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WARFARE: Our Main Bi-Weekly Show Ace Sky
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(gets varying reactions in the arenas, but will be worshiped like a god and defended until the end by internet fans; literally has thousands of online dorks logging on to complain anytime they lose a match or don't get pushed right)

06-06-2024, 08:02 AM


[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzxBHL7oEmTC1xOY1jucj..._3Wi-6Gw&s]

Wrestler's Real Name:
Ace Ian Rabinovitch

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: March 16th 1983( 41 years old)

165 lbs

Sugar Land, Houston Texas
Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?):
Ace is a face outside the ring, however in ring he is a tweener, he won't cheat out-right unless his opponent does it first, but if he loses his temper or gets frustrated his " Jaguar Spirit" comes out and he becomes more crazed but focused, he'll ignore rope breaks until the count of four, with even using the ropes to target limbs for submissions, he has a move where he will hide under the ring when outside the ring and as an opponent looks under he ambushes them from behind. He'll push the ref into his opponent, stuff like that.  In ring he's more disingenuous, he can bounce back and forth between energized and calm and collected. 

Pic Base:
Matt Sydal( current, no Evan Bourne)

Backstory/Important Character Details:
 Child prodigy who by three years old had three goals in life- pro wrestler, martial arts master and astronaut. The first two worked out, grew up undersized in Texas. He also has ADHD , is on the autism spectrum and has histrionic personality disorder( hyper-attention seeking). I have a spotify playlist of songs that describe him and includes his old entrance themes. These songs are not entrance themes but they lyrically describe him the best:

Trouble Maker by Weezer-

Advanced Placememt by Watsky

Keep on Moving by King Tuff

technician wizard- Ace had always been a fantastic technical wrestler due to his background in amateur wrestling.
One his attributes in ring is his catch wrestling/chain wrestling focus,  since his motorcycle injury on his 29th birthday in 2012 led to his right foot and ankle being destroyed in several places and never truly healing he became even more of a submission specialist-  

Ace puts the fun and ferocity in the fundamentals, especially when facing younger high-fliers as they take more risk than him, he'll wear them down with all his technical stuff and tire them out, that way he can hit his high-flying moves impeccable as usual.

experience/ veteran- Ace is respected and reknowned among the generation of early 2000's independent wrestling circuits and became a global/mainstream superstar in America at 25 after debuting pro at 15.

durability/ resilience- not super human of course, however he can take more damage than the average person.

speed/ agility- top notch cardio.


size- naturally he is much weaker to super heavyweights, his worst match types are body slam challenge against heavyweight/ super heavyweights and battle royals/royal rumble.

injuries- his foot/ ankle injury mentioned, whenever he dives it does hurt a lot regardless if the hits the move or not, 
his wrestling injuries include shoulder problems since 2008, neck issues since 2017, however he has been lucky to only have suffered 3 concussions( 2007, 2017, 2020)

focuses too much on precision and technique and showing off for fans.


Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version):
Eye In The Sky by the Alan Parsons Project

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing):
After a count-down clock on the titantron during the instrumental of the song with fans counting down from five a rocket sculpture drops down from the bottom of the titantron to the stage, the podbay doors open and Ace comes out in an aviator jacket that matches his tights. He first stands bowing his head with his hands clasped in a prayer taunt then raises his arms with twin peace sign finger gesture while screaming emphatically. He points to his forehead with the Third Eye taunt and makes his way down the aisle high-fiving as many fans as possible.

He does his signature nifty slide through the bottom ring apron rope to enter the ring.

[img]  [/img]
In-Ring Style ):
Ace Sky is a super junior style wrestler, very dynamic, the trifecta of technical, cruiserweight/super junior and Japanese strong style/ Martial arts:

10 or More Standard Moves:
1. rolling rear waistlock takedown succeeded by
Rolling rear waistlock1front chancery succeeded by a fujiwara armbar or modified crucifix pin( usually gets just a 1 count or quick 2 count
2.Kneeling fireman’s carry takedown +  armlock/armbar combo

3.Hammerlock armbar + rolling side headlock takedown, sometimes into a seated headlock submission
  1. 4.Tilt-a-whirl  headlock takedown5.Tilt-a-whirl snapmare6.Snapmare trifecta- two single arm snapmare takedowns + a flying/jumping snapmare 7/Modified Small Package-Northern Lights  brainbuster/driver8. fisherman suplex 9. Tombstone- michinoku driver10. Forearm Trifecta( three forearm/ elbow smash , sometimes succeeded with a running flying overhand elbow / forearm smash11.Modified  side-walk slam-driver ( running/ irish whip rebounding opponent reversal)12. Modified Inverted sidewalk slam ( running/ irish whip rebounding opponent rev13.Release gutwrench suplex( running/ irish whip rebounding opponent reversal14.Back drop toss( reversal  ring side( outside the ring)15. Double foot stomp- 
  • diving middle/second turnbuckle rope to prone opponent’s back-
  •  Double foot stomp + jump up  onto turnbuckle
  • Sunset flip  reversal
  • Tag team assisted apron diving to  rope hung opponent

