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06-14-2024, 07:30 AM




Sure enough, that clock was the first thing I was going to hear. Even through Elbrook's office door.


I gave the polite courtesy before turning the handle and walking into his office. Thankfully he was not seeing anyone currently; this was to be a short trip, after all.
Still, it didn't stop Elbrook from being annoyed. "Oh sure, come right on in, unannounced and very much late for your appointment," he chastised, clicking his tongue as I entered.
"Sorry doc," I replied, closing the door behind me. "I think I had an epiphany about my situation."
He raised an eyebrow at me. "Oh? And what would that be?"
I took in a deep breath, collecting my thoughts. Then, I said, "Everything about what's wrong with me...the voices...The Many Faces...its all manifestations in my head to give me some kind of comfort. It gave me purpose, but only a self-purpose."
Elbrook nodded. "Yes...that was something I had noted a few times."
"And you," I gestured, "You also fit in that bill. You've been a sense of logic and stability in my life as I tried navigating my mind."
"Why Dionysus, I feel flattered," he joked.
"What I mean is," I continued, "I feel like all I've been doing, all I've worked toward, is just to play it safe. To be secure. To act in a certain way to do the least amount of myself and to others."
Elbrook stood, stretching his back as he did so. "Well, life isn't worth anything without a hint of risk." He glanced a knowing eye at me. "And knowing your profession, I assumed that-"
"Oh, not professional risk," I clarified. "That one's pretty obvious."
"Ah," Elbrook understood. "So you feel as though you have been holding yourself back socially, is that what you mean?"
"Yes," I continued, pacing around the room. "I feel like I was just playing a character, like I would in the ring. Say the right things, act a certain way, and this result is what you'll end up getting. I felt like my life was just a script, leading me from A to B to C, with little to no deviation."
"The rut," Elbrook commented. "You've mentioned this before in our talks. And your revelation, this would be the answer to climbing out of that rut?"
"Exactly," I replied. "The way I get out of this is to stop worrying about what is expected of me. Just be myself. My true, original self. I can't let my thoughts keep me from me anymore."
Elbrook gave a warm smile. "Dionysus, in the time that we have spent together, I was worried that you would never reach this point of revelation. It makes me happy that you have." He walked over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. "It also means that our time together is at an end."
I raised an eyebrow. "...What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well, since you were able to figure this out on your own, it means my guidance as a therapist is no longer necessary," he stated matter-of-factly. "This is the way it is meant to be, after all. I can't keep probing your mind forever, you know.
I hadn't considered that. Elbrook had been so helpful in my life, and now I wouldn't need him anymore? "...Well wait, what about-"
"Oh don't think of it like we're never going to see one another again," Elbrook interrupted. "All I mean is that these regular sessions are no longer necessary for your treatment. Its a good thing! It means that you only need to come in when you feel you absolutely need to. A relapse, some guidance, whatever it is you may need."
I sighed in relief. "I was worried I wouldn't be able to come back here."
"What, and miss out on your wild lifestyle?" Elbrook let go of my shoulder, heading back to his desk. "I'll arrange to have our next few sessions cancelled. Give me a call sometime if you need me for anything."
"I appreciate everything you have done, Doc," I said.
"Please. Johannes."
I blinked. "You...don't really like anyone using that name."
"I'm aware. It is reserved for those I deem worthy of my friendship." Johannes smiled. "While you are a patient first, you are a friend second."
I smiled back. "Well...Johannes...I won't intrude on any more of your time." I made my way to the door, feeling the freedom of a clear mind for the first time in a long while. As I reached for the handle, and without turning around, I said, "Doc...if you had a desire for something, and you would do anything to get it...what would you do?"
"Well, that answer is one you'll need to find on your own," Elbrook replied. "After all, I'm not in your head...but let me ask you this. know what you must do, right?"
There was a long pause.
"Yes, I believe I do," Dionysus replied. He took hold of the doorknob and left Elbrook's offices.

The sun was shining on a crisp summer morning as Dionysus walked back to his car. As he did, he retrieved his cell phone from his pocket, and pressed Ellie's speed dial number.
"Hey Ellie, its me."
"...Dio, its a Saturday...I'm not even trying to-"
"Yes, I know its early. But I wouldn't have called if it wasn't important."
"...Oh. So what's up? Everything okay?"
"I think its time we talked...about us."

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