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Warfare 03/09/2024
Author Message
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03-10-2024, 05:15 AM

03 - 09 - 2024



March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Xtreme Rules

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -

RP stips for all matches is 1 rp 4k.
Tag Team Matches can either be 1 team collab at 4k or 2 rps at 2k(one per handler)

Opening Segment

The stadium falls into silent as a spotlight flashes onto the top of the stage, revealing the silhouette of Isaiah King Prince Adeyemi, head bowed and wearing what looks like a leather jacket open at the front.

As the base hits the speakers, he raises his head and takes a big breath. He slowly raises his fist into the air and his adoring fans scream in support. His mouth curls into a smile as he starts walking down towards the ring.

JC: Former Universal Champion! One of the most dominant competitors in 2023, re-named and recommitted to taking back his throne… Prince Adeyemi!

TD: So, he WAS a King… Now, he’s a Prince? Seems like a downgrade if you ask me.

Adeyemi walks up to a fan wearing his merch, pressing his forehead up to his before continuing his way to the ring. Sliding under the bottom rope, he raises both hands to his, and revels in the cheers. The lights hit is belt and reflects of the faces of the fans and his opponent.

JC: Regardless of moniker, this man held the Universal Title just a few short weeks ago! You have to imagine he’s the heavy favorite to win the whole thing!

TD: First, he has to win this match.

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Waters appears under the XTron. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle.

JC: Dolly Waters! The Pride and Joy of the famous Waters wrestling family!

TD: Great talent, great friend.

JC: …Admittedly, Dolly has taken her fair share of bumps the last few weeks. Logging losses against Mark Flynn, Ned Kaye…

TD: Some of the best wrestlers working today. Competitors who NO ONE would be ashamed to lose against.

JC: …Micheal Graves…

TD: …She had an off-night.

Dolly climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

JC: Regardless, the beautiful thing about the XWF is… it only takes one night, and one win, to start climbing back up the card! Dolly Waters has pulled off some truly amazing performances in that very ring! Can she do it again tonight and upset Prince Adeyemi?

The two competitors stare daggers at each other.

JC: Clearly, a lot of animosity here between these two.

TD: Why wouldn’t there be? Dolly beat this kid when he was wet-behind-the-ears. Why should he be getting treated like the favorite in this match?

JC: Don’t forget! Dolly did try to cripple Flynn after their match two short Warfares ago! Adeyemi and Flynn are occasionally allies, he can’t have liked that too much…

The official points to the timekeeper!

The bell rings!

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

Dolly drives in toward her opponent, shoulder-first!

JC: Okay, folks! Get ready for a barnburner ope-

Adeyemi sidesteps and LOWKICKS Waters square on the side of her kneecap!


The crowd is visibly distressed hearing that shot! Waters collapses on the mat, cradling her knee!


TD: THAT… is Dolly’s injured knee. The one that was giving her so much trouble competing through Plump Pigeon on Anarchy. COWARD MOVE by Prince what’s-his-face striking an old wound.

JC: Kinda like when Dolly attacked Flynn’s injured knee, huh, Thad?


Dolly grabs at her knee… It’s very visibly injured. The official steps up to throw the X, signalling an en-

But King grabs the knee!


Thad tosses off his headset at commentary, ready to sl-

JC: Whoa! Thad! Stop!

JC holds back Duke, as Duke furiously screams off-mic at what’s going on in the ring…

King twists Dolly’s knee into a knee bar!


And she taps!


Adeyemi holds the bar for a little bit after the bell rings… But once the official starts counting, Adeyemi releases the hold.

JC: A dominant vict-


Thad fights his way out of his broadcasting partner’s grip… As Adeyemi stares down at Thad, his arm raised in victory.

Thad stews furiously at Adeyemi, as the crowd gets amped as the standoff between these two!

The XWF medical crew runs down the ramp with a stretcher to help Waters out of the ring…

JC: Um… We’re going to cut to commercial break while my commentary partner pulls himself together… But, the headline tonight is… if you thought Isaiah King was dominant… Prince Adeyemi might have proved himself AN UPGRADE!

The arena is plunged into darkness as a woman’s voice sings out over the PA system while the words flash in white lettering on the black tron screens. 

Who you talkin' to man?
Who you talkin' to man?

The music fully kicks in as the lights come up, red and white strobes pulsating on the stage. The tron begins rushing through images of a long career, different clips of matches, backstage segments, promos - all splashed across the screen in black and white with details accented in pink and aqua. 

───── ─────
Who do you think you are?
Some kind of superstar
Who do you think I be?
A pretty beggar on my knees

What's that across your eyelid
What's that across your tongue
Which funeral comes marchin'
When the holy deed is done
───── ─────

With the first verse, Vhodka emerges from the backstage area standing framed in pink and aqua strobes center stage, a small lit torch in her left hand. She is dressed in high waisted latex briefs that are attached to a studded latex halter top through a harness that travels up her midsection. Her legs are covered by torn fishnet tights with studded straps working their way down like garters to attach onto studded knee pads. Her hair is orange, snarled and hanging down her back, with bangs braided back and pinned underneath to keep them from her eyes. A smile plays across her lips as she nods her head with one hand in the air before she emits a spray of fluid that is ignited by the torch in her hand.

───── ─────
And I wanna' know
Who you talkin' to man?
And I wanna' know
Who you talkin' to man?
And I wanna' know
Who you talkin' to man?
───── ─────

After discarding the torch at the top of the ramp she descends to the ring glancing towards the crowd on either side, occasionally sticking her tongue out at hecklers and pointing to others as she approaches the ring to slide underneath the bottom rope.

───── ─────
I'm gonna' grab your throat
I'm gonna' take your worth
I'm gonna' tell you something
Something you've never heard

Who knows you better than I
The one you've never known
I'll give you back your body
You can give me back my throne
───── ─────

Vhodka stays on hands and knees in the center of the ring, her upper body pushed up with her lower body pressed against the ring for a moment before standing and quickly moving to the corner turnbuckle where she stands taking it all in.

───── ─────
And I wanna' know
Who you talkin' to man?
And I wanna' know
Who you talkin' to man?
───── ─────

She jumps down off the turnbuckle, bouncing on the balls of her feet as she awaits the match to begin.

───── ─────
Hey, hey, hey,
How do you like me now?
Hey, hey, hey,
How do you like me now?
Hey, hey, hey,
How do you like me now?
Hey, hey, hey,
How do you like me now?
───── ─────

When Not Like Most Girls hit's Latoya Hixx. came out on stage and spread her arms wide open and walks straight down towards the ring and got inside of it and moved up forward to the front of the ropes and spread her arms apart and stands there in the ring.

- vs -
Standard Singles


Right off the bat, Vhodka Black knows she's got her work cut out for her. The size difference alone is a sight to behold. Latoya moves toward Vhodka with a menacing look. She reaches out to grab her, but Vhodka ducks beneath her arms and runs to the ropes. She bounces off and narrowly avoids a clothesline from Latoya upon her return. Vhodka runs and rebounds off the opposite ropes and throws out a Running Knee causing Latoya to hunch over, holding her midsection. A Snap DDT from Vhodka Black and she quickly goes for the pin.

JC: Vhodka trying to steal one early here!


Latoya throws Vhodka up and off her with tremendous strength.

JC: I think Latoya took that early pin personally with how violently she threw Vhodka off of her.

TD: Can you blame her?

Vhodka is the first to her feet and she immediately goes to work punching and kicking Latoya as hard as she can. Some of the strikes visibly shake Latoya, but she still manages to get back up. Vhodka wraps her arm around Latoya's neck and looks to be going for a Springboard Bulldog, but Latoya yeets her off, sending her over the ropes and crashing to the floor outside. The fans pop. Latoya rolls out of the ring and grabs Vhodka by the arm, lifts her up and puts her on her shoulders. Samoan Drop! Damn, that has to hurt! But wait! Latoya is now going for a second Samoan Drop! If she hits another one, Vhodka will be finished! No! Vhodka slides off Latoya, and in one fluid motion she grabs Latoya around the neck, jumps up and off the barricade, turns in mid-air, and she plants Latoya with a Springboard Bulldog! T


JC: Both Latoya and Vhodka are down but the fans are loving this match so far!

