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XWF, WGWF and TPW Present: The Denzel Porter Invitational 3 Night One
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02-23-2024, 08:30 PM

Denzel Porter Invitational 3

Night One - Hosted by the XWF


[Image: GEIbYMFWUAAa9IF?format=jpg&name=small]


The sold out crowd in Allegiant Stadium goes in a frenzy of cheers as Vanessa Rivers, host of the Denzel Porter Invitational 3, makes her way down the ramp dressed as a Vegas showgirl.

Loud whistles can be heard as she walks to the ring with a microphone in hand and a bright smile on her face. Once she's in the ring, she waits for the cheers to die down a bit before speaking into the microphone.


The roars return.

Vanessa: I'm so happy to see you all! We've got a beautiful three night event in store for you! The first of which will feature the only federation to be a part of all three Invitationals, the XWF!

“XWF” chants fill the stadium as the matches on deck are on display on the big screen.

Vanessa: We've got five fantastic matches for you tonight, starting with the absolute slugfest between Brandon Hendrix and Corey Black! Considering how resilient both men are, this will definitely be a war of attrition! Next, we have Tatiana Jolee and Junko Souma in a high-profile showdown between a veteran warrior and a young, but ruthless, competitor! Then, there's the big time battle between Sean Parker and Devlin Knight, an evenly matched contest that could go either way, especially since the bettors here are split as well! Our co-main even is set to be a rollercoaster of action that will have you at the edge of your seat as Johnny Bacchus goes one-on-one with Thaddeus Duke! And Finally, the main event, the final match of the night, is for the XWF Title as Ned Kaye takes on Dolly Waters! Only one of them can walk out of night one as champion, and what a tone setting it would be to cap off opening night with a monumental victory!

The images fade out.

Vanessa: I hope you all have your snacks ready, because we're a few minutes away from the opening kickoff! But first, I'll be sending things over to the Owner of the XWF, Theo Price! Thank you once again, Theo, for bringing the XWF to the DPI, and thank you everyone in attendance for being here! Enjoy the show!

The fans let out a wave of cheers as Vanessa waves goodbye and Denzel Porter takes center stage with a microphone in his hand.

Denzel Porter: Thank you for that great induction Vanessa, I couldn't have done it better myself but ladies and gentlemen for the third year in a row I BRING YOU THE DPI!!!!!!

The fans give out a roar of cheers.

Denzel Porter: This event started as just a dream, I never even thought I could make this dream a reality for not only myself, The great wrestlers from around the world but for you the fans because you see I had a dream that I could bring the very best of the beat from different promotions from all over the world under one roof for three nights of Dream making instant class I matches that will stand the test of time and we did that for two years in a row.

The fans cheer as Porter pauses for a moment.

Denzel Porter: But I'm not going to lie to you, The DPI 3 almost didn't happen, yeah it's true, I almost let personal issues get in the way of what Thai dream was but then I had people remind me why we do what we do and that is because we love professional wrestling and professional wrestling deserves breatg taking, out of your mind, jaw-dropping joy that only events like this can give you!!!

The fans Chang DPI over and over again loudly.

Denzel Porter: The DPI ain't about me, it's about giving wrestlers the platform to display themselves on a big stage for all you fans to witness and without the WGWF, TPW and the XWF this third year of the DPI wouldn't be possible but that's enough from me, let me turn things over to a man that has been a big help with the DPI since it's birth, Theo Pryce.

Porter hands the microphone over to Theo and takes a step back.

Theo Pryce: Thank you Denzel. I and the XWF family are thrilled to be here and helping to bring these great wrestling fans another fantastic cross promotional show. We got a great card for you tonight culminating in an XWF Universal Title match between Champion Ned Kaye and challenger Dolly Waters. So with that said, let the DPI 3 BEGIN!!!!!

