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XWF Presents: March Madness VI
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03-25-2024, 02:41 AM

03 - 24 - 2024


- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat

- vs -
Ladder Match

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit

- vs -
- vs -
Xtreme Rules

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Ultimate X Match

JC: Hello everyone and WELCOME TO U.S. Bank Stadium in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, our host for March Madness VI!!! You'll notice I am at the both solo tonight that's because Thaddeus Duke was unable to attend tonight's event due to previously scheduled obligations. And now without further delay let's get right into our opening match. A triple threat featuring 3 relative new comers to the fed.

The fans erupt from their seats as the first theme song of the night hits the airwaves. Davey Dunham comes down to the ring to a positive reaction from the crowd as "Tonight" by Seether continues to play.

"Halloweenie IV: Innards" by Ashnikko plays as the lights went out in the arena. A purple hue illuminated the ramp as Brooke Hernandez walked out from behind the curtain. She walked with a purpose down the ramp and slid in the ring.

As Partytime by 45 Grave hits Bert charges out of the back, instantly hyping the crowd up and running from side to side on the stage. He heads down to the ring slapping hands and stopping to pose for selfies, just happy to be here. As he reaches the ring steps he pops what is surely a normal gummy bear and hops onto the apron, and vaults over the top rope. He goes to each corner, further hyping the crowd before settling down and waiting for the opening bell.

- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat

The bell has sounded, it's time for the opening bout to get underway!

JC: For those of you just tuning into XWF television, a triple threat match means no disqualifications.  Bert seems to be fully aware of these circumstances and immediately slides out of the ring to look underneath it for… something. 

After a moment of rummaging through his options, Bert pulls out a ladder.  It seems he's got something in mind for his opponents.  Meanwhile, Brooke and Davey are circling the ring, neither one taking their eyes off the other.  They both charge forward and lock up in a grapple. 

A few well-timed jabs from Brooke to Davey's midsection, followed by one that looks like it landed a little below the belt.  Yep, it sure did, as evidenced by his eyes bulging out of his head and Davey then falling over whilst cupping his junk. Brooke just straight up punched him in the dick.  Shs jumps on top of him and starts wailing away on his face.  Bert is in the ring now.  He grabs Brooke from behind and pulls her off Davey.

JC: Interesting strategy there from Bert.

After a successful Suplex from Bert on Brooke, he follows up with a DDT.  Davey's back to his feet and he swings Bert around to meet him face-to-face.  Soon the two men start throwing various lefts and rights, ducking when they can and dodging when they can't.

Davey ducks beneath a Clothesline, grabs the back of Bert's head, and jumps down to the mat with a Neckbreaker.  Brooke comes out of nowhere swinging a fist, and it connects with Davey's jaw just as he gets back up on his feet.  He falls backward onto the ropes, but bounces right back with a Clothesline to Brooke.  Brooke hits the mat, but is quickly able to roll out of the ring.  Davey returns his attention to Bert… a second too late as Bert strikes with a Dropkick.  Davey goes down, but he gets back up quickly, and soon both men are trading a series of punches. 

JC: Davey Dunham showing a lot of resolve here.

They don't see Brooke who has climbed the ladder outside of the ring.  They don't see her leap from the top rung.  She clears the top rope and hits both men simultaneously: Davey gets a leg drop and Bert gets a Crossbody.  Brooke is somehow able to do two moves at the same time, on two opponents, all at once.  All three are now lying in the ring catching their breath, and the fans show their appreciation with cheers.

JC: The fans are eating this opening match up.

Davey has now gone outside the ring to find something new to bring to the match.  The fans are chanting “we want tables!”  Meanwhile Brooke and Bert go back and forth with offensive moves.  Bert Super Kicks Brooke but catches her before she drops… only to put her down with a bulldog, and then he hits a Springboard Leg Drop just for added measure.  Davey has a table almost set up on the outside as Bert covers Brooke inside the ring.

… 1 …

…… 2 ……

………. 3-No!

JC: Davey almost doesn't make it in time to break up the count.

The men trade punches with each other, pushing and shoving too, until the fight spills out at ringside.  Bert is able to gain the upper hand… with an upper  cut.  As Davey grasps his throat, Bert continues to land punch after punch until he's got Davey lying on the table.  He's climbing the ladder.  The fans are getting excited.  Bert's about to jump off the ladder and Davey's starting to come to.  Bert leaps off the ladder with a Frogsplash that only kinda looks like a Frogsplash… but Davey rolls off the table!  Bert goes through it!

Davey re-enters the ring as Brooke is getting up.  Davey immediately goes for The One and Dunham Killswitch, but Brooke slips out of his grasp and shoves him to the ropes chest-first, rolling him up in a pin as he rebounds backward.

… 1 …

…… 2 ……

… Kickout!

JC: So close.

Davey rolls backward and up on to his feet.  Brooke attempts another low blow on Davey, but the latter's prepared this time.  Her arm gets stuck between Davey's legs, who then locks in an armbar on his opponent.  However, before she can even consider tapping out, Bert McAlroy is flying through the air from the ladder he's climbed up again (you know what they say about falling off your bicycle) and he lands on top of Brooke even though it looked like he was aiming for Davey.  Catching his second wind, Davey starts clubbing Bert with everything he's got.  Bert tries to fight back, but some kind of frenzy is possessing Davey.  When it looks like Bert might get a second to regain composure, Davey takes a step back and charges Bert will a Spear.  Instead of going for the pin on Bert, Davey attempts to pin Brooke, but she's already rolled out of the ring and is now lying down at ringside, seemingly out of contention for the time being. 

JC: Bert starts to show his determination by dragging himself back to his feet with some help from the ropes. 

Bert moves into position behind Davey, perhaps looking for the McAldestroyer 2.0, but Davey reverses, spins Bert around so his back is to him, grabs his arms and rotates… THE ONE & DUNHAM!  Davey doesn't waste a moment flopping Bert over on to his back.  He hastily hooks a leg and puts as much of his body weight on top of Bert as he can.  The fans are excited and sense that the match is about to come to an end as the referee starts the pin count!

… 1 …

…… 2 ……

………. 3!

Winner - Davey Dunham

The following program is brought to you in part by our sponsors…

The Cheeky Pest Control Service!
“Squashing bugs and serving smiles since 2022!”

->Enter Here<-

He walks up to a fan wearing his merch, pressing his forehead up to his before continuing his way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, he raises both hands to his, and revels in the cheers. The lights hits his belt and reflects off the faces of the fans and his opponent. King doesn’t take his eyes off Adams who just smiles at him wryly, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. Adeyemi takes off his tag title belt, still staring at Adams and gives it to the ref, taking off his jacket as well and dumping it on the outside as a member of the ring crew hurriedly goes out and grabs it, taking it over to the timekeeper’s table.

A building symphony of feet stomping against concrete echoes through the halls of the U.S. Bank Stadium. A low, almost Sam Raimi-like camera chase brings us to the feet in question, a half dozen lines of men and women dressed in black sweatsuits and hockey masks used to conceal their identities.







The group marches out onto stage, splitting down the center with three rows on each side to maintain a clear path. The stomp assisted chant continues as an otherwise blackened screen goes from nothingness to the slow, six letter fade-in.


The crowd roars to life and an angle switch to a blank door backstage is backtracked by the chant. In the moments that follow, the door swings open as a pair of pseudo-seven footers stand on either side of it.



The choir comes to a standstill as the familiar opening bassline to “No. 99” by Joey Bada$$ plays through the stadium. From the void of black behind the door, steps Spencer Adams with the PWV World Championship and XHW Pride titles over each shoulder. His eyes and head are tilted slightly down as he begins a focused march through the winding hall and out through the curtain. The crowd’s chants of “BAAAAADMON!” battle back and forth with the backing track.

Spencer slides a hockey mask off his own face and holds it out to the side, making his way down the ramp to the continued theme and raucous crowd. The Badmon stops and passes the mask off to a younger fan along the barricade and makes his way up the steps and through the ropes.

- vs -
Standard Singles

JC: “We’ve had a frenetic start to March Madness VI and we’ve still got so many incredible matches to come, including this one. This could probably headline any wrestling event anywhere in the world.”

Adeyemi and Adams circle each other, eyes locked. Spencer makes the first move, darting forward quickly, aiming a quick jab at the former Universal Champion’s face. But Adeyemi ducks under the punch, quickly countering with a swift European Uppercut that snaps Spencer's head back.

Spencer staggers but quickly regains his footing, launching a barrage of kicks aimed at Adeyemi’s midsection. Adeyemi blocks most of them, but one connects, driving the air from his lungs. Taking advantage of the opening, Spencer grabs Adeyemi's arm and whips him into the ropes. As Adeyemi rebounds off the ropes, Spencer goes for a clothesline, but again, Adeyemi ducks under it and shoots off the opposite ropes. He charges back at Adams, leaping into the air and connecting with a beautifully-executed dropkick that sends Spencer crashing to the mat.

With Spencer down, Adeyemi wastes no time, pulling him up and locking in a tight body scissors. Spencer grits his teeth against the pressure, trying to wriggle free, but Adeyemi cinches the hold tighter, squeezing the air from Spencer's lungs, adding to the hold by hammering several hard elbows into Adams’ head and neck.

Desperate to escape, Spencer manages to roll onto his side, breaking the hold. He scrambles to his feet, only to be met with a lightning-fast Discus Elbow from Adeyemi that sends him sprawling to the canvas once again. As Spencer tries to regain his bearings, Adeyemi charges at him, looking to capitalize on his advantage. But Spencer ducks under Adeyemi's outstretched arm, reaching back and taking him down, countering with a running neckbreaker before locking in a sudden Dragon Sleeper that catches Adeyemi off guard.

Adeyemi struggles against the hold, feeling the pressure mounting on his neck. With a burst of energy, he manages to twist his body, flipping Spencer over with an improvised northern lights suplex, bridging into a pin! The referee drops down to count.


2…. But Spencer kicks out, quickly rolling to the side and back to his feet.  He goes straight back on the attack, unloading with a flurry of quick elbow strikes that drive King back into one of the corners. With Adeyemi trapped against the turnbuckle, Spencer takes a step back, measuring his opponent. He lunges forward, aiming for a running knee to the gut, but Adeyemi side steps at the last moment, sending Spencer crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle. Sensing an opening, Adeyemi aggressively pulls Spencer out of the corner and nails him with the “Blade Sharpener”,  He drives a sharp punch into Spencer's gut, doubling him over in pain. Then, dropping to his back, Adeyemi sends Spencer crashing to the mat with a resounding thud with a vicious uppercut!

JC: “Blade Sharpener! There’s a great equalizer from the former Uni Champ!”

Adeyemi immediately goes for the cover, hooking one of Spencer’s legs as the referee gets into position. He begins to slam his hand down.



The- But Spencer refuses to stay down, kicking out right before the referee's hand slaps the mat for the three-count. As both men rise to their feet, the intensity in the arena reaches a fever pitch. Both Adeyemi and Spencer are determined to prove their worth and they circle each other once again, their eyes locked in a fierce stare-down, each assessing the other's next move.

Spencer makes the first move, charging forward and goes to strike with a series of quick jabs, aiming to keep Adeyemi on the defensive. But Adeyemi avoids the punches with his boxing-style footwork and head movement, countering with a rapid-fire combination of strikes of his own that leaves Spencer reeling. With Adams staggered, Adeyemi shoots off the ropes, running past his opponent and coming back, grabbing Spencer by the head and he leaps forward, driving his face into the mat with a running bulldog.

Once again though, Spencer refuses to stay down. Gritting his teeth against the pain, he manages to push himself back to his feet, fighting an incoming Adeyemi with a desperation upkick that forces him back. Spencer quickly gets back to a vertical base and keeps his momentum with a lightning-fast Enzuigiri, catching King off guard and staggering him backwards. Seizing the momentary opening, Spencer runs at Adeyemi, sending him flipping over onto his back with a picture-perfect Hurricanrana that sends Adeyemi tumbling to the mat. Adams follows up with lung-blowing running senton flip before going for a pinfall attempt of his own, reaching back and grabbing one of Adeyemi’s legs. The referee begins to count.



But this time it’s Adeyemi’s turn to showcase his tenacity and toughness, kicking out. Seeing Spencer coming forward for another attack, he rolls out of harm’s way, letting his momentum carry him into the ropes. Coming back, Adeyemi takes Adams down with a perfectly-timed Slingblade. With both men beginning to feel it neither is unwilling to concede defeat just yet. They drag themselves back to their feet, their aching from the intense battle. The crowd roars in approval, urging them on as they start to trade blows in the center of the ring.

JC: “What a battle this has been and we’re only in the first semi-final! One of these men still has to wrestle a second time against either Kieran King or Mark Flynn!”

Spencer strikes Adeyemi with several quick jabs that connect with a thud each time. Adeyemi responds with impressive striking of his own. He mixes it up, cracking Spencer in the ribs with a right hook before seamlessly transitioning into a left cross that rocks the Pantheon member. Adams shows his resilience though and responds with a no-nonsense kitchen sink-style knee to the gut before lifting him and driving him down with a Spinning Sidewalk Slam.

Sensing another momentum shift, Spencer quickly climbs the turnbuckle, ready to fly. As Adeyemi jadedly gets to all fours, slowly getting back to his feet, Adams leaps into the air, executing a flawless Shooting Star Press for “Quarantine”. But Adeyemi sees it coming and manages to roll out of the way at the last second, narrowly avoiding disaster.

JC: “Oh no! Adams went all or bust there, going for that shooting star facebuster he likes to use! But King used all that ring savvy to avoid it at the last possible moment!

As Spencer crashes to the mat, Adeyemi sees his opening. With lightning speed, he sprints at Spencer, delivering a devastating Discus Elbow that sends him reeling, catching him flush on the jaw.  With the crowd on the edge of their seats, Adeyemi rushes at Spencer, leaping into the air and wrapping his arms around his opponent's head, ready to drive him into the canvas.

JC: “Adeyemi going for G.O.D. here! This might be curtains for Adams if he can hit it!”

But Spencer refuses to go down without a fight. With a burst of energy, he counters Adeyemi's maneuver, reversing the hold and locking in his own finishing move, the “40 Acres” Bulldog Choke submission! Adeyemi struggles against the relentless pressure, his vision beginning to blur as Spencer tightens his grip, wrenching back with all his might!

The referee watches closely, ready to call the match if Adeyemi can't find a way to escape. With the crowd holding its breath, Adeyemi manages to reverse the momentum, rolling back and pinning Adams to the mat!

JC: “Adeyemi counters! He’s got Adams’ shoulders pinned!”



Thr- Adams has no choice but to release the chokehold to save himself from being pinned.

JC: “That was great ring smarts from the Prince there! He knew Adams would have to let go there!”

The crowd erupts in astonishment as Spencer breaks the hold just in time, slamming the mat with frustration. Adeyemi coughs and splutters, clutching his throat as he tries to regain his bearings. Both men are breathing heavily, knowing victory hangs in the balance.

Adeyemi struggles to his feet, still favoring his throat slightly. Spencer is quick to follow suit, his gaze never leaving his opponent as they face off in the center of the ring once more.

Sensing the urgency of the moment, Adeyemi launches himself at Spencer with renewed determination, unleashing a barrage of boxing-style strikes and punches. Spencer fights back with equal ferocity, countering each blow with kicks and elbow strikes of his own.

JC: “Not many people would be advised to get into a striking contest with a guy like Prince Adeyemi but Spencer Adams is holding his own here! This is still anyone’s match!”

As the match wears on, both Adeyemi and Spencer dig deep into their reserves, drawing upon
The crowd is on their feet, the tension in the arena palpable as the match reaches its climax. With one final burst of energy, Adeyemi charges at Spencer, aiming for his signature move, the Guillotine of Destruction. He leaps into the air, wrapping his arms around Spencer's head, ready to drive him into the canvas with bone-crushing force.

But Spencer, his instincts honed from years of experience, anticipates the move. With lightning speed, he counters Adeyemi's maneuver, reversing the hold and locking in his own finishing move, the "40 Acres" Bulldog Choke submission. Adeyemi struggles against the relentless pressure, his vision beginning to blur as Spencer tightens his grip, wrenching back with all his might.