TD: Vhodka Black has been delivering 5 star matches for years. No reason to think this match would be any different.

The referee checks on both girls to make sure they're fit to continue. Once it's confirmed that the match will continue, the referee slides back into the ring to start a 10-count. Vhodka, using the barricade for support, pulls herself up. A fan in the front row holding out a plate of nachos offers some to her, which she accepts. How nice of the fan to share their nachos! Meanwhile, Latoya is back on her feet and rolling back into the ring. The referee is at 7 as Vhodka puts one more chip in her mouth, thanks the fan, and then slides into the ring. Latoya grabs Vhodka before she can stand up, and forcibly throws her into the corner. It looks like Latoya's going for a Corner Splash! Vhodka moves out of the way at the last possible second and Latoya crashes into an empty turnbuckle! Vhodka follows up with a Headscissors Takedown! Latoya's lying flat on her back near the center of the ring as Vhodka climbs to the top turnbuckle! ON THE ROCKS! Vhodka hits the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press on Latoya! The fans are going crazy!

JC: This could be it. Vhodka Black with the cover!!!





JC: And just like her husband earlier, Vhodka Black has won her XWF debut match in thrilling fashion!

TD: Winning runs in the family apparently.

“Knock, knock… You decent?”

The inside of a locker room opens up as the camera focuses on the door as it pushes open. Peeking his head in first is Jason Cashe. Entering the room, he has with him a plate of pizza, just a few slices but they hung over the sides. The pizza was covered with a paper plate as he shut the door behind him.

Sloane Taylor: “Hi.”

His Wife and XWF Television Champion, Sloane Taylor greets him as she pulls earbuds from her ears, noticing him.

Jason Cashe: “I brought you some pizza.. For after the match, before, whenever. Pepperoni?”

Sloane Taylor: “That's great! Thanks.”

She was getting ready for her first Title defense as well as her second match in XWF. Setting the plate on an empty chair near where her bags were, Cashe finds the Television Title and stares down at it before picking it up off the back of the chair.

Sloane Taylor: “How's the Pizza Party?”

Putting the belt back where he found it, Cashe responds to his wife.

Jason Cashe: “It's going..”

Pacing. Things have become somewhat weird between them since it was announced that they would be facing each other one more time in PWValor later this month. There was a distance of sorts and neither of them were ready to fully address it.

Sloane Taylor: “Did you eat or are you just playing Host?”

Jason Cashe: “I ate. I also made sure to let Security know not to let Cypher have any. Fuck that dude..”

She laughs a bit as she laces her boots and ties them off.

Sloane Taylor: “You have Security for a Pizza Party?”

Jason Cashe: “And a no fly list.. That's important!”

Again, she snickers.

Sloane Taylor: “And who all is on this no fly list?”

Still pacing the room, Cashe started running down the names of who weren't allowed to have any pizza. Forewarning, there was pettiness found on this list.

Jason Cashe: “Cypher, Thad, Kido, Theo.. Ummm.. Oh and that Semtrak weird dude you are facing. He can't have any, not tonight anyway.”

Sloane Taylor: “Wait, why can't Thad have any? Or Theo for that matter! Isn't Theo paying for it?”

Jason Cashe: “He is, yes. That doesn't mean he is owed anything. It's the least he can do!”

Sloane Taylor: “And Thad?”

Jason Cashe: “Rich boy can buy his own fucking Pizza.. Always conspiring to Glitter Bomb me…”

The laugh she gave was from the warm part of her soul. Just hearing it gave Cashe a smile he has been either forcing on or not wearing at all as of late.

Jason Cashe: “What about tonight? Are you ready to defend and maintain the belt?”

Sloane Taylor: “Yeah and hopefully Cypher isn't such a chicken wuss and tries to attack me from behind again.”

Jason Cashe: “Bitches be doing Bitch shit like that..”

Sloane Taylor: “Didn't you attack Kido with a chair last Show? Got arrested and everything!”

Jason Cashe: “This isn't about me! I don't even work here!!”

She snickers as she pushes to her feet and steps closer to her Husband.

Sloane Taylor: “Yet. You don't work here yet..”

Jason Cashe: “However you want to put it. It's not the same as what Cypher did!”

There was a moment when the two got locked into each other's eyes. Both with a smile that wanted to form but something just kept it from happening. Sloane turned away from Cashe and grabs her Television Title from the back of the chair.

Jason Cashe: “Right.. So… I’m gonna go and..”

Sloane Taylor: “Yeah, I need to finish getting ready.”

Heading for the door, Cashe grabs the handle and pulls the door open.

Sloane Taylor: “Jason?”

Turning back to her in a twirling spin around. His eyebrows lifted as if anticipating her next words.

Jason Cashe: “Yeah?”

Sloane Taylor: “Thank you for the Pizza..”

Raising a hand as well as giving her a little nod of the head, Cashe cracks one of those forced smiles.

Jason Cashe: “Not a problem. Good luck out there!”

Taylor Sloane: “You’ll be watching?”

The forced smile was gone as their eyes met again. He could see that hers had a certain stare of concern to them. He knew his carried the same.

Jason Cashe: “Win or lose, I watch you as you shine!”

She smiled as she nodded.

Sloane Taylor: “Good!”

Jason Cashe: “Good..”

He shut the door behind him as he left and went back to the Pizza Party. Sloane had her own stage to stand on, it was truly her moment to shine.

The lights goes out and hear a voice saying Wrestling has one royal family and when Kingdom hit's fireworks burst open and Razor Blade comes out wearing a American nightmare outfit and left his arms in the mid air and fist pumps in a fake air and he saw a kid wearing a Blake shirt and he takes off his American nightmare belt off his waist in hands it to the XWF fan and climbs up the steps in hops on the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air and more fireworks burst once again and he gets inside of the ring and climbs on the top rope taunts some more and gets down and takes off his American nightmare jacket and prepares for a fight.

he opening baseline of No. 99 by Joey Bada$$ hits the PA and a spotlight pans over the crowd in search of Spencer before a camera cut shows us Spencer moving through the arena before eventually reaching a staircase between sections.

With the chorus playing out, the crowd’s chants of “BADMON!” carry throughout. Spencer marches down the stairs before hoping over and sitting atop the barricade. He looks over the crowd and raises an arm and pointed finger towards different parts of the crowd as he mouths the words “What’s my name?” for continued call and response.

Spencer pushes off and rolls into the ring nodding along to the song before dapping up the ring announcer and leaning against a corner in anticipation.

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

JC: And the March Madness continues!

TD: That’s right, this first round match up has had a lot of historians and veterans excited!

Razor comes out of the corner hard, with a cross body to start! Adams slides on a knee under him, popping up! Razor rolls through and back to his feet, and Adams with a back spinning roundhouse to Razor! Razor keels back, the right foot of Adams nearly getting him, and comes in with a rear waistlock! Razor hoists Adams, and brings him down with a back drop suplex, and Razor bridges for the pin!



JC: Spencer Adams kicks out, these two going in hot tonight, Thad!

TD: The brighter and hotter you burn the faster you burn out!

Adams rolls backwards to his feet, and Razor pivots onto a knee! Adams with an enzuigiri to Razor! Razor stumbles back into the corner from the force of the kick! Adams rushes the opposite corner on the same side of the ring and ascends! Razor stumbles out of the corner, and Adams goes coast to coast! NO! Razor catches Adams with a powerbomb! NO! Adams spins on Razor’s shoulders and goes for a victory roll pin!



