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XWF Presents: The Revelry
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06-02-2024, 09:36 PM

06 - 02 - 2024



- vs -
TLC Match

- vs -

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit

- vs -

- vs -
Tornado Tag Team Match

- vs -
If Centurion loses, he can never be involved with wrestling again!


- vs -
"The Storm"
Standard Tag Team Match

- vs -
Lion's Den - Elimination Chamber w/weapons pods

X-treme Rules

Falls Count Anywhere

JC: Hello XWF Universe and welcome to the BOHEMIAN GROVE for THE REVELRY!!! And as always I am joined by the best color commentator in the business the always "Beautiful" Brody Goodman and boy have we got an action packed show for you tonight. Six title matches, a career vs career match and a few others. Eleven in total. Culminating in our Universal Title Match between Sebastian Everett-Bryce and our events host Dionysus! So without further delay let's get right into it!!

The opening salvo of segments for XWF Presents: The Revelry, closes, and only the pink tint of nightfall above the mysterious Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, California can be spotted off in the horizon before the cameras plunge into the thick of the redwood campgrounds.

We’re met at a secluded, redwood encircled outdoor concert arena -or possibly- a site for the blood drunk elite to perform ritual sacrifices, that has been fitted for this professional wrestling extravaganza.

JC: Welcome XWF fans to The Revelry… LIVE from Monte Rio, California, and we have got a lineup of merrymaking proportions!

BG: Make me a merrier man tonight, that's for sure

as BG pulls a cocktail up to his lips

BG: Because we’re getting this party of all parties started right… with a little T. L. C

JC: And while the party here in the Bohemian Grove is joyous, my partner isn’t talking about any tender, loving, caring. Because kickstarting us tonight is the highly anticipated in-ring return of the living legend, the great benefactor of our wrestling enterprise, the one the onle LOVERBOY VINNIE LANE ladies and gentleman- going toe to toe with the always dangerous Dolly Waters in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match! Anything goes!

BG: That’s what I like to hear, partner!

The already boisterous and buzzing crowd erupts with joy as Beethoven’s 9th erupts from the loud speakers:

The few outdoor spotlights rush up toward the pink heavens and Dolly Waters appears under the entrance stage. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

"I Wanna Rock!"

The high pitched wail of Dee Snider pierces the air as the Twisted Sister classic pumps through the PA system. The party easily adjusts from the 17th century to the 20th. As two big pyro towers shoot off on either side of the stage, "Loverboy" Vinnie Lane appears above the entrance ramp structure, some twenty feet above the ground, wearing his favorite t-shirt, a cutoff Faster Pussycat screen print, long silver tights and shining silver boots. The crowd pops as Loverboy leaps from the structure, strumming the air guitar as he zip through the air along a cable attached to the mighty redwood branches. As he lands onto the ring apron and disconnects from the cable, he swings around, facing the crowd, and pumps his fist along to the music, singing along and inciting the crowd to do so as well.

BG: What an entrance!

JC: If it’s one thing you can be certain of, Vinnie Lane knows how to party, and he knows how to rock!

BG: And look at him here as he gets ready for this match, Vinnie Lane looking hard as a rock!

JC:He is in optimal form here tonight, and he needs to be! LEgend or no legend, he’s standing across from the always capable Dolly Waters, a veteran in her own right in the XWF

BG:I think it was Loverboy who said it best, Dolly Waters is the biggest “could’ve been great” he’s ever known. Let's see if she can avoid letting off the gas here tonight.

- vs -
TLC Match

The bell rings!

Dolly and Vinnie ease toward one another, both in grapple ready positions. Dolly shoots toward Vinnie’s legs, but the The Living Legend darts away from the maneuver running along the ropes to position himself behind Dolly in the ring at with lightning speed!

JC: WHOA! We haven’t seen Vinnie move with that much get-up in his steps for nearly a decade!

Vinne shoots to grapple Dolly now, but the cagey Waters rolls away, she herself taking a  turn darting along the ring to reposition herself- even quicker than Lane!

BG: And Dolly Waters displaying that she’s been one of the most nimble, lightning fast wrestlers the XWF has ever seen.

The crowd gives a round of applause for the frantic movements, and start roaring for more action. That’s when Dolly darts in again, faking a full-on grapple with Lane, and shifting to flip him down with an arm drag, but Vinnie lands in a bridge position flat footed, and spins out of the arm drag, pulling Dolly in and sending a knee to the gut. With Dolly hunched over, gasping for air, Lane hits the ropes and upends Dolly with a running headplant driver.

A quick cover!




Dolly with the small package pin!



Both Vinne and Dolly pop to their feet, Lane goes for a highkick, but Dolly spins around him with a backfist. She darts toward the ropes, but Lane’s reach is just long enough, he grabs Waters from behind and locks around her waist. He wrestles her arm between her legs and moves for a pump handle lift looking to drive Dolly onto the mat. But Waters counters out, slipping down behind Vinnie’s back and holding onto his neck with a sleeper. Lane swings his arms, but can't grab hold of Dolly- so he leaps in the air and falls backwards, with Dolly just getting her knees intime to inflict some damage of her own to Vinnie’s back.

JC: Both competitors are down, and neither have even introduced any of those tables, ladders or chair positioned all around the outside of the ring.

BG: This has been some good old fashion rasslin up to this point, but Vinnie Lane and Dolly Waters are no strangers to hardcore matches.

Vinnie and Dolly both roll away from one another and then stand to their feet. Waters charges for Lane, but just as he’s in position to hit a spinebuster, Waters baseball slides between his legs. She stands and runs for the ropes, and before Vinnie can turn around, he’s hit with a running shotgun dropkick in the back sends him across the ring, following over the top rope and landing awkwardly on the apron. Dolly charges at Vinnie who’s just now standing on the apron, she leaps for him, but Vinnie lifts her over his shoulder, sending Dolly flying to the outside of the ring with a well placed back body drop counter.

Dolly falls partially into the metal fan railing, and plants on the hard campground dirt. Vinnie sizes Waters up from the apron, and just as she begins to stir, he looks to take an uncharacteristic dive! But Lane botches the diving attempt, and Dolly catches him midair with a leaping, falling codebreaker. Vinnie eats the face stunner and flings backward, standing, wobbling, dazed on his feet. But the maneuver hurt Dolly too, who is trying to make up to a standing position. She runs for Vinnie, like she’s looking for a spear, but he comes-to from the stunner just intime to counter Dolly, and sends her careening toward the steel turnbuckle post behind them, where a standing ladder, some chairs and some tables are waiting for her.  Dolly smashes into the furniture and the ring steps, making a real mess of the ringside, and her face.

Vinnie hobbles a bit toward Dolly and grabs her by the head, rolling her back under the bottom rope. He catches his breath then throws a chair in the ring, getting a pop from the audience, and then another chair, he then picks up a table and slides it under the bottom rope- but a running Dolly slides and kicks the edge of the table right into Vinnie’s nose. Vinnie falls back toward the fan railing, where he’s leaning on an upright table now, facing the ring. Dolly pulls the top rope and vaults to the outside with a flying meteora!


The crowd erupts at the sight of the carnage, and after a moment of recovering himself, Vinnie has Dolly up again, rolling her under the ropes and following behind with a crawling pinfall this time.




But Dolly is resilient, and just gets a shoulder up in time. Vinnie swings up to his feet from the pin attempt and staggers back. He sizes Dolly and just as she stands he cracks her across the chin with a superkick!

Vinnie pins Dolly again!




Vinnie looks shocked for a moment, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Dolly is putting up this much of a fight.

He’s seen enough. He limps over to one of the steel chairs and drags it over to Dolly, kicking her back down to the mat before sliding the chair under her head. Lane wrenches her arm, lifting her up and placing his head on her knee.

The crowd is growing wild in anticipation for



Just as Lane was about to smash Dolly’s head against the steel chair with his falling knee curb stomp, Dolly reversed out of the arm wrench, leaving Lane’s historically bad knee to smash down on the unforgiving steel alone. Dolly doesn’t allow Vinnie anytime to react to the obvious suffering in his knee before she ground tackles Lane, sliding beside him into a headlock and levying punches across his forehead. Dolly tries to roll Lane to his back, and into a crossface, but Lane is resisting, powering up to one arm while eating knee strikes to his ribs on the way up.

BG: Dolly Waters has some the stiffest shots in the XWF

And they’re eventually too much for Vinnie, as the fierce, jagged little knees of Dolly bring him back to the mat. Dolly wraps her with all her might around his arm now, and wrenches him into a rolling crossface submission on the mat.


Vinnie is pulling away, desperate to escape the submission. He pulls up to one arm again, and this time slides and pulls he and Dolly to the ropes where he’s able to grab on.

BG: Vinnie has the ropes, but it doesn’t do any good!

JC: The instinctual veteran that’s Vinnie Lane. The ropes might not give him a break in this match, but it could still be of an advantage.

Using the ropes, Vinnie has pulled he and Dolly right to the threshold of ring and apron on the mat. He slides all the way under, falling to the floor while pulling the bottom rope and cracking Dolly in the head and breaking the hold. The ring rope connects right under Dolly’s eye, leaving a gashing welt and dropping her flat on her belly.

On the outside Vinnie stands, favoring his arm along with his knee now, but ever the showman, he sees Dolly down on the mat and begins calling on the crowd to cheer him on. He sets up a tall ladder, a ridiculously tall ladder, like 15 feet above the top rope from the floor. Dolly crawls up to her arms, the large bruise on her face looking even more ridiculous with her bald head. She watches as Vinnie claps to the crowd, while setting up a Denny’s worth of tables out near the ladder. Dolly grabs a chair, and starts running toward the ropes.

Suicide Dive through the ropes with a chair!


The chair bats back into Dolly’s face, and she plants to the ground. Vinnie stands, and hooks Dolly up by the head guiding her to the ladder. Vinnie begins climbing up backwards, pulling Dolly along a few rungs before putting her into position for a fall away slam.

JC: Vinnie Lane is going for the win here! A Heartstopper from the ladder?!

But Dolly fights out and gets vertical with Lane on the ladder, she leaps off from the ladder toward the apron and lands flush, vaulting over the top rope, back into the ring where she gets some momentum. Dolly hits the ropes and comes back looking to drop kick the ladder over.

But dives into the air and into the ring, planting a rolling land on the mat, and springing up to run past Dolly toward the opposite ropes. Dolly runs back for Vinnie and meets him with a short arm clothesline, that Vinnie runs under, and back into the ropes and catches Dolly with a


BG: Vinnie Lane style!

Vinnie pops Dolly with her own running knee strike and flattens her. He positions himself over Dolly now and locks in his Dragon Clutch Sleeper!

JC: Vinnie Lane has Dolly Waters in a bad way here!

BG: It aint’ gonna’ take much to put her back to sleep now.

Dolly is trying to drag away on her belly, but Vinnie is too heavy for her to pull. He wrenches back, folding Dolly over. The pain is excruciating. With the one arm supporting her starting to fade, Dolly makes a dive out of desperation to Vinnie’s free leg infront of her. She wraps it and rolls Vinnie into a triangle lock. The move is effective until Vinnie lifts Dolly up, with the hold still applied. He runs her to the side of the ring with the ladder, looking to bomb her into the steel. But as Dolly launches off, she catches a foot on a ladder rung and holds on, stopping the fall. Vinnie gives her no time though. He snags one of Dolly’s legs still straddling the ladder frame and slams it into the steel. Hobbling Dolly mid climb. Vinnie finds himself on the other side of the ladder and climbs to meet Dolly.

JC: This match has been at a frantic pace since we’ve begun, and now these two are slowing up as they climb this ladder, nowhere to go but down.

Upon reaching the top, Vinnie throws a quick right fist, catching Dolly in the nose. The shot blinds her temporarily, and she holds on desperately to the top of the ladder while Vinnie Lane tees off on her bald head.

BG: That laceration under Dolly’s eye is busted wide open.

JC: Waters is a bloody mess here folks!

Vinnie raises the battered Waters up, and lifts her upside down behind his back.



Vinnie is going to take he and Dolly into that canvass of triple stacked tables 20 feet below.

But Dolly tilts her legs back, catching a rung, and halting the leap. Vinnie drops the hold and turns to look, but Dolly leaps over the top of the ladder going for a sunset flip to the other side, but Vinnie halts it, Dolly’s feet barely land on the rungs just below Vinnie.Dolly turns to face Vinnie whos now a rung or two behind her, and gets punched in the nose again


Dolly supercuts Lane immediately after getting punched, bending him forward as she climbs to catch him.


A falling stump puller piledriver from ontop of the ladder!


Dolly pulls Vinnie into the falling piledriver as they both fall at least 15 feet into those tables. Vinnie lane head first.

Bloodied and broken, Dolly climbs ontop of Vinnie for the pin




Winner - Dolly Waters

We  open at a pre tape near the entrance of the Bohemian Grove, it was late in the afternoon where JB was trying to come to the place, but was blocked off by one of the security.

JB: Hey man, I got to be here!

Security: No, we don’t allow people like you here

JB: I was invited by Dionysus and Theo, check on the list!

Then the security guy ended up checking the list, and see’s his name on it and lets him into the compound. After some time, we see JB end up in his gear walking around the compound with his belt in tow as he speaks.

JB: Man, it’s hot as hell out here, man I'm burning my ass off in his heat. I don’t know where the wine is, but i will figure that out when i'm done with the match against Spencer. You see, like i said before, i'm not afraid of the man who just needs to be put in his place. Everyone is always going to tell me that my reign is up. Well, to those people I will say that will not be exactly the thing when I have to deal with tonight, yes Spencer is hot, Oz has it out against me. Butt that will not phase me.

I will not be able to take out Oz since he has to be a special ref, but if he decides to fuck me over well I guess since we are on a compound i can maybe legally beat his ass up until he get his ass back to where he came from. I anit the one to fuck with… so whatever goes down, imma catch a body if i need to.

Then he shows the belt to the camera.

JB: This is what I am going to defend from Spencer… and Oz too… I will beat and beat on until I can’t no more... Ahh... fuck, im done wit this shit i need some shade!

JB walks off to a shaded area, and we see him drinking a water bottle. Then it cuts back to the arena as the next program happens.

The opening baseline of No. 99 by Joey Bada$$ hits the PA and a spotlight pans over the crowd in search of Spencer before a camera cut shows us Spencer moving through the arena before eventually reaching a staircase between sections.

With the chorus playing out, the crowd’s chants of “BADMON!” carry throughout. Spencer marches down the stairs before hoping over and sitting atop the barricade. He looks over the crowd and raises an arm and pointed finger towards different parts of the crowd as he mouths the words “What’s my name?” for continued call and response.

Spencer pushes off and rolls into the ring nodding along to the song before dapping up the ring announcer and leaning against a corner in anticipation.

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see XWF Revolution Champion John Black appear at the top of the stage. The crowd gives him a  mixed reaction as he begins to walk down to the ramp. He gives some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his Revolution Title in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

- vs -

The opening bell rings, and John Black charges at Spencer Adams. Both men lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up, each trying to gain the upper hand, with Mr. Oz keeping a close eye on the action.

Todd: "And here we go! These two aren’t wasting a second!"

John Black breaks the tie-up with a knee to Spencer's midsection, then pushes forward with a flurry of heavy punches. Spencer fires back with rights of his own, creating a wild back-and-forth exchange with neither man giving an inch.

Bama T: "Oh, baby! These two are going at it like wild animals!"

Spencer fires off a few consecutive shots and whips JB into the ropes, flattening him with a spinning sidewalk slam on the rebound.

Todd: "Spinning sidewalk slam by Spencer Adams! What an impact!"

Acknowledging the pop, Spencer moves in and pulls John Black back to his feet. But whatever he had planned is stopped by a series of heavy haymakers to the body from John Black, forcing Spencer to step back and regroup.

Bama T: "He took the air out of him with those heavy hands, baby!"

John Black takes advantage, driving Spencer into the corner with a barrage of strikes. As Spencer tries to fight back, Mr. Oz positions himself in between them, seemingly checking on Spencer, but actually giving him a moment to recover. Spencer counters with a boot to Black's face, staggering him and creating some space. Adams follows up with a quick snap suplex, bringing JB to the mat.

Todd: "Nice snap suplex from Adams—he’s back in control now!"

Spencer attempts to maintain control, but John rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.

Spencer doesn’t let up, bouncing off the ropes and launching himself through the ropes with a suicide dive, taking Black down on the outside. The crowd roars as both men crash into the barricade, smashing it into the first two rows of fans!

Bama T: "Holy shit, Todd, that suicide dive turned into a trainwreck in the blink of an eye, baby!"

Todd: "Both men are down, and you can see the toll it's taken on them."

As both men struggle to get up, Mr. Oz steps out of the ring, seemingly checking on both competitors.

Bama T: "That barricade is wrecked, and so are both of these men, baby!"

Slowly, they begin to stir, each crawling towards opposite sides of the ring where they start digging under the apron.

Spencer pulls out a steel chair, while John retrieves a kendo stick and a trash can lid.

Back on their feet, Spencer makes the first move, swinging the chair at John, but John deflects the chair shot with the trash can lid, using it as a makeshift shield. He then pops Spencer across the arm with the kendo stick.

