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ANARCHY 03/14/2024
Author Message
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XWF Management
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(fighting the odds; helps others; disliked by most adult male fans)

03-15-2024, 05:02 PM


Fade into the night sky over Port Huron, Michigan. The city's lights reflect on the water's surface, mirroring the stars above.

Along the riverbanks, the day's activities have given way to the calm of the night.

In the distance, the horn of a passing freighter blends with the soft rustle of the leaves.

Finally, we settle on the location for tonight's events.

McMorran Place Sports & Entertainment Center.

Then, without warning, the tranquility is shattered.

[Image: coollogo-com-150433489.png]

[Image: vuE1ZV0.png]

The camera cuts to our announcers, Todd and Bama T.

TODD: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a night of XTREME action here at XWF Anarchy! The McMorran Place is absolutely buzzing for what promises to be an explosive night of wrestling."

BAMA T: "That's right, Todd, and talk about starting with a bang! Our General Manager, Jett Sterling, has truly outdone himself."

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. Pariah finds himself in a precarious situation tonight. After boldly interrupting Jett Sterling last Anarchy to declare an open invitational match for the Xtreme title, fate took a turn when he lost the championship to Bobby Bourbon in a 24/7 encounter mere hours later."

BAMA T: "And now, instead of defending his title, Pariah is trapped in a cage where he must outlast FIVE OR SIX others, just to then face the returning EDWARD."

TODD: "A daunting task, for sure! After that, Davey Dunham and Latoria Hixx make their Anarchy debuts in an Xtreme Rulez elimination match, which also features the recently returning Cadryn Tiberius. Bama, I know you're surprised to see Cadryn back so soon."

BAMA T: "You're telling me, Todd! Cadryn Tiberius has been like a comet in the XWF – brilliant but rare. Seeing him twice in a row is as shocking as it is exciting, baby! Whoever wins tonight earns a shot at future championship glory, and with stakes that high, expect them to leave everything in the ring!"

TODD: "Then there's the Xtreme Rulez triple threat match between Tommy Wish, 'American Nightmare' Razor Blade, and The Rickinator, with another future title opportunity on the line. Jett Sterling has been awfully generous with these opportunities lately, wouldn't you say?"

BAMA T: "Generous is an understatement, Todd. It seems like Jett's got a plan for everyone on the roster, and after Mr. Oz secured his own future title opportunity last Anarchy, you have to wonder what's in store for the winners tonight."

TODD: "Well, Jett Sterling has promised a major announcement tonight regarding March Madness and the future of Anarchy. Maybe it has something to do with the Anarchy title match at March Madness?"

BAMA T: "Oh! Maybe, baby! And that takes us to our main event. Centurion and Sean Parker team up just over a week before Sean defends the Anarchy championship against Centurion. Their opponents, Mr. Oz and John Black, had their own issues last Anarchy, potentially turning this tornado tag team match into a ticking time bomb ready to explode, baby!"

TODD: "Folks, strap in because ANARCHY starts now!"

- vs -



As "Blood On My Hands Again" by Cypress Hill fills the air, the crowd jumps to their feet booing. Golden lights flicker, heralding the arrival of Pariah.

TODD: "Look out, here comes Pariah. His reputation for mind games and underhanded tactics precedes him."

BAMA T: "Yeah, baby, but tonight he finds himself locked in a cage with some of the biggest stars on Anarchy, BIG Preesh and Big Puddin!"

TODD: “Two men that he ran from last Anarchy!”

BAMA T: “And can you blame him, baby?”

TODD: “... No…”

TODD: "And here comes the mountain of a man, Big Preesh! Standing at an awe-inspiring seven feet tall and weighing in at 650 pounds, he's a sight to behold, Bama."

BAMA T: "Absolutely, Todd. And don't let his size fool you. Despite battling gout and arteriosclerosis, Big Preesh moves with the agility of a cat, much like his hero, Ghost Tank."

Big Preesh struts to the ring throwing his hands up in the air in time with the music. He holds out the front of his BOB tee shirt and shouts about how much he loves being a part of the best group in pro wrestling. When he gets to the ring he punches the top turnbuckle like a speed bag and then shouts "YEAH BITCH!" with his arms raised before waiting for the bell to ring.