Razor kicks out, clacking his boots on either side of Adams’s head! The fans are going wild for the insane pace of the match!

JC: Watching these guys go is like watching a fighting game!

TD: The fans love it!

Razor to his feet swiftly before Adams is, and Razor grabs Adams’s feet! Razor with a slingshot to Adams! Adams flips through, doing a handspring then landing on his feet. Adams springboards off the second rope with a moonsault to Razor! Razor drops to a knee, avoiding the moonsault! ADAMS WITH 99 PROBLEMS!

JC: Razor hit like a gunshot!

TD: Put that on the highlight reel!





JC: WOW! What an absolute roller coaster ride of a match!

TD: Just over a minute, both men gave it their all, but “Badmon” with an assassin’s patience here tonight!

Vincent Black walks down to the ring. He ignores the fans because he's mean like that. He climbs into the ring and takes up a position leaning against one of the car pillars awaiting his opponent.

"Halloweenie IV: Innards" by Ashnikko plays as the lights went out in the arena. A purple hue illuminated the ramp as Brooke Hernandez walked out from behind the curtain. She walked with a purpose down the ramp and slid in the ring.

- vs -
Standard Singles


Ever so speedy, Brooke charges toward Vincent and Vincent delivers an Uppercut as a reponse. Brooke stumbles back, but doesn't drop. She immediately charges at Vincent again, this time connecting with a flying forearm. Vincent goes down, but he gets right back up.

JC: Brooke making it clear right off that bat that she came to play!

The two competitors start to go back and forth throwing hands and a few kicks, neither seeming to build too much momentum. Vincent smiles when Brooke hits him acrossed the face with a hard right hand. She gives him another. His smile widens. He actually tells her to do it again, and Brooke is happy to oblige. Now a small trickle of blood drips from the corner of his mouth, and the look on his face is pure ecstasy! What a strange man he is! The referee inserts himself between them, now checking on Vincent. Brooke shoves the referee aside, and the referee stumbles toward the ropes with his back turned long enough for Brooke to land a low blow on Vincent! A big “OOOHHHHH!” from the fans, but the referee didn't see it!

JC: Well if the ref is going to be missing things like that all match Vincent might be in for a long night.

TD: They say if you ain't cheatin you ain't tryin!

Vincent seems to enjoy the pain, but now he wants to return the favor. He grabs Brooke by the hair, and when the referee orders him to let her go, Vincent turns it into a German Suplex. Vincent starts trash talking Brooke, saying things like “you see how that feels? Do you see what you've been missing?” The fans are booing Vincent like crazy! Vincent's got a handful of Brooke's hair again as he yanks her up to her feet. Snap DDT from Vincent! He hooks the leg...



JC: Brooke with the kick out at 2 there.

Soon they're back at it throwing hands. This Time Brooke's hitting even harder and she's got momentum building. She flies off the ropes with a Springboard Lionsault that topples Vincent. She's back to her feet and she immediately charges up the turnbuckle. Big diving elbow from Brooke that knocks the air right out of Vincent! Brooke hurriedly jumps up on the turnbuckle again as Vincent slowly makes his way back up on his feet. Brooke throws herself off the turnbuckle and connects with a Flying Crossbody! She immediately goes for the cover, but Vincent kicks out just in the knick of time!

JC: I honestly thought Brooke was about to steal one there.

TD: Come on JC...really? This is Vincent Black were talking about here. He's got plenty left in the tank.

Brooke realizes she needs to stay on the offensive and decides to fly up on the turnbuckle yet again, but this time Vincent is quick enough to follow her up… Brooke turns herself around just in time to be met by Vincent, who grabs her around the middle and throws her off the turnbuckle with an incredible Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Holy Shit! She definitely didn't see that coming! Brooke struggles to draw breath as Vincent heads into the corner. It's looking like it might be time for the Claymore! He's urging Brooke to get back up. She rises to her feet with her back turned on Vincent… he's waiting for her to turn around… she turns around just as Vincent charges forward… BLACK OUT!!!!!

The kick nearly decapitate Brooke!

JC: This might be it. She's out cold!

Vincent climbs on top of her, grinning from ear to ear as the referee makes the count!



………. 3!


JC: A great win for Vincent Black in his XWF debut match!!

The first, frenetic strums of Faith No More's "Gentle Art of Making Enemies" rips through the arena as strobes of gold and white cast across the stage and crowd. After several moments, and then a few more for good measure, Kieran King eventually saunters onto the stage, smugly mugging for the audience. In a flash, he sprints towards the ring and glides underneath the bottom rope - practically hovering off the mat. Keeping his momentum going, King darts towards the corner post and leaps towards the top. He crouches, and throws his arms up and back as if to backflip off the top... only to pull out at the last minute. He laughs at the crowd, mocking them as he settles in to some pre-fight stretches.

The arena falls into silence as a chilling metal version of "Come Little Children" begins to play.

Emerging from the shadows, Graves steps into the dim light at the ramp's top, exuding a menacing presence. The XTron displays a montage of Graves, each scene subtly hinting at his unnerving, predator-like persona, with visuals that are eerie and discomforting.

As he makes his way down the ramp, the arena is bathed in lime and purple lights that pulsate with the eerie metal tune.

Graves climbs into the ring and scans the crowd.

The XTron continues to flash with unsettling imagery as Graves creeps towards the corner, removing his cape and tossing it outside of the ring.

As the metal rendition of "Come Little Children" fades away, the arena lights shift back to normal as Micheal looks on from his corner.

March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

No sooner as the bell sounds, Kieran King races across the ring! Graves with his back in the opposite corner, he prepares himself as King comes flying in with a corner splash but his attempt is futile as Michael Graves lowers a shoulder towards King and catches him across the shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

Stepping out of the corner, Michael Graves snaps to his side with King held over the shoulders, spiking him head first into the canvas with a Death Valley Driver!!


TD: “Keiran didn't anticipate THAT happening!”

The referee slides to the ring canvas, slapping it just as Graves hooks the leg.




The crowd in attendance gasps followed by some cheering as the match would continue. Graves, with a fire lit in his ass, is up to his feet, pulling Keiran with him. King shoves at Graves. Jumping in place, Keiran snaps a Jumping Head kick that lands flush to the jawline of Graves. Stumbling back, the ‘Dark Warrior’ steps into a small pothole but keeps his legs under him.

King scrambles to his feet. Races away from Graves, hitting the far ropes in a hurry, springing from them and picking up speed, he shoots back at his opponent. Flying into Graves with a sickly placed Shotgun Dropkick right to the mouth! Graves falls back and slumps against the ropes.

TD: “Right in the Kisser!”

JC: “Pow!”

TD: “I think we got our lines mixed up..”

Pulling Graves head forward, Kieran King sets his opponent up for a suplex, potentially looking for his Brainbuster that he calls ‘F Ur Head’ but he can't get the much bigger Graves up. He tries for a second and third time before Graves pushes out and scuffles King back. King, not wanting to give him an inch, jolts back in at him and Michael Graves cocks back and lands a Haymaker of a Bitch Slap to the ear of Keiran King. The slap wobbles him in place, stepping around as if his head was turned around. Graves arches back against the ropes and springs off them with a short arm clothesline that puts King onto his back.

Ripping King off the canvas, Graves spins around looking for a Backfist, King ducks the fist before springing up, catching Graves with a jumping STO! Graves slaps to the ring and rolls onto his back as King slips and scurries to his feet. Rushing to the ropes to their right, he springs off the middle rope, shooting up and back, hitting a Moonsault!

JC: “Excellent Lionsault by Keiran King!”

The referee gets down and slaps the count.




TD: “Should have hooked the leg.. ALWAYS hook the leg!”

In a side position, King lays into Graves with a few solid elbows. Michael bucks and gets King off him long enough for the two to get into a race to see who got to their feet first. King won and immediately whips at Graves as the taller of the two pushes off a knee, slamming into him with a Buzzsaw Kick up against the side of his head.

