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ANARCHY 05/09/2024
Author Message
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(fighting the odds; helps others; disliked by most adult male fans)

05-10-2024, 11:38 AM

05 - 09 - 2024



The screen flashes to life to the sight of the buzzing crowd inside the Wildwoods Convention Center in New Jersey. Fans of all ages are standing, cheering, and waving signs.

With a deafening roar, pyrotechnics explode around the entrance stage as the camera sweeps through the venue, capturing the wide-eyed awe of the crowd. 

The explosions give way to the Misfit's "We Are 138" as the Anarchy logo flashes across the screen.

As the music fades into the background, we cut to the ringside where the camera finds our commentary team, Todd and Bama T ready to kick off the night’s events.

TODD: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to XWF Anarchy, live from the Wildwoods Convention Center in New Jersey!"

BAMA T: "And baby, do we have a show for you tonight! Kicking things off, we have the Revolution Championship on the line in an Xtreme Rulez match that's about to redefine brutality when John Black defends against Michael Graves!"

TODD: "That's right, Bama, and with both competitors known for their ruthless aggression, this contest is sure to be not for the faint of heart"

BAMA T: "Don't sugarcoat it, baby—it's gonna be a bonafide bloodbath!"

TODD: "And fans, tonight marks the much-anticipated debut of Matthias Syn. He’s stepping into the ring to face none other than the Anarchy Champion, Sean Parker!"

BAMA T: "Tough spot to be in on your debut, baby, but Matthias seems confident that he has the Anarchy champs number–but let's not forget about the next challenger to that title, HGH! Tonight, he makes his explosive return to singles competition just weeks before he faces Sean Parker at The Revelry, and you just know he’s got something to prove."

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. It’s all about momentum, and tonight HGH plans to send a message directly to the top—but to do that, he will need to make it past the 'American Nightmare' Razor Blade, a task that may prove easier said than done!"

BAMA T: "And don't forget the big question on everyone's minds, baby—Will Madison Dyson accept Centurion's challenge to put his career on the line for a rematch at The Revelry?"

TODD: "I don't know what the future holds, Bama, but I do know that everyone should buckle up, because XWF Anarchy starts right—"

We cut to a pretape where we see it was morning time, and we see JB walking along the Convention center, signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans. After that passed, the camera was on JB who was holding the title as he wants to speak.

"Look, I know i don't do much segments for Anarchy, and i know that that would love for me to show my ugly ass face with this belt, but here's the deal I have a message to Michael Graves and anyone else who they decide to face me for this belt, consider this my own proclamation that I am not going to surrender myself for anyone who they decide to put in from of me an--"

Then we see someone dressed up as Graves who comes up to JB, and he tries to shove him. Then the Graves impersonator starts to shove him some more, then out of nowhere, we see on the street that we see masked men in a hoopty "drive by shootin" Graves near the place. After about an hour past, we see the impersonator loaded up in a ambulance as JB shook his head.

"Fuck man.... i wish it did--- nahh, it had to happen. All jokes aside, Graves even if your impersonator got iced in middle of Wildwood... this is just more to come for you. Win, Lose... I will do more than just ice you in broad daylight, once it's night time and we face one another across... the world will know what it means to be a menace II society by the end of the night once i take your life in that ring and keep that belt on my side!"

Then we see the footage of the ambulance driving away, as it shifted back to the commentators of Anarchy in the arena.

TODD: "Well, that was an intense segment from JB, but his message was clear: he's not backing down from Micheal Graves or anyone else who steps up to challenge him for the Revolution title."

BAMA T: "Man, Todd, that poor Michael Graves impersonator... Gunned down in the middle of Wildwood... It makes you wonder, with the real Michael Graves stepping into the ring here tonight, could he be facing a similar fate at the hands of JB?"

Centurion steps out from the back to a huge ovation from the crowd.

TODD: “Two weeks ago, Centurion came out and formally challenged Madison Dyson to a match, saying he'd put his CAREER on the line in order to face her.”

BAMA T: “I don't know if that was a smart idea, baby!”

TODD: “Well regardless, we haven't heard from Jett Sterling or Madison Dyson since then.”

Centurion steps into the ring and calls for a mic from ringside. He gets handed one, and the music dies down. The crowd begins a “Centurion! Centurion!” chant, but Centurion speaks before it can really ramp up.

CENTURION: “Alright Jett. I know you're back there, poking scrote or whatever it is you do in your office. Well, I'm done waiting around. I want to hear directly from you, in front of this crowd, and give me an answer. Am I facing Madison at Revelry? Or are you going to continue to protect her?”