JC: “40 Acres again! This could be it! Spencer tried it earlier but Adeyemi was able to escape, can he do it again?!”

The referee watches closely, ready to call the match if Adeyemi can't find a way to escape. With the crowd holding its breath, Adeyemi summons every ounce of strength he possesses, refusing to submit to defeat. With a burst of determination, he manages to reverse the momentum again, rolling back and pinning Adams to the mat. However before the referee can even drop to the canvas, Spencer rolls through himself, still keeping a tight grip on Adeyemi’s neck.

JC: “Spencer counters the counter and he still has the 40 Acres locked in!”

Adeyemi looks like he’s beginning to fade. He reaches out for the ropes but can’t quite get there and he begins to drop as Adams wrenches back off his hips, generating even more pressure. Saliva starts to form in the corner of the Prince’s mouth and the referee gets in front of him. He lifts one of his arms and it just droops back down. Seeing enough, the referee immediately calls for the bell and motions for Spencer to let go and he duly does so!

JC: “Spencer did it! Adeyemi is out! Spencer is in the finals of March Madness!”


The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience. In a flash, he sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles in to some pre-fight stretches.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

- vs -
Standard Singles

JC: The second round of semi-finalists are in the ring, and this is one of the more highly anticipated contests of the entire March Madness event!

The bell rings, and the pair of smiling sociopaths dance out of their corners and lock horns in the center of the ring.

JC: Mark Flynn. Kieran King. Who will move on to face Spencer Adams in the finals of March Madness tonight?

The two men have a quick tussle of strength, which sees Flynn using his slight edge in height and weight to overpower King. The Unrecoginsed Legend is brought down to a single knee, while Flynn weighs him down with a hammerlock. Flynn releases and kicks at King sturdy leg, but King is freakishly quick!

He rolls to the side of Flynn, raises his forearms to block another wild kick from Flynn that sends the 24/7 case holder off balance a bit, and before Flynn can even look, King is already rolling behind him, laughing and dropkicking Flynn in the back. Flynn doesn’t fall, rather tumbles forward, and directly into the unsuspecting referee!

JC: Say what you will about Kieran King! Talk about the ring rust. Talk about his unwillingness to work the major branded shows in XWF. But there area few things you can’t deny: he’s one of the youngest wrestlers to ever win the Universal Championship, and, he’s still one of the fastest on the mat in our industry… and ONE OF THE DIRTIEST!

A low blow from behind!

With the ref tumbled on his back, and Flynn caught off guard, King throws his bicep up into Flynn’s crotch, causing the former Universal Champion to crumble over in the center of the mat. Laughing, King stands and runs toward the rope, with a blink of an eye, he’s spring boarding backward and crashing down on Flynn with a flawless looking lionsault. He goes for the cover, but the ref still hasn’t recovered. Lifting off of the pin, King berates the ref, until he’s finally standing and then running over to count the fall. King leans back over Flynn, but he’s raked in the eyes…. ROLLED UP INTO A SMALL PACKAGE!




JC: Mark Flynn nearly beat King at his own game there! The last time these two faced off on Monday Madness, it was an instant classic, and this match might be shaping up to be another, especially with so much riding on the line.

King explodes out of the pin, and the two men are both up, and locking horns again, throwing wild fists at the sides of each other's heads. King gets an advantage and whips Flynn toward the ropes, but Flynn reverses the Irish whip, pulls King toward him and plants him back first with a counter Powerslam. Flynn starts grappling for King on the mat, but King is already rolling away, suffering from the stiff impact he just received and trying to get out of the ring.

Flynn is on all fours, crawling after him and trying to roll him back into a position where he can lock in a submission hold, but King, even in pain and retreat, is just too quick. King’s feet hit the floor, with his upper body still partially in the ring, and now finds himself in a precarious position. Flynn is now, on his knees, strangling King with the bottom rope!

JC: King is in a bad way here! For all of the credit I attributed to King, his natural ability, his speed, his willingness to do whatever it takes to win, the same can be said of Mark Flynn. Even when it looked like he was going to be outclassed by King tonight, he’s now in a position he loves to be in… inflicting serious damage, not just physically, but psychologically as well!

The ref darts over to Flynn, screaming at him to release King, but Flynn ignores him. The ref begins counting


JC: Can’t get a disqualification here!




Flynn releases at the last second, and King starts sliding all the way out of the ring, but not before Flynn pulls the rope back and cracks King in the back of the head. The sound is enough to make the audience shudder. King falls on the floor, and now Flynn is on the apron sizing him up.

…but Flynn snarls as he sees King on the floor, not wanting to just beat King, but to end his career and drive this has-been out of the XWF… for good. So Flynn changes course. He climbs the top rope now, and looks down at King. Just as Keiran gets to all fours… A DIVING KNEE!


King rolls out of the way!

Flynn hits the arena floor knee first and immediately hollers out in pain. King looks at his opponent and his eyes light up, before a devilish smile crawls onto his features.

JC: A huge miscalculation from Flynn! High risk, high reward I suppose, but unfortunately, that risk was taken against the likes of Kieran King, and now it will likely cost him a shot at the March Madness finals.

King immediately goes to work on the knee, battering it with a series of stomps and kicks while the referees ring-out count as grown to 4… a falling double axe handle smash smashes Flynn’s knee in the worst kind of way, and now laughing, King rolls back into the ring counting on his opponent to be counted out.

JC: King has no moral high-ground here, he doesn’t care if he’s pinning Mark Flynn or watching with a smile while Flynn gets counted out. So long as he can punch his ticket to the finals, Kieran King is here only to make the audience at March Madness recognise the unrecognized legend that he is!


The ref counties counting Mark Flynn out as King walks to a corner and leans back, laughing at the booing fans, motioning his hands for them to make more noise



JC: I’m not sure when the last time was, if ever, that Mark Flynn was defeated via countout, but we might witness it here tonight!


Flynn’s forearms fling up onto the apron, sweaty and shaking. He grimaces and pulls, with one knee unable to hold any way weight


He yells and pulls


- - - - - - - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flynn just barely rolls into the ring, and breaks the refs count. But the stalking King is already on him, sizing up his prey like a circling vulture. A stomp! But Flynn rolls on his stomach and King misses!

Another stomp to the knee… IS AGAIN AVOIDED!

Flynn is up now, pulling up on the ropes. Knowing that Flynn is expecting a targeted shot to the knee, King changes course, a buzzsaw kick to the head! But Flynn, counters! He ducks, and King’s leg gets caught up on the top rope. With all of his tenacity, Flynn bares his weight on his damaged knee, gets behind King, lifts and punishes him with a nasty looking atomic drop. King flys forward onto the next set of ropes.

JC: The Counter Point! King is draped over the middle rope, but Flynn… oh my, Flynn is unable to capitalize!

Flynn tries to take off running for his trademark knee to the head, but is crippled by the pain in his knee. Instead he limps over to King, grabbing him from the back of his tights, and sets him up, ready to suplex him-


Flynn has King up into the holding suplex and here comes the cutt-


King countertops the falling suplex cutter with a lightening fast codebreaker!

King covers!




JC: Score one for Mark Flynn, and now score one for Kieran King! I doubt this is the last time we’ll see these two go toe to toe, but tonight it is Kieran King moving on to face Spencer Adams in the finals of March Madness!


The hymn-like hum vibrates through the area before Lauren Hill soundfully brings in the chorus. Jason Cashe comes out from the back, stopping at the edge of the stage. Looking around the arena at the live audience, he takes a long drag off an air joint before howling up into the sky! A few fans howl with him.

Stopping as the aisle turns to ringside, Cashe drags a foot creating an imaginary line. This is the line where when passed, the talking stops. Cashe leaps up on the apron onto his left knee. He stands, ducking under the top rope to enter the ring.

The arena lights turn gold as the intro of “Soldier Dream” by ROOT FIVE hits the PA.

Raion Kido appears on stage, letting out a lion’s roar.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Mezasu kiboo no iro wa
Kedakai hodo utsukushii…”

Raion spreads his arms and breaks into a bird run towards the ring, slapping the fans’ hands along the way. He slides into the ring on his belly and springs into his feet.

“Saint Seiyaaa! (Seiyaaa!)
Tsubasa wa ten wo kakeru
Erabareta moushigo no you niiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Facing the camera, Raion throws a one-two punch forward, his final pose as the music dies down.

- vs -
Standard Singles

Jason Cashe rolls his neck in the corner staring a hole into the back of Kido's head as Raion stretches in his corner. Before the ref can call the bell Cashe sprints from his corner and clatters Kido with a forearm to the nape of the neck! Raion falls to a knee as the ref sees and hastily calls for the bell!


Jason doesn't let up stomping down onto Kido's head as Raion tries to protect his face as boot after stiff boot comes raining down on the young lion. Cashe steps up on the bottom rope and kicks Kido's chin up before placing a boot down onto his neck and dropping his weight as Kido gasps for air; the ref gets in Cashe's grill beginning to count to 3, Jason stepping away at the final moment.

JC: Cashe is being relentless here, not letting Kido take a moment. Possibly knowing one moment is all Kido needs to sway things.

The ref backs Jason away giving him a stern talking to but Cashe is laser-focused on Kido hacking up a lung as he begins to step up; as soon as Kido is on one knee Cashe shoves the ref aside and runs in driving a knee into Kido's mush; immediately wrapping an arm around Kido's neck in a headlock and drags him out of the corner, Kido's feet dragging as Jason powers him away. Kido flops to his knees and Jason drops him with a kneeling DDT!

The two drop and Kido is motionless as Cashe sits up to a roar of boos; Cashe spits and flips Kido onto his back and gets into a mount, gripping Kido's hair and wrenching him forward before delivering a vicious headbutt!

And another!



A slit opens up in Raion's forehead as blood begins to pours down past his dazed eyes. Jason breathes heavily as he releases his grip and sneers as he throws down powerful fists like a gorilla trying to beat a rival down into the earth!

JC: Cashe is a man possessed right now, all he seems to want to do, his life mission, is to beat Raion Kido until he is unrecognisable!

Cashe's fists hands are bloody, Kido's eye swollen, his face covered in blood and his chest beet red starting to bruise. The crowd rally behind Kido to make the comeback as Cashe throws up an eyebrow confused and steps up looking to the crowd, berating them for their, in his opinion, "Dumbfuck words".

Kido tries to get up hearing the crowd; trying to reach for an invisible rope as he groggily tries to stand. Cashe waves the crowd off after some time and turns to Kido who is kneeling looking at Cashe and the two share some words before Raion, in a show of defiance throws out his arms with a mighty, yet fleeting, roar as the crowd gets behind him before Jason Cashe slaps a glob of blood out of Kido's mouth with a powerful right palm.

Kido is rocked as he drunkenly kneels before Cashe, the wind knocked out of the arena before Cashe gives the killing blow, wrapping Kido in a suplex hold and finally...


Cashe lays Kido out for the count with a pitch-perfect Northern Lights Bomb and goes for the cover, Cashe pushing down on Kido's face as he looks to the crowd with disdain.






Winner - Jason Cashe

Cashe's theme hits as he steps up and wretches his arm away from the ref as he shakes his head at Kido to a chorus of boos before leaving the ring.

JC: A dominating win from Jason Cashe against his former ally Raion Kido, though Cashe doesn't seem all that happy about it.

Kido begins to stir in the middle of the ring as officials come to help him before we fade out.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start cheering. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his ring gear. He slowly walks out and waves at the fans. He walks down to the ring and enters it. He waits in the corner as his music fades.

JC: Barney Green is often underappreciated, often overlooked but has always been one of the most violent and battle tested members of this Roster! He looks more than ready for the fight ahead of him here tonight!

“New Skin” by Incubus plays and teleporting from the back comes SEMTEX.

JC: SEMTEX is an absolute monster standing at 6'7.

Rolling out of the ring as Semtex gets midway down the entrance ramp comes Barney Green.

JC: Barney isn't waiting! Barney is taking the fight to Semtex!!

- vs -
Standard Singles

The referee was trying to get them in the ring to get the match underway. SEMTEX didn't start the outside antics but he was prepared to handle them as he pulled Barney, scoops him up before slamming him onto the apron yet again, this time with a body slam that lays Green long ways on the apron. SEMTEX shoves Barney under the ropes, getting him inside the ring. Rounding the ring, SEMTEX uses the steel stairs before walking along the same ring apron he had done damage to Barney on. Entering the ring, the bell officially sounds off to begin the match.

JC: The match just started but Barney is already feeling the strains of pain that come in a fight!

Finding his feet, Barney Green gets to a standing. Immediately, SEMTEX is there and launches him back into the turnbuckles. Barney shoots from the corner, smashing SEMTEX with another well placed forearm shot. SEMTEX no-sells the strike and yanks Barney from the corner as hard as anyone should be whipped, sending Barney faster than he normally moves across the ring before he slams into the opposite turnbuckles that gives no real cushion for the collision. Barney drops to a knee in the corner as SEMTEX walks towards him very nonchalantly.

As SEMTEX puts a shadow over Barney and stands over him. Barney sparks up from a knee, thrusting into SEMTEX’s exposed throat with a sneaky punch! SEMTEX stumbles back coughing and choking.

JC: Intelligent Diversion!

Barney throws himself at SEMTEX with rapid fire rights. Everything he has behind each shot and many of them land as he walks the 6’7” opponent back. SEMTEX throws forward a lifting knee, taking Barney inches off his feet as the knee presses against him. Grabbing Barney’s right hand with his left, SEMTEX pulls Barney in for a short arm clothesline but Barney G ducks it, slides around SEMTEX, wrapping his arms around the bigger fella and lifts, struggles but gets SEMTEX off his feet, bridging up and over, hitting a massive German Suplex! The crowd explodes with excitement!!

Scrambling to get to his feet first, Barney snatches SEMTEX’s head as the big man is slower to get up. Shoving the head between his legs, Barney pulls SEMTEX up and keeps him bent over as he lifts and spikes SEMTEX with a sit down Piledriver! SEMTEX hugs his own head and neck as he rolls from the ring and out onto the apron.

JC: Barney is taking it to Demolition Man!

Ducking down over the middle rope, Barney climbs out onto the ring apron with SEMTEX. Pushing onto his hands, SEMTEX has a leg on the ringside floor, he is too damn tall to be all on the apron without spill over. Barney pulls him up, again pulling the futuristic man’s head between the legs and going for another Piledriver.. This time off the apron and onto the ringside floor.

As Barney lifts, SEMTEX is too heavy and at this angle, it was an impossible task to complete. Barney tries again but sees more of the same. In a fit of aggravation, he clubs down into SEMTEX’s back.

JC: Barney is really working for this spot!

SEMTEX pushes into a standing on the apron, keeping Barney in place, he goes up and over the back of SEMTEX as SEMTEX steps off the apron, flinging Barney forward and slamming him into the floors with a huuuuge Alabama Slam off the ring apron!

JC: Whoa Black Betty we need an Ambulance!

The referee is yelling and signaling the count as both SEMTEX and Barney are laid out on the ringside floor.




The count continues. SEMTEX reaches and grabs the apron skirt, pulling to get himself up. Rolling into the ring, he quickly rolls back out to restart the count. With both hands, SEMTEX reaches down and grabs Barney, lifting him up from his acme splatted position on the ground. Barney couldn't get his feet under him, he was in a daze as SEMTEX dragged him to the ring, flopping him across the apron before rolling him into the ring.

Now with both men back in the ring, SEMTEX was in control. Getting Barney to his feet was handling dead weight but SEMTEX showed his power by making it look easy. Scooping Barney G up over his shoulder, lining him up for a human projectile toss, a move that SEMTEX calls ‘Skim Dart’. He takes a few long strides with Barney perched up ready to be thrown and he throws him with accuracy! Barney flies head first into the turnbuckles, crashing into the top buckle with the crown of his head. Stumbling back, Barney keeps his feet but is standing in a frozen stun. He was swaying, moments away from losing his balance. SEMTEX races in from behind and as he grabs Barney, Barney reaches up, snatching SEMTEX’s head and drops, hitting his Ace Crusher!!