Todd: "John Black with a resourceful block and counter! That kendo stick shot had to hurt!"

Spencer backs off, clutching his arm, but he lets out an angry roar and runs back in with the chair raised over his head, looking for a wicked headshot. In a swift move, John tosses the trash can lid like Captain America's shield, and it collides with Spencer's face, causing him to drop the chair.

Todd: "Unbelievable! The trash can lid right to the face of Spencer Adams!"

Bama T: "That was right on the money, baby!"

John Black goes to town with repeated kendo stick shots across Spencer's back and legs. Spencer writhes in pain, unable to defend himself.

Todd: "John Black is relentless with those kendo stick shots! He's not holding anything back to defend the Revolution championship!!"

Bama T: "Revolutions don’t come easy, and Spencer Adams is in a world of hurt right now, baby!"

Just as Black is about to deliver another strike, Mr. Oz steps behind JB and snatches the kendo stick right out of his hands.

Todd: "What the hell? Mr. Oz inserting himself into the action!"

Bama T: "Oh, you know he's got a bone to pick with JB, baby! This ain't good!"

Spencer drops to a knee, trying to recover as JB turns his attention to Mr. Oz with clear confusion and frustration all over his face.

John Black: "What are you doing!? Stay out of this and do your job!"

Mr. Oz just smirks, holding the kendo stick like a trophy. The distraction gives Spencer the precious seconds he needs. He pushes himself up and, with a burst of energy, charges at Black, hitting him with a surprise Fireman's Carry Slam!

Spencer maintains control, delivering a series of vicious kicks to Black's ribs and midsection.

Todd: "Spencer Adams is laying into John Black with those brutal kicks!"

Bama T: "He's like a man possessed, baby!"

Spencer drags John Black to his feet and whips him hard into the steel steps, the crowd gasps as Black crashes into the unforgiving steel.

Todd: "John Black just got introduced to those steel steps, and not in a friendly way!"

Bama T: "That’s gotta hurt! The champ is in serious trouble now!"

With Black reeling from the impact, Spencer grabs him by the head and smashes it off the broadcast desk.

Bama T: "This is getting ugly real quick, baby!"

Spencer lays John Black across the announcers' table, positioning him perfectly. He then climbs back into the ring and hits the opposing ropes at full speed ahead.

The crowd jumps to their feet, sensing something spectacular on the horizon.

Todd: "What is Spencer Adams thinking here? This could be catastrophic!"

Oh the rebound, Spencer rushes across the ring and—

Bama T: "He’s going for broke, baby!"

—launches himself off the top rope with a Springboard Splashing down onto John Black and exploding the commentary desk into pieces.

The crowd erupts as both men lie in a heap amidst the wreckage.

Todd: "Oh my God! Spencer Adams with a Springboard Splash through the table! Both men are down!"

Bama T: "That was insane! They’re both laying in the rubble! This is pure Anarchy, baby!"

Oz, looks on with amusement as the crowd chants, "Holy shit! Holy shit!"

Spencer slowly starts to stir, pulling himself up using the ring apron for support. He glances over at Mr. Oz, who gives a subtle nod of approval, then turns his attention back to John Black, who is still lying in the debris of the broken table.

Spencer pulls John Black up from the wreckage and rolls him back into the ring. He follows, taking a moment to catch his breath before going for the pinfall, hoping to put Black away.

Todd: "Spencer Adams is going for the cover! This could be it!"

Bama T: "He’s gotta capitalize now, baby! This is his chance!"

Mr. Oz slides into position and starts the count—


—but he does it at an infuriatingly slow pace.

Todd: "Mr. Oz is slowing down the count!"


Bama T: "He’s making it nearly impossible for Spencer to get the win here!"


Spencer, frustrated and exhausted, looks up at Mr. Oz, who merely shrugs with a smug expression.

Todd: "John Black kicks out! This match is still on!"

Bama T: "Spencer Adams is beside himself!"

Spencer gets to his feet and confronts Mr. Oz, questioning his motives.

Spencer Adams: "Count the damn pin!"

Mr. Oz plays coy, smirking and shrugging.

This distraction allows John Black to get back to his feet.

Oz points behind Spencer.

As Spencer turns around, John Black hits The RaWkUs Driver (a Torture Rack DDT), planting Spencer into the mat headfirst.

Black quickly goes for the cover.

Todd: "John Black with The RaWkUs Driver! He’s got Spencer down!"

But Mr. Oz stops, feigning tying his shoelaces instead of counting the fall.

Todd: "What is Mr. Oz doing now? He's not counting the pin!"

Bama T: "Can’t you SEE Todd!? The man had a wardrobe malfunction, baby! He’s gotta get that sucker tied before it leads to an accident in the ring!"

Todd: “He’s wearing slip-ons!”

John Black, realizing the count isn't coming, gets up and yells at Mr. Oz.

John Black: "Stop playin’ and do your job!"

Spencer Adams, still dazed from The RaWkUs Driver, begins to stir. Seeing this, John Black lifts Spencer to his feet, intending to inflict more damage. But Spencer fights back with a desperate elbow to Black's midsection, then another to his jaw.

Todd: "Spencer Adams fighting back with everything he has left!"

Bama T: "And Oz is back in the game, baby!"

With both men exhausted, Spencer throws a wild punch, which Black ducks. Black grabs Spencer and lifts him for another move, but Spencer counters mid-air, turning it into a DDT that plants Black into the mat instead.

Todd: "What a counter by Spencer Adams! Both men are down again!"

Bama T: "This match has been absolute chaos from the start, and it’s not letting up!"

Spencer crawls over to Black and drapes an arm over him for the cover. Mr. Oz finally drops to the mat to count, but does so with exaggerated slowness.


Todd: "This is ridiculous! Oz is clearly dragging this out!"

Bama T: "It’s like he wants to keep them in the ring as long as possible, to make them wear each other out!"

Todd: "That’s EXACTLY what this is, because Jett awarded him a title shot WHENEVER he wanted it. Great idea to ALSO make him the special guest referee!"

Bama T: “Hey now, don’t be questioning the man in charge, now! I say Mr. Sterling envisioned this scenario inserting a little Anarchy into the Revelry, and dang-it if he weren’t right, baby!”


Todd: “FINALLY!”


Todd: "John Black kicks out again! This match continues, thanks to Oz’s efforts to sabotage it!"

Both men remain on the mat, exhausted and battered from the brutal match. Mr. Oz stands over them, growing impatient with the lack of action. He paces around the ring, clearly wanting the fight to continue.

Todd: "Both men are completely spent!"

Bama T: "Oz don’t care! He wants to see them tear each other apart, baby! He’s got that guaranteed title shot and he wants to soften up whoever’s champ by the end of this!"

Todd: “So you admit that’s what he’s doing!?”

Bama T: “Sure looks like it, baby—and of course I admit it, it’s genius! While everyone else has been yammering about starting a Revolution, Oz has been plotting this one’s end!”

Mr. Oz starts to shout at both men, urging them to get up.

Mr. Oz: "Come on, get up! This match isn’t over yet!"

With great effort, Spencer Adams and John Black slowly begin to stir. Oz, not satisfied with their sluggish pace, grabs John Black by the arm and drags him to his feet before shoving him towards Spencer.

Todd: "What is Oz doing now? He's literally forcing them to keep fighting!"

Spencer, using the ropes for support, manages to get to his feet just as Black stumbles towards him. Spencer throws a wild punch, but Black ducks and counters with a quick jab to Spencer's ribs. The two men, barely able to stand, start trading punches again, much to the crowd’s delight.

Todd: "These two are running on pure adrenaline now! They’re giving it everything they’ve got left!"

Bama T: "It’s all about pride and that championship, baby! They ain’t gonna quit until one of them is down for good!"

Spencer lands a solid right hook, staggering Black, who responds with a stiff uppercut that knocks Spencer back into the corner. Summoning the last of his strength, Black charges in, delivering a series of body blows. Spencer, trapped in the corner, fights back with desperate punches to Black’s head and shoulders.

Mr. Oz watches with a sadistic grin, clearly enjoying the carnage.

Mr. Oz watches with a sadistic grin, clearly enjoying the carnage. John Black, sensing an opportunity, climbs to the middle rope, positioning himself for a high-impact move. With a final burst of energy, he leaps off and nails Spencer Adams with his signature move, Blacklisted, driving Spencer's head into the mat.

Todd: "Blacklisted from the middle rope! That’s gotta be it!"

Bama T: "John Black’s going for the cover! This could finally end it!"

John Black hooks Spencer's leg and goes for the cover. Mr. Oz reluctantly drops to the mat and begins to count, but once again, he does so at an infuriatingly slow pace.


Todd: "Here we go again with Oz’s slow count!"

Bama T: "It’s like he’s got all the time in the world, Todd!"


Just before the three count, Spencer Adams kicks out. Black sits up and turns his attention to Mr. Oz, who simply shrugs again.

Todd: "John Black is fuming, and I don't blame him!"

John Black gets to his feet and confronts Mr. Oz, their faces inches apart. They start yelling at each other, the tension boiling over.

John Black: "Stop screwing around and count the damn pin!"

Mr. Oz: "This match doesn’t end until I say it ends! Get back in there and fight!"

John Black struggles to control his temper, his fists clenched at his sides. Finally, he snaps and throws a punch at Mr. Oz, connecting with a solid right hook. The crowd erupts as Oz stumbles back, surprised but quickly recovering.

Todd: "John Black has had enough! He just decked Mr. Oz!"

Oz retaliates with a punch of his own, sending Black reeling.

Bama T: "And Oz fired right back, baby!"

The force of Oz’s punch sends John Black stumbling into a recovering Spencer Adams. As colloids into Spencer, he wraps his arm around Black's neck and locks in his finisher, the Bulldog choke he calls "40 Acres."

Todd: "Spencer Adams with 40 Acres! He’s got it locked in!"

Bama T: "This could be it, Todd! John Black is in serious trouble now!"

Spencer tightens his grip, applying maximum pressure as John Black struggles to breathe.

Todd: "Mr. Oz is right there, ready to call it if Black taps!"

Bama T: "This is it! Can John Black hold on, or will Spencer Adams make him submit?"

John Black fights hard to escape, his face turning red from the effort and lack of air. He claws at Spencer's arms, trying to break the hold. His movements grow weaker, but he continues to struggle, refusing to give up. Despite his efforts, he starts to fade, his body going limp.

Todd: "John Black is fading! He’s not tapping, but he’s losing consciousness!"

Bama T: "Oz needs to call it! Black's out!"

Mr. Oz hesitates, clearly relishing the moment as the crowd boos loudly. Spencer, still holding the choke, shouts at Oz.

Spencer Adams: "He's out, man, call it already!"

Todd: "Come on, Oz! Call the match! This is ridiculous! Someone could get hurt!"

Bama T: "I agree, baby! He's unconscious! End it already!"

The camera zooms in on John Black's lifeless face, showing he's completely out. The crowd's boos grow louder. Mr. Oz continues to hesitate.

Todd: "Call the damn match, Oz! He's out cold!"

Finally, Mr. Oz reluctantly signals for the bell.

Winner - AND NEW REVOLUTION CHAMPION - Spencer Adams!!!

The crowd erupts in a mix of cheers and boos as medics rush in to check on John Black.

Mr. Oz awards Spencer the belt and raises his arm—

—but out of nowhere, he attacks Spencer with "I Failed You" (Mandible Claw).

Todd: "What is Oz doing!? Why’s he attacking the champ!?"

Spencer struggles against the move, trying to pry Oz's hand away, but Oz's grip is too strong. Spencer's face contorts in pain as he drops to a knee and fights to stay conscious.

Bama T: "I think you know why, baby! You can see the life draining out of Spencer's eyes!"

Spencer's movements grow weaker. His arms drop to his sides, and his legs stop kicking. His eyes glaze over as he finally passes out.

Mr. Oz maintains the hold for a moment longer before releasing him and letting Spencer's lifeless body slump to the mat.

Todd: "He's out! Spencer Adams is out cold!"

Mr. Oz grins wickedly as he drops to the mat and counts Spencer's shoulders down for himself.

Mr. Oz: "ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!"


Mr. Oz stands victorious, draping the Revolution Championship over his shoulders. The crowd erupts in angry jeering.

Todd: "What does Oz think he's doing? That doesn’t count! He’s stealing the championship!"

Bama T: "He ain’t stealing, baby! Jett gave Oz a title shot whenever he wanted it, and I think he just took it."

Todd: "I'm pretty certain that's NOT what Jett intended."

As the crowd continues to boo, Oz raises the championship high above his head before exiting the ring with the Revolution title over his shoulder.

A focused Holden Payne emerges from the backstage, his eyes locked on the ring. He marches down the ramp without any unnecessary gestures or emotion. Climbing onto the apron, he pauses to survey the crowd briefly before slipping between the ropes and stretching his limbs, preparing for the battle ahead.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

- vs -
Standard Singles


Mark and Holden meet center in the ring, they stare each other down as fans go back and forth chanting their names.

JC: A showdown between two of the best technical wrestlers that the XWF has to offer.

They begin the test of strength and Mark Flynn gains advantage and starts backing Holden up towards the ropes but he kicks him in the knee to break the hold and then trips him up to make Mark Flynn fall face first on the ropes. He then bounces off the ropes from the opposite side and comes back and drops his leg over his head and then tosses his head against the mat and stomps at his hands and then lifts him up and delivers a chop to his chest and then slings him into the the turnbuckle and looks to follow up with a close line but Flynn moves out of the way and Holden eats the turnbuckle and then turns around into Flynn, he take him down with an arm drag and then tries to lock in an armbar but Holden slips out of his grasp and then they stand in the middle of the ring again.

BG: Fast pace action out of the gate.

JC: These two Michigan boys are putting on a show.

Flynn and Holden paced around the ring, sizing each other up before locking up in the center of the ring. Flynn took the advantage and moved into a headlock but only for a moment as Holden started to lift Flynn up and quickly back down into an Atomic Drop that launched him into the corner. Flynn got back up, shaking off the moment. As they sized each other up, there was a shared look.

BG: This is a clash between two ground mat technicians. One mistake could be the end.

As they moved back into the center of the ring, about to lock horns again, Flynn dropped to a knee and slid around to the back, looking for a quick German Suplex, only for Holden to land on his feet, Flynn tries adjusting to attack but he was met with a European Uppercut, followed by a drop toe hold into the STF.

BG: Beautiful transition work by Holden .

JC: Flynn looks like hes in a bad way right now.

As Holden starts to wrench back, Flynn looks for a way out of the hold and then locks eyes with the ropes. He plants  his arm under him, he started to push up, bent knee acting as a fulcrum before a sudden twist would transfer him on top of him and him effortlessly floating into Side mounted Triangle choke with his arms around his arm and neck. Holden  would struggle and kick for a bit before his  feet found purchase on the mat and arched his back to slip out of his clutch. Setting them back to square one. For a moment, as they looked at each other, Flynn got back up onto his feet and slapped both biceps in turn and ran toward Holden who looked ready to lock horns again, except Flynn nailed him with a running knee strike and then Holden went as stiff as a board as he fell back. Flynn shook off his hand for a moment, he didn’t get as much of it as he wanted but one mistake was thinking they would keep going into grappling. He went right over to him and stomped hard on his left wrist, which was so key to much of his offense. Reaching down he bent his wrist back and then stomped on his raised elbow, sending him rolling away in pain, clutching the arm. Before he could do much to recover, he had him trapped in the corner, arm draped over the rope and pulled back in to apply pressure. The ref quickly came over giving them a 5 count, with it broken at 4 and then immediately reapplied.After another 5 count, Flynn broke it, but immediately Holden  rushed in, wrapped his good arm around his neck and fell backwards slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Quickly into position, he hit his own German Suplex, quickly turning as Flynn got up, sliding into position he followed up with a kneeling DDT, followed quickly into a grounded headscissors. This time, Flynn had to kick on his own, just making it to the ropes which caused Holden to immediately break.

As Flynn stood back up, he ran towards Holden looking for  a knee strike to go, but he would soon be Swept Off His Feet and then Holden would hit a double foot stomp to the chest before going for the pin



Kick Out by Flynn and got up as he was holding the back of his neck from the impact. Holden moved around the ring, hyping up the fans, trying to tap into that second battery of his as Flynn pulled himself up in the corner, he was soon met by a running knee strike, which he fell into a Hip toss, As he rolled up to sit down, Holden was already bouncing off the ropes to deliver a sliding forearm to his seated opponent. Holden takes a moment to admire the cheering fans in the arena but it's costly as Mark Flynn jumps up on his back from behind and puts his arms around his neck and locks in a chokehold in the center of the ring.

JC: Holden was living in the moment but now he is in no man's land.

Caught in the center of the ring and stretched a bit, Holden was fading under the choke, the ref lifting his arm




His arm stays up as he starts swinging his legs back and forth, soon, Flynn was on top of him as he started to stand. He quickly slid off and moved into position for a Standing suplex, but Holden got his foot under him to block. With a last gasp of adrenaline, he grabbed his knee and reversed it into an ankle lock and then dragged Flynn into the middle of the ring and increased the pressure on the hold.

JC: Flynn has to dig deep now.

