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How To: Building A Mystery
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04-02-2024, 07:59 AM

The camera pans across a dimly lit clearing in the midst of a forest.

A bonfire in the center of the clearing casts a flickering light, illuminating a circle of five hooded figures.

They are all variations of Micheal Graves – different genders, different masks, different attire, different faces – yet unmistakably the same person at their core.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Theo wants a fucking mystery!? We'll give him a fucking mystery! He thinks he has one over on us by booking us against an unknown, but we're the biggest unknown in the XWF today, and tonight, we call forth a new ally, to join our ranks and make us even more of an enigma!"

The group around the fire nods with a shared sense of purpose.

[Image: annajay.png]: "It is time to pull another kin from a land far away. Let us begin..."

She steps forward, beginning to chant alongside the others, their voices chanting in unison to form a powerful call. 

The fire responds, crackling and growing larger. Its flames reach towards the night sky in a sudden burst.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Focus all of your thoughts on our new ally! Call out to him with your mind. Lead him to us!"

[Image: annajay.png]: "Or her! You shouldn't assume genders, Gravy!"

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Oh! Er... Right! Think of THEY and will them this way!"

As their chanting intensifies, a visible lime green energy cloud starts to swirl above the fire. Suddenly, the air cracks like thunder, and the fire explodes into a burst of unnatural purple light that fills the sky.

[Image: Danzig.png]: "What's happening? This... this isn't right!"

A grotesque figure bursts out from the flames. It's a demon of some sort, with tits like Sidney Sweeney, and cock larger than Bobby's last half a quarter sausage was wide. Without hesitation the demon lashes out, striking down several of the Graves with brutal force.

Panic ensues. The circle breaks as the Graves' attempt to regroup, but the demon is relentless, swiping at Lady Gravy with razor sharp talons and taking a chunk of flesh from her thigh.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "NO! NOT SEXY GRAVY! SHE'S THE BEST OF US!"

With a maniacal battle cry, the Dark Warrior charges at the demon. The impact sends both tumbling into the heart of the fire, which erupts in a spectacular blaze, swollowing them up, and leaving the other Graves' in total darkness.

[Image: Danzig.png]: "So... uh... what now?"

The other Graves shrug and mutter among themselves with no real plan coming forward.

Typical Gravy's...

[Image: burn.gif]

The scene transitions as the Dark Warrior Micheal Graves and the well endowed big titty demon hurtle through a fiery portal locked in combat.

Graves delivers blow after blow, even as the demon claws back with equal malice.

Bursting through the otherside, they crash land in a vast, desolate landscape of fire and brimstone stretching out into infinity. 

The impact separates them, and they rise, ready for their final confrontation. Graves motions the demon forward.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Come get some!"

The demon lunges, but Graves is ready. With a swift motion, he dodges, sliding between the demon's legs and grabbing a large piece of brimstone. Graves springs to his feet and tackles the demon the the ground before it can fully react. 

With a powerful swing, he smashes the brimstone into the back of the demon's head repeatedly.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "DIDN'T... SATAN... EVER... TEACH YOU... NOT... TO... HIT... A... WOMAN!!!"

The demon's body crumbles to ash and is blown away by the scorching winds of Hell.

Graves stands, taking a moment to catch his breath. He then looks around at the familiar landscape of Hell.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: (Exhaling deeply) "This place again? Fuck me! I don't usually revisit abandoned gimmicks so soon..."

[Image: burn.gif]

The scene shifts from the hellish landscape to the interior of a Waffle House. The remaining Graves' are gathered around a large booth, each nursing a cup of coffee. Lady Gravy sips her coffee with a grimace.

[Image: annajay.png]: "With the Dark Warrior lost to us, we must decide who is to wrestle Theo Pryce's mystery opponent..." (gestures to her bandaged thigh) "And it can't be me, this is obvs totally more than a simple flesh wound."🤞

The others nod sympathetically.

[Image: Danzig.png]: "Well, don’t look at me. I’d need a good six months and a time machine to get back in ring shape."