JC: The Black and White Lightning Attack!!

A clear move of desperation. Barney didn't do anything to capitalize on the moment. SEMTEX laying face down, Barney was unable to get the big man rolled over as he was lost with a glaze in his daze.

Having to use the ropes, Barney Green leans against them as he pulls himself to his feet. SEMTEX was shaking off some of his own cloudy headspace. The two make eye contact as they get upright on their own power. Nodding to the much taller opponent, Barney Green screams out!

Barney Green: AAAAAHHHH!

He roars at SEMTEX and blasts him with a high and wide right hand. SEMTEX steps back but shoots back at Barney with a matching right that knocks Barney sideways a few steps.

JC: He hit him like he was swinging a baseball bat and Barney took it, still standing!

Pushing the pace of action, Barney swings with a haymaker, SEMTEX returns the act. Barney wallops SEMTEX with a wide side shot to the liver and SEMTEX feels that one!

SEMTEX grabs Barney by the head and slams his own forehead into Barney’s. Barney G wobbles back a few steps, shaking off what can only be a multiple viewing of everything in sight.

JC: He is seeing double right now! What a headbutt by SEMTEX!

Barney snaps forward, diving down and Ramming SEMTEX in the midsection with his head with a battering ram. SEMTEX exhausts into a bend forward as Barney pulls up and catches SEMTEX to the face with the back of his rising head. SEMTEX has blood spit up over his bottom lip as he stands teetering in place.


Barney backs up into the ropes behind him. Pushing off them, he picks up speed and goes to
chop down SEMTEX but the big man lifts a leg and catches Barney to the face with a boot! Barney spins out, crashing to the canvas but instantly crawls, drags fighting through his daze of pain. Getting to one of the corners, Barney uses the turnbuckles and ropes to drag himself up.

JC: The fight in Barney Green never ends. It fades and it has a pause to it at times but the guy just keeps fighting! It is why he has stood the test of time on this unforgiving roster!

SEMTEX was in Barney’s personal space quickly. Shoving him back to expose his chest, SEMTEX pancakes the SHEEEEIT out of Barney with an open palm chop!

Barney Green: OOWWWW! THAT HURT!!

Screaming! Barney puffed his chest only for SEMTEX to shove him back and crash another skillet hand down against him! Barney whimpered and folded in the corner. Keeping him up, SEMTEX wasn't done but Barney was surely not wanting to have anymore of those palm chops. He fought like a wildling throwing short punches, headbutts, he stomped down on SEMTEX’s feet. Inch by inch, SEMTEX took every shot and stepped back more and more. Giving Barney space, he props himself up on the middle turnbuckle before launching himself at SEMTEX with a sloppy crossbody but SEMTEX CATCHES Barney!

SEMTEX roars out as he powerlifts Barney, adjusting him from a Fallaway position into a lifting Gorilla Press and the audience was astonished by the feat of strength on display.

JC: Not good! He calls this the Detonator!

SEMTEX turns to the center of the ring with Barney Green high above his head. Giving the XWF one final press, SEMTEX slams Barney with a thundering vibration to the foundation of the ring! The fans watch as the ring looks like a bouncy house upon impact.

Dropping down onto his knees, SEMTEX lays over Barney’s gassed and thriving in pain, body. He hooks the leg as the referee drops and slapz the canvas.




Winner - SEMTEX

JC: A great win here by SEMTEX. over an XWF Legend, the Big Daddy of Violence Barney Green. I don't know what you all think but SEMTEX. seems like he is poised for some big things in this company.

There was a layer of silence inside the locker room where Jason Cashe was found backstage. His match was over and having set out to do what he planned to do, you’d think he would be more cheery but he wasn't. He looked irritated.

“You won.. Why are you so mad right now?”

Sloane Taylor coming out from the bathroom fully dressed in her ring attire. She was geared to compete but took notice of her Husband’s funky mood.

Jason Cashe: “Beating him isn't enough..”

Sloane Taylor: “Winning and losing is what we do. That's pro wrestling!”

Jason Cashe: “I know, I just.. I wanted to hurt him.”

Sloane Taylor: “You showed restraint. I am proud of yo–”

A knock comes to the door of their locker room. Neither of them sure who it could be, Sloane heads to the door and opens it.

Sloane Taylor: “Ummm.. Jason, this is for you.”

Moving aside in the doorway, Sloane looks back at Cashe with wide eyes and high eyebrows. A matching expression that Cashe finds on his own face as he makes eye contact with Raion Kido. Leaping from the chair he was sitting in, Cashe scurries forward towards the door.

Jason Cashe: “The fuuuuck are you doing here?!”

Kido: “I just wanted to pay my respects and.. Apologize.”

Jason Cashe: “Apologize?”

A moment of tension fills the space between them.

Sloane Taylor: “I’ll just let you two talk then!”

She smiles at her Husband before moving past him to go and finish getting ready for her own match.

Jason Cashe: “Let's let her get ready..”

Motioning for them to step out into the hallway, Kido steps back as Cashe pulls the door closed behind him.

Raion Kido: “I should have been more prepared. I don't feel like I gave you the match you deserv–”

Cashe hit him. A hard right that landed as flush as any punch could land to the lining of Kido’s jaw and it sent him stumbling. Snapping back, Kido looks ready to fight back but Cashe catches him with a quick left, right two piece that knocks Kido to the ground.

Raion Kido: “I–”

Before anything more can escape his mouth, Cashe big boots him to the face. Kido’s head slaps back against the floor as Cashe jumps up and stomps into Kido’s face. The Lion goes unconscious as Cashe stays stomping down with stiff feet into his face.

Jason Cashe: Match I deserve?!”

Random Person: “SECURITY!!”

The call for help didn't stop Cashe from his assault as he continued to stomp away at an unconscious Raion Kido. The door to the locker room opens and the voice that came from it got Cashe’s attention.

Sloane Taylor: “JASON!!”

Jumping in a scare, Cashe turns around and looks at his growling faced wife.

Jason Cashe: “What? He had something in his teeth..”

Sloane Taylor: “Oh yeah? What's that, your shoes?”

Eyebrows jump on Cashe’s forehead as if his wife’s words give him an idea. Stepping over Kido, Jason Cashe begins unlacing and removing each of Kido’s shoes.

Sloane Taylor: “What are you doing?!”

Jason Cashe: “He wants to act like a punk, I’m giving him that punk bitch special.”

Sloane Taylor: “His shoes though? Do you have a foot fetish?”

Jason Cashe: “No. We tying these and putting them up on some wires outside. Mark the occasion!”

Sloane Taylor: “Ohh my gawd, Jason..”

Getting the shoes free, Cashe looks down the hallway as people start flocking out of doors and around corners. Some of them security. Getting inside the locker room, Sloane sighs and joins him before the door closes.

A choir stands on stage, in safe spots, as flame begins to erupt from the stage, as Oz walks out. It seems as if Oswald has literally paid for an entire metal orchestra, just to play him to the ring. As the first lick of the guitar hits the air and the drums start off, Oz starts to walk to the ring, dressed in a large white cloak covering his body. However, instead of entering the ring first, he waits. He stands there near the ring floor next to the edge of the ramp. He slowly pulls off the cloak, folds it and then places it on the edge of the ring, next to one of the posts before climbing onto the apron and over the top rope where he goes to his corner, sitting down as he waits for the bell.

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat


The match kicks off with all three competitors sizing each other up. Mr. Oz charges at both Cadryn Tiberius and John Black, catching them completely off guard with a devastating double clothesline.

The crowd erupts into a frenzy as Mr. Oz towers over his fallen opponents, sneering. He grabs John Black by the head, hoisting him up with ease before unleashing a brutal series of punches. Mr. Oz then hurls John into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a bone-crushing bear hug as John grunts in pain.

Cadryn Tiberius, recovering from the initial assault, observes from a distance. With Mr. Oz fully focused on John Black, Cadryn charges at Mr. Oz with a burst of speed, sliding between his legs and then leaping up from behind to deliver a precision dropkick to the back of Mr. Oz's knee. The giant stumbles, momentarily losing his grip on John Black, who gasps for air and collapses to the mat.

Taking advantage of Mr. Oz's rare moment of vulnerability, Cadryn launches a relentless assault. He peppers Mr. Oz with a series of quick, sharp kicks, each one aimed with surgical precision at the giant's legs. Mr. Oz attempts to retaliate, swinging wildly, but Cadryn's agility allows him to dodge and weave around the attacks, staying just out of reach.

Finally, Cadryn runs up the turnbuckle, flips backwards, and lands a stunning missile dropkick right to Mr. Oz's chest, sending the giant crashing to the mat with a thunderous impact. The crowd roars in approval as Cadryn rushes in for the cover.


Mr. Oz hurls Cadryn off of him with force, sending Cadryn sprawling across the ring.

TODD: "Not even a one count, Bama, but you have to hand it to Cadryn Tiberius for the effort!!"

BAMA T: "That's right, Todd! Cadryn's showing he's not just a pretty face, but Mr. Oz is like a gawd-damed green haired ghost tank in there, baby!"

As Mr. Oz slowly begins to rise, seething with rage, and John Black uses the ropes to pull himself up, as does Cadyn.

John Black and Cadryn Tiberius, momentarily united by the "lesser of two evils" principle, launch into a tag-team offensive. Black lands some heavy artillery to Oz's torso while Cadryn dances around, sniping at the giant's legs.

With a Herculean shove, they send Mr. Oz tumbling over the ropes and out of the ring, much to the crowd's delight. But the truce is as brief as a commercial break. Cadryn spins around, nailing John Black with The Road Less Traveled out of nowhere. He goes for the pin.




TODD: "Cadryn tried to steal it, but John Black isn't done yet!"

BAMA T: "That was closer than a gnat's eyelash to a blink, Todd!"

Cadryn, not one to let a setback slow him down, reaches down to haul John Black back to his feet for another round of offense. But John isn't out of tricks yet. With a sudden burst of energy, he delivers a sharp elbow to Cadryn's midsection, buying himself some much-needed breathing room. John then springs to his feet, unleashing a barrage of haymakers that send Cadryn staggering back into the corner.

TODD: "John Black's not just swinging for the fences, he's aiming to knock Cadryn out of the park!"

BAMA T: "He's got more fight in him than a cat in a bathtub, baby!"

With Cadryn dazed and trapped in the corner, John climbs the turnbuckle, dragging Cadryn up with him for a high-risk maneuver that has the crowd on their feet. In a display of sheer determination and disregard for his own safety, John positions Cadryn for a modified version of his trademark Real Raw—the RaWkUs Driver (T.R.D) from the top rope. The crowd holds its breath as both men soar through the air before crashing down to the mat with a deafening impact.

The arena falls silent as both competitors are laid out in the ring, motionless.

TODD: "High risk, high reward, but who's going to cash in after that devastating move?"

BAMA T: "Both men might have cashed themselves out with that one, baby!"

Slowly, painstakingly, John begins to show signs of life. With every ounce of strength left in his body, he crawls over to Cadryn, draping an arm across his chest for the cover.




Just as the referee's hand was about to hit the mat for the third time, Mr. Oz comes barreling in from the outside to break up the count. The crowd explodes as Mr. Oz rises to his feet and stares down at his opponents with contempt.

TODD: "Just when you thought it was over, Mr. Oz storms back into the ring like a bat out of hell!"

BAMA T: "That's the thing about gods, Todd—they don't like being left out of the narrative!"

Without wasting a moment, Mr. Oz sets about dismantling his opponents with a terrifying efficiency. He hauls John Black up, only to send him crashing back down with a seismic spinebuster that rattles the entire ring. Not even pausing to admire his handiwork, Mr. Oz turns his attention to Cadryn Tiberius, who's barely gotten to his knees.

Grabbing Cadryn by the neck, Mr. Oz lifts him into the air, showcasing his godlike strength, before slamming him down with a chokeslam that echoes throughout the arena. Mr. Oz stands over both of his adversaries again with a sneer of disdain.

TODD: "Mr. Oz is cleaning house, Bama! It's like he's been recharged by the very gods themselves!"

BAMA T: "He's putting on a clinic out there, Todd! If there was any doubt about his dominance, it's being squashed right now!"

Mr. Oz whips John Black into the corner with such force that the ring shakes. He charges like a bull, aiming to squash John with a devastating splash. But in a last ditch effort to save himself, John Black pulls the referee into Mr. Oz's path as he rolls away, resulting in the referee taking the full brunt of Mr. Oz's attack and getting knocked out cold.

TODD: "Oh no, the official is out!"

BAMA T: "Desperate times call for desperate measures, baby!"

John Black rolls out of the ring and retrieves his metal mask from under the apron. With the referee down and out, John rolls back into the ring and viciously attacks Mr. Oz with the mask, each hit ringing out with a sickening thud. Mr. Oz absorbs the blows with a resilience that's almost supernatural, but even titans have their limits. Over and over, John Black hammers away, deforming the mask with each strike, until finally, Mr. Oz collapses to the mat.

TODD: "I have never seen John Black this vicious, Bama! Mr. Oz might be a god in his own mind, but right now, he looks all too mortal."

BAMA T: "John Black is dismantling the myth, Todd! That mask is a mess, but so is Mr. Oz!"

John Black turns as Cadryn Tiberius launches himself at John Black with a Road Less Traveled, hitting him square in the jaw and sending him sprawling to the mat.

TODD: "The Road Less Traveled! Out of nowhere!"

BAMA T: "But wait, Todd! There's no one to count the pin! The referee is still seeing stars!"

Cadryn, realizing the opportunity slipping away, frantically tries to revive the referee, shaking him and pleading for him to wake up.

After frantically trying to get the official conscious, Cadryn manages to drag the groggy referee over to John Black. Cadryn hooks the leg as the official counts the pin with a sluggish pace.



NO—John Black kicks out just after the two count and the crowd explodes in disbelief!

TODD: "Cadryn Tiberius thought he had it there! If only the official hadn't been out of commission, we might've been calling him the new Revolution champion right now!"

Cadryn pulls John Black to his feet, delivering a series of sharp chops. Cadryn then steps back, lining up for another Road Less Traveled, but John Black is ready this time. He ducks under the attempt and counters with a devastating RaWkUs Driver.

However, the action doesn't stop there. Mr. Oz, having somehow found his second wind, storms at John with a clothesline meant to decapitate. But John, running on pure adrenaline, ducks it effortlessly and rebounds off the ropes with a Flying Lariat that catches Mr. Oz square on the jaw. John then manages to hoist the massive Mr. Oz onto his shoulders in a remarkable display of strength and hits the Blacklisted, a Death Valley Driver that sends Mr. Oz tumbling over the ropes and crashing to the outside.

TODD: "Unbelievable strength from John Black! Mr. Oz is no lightweight, and John just sent him flying!"

BAMA T: "That's the kind of moment that defines a career, Todd! John Black is showing he's not here to play; he's here to dominate!"

With the ring now cleared of Mr. Oz, John Black turns his attention back to Cadryn Tiberius, who's just beginning to stir from the RaWkUs Driver. Sensing the end is near, John pulls Cadryn up into position and executes his finisher, Tha Underground Noise, a piledriver that spikes Cadryn headfirst into the mat.

The referee, now somewhat more coherent, slides into position for the count as John Black covers Cadryn.




The bell rings, and the arena erupts into cheers and applause. John Black lies there for a moment, catching his breath, before slowly getting to his feet.


TODD: "He did it! John Black has overcome the odds, the gods, and everything in between to become the first ever Revolution champion!"

BAMA T: "John Black earned this title tonight, baby!"

As John Black is handed the Revolution championship belt, he is joined by his boys, Tommy and Reggie as he holds it  high above his head and celebrates. 

As we return back to the ring the XWF March Madness ring has had a red carpet placed on the mat and a table with two black chairs sitting crosses from each other, Theo Pryce stands beside one of the chairs with a microphone in his hand as he places a contract document on the table and then lifts the microphone up to his lips.