Graves timbers to his side, flopping into the canvas. Jumping over a downed Graves, Keiran King grabs the corner ropes, pulling himself up to the top in a swift leap. No sooner does his feet land on the top ropes does Michael Graves hurry up from the canvas.

TD: “Graves is up! That old bastard has risen!!”

Plowing into King with an overhead clubbing forearm. King drops and goes split legged across the top turnbuckle, selling his man goods being crushed to the crowd’s amusement.

JC: “I’m surprised more people don't wear cups..”

TD: “Uh oh! Graves is going back to back with a perched up King.. This could get ugly!”

JC: “For King, a thing of beauty for Michael Graves!”

TD: “Beauty and Graves don't really go together..”

Graves reaches back and grabs the armpits of his opponent. Seated on the top turnbuckle, Keiran King was at Grave’s mercy as he is lifted from the turnbuckles as Graves walks him out of the corner with his ‘Graves Consequences’ locked and loaded!

Two steps and Graves launches King from overhead but King flips back, catching the momentum and landing on his feet in almost a superhero landing! The crowd explodes! Graves wides at the eyes and rushes forward, lowered looking for a Spear but King jumps up in place from his crotched position and catches an incoming Michael Graves with a Double Knee Facebuster!!


JC: “What a GORGEOUS execution! From a sprinter's position, Keiran King connects with his very disrespectfully named Finisher!”

Graves snaps over onto his back, leveled, out cold with birdies circling above his face as Keiran King crawls and dives across him, hooking the leg as the referee makes the count.




JC: “It's a wrap! What a cool finish! Graves had him all setup for the Graves Consequences and Keiran King just found a way!”

TD: “And what a way he found! That counter to the spear, such a small space to connect and he did and earned him a Win for his efforts!”


She’d put it off long enough, and now she was running on limited time before her match with Semtex. Second match in XWF and second main event. Sloane Taylor only hoped she was woman enough to break the supposed curse of the Television Championship. She knew she should be prepping for her match, but…

Sloane stood in front of a closed door, raising her fist to knock and then lowering it. She repeated the process several times, even turning to walk away and then coming right back a couple. Exhaling forcefully, she gritted her teeth.

“You can do this…” she said under her breath and before she lost her nerve, her knuckles rapped against the door. For a moment, she considered playing ding dong ditch, but… it opened.

Tyler Norrie, AKA Cypher, stood before her, his face going from boredom to shock, eyes widening.

“What, you can’t take a joke?” He protested with his hands up before him as if expecting Sloane to kick his butt for the complete jerk he’d been for, like, ever. Instead, Sloane pushed past him, entering the locker room.

“I need to talk to you about something. And…” she hesitated, wincing. “Maybeaskyouforafavor..” it came out all jumbled and much lower than her previous statement, but Cypher still should have heard it.

An interested light entered his eyes, but that was soon overtaken by a smirk. Twisting a finger in his ear, he leaned closer, cupping his ear as if he hadn’t heard at all.

“Gonna need you to say that a little louder,” he said.

Sloane crossed her arms.

“Or, how about I take out all my frustrations over the past few weeks on you,” she fairly growled.

“Okay, okay. What?” Cypher asked a touch rudely.

Sloane was silent a moment before pulling the small black jump drive from her pocket and holding it up, Cypher’s attention immediately on her hand. He cocked his head to the side.

“Consider me intrigued,” he said, and Sloane gave him a vicious smile.

“I figured you might be. So will you help me?”

“Do I get my match?” Cypher pressed.

“Yes,” Sloane answered, voice clipped. “But we need to discuss a few things first.”

“I’m all ears,” Cypher said expansively.

“Good. Let’s get to work,” Sloane said with determination.

Cypher closed the door to the room.

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

JC: What a journey the X-Treme Title has been on since last Warfare! Two short weeks ago, Dionysus called his shot, guaranteeing he would secure an 24/7 briefcase and launch himself in the hunt for the Universal Title!

TD: Then, he dropped the belt to that freak, Pariah.

JC: The mysterious enigma that has been dominating Anarchy, Pariah... BUT THEN! Who should pin Pariah... But Robbie Bourbon!

As Elephant blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

JC: Now, the title is in the hands of the Sultan of Smacktalk. That No Good Bastard, Bobby Bourbon!

TD: But will it stay with him? Not if his opponent has anything to say about it...

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Zenorus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. As the orchestra dies down, vines creep from around the edges of the curtain, and rose petals begin to fall around the arena. Then, on the entrance of the choir in the music, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

JC: Dionysus! Was just TWO victories away from a 24/7 briefcase. He came inches short against Pariah... But, if he still wants a briefcase, he's gotta go through Bobby Bourbon to get it.

TD: He came close once before. The hardest part of falling of the mountain is starting the climb all over again... Can Dion do the job tonight?

Dionysus sets the Thyrsus and shield next to the ring apron and rolls inside, running to one of the turnbuckles and climbing up to rally the crowd behind him. He then hops down and limbers up, awaiting his opponent.

- vs -
Xtreme Rules


The final ding doesn't even finish sounding and these two men are already at each other's throats… quite literally. Dionysus and the Xtreme Champion, Robbie Bourbon, are literally squeezing each other's throats like a kid squeezes cookie dough out of the wrapper!

JC: Wow! Zero technique! Zero mercy! These two men are LITERALLY going for the jugular!

The fans are going bonkers, cheering for both men to pop each other's heads off! They're pushing, pulling, bobbing and weaving around the ring like Godzilla versus King Kong! Each man looks like they want to Chokeslam the other, but every time one of them tries, the other fights out of it. T

he referee doesn't know what to do.

Finally, Robbie frees one hand from Dionysus’ neck and starts clawing at his eyes! An eye rake from Robbie to Dionysus!

JC: A dirty move from the champion to the challenger!

TD: X-Treme rules, Pip! No disqualifications!

But wait, there's somebody coming down the ramp! Is that… yes, it's Corey Black, and he's brought a referee of his own!


Corey slides into the ring, and as Dionysus is holding his eye from Robbie having almost ripped it out of his head, Robbie doesn't see Corey coming up from behind him… and Corey rolls him up in a schoolboy pin! Corey's not even scheduled to be here tonight! He must really want the Xtreme Title!

Corey's official counts...




WHAM! ALL OF A SUDDEN! The original official has punt-kicked Corey's official! The referee Corey brought rolls under bottom rope collapsing onto the padded concrete outside the ring!


TD: Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Corey releases the schoolboy! The King of the Deathmatch gives the official a deathstare as he points to the XWF logo on his black and white shirt.

Bourbon slowly rises back to his feet... Dion rubs his eye clean!

The three are set to square up, with the X-Treme title at st-

...Suddenly the official signals to the timekeeper.


JC: ...What? What the Hell just happened?

The official rolls under the bottom rope, as the three competitors look perplexed as to why the bell would ring before a pinfall or submission...

JC: What the hell is going on? Is that the same ref from last Warfare? The one that blew the ending of the Mark Flynn and Sebastian Everett-Bryce match?

TD: Funny you should ask that JC because I did a little digging and it turns out, that IS the same ref from the Flynn and SEB match. His name is Wallace Wallace III. Apparently he said he quit last week but then never filled out the required paperwork so my Uncle forced him to show up to work tonight or the company would as my Uncle said "Blacklist him from ever reffing anything except elementary school field hockey."

The ref is walking over to the Time Keeper and talking to him while Corey Black, Bobby Bourbon and Dionysus look around completely confused as to what is going on.

The Time Keeper gets up from his seat and with mic in hand addresses the crowd.

TO: The referee has noted that he was contracted to ref a singles match and that due to Corey Black's interference which effectively turned the Xtreme Title match into a triple threat he is no longer willing to ref the match and he has quit...again.


All three competitors in the ring look furious as boo's rain down from above.