Centurion lowers the mic and puts his arms out, as he paces around the ring. He stops and looks up at the ramp, frustrated at a lack of response, when…

Get Ready by The Temptations blares through the speakers and the crowd erupts into cheers as Jett Sterling walks onto the ramp, microphone in hand.

TODD: "Well folks, it looks like we're about to hear from the one man who can make it happen, Jett Sterling!"

BAMA T: "Well, if it isn't the man with more slick moves than James Brown on a Saturday night!"

Jett stands at the top of the ramp, soaking in the adoration from the crowd. He raises the microphone to his lips with a timid look.

JETT STERLING: "I know that you think I've got some sorta beef with you. You reckon I was cooking up some scheme with Madison Dyson, trying to throw you off your game, but that's just not how it went down, baby! Yeah, I might've gotten a tad heated when you snagged that Anarchy championship and started yammering on about how easy it was. And yeah, maybe I did crank up the pressure a bit in your matches afterward, but you're barking up the wrong tree, big guy! You're seeing shadows where there ain't none, baby!"

Centurion, growing frustrated in the ring barks—”Get to the point!” at Jett.

JETT STERLING: "Look, I never called up Madison Dyson and asked her to make some dramatic return, baby. She did that all on her own accord, answering an open challenge like the fiery lady she is. And let me set the record straight, every match she worked was paid per appearance, no contract, no contact info left behind. There was just never no way for me to make this match happen, big guy. So you can take those conspiracy theories and toss 'em out the window 'cause they're as phony as a three-dollar bill!"

CENTURION: "So that’s it, huh? I’m just supposed to accept that and forget all about Madison Dyson?"

JETT STERLING: “Hey, baby! It’s a money match! Centurion’s career is on the line against his greatest rival! It sells itself! Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can—”

Before Jett can finish his sentence, the arena is engulfed in darkness as the opening riff of "Antagonist" by Nova Twins blasts through the speakers. The crowd's cheers turn to gasps as Madison Dyson storms out onto the stage.

TODD: "Oh my God! Is it… Is she!?! It looks like we've got ourselves a surprise guest!"

BAMA T: "Madison Dyson is in the building tonight, baby!"

Madison snatches the microphone from Jett's hand, causing him to stumble backward and fall to the ground. She glares down to the ring as she prepares to address Centurion’s challenge. But before she does that she casts a look at Jett.

MADISON DYSON: “Bitch how do you not even know who’s backstage at your own show?”

BAMA T: “She may actually have a point.”

Jett gets to his feet, trying to preserve at least some dignity. But Madison has already moved on to Centurion, who is leaning on the ropes glowering at Madison.

MADISON DYSON: “So let me get this straight you fucking geriatric. You have proven, twice in the last year even, that you CANNOT beat me in any way shape or form. And yet you think it’s just a grand idea to let your career ride on challenging me again? Do I have that right?”

Madison snorts derisively into the mic before continuing.

MADISON DYSON:”Right. I think I got it.”

She pauses.

MADISON DYSON: “You know, I was doing just fine sitting back counting my residuals before you opened your buttermilk gaper and issued this challenge. And at first, I concluded that you were beneath me, Centy. I did! Crawling back in the ring with me could only ELEVATE your status. But then, I thought on it some more. And I drew an interesting parallel between you and some current events. And how appropriate that we get political seeing as how you’ve bored us to tears with your milquetoast neoliberal bonafides in the past.

But yeah. Yeah, I drew some parallels. And the long and short of it is that you guys can call me Kristi Noem because THIS DOG-”

Madison points at Centurion.

MADISON DYSON: “-DOESN’T HUNT! And I’m going to put a bullet right between its eyes. YES, Centurion. YES I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!”

The fans pop!

TODD: “And there we have it! The match is on!”

MADISON DYSON: “But, but, but! Hold on a second. Because I want to set some ground rules. Namely, when I win, your career is DUNZO. And I mean 100%. Meaning you don’t get to show up as some general manager down the line. You don’t get to become some scrub’s manager. You don’t get to just fly off to some second rate promotion. No! You are COMPLETELY and UTTERLY 100% done with wrestling FOREVER. In every way, shape, and form. Now Centy, can you give me that?”

Madison lowers the mic and looks at Centurion expectantly. Centurion stares directly into Madison's eyes with an intense rage before bringing the mic to his mouth.

CENTURION: “If you're able to put me down one final time, then on my daughter's life, you will never see me inside a wrestling ring again.”

MADISON DYSON: “That’s what I wanted to hear!”