Holden keeps the pressure on as Flynn digs deep as he starts to use his forearms to drag him towards the ropes while the referee ask him if he plans to give up but Flynn shake his head and continues to pull himself forward until he able to grab the ropes and despite the frustration on Holden's face he lets go of the hold and then stalks Flynn as he uses a the ropes to pull himself up and as he turns around Holden looks for an arm drag but Flynn uses his high IQ to reverse the move right into an Armbar!!!

BG: My God these two wrestling technicians are showing off just how easy it is for them to get you stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Flynn leans back so that he can apply more pressure to the hold and Holden looks around for an escape but the pain starts to get to him as he bites his tongue and tries to pull himself to the ropes but Flynn break the hold for a moment to deliver some kicks to the face of Holden and then pulls her back to the center of the ring and replies the the submission hold.

BG: Flynn using the high in ring IQ to bring Holden back and prevent him from breaking the hold again.

Flynn applies more pressure and then the referee comes to check on Holden and ask him if he likes to give up but Holdem refuses and starts to dig down deep as he fights through the pain and starts to slowly but surely get up to a vertical base and drives Flynn back first into the turnbuckle and then delivers shoulder thrust into his gut over and over again until you can see the last bit of air leave Flynn's chest and before he can even recover, Holden hits a belly to belly suplex out of the corner and sends Flynn to the opposite side.

JC: Holden has fought his way back into this match.

BG: Michigan should be proud of their two sons right now, what a classic these two are putting on.

Flynn pulls himself up by the ropes in the corner but as he does Holden meets him in the corner with a big body splash and Flynn stumbles out of the corner but before he can hit the mat, Hold wraps his arms around his waist and begins to hit a series of German suplexes, tossing Flynn around five times before he releases his grasp on him, Holden then stomps Flynn in the chest before climbing up to the top turnbuckle, getting his balance right before launching off looking for a flying headbutt but Flynn moves out of the way at the very last second and Holden eats the mat.

JC: Crash and burn for Holden.

BG: And that very well could've cost him the match right there.

Flynn quickly kicks Holden in the face and chest before dragging him into the corner and placing him in a seating position and then backs up as he looks for the Riparte!!!!  Running Knee to Holden that catches him  under the chin. Flynn then drags him out of the corner and into a northern light suplex for a pin!!!





Winner - Mark Flynn

We cut to the office of Jett Sterling as he stands there watching the highlights of the last match with a pleasing look on his face, nodding his head with a smirk on his face.

Jett Sterling: This new era of Anarchy is going to be the best one yet I can feel in my soul.

Just then a knock from the opposite side of the door echoes throughout the room and then an XWF staff member peaks their head inside and looks over towards Jett.

Staff Member: Sorry to interrupt but a young man by the name Cameron Parker is here to see you, says he has an appointment.

Jett stands there and thinks for a moment and then as if a lightbulb appeared over his head, he nodded with a smirk.

Jett Sterling: Oh yes, All Might, send him right in.

The staff member closes the door and after a few minutes, in walks Cameron Parker with his hair tied up into a bun and dressed in a black t-shirt and joggers as he walks up to Jett and shakes hands with him.

Cameron Parker: Thank you for taking this meeting with me.

Jett puts on a smirk.

Jett Sterling: Hey when a legend like All Might gives you a call to hear one of his people out—you just do it—so tell me how can I help you?

Cameron nods his head and looks at Gold with a serious facial expression.

Cameron Parker: Ever since I can remember all I wanted to be was a pro wrestler and for the last couple years I've been putting the work in with All Might and he believes in ready to take that next step to a larger stage and I want that stage to be XWF Anarchy.

Jett nods in understanding.

Jett Sterling: I appreciate you reaching out and I understand your dreams but kid I got a lot of wrestlers trying to get a contract with us, especially when we are on a roll right now, we ain't just handing out contracts to everyone, this ain't Oprah.

Cameron Parker: Look I'm not asking for a handout, I just want an opportunity to earn my spot on your roster.

Jett looks at Cameron and then shakes its head for a moment before looking at Cameron with a smirk.

Jett Sterling: You know what, I'll offer you a deal. On the next Anarchy I'm going to give you a one-day contract and have you wrestle an opponent of my choosing, and if you win I'll sign you to a full-time contract with Anarchy. How's that?

Cameron puts on a big smile and immediately shakes Jett’s hand excitedly.

Cameron Parker: Thank you so much, I promise you won't regret this.

Jett Sterling: You're welcome, kid—and goodluck—now if you will excuse me I need to go buy some popcorn before Centurion and Madison Dyson go on!

Cameron nods his head and takes his leave as the camera cuts back to the ring.

As we return to action, we’re met by the commentary desk,

JC: What a tremendous night it has been here at The Revelry, and ladies and gentleman, the party is only getting started.

BG:These folks are like me, baby, stunned, still needing to process the end of Holden Payne and Mark Flynn.

JC: Well we’ll be sure to get a full recap from Dewey Gobblecoque, because the party is rolling on-

The crowd begins partying to the unforgettable tunes of the Baha Men, as Roger makes his way from behind the curtain and down the ramp. He makes a heroic pose at the ring apron, before climbing through the ropes and settling into his corner.

BG: Roger might seem a little bland, but his tunes have this crowd partying even harder now, and The Revelry rolls on with a big opportunity for the former XTreme Champion.

JC: A big opportunity indeed -

JC: For the XWF Television Championship- against a white-hot Jason Cashe.

The crowd goes crazy as the TV Champions music easily squashes out the party started by Baha Men, as Cashe comes out bopping his head to the fugees. He stops at the edge of the stage. Looking around the arena at the live audience, he takes a long drag off an air joint before howling up into the sky! All of the fans howl with him.

BG: This crowd is ready to party with the Television Champion.

JC: They might have to wait fifteen minutes

Jason enters the ring, and climbs the corner raising the title in the air as the crowd is hot for him. He hands the ref the title and he calls for the bell.

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit


The two men encircle each other.

Roger does a left, and a right, and a forward and a right INTO A RUNNING HEADBUTT!

Jason lays Roger out, and looks out to the crowd, opening his arms.

JC: Cashe said it himself, he can only face who he’s booked with!

BG: And from the looks of things, he’s just gonna’ keep knockin them down.

JC: Roger does not look prepared here tonight.

Cashe lifts Roger up. Roger goes for a left, even desperately tries to counter Cashe’s grip with a diagonal forward and a bit to the right, but Cashe just pummels Roger. Beating him over the back and then smacking him down with an exploder suplex.


JC: In less than one minute, Jason Cashe has taken his opponent entirely out of this matchup.

Another exploder suplex. And again, But Cashe now drapes Roger over the rope…


The running forearm devastates Roger. He tumbles and stumbles across the ring, falling forward to the bottom of the opposite ropes, dangling a bit over the apron


Jason moves outside of the ring, and stalks around, coming along ringside where the fans at The Revelry are popping bottles champagne near the action. Cashe lines Roger up,



Jason rolls the unconscious Roger back under the rope and into the ring and covers him.


Cashe pops up and holds the television title dearly before running out of the ring and celebrating with the fans. Champagne spraying and weed blazing.

BG: Looks like it didn't take those 15 minuets for this crowd to party with Cashe!

JC: Jason Cashe, exerting dominance over the TV Championship division. At this rate I don't think it will be much longer before the fans are watching Cashe challenging for the Universal Championship either.

The arena lights dim and the opening bars of HGH's theme blares through the speakers, drawing a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Suddenly, the spotlight hits the entrance ramp as HGH steps out. He pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking in the chorus of disapproval with a smirk. Slowly, he begins his strut down the aisle, occasionally stopping to mockingly blow kisses or mouth off with fans.

The lights in Bohemian Grove cut out completely and a haunting piano begins to play.  before a beautiful operatic voice begins to sing as “Purest Gold” by Miracle of Sound Ft. The Charismatic Voice starts to play.

“On the wings of the butterfly
From the rings of the falling sky
I linger in my dreams to stay the pain

On the wings of the butterfly
We will sing of a mother's lie
And every sorry soul shall know my name”

The song’s tempo begins to increase with rapid, fast drumming. As the piano continues, tension builds as if we’re on the cusp of something great. The anticipation grows, and the fans crane their necks around to the stage, waiting for what comes next.

A single orangey-red hue fills the stage area and a spotlight focuses on the center of it where a man stands, clad in what appears to be mystical armor of some kind. Half his face is obscured from view thanks to a helmet that has two wings protruding from the side of it. Grasped within his hand is a long sword that he points towards the ring.

The music swells, reaching a crescendo. Strings and orchestral elements join in and the armor-clad individual walks with a purpose to the ring. The person climbs up the turnbuckle and raises the sword into the air before jumping into the ring.

“I've waited so long for you
Carrying on for you
Onto the faintest hope I hold

I've waited so long for you
Carried this burden to
Fend off the fortunes long foretold
To rot in purest gold”

With one hand, the individual points the sword ominously at HGH and with their free hand, pulls off the helmet revealing themselves to be none other than the Anarchy Champion, Sean Parker which gets a huge cheer from the fans. Sean strips the armor off, tossing it out of the ring which reveals the Anarchy Championship belt around his waist. He unfastens it and holds it high above his head before giving it to the referee. He holds it in front of HGH before raising it above his head and handing it to the timekeeper.

- vs -

The bell rings and the match is officially underway. Sean and HGH both walk towards the center of the ring. HGH has a confident smile on his face whereas the champion looks poker-faced. As they meet in the middle of the ring, HGH puffs his chest out, emphasizing the height and weight advantage he clearly holds over Parker. He begins to mouth off stuff that is inaudible for the camera to pick up but Sean doesn’t react, he just stares at his challenger. HGH bumps his chest into Parker trying to intimidate him but again he doesn’t respond. HGH continues to mouth off before he paintbrushes Sean’s face, pushing him away. This time though, the champion does react and he and HGH begin teeing off on each other, ramming forearm shots and straight rights and lefts into each other’s faces much to the delight of the fans.

Todd: "This is what we’re talking about! For weeks Sean and HGH have been throwing barbs at each other and it finally comes to a head!"

Bama T: "This is what it’s all about, baby! The returning former champ versus the current champ!"

Being the bigger competitor, it doesn’t take long for HGH to gain the advantage, the heavier shots rocking Sean hard. He pulls Parker in and rams a big-time knee strike into his midriff before grabbing him by the forearm and he pulls him, delivering a hard short-arm clothesline that floors the champion. As Sean shakes his head in an attempt to clear the cobwebs, HGH just grins, pretending to dust off his shoulder before grabbing Sean by the back of his head and forcefully pulling him to his feet. HGH buries a big boot right into Sean’s midsection that forces his head down. HGH follows up with a clubbing blow to the back of the head and neck that brings Sean to one knee. HGH swaggers about the ring for a moment, waiting for Sean to climb back and then he takes him down with a textbook dropkick. HGH kicks Sean onto his back and cockily pins him by standing on his chest with one bolt and barks at the referee to count.



But Sean easily kicks out. HGH grabs him up again but this time Sean fights back, grabbing him by the back of the head and pulls him down into a hard jawbreaker. The impact sends HGH staggering back slightly. Seeing an opening, Sean takes advantage, running off the ropes and leaping into the air, taking down HGH with a rapid hurricanrana. The momentum of the move causes HGH to catapult back to his feet where Sean meets him with a dropkick of his own that sends him tumbling out of the ring. The crowd cheers as Sean pumps up the crowd before shooting off the ropes and he goes for a Tope Suicida but HGH sees him coming. He uses Sean’s momentum against him and sends him careening into one of the barricades.

HGH just smiles smugly, pointing at his temple before putting the boots into Parker’s ribs much to the chagrin of the fans. HGH grabs Parker up and slams him against the barricade again before unleashing a series of hard knife-edge chops across the champion’s chest. Sean grimaces, clutching at his chest from the impact of the chops but doesn’t have long to react as HGH continues his assault, hitting him with a couple of straight right hands before slamming him face-first into ring apron. 

Todd: "Wow, HGH isn’t wasting time here, he’s pretty much been on top the entire match so far."

Bama T: "Sean’s in a lot of trouble here for sure, baby! But the man’s been champion for months and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s to never count out the Sky Assassin!"

HGH takes a step back, as if measuring Sean who is slumped forward, leaning on the ring apron for support. HGH runs at him but at the last-minute eats nothing but a flying back elbow that Sean fires behind him out of desperation. HGH staggers back slightly, favoring his jaw. Sean uses the opening to leap onto the apron and goes for a headscissors but HGH stops him in his tracks, planting him hard on the outside with a brutal spinebuster, driving the air right out of the champion!

Todd: "Oh mama! What a spinebuster! HGH has anticipated everything Sean has thrown at him tonight and he just planted him right when it looked like he was working his way back into things!"

Bama T: "We could be looking at HGH becoming a two-time Anarchy Champion after all!"

HGH paintbrushes Sean’s face with his boot as he tries to make his way back to his feet. He cockily shoves the sole of his boot into Sean’s face before stooping down and grabbing him forcefully by the jaw and mouthing off to him, something about “I told you not to fuck with me, Parker!” However, out of nowhere, Sean shoves his forehead straight into HGH’s face with a straight headbutt that brings the crowd to its feet and sends HGH reeling!

Todd: "Oh man! HGH may have a broken nose after that headbutt!"

Bama T: "I believe they call that a Glasgow Kiss in Scotland, Todd!"

Todd: "Wait, that’s how they kiss in Scotland? I feel sorry for Parker’s wife!"

The referee so far has been quite lenient but with the action continuing to spill to the outside he shouts over to both champion and challenger, imploring them to get back into the ring. HGH looks to be quite disoriented after Sean’s headbutt as he rolls back into the ring, clutching his nose. Sean meanwhile looks to have grabbed a second wind. He’s on the apron now, clutching the top rope, imploring HGH to turn around. When he does so, Sean springboards back into the top rope for extra elevation, twisting through the air and takes HGH down with a shooting star press that transitions into a facebuster! Sean goes for the cover and the referee is there to count!



But HGH just kicks out, still favoring his nose and looking a little shell-shocked. This time it’s Parker who doesn’t let up, building on his momentum by running off the ropes and landing on HGH with a cartwheel that turns into a moonsault. He goes for another cover but before the referee can count, HGH grabs the nearby bottom rope and pulls himself onto the apron, imploring the ref to keep Sean back. Sean ignores him and tries to go after him but the referee duly gets in his way and pleads with him to step back. Sean argues, pointing at HGH who then reaches over the ref’s shoulder and grabs Sean pulling him towards, slamming him face-first into the ring post and squashing the referee between him too. HGH quickly gets back into the ring and nails Sean downstairs with a low blow before planting him with the Injection Shot rolling cutter!

Todd: "Oh, come on! HGH showing his true colors once again, looking to take the cheap way out!"

Bama T: "He’s done himself no favors though, Todd! He’s got Parker right where he wants him but the referee got sandwiched between the turnbuckle and the champ!"

Todd: "Wait a minute, another ref is running out!"

HGH has Sean covered and is encouraging the new ref to get into the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and starts to count!



3…No! Sean kicks out and the crowd comes to life with cheers!

Todd: "He’s still in this thing, Bama! Parker is still in this!"

HGH is livid and argues incessantly with the ref, shoving three fingers in his face but the referee isn’t intimidated, pointing to the XWF logo on his striped shirt and assuring him it was a two-count. Meanwhile though, HGH doesn’t notice Sean back to his feet, crouched and poised. He sprints towards HGH and leaps onto his shoulders from behind, drilling him with the “Raidenrana” poisonrana! Sean makes the cover!



But this time it’s HGH that manages to kick out! Sean leans back on his knees, thinking he had the match won. Sean doesn’t let it get to him too much though and backs up a bit, motioning for HGH to get up and begins to pull his elbow pad down.

Todd: "Here we go, Bama! Sean’s setting up for the Masamune Decapitation!"

Bama T: "If he nails this, it’ll be all she wrote, baby!"

Sean runs towards HGH, looking to take his head off but HGH dodges at the eleventh hour, rolling out of the ring and indicating he’s had enough, walking back up the ramp. The fans begin to boo as Sean holds his hands out in confusion and the referee begins to count him out.

Todd: "What the hell? After all this hullabaloo about wanting the Anarchy title back, HGH is just gonna high-tail it outta here?!"

Sean however isn’t willing to let this end in a count-out though and leaps effortlessly out of the ring, following HGH up the ramp. He spins him around but eats a thumb to the eye out of nowhere! The fans boo again but HGH just gives them the finger along with another cocky smirk, again tapping his temple. Parker is disoriented, feeling around, temporarily blinded and HGH takes advantage, grabbing the champion by the back of the head and sending him hard into the closest barricade. The fans in the front row pat Sean reassuringly on the back and arm, willing him to get back into it. HGH fakes hitting out one of them, making them flinch, laughing arrogantly before going back on the attack, measuring Sean and rocking him with a hard right hand. He then shows his impressive strength by military-pressing Sean high above his head and launches him over the top rope and back into the ring.

Todd: "You just had to know HGH had something up his sleeve to turn the tide back in his favor!"

Bama T: "This isn’t his first rodeo, Todd. He knew Parker would follow him out and he fell for it, hook, line and sinker!"