He chuckles, but the laughter doesn’t catch on. The rest of the Graves avoid eye contact, staring into their coffee cups as if perhaps they hold the answers.

[Image: images.jpg]: "We could draw straws. I mean, it’s only fair, right?"

[Image: matthRDY.png]: "Or, you know, we could... not..?"

The group exchanges glances, the idea hanging between them.

[Image: annajay.png]: (sighing) "Let’s face it. Without Dark Warrior, we’re screwed..."

[Image: burn.gif]

The CamBot zooms in on the 'Dark Warrior' Micheal Graves, who is still surrounded by flames and brimstone.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "You know, when I said I wanted to heat things up in the XWF, this isn't exactly what I had in mind. But hey, when life gives you lemons, you squeeze 'em in the eyes of your enemies. Speaking of enemies, let's talk about Theo Pryce. Make no mistake about it, while I may be booked to face some mystery guy... er... Them? Ehh... My real enemy is THEO PRYCE and the rest of XWF management who would rather I crawl under a rock and die than wrestle a match on their bullshit weekend show!"

"Oh, but Gravy, if Theo didn't want you to be a part of the XWF, then why would he book you at all?"


"Mark Flynn had done it! He finally rid the XWF of Micheal Graves when he killed me inside of the ring. Everyone saw it! Micheal Graves was DEAD and GONE! My contract: Null and void!"

"But my trip to Hell enlightened me to the sins of man, and how I could manipulate them to get what I wanted! For Theo, all it took was a few bucks to be on the line, and Gravy was back, baby! The last link to the depravity of this companies past. That one PEST that you just couldn't seem to exterminate. DEAD and GONE, and it was all undone by THEO'S greed!"

"It was beautiful! I was back, I was champion, and I was going to make XWF great again! Blood! Sex! Violence! Depravity! All set to make their return in spectacular fashion!"

"But then what happened? Satan turned on Gravy, and the Clinton's began sourcing their Adrenochrome from elsewhere. Suddenly that investor money was all gone, and now Theo was just stuck with me... AGAIN! With no upside to blind him to... well, me!"

"Now it's back to square one! Try an' fuck Gravy out of the XWF!"

"When Theo was slobbering all over my cock for that investor money, I was booked as a mystery to fuck over Dolly, and as always, I fucked her good! Now, it's me who finds myself staring into the depths of the unknown, and Theo thinks he has one over on me."

"Well, he does... But unlike the other bitches that hang around this place these days, I couldn't care less. Make it a mystery. Make it a whole gauntlet of mystery fuckers. Stand Micheal Graves up against an army if that tickles your fancy. Worst case scenario, the odds are overwhelming, and Gravy takes another loss."

"Oh, fuck, you got me!"

"Except for the fact that you will quickly find that victory to be fleeting!"

"Don't know who the fuck I'm fighting, so let's fill the air with a history lesson instead!"

"In 2016 the XWF made a terrible mistake. A mistake born from ignorance. Ignorance to the past that had been wiped away to make room for the future. It was the opening I needed – my chance to return!"

"It was Vincent Lane, the Loverboy of yore who inked my return into existence. All for a match against a fraud, a pretender to the namesake Graves. Lane booked the match, dollar signs flashing in his eyes. I murdered the kid, and gifted his head to a rookie named Cadryn who used it as a fuck toy. Since that day, this company has looked for any and every way to undo that disastrous decision."

"I've been fired, locked in closets, demoted to Madness, and literally murdered in the ring, but every time, I come back for more. I come back to ensure that the XWF doesn't see a single fucking day of sunshine without the stench of Micheal Graves invading your senses! I come back to spite you! And as history shows, there is nothing that can keep me down!"

"This is the Xtreme Wrestling Federation, where freaks and outcast like me come to thrive, but for years now, you all have sought to change it. Change it into something it's not, something that mimics everything else that exist, attempting to take away my home and the viewers choice!"