Match One
Standard Singles Match

Brandon Hendrix
- vs -
Corey Black

‘I'm On One’ by DJ Khaled ft. Drake kicks in as the crowd started cheering loudly as the titantron shows a gold octagon with a Gold B and a silver H appearing on the screen as the stage fills with smoke. Pyro explodes on the stage, and that clears the smoke to reveal The Don Brandon Hendrix. He nods his head to the beat of the song as he looks at the crowd who remain cheering him before he starts walking his way down to the ring.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing- from Milan, Italy, also from San Antonio, Texas, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and sixty five pounds! He is the Heart and Soul, he is the Last Living Hope, he is the Dying Breath….. ladies and gentlemen this is The Don……



Brandon goes to the left side of the ramp and gives some of the fans high fives before going to the right side of the ramp and gives those fans high fives too. Brandon then walks up the steel steps, wiping his feet on the edge of the mat then steps between the ropes. Brandon looks around the arena before going to a corner of the ring and climbs the middle ropes before beating on his chest and letting out a yell, arms spread out as pyro explodes from the three free posts around the ring. Brandon climbs down from the middle ropes and removes his t-shirt and throws it to the crowd, pacing the ring as his theme song ends and he prepares for his battle ahead.

The lights in the arena fade slowly to black. The crowd begins to buzz as the tron lights up a crimson image.

Voice: Even kings die. But he is..

A bell tolls. Again. A third time.


The crushing sound of Slayer's "Raining Blood" blasts over the speakers, sending the crowd in attendance into a fit. Headbanging, horns in the air, the whole nine. They scream out the lyrics as on the stage emerges Corey Black bathed in a white light, red ones circle the arena, wearing a hooded black denim vest that has metal band patches all over it. Corey stands at the top of the ramp, looking out into the frenzy, nodding his approval. He makes his way down the ramp, taking his time to survey the carnage around him and get himself a good look at the ring before him. As he reaches it, Corey slides in under the bottom rope and pops to his feet, unleashing a roar and throwing the devil horns into the air toward the hard cam. He takes the vest off and drops it to ringside before heading to his corner and crouching down, waiting for the match to begin.

Denzel Porter the first match to kickoff the DPI 3 is going to be a hard hitting banger as two of the toughest wrestlers int he world get ready to go to war to prove who the better man really is.

Theo Pryce: Brandon Hendrix was one win away from being the first winner of the Porter Games, he showcased how great he really was.

Mister Big Ticket: He definitely was but now he has the chance to conquer a legend in pro wrestling tonight, the final boss Deathproof Corey Black!!!!

*Bell Rings*

Corey and Brandon stare each other down for a moment as the fans are split between the two as one side chants COREY and the other side chants BRANDON loudly throughout the arena and then they begin to talk trash to each other before punches breakout as they trade back and forth. Corey, Brandon, Corey, Brandon, Corey , Brandon and Brandon again and then again as the super heavyweight gains the advantage with the blows and starts rocking Corey with rights and lefts as he back him into the corner and then starts deliver shoulder thrust into the gut of Blackbut doesn’t let him drop down into the corner as delivers an elbow across his face and then launches him out of the corner with a belly to belly Suplex!

Denzel Porter: Hendrix is showing off that power that and aggression that got him to the final two in The Porter Games.

Theo Pryce: He’s going to need that power and aggression in order to take down The King.

Brandon walks slowly towards Black with a smirk on his face as Black gets up to one knee and then goes to deliver a punch but Corey Black blocks it and delivers a slap to the face of Brandon and as he gets up on both of his feet he deliver stiff kicks to the legs of Brandon to break him down to one knee and then delivers a an elbow shot across the face of Brandon and then bounces off the ropes and comes back to deliver a clothesline and then gets up and starts stomping away at the limbs of Brandon , starting with his left leg then right leg , right arm and finally the left arm.

Theo Pryce: Corey Black is so efficient with breaking a wrestler down and making him feel every inch of pain he can give out.

Mister Big Ticket: Some would call him the Surgeon of pain.

Corey lifts Brandon up and then twists his arm around and then yanks on it a little and then takes him back down with an arm drag and then Corey tries to follow up with an elbow across the arm but Brandon rolls out of the way and get back up to a vertical base and catches Corey with a closeline and as Corey gets back up , Brandon slings him into the ropes and catches him with a big boot and then hits the ropes and comes back and drops a leg drop across his chest and goes for the pin.




Denzel Porter: That was a close one.

