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(has an old school wrestling mentality; no nonsense; less appealing to some younger fans)

03-08-2024, 10:09 PM

Figured I might as well end this run even though some people are probably disappointed at me. I am not the savior you wanted nor needed at the end of the day. I am gonna do my job and show up against Mark Flynn. Nothing but respect for that guy. I've taken a lot of beatings over my career and I am gonna go to war one more time. Figured I would pay tribute to my friend, Ryou Bakari Itemri. We may not agree on much in life but at the same time, He was a damn fine wrestler in his own right.

Two different personalities that used to cause a lot of friction. I am a fun loving drunk while he was this stone faced guy not afraid of a fight. While I would drink a beer with you after a fight. He wouldn't. He would just go off and do his own thing. Maybe its time I started doing that. Who knows what the future holds at the end of the day. I don't have the answer to your question.

Maybe I am making a mistake by leaving but at the end of the day, Its always been my choice to be here. I choose to be here and wrestle even though I have been sent to slaughter so many times. So many beatings. So many top names that have beaten me like a crash test dummy.

Maybe if it was a decade a go when I could still go at that level, Things would be different. I don't know how people like Mark Flynn can still go and be at that level. The struggle is real, folks. I got virtually nothing left in my tank and running on empty. My job feels complete even though I accomplished absolutely nothing here. I look back at my past here and its always the same story. The same stale cliches. I try to make an impact and just fizzle out after a couple of months. Being here all these years and yet I haven't really accomplished much. Mostly due to my own misdeeds but it is what it is.

Not blaming anyone in the office for my problems at the end of the day. This place is both a blessing and a curse to me at the same time. Maybe in an alternate timeline, I would be remembered for being one of the best but I am at best remembered as the guy who got beaten to a pulp by whatever XWF legend pops up.

I did sign an extension to continue to March Madness. My journey definitely ends that night. Not that I need the money badly. I wanna give the fans what they asked for even if it's a short match.

Until next time,

-Barney Green

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