TD: Speaking of Uncle Theo...

Out of the back comes Theo Pryce and directly behind him is XWF's Head of Security Tommy Gunn and two of his staff.

Theo: Tommy, can you and your two friends please take this lame excuse for a ref out back and disappear him. I don't care how. I literally do not want to know what you do with him but I never want to see him again.

Tommy and his staff do as requested and literally drag Wallace Wallace III out of the ring and up the ramp where he disappears, presumably forever.

Theo: Now as for you three. As much as I would love to start this back up and give the fans a match they are clearly hot for, we only have so much time allotted by the network and we can't run over so instead what I am going to do is this...two weeks from now...Minneapolis, Minnesota...March Madness VI it will be the Xtreme Champion Bobby Bourbon defending his title in a triple threat match against former Champion Dionysus and Corey Black and I'll make sure we get a ref who isn't a complete dipshit. In the meantime gentlemen, sorry for the mix up and I do hope you all have a great rest of your evening.

Theo's theme starts up again as the XWF goes to commercial.

We come back from commercial and now we see Theo Pryce stand in front of his desk as he watches Tommy Gunn and his staff load Wallace Wallace III into the back of a vehicle. A small smile comes across his face but suddenly his attention gets diverted to his door as he hears a knock and then one of the XWF staff members peaks their head in and looks towards Theos direction and Theo looks at him with a puzzled look.

Theo Pryce: Can I help you?

The staff member nods his head.

Staff Member: Yeah boss sorry to interrupt you but I got a couple of young guys here looking to talk to you, one of them said you know him by PrimeTime?

Theo thinks for a moment and then as if a lightbulb appears over his head he looks back with a smirk.

Theo Pryce: Yes thank you, I know exactly who that is but you said there were two of them?

But before the staff member can respond the door opens up and in walks a tall man wearing an all-black Nike tech jumpsuit and a slightly shorter man who wears an all-black Gucci blazer suit with some Gucci shades on, the shorter man approaches Theo with a smirk and shakes his hand while the taller man stand behind him like a guard dog.

Theo Pryce: PrimeTime Jay Starkz I presume?

Jay Starkz smirks at Theo and then looks back at the taller individual.

Jay Starkz: He asking me if I'm Jay as if he don't recognize the hottest talent coming out the indies, so disrespectful.

Jay looks at Theo with a disappointing look.

Theo Pryce: No disrespect intended, you have to understand I oversee one of if not the hottest wrestling promotions in the world so you'll have to excuse me for my mind being everywhere but yes the XWF is glad to have such a young star joining our already star-studded roster.

Jay rolls his eyes at first before nodding his head in understanding at Theo.

Jay Starkz: Apology accepted Pryce, now I hope you have both contracts ready.

Theo raises his left eyebrow in curiosity.

Theo Pryce: Two contracts? We only discussed making you an offer Jay.

Jay smirks and shakes his head.

Jay Starkz: Naw see Theo, my boy JT comes everywhere I go. So if PrimeTime signs with the XWF, my Enforcer signs with the XWF. We are a package deal always! You feel me, Theo?

Theo looks fed up with Jay already but keeps his composure.

Theo Pryce: Well I'll get that second contract drawn up for you and later tonight we can get you both to sign and make things official.

Jay smirks and shakes his head once again.

Jay Starkz: Naw that ain't gonna work for me Theo, because you see the Playmaker ain't just no ordinary free agent, I'm the hottest out here so I deserve my contract signing to be a big deal which means I want my contract signing to be at March Madness in the center of the ring for the whole world to see.

Jay looks overly excited at the thought of it while Theo just shakes his head.

Theo Pryce:  Fine will do it at the PPV and I'm assuming that means JT too?

Jay looks back at JT with a smirk.

Jay Starkz: Of course, like I said we a package deal.

Theo nods his head.

Theo Pryce: Well I guess I'll see you two at March Madness, now if you'll excuse me I have other things to attend too.

Jay gives a smirk before taking his leave at the door first, JT follows behind before looking at Theo with a cold stare look and then takes his leave out the door.

Theo shakes his head and returns to monitor as the hard cam switches back to the ring.

The lights go out to the shock of the fans as "All Black" by Good Charlotte starts to play. The lights turn back on and we see Barney Green, dressed in a black t-shirt with "The Warrior Of War" written on it in white lettering and black tights with a white stripe going down the sides.

JC: Barney Green! The King of X-Treme! XWF Legend!

TD: In spirit. Not actually in the Hall of Legends.

JC: Barney Green! The Green Machine! Got a record THREE eliminations in the first-ever Free-For-All First Blood Battle Royal!

Green just ignores the fans and walks down to the ring.

JC: Green’s attire is a clear tribute to another XWF Legend, Ryou Bakari Itemri!

TD: Again, Legend in spirit.

JC: …Jeez, Thad. You sure are strident in making clear who is and who isn’t an official legend.

TD: I removed my father from the Hall of Legends for being inadequate. Let’s not start tossing the term around.

Green enters the ring and just stands in the corner as the music fades.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". Tonight, Flynn has a focused, determined expression… At his side, as he strolls down the ramp, he’s sporting his 24/7 briefcase.

JC: Mark Flynn won a barnburner of a match against Universal Title number one contender, Sebastian Everett Bryce… Albeit, under VERY controversial circumstances.

TD: The official got told to restart the match then threw a big tantrum and made what was a five-star affair all about some perceived disrespect about himself.

JC: Still, XWF COO Theo Pryce had a meeting earlier this week with the officiating staff… And Mark Flynn sat in on that meeting. Clearly, there’s been an effort to quell dissatisfaction among the officiating staff with the status quo.

The official in the ring tonight is the famously hot-tempered former soccer official, Armand Jaunecarte. Flynn rolls under the bottom rope, sets his briefcase down in the corner. As he stands, he earnestly walks toward the official… Offering his hand for a handshake.

JC: Ah! Mark Flynn, previously the scourge of his officials with his… *ahem*... ‘creative rule-bending’... possibly trying to start fresh with Marinara and the entire XWF officiating team.

TD: Booooooo. Blow dust in his eyes, Mark.

Marinara angrily stares at Flynn’s hand before blowing his whistle, ordering Flynn to take his corner.

Flynn’s eye twitches, irritated as usual that dramatic changes to his attitude aren’t immediately accepted by everyone… But, he raises his hand acquiescently and takes his corner.

Marinara barks at both men to get ready… And he signals to the timekeeper.


March Madness Round 1

- vs -
Standard Singles

Flynn scrambles forward, wrapping Green in a collar-and-elbow grapple… Immediately followed by a hammerlock! Which he transitions neatly into a sidelock… All in a matter of seconds!

JC: If Flynn has one clear advantage in this match, it’s technical ability. Green has diehard commitment to this sport and the fans… But, he’s no workrate wizard.

TD: You don’t have to be when you outweigh your opponent like Green does Flynn.

Flynn attempts a side headlock takedown, trying to drag Green to the mat…

But Green keeps his footing!

JC: Flynn is going to have a lot of trouble pushing around a competitor with Green’s size advantage.

The Green Machine wrenches his arms around Flynn’s waist…

SNAP BACK SUPLEX! Green pushes Flyn up and over his shoulder…

But, Flynn lands on his feet! Flynn bounces against the ropes… Delivers a running dropkick as Green turns around, straight to the chest…

…Green backpedals from the force of the kick…


Flynn backward rolls onto his feet, as Green smacks his chest, demanding more! The crowd cheers Barney’s fighting spirit!

JC: Wow! Would you have called Flynn and Green ending up on equal footing in the match’s opening exchange, Thad?

TD: Eh. Happens.

…Flynn rubs his chin, thinking about how to approach his next move…

But Barney doesn’t waste time thinking when it’s time to act… BULL RUSHING FLYNN!