Mister Big Ticket: Hendrix really rocked him with that big boot, had Black dazed for a second.

Hendrix lifts Black up and slings him into the corner and looks for a closeline but Black rolls out of the way at the last minute and Brandon eats the turnbuckle and stumbles out of the corner into a spinning heel kick and follow up by a Suplex but Black does go for the cover instead he once again starts to stomp the limbs off Brandon, right leg, left leg, left arm and then right arm. Then Corey grabs the legs of Hendrix and puts him into a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

Theo Pryce: Corey strategy is clear, wear down the big man with precise attacks and then capitalize with unforgiven techniques.

The referee gets in the face of Brandon and ask him if he like to give up but Brandon refuses while Black continues to enforce more pressure on the spine of Hendrix as he really pulls back on the legs and sits down on the hold in the middle of the ring.

Denzel Porter: Hendrix is going to need to see a massage specialist after this one.

The referee asks Hendrix once again if he is ready to give up but this time instead of shaking his head he gives a loud NO in the face of the referee and starts pushing himself up a little with his fist, using his strength as he drags himself and Corey closer to the ropes but Corey increases the pressure he puts on his back but Brandon just dogs even deeper and uses his elbows and strength to drag him across the mat and finally reaches the ropes and the referee starts to count as Corey keeps the hold locked in despite him grabbing the bottom ropes.

Theo Pryce: Corey has to break this hold before the count of five or he will be disqualified in this match.

Mister Big Ticket: Corey is just pushing the boundaries a little.

The referee gets to the count of four and Corey breaks the hold as the referee chews him out but Corey ignores him and goes back towards Brandon but Brandon rolls outside the ring and Corey bounces of the sides of the ropes and come back to the side Brandon rolled out to and goes for a suicide dive attempt but Brandon makes out the way and Corey crashes into the barricade wall!

Denzel Porter: Going to need facial surgery after that crash and burn.

Brandon takes a minute to gather himself before taking hold of Corey and bouncing his head off the barricade and then hitting a Suplex on the outside and then stomping Corey repeatedly as the fans give him a mix reaction before he lets up and rolls back inside the ring and back out to break up the referees count and then goes to pick Corey up but Corey catches him with a punch to the face and then another and Corey closes in the space between them but Brandon delivers a knee to the gut and goes to swing him into the steels steps but Corey reverses it and sends Brandon towards the steel steps but before he makes contact, Brandon trips a little and hits the steps face first and busts himself wide open.

Denzel Porter: Holy Shit!

Theo Pryce:Maybe not intentional but Corey has drawn blood in this match.

Mister Big Ticket: It wouldn’t be a Corey Black match without blood.

Brandon Hendrix gets up to hi feet and the fans gasp as his face his covered in blood like a crimson mask. He wipes some of the blood from his eyes but as his vision becomes clear Corey meets him with a spinning back fist and then rams him back first into the barricade and then delivers a series of knees to the gut before sliding Hendrix back into the ring and flips him over for the pin count as they get back inside.




Theo Pryce: Brandon Hendrix will not die!

Denzel Porter: He's never been one to go down easy, Corey is going to have to do a lot more to win this match.

Corey looks at Hendrix as he founders what else he must do in order to win this match as he he gets up to his feet and slings Hendrix into the corner and goes for a running knee to the face but Hendrix moves out of the way but Corey is able to hit the breaks and turn back around into an elbow shot and then Hendrix lifts Corey up on the top turnbuckle and then hits him with a few punches to the head before getting up there with him and hitting a suplex from off the top turnbuckle that shakes the ring a little but neither man moves in the ring, the referee goes to check on them both before beginning his ten count.

Denzel Porter: If neither one can answer the referees count this match will end in a no-contest.

The referee count gets to five before both stars begin to stir in the ring, crawling toward opposite corners as they pull themselves up and turn around to stare each other down, both of them mouthing the words Bring It Bitch!!! Before charging towards each other, Brandon goes for a big boot but Black a dodges and hits Brandon with a superkick to the Knee and goes for The Royal Beheading". From here Corey will charge in from behind as he takes a couple steps,  coming in at the rear of the opponent with a swinging elbow strike to the back of their head. Absolutely devastating move. 