The crowd gasps audibly and Madison smiles broadly with a wicked gleam in her eyes, nodding in approval as she senses the end of Centurion within her grasp.

TODD: “I can’t believe what we’re hearing! Centurion just put everything on the line! His entire career is at stake!”

BAMA T: “This is bigger than big, baby! It’s monumental! Centurion and Madison Dyson at Revelry is going to be one for the history books, baby!”

Madison tosses the microphone back to Jett and leaves the stage. Centurion remains in the ring looking determined even as the realization of the enormous gamble he has just taken begins to sink in.

- vs -

The arena falls into silence as a chilling metal version of "Come Little Children" begins to play.

Lime green lasers pan across the stage as Graves steps out from the back. The XTron displays a montage of Graves, each scene subtly hinting at his unnerving, predator-like persona, with visuals that are eerie and discomforting.

Graves walks out to the stage with a burlap sack over his shoulder. As he makes his way down the ramp, the arena is bathed in lime and purple lights that pulsate with the eerie metal tune.

Graves climbs into the ring and scans the crowd.

The XTron continues to flash with unsettling imagery as Graves creeps towards the corner, removing his cape and tossing it outside of the ring.

As Gravy's theme fades away, he dumps the contents of his sack onto the mat with a maniacal grin—millions of tiny shards of glass! Micheal looks on from his corner awaiting the start of the violence.

TODD: "What in the world is Graves doing!?"

BAMA T: "Bloodbath, baby!"

TODD: "But he could be slammed on that glass as well!"


We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

TODD: "Parents, you may want to send the little ones out of the room—This promises to be a no-holds-barred contest that's bound to leave scars—both physical and mental."

BAMA T: "You got that right, Todd! Both these men are tough as nails, so they're going to have to dig extra deep into that well of cruelty and endurance if they want to walk out of here with the title, baby!"

The opening bell rings and Micheal Graves doesn't waste a moment charging at John Black. With a hard knee to the gut, Graves doubles Black over, then slams a vicious axe handle across his back, driving the champion face first into the mat and broken shards of glass.

TODD: "Dominant start from the challenger here!"

Graves doesn't give Black a moment to recover and pulls him up by his hair before sending him staggering towards a corner that's decked out with barbed wire around the turnbuckles.

BAMA T: "Oooh, that ain’t where you wanna be against a sadist like Graves! He’ll tear you apart and enjoy every moment of it, baby!"

Graves rushes in and crushes Black with a massive boot to the face, causing Black to slump down into the corner as the barbed wire tears at his back.

TODD: "Graves is just dismantling the champ!"

Graves wraps his hands around Black’s throat and lifts him up just to slam him down onto the broken glass again. 

He goes for the pin.

The official drops to count...



THR-NO! Black forces a shoulder up!

Graves, frustrated, pulls Black up once more and aims to hurl him toward the ropes. However, he pauses and opts for a different tactic. Graves drops John Black with a DDT and rolls out of the ring instead. The crowd comes to life as Graves rummages beneath the ring, pulling out a sheet of fluorescent light tubes taped together.

BAMA T: "Looks like Graves is bringing a little illumination to this fight, baby!"

Graves slides the light tubes into the ring and follows closely behind, setting up for something devastating. He attempts to lift John Black, planning to slam him through the glass, but Black, running on adrenaline and sheer survival instinct, counters with a burst of energy.


In a swift movement, Black slips Graves grip, and with a Blacka Jacka, sends Graves crashing into the light tubes. The glass explodes on impact, shards scattering everywhere with a white powder as the crowd roars, half in horror, half in awe. All of them chanting:

BAMA T: "Oh my goodness! That's gotta hurt, Todd! Graves just got a taste of his own medicine, and it's fluorescent flavored, baby!"

TODD: "What a reversal by John Black!"

Black rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Rolling back into the ring, he waits for Graves to climb up to all-fours and swings it mercilessly onto Graves' back. Graves drops to the mat and Black places the chair under Graves head before climbing to the top rope.

BAMA T: "Black’s going airborne, folks!"

Black leaps, aiming for an elbow drop, but Graves rolls away, and Black crashes onto the steel chair he just used. Graves quickly retrieves a table and lighter fluid bottle from under the ring, setting it up outside, dousing it, and setting it aflame.

TODD: "Things are about to get even hotter here!"

Graves rolls back into the ring and lifts Black up. He leads him over to the ropes near the flaming table, attempting to powerbomb him through it. However, at the last second, Black counters with a back body drop, sending Graves over the top rope and crashing through the fire instead.

