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it's Madness time
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03-08-2024, 12:48 AM

When the lights go out they heard voices like Wrestling has more than one royal family Kingdom hit's and the fireowrk burst open and comes out The American nightmare Razor who appears to wear a gray suit on stage and spreads his arms and fist pump in mid air and more firework above and he slaps little kids and adults and signs autographs and posters of himself and he gets on top of the top rope and spreads his arms out once more and more fireworks burst open once again and he gets down and gets inside of the Anarchy ring and the time keeper hands Razor a Microphone while talking to The XWF after the music fades down
American nightmare|Razor Blade: Raleigh, North Carolina What do u want to talk about?
{XWF Universe cheers on for Razor in the middle ring}
American nightmare|Razor Blade: last Friday on Anarchy I have finally won my first match against The Rickinator. but that's not all though cause you see I also have another match this Saturday at Warfare in a March Madness round one against Spencer Adams. is my next target for Warfare on Saturday night at XWF
but enough of about Spencer Adams. lets talk about on the next show of Anarchy on March fourth tenth when I get to be in a triple threat but  it's not just an regular triple threat it's a Xtreeme rules Elimination match where the winner Eliminates the other person and the other two fight it out and the winner gets an Future title Opportunity on the next Anarchy at XWF.
XWF boos at Spencer Adams when Razor continues talking
American nightmare|Razor Blade: and when I win this March Madness this Saturday Spencer Adams won't be in the next round when I get a hold of him when we end up fighting each other in the same ring together and once that match is over between me and Spencer Adams. then I will head on to the next round of March Madness and fight two men on Anarchy in a triple threat in a Extreme rules Elimination match in two weeks at Anarchy on XWF.
XWF Universe chants Razor, Razor Razor Razor Razor Razor Razor!
American nightmare|Razor Blade: So Spencer Adams. I'll be seeing you one week from Saturday on Warfare for our March Madness match and that goes for you to Tommy Wish and The Rickinator. I will diffidently see you on March fourteenth at Anarchy in Xtreme rules until then I will beat both of you separately until I get what I deserve in that's a Future title shot but I'm gonna wait til I win the whole thing starting from Warfare and this week's March Madness and Spencer Adams and Tommy Wish and The Rickinator you three better get prepared for what's coming towards your way cause The American nightmare isn't losing this match as long as I win my first and second win of Warfare and Anarchy on XWF.
American Nightmare |Razor Blade:  by the way Spencer Adams in Joy while it lasts cause this week I will be the one who wins both matches on Sperated shows at Warfare and Anarchy and just remember this Tommy Wish and The Rickinator and Spencer Adams. who's the real American of XWF.
Razor drops the mic and Kingdom hits once more and he exits out of the ring and slaps a few more kids and adults in heads straight back to his locker room before both of his matches begin this Saturday and next Friday on Warfare and Anarchy
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