Theo Pryce: I hope everyone has been enjoying The March Madness action as the XWF looks to keep delivering the very best pro wrestling product out there!

The fans give Theo a loud cheer of approval and then XWF chants break out as the fans repeat XWF over and over again, Theo just smirks and waits for the fans to calm back down before speaking again.

JC: This sold-out U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota is rocking right now as they show Theo their approval of tonight's show so far. Nobody knows how to show their disapproval or approval of a product like XWF fans, they will let you hear it.

Once the fans settle back down Theo raises his microphone back up.

Theo Pryce: I’m glad March Madness has been living up to the hype that we’ve built up over the last few weeks with our stacked roster. However, here at XWF we are always looking for more talented individuals to join our roster and just a few weeks ago I made a handshake deal to sign “PrimeTime” Jay Starkz the hottest free agent out of the indies and his enforcer JT Marshall. So without further delay, XWF fans please give a warm welcome to the future!!!!

The lights dim…

Then the word  PRIMETIME comes across the screen as PrimeTime Jay Starkz walks out on stage first wearing a tailor-made black blazer suit with some stunna shades on as he comes to a stop on stage and a spotlight falls down on him. At the same time, his enforcer JT Marshall steps off to the side and waits for Jay to point to himself as the Pyro goes off behind him and then walks down the stage with JT behind him. Jay smirks at the fans as he gets a mixed reaction front he fans and even stops halfway down to take a picture with a beautiful girl before walking up the steel steps and waits for JT to hold the ropes open for him so that Jay can step into the ring and shakes the hand of Theo before heading over to his seat to sit across from Theo while JT stands to the side of him.

JC: PrimeTime Jay Starkz sure knows how to make an entrance and now tonight is the night he signs that contract. I've never seen someone get this type of setup for a regular contract signing but I guess when you're the hottest free agent out of the Indies Theo will make you feel special.

Theo Pryce waits for the fans to settle back down before lifting his microphone up.

Theo Pryce: Alright Jay I've got both contracts here for you and JT, XWF has met all your terms and we are ready to make this official with both of your signatures.

Jay smirks and looks at JT for a moment as the duo share a little laugh together before Jay picks up his microphone and looks across from Theo.

Jay Starkz: I appreciate that Theo, you've really made a brother feel welcome and treated me like the megastar you know I am and when I climb to the top of this company and capture the XWF Universal Championship I’ll make sure I thank you in my speech.

Theo Pryce: I'm glad you are satisfied with things but as you know March Madness is a BIG EVENT for us and we got to keep this ball rolling, so if you both would go ahead and sign those contracts that would be great.

Jay smirks for a moment.

Jay Starkz: Well ima let the big dawg JT sign his first because you know what they say, save the best for last and PrimeTime is BEST!

Jay slides the contract over to JT and goes ahead and lets him sign before sliding it back towards Theo.

Theo Pryce: Ok good now you Jay.

Jay Starkz takes his time to sign as he smirks looking at Theo before putting his signature on the contract and gets a mixed reaction from the fans but Theo looks relieved to finally have this done.

Theo Pryce: Excellent Jay ,now finally WELCOME TO THE XWF!!!!

Jay smirks and shakes his head at Theo.

Jay Starkz: Naw Theo it’s XWF WELCOME TO THE PRIMETIME ERA!!!!

For the first time JT takes the microphone and speaks.


Jay finishes the Sentence.

Jay Starkz: MY GREATNESS!!!

Jay drops the microphone and receives a mixed loud reaction again as the hardcam switches scenes and March Madness goes to commercial.

Announcer: “The following contest is a ladder match!”

The crowd cheers loudly, knowing what’s coming.

Announcer: And it is for the XWF Anarchy Championship!

Introducing first, the challenger…

The arena lights dim as the first notes of ‘Wild Thing’ ripple through the air, instantly capturing the attention of the crowd. A spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp as smoke begins to billow from the stage, creating an almost mystical atmosphere.

Announcer: “...from Atlantic City, New Jersey, weighing 195 lbs! He is…Centurion!

Centurion steps out from behind the curtain. He pauses at the top of the ramp, surveying the crowd with a seasoned warrior's gaze, soaking in the reaction from the fans. He then begins his descent down the ramp.

TODD: “That’s a look of determination right there on the legendary Centurion’s face, he definitely looks focused.”

BAMA T: "And that focus could be the key to unlocking victory tonight. He's got that championship gleam in his eye, baby!"

Centurion reaches the ringside area, looking at the many ladders placed all around before climbing into the ring. He loosens his neck, cracking it from side-to-side before taking his place in one of the corners as his music fades out.

Announcer: “And his opponent…”

The opening drumbeats and horn notes of “Valhalla Calling” by Miracle of Sound play throughout the arena and the fans come to their feet. The Xtron shows an amalgamation of previous Assassin’s Creed characters such as Eivar, Kassandra, Connor, Altair, Edward Kenway and Ezio before morphing into a CGI-generated form of Sean Parker, hooded standing on the top turnbuckle. He jumps and soars down, Leap of Faith-style before the cameras focus on the stage with a single spotlight Sean Parker stands, garbed in an Assassin’s Creed-style robe and hood. He opens the robe out and the XWF Anarchy Championship gleams around his waist.


The echoes of eternity


Valhalla calling me


To pluck the strings of destiny


Valhalla calling me”

The music fades out and “Ken’s Theme [Metal Version]” by ToxicxEternity plays.

Announcer: “From Dunfermline, Scotland, by way of Pasadena, California, weighing 215 lbs…he is the reigning and defending XWF Anarchy Champion! “The Sky Assassin'' Sean! Parker!

As Sean makes his way down to the ring, he doesn’t take his eyes off Centurion who returns the favor in kind. He climbs into the ring, unfastening the Anarchy Championship from his waist and holding it up high which gets a loud cheer from the fans.

TODD: “What an entrance from the Anarchy Champion tonight! We thought Centurion looked focused, Parker looks like he’s ready for war tonight.”

BAMA T: “We have two top level talents competing for the biggest prize on Anarchy—If you ain’t ready for war, you just ain’t ready, baby!”

As Sean’s music fades out, he gives the belt to one of the referees who, in turn, shows it to Centurion who gives it a pat and a nod of acknowledgement. The ref holds the belt aloft before fastening around a metal hook that has descended down from the rafters before raising back up around 25 feet, dangling ominously above the ring.

- vs -
Ladder Match

Both men look up at the hanging belt. As soon as the bell sounds, both champion and challenger shake hands before immediately devolving into a slugfest, exchanging fists left and right. Sean begins to get the better of the exchange, burying a foot deep into Centurion’s midsection before forcing him into one of the corners. Sean grabs Centurion into a front face lock, leaping onto the turnbuckle and takes him down with a well-executed tilt-a-whirl DDT.

The impact sends the challenger halfway across the ring and Centurion stumbles up and into the other corner. Parker explodes forward and lands a hesitation dropkick right in the sternum that forces Centurion to take some respite on the outside of the ring. However the champion doesn’t seem to be in any mood for waiting around as he shoots himself off the ropes, launching himself over the top rope with an audacious Sky Twister Press, flattening Centurion on the outside!

TODD: “Holy hell! What a fast start from the champion! Parker wasting no time in laying down a marker for the kind of match he wants to have!”

BAMA T: "Parker's flying high early, baby!"

Sean looks pumped, thumping his chest before grabbing Centurion and he throws him under the bottom rope and back into the ring. However, instead of following him back in, Sean goes to bring the first of the many ladders propped up all around the ring into the match. He grabs the ladder up in both hands, waiting for Centurion to get to his feet and rams the point of it straight into the challenger’s face that sends him crashing down. Sean proceeds to show an impressive display of strength by lifting the ladder above his head and slams it on top of Centurion.

The XWF legend grimaces as he tries to shake off the pain coursing through his body. Sean goes back for another shot with the ladder but this time Centurion sees it coming and catches the champion coming in with a solid boot to the midsection that staggers him, causing him to drop the ladder precariously against the top rope.

Centurion manages to get back to his feet. Sean comes in for a clothesline but Centurion ducks under, running past him, rebounding off the ropes and cracks Sean in the jaw with a flying forearm that sends him tumbling into the ladder. Centurion grabs Sean by the waist and lifts him up but Parker kicks his legs defiantly, wriggling out of it. He throws a wild elbow behind him but Centurion avoids that too and hooks Sean up, slamming him directly onto the propped ladder with a saito suplex so hard that the ladder breaks in half!

Sean arches his back in agony as the fans chant “Holy shit!” over and over!

TODD: “These fans are absolutely right! That was a gnarly suplex from Centurion and Sean’s back could be seriously compromised here!”

BAMA T: "And gnarly might be an understatement, Todd! That ladder didn't just break; it shattered under the impact. Sean's gonna be feeling that one for weeks!"

Centurion then lifts up the remnants of the mangled ladder and, just like Sean did earlier, slams the broken weapon straight on top of the champion. Sean tries to get his feet after Centurion sizes him up for a bit, taking his time. As Sean gets to his knees, Centurion places his head through the rungs of the destroyed ladder, hammering into his face with a couple of right hands. He then builds up a head of steam and sacrifices his own wellbeing to knee the ladder straight into Sean’s face with a “Bloody Symphony” V-Trigger that flattens Parker! The impact of the knee strike has now completely broken the ladder in half as Centurion favors his knee from the move.

TODD: “Bloody Symphony from Centurion! What an impact!”

BAMA T: "Centurion's not just playing the hits, he's composing a whole symphony of pain out there, baby!"

Sean is starfished on the mat as Centurion senses the tide shifting to his favor. He pulls the remnants of the now decimated ladder off and throws it aside and we can see Parker is bleeding from the mouth. Centurion hauls him up to his feet, forcing Sean into one of the corners, slowing the pace of the match down. He measures the champion and unloads with a vicious chop to the chest that draws a chorus of “Whoooo’s” from the crowd. The chop wakes up Parker as he feels the effect of the chop on his chest. He responds in kind with a hard forearm shot that forces Centurion back a step but the challenger strikes back with another chop before catching Sean square in the face with a perfect standing dropkick, the impact of which sends Sean through the ropes and out to the floor.

Like a shark hunting for blood, Centurion pursues Sean to the outside of the ring. He comes down hard with a double axe-handle to the back of Sean’s head and neck before sending him for a hard Irish whip into the barricade. Sean winces as his ribs collide with the barricade. Centurion runs towards Sean but the champion sees it coming and backdrops him up and over. However, in an incredible show of athleticism that defies his age, Centurion lands on top of the barricade precariously. He grabs Sean and leaps over, planting him face-first on the mats on the outside with a blockbuster!

TODD: “Centurion is certainly in the ascendancy at the moment after Sean’s lightning-quick start. Can he keep it though?”

BAMA T: "Momentum in a ladder match is like a high wire act, Todd. You're only one slip away from disaster, but if anyone can walk that line, it's Centurion."

Another “Holy shit!” chant erupts. Centurion nods in acknowledgement as he sits up, breathing heavily. He stands up and grabs another one of the ladders and slides it into the ring. He throws a fleeting glance to the champion who is still down, on his front and he slides back into the ring himself. Centurion immediately goes for the ladder and props it up, measuring it so it’s right underneath the swaying Anarchy Championship belt.

Centurion starts climbing the first few rungs but, as if sensing his reign potentially coming to an end, Sean Parker, his face a bloody mess, is somehow back on his feet. He climbs up onto the apron, scaling the top turnbuckle and leaps off with a missile dropkick to the back of Centurion’s head, sending it slamming into the ladder and he falls off, the ladder precariously staggering as well before it drops onto the challenger!

TODD: “Good God! The champion is busted open, we’ve got Centurion getting sandwiched by ladders, this match is nuts!”

BAMA T: "It's a hardware store nightmare out there, Todd! These guys are leaving it all in the ring, and then some!"

Sean can be seen taking a couple of deep breaths as he wipes the blood away from his mouth and nose as Centurion has a pained look on his face as well, the second ladder splayed across him. Sean is on his knees now and sees the position Centurion is in. He comes to his feet and runs towards his opponent, leaping invertedly through the air and comes down hard on top of the ladder and Centurion with a standing shooting star press! Sean kicks his feet off the mat as he holds his ribs after throwing caution to the wind and Centurion looks totally dazed after taking the force of all the champion’s weight as well as the ladder on top of him!

Sean pulls the ladder off of wounded Centurion, still winded slightly from the previous move and he tries to stand the ladder up, perhaps looking to make his first climb of the match. He leans on the ladder for a moment, catching his breath before starting to make his first ascent which the fans respond to with cheers. However, he barely gets halfway up before Centurion is also back on his feet. He times a well-placed kidney punch that stops the champion in his tracks, an audible cry of pain emanating from him.

TODD: “Cent’s back in the mix again! Sean felt that one, with that shot to the kidneys! Can he take advantage?”

BAMA T: "If there's a window, Centurion's the kind of veteran who knows how to jump through it. Sean's gotta tighten up that defense, or he's gonna be looking up at those lights!"

Sean manages to turn himself around so he’s facing Centurion and kicks out at him but Centurion catches his leg and rams an elbow into the top of his thigh before reaching up and hitting Sean with a couple of right hands. This time though, Centurion also begins to climb up the ladder too and the fans sense it’s building to something. Centurion, using all of his experience, buries a right hand into Sean’s hurt ribs before grabbing him into a fireman’s carry!

Sean tries to wriggle out but Centurion holds on tight and leaps off the ladder, driving Sean into the mat with the “Smart Bomb” death valley driver! Yet another “Holy shit!” chant echoes throughout the sold-out arena as both champion and challenger lay in a heap next to each other.

TODD: “Holy shit is right! Death Valley Driver from the top of the ladder! Centurion is rolling back the years here with this offense! Sean could be out!”

BAMA T: "Centurion's showing he's still got some prime years left in that tank, baby!"

Sean lies sprawled on the mat, his body wracked with pain, while Centurion slowly begins to stir, the adrenaline coursing through his veins. With a determined grimace, he pushes himself up, his eyes fixed on the ladder still standing. He stumbles towards it, his muscles aching from the punishment he's endured throughout the match As Centurion begins to climb the ladder, each rung feels like a mountain to climb. He grits his teeth against the pain, his focus solely on the Anarchy Championship belt hanging tantalizingly above the ring. He’s about three-quarters of the way up now but just as Centurion reaches out to grasp the title, Sean, suddenly springs back to life. With a burst of energy, he leaps up onto the nearest turnbuckle and soars off, landing on the other side of the ladder!

TODD: “The stamina and energy levels of Parker are incredible. He was down and out a few minutes ago and he’s still got something left in the tank to do that!”

BAMA T: "Parker's like that last bit of toothpaste, Todd; just when you think there's none left, he squeezes out a bit more!"

He’s directly opposite Centurion now who now has a full hand on the Anarchy Championship. Sean desperately reaches across and grabs the belt too. Champion and challenger are now locked in a battle of tug of war, swaying back and forth when suddenly, the ladder gives way and topples over, leaving both men dangling twenty feet above the ring! Sean suddenly wraps his legs around Centurion’s torso like a boa constrictor and lets go of the title. He starts laying into Centurion with right hand, peppering the challenger’s forehead however he tenaciously holds. Sean then shimmies around so he’s now got Centurion’s back and incredulously let’s go as he wraps his legs around Centurion’s neck, whipping him back and sending him crashing through the ladder below with an insane avalanche “Raidenrana” poisonrana! Sean falls too though. He tries to cushion his landing but comes over badly on his ankle, screaming in pain.

TODD: “Raidenrana! Raidenrana! From the ladder, Jesus Christ!”

BAMA T: "That's gotta be a contender for move of the year, Todd! Sean Parker just took flight and Centurion was his unfortunate landing pad!"