"Shane, Gilly, N.A.Z.I., Soldier and so on. All defeated and exiled to make way for the future. Yet somehow the literal worst of them still stands, seeking to invade your airwaves with my vulgarity!"

"I don't care who you bring out! I don't even care if I lose, because I'LL BE BACK! But don't think that means Gravy's going down without a fight, and those who think they can predict the outcome, just remember that I've tangoed with demons tougher than the nightmares that wake you up at night. So what's one more? Especially since I've already got my dance card filled down here."

As if on cue, the Devil steps forward from the shadows with a smirk playing on his demonic face.

[Image: devil.png]: "Impressive words, Gravy. But they're just that—WORDS. And words won't save you now. You're in my realm, and this time, you’re here to stay!"

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "You know, I've heard better trash talk from a parrot with a vocabulary of two words. You think you've got me cornered here? You haven't been paying attention! On top of that, you’ve been fucking with me this entire time! You said that I was to be your champion, then you marched me right to my slaughter against Doc! You claimed that I would harness the powers of Hell itself, then you left me with nothing! Now, I have a match to catch, and if you don’t send me back, it'll be me who leaves you with nothing!"

The Devil's smirk fades, replaced by a flicker of irritation.

[Image: devil.png]: "Your arrogance will be your undoing, Graves."

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Arrogance? No, this is what confidence looks like, pal!"

Quick as a flash, Graves lunges while unzipping, the devil is barely able to react as Gravy’s tiny dick finds its mark, piercing through the Devil's left eye. The Devil howls in pain.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Looks like you've got a new blind spot, Satan. Consider that a parting gift from Micheal Graves. And as for my question-marked opponent back in the XWF, watch closely. Because what I just did to the devil, I'm coming to do to you, but worse. Get ready, because Hell hath no fury like a Graves scorned, or some shit like that!"

[Image: Devil2.png]: "WHO ARE YOU EVEN TALKING TO!?!"

Graves pulls his dick free and the Devil retreats into the shadows, nursing his wound.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: ”The audience, of course! Now, send me back demon, or I will take your other eye as well!”

The Devil, now clutching his wounded eye and grimacing in pain and fury, raises his other hand in a reluctant gesture of defeat. Flames gather around his fingertips, swirling into a vortex that grows in both intensity and size.

[Image: Devil2.png]: (Through gritted teeth) "You... are a curse, Graves. A curse and a plague upon every realm that you touch. Fine! Have your match, but leave here and never return!"

With a flick of his wrist, the Devil conjures a portal, a fiery gateway that rips open the fabric of reality itself. The portal pulsates with a fierce light, its edges crackling with the fires of Hell.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "That's more like it, and yeah, I'm a curse, but be thankful that curse is heading back to the XWF, and not staying here with you."

Gravy steps forward, but pauses, glancing back at the wounded Devil with a smug grin.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Tell your minions to keep out of my business, because if I have to come back, it won't just be your eye that's missing."

Graves steps through the portal, the flames engulfing him as he transitions from the depths of Hell back to the mortal realm.

[Image: burn.gif]

The scene abruptly shifts to the interior of the Waffle House. The portal opens right in the middle of the diner, and Dark Warrior Micheal Graves steps out, much to the shock and awe of the other Graves gathered around their booth.

[Image: annajay.png]: "Well, I'll be damned... or, undamned?"

Graves dusts off his attire nonchalantly as if traveling through Hell and back was just another day at the office. He slides into the booth with the rest of the Graves, grabbing a cup of coffee as if nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred.

[Image: Ch5a-Epn-Uk-AEJk68.jpg]: "Alright, team, let's get down to business. I've decided that I don't really need any of y'all anymore..."

The camera pans in slowly, capturing an evil glint in Gravy's eye.

[Image: wfh.png]

As the scene fades, we notice two figures escaping the flames together—Dark Warrior Gravy, and Lady Sexy Gravy.

[Image: burn.gif]
The End?

[Image: MOSHED-2023-6-19-16-15-56.gif]
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