As the officials work to secure the cage door, Pariah launches an ambush attack on Big Preesh, unleashing a flurry of strikes that catches Preesh off guard before the match officially begins.

TODD: "Oh, my goodness! Pariah isn't waiting for the bell, he's taking the fight to Big Preesh right out of the gate! This is the kind of underhanded tactic we've come to expect from Pariah."

BAMA T: "Baby, four matches in and this is already classic Pariah, always playing mind games and looking for any advantage he can find, baby!"

As the officials hastily lock the door and signal for the match to officially start, Pariah doesn't let up. He continues his relentless assault, exploiting every opportunity to weaken his massive opponent. Pariah bounces off the ropes, delivering a targeted elbow drop to Big Preesh, who's still reeling from the initial surprise attack.

TODD: "The bell has rung, and this match is officially underway, but Big Preesh is already at a disadvantage thanks to Pariah's sneak attack. Can he recover from this early onslaught?"

BAMA T: "Pariah is doing exactly what he needs to survive in there. Against a behemoth like Big Preesh, those early strikes might be his best shot at taking control of this match."

Just as Big Preesh starts to rally, Pariah spits a blinding golden shower into Preesh's eyes, leaving the giant writhing in agony. With Preesh temporarily incapacitated, Pariah can't resist the urge to taunt and mock his opponent.

TODD: "Oh, no! Pariah has just used his infamous Golden Shower, and Big Preesh is blinded!"

BAMA T: "It's underhanded, Todd, but you have to admit it's both effective and not against the rules. Pariah knows how to use every trick in the book to maintain control, baby, and so far, he’s doing just that!"

With Preesh’s arm in tow, Pariah climbs to the top rope, preparing to execute The Golden Flood. As he walks the ropes, the arena erupts into chaos.

'Big Puddin' Herschel Kiss charges down the ramp with a fury matched only by his size. In an astonishing display of strength, he rips the cage door off its hinges, storming into the ring. Pariah, realizing the imminent threat, abandons his finisher, jumping down as Big Preesh collapses to the mat, still trying to recover from the blinding attack.

TODD: "I can't believe what I'm seeing! Herschel Kiss has just torn the cage door off, and he's not even supposed to be in the match yet!"

BAMA T: "That's one way to make an entrance, baby! Herschel Kiss is here to make a statement, and Pariah knows he's in trouble now."

Pariah, never one to back down, rushes at 'Big Puddin'' in an attempt to take the fight to him. The two titans clash in the center of the ring, trading blow for blow in a display of raw power and aggression. Herschel Kiss gets the upper hand, using his size and strength to dominate Pariah.

However, Pariah delivers a low blow to Herschel Kiss, momentarily stopping him in his tracks.

TODD: "Pariah resorts to a low blow! There's no depth he won't sink to in order to come out on top."

BAMA T: "It's all about survival at this point, Todd. In a match like this, it's not about how you win–it's about making sure you're the last man standing."

Suddenly, a recovered Big Preesh grabs Pariah by the scruff, pulling him away from 'Big Puddin'' Herschel Kiss, who is still reeling from the low blow. Without hesitation, Big Preesh channels all his might into delivering his devastating finisher, the Big Brain Chop!

TODD: "And there it is! The Big Brain Chop! Pariah's in trouble now!"

BAMA T: "That's the power of Big Preesh, Todd! When he hits you with that, it's like getting struck by Mjölnir!"

Pariah, dazed and disoriented from the massive chop, stumbles around the ring, his legs giving out beneath him in a spectacle similar to Ric Flair's infamous face flop.

The crowd erupts, sensing that this match has turned.

'Big Puddin'' Herschel Kiss gathers his strength and looks to Big Preesh. With a bellow, Preesh yells, "ARE YOU IN, SON!?" In a display of unity, both men make the 'too sweet' hand gesture, their fingers bumping in a silent pact of alliance.

BAMA T: "Look at this, Todd! Are we witnessing the rebirth of BOB?!"

TODD: "God, I hope not!"

Big Puddin' charges towards the ropes, on the rebound, he leaps and soars through the air, his 500-pound frame crashing down onto Pariah with an earth-shattering force.

Without missing a beat, Big Preesh is already on the top rope. With the crowd on their feet, he launches himself, delivering a colossal splash onto Pariah.