Another chorus of “Holy shit!” chants transition into “This is awesome!” and “XWF!” as both men look absolutely battered on the mat. Centurion is splayed across another broken ladder whilst Sean clutches at his ankle. A referee at ringside checks on Centurion to see if he’s alright and he slowly gives a slowly, pained thumbs-up which draws a big pop from the crowd. Another ref is talking to Sean, asking him if he’s ok and Sean dismisses him with a wave of his hand. He limps to his feet, trying to put weight on his foot and hobbles towards the wreckage of the ladder where Centurion is now sitting up from. Sean grabs Centurion by the back of the head, forcefully pulling him up. He buries a hard forearm into the legend’s jaw that staggers him but Centurion digs deep and fires one back himself.

The two devolve into a vicious slugfest of forearms, right hands and European uppercuts before Sean breaks the tie with a spinning back fist. He grabs Centurion, lifting him into position for the “Howl of the Sniper Wolf” Tombstone piledriver but his ankle gives way and Centurion manages to land on his feet. He takes advantage and grabs Sean up and drives him into the pieces of broken ladder behind him with the “1000 Mile Slam”. Parker arches his back in agony as the broken pieces stab into him and he writhes on the mat, rolling out of the ring onto the mats outside.

TODD: “I talked about Parker’s energy reserves, where the hell is Cent getting his from?! It’s like he’s got iron lungs!”

BAMA T: "Centurion’s running on championship dreams and sheer will, Todd! He’s digging deep into that well of experience, pulling out every stop to clinch this win."

Centurion, buoyed by a second wind, follows him out. He doesn’t give Parker any respite, yanking him to his feet and focusing on his back too, pushing him hard into the barricade that draws another cry of pain from the champion.

Centurion grabs another ladder from the ringside area and lays it between the barricade and the ring apron before turning his attention back to Parker. He lands a couple of clubbing blows to the back of Sean’s head before nailing him with several vicious body shots that cause the champion to wince. He pulls Sean into a front face lock and drills him with a hard snap suplex on the floor and Parker arches his back in pain.

Centurion walks back to the ring and lifts up the apron curtain in search of another weapon to use. It is at this point where he takes out a table from under the ring which draws a loud cheer from the baying crowd. Behind him, Sean can be seen pulling himself up and using the apron for leverage. Centurion turns around and slams the base of the table across Sean’s head, busting him open the hard way with a gash across his forehead now.

TODD: “Parker busted open the hard way! He’s definitely going to need stitches when this one is all said and done!”

BAMA T: "That's the badge of honor in a match like this, Todd. But trust me, Parker would trade a few stitches for keeping that title any day of the week!"

Centurion begins to set up the table on top of the ladder resting between the barricade and the ring apron! He pulls Sean up to his feet who is now wearing the proverbial crimson mask and drags him on to the ring apron where they stand precariously over the teetering table and ladder. Centurion grabs Sean up, going for a second 1000 Mile Slam and the audience holds its breath but somehow, Sean is able to muster enough energy to slide out of it. He barely maintains his balance, his ankle still tender from earlier. Sean fights through the pain and delivers an incredible “Blade of Miquella” skull kick that cracks Centurion on the jaw before he grabs the challenger from behind and sacrifices his own body to land a painful high-angle German suplex that sends both men crashing through the table and ladder!

The arena erupts in a cacophony of cheers and gasps as Sean and Centurion crash through the table and ladder in a spectacular display of destruction. Wood splinters fly through the air as the impact reverberates throughout the arena, leaving both competitors sprawled amidst the wreckage.

TODD: “Ladies and gentlemen, this might be the most insane ladder we’ve ever seen in XWF! Both Parker and Centurion are serving us one for the ages tonight!”

Sean, his body wracked with pain and adrenaline coursing through his veins, lies amidst the debris, his chest rising and falling with each labored breath. The crimson mask adorning his face serves as a testament to the ferocity of the battle he's endured against his legendary challenger.

Centurion, meanwhile, lies nearby, his body contorted in agony from the devastating impact of the high-angle German suplex. Despite the pain, his eyes don’t lose their fire. Sean is the first one to his feet, looking wobbly, like from the heavy blood loss he’s suffered. His facial expression is impossible to make out at this point. He gestures to several of the referees and ring crew.

TODD: “I can’t believe Parker is even standing! This is absolutely insane, both of these guys are showing that Anarchy isn’t a show to be overlooked. What is it he’s asking for? I think it might be another ladder…”

BAMA T: "At this point, they might as well start a construction company, baby!”

On cue, the referees and members of the ring crew pull out another ladder from under the ring which is so big it takes two of them AND Parker to slide it into the ring. Sean then sets up the ladder once in the center of the ring. However, unbeknownst to him, Centurion is also back up and he’s perched on the top rope waiting for Sean to turn around. As he catches Centurion in his peripheral vision, it’s too late as Centurion catches Parker flush with a missile single-leg dropkick that sends Sean spilling out of the ring and onto the floor.

TODD: “The fortitude of both of these guys is incredible! Centurion coming off the top with a big dropkick just as it looked like Sean was setting himself up for the win with this enormous ladder!”

BAMA T: "Centurion's timing is impeccable, baby!”

Now, Centurion begins his slow ascent to the top of the ladder while a prone Sean Parker to be  at ringside. However, it doesn’t take long for the champion starts to show signs of life and makes his way back to his feet. However this time he grabs yet another ladder, sliding into the ring with it and uses it like a javelin to jab Centurion in the ribs, knocking him off the larger ladder. Sean then motions to one of the referees outside to give him another ladder and he obliges, sliding Parker a smaller ladder which he sets up along with the one he just brought in.

TODD: “What in the name of God is on Parker’s mind here? He’s wasting too much time, he needs to climb the ladder and grab the title! He’s lost so much blood, he’s probably delirious!”

Sean places the smaller ladder placed between the two larger ones. But Centurion is once again back to his feet and grabs an unsuspecting Parker from behind and this time is able to nail a second a 1000 Mile Slam. However, incredibly, Sean gets back to his feet, letting out a blood-curdling roar and grabs Centurion, lifting and drilling him with the Helheim Hellfire Northern Lights Bomb! Sean turns around to start to climb up the larger ladder but doesn’t see that, just like he did, Centurion, adrenaline coursing through his body, shaking off the effect one of his trademark moves much to the delight of the fans.

Centurion halts Parker’s ascent with a well-timed liver shot that buckles him. Both men are now laying into each other, standing awkwardly on the resting ladder in between the two standing ones.

The striking between champion and challenger defies the pain the two men have put themselves through but each hit grows more and more labored. Sean suddenly blocks an incoming right from Centurion and delivers a crushing uppercut to the jaw!

He grabs Centurion up onto his shoulder, shifts him into position and spikes him onto the prone ladder with the “Howl of the Sniper Wolf” jumping Tombstone Piledriver that breaks the ladder in two!

TODD: “Jesus Christ! Parker with the Tombstone piledriver! Cent may be out cold!”

BAMA T: “Centurion just got a one-way ticket to dreamland, baby!”

Sean clambers free, favoring his knees now, clinging to the larger of the two ladders. He begins his climb, glancing down at Centurion who still hasn’t moved. Sean is now within touching distance now and he reaches up, two hands gripped on the Anarchy Championship and he unclasps it to a thunderous cheer.

Winner, AND STILL XWF Anarchy Champion, “The Sky Assassin” Sean Parker!

TODD: “He did it! Sean retains! What a match!”

BAMA T: "Sean Parker just put on a clinic in resilience and heart! Both men did, but tonight, Parker proved why he's the Anarchy Champion. Hats off to both warriors!"

Sean stands tall on top of the ladder, holding the Anarchy Championship above his head, blood still pouring and dripping down his face. Down below, Centurion is climbing to his feet, sporting a pretty wicked cut across the top of his head from the move he took. He looks pretty deflated as Sean begins his climb down. The two look at each other before Sean holds his hand out in a show of respect. Centurion looks at Sean’s outstretched hand before grabbing it and pulls him into a hug.

TODD: “What an incredible show of respect against the two best on Anarchy and arguably two of the best in XWF!”

BAMA T: "Damn right, Todd! Sean's like a brick wall, and Centurion? Nothin’ but respect for both of 'em, baby!"

Centurion and Sean raise each other’s hand in victory before the former leaves the ring and Sean celebrates his title defense once again.

A fly on the wall at a dinner. We see silverware clatter on plates. Knives cutting, forks stabbing, spoons scooping. We do not have view of the people at the table, other than seeing they all have suits, dresses, and fancy accessories on. Chatter is a constant around the table, fighting to overwhelm the gentle instrumental music playing in the dining room of their chosen restaurant. Glasses are raised and set down, staining the lips of some with red wine, while others contain nothing more than water. Waitstaff approaches the table.

“How is everything?”

Then disappear as quickly as their arrival was announced, merely a courtesy visit. We hear more chatter, and start to pickup specific words.

“Big night tonight!”

“It’s about time I head out.”

“Careful not to overflow your plate.”

“No chance, I’m riding the energy while it’s going strong.”

“You have no limits, do you? Always striving for more.”

“No time for rest. Every minute of every match, and every booking counts.”

“This fish is not fishy at all! It’s simply delectable.”

“Premium fare is a priority for our dear guests.”

“Riiiight… keep the business strong and the wrestling plentiful, so we have more reasons to celebrate!”

“That’s the goal. Next time maybe we’ll dine under a championship belt.”

“Watch out about those champions. They’ve been on fire lately.”

“No doubt, the roster is stacked. That’s where the appeal begins. It’s the challenge that makes it worth going.”

One of those glasses of water is set down, and someone stands, straightening the collar of their blazer.

“Well, as much fun as this has been, you all know I have my schedule to keep. Time’s up.”

“Make it count!”

“You look ready to take this plunge. I know you’re going to crush it.”

“Next XWF Champion!”

“Which one?? Television? Anarchy? Tag?”


“Alright, let’s keep some decorum here. You’re all getting ahead of yourselves. Allow me to introduce myself first.”

A woman in a form fitting emerald green dress is seen grabbing the hand of this man who’s steering the conversation. She gives it a squeeze, and stands up a bit even in her heels. We hear the connection of a kiss, then a female’s voice.

“You know where you’ve been, and what you’ve overcome already. Take what’s about to be yours.”

The man turns and makes his departure, with the camera following close enough that we still cannot see far above the red sash snugly around the waist of the man – an honorific accessory, although it doesn’t have any writing across it. As he leaves, we hear the woman call out after him.

“Oh, and pass along well wishes to Sloane and Cashe!”

The camera was follows the man, navigating through a vestibule area before exiting the front doors of the restaurant. Upon doing so, we see a chauffeur close the door of a white limousine that the man has entered. They go around and close the driver’s side door, and the limousine pulls away – smooth and silent, an EV model in the six figure range.

We pan up to a shot of the restaurant’s sign, “Don Peppe,” a renowned family-style Italian spot in Queens, New York. We then fade to John F. Kennedy International Airport. On a tarmac a shot of a private plane door closing. A drone plane floats up to the tail of the plane, which reads “KA” and across the belly of the plane, “INTERDIMENSIONAL ACCESS”

We hear the sound of engines revving up. As the rotation of the turbines accelerates, the shot simultaneously fades to black and with it, the lights in US Bank Stadium go out. The sound of engines continue going in the darkness, and we begin to see green stars light up in seemingly random parts of the arena: Along the ribbon dividing the floor seating and luxury boxes, that typically shows advertisements. Dotting the rafters and across the arena ceiling. Appearing up and down the entrance ramp. Along the barricade surrounding the ring.

The Minneapolis crowd murmurs with anticipation as the stars begin racing around the arena in a whirlwind before they collect together. With a an explosive  *BOOM* the stars collectively disappear and ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS begin falling to the stands! The XWF fans grab at the lucrative showering while golden stars begin appearing in the same fashion. The fans watch as the golden stars collect in the ring. There, we find holographic projections of each XWF Championship: Television, Anarchy, Tag Team, and finally, the Universal Championship. They rise up to the rafters with another *BOOM* and we see red stars begin to appear in the arena. The fans are buzzing to see the next act and when the red stars gather in the ring, we see letters appear in the ring where they centralize.



The crimson stars rise up and with one final *BOOM* we are left in darkness once more, the only noise being the crowd at March, wondering if that message was the payoff?

It was not.

“In the Face of Evil” by Magic Sword sounds throughout the arena and the XWF crowd POPS! at the opening chords of the theme of a wrestler who has garnered both mass praise and sharp criticism over the years.

As the second, third, and fourth chords of the theme reverberate, a green circle illuminates the entrance, followed by a gold triangle, and a crimson line intersecting the other two. They fade and the Xtron comes alive with his monikers cycling one after another:




From there, the beat triggers a golden star on stage illuminating the figure of LARRY TACT standing, looking out at the XWF faithful who are hollering various exclamations. Larry gives a smirk as he checks his grey Burburry suit and slacks, and adjusts his red Kenneth Cole tie with embroidered star pattern. He strides down the ramp in his Christian Louboutin shoes towards the ring, giving fist bumps and stopping to take a selfie with a fan at ringside wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Simply Tactilizing” on the front in gold cursive, and, “Paper. Glory. Power!” vertically down the back. Larry gives the little girl a fist bump and then continues on to the ring.

At ringside, he grabs hold of the middle rope and pulls himself onto the apron. From there, he turns and admires the fans who cheer his arrival, and he then enters the ring and calls for a microphone. Standing in the middle of the ring, his shaved head glistening and the energy palpable, Larry raises the mic.

LARRY TACT: I won’t bother with a formal introduction since…

He motions to the fans, who get loud again to his satisfaction.

LARRY TACT: Minneapolis gets it. So… I heard there’s some March Madness in the air tonight?

The crowd pops and Larry watches with amusement.

LARRY TACT: I won’t play coy. This isn’t a social call. I’m here for business and the XWF has picked up like mad lately. I look around at all the other great wrestling promotions around. It begins with the Coalition in UGWC, TPW Strong, and Pro Wrestling Valor – all venerable and challenging wrestling companies that I’ve established my presence, and continue towards greater and more prolific heights. But there’s more than that… I’m a wrestling fan, too, after all. I can’t get around to them all but I recognize the longevity of a PRIME, HOW, OCW, WGWF, and AW. There are true boundary breaking federations like Miracle Galaxy Pro, CU:LT, TRIAD, and the soon-to-be new kid on the block, NPWA. I see so many promising wrestlers and matches that make me wonder, ‘What could be?’

He paces around the ring, settling on draping his arms over the ropes as he looks up the ramp towards the curtain leading backstage, underneath the Xtron.

LARRY TACT: “Which brings me to the X-treme Wrestling Federation. For years, I’ve watched this place. Want to talk prolific? Is there any doubt that the XWF has history and lineage that matches or surpasses any of those companies I mentioned. You take one look around at the roster and if it doesn’t get your heart beating and wheels turning, then you may be in the wrong industry. Need more proof? Look at a few of the contenders and champions…”

The Xtron lights up with images.

LARRY TACT: “Sean Parker, a killer with his unconventional arsenal. I’m ready for round two when you are. Same goes for Centurion, the legend in XWF and in wrestling on the whole. This guy looks like he never ages, and that goes for his wrestling, too.”

“Sloane Taylor, a multiple time World Champion who wants everyone’s best everytime, full stop. It would be easy if she weren’t so pleasant and fun while dissecting us all. My wife, Cindy, wants me to say hi, so… hey, Sloane – and to your husband, too. Sign a deal, Cashe! As for Ms. Taylor, something tells me it won’t be long before we find each other inside this very ring. Make sure that social ostrich and legit threat, Cypher, doesn’t drag you down.”

“Bobby Bourbon, a uniquely talented wrestler who will catch you when you least expect it. Corey Black, all I need to say is… King, and someone I’ve yet to share the ring with. Dionysus? Some of you may have been surprised to see the man walk in here and light it up. I’ve known his potential since our Level Up days, and he’s been taking names and slinging gold around no different than back then. What’s different is experience, and I’m intrigued to see how far he’s traveled. To hold the X-Treme Championship, it’ll take someone who’s always ready 24/7.”

He gives a swipe of his beard as he pushes off the ropes to stand in the middle of the ring.