BAMA T: "By the skin of his teeth, baby—Black avoids a fiery end!"

Black rolls out of the ring and drags Graves up. He throws Graves into the guardrails with a thud and follows up with a clothesline that nearly sends Graves flying into the crowd. Not giving Graves a moment to recover, Black grabs him by the hair and smashes his head against the announce table.

TODD: "John Black is taking control outside the ring, and it’s as vicious as it gets!"

With the crowd roaring in approval, Black continues his assault, lifting Graves and slamming him into the steel steps, which clang under the force. The champ tries to keep the pressure on, grabbing Graves to throw him back into the ring.

However, Graves suddenly blocks the attempt, using his last reserves of strength to shove Black away. Black stumbles and charges back at Graves, but Graves ducks and shoves Black as he passes, sending Black running headfirst into the ring post. The sound of skull meeting unforgiving steel is sickening.

BAMA T: "Ouch! John Black just kissed the ring post! That's gotta rattle your brains, baby!"

Graves rolls into the ring and uses the ring ropes to pull himself back to his feet where his movements are slow and painful. Meanwhile, Black, holding his head, staggers and grimaces but follows suit.

TODD: "Both men are hurt, both men are exhausted, but this match is far from over. They’re running on pure adrenaline now!"

With both competitors exhausted, they exchange blows in the center of the ring. Graves gains the upper hand with a low blow, followed by "Grave Digger" onto the pile of glass. He covers Black.

The official counts...




John Black kicks out!

TODD: "It's NOT over! JB just kicked out and Gravy looks pissed!"

Graves, enraged, sets up two chairs in the center of the ring, placing another steel chair across them. He attempts to suplex Black onto the chairs, but Black blocks it, reversing the move and suplexing Graves onto the chairs instead.

BAMA T: "What a counter!"

With Graves reeling, Black quickly wraps barbed wire around his arm and delivers a brutal lariat, cutting into Graves as he goes down. Black then sets up for his finisher, "Blacklisted," hoisting Graves up and slamming him down onto the steel wreckage that was the chairs for the final pin.

The official drops to count...





TODD: "And he does it! John Black retains the Revolution Championship in one of the most X-treme matches Anarchy has ever seen!"

BAMA T: "That was absolute war, baby! Both these men gave it everything, but in the end, the champion proved once again why he holds that title."

As the crowd roars in approval, John Black, barely able to stand, raises the championship belt high. Medical personnel rush to attend to both competitors, and as Black is helped up Spencer Adams walks out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Spencer Adams: Sorry to have to be that guy, John, I really am. I can only imagine being you, the guy who has to fight gutter brawl after gutter brawl to keep their head above water here. You stake your claim with Anarchy’s newest offering and through a little bit of grit and grind, you’re lured towards this idea that FINALLY..John Black has carved out his role with a crown for his dome piece.

Badmon spins the mic about in his hand a varying grip and an analytic staredown of the Revolution Champion.

Spencer Adams: You should know by now..that war? It always finds new life, always a page to turn with a new chapter to add. So, congrats on doing away with Graves. I’m sure that a self harmonizing “you deserve it” chant is in order once you buckle that battered body up inside the rental and head on back to the hotel where the comfort of a king bed lets you feel like you actually are one until the morning when you roll up out and realize that what I’m about to tell you wasn’t big boy night terrors. No…it’s very real, John.

He points his left index finger at John, more specifically, at the strap draped over a tender shoulder.

Spencer Adams: The next time you see PPV, it’ll be against the newest member of the Anarchy roster.

The crowd pops hard as Spencer doesn’t flinch and keeps the finger aimed at the Revolution champion.

Spencer Adams: You’re going to feel some type of way and that’s fine. You wouldn’t be the only one, but the Pantheon takeover is knocking on your door and with all due disrespect, your reunion with a tumble to the bottom of that hill? Oh, it will be televised and if you don’t believe me, allow me to leave you with one small question and let these folks answer for me.

He leans his head forward and stares to the hardcam.

Spencer Adams: What’s my name?

Adams flips the mic up and lets it fall to the stage with a thud as “No. 99” plays through the arena once more to the tune of “BAAAAD-MON” chants from those in attendance.

“Well, it’s time to get back to work.” Jett says but soon the lights turn off and begin to flicker. Oz’s face begins to rise in front of the desk.

From Oz invading Jett’s office and making ole’ boy shit himself, Oz looks at him with the black toothed grin.

“Hello, Jett.”

The lights turn back on.