Mister Big Ticket: Go to sleep!!!!

Corey turns a bloody Brandon Hendrix over and hooks both legs as the referee gets in position.





Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, DeathProof Corey Black!!!!!!!!

Theo Pryce: What an opening match to the DPI 3, these two men brought you everything you love to see in a wrestling match.

Mister Big Ticket: They gave you blood, sweat and tears in this match, Corey Black and Brand in Hendrix have set a high bar for everyone to follow at the DPI 3.

Denzel Porter: Brandon Hendrix showed just how great of a competitor he truly is and that he can hang with anyone but tonight belongs to the Icon Corey Black!!!

Medical checks on Brandon Hendrix on the outside while Corey Black
Climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and soaks in the win as fans chant his name throughout the arena.


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[Image: GG3DtLSXgAEOrEu?format=jpg&name=240x240]

Match Two
Standard Singles Match

Tatiana Jolee
- vs -
Junko Souma

*Bell Rings*

Denzel Porter: Two of the greatest technical wrestlers of this generation are about to put a jaw dropping classic I can tell you that.

[/theo]Theo Pryce: High praise coming for you but will see how they followed up from the opening match.[/theo]

Joleee and Junko circle each other as they both look for an opening until it is Jolee who makes the first move by shooting for the legs of Junko, wrapping her arms around her legs looking to take her down but Junko holds her weight and keeps her balance and delivers a shot to the back and then delivers Knees tot he face of Jolee and then another shot to the back of Junko hits the ropes and comes back with a scissor kick across the back of the neck of Jolee.

Mister Big Ticket: Hard-hitting action out the gate from Junko!

Junko delivers a double foot stomp to the back of Jolee, causing her to roll over face first and Junko follows up with a standing moonsault and immediately goes for the cover.



Denzel Porter: Junko tried to put it away early.

Theo Pryce: But not enough damage was done to take out an Action Wrestling World Champion.

Junk lifts Jolee up to her feet and looks for an elbow to the head but Jolee ducks and comes back with a thunderous chop across the chest of Junko an then another, another before swinging Junko into the corner and meets her with a closelien but doesn't let her drop down in the corner, instead she holds her in place and delivers a series of chops to the chest until Junko chest is bright red. Jolee delivers one final chop to the chest and then slings Junko into the opposite side of the corner and meets her with a knee to the face and then brings her out the corner with a British bulldog and instantly goes for the cover.



Jolee doesn'tlet Junko recover though as she lifts Junko up and delivers a DDT in the middle of the ring and then instantly transitions into a crippler cross-face, locking in the hold tightly as the referee gets in the position to see if Junko wants to tap.

Denzel Porter: Jolene wasted little time to keep Junko on the defensive side of things.

The referee gets in Junko's face to see if she is ready to tap out but she refuses as she shakes her head in a defiant way but Jolee keeps the pressure on and stretches her face back a little more to really make this submission unforgiven.

Theo Pryce: I had the honor to watch Jolee take on Flynn last year at the DPI and she was just so lethal then as she is now as an all-around technician.

Mister Big Ticket: Jolee is a decorated wrestler who has climbed the top of the mountain in pro wrestling and tonight she gets to display just how special she truly is.

Junko starts to drage herself with Jolee on top of her towards the ropes, making her way closer and closer as Jolee does her best to inflict as much pain as she can on Junk to get her to tap out but Junk fights through the pain and is only seconds away from grabbing the bottom rope but Jolee gets up and drags Junk back into the middle of the ring and delivers a brutal stomp to the back and Jolee locks in another submission maneuver the camel clutch!!!

Denzel Porter: Just when you think Junko has herself out of deep water, Jolee pulls her back in.

Jolee pulls back on Junkos head as she looks like she trying to pull her neck from out her shoulders but Junko digs deep once again , fighting through the pain and ignoring the referee as she uses her legs to lift herself up with Jolee on her back and then rams her back with Jolee still attached on her into the corner but Jolee still hangs on and Junko then runs forward and then falls back on the mat to break the hold.

Theo Pryce: Junko is so damn reslient she has showed it time and time again in her career that it will take a hell of amount of damage to keep her down.