LARRY TACT: “I’m all for tag team wrestling and want to see what the Prince and Ned bring on Warfare. But let me finish by letting you all know where my head is at. The last time I stepped inside an XWF ring, it was for a six person tag, where I teamed with Jason Cashe and… Ned Kaye. You know, you can thank Ned for the free cash, no pun intended. He once said I was made of “money and snark,” and who am I to not oblige?

The crowd cheers, maybe for the money more than anything.

LARRY TACT: When we teamed, Ned Kaye was a different dude and a different wrestler. Now, he’s XWF Universal Champion and tonight, he goes one-on-one with the best, Sebastian Everett-Bryce. I say the best because it’s true, and that’s precisely why he jumped to the head of the line after one match. Me? I don’t love handouts but who’s to turn away what’s likely inevitable? This match was going to take place sooner or later, and XWF knows they have a LOT of great matches on tap. Now, they can add one more to the mix because Larry Tact isn’t here for a cup of coffee.

He comes closer to the camera, unbuttoning his suit and jabbing a thumb towards himself.

LARRY TACT: “I’m here to find out where I land in the XWF pecking order. Maybe I’ll find my way to different points, but I know where I ultimately belong, and I’ll wrestle my way to it… the World Heavyweight Championship.”

The crowd POPS!

LARRY TACT: It won’t be an easy road, and that’s how I like it. Test me, XWF. Bring your best, and push me to your perceived limit. After that, I’ll show you why I am the Limit Breaker, and you all are about to be… TACTILIZED!”

He tosses the mic out of the ring and gets onto a turnbuckle, riling up the crowd and soaking in their adoration as the camera cuts away.


CYPH3R walks out to the ramp, clad in ring gear matching that of Tamako Ito, who is proudly standing next to him. He smirks and drinks in the boos from the crowd as Linkin Park’s “LIES GREED MISERY” plays over the speakers. He looks at the crowd from underneath his hoodie, then whips the hood off as the chorus hits.

He confidently walks down the ramp, hand-in-hand with Tamako, who is beaming at the crowd despite their heat. They make their way to the apron and Tamako holds down the ropes for CYPH3R to enter. In the ring he slowly walks to the ropes and leans forward, looking out into the audience. Tamako claps furiously and then takes CYPH3R’s hoodie as he prepares for the match.

Multicolor lights flash across the stage before settling on pink, Sloane emerging from the back full of energy and all smiles. She stops on the stage and looks around her at the crowd, taking it all in before starting down the ramp.

She greets the crowd, slapping hands and posing for quick selfies with the fans before rushing the ring. Sloane slides in under the bottom rope and springs to her feet, dancing around the ring and playing to the crowd, hyping them until her music ends.

- vs -
15 Minute Time Limit


JC: "The bell rings and here, we, go.  XWF Television Title on the line, folks!  CYPH3R, the challenger, and Sloane Taylor, the champion!"

The bell has rung and the two competitors sit in their respective corners long after and stare at each other from a safe distance.

CYPH3R stretches out from the corner and takes a couple steps towards the center of the ring, daring the champion to meet him.  Sloane dares and slowly leaves her own corner.  CYPH3R starts at the mouth, spouting out indecipherables at Sloane as she smiles during her approach.

JC: "It looks like it hasn't stopped, either."

The two meet face to face and it doesn't take long for the champion to take the first strike.  Sloane reels back and jumps up to elbow CYPH3R in the side of the face!  He takes all of it and is sent a couple steps to the side, but comes back laughing and holding his chin.  Sloane has her own words that provokes CYPH3R and she cracks him again!  This time she follows up with a quick kick to the midsection and hops up, locking CYPH3R's head between her legs, and bringing him to the mat with a head scissor takedown!

CYPH3R takes the impact, but manages to roll through and quickly get back to a knee.  He rises up, silent and more focused, then rushes in with a blow, but Sloane evades by ducking under and rushing into the opposite ropes.  She springboards off and catches CYPH3R with a pele kick in the jaw, cleaning his clock again and this time sending him through the ropes out onto the ring apron!

JC: "Sloane going strong right out of the gate,.

Sloane rushes in as CYPH3R is pulling himself up.  He throws a shoulder between the ropes and smashes into Sloane's stomach then grabs her by the head and drops down off the apron, decapitating her with the top rope!  Sloane falls back and lands on her back, gagging for air and holding her throat.  CYPH3R, with a sly smile, enters the ring through the ropes and stalks the champion.

CYPH3R reaches down and grabs Sloane by the hair and helps her to her feet.  The referee is in his face the entire time, warning him about the method to bring the champ back to her feet, which CYPH3R, of course, ignores.  He brings Sloane the rest of the way up and drags her to the corner and throws her into the turnbuckle and follows up immediately with calculating kicks  that chop the champion down.  She slouches further down into the corner until she's seated, but is immediately pulled back up and kicked several times and back down again.  CYPH3R then pulls her out of the corner by the hair, again to the dismay of the official, and snap suplexes Sloane back into the center of the ring and goes for a cover!

JC: "CYPH3R looking to end this quick!  We could see a new champion!"

Sloane kicks out after a short two-count and rolls to her side.


CYPH3R sits for a couple of seconds, looking over at Sloane who slowly recovers from the recent onslaught.  He then quickly zips up and heads to the corner, himself.  He waits for an opening as Sloane reaches her hands and knees and rushes in!  He goes for the Cutscene (Shining Wizard), but Sloane sees him coming and quickly rolls out of the way!  CYPH3R misses and lands hard on his back and Sloane pulls herself up using the middle rope.  CYPH3R made it to his feet as well, but Sloane was stalking him this time!  She waits for him to turn around and grabs him!

JC "Silver Linings!" (Standing Spanish Fly) She holds for a pin attempt!  One!  Two—and a kick out by the challenger!"

CYPH3R currently looks out of it, Sloane springs to her feet and rushes to the corner.  She climbs to the top rope and stands atop the top turnbuckle!

JC: "Sloane Taylor looking for a high-risk maneuver here!"

She turns in place then moonsaults off, nailing CYPH3R!  Sloane pulls the leg this time with another pin attempt!  The official is right where he needs to be!



JC: "Another kick out by CYPH3R!"

Sloane, a bit disheartened by the kick out, picks herself up and thinks over her next move.


The champion reaches down to pull CYPH3R up, but is kicked in the head!  She stumbles back and CYPH3R shakily rises up to his feet.  Sloane rushes into attack, but is flattened with Toxicity (Black Mass)!  CYPH3R, cockily, dusts off his hands and slowly walks around the champion.

JC: "CYPH3R with the advantage once again!"

CYPH3R lifts Sloane up to her feet and then throws her up on his shoulders, setting her up for GAME OVER (GTS)!

JC: "Oh, this could spell the end for Sloane Taylor!  We could see another new Television Champion!"

CYPH3R has her up and as he releases her, he misses the knee!  Sloane manages to slide out of the way and before he can recover he's cracked by the champion!


CYPH3R's eyes roll to the back of his hand and he falls forward into the ropes!  He bounces off and as Sloane rushes in, he falls backwards and lifts the knee catching her with THE CUTSCENE!

JC: "CYPH3R just caught Sloane as she was rushing in!  She's out cold!  This could be it!

He goes for the cover and wraps her up by pulling both legs!!





JC:  Cypher has done it here at March Madness!  Deep seated animosity set the stage and it’s Cypher, perhaps against the odds, coming out on top and he is your new XWF Television Champion!

Cypher remains in the ring.  Winded, exhausted from the incredible match with the incomparable “Sky Queen” Sloane Taylor.  Fans cheer, they boo, they applaud the match they had just seen. Great matches are plentiful in wrestling. Very few turn as intimately personal as Cypher and Sloane Taylor.

In the ring, Cypher gets back to his feet as Sloane Taylor makes her way toward the back.  All eyes, the cameras, the focus is all on the victor as Cypher throws the championship over his shoulder.  And that's just the way he likes it.  Cypher looks at Sloane as she makes her way toward the entrance way.  The cameras slowly zooming in on the sunken eyes of the crafty veteran when soon… the lights inside U.S. Bank Stadium fall dark.

JC:  Wait a minute!  I don’t think we’re done here!

Amid the darkness, a slow thumping heartbeat fills the stadium.


Thump, thump!

The octave level inside U.S. Bank Stadium rises with anticipation.

JC:  Is someone sending a message to Cypher?  Or all of us?


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

Dim gold lighting now matches the heartbeat, flashing in harmony only briefly igniting the ring and the Television champion within it.


Thump, thump!

Soon, the dim gold lighting stays lit, lighting the ring, illuminating the new Television champion as we’re joined with the intro to Styx ‘Renegade.’

Ohhh Mama I’m in fear for my life from the lonnnng arrrm of three lawww


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

Lawwmannn has put an ennnd to my runnnnnin and I’m soooo farrr from myyy hooome


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

Ohhh Mama I can hearrr you were cryin you’re so scarrrred and all aaaaaloooone


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

Hannngman is comin dowwwn from the gallowwws and I don’t havvve verryyy lonnng!


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

The same dim gold lighting that engulfs the ring, now also engulfs the entrance way.  A moment later, a male African lion emerges from backstage as Minneapolis comes alive.

JC:  I think… I think we’re about to be joined by…


Thump, thump!


Thump, thump!

JC:  Cypher is not alone here in Minneapolis!

If the lion on stage isn’t a dead giveaway to Cypher, the emergence of Frankie Duke certainly is.  Frankie stands beside the lion on stage.  Both beings stare down Cypher in the middle of the ring.  Though he remains emotionless.  The large beast belts out a loud roar causing the Universe to pop loudly.  Thaddeus slides into the ring behind the Television champion and pops to his feet.  Cypher looks down for a moment as he hears the fan commotion and feels the ring shake beneath him.  The man looks up toward the lion and Frankie Duke, then realizes the trap was already sprung.  Cypher spins…


JC:  My god what a kick!

With Cypher out cold in the center of the ring, U.S. Bank Stadium comes unglued for the Lionheart.

JC:  Conspicuous by his absence no more!  Thaddeus Duke has just delivered his vaunted Heat Seeker to Cypher and the Television Champion is out cold!

Thaddeus Duke stands above the fallen champion as Frankie Duke joins him in the ring.  The two Duke’s converse for a moment.

JC:  There is a deep seated history here between Thaddeus Duke and the new Television champion, Cypher!  A history that we here in the XWF are not privy to!  I’m sure in the weeks and months ahead, that tumultuous history will be on full display!

The theme of the Lionheart strikes up.

Duke the Younger steps away from his father and picks up the XWF Television Championship from the mat.  The young man stares at the gold that his father wore twice before, then slings it over his shoulder to a roar from the crowd.

JC:  No matter the relationship between the XWF Universe and the Lionheart, that young man right there, Young Frankie has always been a fan favorite!

‘My Name Is Human’ plays after the ‘Sirius’ intro as Thad and Frankie Duke vacate the ring.  With the stadium lighting back in full effect, Cypher remains flat on his back.  The two Duke’s head toward the back with Cypher’s TV title slung over Duke the Younger’s shoulder.

JC:  Cypher is without a doubt the new champion, but he’ll leave Minneapolis without the gold!

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Zenorus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. As the orchestra dies down, vines creep from around the edges of the curtain, and rose petals begin to fall around the arena. Then, on the entrance of the choir in the music, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up, awaiting his opponent.

The lights in the arena fade slowly to black. The crushing sound of Slayer's "Raining Blood" blasts over the speakers, sending the crowd in attendance into a fit. Headbanging, horns in the air, the whole nine. They scream out the lyrics as on the stage emerges Corey Black bathed in a white light, red ones circle the arena, wearing a hooded black denim vest that has metal band patches all over it. Corey stands at the top of the ramp, looking out into the frenzy, nodding his approval. He makes his way down the ramp, taking his time to survey the carnage around him and get himself a good look at the ring before him. As he reaches it, Corey slides in under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, unleashing a roar and throwing the devil horns into the air toward the hard cam. He takes the vest off and drops it to ringside before heading to his corner and crouching down, waiting for the match to begin.

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

As Comanche blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

- vs -
- vs -
Xtreme Rules


Right out the gate Corey Black nails Dionysus with a spinning heel kick and then close line him out of the ring and then meets Bobby Bourbon in the middle of the ring and they begin trading blows back and forth until Bobby gains the upper hand by poking Corey in the eyes and then a massive headbutt to send Corey staggering back into the corner and Bobby meets him with a big body splash and waits for Corey to stagger out of the corner before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex.

JC: So far is the right word because here comes Dionysus.

Bobby is too busy taunting the fans to realize that Dionysus has sled back in the ring with a steel chair and once he gets up to his feet he nails Bobby in the back and Bobby back tightens up as he turns around and Dionysus gives him a thunderous chair shot to the head but it doesn't take Bobby down as he staggers back towards the ropes as Dionysus charges him and nails him with another thunderous chair shot that sends Bobby over the ropes.

JC: Dionysus just made scrambled eggs!

Dionysus has these fans hyped up as he turns around with the chair still in hand and looks at Corey getting back up to his feet and waits for him to turn around towards him and swings wildly as he tries to take Corey's head off with the steel chair but Corey ducks and knocks the chair out of Dionysus's hand and then hits him with two punches to the chest and then a throat thrust followed by a spinning back fist that sends Dionysus staggering back and then Corey takes him down with a sling blade. Corey then backs up into the corner and measures Dionysus as he slowly gets back to his feet.

JC: Corey is ready to strike like a viper.

As soon as Dionysus turns around Corey cones charging in looking for a big boot but Dionysus dodges it and sends Corey over the top rope and Corey hits the floor hard over by the announcement table  and takes a moment to get up to his feet but as he does Dionysus comes flying through the ropes and hits Corey with a suicide dive send Corey flying over the commentary table next to JC.


Dionysus gets up all hyped but suddenly finds himself being lifted up by Bobby who drops Dionysus back first onto the commentary table but it doesn't break, Bobby rains down several punches on Dionysus before lifting him up and hitting a suplex on the floor and Dionysus instantly cries out in pain but Bobby shuts him up with a kick to the face and then turns around to be caught by a running knee from Corey Black that drops Bobby down to one knee and then Corey follows up with a DDT and then walks over to the barricade and pulls a steel trashcan over that has varies weapons inside of it.

JC: Corey Black with a weapon is like Thanos' with an Infinity Gauntlet.

Corey starts tossing various weapons in the ring like a stop sign, a steel trash can lid, a metal steel pipe, and wooden baseball but leaves two kendo sticks for himself to use as he walks back towards Dionysus and strikes him over the back and then again and again until Dionysus falls back down to the floor and red welts start to form on his back and then Corey turns his attention to Bobby and goes to strike him over the back but Bobby rolls out of the way and quickly gets up to his feet and takes Corey down with a close line and then uses the kendo stick to choke Corey a little before hitting him repeatedly with punches to the face and then gets off him and walks over to the steel steps and picks them up and then turns his attention to Corey as he starts to get back up, Bobby waits for Corey to turn around before smashing the steel steps into Corey face and he instantly starts to bleed from a cut that for me from the forehead.

JC: Bobby just busted The King open.

Corey lays out in his own blood but that doesn't stop Bobby for throwing the steel steps on top of him but before he can continue his assault Dionysus pushes Bobby face-first into the steel ring pole and then rolls Bobby back inside the ring and then Dionysus follows inside but Bobby surprises him with a shot to the face with the stop sign and then lifts Dionysus up for a somoan drop and then goes for the first pin in the match.




JC: Dionysus has taken some damage but not enough to keep him down for the count.

Bobby looks at Dionysus in disgust as he gets himself up to his feet and grabs a steel chair and looks to nail him in the face but Dionysus hits Bobby in the knee with the steel pipe and brings Bobby down to one knee and then bounces off the ropes back towards Bobby and nails him with the steel pipe and then hits a standing moonsault and goes for a pin as the referee gets in position.




Bobby gets the shoulder up but Dionysus stays on him by hitting a double foot stomp on the chest of Bobby but as he jumps off his chest he walks into a superkick from Corey Black and then takes a chokeslam on top of the steel trash can lid and Corey falls on top of Dionysus for the pin.




JC: All three have tried to end this match but no dice for either as this Xtreme Rules match at March Madness continues.