Sean is still trying to clear his vision as HGH climbs back into the ring. He runs at Sean and goes for a stiff clothesline but Sean sees just about enough to dodge out of the way.  Sean shoots off the ropes again and lands his “Bloody Tears” 720 Spinning Roundhouse Kick to the back of HGH’s head that sends him into the ring post and staggering back. HGH is dazed and on dream street. He stumbles around and is met with a devastating “Blade of Miquella” Skull Kick from Sean that sends him falling back like a domino. Sean looks like he’s going to make the cover but instead leaps up onto the nearest top turnbuckle and comes soaring off with the “Leap of Faith” 1080 Corkscrew Senton! Sean makes the cover this time, hooking the near leg.




Ding Ding Ding!!!

Todd: "He did it! Parker retains again! One of his most hard-fought defenses to date against HGH who did everything in his power to take the champion down!"

Bama T: "The reign of Parker in Anarchy continues! He is still the current longest-reigning champion in XWF!"

Parker is handed the Anarchy Championship and raises it above his head in victory.

Winner and STILL XWF Anarchy Champion- Sean Parker

The entirely epic XTron video of TNGB takes over the arena as the lights dim. A spotlight highlights the ramp, and Thunder Knuckles walks out onto the entrance ramp, hyped and ready to fight, pointing out into the crowd. Behind him, Bobby Bourbon deliberately walks out and stops, also pointing out into the crowd. Both men glance at each other and clink their Tag Team Championships together, then in unison point into the ring. The crowd sings along with the song.


TK slides into the ring and gets up onto a knee, beckoning the crowd as Bobby climbs the steps and enters the ring behind him. TK stands and appeals to the crowd as Bobby raises his arms at 45-degree angles.

A scream echoes as it travels through every speaker in the Gainbridge arena as the lighting begins to flicker, giving the commotion happening in the entrance way a slow motion feel.


A group of men emerge, each wheeling a different object toward the aisle and down to the ring.


On the right side, a man sits strapped to a chair by his wrists and ankles. Writhing in an effort to escape, he bites down on the metal bit inserted into his mouth, all the while his eyes held open by some sort of metal device.


The other men push a furniture truck style device with a person standing in the middle, their arms wrapped around their chest and their feet bound by chains and straps.


The mouth guard mask strapped to their face stops the woman from biting, but does not stop her from spewing threats with every inch she is wheeled further.


The lights finally cease and we can see the man in the chair is Vincent Black, and the woman in the straight jacket is of course Vhodka Black.


The men responsible for transporting them unlock their constraints, and run away, as Vhodka rips free from the straight jacket, and Vincent stands up, his shackles dropping from his wrists and ankles.


Vhodka and Vincent climb onto the apron, shedding the remainders of their confines and dropping them to the floor. Stepping into the ring, and they begin to pace like hungry lions for a moment, before stopping and staring out at the crowd, as red sparks that resembles dripping blood falls from above the ring.


- vs -
Tornado Tag Team Match

Suddenly, from behind them, a group of masked people appear with baseball bats. They quickly slide into the ring and swarm Vhodka and Vincent, attacking them nonstop!

Vhodka is hit with a ball bat to the cranium, dropping her, as Vincent suffers the same fate! Bats are raised and then dropped onto the hapless couple over and over again!

Bobby and TK look at each other for a hot second and then rush over to join in on t beating on Vhodka and Vic!

The referee is running up the ramp to regain some control as the fans boo mightily at what is happening!

JC: Oh, what the hell!

BG: This is absolute horseshit! These fans were expecting a match, but instead TNGB have decided to commit assault!

The referee is promptly domed with a baseball bat. As he is, XWF Security runs out and starts to scatter the masked figures as XWF Medical Personnel come rushing down to the ring to immediately start tending to Vhodka and Vincent Black.

JC: I am getting word in my headset that due to what transpired in the ring this match has been ruled a no contest!


TK and Bobby celebrate in the middle of the ring as if dishing out a beating was sweeter than an actual win while the fans shower them with boos.

JC: Ladies and gentlemen we are going to commercial and hopefully by the time we get back everything will be sorted out and we can roll on with our show.

We cut to a static shot of Jett Sterling’s nameplate on a door.

Suddenly, Micheal Graves bursts through the office door, slamming it behind him.

Jett’s sitting behind his desk, facing away from Gravy as he watches a monitor showing the live Revelry PPV.

Graves, looking stereotypically disheveled and mildly constipated, approaches the desk.

Graves: "JETT! I’ve had enough! I’m sick of not being booked around here! You know what I do when I'm not working? I talk to crazies, Jett! Crazies! They say all sorts of off the wall bullshit! Ever sniffed the fumes of a Dolphin’s shoes? NEITHER HAVE I, BUT I’VE BEEN ASKED COUNTLESS TIMES!"

Annoyed by the complete lack of reaction, Graves slams his fist onto the desk.


The chair slowly spins around to reveal Vinnie Lane, not Jett Sterling, grinning from ear to ear.

Vinnie: "Gravy! How’s the butthole? Sorry I didn’t have any Prep H, but Rox and I are perfect and don't really need stuff like that, ya know? But hey, I hear ya! You want to put a little shine on your name. Maybe I can help? After all, I do still owe you for watching over all the minis."

Graves: "Those fuckers are so damn hard to catch!"

Vinnie: "Listen, how about I team up with you this Anarchy? You can ride my coattails to an easy win and I can check in and see how Jett’s taking care of my baby. Oh, dude! Great team name idea; what do you think of the “Cock and Guac Connection."

Graves: "What the hell is Guac? You making fun of me, Vinnie?"

Vinnie: "It's avocado magic, my man. Delicious stuff. I figured you’d love the stuff since it’s basically gravy! And no one's laughing at you, Gravy. We're gonna rock Anarchy!"

Graves frowns, clearly still skeptical but slowly warming up to the idea.

Graves: "Alright, fine. But this better not be some kind of setup, Lane. I'm serious about this. I need a win."

Vinnie: "Relax, dude. It's gonna be fun. And hey, think about it—'Cock and Guac.' It's catchy, right?"

Graves finally cracks a smile, his mood lightening.

Graves: "Yeah, okay. Cock and Guac. Let's do it. By the way, who was that hot piece of ass the other night?"

Vinnie feigns confusion with a shrug.

Graves: "You know, the hot ass blonde you were talking to while my guts were hanging out of my asshole. She got a man? Think you can set us up?"

Gravy begins rubbing his hands together and licking his lips.

Graves: "MmmmHmmm, the things she could put in my ass..."

Vinnie throws up in his mouth a little.

Vinnie: "Hey, dude, listen. Forget about her. She's a lesbian."

Graves: "Hey, that's fine. I sometimes Identify as a lesbian myself!"

Vinnie nervously scratches at the back of his head.

Vinnie: "Uh, yeah, well, um... On the level, Graves—stay away from her!"

Graves: "Whoa whoa, chillout bossman." Graves winks at Lane. "She's your side piece or something. I get it. Don't worry about me. I'd never betray the sacred bond of a team... Partner!"

Graves extends his hand, and Vinnie accepts it—not noticing the crossed fingers behind Gravy's back as we cut to ringside.

Centurion comes out from the back and walks down to the ring to a thunderous ovation from the California crowd.

Madison Dyson then heads down the aisle confidently, bitching out any plebes that dare to boo her. She's often clad in elaborate feathery robes. The X-Tron shows a barrage of images of Madison kicking the holy living shit out of that abject loser Sean Parker and others, intercut with her name logo and a queen's crown laden with barbed wire. Once at the ring, she takes her time getting in, walking ginergly up the steps and demanding the official hold the ropes open for her.

- vs -
If Centurion loses, he can never be involved with wrestling again!

As soon as the bell rings, Dyson makes a beeline for Centurion, looking to gain an early advantage. Cent sees it coming though and uses his experience to avoid the onrushing Madison Dyson who hits nothing but turnbuckle! Centurion goes on an early attack, wrapping her up and sending her down with a beautiful Saito Suplex. Dyson is quick back to her feet though, still fresh but eats a perfect textbook dropkick to the face that takes her down a second time. Centurion grabs Dyson’s legs and immediately goes for the “Fall of Rome” Walls of Jericho but Madison kicks her legs free and slides out of the ring for a reprieve.

Todd: “Wow! Centurion trying to end things early going for the Fall of Rome right off the bat! He’s not messing around!”

Bama T: “This could very well be Cent’s last match, he’s got no choice but to pull out all the stops, baby!”

Cent climbs onto the middle rope and beckons for Dyson to get back in the ring who mouths off to him, telling the referee to get him back. The referee duly implores Centurion to back off who holds his hands up in an acknowledging manner. Dyson climbs up onto the apron and Cent looks to go on the attack but before he can, Madison jumps back down again, once more barking at the referee to get Centurion back.

Todd: “These are clearly mind games being employed by Madison Dyson! She knows what she’s doing, trying to frustrate Centurion.”

Bama T: “But Centurion’s no rookie, he’s literally written the book on pro wrestling mind games!”

However Centurion doesn’t look to be in any mood for messing around and looks to take the fight to Madison on the outside. He leans through the ropes but Madison leaps up onto the apron and pulls Cent, throat-first, down onto the middle rope with a modified jawbreaker. Madison slides back into the ring more confidently this time, grabbing Centurion and continuing with the attack on his neck and face with a sit-out jawbreaker that drills Cent, sending him tumbling back and down to his knees. In a fluid movement, Madison kips up and floors Centurion with a step-up enziguri, transitioning into her first cover of the match. The referee counts.


2… but Cent kicks out easily. He looks a little dazed from the enziguri and tries to shake off the cobwebs as Dyson continues her assault. She lays into Cent with a flurry of hard-hitting open-hand slaps that rock the veteran before Dyson finishes the sequence off with a textbook swinging neckbreaker, drilling Cent down with authority who instinctively reaches up, clutching his neck. Dyson pushes Cent down, digging her forearm into his face as she makes another cover.


2 ... No, again Cent forces the nearfall, much to Madison’s annoyance. She fires an insult at the referee, slapping her hands together, insinuating he wasn’t counting fast enough.

Todd: “Madison Dyson slowly but surely stamping her authority on this match. She drew Centurion in early on, took advantage of a rare moment of overzealousness and she’s been in the driver’s seat ever since.”

Bama T: “Ya gotta think there’s still more pages to be written in this match for sure though, baby! Cent put his career on the line and he wouldn’t have done that if he didn’t have a plan!”

As Dyson looks to keep the momentum in her favor, she yanks Centurion up to his feet but the wily veteran starts to fight back. He alternates between chops and slaps to the sternum and chest of Madison which brings the crowd to its feet seeing the legend possibly fight his way back into what could be his last-ever wrestling match! Dyson cuts Cent off though with a rake to the eyes and grabs him by the back of the head, slamming him face-first into one of the turnbuckles before she buries a series of brutal kicks to the midsection, forcing Cent down into the corner and she stomps a mudhole in him. Madison backs up a bit, building up a head of steam before ramming into Cent at full speed with a running senton into the corner.

Todd: “Damn, what impact! Just when it looked like Cent was building some momentum of his own, Madison shuts him down!”

Bama T: “This is the most relentless we’ve seen Dyson since her return back in December last year when she ensured Centurion didn’t leave the Holiday Special as Anarchy Champion!”

Confidence looks like it’s flowing through Madison Dyson as Centurion struggles back to his feet. Dyson measures him and takes him down with another beautiful dropkick that sends Centurion through the ropes and to the outside. Madison follows him out, grabbing Cent and forcing his face open-mouthed onto the edge of the steel steps. She backs off a bit, measuring Centurion.

Todd: “Oh God no, Madison looks like she wants to ensure that Centurion’s career is finished for good!”

Bama T: “American History Yikes coming up! Here she goes, baby!”

Madison runs and goes for the dropkick to the back of Cent’s head but the experienced veteran uses all his spatial awareness to roll out of the way at the last possible second. Dyson kicks nothing but the steel steps and Centurion takes advantage, snatching Madison onto his shoulders and he drills her on the outside with the “Smart Bomb” Death Valley Driver! This time it’s Madison’s turn to clutch at her neck after being spiked as Centurion grabs her up and throws her back into the ring. He swiftly follows her back in, rolling under the bottom rope and goes for a cover.



No! Dyson kicks out! Cent keeps his attack going though, shooting off the ropes and landing a quickfire elbow drop right into the sternum. Madison yells out in pain as Centurion quickly brings her up to a vertical base. Madison tries to fight back, going for a spinning back elbow but Cent has the presence of mind to duck down and nails Madison with a debilitating liver punch that buckles Madison. Cent backs off into the ropes and comes flying forward, driving his knee straight into Madison’s chest and face with the “Bloody Symphony” Busaiku Knee! Madison flips through the air 360 degrees and Cent goes for the cover again!



3-No! Madison just manages to kick out!

Todd: “Mother of God! Cent has well and truly fought his way back into this match and then some! He almost took Madison Dyson’s head off with that knee strike! He is fighting for his very life!”

Bama T: “More than his life! His career, baby!”

Centurion slams the mat with both hands in frustration but has no time to be disappointed. He grabs a dazed Dyson back to her feet, setting her up for the “1000 Mile Slam” but incredibly, she floats through, avoiding being slammed. She grabs Cent from behind, hooking his arms up and drives him down with a vertebreaker that receives a huge “OOOOH!” from the crowd!

Todd: “Hot damn! Cop Killa from Dyson! Where did she pull that one from?!”

Bama T: “She wants to end Centurion’s career, baby! To do that, she’s gotta throw everything and the kitchen sink at Cent and then some!”

Centurion looks stunned from taking the vertebreaker but Madison isn’t finished. She lifts Centurion up from an angled front-face lock and spikes him down hard with the “Dead Bitch Walkin’!

Todd: “That’ll be it! Centurion is done as a pro wrestler!

Madison makes the cover!




Todd: “Wait, no, look, Bama! Centurion’s foot is on the bottom rope!

Bama T: And the referee has just noticed it too! Madison Dyson thinks she’s won!

Madison has her hands raised in victory, celebrating but the referee is trying to tell her that Centurion’s foot was on the rope. She dismisses the notion with a shake of her head but before she can celebrate any further, she’s caught off-guard by an impromptu backslide from Centurion! The referee counts!



3-No! Madison just manages to wriggle her shoulders out of the pinning predicament before the referee’s hand hits the mat a third time!

Todd: “Can you believe that! Centurion almost caught Madison completely unawares after thinking she had just won the match herself!”

Bama T: “This back-and-forth action is giving me whiplash, baby!”

Madison looks super-pissed at almost having the wool pulled over her eyes. She has a rage in her eyes and grabs Centurion and looks like she’s setting him up for the “Miss Feel Good” Arm Trap Neckbreaker but Cent fights out of it. He himself grabs Dyson’s legs and trips her onto her back and goes for the “Fall of Rome”. However, Madison fights out of it before he can get any torque on the hold. She leans up, pulling Centurion down into a small package and pulls back on Centurion's trunks for extra leverage!



2.999999! Centurion is able to roll through despite Dyson trying to gain an unfair advantage. The two are back to their feet and both go for a clothesline at the same time, wiping each other out. The crowd erupts into a “This is awesome!” chant in appreciation of what they’re watching.

Todd: “This is awesome, indeed, Bohemian Grove! What a match this is turning into!”

Bama T: “You can tell just what it means to both of these superstars to get the big dub-ya, baby!”

Both Centurion and Madison are back on their feet, their exploits from the match looking like they’re starting to take their toll on them. They begin to tee off on each other in a good old-fashioned slugfest in the middle of the ring. Each punch rocks the other, sending cascades of sweat in every direction. Centurion suddenly goes for a dropkick but Madison sidesteps it. She, in-turn, goes for an enziguri but Centurion has the wherewithal to grab Madison’s extended leg. He goes for a dragon screw but Madison takes the wind out his sails with a gouge at Cent’s eyes, disorientating him. She grabs Centurion up for the “Dead Bitch Walkin’” a second time but Centurion is somehow able to fight out of it! He hoists Madison up on his shoulders and grabs her head downward, holding her in place! He spikes her hard into a seated position, transitioning into a cover, pulling her leg in tight!



The referee counts and the crowd chant in time with his hand hitting the mat!





Todd: “He did it! Centurion did it! He put everything on the line and has finally exorcised the Madison Dyson demon!”

Winner - Centurion

Fireworks burst all around the X-Tron!

Razor Blade comes out wearing an American Nightmare outfit. Blade lifts his arms in the air and fist pumps as the crowd cheers!

“When Not Like Most Girls” hits. Latoya Hixx bursts onto the stage, spreading her arms wide open! Hixx walks straight down the ramp towards the ring!

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before joining his partner halfway down the ramp. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned and Prince Adeyemi get closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. The duo each climb into the ring and take a moment to stand in the center with the tag titles held high before taking up position in the far corner awaiting the start of the match.


- vs -
"The Storm"
Standard Tag Team Match

Kaye stands on the apron, talking strategy with his partner, as Adeyemi stares straight ahead at the challengers.

Meanwhile, Blade and Hixx stare daggers right back at the champs.

The official lifts the tag belts to the crowd! Then, he turns to hand them over to the timek-

Blade zips out of the corner! Sprinting right at the champs!

