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XWF Worldwide (clip)
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06-29-2024, 07:39 AM


Steve Sayors: Welcome back, folks! next up, we have a special guest in the studio. Please welcome, Bulk Logan!

Bulk commands the studio as he stomps into the picture rubbing his hands together.

Bulk Logan: Thank you, dude! It’s great to be here, brother.

Steve Sayors: Bulk, let’s get right into it. Last Warfare, you faced off against Misty Waters in a Leap of Faith qualifier. It didn’t quite go your way. What happened out there?

Bulk Logan: Well, let me tell ya, brother, Not to take anything away from her, dude—but Misty Waters had one lucky night. You know, sometimes in this business, things don’t always go your way. Misty, she’s crafty, I’ll give her that, but at the end of the day, Bulkamania always runs wild, dude.

Steve Sayors: Misty Waters has been making quite the name for herself and now finds herself challenging Jason Cashe for the Television title—a title that you've built your entire reputation around since your first TV title win in the now defunct WPW way back in 2009. What are your thoughts on her as a competitor and potential Television Champion?

Bulk Logan: Well, Steve, let me tell ya somethin', brother! Misty Waters, she's got some fire, no doubt about it, dude, but let's not forget who's the real icon when it comes to the Television title, brother. I've defended that title against the baddest in this business. Misty's got potential, but if she wants to step up to the plate, she better be ready for the fight of her life, 'cause the Television championship is known as the workhorse title, brother! No rest for the wicked, dude. You have to defend every Warfare, come rain, sleet, or a broken leg. I hope she's ready for the challenge, and I'm not talking about the current champ, brother.

Steve Sayors: Some critics are saying that your loss to her might be a setback for Bulkamania. How do you respond to that?

Bulk Logan: Setback? Nah, brother, Bulkamania is stronger than ever. The fact of the matter is—Misty Waters is a heck of a competitor, dude. Luck and skill go a long way, brother, but Bulkamania never fades, dude!

Steve Sayors: Well, some might have come to that conclusion as they watched the Denver fans seemingly turn on you during the match. What would you say to the critics?

Bulk Logan: Are you sure they weren't just chanting BOOOULK? I think they were just trying to put some emphasis on their encouragement, dude, and that makes sense—like I keep saying, Misty is a Hell of a competitor, and the Denver fans took notice, dude!

Steve Sayors: Indeed she is, but I'm not so sure about Boooulk... Looking forward, what’s next for Bulk Logan? Are you looking to settle the score with Misty Waters, or will we see the 'Mega Powers' of Misty Waters and Bulk Logan entering the tag team division?

Bulk Logan: Well, let me tell ya, Steve, in this business, ya never know what's comin' next. Misty and I, we got a unique chemistry, brother. Whether we're settlin' scores or taggin' up, you can bet Bulk Logan's gonna keep the XWF universe on their toes. As for what's next? You'll just have to stay tuned and watch the Bulkster do what he does best—dominate in and out of the ring!

Steve Sayors: Well, there you have it, folks. The future isn't written. Thanks for joining us today, Bulk!

Bulk Logan: Thank you, brother! And remember, dudes, my new flick, 'Freedom's Last Stand' is streaming on Tubi TV beginning July 2nd!

Steve Sayors: Stay tuned, folks. We’ll be right back with an in-depth preview of the upcoming Warfare after this break.

[Image: Freedoms-Last-Stand-Movie-Poster.jpg]
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