Corey Black grabs the steel chair and wedges it in the corner and swings Dionysus into face first and waits for him to stagger back into him and then hits a German suplex on top of Bobby, Corey then stacks them on top of each other and then heads for to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off to hit a diving elbow but both men move out the way and Corey crashes into the mat but manages to get back up but catches a punch from Bobby and then one from Dionysus as they double-team Corey for a moment and as he's rocking they both pick up chairs and look at each other with a smirk and then smack their chairs into his skull and Corey falls down lifeless to the mat and rolls off to the side.

JC: A lot of brains are being scrambled in here tonight.

Dionysus and Bobby look at the fallen Corey with a smirk before turning their attention to each other and almost like they had the same idea they swing their chairs at the same time and they connect, the vibration causes them to drop their chairs before they start throwing punches at each each other , Dionysus gets the upper hand and swings Bobby into the corner and then thrust his shoulder into the gut of Bobby repeatedly until he drops down in the corner and then Dionysus gives him a few kicks to the face before backing up and picking up a steel chair and placing it in front of Bobby and then Dionysus backs up before charging at Bobby and deliver a drop kick to to the chair that smashes into Bobby’s face.

JC: Facial reconstruction surgery in Bobby’s future.

Dionysus gets back up to his feet at the same time Bobby does as he pulls himself up by the ropes and then leans against them as he tries to recover but Dionysus doesn’t give him a chance as he charges over towards him and then clothesline over the top rope but Bobby lands on his feet but Dionysus wastes know time as he uses the ropes to throw himself over looking for a springboard crossbody on Bobby but Bobby catches him and then slams Dionysus back first across the barricade and as he hangs across the barricade Bobby backs up and then kicks Dionysus in the head and watches him fall off the barricade and onto the floor. Bobby then goes under the ring and pulls out a plastic bag and duck tape then a sadistic smile comes across the face of Bobby.

JC: What the hell is he going to do with that?

Dionysus gets up to his feet but before he can turn around Bobby puts the bag over his face and then pulls it tightly cutting off the oxygen and then wrapping duck tape around it to make it harder for Dionysus to break free,

JC: Looks like Bobby could’ve been a Hitman for the mob.

Dionysus struggles to breathe as each time he loses oxygen while Bobby takes a barbwire table from underneath the ring and slides it inside the ring and then turns his attention back to Dionysus, looking to take hold of him but Dionysus surprises him with a shot to the head with a beer bottle he got from a fan and then uses the broken bottle to cut open the bag and then drops to his knee as he catches his breath.

JC: Dionysus remembers what it is like to get a breath of fresh air.

Dionysus gets back up to his feet after catching his breath and walks over to a now bloody Bobby after take a glass beer bottle shot to the face, Dionysus bangs Bobby head on the ring apron several times before rolling him back into and then climbs up to the top turnbuckle and stands all the way up, keeping his balance before leaping off and hitting a 360 splash and immediately goes for the pin as the referee gets in position.




Bobby kicks out at the very last second and Dionysus can't believe it as he looks in shock for a moment before he gathers himself and gets back up to his feet, Dionysus looks to lift Bobby up to his feet but suddenly out of nowhere Corey Black blast him in the back with a fiberglass tube, Dionysus drops to his knees and yells out in pain as the broken glass shreds his back open and he starts to bleed but Corey isn't done as he takes another fiberglass tube and smashes it over the head of Dionysus and he falls down to the mat like a limp body.

JC: Corey might have just ended Dionysus for the night.

Corey puts on a sadistic smile as reaches down and pulls Dionysus up by his hair and talks trash to him before taking a cheese grater across his face , grating his face slowly as Corey looks into the audience with a sick smile as he turns  Dionysus face into a crimson mask and then throws him back down to the ground and rolls out the ring and looks under to get a black bag and a barbed wire baseball bat and then rolls back inside the ring as Bobby gets to his feet and steps on the hands of Black to release his hold of the baseball bat and then delivers a punch to his face before lifting Corey up by his throat and tosses him into the corner and nails him with European uppercut and then backs up looking for a big body splash but Corey moves out of the way and Bobby eats the turnbuckle and as he turns around Corey takes him down with a Diamond cutter on top of a steel chair and then Corey follows up by picking up the barbed wire baseball bat and uses it to knock Dionysus back down.

JC: The King looks like he’s in full control of this match now.

With both Bobby and Dionysus laid out in the ring , Corey takes this time to set up the bated wired table close to the turnbuckle , making sure to get it in position before picking up Dionysus and placing him on top of the barbed wire. Giving him a few punches to the face before turning his attention to Bobby , pulling him up and giving him a thunderous headbutt before lifting him up and placing him on top of Dionysus and the picks up a steal chair and smashes it into him before keeping hold of the chair as Corey climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle.

JC: What the hell is Corey thinking?

Corey keeps his balance as he stands up with back turned towards the table placing the steel chair close to his chest and then leaps off the turnbuckle and performs a moonsault with the chair as he lands into Bobby and Dionysus sending them crashing through the barbed wire and then the referee checks on all three men.

JC: MY GOD!!! The King just took things to the XTREME!!!!

Corey gets up to his feet and grabs the black bag and opens it up to pour out thousands and thousands of thumbtacks onto the mat in the middle of the ring with a sick smile on his face, he then walks over and lifts Bobby up on his shoulders and walks towards the thumbtacks and hits his finisher THE BURNING HAMMER ON TOP OF THE THUMBTACKS!!!!!!!!


Bobby back is filled with thousands of thumbtacks as Corey turns him over for the pin while Dionysus is stuck in the barbed wire , the referee gets in position as Corey hooks both legs.





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, COREY BLACK!!!!!!

JC: All hail the King.


The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience.

JC: Kieran King! One of the most underrated Legends in XWF History… For the first time in Nearly Fifteen years! Made to the Finals of March Madness… And Is main-eventing an XWF PPV!

In a flash, King sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles in to some pre-fight stretches.

JC: Kieran King has long felt ignored by the history books. Omitted from the Hall of Legends, after winning the Universal Title IN HIS FIRST MONTH in a tournament! Just like this one! King THRIVES in this big-match environment… But he has ONE MAJOR OBSTACLE standing in his way!

The opening baseline of No. 99 by Joey Bada$$ hits the PA and a spotlight pans over the crowd in search of Spencer before a camera cut shows us Spencer moving through the arena before eventually reaching a staircase between sections.

JC: THE BADMON. Pantheon’s Secret Weapon! Spencer Adams! Spencer took out Razor Blade, who had been turning heads on Anarchy. Then, he returns around and pulls off the upset of the century over former Universal Champion, Prince Adeyemi. Adams has proven twice already, he’s most dangerous when you underestimate him. And the man who signed on the dotted line at Free-For-All has TWICE beaten bigger XWF stars… And now we’re looking at the possibility on Pantheon walking out with BOTH the Universal Title… AND the March Madness Crown.

With the chorus playing out, the crowd’s chants of “BADMON!” carry throughout. Spencer marches down the stairs before hoping over and sitting atop the barricade. He looks over the crowd and raises an arm and pointed finger towards different parts of the crowd as he mouths the words “What’s my name?” for continued call and response.

Spencer pushes off and rolls into the ring nodding along to the song before dapping up the ring announcer and leaning against a corner in anticipation.

JC: We will see the Universal Titel match between Champion Ned Kaye and Panethon’s Sebastian Everett-Bryce… But, Thad, you speak the truth as to the larger theme of this event. It’s the XWF faithful, the lifers… Like Ned Kaye, like Kieran King… Versus the New Blood. Those claiming to be the Next Era of the XWF. The Pantheon.

Spencer and Kieran meet at the center of the ring.

…King looks around at the crowd, smugly leaning on the ropes, nodding toward the Badmon… like ‘...really? THIS is the other guy?’

Adams cracks his knuckles, stretching his neck, eager for the bell.

The official points to the timekeeper.


- vs -
Standard Singles

The bell s-

The moment the bell rings, King has zipped Adams into a side headlock!

JC: Wow! King moved effortlessly into a grapple there!

Adams reflexively tries to shove his way out… But Kieran simply sidesteps and secures another side headlock with his opposite arm!

JC: Slight edge in the early going to Kieran King!

As Adams drives his head into Kieran’s solarplexus… Kieran leans backwards against the ropes, feigning a yawn to the crowd.

JC: Kieran King, acerbic as ever.

Adams finally shoves King off the ropes and into an irish whip. King bounds and rebounds across the ring, as Adams bends, looking for a back body drop.

…But King spins in mid air, backflips over Adams and lands on his feet!

Adams spins aro-

And King locks him back in a side headlock! Adams stomps, frustrated as King, with his free hand, rubs at his eyes like he’s struggling to stay awake.


The crowd, admittedly not in love Kieran’s cocky attitude, is begrudgingly impressed, applauding the incredible athleticism on display!

Kieran looks around at the bubbling energy… he mouths ‘encore? Encore?’

Adams backs up King once more to the ropes… King basically releases his grip to start sprinting against the ropes!

JC: King, clearly all-too-eager to show off his hops once more!

King hits the ropes, Adams goes for another back body drop…

King pulls the same backflip maneuever, landing on his fe-

But, as he comes down, Adams flips backwards himself! PELE KICK to the top of Kieran’s dome!

JC: Ah! Clearly, Kieran paying the price for choreographing the same counter twice!

King… clearly a little dazed, backs into the ropes…

Adams kips up off the mat! And leaps! Superman punch to Kieran King!

JC: That’s how dangerous Spencer Adams is. This match might be over in record time!

King once again hits the ropes… As Adams lines-up his finishing kick… 99 Prob-

But, as King hits the ropes, he glides through the middle and escapes outside!

The crowd boos, as King massages his jaw, shaking off cobwebs from Adams’s sudden offensive spark.

JC: Wise decision by the veteran King here! Looking to slow down the pace and cut off Adams’s momentum.

The official starts counting-out King!


King turns his back to the official, waving him off, like ‘whatever, I have ten whole seconds, I’m gonna use a-’

WHAM! Adams dives through the ropes! Tope suicida! King gets clipped from behind and goes hard, straight onto his face on the padded concrete!

JC: Clearly, Adams has better ideas than letting King dictate the pace of this match.

Adams grabs King by the scruff of the neck and rolls him back under the bottom rope… King crawls against the mat as Adams follows him in.

As King gets up to his knees, Adams locks in a side headlock! The crowd cheers!

Adams runs to the ropes, looking for a running bulldog assisted by the ring!

Adams, with King in tow, leaps off the ropes… Spinning in place…


The crowd steps up to his feet, as Adams’ feet dangle in mid-air!

JC: Wow! Incredible strength on display by Kieran King! Adams is a fellow cruiser but he’s no lightweight!

King holds Adams in mid-air…

Spins him around in his grip!


The crowd pops in disbelief!

Kieran presses down on Adams’s shoulders! The official counts!



THR-NO! The Badmon forces a shoulder up!

JC: A high-impact, improvised maneuver by Kieran King! Very impressive! But Adams hangs in the match!

King scrambles up to his feet, a little faster than Adams… A stomp to the back of the Badmon’s head!

A second!

A third!

The official steps in to remind King to keep the strikes clean, and King waves him off.

JC: King clearly miffed at that last exchange!

As Adams struggles back up to a vertical base… King grabs Adams by the throat and shoves the Badmon against the turnbuckle!

King winds up his right leg…

THWAAAAAACK! Devastating kick to Adams in the corner!

JC: Ooooh, we’ve seen King do this before. Every one of these kicks can just sap the life out of your opponent…

Adams is driven back against the turnbuckle…

King winds up again…

THWAAAAAACK! That one nearly sounded like a thunder clap!

Adams collapses against the bottom turnbuckle, cradling his abdomen.

…King turns around, walking back to the opposite turnbuckle, yelling at the crowd to chant his name! They boo and hiss!

King turns on a dime, and sprints!

JC: King looking for a running knee to put this away!

King runs…


Adams springs himself to his feet by the middle rope!

King sees his opponent’s movement and tries to transition mid-sprint to a corner clothesline…

…But Adams catches King under the arm!

Adams lifts King into the air!

CORNER URANAGE! King lands in the corner with a sickening thud!

JC: WOW! Both these men clearly reaching deep into their repertoire with moves they haven’t pulled out before! They both *clearly* want this win more than anything!

Adams exhaustedy collapses onto King!

The official counts!




But King’s ankle has hooked itself under the rope!

JC: AHHHH! Incredible veteran awareness by Kieran King! Instead of expending unnecessary energy by kicking-out, he uses the rope break to his advantage!

Adams scoops himself off the mat, as the official points to King’s boot on the ropes.

Adams grunts, irritated as he backs up to the opposite turnbuckle. He slaps his thigh and points to the sky as the crowd rises to its feet!

JC: Spencer clearly looking to put this one away! Going for 99 Problems!

Meanwhile, King grabs the ropes, trying to pull himself out of the corner… The official steps up, starting a count for King to release the ropes…

Adams charges out of the corner, running towards the kneeling King…

But King grabs the official and shoves him toward the charging Adams!

…Adams narrowly puts the brakes on, avoiding taking the official’s head off… The official falls over to the side on his face…

But King slips forward and…

Like a football punter, KICKS Adams through the uprights! LOW BLOW!

…The entire crowd delivers a disgusted oooooooooooh…

JC: King clearly breaking the rules here. According to my sources, he does so because he ‘thinks it’s funny.’

Adams covers his devastated nethe-regions… But, this all occurred while the official was still scooping himself off the mat!

King sees his chance! He scoops Adams off the ground in a front-facelock aaaaaaaaand…

F UR HEAD! (brainbuster)!

Adams’s skull hits the mat with a sickening thud!

…King breathes a sigh of relief…

HE KIPS-UP OFF THE MAT, pumping his fist! He bows to the XWF Universe!

They rain down boos!

JC: King can’t win this way! After all that work, to win via cheating it just feels I don't know...wrong.

King finally spins around, dropping a boot on Adams’s chest. The official counts!




At the last possible moment, Adams forces a shoulder up!

The crowd pops! They scream ‘BADMON! BADMON! BADMON!’

…King groans, frustrated. Clearly, he was hoping for that to be his big victory photo-op, with the boot on his opponent’s chest.

King exhales, before moving out to the apron, and climbing up the turnbuckle!

JC: Kieran King! Seeking the Kingmaker… The move that made him Universal champion once… Will it make him the King of the XWF tonight?

King reaches the top rope… Adams lies center of the ring… The crowd screams for The Badmon to move!

King leaps! Looking for the Kingmaker!

BUT ADAMS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, into the corner…

King lands on his feet, looking to continue the attack towards Adams…


The crowd explodes…

Adams hits the mat…

…King seems to float on jellified legs for a moment…

But his back hits the mat!

The crowd whoops and hollers!

JC: What a turn of events! Adams hits the 99 Problems from out of nowhere!

Adams… crawls…

Atop King…

He hooks the leg!

The official drops to count!



King, somehow, some way kicks out!



The official holds up two fingers!

The capacity crowd is on its feet, eager to see this match’s finish!

Adams shakes his head, like… What is it gonna take…

King lies on his back, clearly running on fumes himself…

…The official stands and starts a ten-count…



JC: Say, if there’s a double countout in the final, what happens?



Both King and Adams stir to their knees…



Both slowly… But surely…



Work their way up to a vertical base!

The count is broken!

King delivers a chop! WOOOOOOO! Adams backs a step… But stays on his feet!

Adams chops right back! King back-pedals… Bounces off the ropes… BUT STAYS UPRIGHT!

King launches a knee STRAIGHT TO ADAMS’ RIBS!

…Adams sucks in air… But doesn’t drop!

Adams spins… AND BACKFISTS King in the face!

King… Shakes his head… A little dizzy…

JC: This might be Adams’s opening!

Suddenly, both men launch KICKS!

…Both connect! Both men drop backwards into a corner!

The crowd is on their feet! Absolutely electric for this ending!

Adams scrambles back onto his feet first!

He slaps his thigh… Calling for ONE MORE 99 Problems!