Flynn gets surprised, caught on the back foot… AND CATCHES A RUNNING HEADBUTT STRAIGHT TO THE SKULL, dropping him to the mat!

The crowd erupts excited by this surprising turn of events!

JC: Wow! Flynn has gotten so used to chain-wrestling back-and-forths in the last few weeks… I think he forgot that Barney Green hits hard and when you least expect it!

TD: Ugh, c’mon, Mark… Get it, together.

Flynn clutches his skull, clearly seeing stars after that monstrous headbutt.

Green gallops over the fallen Flynn, gripping him by the side of the sku-

FLYNN GRIPS GREEN around the back of the head, dragging him up and over onto his shoulders!

JC: Inside cradle! Flynn looking to steal this one!

Armand drops to count!

Green wildly kicks, struggling to escape! Flynn holds the pin tight!


Green rotates, Flynn’s leg connects with the ropes!



…Green doesn’t kick out, but Jaunecarte stops the count, putting at Flynn’s leg beside the ropes!


Jaunecarte blows his whistle! Reaching into his pocket for a…


The crowd… dissatisfiedly boos!

JC: Oh wow! Jaunecarte knowing Flynn’s penchant for using the ropes for leverage… I think he got spooked when he saw in his periphery Flynn making contact with the ropes!

TD: What a terrible call! Flynn wasn’t even using the ropes for leverage!

Flynn springs up, furious, screaming at Jaunecarte, pointing at the ropes and his leg, trying to explain that he wasn’t even GOING for leverage.

Jaunecarte reaches for his pocket…

JC: Flynn has to tread carefully here… It seems like Jaunecarte is just ITCHING for a reason to throw Flynn out of this one!

Flynn snorts irritatedly, but drops i-


Barney comes rushing in, SMASHING Flynn against the corner turnbuckle!

JC: Wow! That corner charge almost took out both Green’s opponent AND the official!

Flynn nearly crumples against the bottom corner… But grips the top rope to keep his footing!


Flynn releases the ropes, staring angrily at Jaunecarte who started his five count the MOMENT Flynn was knocked into the corner.

TD: Oh c’mon, this is a glorified handicap match the way Jaunecarte is officiating!

JC: Well, I think he might be… make sure Flynn obeys his commands at all times… Perhaps a bit too zealously!

TD: He’s a pinhead with a vendetta.

Flynn tries to escape the corner, but Green quickly follows his attack shoving Flynn against the turnbuckle and mounting the second rope!

Green delivers hammering blows to the top of Flynn’s head!

The crowd counts along!







JC: I think someone’s a little behind on the punch counting!

But, no! Jaunecarte is counting for Flynn and Green to release the ropes!

TD: C’mon! Let ‘em wrestle! Nobody came to watch Armand Jauncarte whip his whistle out!

Green is too in the zone with his punches to notice the official counting towards a possible double-disqualification!

But Flynn reaches up after the sixth punch…

AND THROAT THRUSTS GREEN! Green flops onto his back cradling his throat…

Flynn peels his back off the corner, just in time to break the five count!

And Jauncarte…



Flynn points to the ropes, indicating that he broke the five count!

But Jauncarte points to the throat, indicating that attacking your opponent’s throat induces a second warning!

TD: This is ridiculous! He would’ve been disqualified if didn’t get Green off of him… And when he did, he gets a warning anyway!

JC: Jauncarte definitely calling the rules by their letter tonight!

As Flynn and Jauncarte argue the call, Green rolls under the bottom rope, catching his breath…

Where he finds… a chair!

That the timekeeper is sitting in.

Without hesitations, Barney BACKHANDS the timekeeper! The timekeeper goes up and over the barricade.

JC: Wow! Is it politically incorrect to call that a ‘pimp slap’?

TD: Yes, one-hundred percent.

JC: …Ah. Well, never mind, then.

Green rolls under the bottom rope with the chair…

Flynn and Jauncarte continue their shouting match…

…But, Flynn’s keen senses note shadows shifting in the ring… A surprise attack from behind!

Jauncarte’s hand heads towards his front pocket to throw a red c-

WHAM! Green connects with the steel folding chair…

STRAIGHT INTO JAUNCARTE’S FACE! Flynn narrowly manages to sideroll out of the way!

The crowd erupts! Partially for Jauncarte getting clobbered, but also for X-Treme violence!

JC: Clearly Jauncarte’s tight grip on control let this one slip through his fingers! This one has turned into chaos!

…Green scoops the chair over his head, spinning to attack Flynn!


Green’s back collides against his own chair! He grips his spine agonized!

JC: Live by the X-treme… Die by the X-Treme!

Green scrambles in pain to his feet… Where Flynn catches him with a knee lift to the skull!

Green swings wildly… But Flynn dips under it, catching his head under Green’s armpit…


JC: Wow! No small feat for Flynn!

Flynn clinches the pin!

But there’s no official! Jauncarte is counting rafters, laid out, center of the ring!

[white]JC: For the second time, Flynn gets a visual pin!

TD: VIsual pins are good for talking smack, but only a real one gets you the win.

Flynn releases the pin, impatiently looking over at the off-...

…Ah, Flynn grits his teeth, seeing the problem.

JC: Flynn can’t win while Jauncarte is unconscious!

TD: And he can’t get a fair match while Jauncarte IS conscious!

Flynn waves his hand, fanning Jauncarte… (as if cool air could heal a strike to the skull…

As Green stirs behind him…

Flynn shakes his head, Jauncarte is out cold…

He turns ar-


The crowd leaps to their feet!

JC: Flynn takes his eyes off the ball and Green capitalizes!

TD: But there’s no official!

Flynn wildly kicks… But Green only locks in the hold tighter!

Flynn’s arm shake… But he’s got nowhere to go!

He spins left… Green clinches!

Right! Green’s grip sinks in deeper!

JC: Flynn’s gotta do something here!

Flynn… rotates his and Green’s body…

Toward the turnbuckle!



Green runs after him, desperate to keep the hold!



And Backflips over Green’s head!


JC: Wow! Peak athleticism from Mark Flynn!

Green looks down at his hands like Flynn’s escape was a magic trick!

WHAM! Kick to the heel!



TD: Guess this match just reached its Logical Conclusion.

JC: But Jauncarte is still out, Thad!

Flynn crawls across the ring… To…


He grabs the official by the arm and drags him over to where Green lies…

Flynn pins Green!

And he lifts Jauncarte’s unconscious arm!





The crowd stands applauding as Flynn rolls outside, grabbing his briefcase on the way out!

Green lays unconscious in the center of the ring!

Jauncarte finally starts to stir, looking around like… ‘what hit me? What happened?’

JC: A hard-fought win for Mark Flynn! Barney Green is truly the stuff of Legend!

TD: Unofficially.

JC: But Mark Flynn pulled out the victory, in the face of some… arguably hostile officiating!

Flynn lifts his arm sheepishly backing up the ramp, as Jauncarte crawling on the mat to the ropes, grits his teeth, putting two and two together on what must have happened…

There was a loud commotion backstage as the cameras came on. You see people pouring out into the hallway, all of them congregating around a single open door to one of the locker rooms. There was music playing and people with paper plates carrying pizza just lingering around as they were here for the Pizza Party taking place. Some garbage scattered along the floor as well as a stack of empty pizza boxes sat right outside the locker room door.

“Oh my dang!”

The camera picks up Jason Cashe coming from around the corner at the far end of the hallway. His pace towards the gathering quickened as the camera moved towards him.

Jason Cashe: “Way more people than I thought would show up, lemme tell you!”

Eyeing the camera, he was talking directly to the viewing audience. Not slowing his pace, he races by the camera which tries to keep up. The entryway to the room was congested with people, so much so, you couldn't tell if they were coming or going. Cashe seemed a bit irritated.

Jason Cashe: “Where is my Top Flight Security team?!”

Random Dude: “Security? Oh bro, they left!”