Adeyemi, staring right at them, ducks under Blade’s running boot!

Unfortunately for the champs, Blade’s boot makes contact with Ned’s face! The Notorious One is driven off the apron, landing on the padded concrete outside!

JC: Wow! Early ambush from the challengers here before the bell has even rung! Definitely not in the spirit of fair competition!

BG: You don’t win championship gold with pleases and thank yous! You win by TAKING whatever opportunity you can get!

Adeyemi charges forward under Blade’s boot…

Straight into Latoya Hixx’s Superman punch! Adeyemi is dropped to the mat!

JC: Oh c’mon! This is supposed to be a wrestling match! So far, this is just a two-on-one beatdown!

The official finally turns around and tries to restore order, commanding one of the two challengers to exit the ring. Blade seethes at the official, but complies, stepping out to the apron.

JC: And with that, The official *officially* starts the match. But, the champions clearly at an early disadvantage after that pre-bell barrage!


Hixx starts off by stomping the prone Prince! Circling one half of the tag champs with a series of targeted attacks to his head and neck!

BG: Blade and Hixx are absolutely vicious competitors!

Hixx grabs Adeyemi by the scruff of his neck, and starts dragging him back toward her team’s corner…

But, Adeyemi grits his teeth and shoves her into her own corner, creating space!

As Hixx hits the turnbuckle, Blade swats her shoulder to tag himself in…

Wait! Not just a tag, but a shove! Blade forces Hixx forward… She breaks into a sprint!

Before Adeyemi can pull himself back to his feet… WHAM! Hixx catches him with a running shining wizard! Adeyemi drops onto his back!

JC: Wow! The challengers have come in with a game plan, and they are executing it to perfection!

The official starts a count for Hixx to vacate the ring, but the challengers ignore the count… Instead, ripping Adeyemi off the mat! And each hooking him into a front face lock!


JC: WOW! If the champs want to keep the belts, they’ve got to find a way to fend off Blade and Hixx!

The official gets all the way to four of his five count… But Hixx quickly rolls backward out of the ring to break the count!

Blade meanwhile hooks the leg! The official drops to count!



Thr-Adeyemi kicks out!

Meanwhile, outside the ring, Kaye finally starts to stir to his feet after that initial blindside… Hixx catches Kaye aiming to re-enter the action, and runs around the apron, delivering an axe handle straight to the Notorious One’s back!

JC: The challengers refuse to let up for even a moment!

Hixx wraps her grip around Kaye’s arm, aiming to Irish whip him into the steel pole outside!

Hixx goes to huck Kaye!

But Kaye reverses, trying to Irish whip Hixx!

But the Amazon Hixx plants her feet! Kaye can’t move her an inch!

BG: Damn! Latoya Hixx is one of the strongest people in the XWF, gender be damned!

Hixx smiles as Kaye tugs with all his might, trying to overpower Latoya… To little avail!

Hixx charges, looking to surprise Ned with a clothesline!

But, quick as a wink, Kaye leaps…

AND CATCHES HIXX IN THE FACE WITH A NOTORIOUS KNEE! Hixx drops flat on her back to the outside!

JC: WOW! What a strike by Ned Kaye! Running more on reflex than anything, Kaye avoids sheer disaster!

Kaye, in one motion, leaps from the padded concrete, up to the apron! He grabs the tag rope and starts smacking on the turnbuckle!

Back inside the ring, Blade has scooped Adeyemi off the mat, and secures him in a rear waist lock…

BG: Blade looking to isolate Adeyemi further by dumping him flat on the back of his head!

Blade heaves Adeyemi up, looking for a back suplex…


JC: WOW! Catlike agility on display by the Prince!

Blade, anticipating Adeyemi’s counter, swings with a desperation discus back fist….

But Adeyemi ducks! And catches Razor under the arms, lifting him in the air…


JC: Oooooof!

Adeyemi immediately follows that attack with a NECKBREAKER! Blade cradles his skull, rolling onto his front!

JC: Incredible tenacity by the Crucible! In a few short moves, they’ve stepped right back from in major trouble into the driver’s seat!

BG: That right there is why they’re the tag team champions, JC!

Adeyemi flips Blade onto his back, going for a quick cover…

The official drops to count!



THR-KICKOUT! The American Nightmare forcefully shoves Adeyemi off, sitting up angrily!

Adeyemi takes the shove towards his own corner. The Prince extends his arm to his partner, Ned Kaye…

But from the outside, Hixx grabs Kaye by the ankle and HURLS HIM BACKFIRST ONTO THE PADDED CONCRETE!

BG: Ned’s knee might have given Hixx a bloody nose, but it also SERIOUSLY PISSED HRR OFF!

Adeyemi starts to crawl through the ropes to defend his partner… But from behind, Razor Blade chop blocks Adeyemi! The Prince drops to the mat, grabbing his knee in agony!

JC: Incredible. Blade and Hixx have had an answer every time it looks like Crucible is ready to go on the offensive!

BG: Exactly what they need to do, Jayce. Ned and Adeyemi have beaten some of the best teams in XWF history as tag champs. Hixx and Blade can’t afford to let them build up even a shred of momentum!

Blade mounts Adeyemi and starts launching haymakers to the back of Adeyemi’s head! The official starts a five-count, as Adeyemi is still tangled in the ropes!

Meanwhile, outside the ring, Hixx peels Kaye off the padded concrete, before hoisting him onto her shoulders in powerbomb position!

JC: Ned Kaye in no man’s land here!

Hixx prepares herself to throw Kaye down like a sack of potatoes!

…But Kaye gets his feet on the apron and desperately claws himself out of Hixx’s grip!

JC: Phew! Close call for the Notorious One!

Hixx spins around, trying to grab at Ned!

But Ned launches a mule kick from the apron, catching Hixx square in the jaw!

Hixx stutter-steps backwards, fazed…

As Ned leaps from the apron to the second rope!


Back inside the ring, Blade has secured Adeyemi in a front face lock! Blade drags a thumb across his throat, signaling for a big finish!

BG: Razor Blade, possibly looking for a Blade Rose!

Blade starts to tilt backwards…

But Adeyemi holds firm! He keeps his stance!

Blade grits his teeth, trying to brute force Adeyemi skull onto the mat!

Adeyemi, in a burst of strength, heaves blade up and over his shoulder! Back body drop!

Blade scoops himself off the mat, holding his aching back…

Just as Ned Kaye slides into the ring, and hits the American Nightmare with a sliding drop kick! Right to throat!

BG: This is EXACTLY what Hixx and blade were working to avoid! Kaye and Adeyemi being in position to deliver tandem offense!

Adeyemi and Kaye together drag Razor off the mat… They shove him back toward the ropes…

JC: Get the griddle ready, Brody! We might just see a two man flapjack!

As Blade rebounds off the ropes, Hixx rolls back into the ring behind Crucible!

Kaye and Prince both bend over, looking to launch Blade…



BG: Wow! Blade cleared that hurdle like an Olympian!

Surprised, Kaye and Adeyemi spin around…


Both Kaye and Prince drop to the mat… The Crowd rains down boos on both Hixx and Blade as nod at each other!

BG: This might be it! What an upset this would be!

Blade scoops Adeyemi off the mat, and holds the Prince’s arms behind his back! Blade barks at his partner in crime to finish it!

Hixx backs up toward the ropes! She calls for it!


But Prince ducks!


JC: Latoya Hixx has one of the most powerful kicks in all of wrestling!

BG: But not the most accurate one!

Blade flips to the mat!

Hixx gasps, shocked! She springs forward to make up for her mistake by attacking Prince…

But Kaye springs off the mat and acrobatically latches his legs around Hixx’s throat…



Meanwhile, Blade staggers backwards, bounces against the ropes…

And into Prince’s arms…


Hixx grasps at her throat, completely trapped in Kate’s submission hold…

As Prince hooks Blade’s leg!

The official counts!




Winner and STILL XWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - Ned Kaye and Prince Adeyemi

JC: Another successful defense for the tag team champs and these fellas don't look like they are ready to slow down either.

BG: Right you are JC!

JC:  Folks, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that for nearly two years Thaddeus Duke has waited for this moment to face Cypher in the middle of a ring anywhere!

BG:  It isn’t without precedent that Thaddeus Duke would score one for the bad guys in someone else’s ring, on someone else’s show, lining someone else’s pockets!

JC:  Nearly two years since the abduction of Frankie Duke and at long last that rivalry comes to a final head right here in the XWF!  Right here at The Revelry!

BG:  He’d be wise not to sell Cypher short!  You can say and think whatever you want about the hacker extraordinaire, but you can’t take nothing away from him!

JC:  I don’t think the Lionheart is in the business of taking anyone lightly, Brody!

BG:  Cypher is resourceful!  He’s seen many opponents and stared down many different match concepts and tonight, I believe Cypher is ready for whatever Thad will throw at him!

JC:  You’re not wrong!  Cypher is a lot of things but what many fail to realize is that he’s also pretty damn good despite his wicked ways!

JC:  And here he comes!

BG:  The Superior Design straight out of San Francisco!


CYPH3R walks out to the ramp, clad in ring gear matching that of Tamako Ito, who is proudly standing next to him. He smirks and drinks in the boos from the crowd as Linkin Park’s “LIES GREED MISERY” plays over the speakers. He looks at the crowd from underneath his hoodie, then whips the hood off as the chorus hits.

JC:  Accompanied tonight, at least temporarily, by Tamako Ito!

BG:  Whatever you wanna say, Jacuinde, Tamako believes in her man!

He confidently walks down the ramp, hand-in-hand with Tamako, who is beaming at the crowd despite their heat. They make their way to the apron and Tamako holds down the ropes for CYPH3R to enter. In the ring he slowly walks to the ropes and leans forward, looking out into the audience. Tamako claps furiously and then takes CYPH3R’s hoodie as he prepares for the match.

JC:  Confidence is king as Cypher patiently awaits the arrival of the Lionheart!

BG:  He’s kind of an ass the way he’s forever making everyone wait on him!

[Image: YQt000X.jpeg]

The lights inside the venue go pitch black for several seconds.  Soon, Duke’s dim gold mood lighting illuminates the ring only, as the massive steel chamber structure begins to lower to the ring accompanied by the strums of Rains of Castamere.

JC:  One last mind game from Duke to Cypher!

BG:  Tamako Ito was just escorted away from the ring and this ominous structure as hell awaits the two participants!

JC:  The Rains of Castamere!  The famed calling card of Duke Family revenge plots!

BG:  Cypher’s heard it before!

JC:  He’s not showing much emotion but you gotta believe his skin is crawling!

As the structure is secured and lowered around the ring, Cypher steps from the ring to the platform to check it out, learning that there’s zero give in the chain walls, zero give in the platformed floor.  Cutting backstage to just outside the Duke locker room…

As the theatrical version of Sweet Child plays, XWF security is about to knock on the locker room door, but it swings open before they can do it.  Out steps young Frankie Duke.  Behind him, Thaddeus and Lauren Duke walk hand in hand.  Behind them, Thad’s head of security, Big Cyrus Braddock, brings up the rear.

JG:  Matching white leather jackets for all four of them!

BG:  Duke no doubt paying homage to past wrestling greats!

The cameras follow the Duke’s through the backstage hallways.  The rainbow patterned Lionheart logo emblazoned on all four white leather jackets.  Their names across the bottom.  A tip of the cap to the Hart Foundation faction of decades past.  The Duke’s disappear through the curtains containing the Gorilla Position as Sweet Child fades out and we cut back to ringside.

Gold and white strobing lights pick up in the arena along with the legendary opening Hart Attack guitar riff to a massive roar from the XWF Universe.

JC:  New York’s favorite son!  The legendary Lionheart, Thaddeus Duke!

BG:  With his beautiful darling wife and idiot kid!

JC:  And that mountain of a man known as Cyrus Braddock!

The old school star shell pyro pops and pops and pops over the aisle way as the Duke’s make their way to the ring.  Braddock stays close to Frankie while Frankie and his father greet ringside fans as they near the ringside area.  The Duke’s stop and Sahara removes Thad’s jacket.  The couple exchanges words briefly before Thad turns his attention to his adopted teenage son.  Placing his forehead against that of Frankie’s, Thad says some unintelligible words before giving the boy a light and playful fatherly slap on his cheek.  The family retreats toward the entrance way to make their exit as Thad trains his eyes on Cypher.

Climbing the steps to the opened chamber door, Thad steps inside and pulls the door shut behind him, holding it closed as XWF officials chain and padlock it shut.

JC:  No one enters, no one leaves!

BG:  It’s not a match for the faint of heart!

JC:  The confines of the Lion’s Den ensures that no one from either side of the equation can interfere!  No matter the outcome, whomever goes to victory tonight will have earned it the hard way!

Thaddeus Duke steps through the ropes and the referee immediately calls for the bell as the five minute timer for the first weapons pod begins.

- vs -
Thaddeus Duke
-Lion’s Den Match-

Cypher leans against a corner as Thad approaches the center of the ring.  The Universe is in an uproar as these two men are about to lock horns for the first time ever.  Cypher shows no emotion while Thad has the slightest of smiles.  Cy vacates the corner and approaches Thad in the center.  He begins to run his mouth briefly but it was a ploy to send an open handed slap to the face of the Lionheart.

JC:  You can honestly feel this tension, Brody!

BG:  I don’t know if that was a smart move from Cyper though!  That kinda thing really pisses people off!

JC:  I got a feeling Cypher knows exactly what he’s doing!

Thad rubs his face for a brief moment and nods before looking at Cypher and mouthing ‘thank you.’  Thad leaps forward, tackling Cypher to the mat.  He pops his body from the mat, trapping Cypher in a headlock before sending a closed right fist repeatedly into Cypher face and head to a cheer from the Universe here at The Revelry.

BG:  Counter!

JC:  Two annnd NO!

BG:  That was definitely a smart move from Cypher!

JC:  He had no other choice!  Duke had him trapped in that headlock and was quite literally trying to make mincemeat out of his face!

Thad gets back to his feet and Cypher soon follows.  Thad looks down at his hand revealing swollen and bloodied knuckles.  A cut is revealed on Cypher’s cheekbone below his left eye.  Duke immediately takes Cypher back to the mat with a headlock take down, but Cypher headscissors Thad’s head to escape.  Duke kips up out of the headscissor back to his feet.  Cypher climbs back to his feet quickly and goes for a hiptoss on an advancing Duke.  Thad’s agility allows him to twist and land on his feet and take Cypher down with an arm drag which he quickly transitions to an arm bar with his knee strategically placed behind Cypher’s neck.  Cypher tries to find an avenue for escape but none are apparent.

JC:  This is what happens when you skip mat wrestling days in wrestling school and find yourself going head to head with a technical mastermind!

BG:  Wipe the drool from your chin, Jacuinde!  Or is that Thad’s…

JC:  Enough, Brody!

BG:  I thought this was supposed to be some brutal match, Jacuinde!  Instead its turning into a wrestling clinic.  What changed!?

JC:  The first pod hasn’t even opened yet, Brody!  I’m positive we’ll get there before this is all over with!

Unable to escape from the armbar, Cypher’s only choice is to try and twist his hips and send a kick toward Thad’s head.  Despite seeing it coming, Thad doesn’t shield himself, instead he just tilts his head away allowing Cypher’s kicks to impact his shoulder.  Thad finally releases the armbar as the buzzer sounds for the first pod.

JC:  Here we go!

BG:  The first pod is now opened and this match will truly get underway!

Thad gets to his feet and backs away a few steps.  He leans down, waiting for Cypher to get up under his own power.  Cypher remains on the mat and beats the hell out of his own left arm to get the blood flowing again.  Climbing back to his feet, Cypher spies Thad standing a few feet away and lunges.  Thad though side steps then lifts Cypher up, turns and drops him back first across his own knee in a devastating backbreaker.  Cypher remains bent across Thad’s knee until Thad shoves him off.

Duke stands and looks toward the opened weapons pod.  Advancing toward it, he steps through the ropes to the steel platform.  He takes a long look inside the pod, then looks back at Cypher, then back inside the pod.

JC:  I can’t see what weapons are hidden within that pod, but what will Thaddeus Duke choose first!

BG:  This match is fixin’ to pick up now, Jacuinde!

JC:  What!?

BG:  Oh come on!

JC:  It seems as if Thaddeus Duke is using his newfound GM powers to order the pod locked!

The hesitation from Duke and the ensuing conversation with the outside official allowed Cypher time to recover.  As Thad finishes the conversation with the official, he returns his attention toward the ring and his opponent.  Unfortunately for him, Cypher is mid air after springing off the top rope.  He delivers a missile style dropkick to the Lionheart.  Duke is forced backward where he collides back first with the chain wall of the chamber striking the back of his head off the steel chain.  He winces and grabs the back of his head as he falls forward to his knees.

Back on his feet after taking a hard impact on the structure platform, Cypher finds his prone enemy.  He hurries and sends a hard kick into Thad’s upper chest.  Then a second.  And a third.  A fourth.  So on.

JC:  Some separation now between Cypher and Thaddeus Duke!  Desperately needed here as Cypher was getting schooled in the ways of mat wrestling!