“If you do not give me a shot at Black’s belt, I’m going to make sure your personal hell is every second of your life being spent being hounded by me. I will breathe down your fucking neck until you give me a shot.

So, either give me that, or I’m going to start by yanking your fingernails out, slowly.” He laughed heartily before abruptly cutting it off."

“Do you understand where I’m coming from, Jett?”

Faced with Oz's threat, Jett desperately scrambles for a solution. "Alright, Oz. Easy ,baby! You'll get your title shot—on your terms, whenever you choose. Just not at The Revelry."

Oz nods, his cold gaze still locked on Jett. "That solves one problem. But I want John Black sooner rather than later."

"Fine, FINE! You'll be the special referee for the Revolution title match at the next pay-per-view… Just... stay away from the fingernails, okay?"

Oz's lips curl into a grin, satisfied with his manipulation. "That’ll do, Jett… That’ll do."

As Jett nervously adjusts his tie, attempting to regain some composure, Oz's grin widens.

Suddenly, without warning, the lights flicker violently and the room is plunged into darkness again.

"See you at the pay-per-view, Jett..."

As quickly as they went out, the lights snap back on, flooding the room with harsh, bright light. Jett blinks against the sudden glare, his eyes darting around the now empty room. Oz is gone—vanished without a trace.

TODD: “Well, if there was ever a time to feel uneasy, it’s now—seeing our General Manager forced into making such a drastic decision under duress, but I can’t say that I agree with Jett giving in so quickly.”

BAMA T: “Now hold up, baby! Jett was in a real bind there! Would you want to be on Mr. Oz’s bad side with him threatening to turn your every waking moment into a nightmare? I think not, baby!”

TODD: “Fair point, Bama. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Jett’s shoes… Or John Black’s for that matter. With Oz now in a position of power in his defense at The Revelry—this is definitely bad news for JB!”

BAMA T: “Darn tootin’! And you know Oz isn’t going to just stand there waiting to count pins. John Black better be ready for anything, baby!”

- vs -

The lights goes out and hear a voice saying Wrestling has one royal family and when Kingdom hit's fireworks burst open and Razor Blade comes out wearing a American nightmare outfit and left his arms in the mid air and fist pumps in a fake air and he saw a kid wearing a Blake shirt and he takes off his American nightmare belt off his waist in hands it to the XWF fan and climbs up the steps in hops on the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air and more fireworks burst once again and he gets inside of the ring and climbs on the top rope taunts some more and gets down and takes off his American nightmare jacket and prepares for a fight

TODD: "After the controversy at Warfare, where he and Latoya Hixx fell short to Them No Good Bastards thanks to some underhanded tactics, Razor is looking to bounce back and build momentum heading into the Revelry."

BAMA T: "You got that right, baby! And speaking of the Revelry, I hear Razor and Latoya are eyeing those XWF Tag Team titles. But man, after last Warfare, I’m just surprised to see Razor walking out here tonight, especially after Thunder Knuckles blasted him with a got-dang pulse cannon! That was some serious heat he took, baby!"

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. It speaks volumes about Razor’s resilience that he’s even competing tonight, but a victory tonight could set the tone for his and Latoya’s run at the tag team gold."

The arena lights dim and the opening bars of HGH's theme blares through the speakers, drawing a chorus of boos from the crowd.

Suddenly, the spotlight hits the entrance ramp as HGH steps out. He pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking in the chorus of disapproval with a smirk.

TODD: "After his recent savage attack on the Anarchy Champion Sean Parker, HGH is out to prove he's still the top dog here in XWF."

HGH motions a belt around his waist, drawing further ire from the crowd.

BAMA T: "That's right, baby. HGH has been loud and clear about it—as far as he’s concerned, he never lost the title legitimately. EDWARD never pinned him, never made him submit. And now, with The Sky Assassin holding that belt, HGH sees a man parading around with what he considers to be his property."

Slowly, he begins his strut down the aisle, occasionally stopping to mockingly blow kisses or mouth off with fans.

TODD: "HGH might think Sean Parker is a false champion, but he can't afford to overlook Razor Blade tonight. Razor is tough, he's scrappy, and he's got enough fight in him to give HGH a real welcome back party he won't forget."

As he reaches ringside, HGH climbs the steps with an air of entitlement, wiping his feet on the apron and stepping through the ropes.

Both men are in the ring, and they are face to face with one another in the ring.

BAMA T: “These men aren’t going to hold anything back here tonight!”

TODD: “Absolutely, Bama. I can feel the tension in the ring from here and you can cut it with a knife. It’s like satin!”

BAMA T: “These men are going to fight like cats in a satin bag!”

