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Sadly, I think it's time..
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Cadryn Tiberius Offline
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02-29-2024, 10:49 PM

Hey guys, Jeff here. 

Unfortunately, it seems as though Cad has lost yet another match in his illustrious career. 

I literally think he's like 0 and 21 at this point, or something close. 

I think it's time we unplug the cord and put the microphone back in it's case, permanently.

It's time, boys.

He had a good run, kinda, not really, but like, a lil bit?


Now wait a goddamn minute here..


Well, can't argue with that logic, SEE YA!

You're cooked, friend. You ain't been good in like, years, at this point. It's pretty much a lost cause me thinks.

Okay, first of all, don't put that juju on me Ricky Bobby. YOU ain't been good in like, years. YOU'RE pretty much a lost cause me thinks. I'm just cannon fodder for your laziness, maybe take some responsibility for once in your life. YOU put us in the spot that we're in, Jeff.

Not me..


I hate you almost as much as I hate the fact that you ain't wrong, it is my fault for being a lazy talentless hack who ain't been good since we got carried by The Kings in 2016



Yeah, that's probably for the best, to be honest. It was fun while it lasted.

That's actually something we can agree on.

But what if..

What if what, dude? You literally just released the hinge on the coffin lid! I've got one foot in the grave and one foot in some dudes butthole cause you made me gay.


But, what if like, we don't quit. 

What if we do the opposite, and I actually give a shit, and we beat everybody in this company cause let's face it, when I give a shit, ain't nobody beating us.

Honestly, I can agree with that, we actually fuck hard when we're on point.

We do be fuck hard when we do be, honest..

Fuck it, opposite day, no more losing, time to suck belts and take dick like the goddamn absolute unit's we are, kitten! I hope you took your vitamins and ate your snails or whatever Hulk Hogan said that one time to Apollo Creed in his last UFC fight..

...christ, went so far to one side of the spectrum, you catapulted the rest of the acoustics off it entirely.

Actual factual..

..But like, welcome back, Cad..

Daddy loves you..



..let's take them dicks, daddy...

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