Mister Big Ticket: You never count out a fighter like Junko.

Junko takes a minute to catch her breathe and get to her feet as she pulls herself up by the ropes at the sametime as Jolee does and then these two competitors meet once again in the middle of the ring as they circle each other before Jolee goes for another takedown but Junko once again uses her knees to counter the offensive move and then lights Jolee up with a chop to the chest and then hits a spinning heel kick to the head of Jolee and as Jolee is in a daze Junko takes hold of her and hits a snap suplex but doesnt let go of the hold as she gets back up and hits another suplex and then another before going for the pin as the referee gets in position.




Denzel Porter: Junko almost sent a Action Wrestling World Champion home early.

Junko gets Jolee up to her feet and hits her with a japanese arm drag and then follows up with a dropkick as Jolee gets up to her feet, Junko gets Jolee back up to a vertical base and delivers a knee to the gut and then slings Jolee into the corner and Junko meets her with a knee to her face and then lifts Jole up to the top turnbuckle in a seated position and looks to go for a suplex from the top but Jolee holds her weight down and makes it difficult for Junk before Jolee delivers a headbutt that sends Junko falling down to the mat, Jolee gathers herself before launching front he top and delivers a flying elbow to the chest and heart of Junko and goes for the cover as the referee gets in position.




Jolee slaps the mat in frustration as she looks at the referee in disbelief before lifting Junko up to her feet and slings her into the ropes and wiats for her to comeback to hit a swinging neckbreaker and then delivers a knee to her back and then again,before turning Junko over and delivering shot after shot at the head of Junko and then lifts her up to her feet and looks to hit Junko with an elbow shot but Junko dodges the hit and delivers a DDT and then waits for Jolee to get up on one knee before bouncing off the ropes and comes back towards Jolee to hit the Bloddy Warlock (Shinning Wizard)!!!!! And then goes for the cover as she only hooks one leg as the referee gets in the corner.




Junko can't believe it and neither can the crowd as a look of shock falls over everyone's faces as the hard cam circles around the arena.

Denzel Porter: WHAT A MATCH!!!

Mister Big Ticket: These two competitors have deliver tonight ehre in Las Vegas at the DPI 3, giving everything they got in this match.

Theo Pryce: These two have definitely showed what this event is all about.

Junko doesn't waste anytime with following up as she hits Jolee with a spinning backfist and then a superkick that sends Jolee into the ropes and as she bounces back towards Junko, Junko hits the JNK Driver (Ki Krusher 99) and this time hooks both legs.




*Bell Rings*

Theo Pryce: Holy shit, what a match between these two talented competitors.

Mister Big Ticket: This dream macth has definitely lived up to the hype and you cant be disappointed with neither ones performance.

Denzel Porter: Great showing by both but tonight at the DPI 3 , Junko gets her moment.

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, JUNKO SOUMA!!!!!!!!!.

The referee raises Junko's hand in the air as the fans give her a standing ovation.


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Match Three
Standard Singles Match

Sean Parker
- vs -
Devlin Knight

*Bell Rings*

As the bell rings, Sean and Devlin stare at one another from across the ring. Sean stretches on the top ring rope into a squatted position, stretching out whilst Devlin cracks his neck from side-to-side. The two popular competitors slowly circle around the perimeter of the ring towards the center where they acknowledge each other with a head nod and fist bump and immediately lock in up in a traditional collar-and-elbow tie-up. After a brief moment of pushing and jostling, Devlin, the bigger of the two overpowers Sean, drawing him in and pushing him back, sending him tumbling back and into the ropes. Sean doesn’t look too taken aback and manages a small smirk and nods, appreciating Devlin’s strength advantage.

Mister Big Ticket: These guys wasted no time going right after each other.

Denzel Porter: You could tell in the lead in to this match that both men felt like they had something to prove.

Theo Pryce: I suppose that's true but Sean Parker is the current XWF Anarchy Champion after all.