The referee calls for the bell, and immediately HGH fires off with a slap to the face of Razor!

Razor slaps HGH right back!

Both men tie up, and Razor slips behind HGH with a hammerlock!

HGH counters into a hammerlock of his own and slaps the back of Razor’s head!

Razor backs HGH into the ropes, then rolls forward out of the hammerlock!

BAMA T: "And Razor rolls out smooth as silk, baby!"

Razor spins, but takes a boot to the face from HGH! HGH quick in with a pin!

TODD: "Quick pin attempt by HGH! He's not wasting any time tonight!"


Razor kicks out!

BAMA T: "But Razor's not staying down, not tonight, baby!"

HGH grinds his forearm into Razor’s face, and tries the pin again!


TODD: “HGH trying to wear Razor out with those rapid pinfalls!”

BAMA T: “HGH knows he’s gotta grind hard tonight, baby, and I can’t blame him—after all, Razor’s the only guy I know who's ever made a gorilla tap out!”

TW—Razor kicks out, and pulls HGH into an inside cradle pin!

BAMA T: “This cat's got nine lives, baby!”

TODD: “Razor catching HGH by surprise!”



HGH kicks out, rolling through to his feet, as Razor kips up! Both men are standing, and both go in on the other with fierce forearm strikes!


TODD: “This isn’t hockey, but this is Anarchy!”

The crowd is really into the match and are all chanting—

Razor blocks a shot from HGH and drills him with a forearm! Razor springs off of the ropes–HUGE DIAMOND BLADE!!!

HGH is reeling!

BAMA T: “That Diamond Blade was executed to perfection, baby!”

TODD: “The peerless nature he can do that maneuver defies explanation, because I just saw it and I can’t explain it!”

Razor bounds to the second rope and comes back with a springboard moonsault at HGH, and it connects! HGH is pancaked but Razor is back to his feet, and leaps with a big knee drop!

TODD: “Razor is trying to destroy HGH’s smile, tooth by tooth tonight!”

BAMA T: “They don’t call him the Best Equipped Dentist in Atlanta for nothing, baby!”

TODD: “…wait people actually call him that?!”

BAMA T: “Yup.”


Razor brings HGH up to his feet, and hooks him in a reverse naked chinlock!

Razor with a reverse vertical suplex onto HGH!

Razor stands and is amped by the crowd chanting his new nickname: “The Best Equipped Dentist in Atlanta”!

TODD: “These fans are hyped for their new favorite wrestler!”

Razor hits the ropes and fires in with a running knee to HGH’s grill!

BAMA T: “The ‘American Nightmare’ is giving out free dental adjustments tonight, baby! No appointments necessary!"

TODD: “The fans here tonight are loving every minute of it!”

Razor again brings HGH up to his feet, and hooks him with a front facelock.

TODD: “Razor going for the Blade Rose!”

BAMA T: “HGH still has some fight in him, baby!”

HGH frantically reaches for anything to reverse his current situation and pulls the referee in towards them by his shirt, blocking the Blade Rose, and breaking free of Razor’s grip. HGH drops to the mat with the distraction and delivers a fierce uppercut to Razor’s testicles.

BAMA T: “Atlanta’s best equipped dentist has just been introduced to Buffalo’s best ball-buster, baby!”


BAMA T: “Not if the referee didn’t spot it, baby!”

HGH then hits Razor with the Injection Shot and immediately goes for the pin!





TODD: "I can't believe what we just witnessed! HGH just took a shortcut, a low blow—literally—and it's just appalling!"

BAMA T: "Oh come on, Todd! A win is a win, baby! You play to the whistle, and if the ref doesn’t call it, it’s fair game. HGH saw an opportunity and he took it. That’s just being resourceful, baby!"

TODD: "Resourceful? More like deceitful! Razor had this match in the bag, and HGH resorted to cheating to steal this victory. It tarnishes the sport."

BAMA T: "Dirty or not, Todd, in the record books it's going down as a big fat W for HGH. Razor’s just gotta learn to protect himself from shenanigans better is all!"

As HGH leaves the ring, he grins wide as he ignores the boos from the crowd. Razor remains on the mat, clutching himself in pain and frustration.

TODD: "Well, folks, that was certainly unexpected. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. Bama, any thoughts on what we just witnessed?"

BAMA T: "Todd, I’m just as baffled as you are, partner. Who's behind it? What's the message? It’s not often we're left scratching our heads like this, baby!"