Jason Cashe: “Left?!”

Random Dude: “Yeah, something about pineapple not being worth it? I dunno but yeah, they split like 10 minutes ago!”

Jason Cashe: “Ain't that some boooshit!”

Sighing, Cashe knew it was on him to regain order. It was his party after all. Shoving into the doorway, he started pulling and pushing people aside. It was shoulder to shoulder and the music was turned up full volume so you couldn't hear anything. Right inside the room to the right, Cashe finds the soundbar he had set up to play tunes. Quickly he unplugs it. The music cuts out completely but the noise of the people was still very present.

Jason Cashe: “PARTY IS OVER!”

Nobody paid him any attention. Everyone seemed to be turned towards the far side of the room but from where he was, Cashe couldn't see anything. Again, he was tasked with breaking through the gathered crowd like one of those ships that break through ice sheets.

Jason Cashe: “MOVE! GET OUT!”

In every direction that surrounded him, people were trying to see. Trying to get closer to whatever it was that everyone seemed to be taken in by. Cashe was gaining ground. Pulling some chick by her ponytail, he yanks her out of his way, finally breaching into the empty pocket that had everyone's attention. There stood a tower of Pizza. Stacked one by one, there had to have been 20 of them on top of each other. All over the floor around it were scattered toppings, mostly it seemed like pineapple. Looking confused, Cashe stood stunned.

“Here, I saved you a slice!”

Before he could react, Jason Cashe had an entire pizza smashed into his face. He stumbled back, falling into the arms of a wall of people. They stand him upright as he pulls the pizza from his face. The cheese and sauce were thick and gooey as it rolled down the front of him.

Jason Cashe: “What the fuuc–”

A fist meets the bridge of his nose, direct contact and again, Cashe falls back into the arms of those watching and now interacting with the scene.

Jason Cashe: “Who hit me?!”

There with his flowing mane of glorious hair stood Raion Kido. As the blurriness of pizza sauce and the pain of being punched in the nose cleared. Cashe laid eyes on him.

Raion Kido: “Pineapple does not belong on Pizza!”

Jason Cashe: “Aaaghhhh!!”

Shoving off the people who helped keep him upright, Cashe takes a step towards Kido. The pizza that fell from his face was now under his feet so that first step was a doozy! Cashe slips as he goes to throw a punch and misses terribly and hits the floor!

Pushing up from the ground, Cashe wanted to get up in a hurry. Kido peels one of the pizzas off the tower that was built during Cashe’s absence and pies it down onto the back of Cashe’s head.

Jason Cashe: “Oh, you sour bitch!”

The thickness of the cheese and dough was felt but not heavy on his head and neck.

Raion Kido: “How about another?”

Grabbing another from the tower, Kido uses both hands and slaps it down across the back of Cashe. Getting to his knees, Jason reaches back to try and remove the medium pizza stuck to his back. Kido grabs a third pizza from the tower and slaps Cashe like they were doing the Tortilla challenge on tiktok. The slap was wet and the sauce and cheese exploded against Cashe’s face, spraying out over the crowd. That ignited a whole new problem as a voice roared out in scream.

Random Dude #2: “FOOOOOD FIGHT!!”

The room was packed like sardines and anyone who heard the voice helped make a bad situation into a worse one. Slices of pizza were being launched at people, flying overhead and splatting against walls as chaos ensued.

Kido ducks and starts to head for the door. Cashe pushing to his feet, holds an arm up to block any incoming pizza bits and finds Kido in the crowd. Shoving people aside, Cashe catches up to Kido as they run into a blockade at the doorway. Cashe wraps his arms around Kido’s waist from behind, lifts and falls back, launching Kido with a back body drop that crashes into a group of people!

Like bowling pins, about 10 or so fell over from the landing. In a scramble, both Cashe and Kido get to their feet. Cashe looks like a Pizza Monster with sauce and chunks of cheese hanging from his clothes and beard. The former Partners rush at each other, Kido puts up a foot, catching Cashe to the midsection before grabbing him and running him head first into a nearby wall.

Everyone was fighting with food and a few fists. Having rung Cashe’s bell, Kido pushed at the people near the door. A slice slaps against his shoulder and he stops to peel it off. Cashe in a groggy state, shoves up from the ground again. He stumbles past Kido, grabs the long sound bar he had used to play music. Cashe whips around, swinging it like Babe Ruth and looking to Homerun Kido’s head..

Kido moves. An unexpecting woman took the shot right to the face!

Jason Cashe: “SEE WHAT YOU DID?”

Instead of arguing, Kido waves Cashe off and just wants to escape the rain of dough, cheese and tomato sauce. Cashe shoves at him to prevent him from leaving. Kido shoves Cashe back and swiftly field goal kicks Cashe right in the balls!

Jason Cashe: “Ohhh my danglers!”

He crumpled to the floor holding where he hangs. Ducking into the congested doorway, Kido left the scene.

Jason Cashe: “I hate him.. Ohhh my nuts..”

It was only a matter of time before security would be called upon. It was a surprise they hadn't been around to break things up already. All of this was paid for by Theo Pryce. FIVE Hundred dollars worth of Pizza plus damages.. One could argue it was all Cashe’s fault but right now, he seemed like he was the victim as he lay curled up in the fetal position, both hands cupped between his legs.

The lights in the arena dip to black in time with the sirens and beat to the opening of Sweatpants (BattleTapes Remix) by Childish Gambino, the lights then beginning to flash, alternating left and right onto the ramp. In time, the letters "S", "E", "B", and then "Empire" flash one at a time on the big screen until the lights stop flashing as the lyrics hit.

"She askin' “Why you say that?!”

The beat drops and the lights  flash on the rampway again. As they do, the screen illuminates with "SEB" and then "EMPIRE" flashing on the sceen.

"Rich kid asshole, paint me as a villain"

Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, staring up with his head covered by the hood of his jacket. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd. He wears a long jacket with the hood pulled up over his head, zipped to the waist. The jacket, which is cut away at the bottom and only runs down the back of his legs, is patterned with an elongated Union Flag, but it’s in black and white and appears to be cracked and broken. His tights are short, with the initials SEB emblazoned upon the front.

The lights lift, and SEB makes his way to the ring, stretching his neck from side to side as he walks, his eyes focused on the ring. He climbs up the steps and steps through the ropes before standing in the middle of the ring.

"I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain"

He extends his arms once more before pulling back his hood and removing his jacket to reveal the back of his tights which read “S.E.B”

"Don't be mad cause I'm doing me better than you doing you
Better than you doing you, fuck it, what you gon' do? (What?!)"

He flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied and somewhat sneery grin upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures, before moving towards his corner.

Davey Dunham: “Please cut my music.”

His music fades as Davey climbs the steps, walks along the ring apron, and enters between the top two ropes.

- vs -
Standard Singles

Davey Dunham: “How you doin’, Raleigh, North Carolina?”

A pop from the fans.

Davey Dunham: “Sebastian Everett-Bryce, it's a pleasure to meet you. You know, I've been watching your old tapes; I've seen what you were able to accomplish in the U.G.W.C. Color me impressed. Besides that, look at what you've already accomplished here in the XWF. Man, I've got to hand it to you: you're quite the athlete and competitor. I've no doubt in my mind that you're going to accomplish even greater things moving forward.”

The fans cheer for the respect being given.

Davey Dunham: “You bolted right out of the gate and made the whole XWF Universe take notice. For that, you earned yourself a Universal Title shot! Very impressive!”

Sebastian, still not sure what Davey's playing at, doesn't know how to respond.

Davey Dunham: “You made it loud and clear that you're not to be overlooked. Ned Kaye is going to have his hands full at March Madness. I have no doubt in my mind that the two of you are going to put on a match that people will be talking about for years to come. For many, this is a DREAM match.”

Davey lowers the microphone and looks down at the mat for a couple seconds before he lifts his head back up and returns the microphone to his mouth.