TODD: "Big Preesh off the top rope with a splash that could register on the Richter scale!"

BAMA T: "This has GOT to be it, Todd! I really don’t see this gauntlet continuing after that, baby!"

Preesh remains still for the cover, the referee slides into position, and the crowd counts along.





TODD: "It's over! Big Preesh and 'Big Puddin'' Herschel Kiss have done it! What a display!"

As "Get Low" blares once again through the arena, Big Preesh hands 'Big Puddin'' Herschel Kiss a BOB shirt and they start getting down in the center of the ring.

BAMA T: “It’s official baby! BOB is back and on the winning path!”

- vs -
- vs -

“Not Like Most Girls” by Def Rebel plays and Latoya Hixx walks down the ramp toward the ring.  Once she's in the ring she poses with her arms spread out.  After a few moments her music starts to fade, and soon it's replaced–no pun intended–by The Replacements’ “Bastards of Young” as Davey Dunham makes his way out on stage to a modest round of applause from the Port Huron audience.

Davey slaps a few high-fives on his way to the ring.  Once he's a few feet from it he starts running, and slides right in underneath the bottom rope.  Davey jumps up on a turnbuckle and poses for the fans.  As his music fades, Davey hops down, but stays in the corner to await his other opponent's arrival and the match to begin.

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down. Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.  The referee calls for the bell, and this Xtreme Rules Elimination Match is ready to commence!


What's peculiar about this match is that while there's a plethora of weaponry all around the ring, nobody seems interested in them.  Latoya, expecting a double-team from her opponents, prepares herself for their charge, but instead of going after her, Cadryn Tiberius and Davey Dunham immediately go after each other.  A flurry of punches gets traded between the two men, an all-out back and forth exchange with neither man gaining much over the other.  Latoya Hixx takes advantage of the situation as she approaches the men, grabs them both by the back of their heads and… THUNK!... Davey and Cadryn butt heads and stumble around from the impact.  Latoya follows up with a Double Clothesline that puts them down flat on their backs.

TODD: "And just like that, Latoya Hixx turns the tide!"

BAMA T: "While Tiberius and Dunham were busy with their slugfest, Latoya was biding her time, and baby, did it pay off!"

Davey and Cadryn and now Latoya are all going at it bar room brawl style.  The fans are getting amped up as the pace at which all of this is happening is pretty good for two older dudes and a big gal.  For a split second, Cadryn and Davey work together to Suplex Latoya over the ropes to the outside.  With her temporarily out of the way, Davey and Cadryn go back to pounding on each other.  The latter hits Davey with a DDT.  When Davey gets back up, Cadryn whips him into the ropes and follows up with a Hurricanrana to put him down again.  Surprisingly spry for somebody claiming to have ‘ring rust’, Davey kips up and charges Cadryn with a Clothesline.  Cadryn hurries back to his feet before Davey can gain any extra momentum.  Davey tries to whip Cadryn into the corner, but Cadryn reverses.  Cadryn charges toward Davey, who narrowly ducks out in time.  Cadryn hits the turnbuckle hard, but he regains composure and hops up on the turnbuckle.  Davey, who had been posing for the fans instead of paying attention, turns around just in time to be met by a Missile Dropkick from Cadryn Tiberius!  A mixed reaction from the fans as both men seem to have a few in attendance here tonight.

TODD: "This match is turning into an all-out brawl, folks!"

BAMA T: "And these people can't make up their mind who they're rooting for, baby!"

Latoya Hixx has returned to the ring, but just as she enters, Cadryn runs at her and… The Road Less Traveled!  A running start into a Super Kick!  Latoya falls backward into the ropes, and comes staggering forward with a Fist Punch that nearly caves in Tiberius’ face!  Latoya, still a little wobbly from the Super Kick, doesn't see Davey climb back to his feet and rush toward her from behind.  He grabs both of her arms and… THE ONE AND DUNHAM!  A Killswitch flattens Latoya Hixx!  Davey crawls on top of her and goes for the pin.




Davey slams her shoulder back down and hooks a leg this time. 

TODD: "Incredible resilience from Latoya Hixx! Just when it looked like Davey Dunham had her with THE ONE AND DUNHAM, she kicks out at the very last second!"