- vs -

The opening riff of The hangman's body count by Volbeat starts to play throughout the arena as the lights dim. Several red and purple laser lights envelope the stage as Matthias Syn casually walks through the curtain. As he steps onto the stage, he stops and acknowledges the crowd by stretching both arms forward while touching his balled up fists together. After several seconds he begins to nonchalantly walk down the ramp towards the ring, not allowing the fans to touch him. He slides under the bottom rope, jumps to his feet and poses on the ropes. As he drops down from the ropes he takes off his red leather shearling coat, hands it to the ring girl and sits on the middle turnbuckle awaiting his opponent.

TODD: "And there he is, Matthias Syn! Syn has made it clear that he's here to disrupt the status quo and challenge every pillar this organization stands on."

BAMA T: "I mean, the place is already ANARCHY, baby—how much more disruption can he bring?"

TODD: "This man believes himself to be the harbinger of chaos for XWF, Bama, and judging from what we saw out of his Cathedral—I REALLY don't want to find out!"

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat. He goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down as his music fades out.

BAMA T: "Todd, Sean Parker is always a professional, always focused. But you've got to wonder, with that huge title defense against HGH just around the corner, is he maybe looking past Matthias Syn tonight? That could be a costly mistake."

TODD: "That's a great point, Bama. Sean’s usually laser-focused, but Matthias Syn isn't someone you can afford to underestimate. This guy’s a serious threat, and if Sean’s mind is on HGH, even just a fraction, Syn could capitalize on that distraction."

The match kicks off with a bang as Matthias Syn looks to make a statement at the champion’s expense. He clobbers Sean from behind with a forearm shot to the back of the head, forcing him into one of the corners. A couple of stiff right hands stagger Parker as he tries to recover by the debuting Syn doesn’t give him any respite, using his much larger frame to his advantage. He buries a couple of deep shoulder thrusts into Sean’s abdomen before hitting him with a Reverse STO into the middle turnbuckle.  Syn rolls Sean over and goes for the first cover of the match and the referee counts!



But the champ powers out, waggling his head from side-to-side trying to shake off the cobwebs from Syn’s early assault.

TODD: "Wow, Matthias Syn is a man on a mission tonight! He wants to make a statement in his XWF debut and what better way to do than to knock off the top champion!"

BAMA T: "He’s looked impressive so far but how many times in the last five, six months have we said that about Sean Parker? He’s proved to be one of the toughest and most resilient Anarchy Champions we’ve ever had!"

TODD: "You’re not wrong, Bama! In fact, today marks day 140 of Sean’s reign here in Anarchy but you have to wonder if Matthias Syn picks up a win tonight if that changes the title dynamic between Parker and Harmon Greyson Hays."

Syn looks to continue his dominant start to the match by hauling Sean aggressively back to his feet. Sean fights back though, breaking out of Matthias’s grip and catches him in the midsection with a spinning back kick that sends him back a couple of steps. Syn comes forward again, he goes for a step-up enziguri but Sean ducks his head. He drives an elbow into the top of Matthias’s leg before shooting himself off the ropes and takes him down with a quickfire Headscissors takeover. The momentum sends Syn tumbling back to his feet and this time it’s Sean on the offensive. He goes to the ropes again, springboarding off the middle one, looking for a springboard cutter but Matthias puts the breaks on. He grabs Sean by the waist and goes for a big German suplex but Sean flips back and lands acrobatically on his feet! He hooks Syn up from behind and drops him on the back of his neck with a Dragon suplex! He keeps the hooks in for a bridged pin!



But this time it’s Syn that forces the near fall, muscling out of the pinning predicament. He rolls out of the ring to the outside and when Sean goes to give chase, the referee stops him as Matthias favors his neck.

TODD: "A quick turnaround here in the main event! The debuting Matthias Syn looked to be in control but Sean Parker has turned the tables and has Syn on the back foot who’s taking a timeout on the floor, Bama!"

BAMA T: "Like I said, never count out the Sky Assassin, baby! He’s showing exactly why he’s the champ-HOLY ****!"

Sean catches everyone in the arena unawares by shooting off the ropes and flying clear over the ring post, twisting through the air, crashing into Syn and somehow landing on his feet!

TODD: "Sean Parker with an incredible Sky Twister Press! The King of the Skies in his domain!"

Sean fist pumps and the fans respond, cheering him on as he grabs Matthias, pulling him to his feet. Syn though, out of desperation, rakes Sean’s eyes, temporarily disorientating him. He receives a chorus of jeers but he dismisses them with a rude gesture before taking a step back and nails Sean up underneath the chin with a high knee. Sean staggers back, still feeling the effects from both the eye rake and knee but ends up eating a superkick not long after, Matthias hitting it perfectly, sending Sean down. Syn doesn’t give the champion any respite though, pulling up by the waistband of his ring attire and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. He picks Sean up again and this time, throws him like a lawn dart, sending him flipping over the steel steps, knocking them out of place in the process!