BG:  Do you even hear yourself?  That man’s dick is so far down your throat that you’re using his ball hair as floss.

JC:  I call the matches as I see them, Brody!  Nothing more!

Unaware that the pod was relocked, Cypher attempts to open the pod to no avail.  Looking down at the outside official, Cypher demands he unlock it.  The official refuses and Cypher takes a bit of a temper tantrum as he frustratingly sends some kicks into the bulletproof glass pod.

Returning his attention to Thaddeus Duke, Cypher sees that he’s on all fours.  A smile creases the lips of the Superior Design briefly as he rushes forward, uses Thad’s own shoulder as a springboard to leap high into the air with an attempted curb stomp.  Seemingly out of nowhere, as Cypher ascends toward the heavens, Thad pops back to his feet.  He grabs Cypher just as his descent begins and power bombs him to the steel platform.

JC:  What a counter!

BG:  Cypher made a big mistake!  He let Thaddeus Duke’s cowardice get him distracted!  That allowed Duke just enough time to find his bearings and now Cypher pays for it!

JC:  Cover!  Twwooooo and NO!

BG:  Cypher barely kicked out there!  The impact of that power bomb on the platform had to have put his whole brain in a dense fog!

JC:  Nevertheless, this match rolls on!

After Cypher’s kick out, Thad remains a little groggy from his head hitting the wall earlier.  He remains on all fours as he crawls toward the ring apron and spills himself over the bottom rope and onto his back on the ring mat surface.

While not unconscious, Cypher is most certainly on dream street from the impact he took.  Nevertheless, he rolls to his side and begins to will himself to his hands and knees.  Looking for Thad, he notices him flat on his back and that gives him a little motivation.  Using the ropes to aid him, he begins to get to his feet and enter the ring.  Thad on the other hand, gets to his feet in short order and grabs Cypher in a front facelock.  Cypher tries to fight out of it but Thad’s grip is too strong as he pulls him toward the center of the ring leaving his ankle hung up on the middle rope.  Thad waits, then plants Cypher head first with a vicious DDT as the buzzer for pod number two sounds.

BG:  Pod number two is opened!

JC:  But we got a coverrrr twoooo and NO!

BG:  Cypher kicks out and… AW WHAT THE HELL!?

JC:  Much like the first pod, it appears now that Thad is ordering the second pod to be closed and relocked!

BG:  I don’t understand his gameplan, Jacuinde!  This is a Lion’s Den match with timed weapons pods yet he’s using his general manager authority to keep them locked!

JC:  Maybe at the end of the day, he doesn’t have the heart to brutally destroy someone he once considered a friend!

BG:  Weakness!  Weakness will get you beat in this business!

JC:  I don’t see it as a weakness, Brody!  I see it simply as mercy!  And further, perhaps Thaddeus Duke is satisfied simply by the methodical dissection of the Superior Design!

BG:  Whatever the reason, we were sold a bill of goods and he’s refusing to deliver on that promise!

Thad gets back to his feet and grabs a handful of Cypher’s hair, pulling him to his feet.  Duke backs him up then sends him hard into the corner.  The impact causes Cypher to bounce iff the turnbuckles by a couple of steps before he hits his knees.  Thad closes in on him, helps him back to his feet and sends him hard into the far side corner.  Cypher impacts and immediately drops face first to the mat while clutching the small of his back.

Cypher begins to inch away from the corner as Thad starts to stalk him like prey.  As Cypher nears the center of the ring, Thad steps on his ankle, halting Cypher’s advancement.  Reaching down, Thad spins Cypher onto his back and lifts both ankles and steps through as if he’s about to twist him into a pretzel with a Sharpshooter.  After he steps through, Thad looks around at the adoring masses and changes his mind.  He steps back out then drops a headbutt into Cypher’s groin sending him writhing in pain and rolling in agony on the mat.

BG:  That clock is ticking down, but the way I see it, Cypher needs to be in control of the match when it opens.  Otherwise, you and I both know that Thaddeus Duke, drunk with power, is gonna have the next pod locked again too!

JC:  He’s not drunk with power Brody!  He’s simply having a normal bout inside a structure in which Cypher can not escape him!

BG:  Well, whatever you wanna call it Jacuinde, I think it’s bullshit!

JC:  You gotta admire the prowess though no matter what you think about the pods!  Thaddeus Duke has slowly been working his way down Cypher’s entire body.  His head, his back and now he begins working on the educated feet of the Superior Design!

Thad continues to work the legs of Cypher, lifting his legs and driving his knees hard into the mat surface.  Lifting Cypher from the mat, Thad grabs a leg and takes him back down with a dragon screw leg whip before rolling back to his feet, still with Cypher’s ankle in hand.  Quickly, he begins to apply a figure four leglock.  As Thad turns his back, Cypher takes quick advantage and drives his free leg straight into the rainbow colored Lionheart logo on Thad’s rear.  The kick causes Thad to stumble forward and smash his head off the middle turnbuckle in the corner.

Duke stands, stumbles backward a step or two, then falls to the mat and clutches the side of his head.

BG:  Come on Cypher!  That pod is about to open!

JC:  Under a minute left!

BG:  And you know damn well if Thad is upright and aware, he’s gonna order that thing locked as soon as it’s unlocked!  Stupid dickhead!

Cypher wills himself to an upright vertical position as the pod timer dips below twenty seconds.  He debates for a moment in his head whether he wants to try and inflict more damage to Thaddeus Duke or if he wants to go directly for the pod.

BG:  There ya go, Cypher!

JC:  Thaddeus remains on the mat and Cypher heads for the pod that’s about to open!

BG:  Finally!  At least one of these two are willing to fulfill the promise we were given!

JC:  And there it goes!

Cypher steps through the ropes just as the buzzer sounds to open pod number three.  The outside official goes to unlock the pod but drops the keys, inciting rage from Cypher.  The official picks up the keys and starts to unlock the pod but Thaddeus Duke is back to his feet.  As he nears the corner, he grabs a handful of Cypher’s hair and yanks him backward before delivering an inverted suplex to the Superior Design, bringing him back inside the ring.

BG:  Son of a bitch!

JC:  As with the two pods prior, Thaddeus Duke is ordering the third pod to be relocked!

BG:  I just don’t understand, Jacuinde!

JC:  Some parents don’t!

BG:  …

Thad enters the ring, again stalking Cypher like prey as he allows him to get back to his feet under his own power.  Cypher is slow to get up though.  He’s been run ragged by Duke and has very little in his repertoire compared to his opponent.  Still though, he refuses to give in and let defeat take him.  He refuses to be put down before he can mount and sustain an offensive comeback.

Finally he wills himself to his feet.  With a defiant look on his face, he begs Thad to bring it on.  Duke though, is happy to oblige.  As Thad nears Cypher, Cypher throws a thumb right into his previously injured eye that immediately sends Duke reeling away.

BG:  Here’s your chance, kid!  Stay on the son of a bitch!

JC:  Cypher!  With the separation now that he’s so desperately needed throughout this matchup!

With an adrenaline rush, Cypher charges forward and delivers a knee lift to the currently visionless Thaddeus Duke.  Cypher backs away as Duke doubles over slightly.  Cypher advances forward again and leaps, grapevining his legs on Thad’s arms before floating over and planting Duke with a DDT!  Unwilling to give up this momentum that he’s building, Cypher quickly lays in some stomps and kicks as Duke fights back to his feet.  Cypher continues to wail on him and eventually backs him up against the ropes.  Cypher goes for an Irish Whip, but Thad reverses and sends Cypher to the ropes instead.

On the rebound, Thad ducks down and Cypher telegraphs by sliding to his back and sends a thrust into Thad’s throat.  Duke gets rocked and stumbles backward into the ropes.  Cypher gets back to his feet and bounces off the far side ropes.  Just as he nears Thad, Duke ducks down and lifts Cypher up, sending him way up and over the top rope.  The Superior Design crashes hard back first against the steel grated floor.

JC:  The battle rages on now as we’re just about a minute or so away from the final pod potentially being unlocked here tonight at The Revelry!

BG:  He was doing so well but I guess maybe he was over confident that last time.

Still nursing his eye, Thad steps through the ropes to the platform and grabs a handful of Cypher’s hair.  Pulling him to his feet, Thad delivers a snap suplex to Cypher taking him down hard to the steel grated platform surface.  He kicks his legs over and begins to get back to his feet, bringing Cypher with him.

JC:  A second snap suplex from Thad to Cypher!

BG:  You’re really showing your third grade math level, genius!

JC:  And a third!  The Three Amigos now complete!

BG:  But that impact!  Maybe it didn’t take as much from Duke as it did Cypher, but it still took a chunk!

Both men remain down but not for long.  Thaddeus Duke shakes the impact from his back and gets back to his feet.  Advancing toward the corner, he scales the turnbuckles and perches himself on the top.

JC:  The Lionheart!  The high rent district isn’t exclusive enough!  He wants the penthouse level!

BG:  And Cypher hasn’t budged since the three amigos!

Thad climbs to the top of the weapons pod and stands vertically as the crowd comes to life.  He leaps as the final buzzer sounds…

JC:  Shooting star press!

BG:  NO!




BG:  Pod 4 is now open and Thaddeus Duke can’t do anything about it!

JC:  Make no mistake!  From that height, there’s no way Cypher still didn’t take a lot of damage!

After the impact with Cypher’s knees, Duke careens off and writhes in pain while clutching his midsection.  Cypher meanwhile, rolls to his stomach and crawls toward the chain wall and uses the wall to pull himself to his feet.  He looks down at Thad then over at the opened pod.


JC:  I’m not sure if he’s 100% aware of where he is right now!

Letting go of the wall, Cypher stumbles forward and falls to his hands and knees but keeps his eyes on the prize as he crawls toward the pod.  As he nears it, a roar erupts from the crowd as Thaddeus Duke, clutches his ribs with one hand and Cypher’s ankle with the other.

Cypher then sends his free leg back, kicking Duke in his head.  Then another.  Cypher flips to his back and sends another boot right into Thad’s face, forcing him to break his grip.  Cypher wills himself to his feet and heads toward the pod.  Thad though is right behind him.  Just as Cypher enters the pod, Thad palms his head, sticking his fingers in Cypher’s nostrils and yanks backward.

Cypher’s neck is momentarily wrenched back but he resorts to his only recourse.

JC:  Mule kick!

BG:  Atta boy Cypher!

JC:  Oh he’s gonna feel that one for a minute!

BG:  He doesn’t need anymore bastard kids anyway!

After the lowblow, Thad staggers back and doubles over.  Cypher is free to grab a weapon, choosing a steel chair.  He turns and immediately wraps the steel around Duke’s head.  Thad is seemingly out on his feet as he staggers backward.  Cypher drives the steel hard into Thad’s midsection, doubling him over once more.  Cypher raises his upper body vertically then smashes the chair over his skull.  Thad stands there, out on his feet for a moment, before collapsing onto his back on the steel grated platform.

JC:  SICK!  That was a sickening shot with the chair, Brody!

BG:  And I don’t feel bad for him at all, Jacuinde!  He’s the one that wanted this match in the first place!

JC:  Oh he’s busted open!

BG:  Lion’s do bleed red after all!

JC:  Even in his brownish hair, you can see the crimson spilling out!

Cypher removes the twisted and bent steel chair from the equation and grabs a fresh one.  Despite being nailed repeatedly with the chair, there's still fight in the Lionheart.  He looks to be barely conscious though as he rolls to his side and crawls away by a few steps.  Rolling again, he ends up with his back resting against the chain wall as Cypher closes in.

JC:  Don’t do it Cypher!

BG:  Don’t listen to him!  Go for the kill!



Cypher successfully delivered a one man con-chair-to with Thad’s head rested against the wall.  The Superior Design relishes his moral victory before tossing the chair into the ring and refocusing his attention on Thad.  He grabs a handful of Duke’s blood soaked mane and pulls him to his feet before easily tossing him back into the ring.

Cypher follows him in and goes for the win.


BG:  Duke kicked out!

JC:  I don’t know how and I’m not sure if it should, but this match does continue!

BG:  He’s really stupid for a man with considerable past concussion issues!

JC:  Well he’s always had bigger balls than he did brains!  Cypher remains in control of this match and it might take divine intervention from God himself to turn the tide again!

BG:  Oh it’s all but over, man!  Duke is running on pure instinct right now.  As soon as Cypher finishes off his instincts, this one is done for!

Somehow, some way, Thaddeus Duke, who should be out cold, is willing himself back to a vertical base.  Slowly but surely he gets there and Cypher is in no hurry to help him out.  Blood streams down Thad’s face as he slowly turns to figure out where Cypher is.  Just as Thad finds him…

DG:  BOOM!  Headshot!

JC:  Cypher!  With a superkick on Duke and he quickly hooks the leg!  ONE!  TWOOOOO!


JC:  Duke kicks out again!

Cypher is momentarily frustrated at the count, pleading with the referee.  Returning his attention to the task at hand, Cypher pulls Thad back to his feet and lifts his mostly limp body onto his shoulders.

BG:  Come on Cypher!  You got him!

JC:  If he hits this, it’s definitely over!


JC:  Cypher hooks the leg!  ONE!  TWOOO!  ANNNND…



BG:  What the hell does it take to put him down and keep him down, Jacuinde!?  Lesser men were done ten minutes ago!

JC:  He didn’t get his legend status by being an easy out, Brody!  It takes everything you got in the tank to beat him!

Cypher is stunned that his GTS didn’t put Thad away.  Running out of ammunition, Cypher gets to his feet and pulls his own hair in a moment of frustration.  Getting back to his feet, he pulls Thad slowly back to his.  One more time, Cypher hoists Thad onto his shoulders.  He tosses him off for another GTS, but Thad lands on his feet and catches Cypher’s knee to a huge pop.  Thad throws Cypher’s leg causing him to spin.  Cypher tries to counter with a lariat but Duke ducks beneath and charges for the ropes.  In the rebound, Cypher turns to find him but gets clobbered with a lariat that turns him inside out!

Thad lays on the mat for a moment then rolls Cypher over and leans against him.

JC:  Cypher went to the well one too many times and it cost him!

BG:  Duke with the cover!

JC:  TWOOOO ANNNND!  No!  Cypher kicks out!

Thad slowly gets back to his feet as he’s beginning to clear the cobwebs.  Reaching down, he grabs Cypher by his hair and pulls him to his feet.  Lifting Cypher off his feet, Thad drops him on his knee with an inverted atomic drop.  Thad stands upright as Cypher nurses himself.  Duke grabs his wrist and sends him into the ropes.  On the rebound, Thad lifts him, spins and drives him back first onto the chair from earlier with a crisp Double A spinebuster before hooking the leg!



JC:  It’s only a two count and this match rolls on!

BG:  But how much do either of these two have left!?

Thad slowly gets back to his feet.  With his face covered in blood and dripping onto his chest, he exits the ring and heads for the opened weapons pod.  Insie, he retrieves two sawhorses and tosses them into the ring before following them in just to set them up appropriately.

Once complete, he heads back outside and into the weapons pod.  Meanwhile Cypher has managed to roll to his stomach and begin his slow ascent to his feet.  Back on the outside, Thad drags a long, thick pane of glass from inside and cautiously drags it into the ring before laying it across the sawhorses before turning his attention to Cypher who has now made it to his feet, but is slumped chest first in the corner.

JC:  I don’t know what his intentions are, Brody, but I can promise you they’re not good for either of them!

BG:  Any time you introduce REAL GLASS it tends to get peoples dander up!

JC:  This is the XWF Brody!  None of the weapons are gimmicked!

Grabbing Cypher from behind, Thad lifts him up and sets him down not so gently on the turnbuckle.  Thad follows him up and appears to be attempting a German suplex from the top rope, but survival instincts kick in and Cypher throws an elbow in the side of Thad's head that stuns him instantly.  Not really wanting to go through a makeshift glass table, Cypher throws a few more elbows into Thad’s head until Thad teeters and falls harlessly to the mat just a step or two away from the glass pane.

Cyper eyes Thad and appears to measure him for something before thinking about it a little bit longer.  Like Thad earlier, Cypher climbs atop the weapons pod.  Thad though is climbing the turnbuckles to chase after him.

Cypher lets out an audible “FUCK!” as he sees Thad giving chase.  Just as Thad’s head pops up over the edge of the pod structure, Cypher sends a stomp into his head.  He doesn’t fall, but it sure as shit stops his ascent.  Cypher falls to his knees and punches Thad several times in his head.  Still, Thad won’t fall.  Cypher lays flat on his chest and grabs a handful of Thad’s hair before repeatedly driving his head into the glass pod structure.


Thad maintains his precarious grip on the side of the pod.

Frustrated, Cypher begins pulling Thad by force onto the top of the pod then begins to pull him to his feet.  Thad though has other plans as he sends his arm up between Cypher’s legs.

JC:  Bookended!

BG:  That was cheap!

JC:  Cypher mule kicked him in the nuts earlier but then it was okay!?  Unreal!

BG:  Well that was different!  I want Cypher to win!

Cypher is stunned and doubled over, but still on his feet as Thad takes a moment to get upright and recuperate a little lost energy.  Rather than do anything with Cypher so close to the edge, Thad leans and waits.  Slowly, and with his hands busy nursing his groin, Cypher turns to face Thad.  Duke though, charges forward, driving his head and shoulder into Cypher’s midsection.