Cadryn piles on top of Davey, and together they hold her shoulders down as the referee begins another count…

BAMA T: "That's teamwork, or desperation, or maybe a bit of both!  They're pulling out all the stops to take Latoya Hixx out of this equation."





BAMA T: "They did it, baby!  Teamwork made the dream work!  Latoya Hixx has been eliminated!"

TODD: "What a strategic move by Davey Dunham and Cadryn Tiberius! Latoya Hixx brought her A-game tonight, but it wasn't enough to withstand that double pin."

BAMA T: "An impromptu alliance got the job done, but this is still every man for himself, baby!"

Latoya rolls out of the ring looking upset, and slowly walks up the stage as both men get back to their feet.  They stare each other down as they start to circle around the ring.

TODD: "Here we are, Bama, down to the final two. Dunham and Tiberius, who momentarily put their differences aside, now must face off for that coveted future title opportunity. It's anyone's ballgame at this point."

BAMA T: "This is where the real test begins, baby!"

As Dunham and Tiberius circle each other, the tension in the air is palpable. Both men know what's at stake, and neither is willing to give an inch. Suddenly, Dunham launches himself at Tiberius, catching him off guard with a flurry of punches and kicks, showcasing his high-flyer and risk-taker style.

TODD: "Davey Dunham is on fire right now, taking the fight straight to Cadryn Tiberius with everything he's got!"

BAMA T: "But remember, Todd, Cadryn's no slouch, and he can hit The Road Less Traveled from nearly anywhere, baby!"

Dunham continues his assault, managing to corner Tiberius and land a devastating series of strikes. DAvey runs in with a high knee. Cadryn staggers out of the corner and Dunham attempts to end the match by rolling Tiberius up for a pin.

The referee slides into position, hand slapping the mat.




Tiberius kicks out just in time, keeping his hopes alive. Both men scramble to their feet, but Dunham, sensing his moment, grabs Tiberius, setting him up for The One & Dunham. The crowd rises, anticipating the end.

TODD: "This could be it! Dunham's setting up for his finisher!"

But Tiberius manages to escape Dunham's grasp at the last second and throws Dunham into the ropes. As Dunham rebounds, Tiberius launches The Road Less Traveled, his superkick landing flush against Dunham's jaw, sending him crashing to the mat.

BAMA T: "What a reversal by Cadryn Tiberius! The Road Less Traveled just might have paved the way to victory!"

Cadryn quickly covers Dunham for the pin.

The referee counts once more.





TODD: "Davey kicks out a millisecond too late as Cadryn Tiberius pulls off a spectacular win!"

BAMA T: "Davey Dunham nearly had it, Todd, but tonight, Cadryn Tiberius was just one step ahead. That future title opportunity is now firmly in his sights, baby!"

As Tiberius celebrates his victory, the respect between the two competitors is evident. Dunham, although disappointed, acknowledges Tiberius's win, and the two share a moment of sportsmanship in the ring.

TODD: "Incredible action, heart-stopping moments, and at the end of the day, mutual respect. You can't ask for more, Bama!"

BAMA T: "You won't hear any complaints from me, baby!"

- vs -
- vs -

It shows Tommy in the shadows in a corridor somewhere on the X-Tron in a hoodie, then it fades back into the arena where the lights flicker and the camera see's him coming down to the ring in his jacket hoodie, with him waving a Kendo Stick around him.

TODD: "Tommy Wish is in the house, and he's brought his signature Kendo Stick!"

BAMA T: "That Kendo Stick isn't just for show. Tommy's got a point to prove tonight, and I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of whatever he's planning, baby!"

Then he nods his head to the beat, and he gives some fans some dap as he walks down to the ramp, then he slides into the ring, and gets on the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd with the stick in the air. Then he comes down from there, and stands on the corner leaning on the corner as his theme fades off.

The overhead lights in the arena go dim as strobe lights begin to flash in rhythm to the sound of thunder crashing in the distance. The crowd goes wild as the fog rolls thickly from the top of the ramp as Cadryn Tiberius slowly makes his way out of the back. He stands tall in the midst of the fog as a storm rumbles behind him. Cadryn begins walking down the ramp, slapping the hands of fans on the way down.