TODD: "And just like that, Matthias Syn is back in control again! He had to find a way to stop Parker’s momentum and going for the eyes is that great equalizer!"

BAMA T: "The fans didn’t like that but he doesn’t care one iota and nor should he! He’s not in XWF to make friends, he has a chance of upsetting the champion here, more power to him!"

Sean is clutching his ribs from the impact and gingerly climbs to his feet. Syn continues on the attack though, slamming the back of his head into the barricade for good measure, before flipping off the fans in the front row booing him. One of the fans has a sign in his hand saying “LONG LIVE THE ASSASSIN!” and rips it up in front of him.

TODD: "Wow, Matthias Syn really not endearing himself to the XWF Universe here on Anarchy!"

BAMA T: "He needs to stop focusing on the fans though and start focusing on Sean though! You don’t want to take your eye off him which we’ve seen already!"

Meanwhile, Sean tries to create some distance, getting back to his feet and rolling back into the ring. Syn follows Sean and takes a run towards him and spikes him with a well-executed swinging snap DDT and immediately goes for a cover!



But again Sean shows his resilience by kicking out, holding his neck in pain now. Syn goes back on the attack, snatching Sean around the neck and throat, locking in a koji clutch, grape-vining his legs around Sean’s torso.

TODD: "This is such a great tactic from SYN here, Bama! He’s grounding the high-flier!"

BAMA T: "Syn might be new around here, baby but he ain’t new to the squared circle! You can bet your last dollar he was scouting Sean before this match was even booked!"

Sean tries to pin his chin to his chest as best he can to stop Syn from locking in the painful submission fully. Syn starts attacking Sean’s midriff with heel jabs from his grapevine position meanwhile Sean throws several elbows behind him. One of them catches Syn square in the jaw that forces him to release the chokehold. Sean gasps for air a bit, his hands massaging his neck a bit but he knows he has no time to rest on his laurels. Syn is already back to his feet and goes for a shining wizard shin strike but Sean is able to deftly roll out of the way. With Matthias off-balance slightly, Sean takes advantage and nails him with his “Bloody Tears! 720 spinning roundhouse kick! Syn stumbles back, dazed slightly but Sean doesn’t let up, running up behind Syn and he sends the top of his head into the mat with the “Raidenrana” snap poisonrana! Sean rolls Matthias over and goes for the pin!



NO! This time it’s Syn that shows his tenacity, getting his shoulder up. Sea takes a few steps and crouches down, measuring Sy as he climbs back to his feet.  Just as he’s about to unleash Masamune Decapitation, the area is plunged into darkness.

TODD: "What the hell is going on here?! Who cut the lights?!"

BAMA T: "Like I’m meant to know what’s going on?!"

HGH’s music hits.

TODD: "Of course! Light clockwork! HGH is determined to get the last laugh on Sean Parker!"

Both Sean and Syn look a bit confused by the sudden interruption. Then, HGH himself appears on the stage, grinning cockily. Sean points an accusatory finger at the stage. However he doesn't notice Syn back to his feet! He spins Sean around and goes for the “SYNthesis” swinging reverse cutter but Sean spins out of it and, in one fluid movement, cracks Syn on the side of the head with the “Blade of Miquella” skull kick! Sean makes the cover!





TODD: "Well, that one didn't work out the way HGH had in mind! Sean Parker picks up the win over a very impressive Matthias Syn!"

BAMA T: "Make no mistake, that was a great debut performance from Matthias but Sean Parker is the Anarchy Champion for a reason and look there, looks like we’re not done between Sean and HGH, baby!"

As the referee hands Sean his championship, he holds it up as he mouths off to HGH who gesturing angrily towards Sean from the stage.

Suddenly from behind, Sean is waylaid by Matthias Syn as a cacophony of boos and profanities rain down from the fans.

HGH smiles cockily on the stage, swaggering down to the ring.

Meanwhile Syn picks up Sean and drills him with “SYNthesis” before giving him the finger and leaving the ring, sharing a parting glance with HGH as he does so.

HGH walks around a prone Sean, an arrogant smile plastered across his face. He stoops down beside Sean, mouthing off to him again before grabbing the Anarchy Championship, holding it up high to another chorus of abuse from the fans as Anarchy comes to a close.



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