JC:  We might need some medics out here!

Thad used a spear to send both he and Cypher from the top of the pod and crashing through the makeshift glass table way down in the middle of the ring.  The impact sends shards of glass and blood from both men flying.  Cypher appears broken in half as Thad slowly manages to drape an arm over Cypher.



JC:  CYPHER KICKED OUT!  Wait!  What’s this!?

Young Frankie Duke with Big Cyrus Braddock hot on his heels, runs to the ring from backstage.  As he appears at ringside, he asks the referee to open the chamber door before calling for his dad but Thad doesn’t answer.  The referee refuses to allow entry which enrages Cyrus Braddock.  With little to no warning, Cy gut punches the official and proceeds to power bomb him on the floor.

JC:  I don’t know what the meaning of all this is, but Cyrus Braddock just delivered the Lion’s Justice to the official and is now trying to find the key to the padlock!

BG:  Somebody in the back better get that kid the hell out of here before Cypher gets up and gives that boy what his daddy shoulda done years ago and give him an ass whoopin.

JC:  Braddock has managed to unlock the chamber and young Frankie is inside!

BG:  Nows your chance, Cypher!  I don’t even care if you lose, just knock that kid out with your headshot!

Getting to his knees, Thad only just now noticed Frankie in the ring.  Angrily, he shouts at Frankie to get the hell to the back.  Frankie pleads with him for a moment before handing him a white envelope.

JC:  What is that!?

BG:  I don’t know, but the kid is pointing at Cypher!

Speaking of Cypher, he’s begun to stir amid the glass debris while Thad opens the envelope and peruses its contents.  Thad looks at Cypher and back at Frankie, then back and forth another time.

“What do you want me to do?” Thad calls to Frankie.

“Just end it,” he replied.

Thad hands the envelope back to his son and Frankie vacates the ring.  Fighting to his feet, Thad turns his attention to Cypher who has managed to somehow get somewhat vertical.  Cypher puts his hands up instinctively, but he’s just about out on his feet.  Thad stands there for a few seconds before flashing the ‘I love you’ hand gesture to Cypher.

The Superior Design pants and winces.  He’s out of breath and in pain.  Noticing the hand gesture, Cypher nods once.  Then…


JC:  Heat Seeker from the Lionheart!

BG:  That’s it!


Winner - Thaddeus Duke

JC:  This one is over but I gotta tell you, I’m at a complete loss over what just transpired here at the end.

BG:  Cypher is in a bad way here, Jacuinde.  And I’m not saying that as the color guy, man.

JC:  No, I know what you’re saying.  That spill from the top of the chamber, crashing through that table… It was a miracle he could even get up after that.

The Lion’s Den is quickly raised from the ring as medics rush the ring.  Thaddeus Duke sits quietly in the corner with a somber look on his face.  The crowd pops briefly amid the quiet as Universal Champion Sebastian Everett-Bryce emerges from backstage.  He quickly makes his way to the ring and begins chirping in Thad’s ear.

Duke looks in his direction for just a moment and rolls from the ring as EMT’s begin placing Cypher on the stretcher.  The medics begin to wheel him up the aisle with a banged up Thaddeus Duke and the Universal Champion Seb Bryce helping them do it.

JC:  Brody, for as much as you complained about Thad keeping the pods locked, maybe you see why now.

BG:  If that was just a glimpse, a small taste of what a Lion’s Den match is Jacuinde… then… maybe it was mercy after all.

JC:  Folks we likely won’t have any updates on Cypher’s physical well being tonight but hopefully by Warfare in two weeks we’ll have some answers.  That said, Thaddeus Duke is victorious here tonight as he notches the 75th win of his illustrious career.

BG:  The saga between the Duke’s and Cypher has reached its shattering conclusion tonight at The Revelry.

JC:  Using Thad’s own words, Cypher is square with the house again.

JC: What an unbelievable night thus far, this crowd in the secluded Bohemian Grove are partying like it’s a rock concert to this action- and it’s only going to get more extreme from here.

BG: The XTreme Championship on the line here tonight, and the champion? He’s one to me that has the killer quads to make this run to the briefcase a possibility.

JC: Bulk Logan, the champion tonight faces a most formidable champion in Corey Black. Corey Black of course won this very championship a few months ago from Bobby Bourbon. Only to suffer the 24/7 pin slip up. He’s back now at The Revelry to challenge Bulk Logan, and I’m expecting this to be one helluva fight!

The crushing sound of Slayer's "Raining Blood" blasts over the speakers, sending the crowd in attendance into a fit. Headbanging, horns in the air, the whole nine. They scream out the lyrics as on the stage emerges Corey Black bathed in a white light, red ones circle the arena, wearing a hooded black denim vest that has metal band patches all over it. Corey stands at the top of the ramp, looking out into the frenzy, nodding his approval. He makes his way down the ramp, taking his time to survey the carnage around him and get himself a good look at the ring before him. As he reaches it, Corey slides in under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, unleashing a roar and throwing the devil horns into the air toward the hard cam. He takes the vest off and drops it to ringside before heading to his corner and crouching down, waiting for the match to begin.

BG: Corey Black is looking very intense here!

JC: And the energy in this crowd has shifted as a result of his presence. It almost feels like a wolves den out in these woods here tonight.

BG: But here comes a man who can turn that around!

The lights suddenly dim and Bulk's theme hits the speakers.

Bulk Logan stomps from the back with an American Flag over his shoulder. XTreme Championship shining from around his waist. The crowd's reaction is immediately split. But there was an initial large roar for Bulk.

JC: These fans here in The Grove seem to want to get behind Logan, but they’re still unsure

BG: Just give it time, Bulk is going to prove here tonight why he’s ready to carry that Xtreme Title to new heights.

Bulk seems unfazed by the negative reactions as he strides down the ramp. He acknowledges only the cheering fans, offering them nods and smiles of appreciation.

As he approaches the ring, his steps are steady and confident. Bulk occasionally slaps hands with fans reaching out from the cheering fans.

Upon reaching the ring, Bulk ascends the steps and enters between the ropes. He takes a moment to stand in the center of the ring, looking around at the cheering fans, soaking in their support and repaying it with some playful posturing. Circling his hand around his ear before raising the championship up and flexing his arms.

Corey  Black stands in the corner, cracking his neck, when Logan acts as if he’s only just noticed Corey. Turning and acknowledging him with a point. Bulk hands the XTreme Championship to the ref and turns back to his corner.

X-treme Rules

The bell rings, and Corey Black rises from his corner, looking unimpressed with Bulk. He slowly approaches and goes for an open-hand slap, showing disrespect.

JC: Corey Black made it very clear how little he thinks of Bulk Logan in the lead up to this match

He slaps Bulk and shoves his chest mocking the champion, and slaps him again - but Bulk catches Corey’s hand and starts shaking his head, brerating Corey Black,

BG:But Bulk Logan told Corey Black that he was going to show him the power of Bulkimania- looks like Corey Black is about to find out

Corey goes to pull away, but Bulks strong grip whips Black into the ropes, and on the rebound he eats THE BIG BOOT FROM LOGAN!

JC: A SHOCKING and sudden turn of events here at The Revelry. Bulk Logan has just downed Corey Black only moment into this match.

BG: And Logan is BULKING UP!

Logan flexes with all of the might of Bulkimania, the little Bulkseters in the crowd pumping him up as he turns his ear to the audience. He hits the ropes, sizes Black up and LEG DROP OF DOOM


The crowd is let down.

Corey Black rolls out of the way just in time as Bulk only smacks the canvas. Black is still shaking the cobwebs from the big boot, looking stunned by the attack. As Bulk stands, Corey punces on him from behind. A series of clubbing forearm blows to Logan’s back, pushing Logan near the ropes. A well placed elbow smash to Logan’s temple sends him falling between the ropes and falling onto the apron. Just as he stands, Black is spearing Logan through the ropes and onto the floor.

JC: And just as quickly as it appeared Bulk Logan had this match sewn up, Corey Black has turned things on it’s head

BG: Logan really had the crowd there with him for a moment, that might’ve been his best shot to win them over for good

JC: Looks like he has more things to worry about than the fans- this assault by Corey Black is ruthless!

Corey is already lifting, and throwing Bulk back down, this time with a German Suplex into the steel ring steps. The two piece stair set explodes, leaving one side laying near the fan railing. He lifts Logan again and whips him into the fail railing. Logan went backfirst, with his arms now open and draped along the railing. Black forces Logan’s head under his arm, plants a foot on the piece of the steps ne the railing, another foot on the railing while stepping up and lifts. He only stands fully on the railing long enough to lift Bulk all the way up in this pecurli fishermans lifet before-


The fisherman brainbuster from the railing and onto the steel steps. Bulk Logan is in a bad way! The crowd pops loud as Corey goes for the cover in the XTreme Rules contest.




And Black can’t believe it. He tries lifting Logan again, but Bulkimanaia is fighting back. He puts Corey in a side headlock and begins leading him with punches along the way, to an extreme scoop slam on the hard dirt of this outdoor venue. Corey sits up, groaning in pain crawling forward and starting to stand when Logan then rakes his large hands across Corey’s back. Leaving welts. Corey stumbles forward in pain, closing his eyes, as Bulk follows behind. Pushing Corey face first into the steel turnbuckle.

JC: Neither of these men are really the types to bend the rules, but in this contest, all is legal

BG: Bulk Logan even expressed some trepidation about competing in this type of an environment, but he appears to be thriving. Bulkimanaia is running wild here tonight in Monte Rio!

The shot to the steel ring post was devastating, so much so that Corey Black appears to be lacerated above the eyebrow. But Bulk shows no quarter for the challenger tonight. He has Black line up, leaning on the ring post, a bloody mess. BIG PUNCH!


JC: Bulk Logan may have just broken his hand!

Logan hollers out in pain, but Corey who just dodged his punch goes for a running elbow. Logan spins his body this time, leaving Black stopping short just of the ring apron. The two men lock horns at ringside, pushing and repositioning each other along the apron, taking shots where they can land and trying to gain an advantage. An elbow strike to Bulk’s forehead jars him, but a follow up Big Punch! Get’s countered when Corey throws up his elbow to block it. Leaving Bulks already hurt hand punching directly into Corey’s bone- which might as well felt like he was punching steel again.

Bulk again is left grasping his hand, shouting in pain, and Black takes full advantage. A well placed superkick flattens Bulkimania along the apron. Corey rolls the big man back into the ring and goes back to work. Another German Suplex, this time into the turnbuckle softens Bulk Logan up. He picks the champion up gain, and now an exploder suplex into the turnbuckle.

JC: This is getting out of hand!

And now another exploder into the turnbuckle!

Corey Black goes for the pin

JC: Black doesn’t even feel that he needs to use one of his trademark elbows to finish this match-


BG: I told you, Corey Black doesn’t respect Logan at all


JC: Well he might want to start revising that perspective! Because not only has Bulk Logan kicked out- HE’S BULKING UP AGAIN!

Logan looks pissed, his face as red as the blood still spewing from Black’s nose. He’s flexing, standing to his feet. The crowd is going wild. Corey is attacking with strikes, but nothing is phasing Logan. He grabs Corey’s arm and whips him into the ropes, so hard that Corey flips over the top, and smacks onto the apron. Logan is still going crazy, circling around to each section of the fans, listening to the Bulkimaniacs. He charges Corey stands, BIG BOOT FROM THE APRON!

Corey flattens on the ground, as Logan steps onto the apron just above. He looks down at Corey, realizing the positon he’s in. Logan looks to the crowd, his eyes wide, he looks down at Black again. Logan steps back a few feet, and runs along the apron. The fans going wild!


But the floor is all Logan found!

JC: Black just barely able to escape there!

BG: It’s a good thing for him! That would’ve been the end of Corey Black

Logan is in a bad way on the floor, With Corey Black stirring now beside him. Corey unleashes with a flurry of elbow strikes, but Bulk Logan returns a nasty looking headbutt. He turns Corey Black around and delivers a painful looking atomic drop.

JC: Back and forth this match has gone, but Bulk Logan isn’t done yet!

Just as Black is stamping away in pain from the atomic drop, Logan tracks him down and, SCOOP SLAM ON THE RING STEPS!

Lifting the 5’10” Black again took a lot out of Logan who also fell over after delivering the move. Both men are down on the outside. Logan, short of breath and stil favoring his hand begins to stand, just as Corey is slipping to the floor fomr his mangled positioning laying across the steps. Logan lifts Black up, prepared to roll him under the ropes, but Corey counters and instead whips Logan now into the steel ring post. Black falls to his knees after whipping Logan, as Bulk collapses after smashing into the post. Corey looks to seize the opportunity. Struggles at first, but is able to push the big man under the bottom ropes and back into the ring.

Corey labors for a moment and begins to ascend to the top of the turnbuckle. Carefully balancing himself and sizing Logan up. Logan is lying flat in the center of the ring, blood beginning to spill from his forehead. Corey grins and leaps

Mjolnir’s Smite!

Corey leaps with the diving elbow aimed for Logan’s face.


The boot connects to Corey’s jaw midflight causing hims to crash and burn. Logan struggles to his feet, but is still carried by the portion of te Bulkimaniacs who are still with him. He sizes Black up again



But before Logaan can even leap in the air for his leg drop, Black explodes from the mat, tackling Logan and unleashing a series of hellish elbow strikes to the head. Corey relents for a moment, standing above Logan who only barely climbs to both knees.

JC: Sacrifice to Mimir!

The crushing elbow strike to the back og Logan’s head flattens him face first into the mat.

Corey falls to his knees, exhausted, before falling on Logan.





As Corey celebrates with the Xtreme Championship, Logan rolls out of the ring, his head sunk in shame as the little Bulkimaniacs begin booing him now. While in the ring, Corey Black reigns supreme in victory.

JC: And now the moment we've all been waiting for...tonights main event!!!

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Zenorus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. As the orchestra dies down, vines creep from around the edges of the curtain, and rose petals begin to fall around the arena. Then, on the entrance of the choir in the music, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

"Making his way to the ring, from Minneapolis MN, weighing in at 270 lbs; he is The Catalyst, DIONYSUS!"

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up, awaiting his opponent.

JC: Dionysus is really testing himself tonight here, taking on our Universal Champion at his special show!

BG: It might be his show JC but these are Bryce’s rules here tonight! Falls count anywhere, and that’s across all 2700 acres of Bohemian Grove, and beyond!

Fame by Royal Deluxe kicks in.

Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

With each of the hits of the word “Fame” a spotlight flashes back and forth between the stage and a random spot in the audience. On the screen, the images alternate between key moments from the career of Sebastian Everett-Bryce, S.E.B. and Empire.

After the final Fame, the lyrics end.

Na, na, na, na…

The screen flashes with the words Welcome to the Empire.

As the beat drops, Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, lit up by a bright spotlight, his head covered by the hood of his jacket. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd. He wears a long jacket, zipped to the waist. The jacket, which is cut away at the bottom and only runs down the back of his legs, is patterned with an elongated Union Flag, but it appears to be cracked, and broken. Distressed. His tights are short, with the initials S.E.B. emblazoned upon the front.

Fame makes a man take things over
Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame puts you there where things are hollow
It's not your brain, it's just the flame
That puts your change to keep you insane (sane)

The lights lift and Seb makes his way to the ring, stretching his neck from side to side as he walks, he slaps hands with fans as he walks, stopping with a random fan and staring into the camera and shouting “My Empire, right here!”. He climbs up the steps and steps through the ropes before standing in the middle of the ring.

Fame, what you like is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, what you need you'll have to borrow
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

He pulls back his hood.

Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder? (Ooh)

The beat drops again, he flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied smirk upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures, before pulling off his Jacket to reveal “EMPIRE” on the back of his tights and the XWF Universal Championship around his waist.

As his music comes to an end, Seb backs to the corner and leans, handing the biggest championship in the sport to the referee with a satisfactory smirk upon his face.

JC: Sebastian Everett Bryce looking to defend against Dionysus, and he looks confident.

BG: So does Dionysus, but looking confident only matters until they ring that bell!

The referee calls for the bell.

Falls Count Anywhere

ding ding ding

Seb and Dion circle one another slowly, and go in for a tie up. Dion presses his massive size advantage and drives Seb into a corner. The referee backs Dion away, giving Seb the clean break. Both men go to tie up, but Seb ducks and cinches in a rear waistlock! Seb goes for a German suplex, but Dion grips Seb’s wrists and breaks the hold. Dion pivots and sets in an arm wrench. Seb counters the arm wrench by rolling through, and then spins to set in his arm wrench on Dion. Dion uses his strength and simply rips his arm away from Seb!

JC: For all his technique, Seb might struggle to match pure power with the Catalyst!

BG: And for all of the power Dionysus brings, he might struggle to muscle Bryce around!

Seb steps in with a forearm to Dion! Dion fires back with a big overhand right! Forearm from Seb! Overhand right from Dion! Dion presses Seb into the ropes, and shoots him with an irish whip! Dion catches Seb with a hip toss, hurling him over the top rope and to the outside!

BG: Woah, we just saw a god say let there be flight!