TODD: "And here comes Cadryn Tiberius, making quite the entrance. The man knows how to make an impression, doesn't he, Bama?"

Cadryn climbs the apron and enters the ring, pausing for a moment in the middle before tossing his white Stetson cowboy hat into the crowd.

BAMA T: "What the!?! That was too nice a hat to just toss out to the unwashed masses, baby! Ol’ Bama would’ve taken it off your hands!"

The lights goes out and hear a voice saying Wrestling has one royal family and when Kingdom hit's fireworks burst open and Razor Blade comes out wearing a American nightmare outfit and left his arms in the mid air and fist pumps in a fake air and he saw a kid wearing a Blake shirt and he takes off his American nightmare belt off his waist in hands it to the XWF fan and climbs up the steps in hops on the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air and more fireworks burst once again and he gets inside of the ring and climbs on the top rope taunts some more and gets down and takes off his American nightmare jacket and prepares for a fight.

TODD: "Razor Blade is in the house! The man knows how to make an entrance. wHAT A CLASS ACT!"

BAMA T: "No doubt about it, Todd. Razor's got the look and the attitude of a champion, but it ain’t just about appearances, baby—you gotta be able to back it up in the ring! And from what we've seen, I think Razor's more than capable of doing so tonight!"

The referee signals for the bell, and the match is underway!

TODD: This one promises to be absolute chaos, Bama! But, who do you think is coming out with the win?

BAMA T: All I know, Todd, is zat I bet fiddy dollars Rickinator pulls out the DILDO BAT TONIGHT!!

TODD: …Bama… What are you talking about?!?

Razor charges at Tom-... NOPE, he’s going straight for The Rickinator! The two met dead-center of the ring and start hammering each other with vicious rights and lefts, straight to the skull!

Tommy Wish… Hangs back leaning on the ropes, chill to watch two other fools beat on each other.

TODD: These two men picking up right from where they left off last Anarchy! Title shot or not, these two men just love beating the Hell out of each other!!

BAMA T: They hate each other more than I hate you, Todd!

TODD: Second week in a row you’ve said that, Bama. And it hurt my feelings more this time!

Razor Blade steps back and hits Rickinator with a stiff kick to the mids-, NOT THIS TIME! Instead, Rickinator catches Razor’s foot, and clotheslines him up and over the top rope!

Razor lands on his feet and tries to roll back inside for me… but sees The Rickinator ready to stomp him on his way back in… He rolls back out to re-strategize on the padded concrete outside.

TODD: Rickinator clearly watched the game tape from last match! Had that Razor combo scouted!

BAMA T: The Rickinator’s got him right where he wants him! Now, follow it up with the DILDO BAT!!

The Rickinator beckons for Razor to come back in the ring… Completely ignoring Tommy Wish behind him.

Wish strokes his chin, briefly considers attacking Rickinator from behind and getting into the match...

Before he decides to lean over the top rope and ask the popcorn guy to throw him a bag.

Meanwhile, in the part of the match where people are fighting, Razor Blade reaches under the ring and grabs a…

BAMA T: Yes!!



Kendo Stick!

BAMA T: GAH DAMMIT, BABY!! Bama grumbles, tearing up his betting stub.

Razor Blade slides back into the ring with a sinister grin, reeling back the stick for a big swing!

But The Rickinator was one step ahead, ducking under the sw-

...NO! Razor keeps spinning with the swing! Rickinator ducks the first blow but hits him with the second, straight to the ribs! Rickinator doubles over agonized!

TODD: Wow! Looks like they BOTH studied their match last week, Bama!

Razor grins over him with an evil smile…

But, behind him, Tommy throws the bag away… Finally ready to enter the fight!

Wish charges Razor from behind…

BUT RAZOR SEES HIM COMING! He swings… And catches Wish straight in the skull with the kendo stick! Wish flops onto his back…

Razor confidently cackles, raising the kendo stick in the air… As The Rickinator stews behind him…

Razor hovers over Wish, looking for a finishing blow… He raises his weapon!

…BUT HE GOES UP AND OVER ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! The Rickinator has him with a rollup!

The official counts!





Razor springs up out of the pin, furiously! But the official grabs him by the arm and tells him to leave the ring! He’s out of the match!