  1. 16.Miscellaneous kicks-

*low and middle round kicks, roundhouse kicks
* enzuigiri and shining wizard variations
* flying calf kick and leg lariat variations
* miscellaneous wristlock, armbar, armlock, hammerlock submissions & holds
* single leg takedown( grabbing opponent’s leg by hamstring or by catching  a gut kick
Attempt with one hand while using his left hand( dominant) to push them down by the chest or stomach onto their back following up with repeated kicks or knee lift attacks to 
the hamstring + modified inverted Indian Deathlock or rolling Inverted Indian Deathlock

17. Bow and Arrow Stretch submission , sometimes  followed up with a jumping double foot stomp on opponent’s back
18. *miscellaneous hurricanrana, frankensteiner and headscissors takedown variations
Miscellaneous arm drag, arm wringer, martial arts takedowns and hip toss variations
19. Diving moonsault to ringside( outside of ring) opponent or a bunch of opponents in mutli-man matches)
20. Diving spaceman- cross body to ringside( outside of ring)

21. Suicide dive: Spaceman Plancha

Trademark Move Name(s):R

rolling savate- jumping spinning back solebutt kick ( usually to face or adam's apple/throat), chest of giant wrestlers.

 olling savate kick 

Feint leg lariat + jumping back savate kick 

Flying spinning heel kick / flying rolling wheel kick

Captain Falcon Knee- jumping knee strike

Flash Point- running flying lariat corner/turnbuckle attack ( Matt Sydal, M-dogg20/ Matt Cross, The Miz)

Spider Web Schoolboy- modified single arm bridging schoolboy

Aerospace Arachnid- Sunset Flip-crucifix double arm trap scissored-choke hold) Trinity/Naomi  Feel The Glow’ Star Struck

Texas Longhorn-Nine Banded Armadillo-
Modified Half Boston Crab-STF-Camel clutch  preceded by a Russian Leg Sweep
Meteora- variations,
  • Diving to standing or seated opponent
  • Running corner turnbuckle attack( rare)
  • Running flying to seated opponent
  • Diving, slingshot-springboard into ring or running/ Irish whip rebound running to Opponent seated on steel chair( NO DQ matches)
  • running/ irish whip Pop up reversal
  • Slingshot-springboard in ring
  • Springboard off middle rope ring side( outside of ring part of apron)
  • Apron running-diving to ring side opponent

Signature moves:

Sky is Falling/ Spaced Out- air raid crash

SuperNova Slice- dragon sleeper clutch + split leg drop( Matt Sydal’s The Slice later adopted by Melina’ as the Sunset Split/ Primal Scream)

Helium Hop- free handed jumping super frankensteiner

Shaman Plex- Kneeling Bridging German Suplex

Question Mark Kick- two low round kicks to the left shin/ leg + feint( pointing to the same leg) + roundhouse kick to back of the head)

Retrograde Release- Half nelson Pumphandle driver

Third Eye Legsweep-kick reversal catching opponent's foot on his shoulder + spin kick to hamstring or heel succeeded by either the:
Man On The Moonsault- standing moonsault with tuck of knees/ shins in mid-air
Twisting Mariposa- standing backflip/moonsault turned into a corkscrew senton at the last moment in mid-air

Namaste Lock- Muta Lock or inverted Muta Lock clasping hands together in a prayer taunt yelling “ !! Namaste!! As he bridges into and while he applies it.

Lightyear Busaiku Bolt- running Busaiku knee strike cannonball to corner/turnbuckle seated opponent ( often preceded by a running back elbow strike to sternum/chest cornered opponent)


EOL( End Of Life)- vertebreaker/ double underhook pile driver ( The Hurricane/ Gregory Helms

 Jupiter Descending ( Snapmare Driver)

Finishing Moves:
Deep-space Deprivation/ Cosmos Cobra- seated modified arm trap cobra clutch submission

Pychedelic spiral- Lightning spiral( modifiied swinging fisherman neckbreaker)

!Stay Down! - diving Meteora to sitting opponent

Special/Desperation Finishers:
Galaxy Leap- diving shooting star press complete with a tuck of shins/ knees in mid-air, since 2020 he has used the move now only for PPV and special events.

Cranium Crater Crunch- back to belly cradle pile driver

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots:
1. hides under the ring, as opponent looks under the ring, he comes out the other side and sneak attacks them
2. pushing ref from behind into opponent
3. grinding stomp or knee cocky pin attempt's on opponent's throat
4. tying up limbs in the ropes 
5. diving off the barricade, steel steps, announce table or diving attack to opponent on announce table.
6. his weapons of choice are-
1.a bo-staff that can turn into nun-chucks
2. kendo stick
3. steel chair- RVD style spin kick to opponent holding chair, meteora( diving, springboard or running attack) to opponent seated in chair.

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?):
Always do-
catch wrestling/ chain wrestling at the start, one of the elite at it, especially if he has more experience, he starts off with a lot unique pins usually that keep opponent's on their toes.
kicks- especially the flying( jumping) spinning heel kick, low round kicks to legs.

Never do-
with his personality and confidence issues  he always changes from overly humble to a cocky sob, especially when he has a championship he becomes much more of an extreme cocky douchebag however he NEVER turns on the fans during these tweener periods.
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