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05-02-2024, 05:31 PM Wink  Liberation -->

We open on an undisclosed location to the sound of knuckle hitting bone. The roaring from the bloodthirsty crowd couldn't hide the sound of blood splatter dripping like a leaky faucet. The intimate and exclusive gathering of mostly Eastern European elites huddled around each other, consumedly observing the bare knuckle battle that was unfolding before them. There is money on the line after all... and a lot of it. Spotted in the small mob of on-lookers was Xtreme Wrestling Federations newest and brightest star, the Syn City Saint Matthias Syn. When he finally notices the camera, he slyly winks as he nods the camera towards the two fighters. As quick as the camera turned, the knockout blow was landed. Syn smirks at the result, a sure sign that he had picked the right fighter. After a confident shrug of his shoulders, he motions the camera to follow him. Syn strides confidently down a long corridor until reaching a black steel door. After keying in a combination the door unlocks, leading to an office. Before Syn breaches the doorway, he turns to the camera…
Welcome to my… Cathedral. I call it, the Syndicate. Bare knuckle fighting and  boxing on this floor. Upstairs we have my own mini Belagio. Card tables, roulette wheels, slots and craps tables. You bet on sports? You bet on the ponies? I got you. If you can put money down, you’re in the right spot.
The legalities of the Syndicate be damned. The feds have spent a lot of time and even more money on trying to take this place down. To no avail. Such is life when you run an illegal gambling den. That's why I keep it invite only, simply knowing a guy who knows guy isn't going to be enough to get you through my doors.
There's plenty of time to talk about the Syndicate now that the Saint is here in XWF. For now though, who is Matthias Syn?
Well for Sean Parker and the rest of the Anarchy roster, I am the great unknown. I am the sense of impending doom that has latched onto the back of your throat and into the depths of your stomach.
I am here to bring about a revolution but this isn't some banal revolution. A trite talking point like John Black or Davey Dunham. Listening to them fumble through a promo talking about a revolution that they don't have the will or balls to follow through on. Pathetic.
This world is an evil nasty place. Society is rotting to its very core and yet you, Syn points through the camera, letting his finger linger on the screen, simp for its monotony. You're afraid to live life on your own terms. So you drudge along day by day only willing to take what is given to you. Such an unimaginative existence. Blinded by the illusion of freedom. Do you feel free as you punch the time clock? Making someone else's dream come true. Do you feel free when the rent or mortgage is due? Do you feel free as they strip away your every right? The only thing you're free to do… is die.
There are hard truths and they need to be accepted. You take loans you don't need for shit you can't afford. All to be a slave to a system that is designed to do exactly that. Make you subservient to some rich asshole in a three-piece suit who hides behind million dollar lawyers and every law written to protect them from getting what they truly deserve. And you eat it up. It's disgusting. It's BORING.
You spend your lives in a prison of the heart and the mind and until you break the chains you'll wallow in fear. NOTHING MATTERS in this world besides power and control and power belongs to the people who take it. It's human nature for others to take what they want and I take what I want by force.
I am here to usher in a new era. To destroy modern civilization as we know it. There are casualties in every revolution. Sean Parker, you’ll be the first. That Anarchy Championship can wait. She will wait for me and her and I will see each other soon enough. For now though, its about making a statement. It's about showing the world and especially you Sean, that the ironclad grip that you have on this division is coming to an end.
You see the difference between Sean Parker and Matthias Syn is that I will do whatever it takes to win. I am not here to play by the rules. A rules based order is so boring Sean. Rules are what  got us into this dire situation to begin with. As you walk through that curtain on Thursday Night, with that empty headed smile strapped to your face and you get to look Matthias Syn directly in my cold, blue eyes, you’ll know that I’m not like the rest of that locker room “Sky Assassin”. I AM the purveyor or violence, of chaos, of disorder.  Mayhem is the symphony and Matthias Syn its conductor.
With all that you’ve got going Sean, the Triad, The NPWA Rumble and a new child at home, overlooking the Syn City Saint will be your ultimate undoing.  Speaking of the Triad, congratulations are in order I suppose. The overcoming sense of accomplishment you must feel being the first alternate to the Great Illuminatus and being gifted a key, a key you didn't earn must feel so…exhilarating. When I invert both of your knees on Anarchy and you cant take to the sky for that cheap pop that you crave, they love that flippy shit don't they Sean? I want you to know that it HAD to be this way. You had to be the first Sean. YOU are the statement. Take solace in that.
Syn leers into the camera, a measured smirk, winks and slams the door.
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