Davey Dunham: “And that is why tonight's match between you and I… can't happen.”

A mixed reaction from the fans.

Davey Dunham: “I have too much respect for the Universal Championship, too much respect for athletes like you and Ned Kaye. Too much respect for this business… and too much respect for these fans… to in any way jeopardize what could very well go down as THEE match of the year. You say you need to make an example out of me to show Ned what he's going up against. Well, Sebastian, I think you’ve already proven you're a contender. You EARNED a title shot in your first match. Now quite frankly, if I'm being honest… I don't see how facing you one-on-one tonight could possibly end well. Like I said, I don't want to jeopardize the main event of March Madness. And… if I'm being brutally honest… I'm not so sure I'm ready to face a man with your drive and your skill quite so soon. I have some ring rust I need to shake off before I even dare go one-on-one with someone like you. But I'll get there eventually. Right now is your time to shine in the greatest Federation in the world…”

The fans don't know how to react. Nobody does.

Davey Dunham: “And that… is why I'm forfeiting tonight's match. Congratulations, Sebastian, and good luck in your title match. Now play his music.”

JC: What the–?! Davey just forfeited! Sebastian Everett-Bryce has won the match!

“Sweatpants” starts to play as the referee raises Sebastian’s arm in the air.


We cut to commercial leaving EVERYONE wondering if what we just saw really happened. There's a first for everything!

Between matches, the lights briefly dim.  A few strokes from a guitar play over the PA before a voice joins, probably a sound check:

I should laugh, but I cry
Because your love has passed me by
You took me by surprise
You didn't realize that I was waiting…

The rest of the band joins as the song kicks into full gear.

Time goes slowly, but carries on
And now the best years have come and gone
You took me by surprise
I didn't realize that you were laughing…

And as the music fades out the lights resume to normal and the show carries on.

Multicolor lights flash across the stage before settling on pink, Sloane emerging from the back full of energy and all smiles. She stops on the stage and looks around her at the crowd, taking it all in before starting down the ramp.

JC: The Sky Queen! Sloane Taylor! Pulled off the upset of the century, scoring a win over Doctor Louis D’Ville! You might be able to count the number of XWF stars who’ve achieved that feat on one hand… Taylor did it in her debut match!

Sloane greets the crowd, slapping hands and posing for quick selfies with the fans before rushing the ring. Sloane slides in under the bottom rope and springs to her feet, dancing around the ring and playing to the crowd, hyping them until her music ends.

JC: We’ve been in a… transitional period with the Television Title. The last three champions all lost on their first defense… Can Sloane break that streak… Or will she break the curse and maintain her reign over the Television division… and the Skies!

The lights go out and when they come back on SEMTEX is standing in the ring to the shock of literally everyone.

JC: AH! SEMTEX is in the ring! I’m shocked!

TD: I mean, he’s scheduled to compete, of course he’s in the ring.

JC: But, HOW did he get there?

TD: I dunno, magic? Let’s get to wrestling.

- vs -

The bell sounds!

Unlike last Warfare, the defending champion doesn’t stay in her corner, sprinting out to attack SEMTEX head on with a flying kick!

But, SEMTEX sidesteps the blow!


TD: He did NOT. He’s just very quick.

Sloane slickly lands her boot on the middle turnbuckle, neatly backflipping onto her feet where SEMTEX meets her with a short-arm clothesline, dropping the champion to the mat!


SEMTEX, aware that he’s working on the clock right now, grabs Taylor by the skull, dragging her off her back…

But Taylor wraps her hands around the challenger’s skull… JAWBREAKER! SEMTEX’s clutches his jaw his back smacks against the mat!

SEMTEX tries to scramble up to his feet, to retake control…

But Sloane leaps up to the middle turnbuckle and…

MUSHROOM STOMP TO THE BACK! SEMTEX is splayed out on his front!

JC: This is exactly where you DON’T want Sloane Taylor to be… in control, making big aerial moves!

TD: Seriously. If SEMTEX can’t come up with a… What the Hell, why did I say his name like that?

The official jogs up to check on SEMTEX[/i][/b], verifying he’s still good to continue…

Meanwhile, Sloane Taylor climbs to the top rope, looking for a crossbody…

SEMTEX grabs the official by the collar…

As Sloane leaps through the air…

SEMTEX lifts the official above his head!


Sloane gets a face full of referee in mid-air as the two fall to the mat in a crumpled heap!

TD: …Wow. I’ve been around for a minute and… No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before!

JC: That’s SEMTEX for ya!

The referee lies on the mat, lost and confused, as SEMTEX snaps his fingers in his face, telling him to focus up!

SEMTEX hooks the leg on Sloane…

The official begrudgingly drops to count…



THR-Sloane forces the shoulder up!

JC: Sloane Taylor kicks out! SEMTEX is in control right now… But the clock continues to tick!


SEMTEX lifts Sloane off the mat into the air above his head! In a Gorilla Press!

But Sloane drops off the back… And delivers a dropkicks straight to the back of SEMTEX’s leg! SEMTEX drops to the mat, gripping his knee!

JC: Sloane just kicked SEMTEX’s leg outta his leg!

SEMTEX tries to scramble back upright… He lifts his head…


JC: WOW! Sloane calls that move ‘Seeing Stars’! And SEMTEX is definitely seeing stars after that kick!

SEMTEX ragdolls to the mat! Sloane rushes to hook the leg!

The official drops to count…




The crowd erupts as SEMTEX forces his shoulder off the mat!

TD: Incredible resilience by SEMTEX kicking out of that one… That might’ve been more muscle memory than anything!

Sloane sits up, in disbelief… She stares up at the X-Tron.


JC: Time is on Sloane’s side!

Sloane lifts herself back to a vertical base…

SEMTEX also lifts himself to his feet, looking woozy after that headkick…

Sloane reels back her arm…


WOOOOOOOOOOO! Goes the crowd!

SEMTEX reels back his arm!



Sloane grits her teeth… Clearly worse for wear after that chop… She reels back…



SEMTEX bends over at the waist… But shakes his head, still standing!

He reels ba-


TD: Awww! It was SEMTEX’s turn to st-GODDAMMIT, why is that happening?!?

SEMTEXgets rocked back to the ropes by Taylor’s strikes![/color]

Sloane sprints toward the ropes behind her, looking for another aerial move…

She bounces off, goes up in the air with a leap…

BUT SEMTEX springs off the ropes and catches the champion…


JC: Wow! What a counter from SEMTEX! We might have a new Television champion!

The official drops to count!




Somehow, some way, Sloane Taylor forces her shoulder up!


SEMTEX grits his teeth, frustrated… He’s not waiting another nine minutes, he’s finishing this NOW!

SEMTEX backs up toward the ropes… As Sloane slowly, unsteadily rises to her feet…

JC: SEMTEX signaling for a Lobotomy!

JC: Not to be confused with Doctor Louis D’Ville’s Lobotomy, which is a rear chokehold. SEMTEX’s Lobotomy is a PUNCH to the temple!

TD: As long as someone gets brain damage, I’m happy.

SEMTEX bounces back toward the ropes, looking for a Running Lobotomy!



SEMTEX bounces off the ropes…

As Sloane spins around…



Sloane lands on her opponent’s chest!

The official counts!





JC: WOW! An incredible showing by both competitors! SEMTEX pushed his opponent, but tonight, Sloane Taylor breaks the TV Title curse! And her reign as Sky Queen continues!

TD: And now she gets to defend her title in two weeks at March Madness against Cyph3r!

JC: One of several great matches. Join us live in two weeks from Minneapolis for March Madness VI!!!! Good night everyone!!

Thank you to the following match writers:
Davey Dunham x 4
Peter Principle x 2
Bobby Bourbon
Jason Cashe

And segments from:

Sloane Taylor
Jason Cashe
Jay Starkz

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