Getting back to his feet, Sean indicates he wants to go again and Devlin is more than happy to oblige. However at the last second when they go to come together, Sean uses his quickness, going to one knee and ducking under Devlin’s outstretched arms and he takes his back with a reverse waistlock. Devlin grabs hold of Sean’s wrists, pushing down and trying to break free but Parker’s grip is tight. Devlin throws a back elbow but Sean’s cheek is pressed against his back the elbow hits nothing but air. Sean then shows a great feat of strength from his core, lifting Devlin clear off the ground and drives him back with an impressive deadlift German Suplex. Sean maintains a bridge, balancing perfectly on his toes as the referee quickly goes to make the count but his hand barely touches the mat for a one-count before Devlin easily powers out.

Mister Big Ticket: Devlin easily got kicked out of that one.

As Devlin kicks out, Sean doesn't waste a moment, immediately transitioning into a ground-based attack. He grabs Devlin's arm, wrenching it behind his back in a painful hammerlock. Devlin grimaces in pain, but he's not one to stay down for long. With a burst of strength, he manages to roll forward, flipping Sean over and breaking free from the hold.

Both wrestlers spring to their feet, eyes locked in determination. Sean, undeterred by Devlin's resilience, charges forward, aiming a lightning-fast series of martial arts kicks and punches. Devlin, however, proves to be just as agile, dodging and weaving through the onslaught. With a sudden burst of speed, he catches Sean off guard with a devastating spinning savate kick that sends him staggering backward.
But Sean isn't one to stay on the defensive for long. With a quick recovery, he retaliates with a rapid-fire sequence of high-flying maneuvers. He launches himself off the ropes, executing a flawless hurricanrana that sends Devlin crashing to the mat. As Devlin struggles to regain his bearings, Sean doesn't let up, following up with a breathtaking standing shooting star press. Sean goes for an early cover

Mister Big Ticket: Another early cover for Parker.

Denzel Porter: I think Parker is playing mind games here with Devlin.



Devlin easily kicks out just after one.

Theo Pryce: As expected.

As both men climb to their feet, Sean feints left before darting forward with unbridled speed. He grabs Devlin's arm, attempting to whip him into the ropes, but Devlin digs his heels in, reversing the momentum and sending Sean hurtling toward the ropes instead. With a quick reflex, Sean rebounds off the ropes, flipping gracefully in mid-air before driving both knees into Devlin's chest with a perfectly executed double knee stomp. The impact knocks the wind out of Devlin, leaving him gasping for air on the mat. Again, Sean goes for a cover. The ref slides into position.



Devlin throws a shoulder up which the crowd responds to, eager to see both popular wrestlers showcase their talents longer. As the two wrestlers square off once again, the crowd erupts into a deafening roar. The tension in the air is palpable as Sean and Devlin prepare to lock horns again. The two throw caution to the wind, charging at each other, their movements fluid and precise. Sean launches himself into the air, aiming for another high-flying maneuver, but Devlin is ready this time.

With lightning-fast reflexes, he counters Sean's attack, catching him in mid-air and driving him down to the mat with a thunderous sit-down powerbomb. He stays seated, pinning Sean’s arms and shoulders to the mat with his legs as the referee begins to count….

Mister Big Ticket: Hell of a counter there.




Theo Pryce: I'm not gonna lie fella, I felt my sphincter tighten a little on that one.

Sean manages to roll out of the pinning combination with a split-second to spare!  Devlin doesn't give him a moment's rest, though. Seizing the opportunity, he charges forward, looking to capitalize on his momentum, taking Sean down again with a Slingblade, the momentum of which sends Sean tumbling back to his feet. Devlin takes advantage of Sean’s momentary dazed state and runs at him, drilling his head into the mat with the Rock N Rolla Front Flip DDT!

Devlin rolls Sean over and hooks the leg.




Sean once again shows his resilience by kicking out.

Denzel Porter: Sean Parker refuses to lose this one.

The crowd is on the edge of their seats, roaring with excitement as the back-and-forth battle between Sean Parker and Devlin Knight reaches a fever pitch. Both wrestlers are showing incredible resilience, refusing to stay down for the count.

Devlin, his frustration evident, rises to his feet, his eyes locked on Sean with unwavering intensity. Determined to put an end to the match, he pulls Sean up, locking him in a tight headlock. Sean grimaces in pain, feeling the pressure of Devlin's grip tightening around his skull.

