards his grinning father.

"NO! I was watching this new Bob Grenier promo." 

Ricky presses play on the video in a futile attempt to prove he wasn't pleasuring himself.

We fade into Bob Grenier on his rural property. Rural Route 1, Iroquois Falls, Ontario, Canada. Population 2,112. He is chopping wood in a flannel shirt and shorts. He lives off the land. On top of chopping wood to heat his house during the harsh winters, He also collects rain water and eats only what he kills or grows himself. Life is a constant cycle of preparing for the next season. He looks up with a stoned gaze.

Bob Grenier: You know, folks, when you're a man of the earth like myself, you learn to appreciate the simple things. Hard work, dedication, and a connection to this great land. That's what separates me from the pretenders. I am Bob Grenier and on July 1st, The 157th anniversary of my country's birth, I make my XWF debut.
We cut to Bob mowing his lawn on a riding mower, he has a bong between his legs and takes a toke with ease he turns a corner. It's a completely flawless maneuver.

Bob Grenier: Let's not sugar coat these precedings though. I'm 42 years old. I'm tired and I'm sore. I probably don't belong here. I'm a two time hall of famer, Multiple time world champion across multiple promotions who finds himself walking right down the middle of the road.

We cut to a giant beaver dam. It stands about 5 feet tall. These beavers have been a nuisance on the property for years. They dam up the river behind Bob's house and cause flooding. To combat this, Bob has a method for removing beavers that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Bob Grenier: I'm likely not going to come out on top. All I can promise is that I'm going to show up in Washington, DC and put forth an effort like I do every single time I step foot into a wrestling ring. Win or Lose, I'm here now and XWF is where I shall ply my trade. As soon as I signed the deal and before the ink ever had a chance to dry, I became the man that will tow the company line. So I very much look forward to Monday evening.

Bob slowly approaches the beaver dam with two huge jugs of javex. He dumps the javex down the hole and steps back. In just a few moments the ammonia from the javex has driven hundreds of beavers from their home. As they poke their heads up for air, Bob begins picking them off with a shotgun.

Bob Grenier: Dionysus, Prince Adeyami, I look forward to taking this Leap of Faith with the two of you but there is something you both should know. I don't usually mix well with others. I don't leave my property unless there are pressing business matters and all I want to do is handle those business matters as quickly as possible and return home. So that usually doesn't bode well for my opponents. Talk is cheap. I won't waste my breath spouting cliches and boasting of my accomplishments. Just know I am decorated and have 23 years in this business.

The camera zooms out as Bob places a nice sized joint in his mouth. He lights it and parks his four wheeler. We catch a glimpse of beautiful scenery. Bob peers into the night sky.

Bob Grenier: So in typical Bob Grenier fashion, folks. It's time to put on my hard hat, punch the clock and get to work.

The sound of wolves howling can be heard in the distance. From the pond out back the bullfrogs begin to chirp in unison. The sun begins to set. The video ends with Bob ramming his four wheeler through a now empty beaver house.

"Son, Really? Cranking down is perfectly natural. Now wash up and come down for dinner."

Ricky Jordan closes the laptop and washes the dirty shame from his hands. He then heads downstairs for a nice family dinner. His mom has made spaghetti this evening. 

Always a man willing to give back, The next morning the scene is now set in a crowded gym, with rows of bleachers filled with excited children. Bob Grenier, The King of Bong Style, stands at the front of the gym with a microphone. He is set to give a motivational speech to children at his old elementary school.

Bob Grenier: Alright, I'm gonna have to ask all the teachers to leave the gymnasium for a moment. I need a few minutes alone to rap with the the children.

Bob: Alright, kids! Open your ears!

Student 1: Wow, It's Bob Grenier!"

Student 2: My Dad says you are the greatest stoner that ever lived.

Bob: That's right, kid! And I'm here to tell you that the key to achieving your dreams is to take a leap of yourself!

Student 2: "What does that mean?"

Rebel Rick: "It means don't listen to your parents, don't listen to your teachers. Those ball washers don't know jack shit about living in the real world. It's 2024. You do! So, if you want to stay up all night playing video games, do it! If you want to skip school to go to the mall, go for it!

The students start to look confused.

Student 3: But my mom says I need to go to school to get a good job... If I study hard I can be anything I want to be!"

Rebel Rick: Ah, your mom doesn't know shit kid! I dropped out of school in the 9th grade and look where I am now! You don't need an education. I have an estimated net worth of $86 million dollars and I am just a dumb farm kid.

The students start to murmur and whisper to each other.

Teacher: Uh, Bob, I think that's enough...

Bob: No way! I'm just getting started! Kids, don't let anyone tell you what to do! Be rebellious.

The students start to look uncomfortable. Some of them begin to nod their heads in approval at Bob's skewered message.

Student 4: "But what about my homework?"

Bob: "Homework? That's for losers! You don't need to do your homework to be successful. Just wing it every day and pray. Always bet on yourself.

The teachers start to usher Bob out of the auditorium.

Teacher: Thank you, Bob. I think we've heard enough...

Bob "Aw, come on! I was just getting started! Kids, remember: be a rebel, take a leap of faith... and never listen to your parents or teachers!"

Bob is quickly escorted out of the building. He just laughs. He takes a seat on a bench in the school yard. He lights up a joint and he realizes he is not a good role model.

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