TODD: Amazing! Razor beat Rickinator last week, but tonight, Rickinator gets the pin! But there’s still plenty of match left to go! One of these two is getting a title shot, either Wish or Rickinator!

…Wish slowly climbs back to his feet…

Rickinator seems to have gathered himself, beckoning Wish up for a big finishing mo-

Razor tosses the official out of the way! He swings…

AND HITS RICKINATOR IN THE SIDE OF THE SKULL! The Rickinator collapses like a ragdoll!

But Razor is not done!

He stands over The Rickinator and hits him!





BAMA T: Razor's lost it, Todd! He's trying to end Rickinator's career right here!

As Razor finally discards the kendo stick, Tommy Wish summons every ounce of strength he has left. He sees an opportunity and takes it.

TODD: Look at Tommy Wish! He's back on his feet, Bama!

In a display of sheer will and determination, Wish charges at Razor, catching him off guard with a HideYaFace that sends Razor tumbling under the ropes and out of the ring. The crowd roars, rallying behind Wish as he turns his attention back to The Rickinator.

BAMA T: Tommy Wish isn't out of this yet, but I think the Rickinator may be, baby!

With the crowd behind him, Wish covers The Rickinator in the center of the ring.

The official, having recovered from Razor's earlier shove, slides back into the ring to make the count.





TODD: He's done it! Tommy Wish has won it!

BAMA T: What a match! Tommy Wish who's walking out of here with a title opportunity, baby!

- vs -

“Ken’s Theme [Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity plays throughout the arena.

Sean Parker, clad in a hooded waistcoat, makes his dramatic appearance on stage.

As he kneels, sparks fill the stage area.

Just as the music intensifies, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him.

Suddenly the song abruptly changes—

—and Centurion steps out to stand beside Parker.

TODD: "And look at this, Bama! For the first time, we're seeing Sean Parker and Centurion making their way to the ring together!"

BAMA T: "There's something about seeing these two side by side, knowing they'll face each other at March Madness in just TEN DAYS, yet tonight, they stand unite!"

As the duo approaches the ring, Sean sprints towards the ring, sliding under the bottom rope with ease, while Centurion steps through the ropes.

Sean discards his waistcoat, launching it into the crowd. He then climbs up one of the turnbuckles and executes a fist pump followed by a flawless backflip. Meanwhile, Centurion surveys the arena with a steely gaze.

TODD: "You can feel the electricity in the air as Sean Parker and Centurion prepare for action. Despite their upcoming clash at March Madness, tonight, they're a united front against a common foe."

BAMA T: "Todd, it's a complex dynamic, ain’t it? How they navigate this partnership tonight could very well set the tone for what kinda ladder match we see at March Madness."

TODD: "And here comes John Black, folks. If his entrance alone doesn't tell you how charged he is for tonight, remember the explosive encounter he had with Mr. Oz last week."

BAMA T: "You're right, Todd. That was a clash of titans if I've ever seen one. John and Oz were at each other's throats, and it was clear that there's no love lost between them. Tonight, they're supposed to work together, but I've got to wonder how that's going to play out given the bad blood."

We see the X-Tron come to life, and we see "John Black" name shot up with the .38 special, and we see him at the stage in a black and white setting as he is standing there taking in the mixed reactions. Then he walks down to the ramp, and he gives them some high fives, then he climbs on the steel steps and enters the ring, and he raises his fist in the air as he pounds his chest around the ring as his theme cuts off.

A choir stands on stage, in safe spots, as flame begins to erupt from the stage, as Oz walks out. It seems as if Oswald has literally paid for an entire metal orchestra, just to play him to the ring.

TODD: "The question on everyone's mind tonight remains; HOW are these two going to coexist?"

BAMA T: "It's a tall order, Todd. It takes a lot to put personal grievances aside, especially in the heat of battle, and these two couldn’t even align well enough to walk out together, baby!"

As the first lick of the guitar hits the air and the drums start off, Oz starts to walk to the ring, dressed in a large white cloak covering his body. However, instead of entering the ring first, he waits. He stands there near the ring floor next to the edge of the ramp. He slowly pulls off the cloak, folds it and then places it on the edge of the ring, next to one of the posts before climbing onto the apron and over the top rope where he goes to his corner, sitting down as he waits for the bell.