He points at King, who just rose to his feet in the corner!

Adams charges!

…But King charges back!

JC: Holy shit! Both these men are going for the killing strike!

Adams goes with a High Kick! Ninety-Nine Problems!



Adams flops backwards… King stacks Badmon on his shoulders!

The official counts!





King collapses onto his back, exhausted… Both men are physically spent as the crown and trophy are brought to the ring!

JC: If you just tuned in, it might be impossible to tell who won. Spencer Adams, a handful of times, nearly pulled off the win of the century!

Thad: But Kieran King proved better. The two took each other to their very limits… Two athletes performing at the peak of what can be done in this industry. And tonight, Kieran King reigns supreme. As King of the XWF.

Between matches, the lights briefly dim.  A few strokes from a guitar play over the PA before a voice joins, probably a sound check:

I should laugh, but I cry
Because your love has passed me by
You took me by surprise
You didn't realize that I was waiting…

The rest of the band joins as the song kicks into full gear.

Time goes slowly, but carries on
And now the best years have come and gone
You took me by surprise
I didn't realize that you were laughing…

And as the music fades out the lights resume to normal and the show carries on.

The lights in the arena cut out entirely, and the fans begin to buzz. The darkness holds for a moment before…

Fame by Royal Deluxe kicks in.

Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

With each of the hits of the word “Fame” a spotlight flashes back and forth between the stage and a random spot in the audience. On the screen, the images alternate between key moments from the career of Sebastian Everett-Bryce, S.E.B. and Empire.

After the final Fame, the lyrics end.

Na, na, na, na…

The screen flashes with the words Welcome to the Empire.

As the beat drops, Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, lit up by a bright spotlight, his head covered by the hood of his jacket. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd. He wears a long jacket, zipped to the waist. The jacket, which is cut away at the bottom and only runs down the back of his legs, is patterned with an elongated Union Flag, but it appears to be cracked, and broken. Distressed. His tights are short, with the initials S.E.B. emblazoned upon the front.

Fame makes a man take things over
Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame puts you there where things are hollow
It's not your brain, it's just the flame
That puts your change to keep you insane (sane)

The lights lift and Seb makes his way to the ring, stretching his neck from side to side as he walks, he slaps hands with fans as he walks, stopping with a random fan and staring into the camera and shouting “My Empire, right here!”. He climbs up the steps and steps through the ropes before standing in the middle of the ring.

Fame, what you like is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, what you need you'll have to borrow
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

He pulls back his hood.

Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder? (Ooh)

The beat drops again, he flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied smirk upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures, before pulling off his Jacket to reveal “EMPIRE” on the back of his tights.

As his music comes to an end, Seb backs to the corner and leans, with a satisfactory smirk upon his face.

The arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps. The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the X-Tron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. He leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner as he prepares for the bell.

- vs -
Ultimate X Match

JC: Here we are folks, the Main Event for the Universal Championship!

The impressive trusses reach high from each corner, twenty feet from the floor. Along the top, a criss cross of ropes hangs with the Universal Championship draped from the intersection, heretofore called the suspended rope. Seb looks up and points at the belt, then himself. Ned shakes his head in disagreement. The referee calls for the bell.


JC: The crowd here is rocking for this huge matchup!

Seb and Ned circle each other slowly in the ring, neither wanting to give the other an edge. Suddenly, both men each scramble to opposite corners and climb, looking to make a break on the belt! Both men stop on the top of opposing turnbuckles, staring at one another! Almost simultaneously, both men grab the crossed ropes and start to make their way to the belt in a race! Both men meet at the middle! Ned and Seb start throwing shots at one another, holding themselves up by one arm! Both men’s grip fails, but they both land on their feet! Rapid forearm shots from either man to each other!

JC: For all the technical acumen of both wrestlers, they’re fighting like rabid dogs!

Seb lays into Ned with a vicious forearm, sending him back!

Ned returns with a standing sidekick!

NO! Seb catches the foot and delivers a dragon screw leg whip!

Seb holds the foot and kips up, delivering a kick to Ned’s hamstring!

NO! Ned sweeps Seb’s other leg while raising his foot to kick! Seb hits the mat and Ned does a kip up!

Seb does a kip up immediately after, and both men pause and begin to circle each other again as the crowd is in a fever pitch!

JC: Neither man ready to give an inch in this one!

Both men lock up, understanding that there was wrestling to be done. Seb and Ned engage in a test of strength, neither man gaining any advantage on the other! Seb feints to slip behind Ned, but Ned’s footwork prevents it. Ned smoothly continues the momentum into an attempt at an Irish whip. Seb slides to a knee, holding Ned in a headlock. Seb stands and transitions to a hammerlock. Ned transitions to an arm wrench. Ned doubles the arm wrench! Seb rolls forward, reversing the second arm wrench, spins on his back reversing the first arm wrench (first in last out iykyk) then kips up, throwing an arm drag to Ned! Ned rolls through, holding the arm, back to his feet, springboards off the second rope, coming back with a forearm! Seb catches Ned, and counters with an exploder suplex! Ned flips over and lands on his feet, shooting off the ropes! On the rebound Seb hits the mat flat as Ned bounds over him into the other ropes! Ned shoots back and Seb leapfrogs him! Ned catches himself at the ropes and looks back at Seb, who charges! Ned ducks, tugging the top rope, sending Seb keeling ass over teakettle outside! Seb catches the top rope himself, and lands on his feet on the apron! Seb with a right! Ned blocks, and throws a right of his own! Seb blocks! Seb hooks Ned, and goes to suplex him to the arena floor! NO! Ned powers out and back to his feet, and he suplexes Seb inside the ring! NO! Seb lands on his feet, and grasps Ned’s neck for a neck breaker! Ned pivots the hold to a front facelock, but hoists Seb! Seb grabs the top rope and pulls himself off Ned! Seb with a standing side elbow to Ned! Ned ducks! Ned with a kneeling side elbow to Seb, Seb sidesteps! Seb with a snap superkick to Ned! Ned deflects Seb’s left foot, sending it over the middle rope, leaving Seb straddling the middle rope! Ned to his Feet! Seb holds the top rope, and swings both feet up and over the middle rope, a standing planted side dropkick to Ned! NO! Ned cartwheels back. Seb turns and faces Ned. Ned faces Seb.

JC: These men just wrestled each other for five solid minutes and they countered everything the other had!

Seb and Ned square up. Seb with a right jab! Ned weaves out of the way, coming back with a back chop to Seb! Seb reels backwards, Ned’s hand narrowly missing by the smallest fraction of a measure.

Seb counters with a body blow! Ned deflects the punch down and away while sidestepping! Ned with a headbutt! Seb had the same idea!

Both men’s heads clash.

Both men reel back and land on a knee, facing each other.

The faintest chant begins in U.S. Bank Stadium, to the viewer at home it’s nigh indistinguishable, but it gets louder, and louder, and louder, and louder, until it’s undeniable, and deafening, and wondrous.

JC: Fans, if you can hear this crowd at home, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard!


The XWF Universe, like only it can, somehow coordinating their dueling chants for the competitors on display before them. Ned stands up. Seb stands up. Both men take their attention away from each other for the first time since they came to the ring, absorbing the sheer enormity of over 100,000 in attendance focused on the best in their craft.

Seb and Ned continue their gaze into this massive crowd, which gets louder by the moment, the view for the viewers at home just shaking from the sheer volume of the mob vibrating the cameras.

JC: I have just gotten word, every member of the XWF Staff and Locker Room are actually watching just behind the curtain, this is truly remarkable!

Ned and Seb, after surveilling the crowd before them, finally see one another again. Ned cracks his back as Seb rotates his left shoulder. Ned points up at the Universal Championship, and the building finally becomes truly uncorked when Seb points at it too. The lights begin to flicker for a moment, the very filaments themselves moving.

Ned and Seb exchange a handshake in a show of sportsmanship, then step back.

They tie up.

Ned with a side headlock, Seb hoists him for a backdrop!

NO! Ned powers back down and drops Seb with a headlock takedown!

Seb back up, heel kick to Ned! Seb spins and hooks Ned, dropping him with a release Stamford Bridge!

Seb back to a vertical base and he ascends the top rope!

He grabs the suspended rope and begins his gambit towards the Universal Championship!

Ned slowly to his feet.

Seb inches forward closer to the title!

Ned is up!

Seb is closer!

Ned springboards, and flies back with a Notorious Knee, sending Seb crashing to the mat below!

Ned lands as best as he can, but still badly!


Ned slowly pulls himself back up, crawling towards a corner!

Seb crawls along with him, towards the same corner!

Ned swats at Seb on the ground!

Seb swats back at Ned, just pure fight between both men!

Ned pulls himself up by the second rope in the corner!

Seb pulls him up by the adjoining rope in the same corner!

Ned with a back elbow to Seb, pulling himself up by the top rope!

Seb pulls himself up, and a side headbutt to Ned!

Ned takes Seb by the cranium and mashes his head into the steel truss supporting the suspended rope!

Seb puts a boot up, catching the second turnbuckle, and he throws Ned into the steel!

Ned falls leaning on the top rope and Seb steps outside beginning his ascent to the suspended rope!

Ned recovers and also starts to climb the steel truss!

Seb kicks at Ned, but Ned repositions on the truss, climbing up!

Both men continue their scramble to the top!

Ned grabs Seb and attempts to slam his head on the steel!

Seb blocks, and nails Ned with a forearm!

Ned back with a forearm!

Seb returns the favor!

Ned back with another of his own!

Seb hits Ned with another one!

And another one!

Plus another one!

Yet another one!

Ned is weary as Seb pivots around to his side of the structure, grabbing Ned by the waist! Seb pushes off!







A team of officials and medics rush to the splinters of the announce table and the motionless bodies of Seb and Ned.

JC: Fans, this is serious, both competitors are being checked by ringside physicians after that death defying maneuver from Sebastian Everett-Bryce!

Seb is shaking the cobwebs loose, nodding back at a doctor and answering how many fingers he saw correctly.

Ned is still wiped on the floor!

The doctors all tend to Ned as Seb raises an arm slowly, all he can muster at the moment.

Seb slowly edges away from Ned, towards anything he can support himself with after such a fall.

Ned begins to cough, and a few doctors show relief.

Seb slowly sets up against the ring barricade.

The rest of the doctors leave Ned, he insists he continue!

Seb sits, just watching Ned flail, and struggles to do anything of consequence.

Seb takes a deep breath, and closes his eyes for a moment.

Ned finally plants his right hand firm on the floor.

Seb opens his eyes, refocused on what is going on.

Ned slowly looks up at Seb in agony, and plants his left hand on the floor.

Ned drags himself towards Seb.

Seb reaches up and grabs the top of the ring barricade, bringing himself to his feet.

JC: I don’t know how, fans, I really don’t know how, but these men are still moving!

Ned barely up to a knee!

Seb grabs Ned and drops him with a DDT onto the floor!

Seb back to his feet, and he grasps Ned around the waist!

Deadlift German suplex from Seb onto Ned!

Seb holds on, rolling through and lifting Ned!

We see Ned is bleeding from the DDT to the floor!

Seb shifts his grip, landing a half-nelson suplex onto Ned!

Seb holds on, lifting Ned up, hitting a belly to back suplex!

Seb holds on, bring Ned up again, this time spinning around with a belly to belly suplex!

Seb still holds Ned, bringing him up and planting him with a t bone suplex!

Ned rolls over from the momentum into a seated position!

Seb locks in the Nightfall!

JC: Seb has got the Nightfall in! He’s going to put Ned to sleep then get the championship!

Ned writhes with all his might while in the grips of the dreaded trademark Nightfall, the torque and precision of this sleeper unlike any other.

Ned finally begins to lose energy, and wane!

Seb wrenches back harder, putting more pressure on the carotid artery!

Spittle forms at the cracks of Ned’s mouth!

Seb wrenches again!

Ned’s eyes go wide as he raises his fists skyward!

Ned with a back elbow to Seb, releasing some pressure of the hold!

Ned with another back elbow to Seb!

Seb tries to set the hold in deeper!

Ned starts to power up, and get to a knee as Seb struggles to maintain the hold!

Ned with another back elbow to Seb!

Seb loses some grip!

Ned to his feet with yet another back elbow to Seb!

Seb releases the hold!

Ned spins!

Back chop to Seb!

Back chop to Seb again!

A third back chop to Seb!

Ned hooks Seb, and kicking off of the ring apron lands a Trooper’s Tribute!

Ned pulls himself to his feet as Seb tries to come to his senses!

Ned climbs onto the ring apron!

Seb is to his feet!

Ned flies!

Ego Crusher onto Seb! Ned holds in the headscissors submission, wearing away at Seb!

JC: Ned has Seb in his signature move! This one has been back and forth!

Ned releases the hold, looking at Seb, leaving him on the floor. Ned slowly turns and begins his agonizing climb just to his feet again.

Ned barely pulls himself up by the ring apron.

Seb is recovering, but winded!

Ned slowly rolls himself back into the ring, and lies on the mat, his chest heaving with every breath.

Seb is on hands and knees, struggling to get back up!

Ned rolls onto his side, and tries to get back to his feet!

Seb is clinging to the ring apron, climbing back into the ring.

Ned is on his knee, he stands, but stumbles immediately, barely able to walk, collapsing against a ring corner.

Seb is grasping the bottom rope, and with the other hand grabs the middle, trying to use them as a ladder to stand.

Ned looks on at his rival before him, and Seb finds himself in the same position in the opposite corner.

Both men slowly turn and begin a tumultuous endeavor to somehow reach the suspended rope.

Rung by cross rung, Ned and Seb edge towards the heavens, as the XWF Universe are on their feet.


Both men reach the suspended rope, and with every shred of their being make their way to the center of the X.

Both men reach the coveted Universal Championship simultaneously.

Ned Kaye reaches out a hand but Seb throws a foot up and kicks Kaye's hand away; the champ struggles to hold on dangling with just one hand as he sways!

SEB reaches for the Championship grazes it with his fingers but Ned comes back like a pendulum and throws a kick into SEB's ribs!

The challenger reels, barely clinging on!

One hand of the suspended rope as Kaye swings back in with a light kick to Sebastian's sternum!

Bryce looks like he's in trouble, dangling with one hand as his other clutches his ribs, barely holding with his fingertips!

Kaye sees his opportunity!

He comes back with both feet forward with a suspended dropkick!







The crowd gasp in shock as SEB drops to the canvas clutching the title closely to his chest as the ref calls for the bell. SEB's theme hits as he stares in disbelief at the lights, the announcer calling out his name in victory. Ned Kaye runs his hands over his face and through his hair as he lays on the mat, hearing the crowd applaud both men.

The referee aids OUR NEW Universal Champion to his feet and raises his hand in victory, SEB stares down at the title before celebrating briefly before he meets the gaze of a standing Ned Kaye.

Ned nods, throwing hair out of his face, as he approaches Sebastian, the music dying down as the crowd fall into a hushed silence.

The two men stare at one another, no words needing to be said before Kaye reaches out an open hand which Seb takes. The pair shake and the crowd give a standing ovation as Kaye claps Seb's shoulder with some parting words and makes his graceful exit allowing Seb to continue his celebration.

As Ned Kaye walks up the ramp, SEB climbs the struts and poses with the title.

JC: What a match! One of the best I've seen with two of THE best competitors ever to grace the XWF! A bitter defeat for Ned Kaye but by GOD did he leave everything in that ring! Showing that he is not only a walking legend but the heart of this company! And what a win for Sebastian! Coming in, beating out everyone else in Free For All on his match debut earning this spot and going on to win it! What a competitor! What a show!"

"And with that everyone, thank you all for watching, this has been March Madness and this is XWF, saying goodnight."

The show closes on SEB raising the title in the air to the roar of the crowd and streamers being thrown over the arena.

Huge Thanks To The Following Match Writers:
Jett Sterling
Sean Parker x 2
Bobby Bourbon
Jason Cashe
Peter Principle
Mr. Big
Shaun Hart
Dolly Waters
Davey Dunham

And all you fabulous RPers and Segment submitters.

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