JC: Not just any man, this is Sebastian Everett Bryce, a wrestling fan’s wrestler! This man’s name is almost synonymous with wrestling!

BG: Right now he’s on the arena floor!

Dion raises his arms, appealing to the crowd who roar in approval! He steps through the ropes and gingerly hops down from the apron to the arena floor. He picks Seb up and leans him against the ring apron. Dion squares up into a boxing stance, and throws a right to Seb’s body!

BG: Looks like Brut Force is being poured as we speak!

JC: Listen to this XWF crowd!


Dion follows with a peekaboo overhand left to Seb!


Dion finishes the combination with a right hook, sending Seb tumbling to the end of the ring, propped up against the ring post itself!


JC: Dionysus looks to be loading up that right arm for a clothesline now!

BG: He’s going to decapitate Bryce!

The crowd joins in the revelry, as Dion soaks in their energy.


Dion rushes at Seb, who drops at the last second, and Dion makes contact with the ring post instead! Dion recoils, holding his right shoulder!

BG: Bryce dodged the bullet on that one!

JC: Bullet? That was an absolute missile!!

Dion pivots, taking his eyes off of Seb, which is enough time for Seb to recover! The referee is outside, and Seb grasps Dion around the waist!

Seb connects with the Stamford Bridge!

BG: Ooh, Dion took all of that one!

JC: Seb with the bridge!

The referee drops and begins his count!



Dion kicks out at 2.2! Seb transfers into a side headlock! Dion slowly gets his legs under him, but Seb grinds in with the headlock. Dion pulls Seb up to his feet with him! Seb with a quick inside right to Dion! Dion hoists Seb! Seb tumbles back over Dion! Seb with a kick to Dion’s spine, sending him reeling to the barricade! Seb rushes in! Dion catches Seb around the throat!

JC: Seb looked to be gaining momentum!

BG: Hard to do that when Dionysus has you by the throat!

Dion hoists Seb, and chokeslams him into the crowd! The fans scatter as Seb lands in folding chairs! Dion steps over the barricade, and grabs a glass of some fan’s sauvignon blanc! Dion takes a sip and the crowd goes wild!


BG: He better capitalize on that chokeslam to Bryce!

Dion tosses a few chairs aside, and tosses the wine glass to the turf! He points to the spot and beckons to the fans! The fans start throwing wine glasses onto the ground, some of them breaking! Dion brings Seb to his feet! Dion gets low and hoists Seb up for an electric chair drop!

JC: Oh my god, he’s going to pancake Seb into the wine glasses!

BG: Oh your what? He is the god here!

Seb pushes off at the last second, landing behind Dion! Seb with a German Suplex! Seb rolls through with another German, sending Dion into the barricade from the second row! Seb finishes the combo with a standing moonsault kick!

JC: The emperor completes the Conquest in the crowd!

BG: God felt that one here tonight!

Seb hooks Dion for a vertical suplex into the wine glasses! Dion fights out of it, and hooks Seb, delivering the STO Backbreaker!

JC: The hits keep coming between these two!

BG: On Your Shield, emperor, or come back victorious!

Dion with a pin attempt!



Seb kicks out at 2.1! Dion sits up, looking at the referee, then back at Seb! He hoists Seb up to his feet and grabs the arm for a ripcord!

JC: Dion looking for either the Grapevine or Deified here!

BG: It’s all over if it hits!

Dion goes for Deified, but Seb ducks! Seb with a side kick to Dion, and plants him with a DDT into the wine glasses!

JC: Seb with the counter of his career, planting Dion into the glass!

BG: Bryce landed hard in that glass too!

Both men writhe on the ground, Seb beginning to bleed out of his back, Dion his forehead! The fans can’t believe what they’re seeing!


JC: The XWF fans here in the Bohemian Grove saying it best!

BG: Neither man will be the same after this!

A squadron of medics swarm Dion and Seb, checking on them to make sure they’re capable of continuing! Seb pushes the medics away, and slowly brings himself to his knee! As he does, Dion is seated, and brushing away the same staff! Seb and Dion slowly get to their feet.

JC: There’s no quit in either man here!

BG: The more these two fight the better for the fans!

Dion and Seb glare at each other. Dion’s face is a mask of crimson. Both men begin brawling ferociously through the makeshift arena set up here in Bohemian Grove! A vicious overhand right from Dion sends Seb stumbling across the soft earth! Seb circles Dion and throws a standing side kick!

JC: Power, technique, and ability are giving way here!

BG: It’s pure survival here, and willingness to win!

Seb and Dion actually brawl out to the vaunted Owl Shrine and Lake!

JC: Folks, we have to say, all competitors here were warned against finding themselves here!

BG: The rich and powerful members of the Bohemian Club, including past US Presidents and titans of industry, media moguls and voices of entire nations have congregated here!

JC: And tonight it’s reserved for an emperor and a god!

Dion nails Seb with a sharp left to the ribs! Seb fires back with a thigh kick! Both men continue to stagger and brawl into the manmade lake near the great Owl statue! Their blood trickles into the waters, which begin to bubble and churn!

JC: What the hell?

BG: I don’t know, something is happening here! Keep the cameras rolling!

The water begins to swirl with a great vortex forming in the center of the lake! Both men grab one another, laying in blows, trying to get the edge, until both are sucked into it! As soon as they are, the water goes still!


Suddenly, and without explanation, tires screech and cars come to an absolute halt and pile-ups occur on botb sides of the Tower Bridge! The sunrise cascades over London as Seb and Dion are seen brawling in its center glory. Dion plants Seb with a massive spinebuster as suddenly, a member of the XWF’s global syndicate of referees rushes out of a taxi cab and onto the scene!

Dion slowly gets to his feet following the spinebuster, and scales to the hood of a stopped car on the bridge itself!

Seb gets back to his feet, clinging to the metal railing separating walkway with road!

Dion soars off the hood of the car looking to hit Seb with a diving clothesline!

Seb dodges at the last minute and Dion connects with the handrail!

Seb back with a standing side kick to Dion’s kidneys!

Seb hooks Dion around the waist for a German suplex!

Dion with a back elbow to Seb, sending him back and away!

Dion pivots, but Seb rushes in with a dropkick!

Dion sidesteps, and Seb careens over the metal railing and into the crowded foot path! Dion climbs over the railing and brings Seb to his feet!

Dion lifts Seb, and plants him on the exterior rail, leaving him dangling halfway over the River Thames!

Dion follows up with a huge forearm to Seb’s bloodied back!

Seb stands, recoiling in agony!

Dion grips Seb’s wrist from behind, and pulls Seb around!


Dion drops Seb on the Tower Bridge, and goes for the pin! The local referee drops to count the fall!



Seb kicks out at 2.9!

Dion can’t believe it, and looks at the referee to ask what happened! The referee reiterates it was only a 2 count!

Dion brings Seb to his feet, and cracks him across the chest with a huge chop!

Seb glares at Dion with utter rage, and cracks back with a chop of his own!

Seb with another chop, awakened by Dion’s chop!

Seb hooks Dion with a front facelock, then walks him over to the side of the bridge!

Seb steps over the railing, planting his feet on the bridge itself, hooking Dion for a vertical suplex!

Seb hoists Dion, and suplexes him into the River Thames!

Before both men hit the waters below, another vortex appears, seeming to catch them and pull them to the depths of the river!

As soon as both men are submerged, the water calms itself again!


The morning light illuminates the Acropolis. The ancient structure, a testament to man’s longevity, is beset by tourists all observing this massive artifact.

Suddenly, Dion and Seb are seen brawling within, much to the shock of the visitors! Local attendants panic at the sight of both men inside an area none are supposed to set foot!

Seb plants Dion with a fantastic Northern Lights Suplex, arching with a pin!

A helicopter flies in, hovering above the parthenon, and one of the elite members of the XWF officiating staff belays out of it! Once touched down, they count the pinfall!



Dion kicks out! Seb immediately sets in Nightfall!

Dion struggles mightily within the grasp of Seb’s devastating sleeper!

The people at the Parthenon all look on, well versed in the happenings of the XWF, feeling lucky they get to see it here before them instead of catching the Revelry via replay later in their homes and hotel rooms!

Dion struggles on, but is wasting energy in doing so!

Dion slowly looks more and more depleted, and the suddenly activated referee checks to see if the sleeper has taken effect!

The referee raises Dion’s arm as Seb tightens his grip!

The referee releases the arm, and it flops down to Dion’s side.

The referee again raises Dion’s arm, and Seb grits his teeth!

The referee allows the arm to fall a second time.

The referee performs the last arm raise test for Dion, and releases his forearm.

Dion starts shaking violently, keeping his arm raised!

Dion with a back elbow to Seb!

Dion with another elbow to Seb as he begins to get himself to his feet!

Dion is on his feet, and Seb is still clinging onto him with the sleeper hold!

Dion falls back, looking to squash Seb in the process of breaking Nightfall!

Both men vanish!


Dion and Seb, having cemented their legend in one of the wildest matches in XWF History, spanning the better part lf Western Civilization, emerge from the pool of what was water, and is now thousands of gallons of sangria in the warm northern California evening, well past dusk, (because this is how time zones work). Fans rush the massive lake of wine punch.

JC: I can't believe it, somehow these two men fighting have turned water into wine!

BG: I think it's a miracle and a curse! Look!

The sheer amount of fans clamoring for more, more violence, and more wine, effectively block Seb and Dion off from one another. Both men are hoisted by the crowd in revelry, and they crowd surf to the massive Owl Statue.

Once both men are placed on dry ground, fans and talent alike are seen wading in the massive manmade lake now full of free booze.

They roar as Seb and Dion square up, ready to end this.

Seb steps in with a side kick.


JC: Seb may have gone to the well once too often with the standing side kick!

BG: Dion has Bryce where he wants him!

Dion lifts Seb up for a powerslam! He rushes the owl statue and leaps, kicking off of it, looking to plant Seb with Anthestaria!


Seb slides out of Dion’s grip, landing on his feet as Dion hits the forest floor!

Dion scrambles to his feet!







JC: What an incredible match on an incredible card. Dionysus gave it everything he had and then some but SEB was just too much for him.

BG: You're absolutely right partner. Dion put forth the kind of effort that people will remember for years to come but on this night it just wasn't enough.

Abruptly, the lights go out in the arena, and the screens light up with the familiar image of a film reel. A hush falls over the crowd as a hum rumbles from the speakers, the opening of “The Mighty Rio Grande” by This Will Destroy You.  The video begins with a black and white close-up of a human eye as a man’s voice echoes over it.

VOICE: For those of you watching in black and white…

The eye blinks. Upon opening, the iris is now a phantasmagoric swirl of color.

VOICE: …this one is in Technicolor.

A few solemn notes from a guitar ring over the speakers – they reverberate out as though appearing from space in a melancholy melody. We see three figures standing upon a balcony, overlooking the Russian River at sunset – two men and a woman.  They stand with their backs to the camera, dressed in identical all-black suits.

VOICE: The time is in the streets, you know – us living, as we do, upside-down…

The woman has long brown hair, half her head shaved in an undercut. One man has shaggy black hair with visible tattoos on the back of his neck – the other has slicked brown hair and is clearly wearing spectacles.  In their hands, they hold contrasting white masks: comedy and tragedy.

VOICE: …And the new word to have is “Revolution”.

The video cuts to inside a hotel room. A cigarette burns in an ashtray atop the bedside table, the smoke wafting gently in the dim light of a solitary lamp. The camera pans over to a 9 mm pistol, a bottle of Mezcal besides an empty glass, and a pendant of St. Christopher.  A copy of “Resistance, Rebellion, and Death” by Albert Camus sits beneath a copy of the Lemegeton.

VOICE: The first lesson a revolutionary must learn is that he is a doomed man. Unless he understands this, he does not grasp the essential meaning of his life.

Cut back to the balcony – the figures raise the masks and pull them over their faces.

VOICE: “Revolutionary suicide” does not mean that I have a death wish; it means just the opposite.

Cut back to inside the hotel room. A tattooed hand reaches out to pick the pendant up and tuck it into the pocket of his trousers.

VOICE: We have such a strong desire to live with hope and human dignity… that existence without them is impossible. When reactionary forces crush us, we must move against these forces, even at the risk of death.

Rosary beads.  Abandoned carnival grounds.  A room full of votive candles. The Elder Sign.  A hand loading a clip into a 9 mm.

VOICE: At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love…

Down at the banks of the Russian River, the Man in Black walks towards a small boat grounded on the banks.  The second man holds out a padel, which he accepts. The number 16 can be seen prominently tattooed on The Man in Black’s left index finger. Drums have now joined the guitar, tribal and thundering as though the waves themselves were crashing down around the riff.

VOICE: …It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.

The boat pushes out into the river.  The Man in Black rows forward.  He wears the white comedy mask over his face, the hood on his coat drawn over his head.  The cuffs of a black sweater can be seen poking out his coat sleeves.

VOICE: All eyes – those of the great oppressors and those of the hopeful – are firmly on us. And every step we take is being observed…

Another smash cut of images – paradise before a nuclear blast, a cross on a hill, the rain in Angkor Wat.

VOICE: … by the ever-watchful eyes of the Big Creditor.

A shadowy presence looms in a boardroom – obscured faces in suits staring down a meeting table with a monstrous presence peering out of the dark with yellow eyes.  A game of chess sits ready to play.

VOICE: But we have no compassion, and we ask no compassion of you.

A flashing V of geese.  The El train in Chicago.  The close up of a human eye from earlier.  In blinks; in the pupil reflects a symbol:

And three hands holding up letters spelled with their fingers:

VOICE: When our turn comes…

A hand draws two Tarot cards: The Star and the World.

VOICE: …We shall make no excuses for the terror.

And finally, the music reaches a crescendo, exploding into echoes of guitar and drums, hanging in the void. The boat is beached once more at the banks of the river by Bohemian Grove.  The Man in Black stands behind the curtains in the back.

VOICE: All the world’s a stage…

He reaches up to remove the mask, revealing his face to the camera for the first time. He looks directly into it.  A coy smile cross his lips.

JONATHAN BACCHUS: …And everything else is vaudeville.

A high whine echoes over the speakers before the opening guitars of “The Gnashing” by Deafheaven explode.  As the curtains part, out walks Jonathan Bacchus to the sound of the crowd!  He takes a moment to regard Bohemian Grove’s owl statue and gives it an affectionate pat before continuing down the ramp.

BG: Holy hell, the mask on the mysterious messages is off… Jonathan Bacchus is in XWF!

JC: Last seen in February when he went to war against now-GM Thaddeus Duke at the Denzel Porter Invitational – now an official member of the XWF roster!  But why now?  What does he want?

Bacchus slides in the ring, not even bothering to remove his peacoat.  SEB leans against the ropes, still battered and exhausted from his match with Dionysus, eying the new interloper with a look of confusion and suspicion.  Bacchus smiles wryly and approaches him… then offers a hand.  SEB looks down at it cautiously, back up at Bacchus, and then down to the hand.  Hesitantly, he accepts.  Bacchus steps forward to raise SEB’s arm to the applause of the crowd!

JC: A good gesture to the champion!  These two have battled in the past, and it’s good to see tha–

And as quick as lightning, Bacchus kicks out the back of SEB’s knee, dropping him to the canvas, before he leaps into the air, spinning, and nailing the King’s Dead to spike the champion face first into the mat.  The crowd goes silent before a slow, steady trickle of boos begin.

BG: Way to jinx it.

Bacchus kips up and reaches down, gripping SEB under the chin.  He pulls him to his knees before taking his other hand and putting a mimed gun to SEB’s chest.  The Insurgent gives a cutesy smile as he cants his head before miming the firing of the gun, then hoists SEB up and drives him down once more with the Tragedy at Buffalo.  The boos intensify.  Bacchus eyes the XWF Universal Championship which lays besides SEB on the mat, gives it a quick stroke with his finger, and rolls out of the ring.

Standing at the base of the ramp, Bacchus raises the mimed gun to his lips and gives the barrel a quick blow as he grins, the boos continuing to rain down and The Revelery fades to black.

BIG Thank You to the following match writers:
Jett Sterling
Sean Parker x 2
Dolly Waters x 4
Bobby Bourbon
Thad Duke
Shaun Hart
Peter Principle

and all you fine ass rper's out there.




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Backstage, in the Bastards locker room following the show, we see Bobby Bourbon and Thunder Knuckles, both stained deep red from wading in a lake of sangria. They have shit eating grins, the each of them, obviously full of themselves and drink.

Brother Cah-Knuckles, you Thunder Knucklehead of a buddy and best friend, tonight we *hic* proved to the wrestling industry why we're the best tag *hic*...

Damn it, I have hiccups.

Bobby giggles then hiccups again. He begins to hold his breath.

We kicked the shit out of those pretenders. One team eliminated from the XWF, how many more do we need to destroy?

Bobby exhales sharply.

Who cares we're goin' to! I mean *hic*...


Bobby starts to giggle insatiably.

Every other team in this company is a hiccup!

Yeah they are!

Drunk as skunks, the besotted Bastards exchange a seamless no-look fistbump.

Is the pizza here yet? I called Domino's and told them to bring us a *hic* pizza in the woods.

I'm going to beat that pizza's ass!
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