TODD: "While we're waiting for this match to kick off, it's hard not to think about the hurdles Jett Sterling has put in front of Centurion, and the fact that Centurion has passed every test while having his focus lie elsewhere."

BAMA T: "You've got that right, Todd. But you know what? Centurion's fixation on Madison Dyson is something he needs to shake off. Last I heard, she hung up her boots to play house with Sean Parker clone number two, baby, and chasing ghosts isn't going to win him any championships."

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama.

As the bell rings, chaos erupts inside of the ring with Centurion and Sean Parker immediately coordinating their attack against Mr. Oz and John Black. The clash of styles and temperaments is evident from the start, with Parker and Centurion showcasing seamless teamwork against the disjointed duo of Oz and Black.

Parker takes to the air, launching a Springboard 450 Splash towards Mr. Oz, while, Centurion locks John Black in an Armbar, exploiting Black's noted weakness for submission holds.

TODD: "Look at the synergy between Centurion and Parker! They're like a well-oiled machine out there!"

BAMA T: "But don't count out Mr. Oz and John Black just yet, baby! They might not be on the same page, but they're nothing to scoff at."

As Mr. Oz recovers, he showcases his strength by lifting Parker off the ground with a Gorilla Press Gutbuster. John Black, not to be outdone, manages to power out of Centurion's grasp, retaliating with a devastating Blacka Jacka, sending Centurion reeling.

John Black and Mr. Oz dump their opponents over the top rope and the match turns into a brawl outside the ring, where the "XTREME RULEZ" come into full effect. Gaining the upper hand, Parker finds a ladder, setting it up outside and climbing, only to dive off onto Mr. Oz with a jaw-dropping moonsault, eliciting a thunderous reaction from the crowd.

TODD: "Sean Parker just took flight! The risk this man is willing to take for victory is astounding!"

Back in the ring, Centurion and Black are trading blows, with Black gaining the upper hand, when suddenly, Parker slides back into the ring. In a stunning display of agility, Mr. Oz counters his rush with a running Hurricanrana, sending Parker flying across the ring.

BAMA T: "Holy smokes, Todd! Did you see that? Mr. Oz, all 6'8" and 326 pounds of him, just pulled off a Hurricanrana on Parker! I mean, when you look at a guy that size, you don't expect him to move with the agility of a cruiserweight. That was freaking amazing, baby!"

As the match progresses, things are looking up for Mr. Oz and John Black when the tension between them becomes their undoing. An accidental collision between the two and a shove by Mr. Oz, allows Centurion to snatch John Black into a 1000 Mile Slam, while Sean Parker hits a Masamune Decapitation on Mr. Oz.

TODD: "What a turn of events! The lingering issues between Mr. Oz and John Black might just have cost them this match!"

BAMA T: "Centurion and Sean Parker are proving why they're at the top of their game. Incredible teamwork, baby!"

Centurion and Parker synchronize their finishers, with Parker hitting Mr. Oz with the Highway to Hyrule, and Centurion locking John Black in the Fall Of Rome. Mr. Oz rolls out of the ring to try and recover. Sean Parker tails him as John Black struggles against The Fall of Rome with no way out! The submission proves too much for Black, who taps out, granting Centurion and Parker the victory.


TODD: "It's over! Centurion and Sean Parker have done it! What a match!"

As Sean Parker and Centurion make their way to the back, basking in the glory of their hard-won victory, Mr. Oz's frustration at the loss boils over. He turns his wrath towards John Black, launching a sudden and brutal attack.

TODD: "The match is over, but it seems Mr. Oz isn't done yet! He's unleashing his frustrations on John Black!"

BAMA T: "This ain't right, he said he didn't care if he won or lost, baby!"

Todd: "Apparently he does!"

Mr. Oz rolls out of the ring and rummages under it, emerging with two steel chairs.

BAMA T: "This is crazy, Todd! What's he planning with those chairs?!"

He tosses one into the ring and slides in with the other, setting up for a devastating Conchairto on John Black. But just as he's about to deliver the blow, Tommy Wish heroically slides into the ring, grabbing the chair away from Mr. Oz.

TODD: "Wait, it's Tommy Wish! He's here to make the save for John Black!"

Tommy Wish swings with all his might, aiming to take down the towering Mr. Oz. However, Mr. Oz absorbs the chair shot, staggering back for a moment before no-selling with a roar!

BAMA T: "Oh, my goodness! Mr. Oz just ate that chair shot like it was a Ham Sandwich! This man is not human!"

Mr. Oz lunges forward, forcefully grabbing Tommy Wish and applying the dreaded "I Failed You" until—

TODD: “Tommy Wish is out!”

Mr. Oz isn’t done yet, as he breaks the hold only to set up and deliver a merciless Conchairto that leaves Tommy Wish motionless on the mat.

TODD: "Tommy Wish took a brutal Conchairto!”

Bama T: “And Mr. Oz isn't done, baby!”

Sure enough, Mr. Oz rears back to take another whack, but before Mr. Oz can inflict any further damage, John Black comes to and snatches up the discarded chair. Black springs into action!

TODD: "John Black is back on his feet, and he's got a chair of his own!"

With no hesitation, Black unleashes a flurry of chair shots on Mr. Oz. Each hit lands wildy and with force. Mr. Oz tries to defend himself, but the onslaught is relentless with strikes coming from all angles.

BAMA T: "John Black is swinging for the fences! Mr. Oz can take a lot, but nobody's invincible. This is retribution, pure and simple, baby!"

As Black continues his barrage, Mr. Oz finds no option but to roll out of the ring, seeking escape from John Black's righteous fury.

TODD: "Mr. Oz is retreating!"

BAMA T: "But what kinda condition is Tommy Wish in!?"

Mr. Oz stumbles up the ramp, nursing his wounds and his pride as officials rush the ring to check on Tommy Wish.

Jett Sterling steps onto the stage, microphone in hand, ready to address the stunned crowd.

"Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you've witnessed the raw emotion and intense action that defines Anarchy."

"I said I had a big announcement regarding both March Madness and the future of Anarchy, and well, here it is!"

"For far too long, too many talents have been left in the shadows, yearning for their moment in the spotlight. That's when it dawned on me, in the midst of Anarchy, what we truly crave is a Revolution.”

A new title flashes onto the X-Tron behind Jett.

[Image: Revolution-Championship.png]

"Behold—the Revolution title!"

"It's become clear that Anarchy needed an opportunity for those fighters ready to emerge from the shadows and claim their destiny. The Revolution title embodies this! Holding the Revolution title means you're at the forefront of change! It's a declaration that you are the next in line. This is your springboard, your proving ground to show that you belong at the pinnacle of this sport."

“Therefore, at March Madness, we stand on the brink of a new era!"

"We will inaugurate the first ever XWF Revolution Champion in an epic triple threat match, showcasing the competitors who've clinched a 'future title opportunity'."

"Mr. Oz, Cadryn Tiberius, and..."

The crowd buzzes with excitement as medical works on Tommy Wish in the ring.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Oz's actions tonight have compromised one of our competitors. Tommy Wish, who fought valiantly earlier tonight and earned his spot, most certainly will not be able to compete in ten days.”

But in the spirit of Anarchy, where chaos breeds opportunity and resilience is rewarded..."

"I am thrilled to announce an extraordinary opportunity for Tommy Wish's partner, John Black. The chance to step into the Revolution Championship match in Tommy's place! He will face Mr. Oz and Cadryn Tiberius in what promises to be a historic battle to crown the first XWF Revolution Champion!"

The crowd erupts in cheers, rallying behind John Black, who stands in the ring, his attention split as medical personnel begin to load Tommy onto the stretcher.

TODD: "What an announcement from Jett Sterling! The XWF Revolution Championship match is set, and John Black is now at the heart of it!"

BAMA T: "A new championship and a chance to see John Black and Mr. Oz settle their differences with the threat of Cadryn Tiberius lurking in the background!? March Madness is going to be off the charts, baby!"

TODD: “Indeed it is, but we’re out of time!”



03 - 24 - 2024


- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat

- vs -
Ladder Match

All matches have a 1 rp 4k stipulation with the exception of the Anarchy match which is 1 rp 1k. Roleplay Deadline will be January 27th 11:59pm board time. Good luck!


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