But Sean is not one to go down without a fight and he manages to power out of the headlock, delivering a series of rapid-fire elbow strikes to Devlin's midsection. Devlin stumbles backward, momentarily stunned by the sudden onslaught.

With Devlin reeling, Sean sees his opportunity and charges forward, unleashing a flurry of devastating kicks and punches. Each strike finds its mark with pinpoint accuracy, wearing down Devlin's defenses with each successive blow. The crowd erupts into cheers, rallying behind Sean as he presses his advantage.

But Devlin, fueled by sheer determination, refuses to stay down. With a primal roar, he summons his strength and launches himself at Sean, catching him off guard with a lightning-fast knee strike to the midsection. Sean doubles over in pain, gasping for air as Devlin seizes the opportunity to execute his signature finishing move, the devastating Stormbreaker.

The impact shakes the ring to its core as Devlin drives Sean into the mat with bone-jarring force. The crowd watches in awe as Devlin hooks Sean's leg for the cover, the referee sliding into position to make the count.




Just as the referee's hand is about to strike the mat for the third time, Sean kicks out, breaking the count and keeping the match alive.

Mister Big Ticket: I really thought that one was it partners!

Denzel Porter: Me too!

Devlin's eyes widen in disbelief, but he wastes no time in regaining his focus. He drags Sean back to his feet, refusing to let up the pressure for even a moment. Sean, battered and bruised but far from defeated, meets Devlin's gaze with a steely resolve of his own. Sean and Devlin engage in a rapid exchange of strikes and counters.Sean strikes first, launching a barrage of lightning-fast kicks aimed at Devlin's legs, seeking to weaken his foundation. Devlin is able to deflect each of the attempted blows through, displaying expert timing and footwork.

Devlin retaliates with a devastating combination of his own, delivering a series of powerful punches and knee strikes that drive Sean back against the ropes. But Sean counters with a well-timed headscissors takeover that sends Devlin crashing to the mat.

As Devlin struggles to get back to his feet, Sean uses the ropes for momentum and flips through the air, executing a picture-perfect shooting star press. However Devlin, manages to roll out of harm's way at the last possible moment, narrowly avoiding Sean's aerial assault. Sean clutches his midriff, temporarily winded and Devlin flies, cracking Sean on the back of the head with a high impact swinging back elbow. He wraps his arms around the backs of Sean’s shoulders, planting him with a snap dragon suplex that folds him up like an accordion. Devlin quickly makes another cover.




Mister Big Ticket: Again, Sean is able to kick out much to the delight of the crowd.

Devlin can’t quite believe it, he thought he had the three-count. He quickly regains his focus though.Sensing the momentum in his favor now, Devlin backs up. He measures Sean trying to regain his bearings and sprints towards him, throwing his knee toward him, going for the DEVine Intervention but Sean inexplicably catches him coming in. Devlin has a momentary look of shock on his face as he expects his knee to crash straight into Sean’s face. Sean drives the point of his elbow into the top of Devlin’s thigh before whipping him over with a dragon screw. Sean hooks Devlin up and drills him back down with the Helheim’s Hellfire fisherman buster and hooks the leg.



But this time it’s Devlin again showing his resilience to kick out at the last second! Both men look like the battle they’ve been in is taking its toll, chests heaving, sweat pouring off them, pain etched on their faces. They both pull themselves up, backs to each other, expressions of determination clear.
In a breathtaking display, Sean and Devlin simultaneously launch themselves into the air, their bodies moving with synchronized precision.

Mister Big Ticket: This match is insane!!!!

Denzel Porter: It sure is!

Sean unleashes the Blade of Miquella, spinning gracefully through the air with lightning speed, his leg extending in a powerful hook kick aimed straight at Devlin's head. At the same time, Devlin charges forward with his DEVine Intervention V-trigger, his knee poised to deliver a devastating blow to Sean's skull.

The two moves collide with explosive force, the impact echoing throughout the arena as Sean's spinning hook kick meets Devlin's thunderous knee strike head-on. For a moment, time seems to stand still as the two wrestlers hang in mid-air..

Then, with a resounding thud, both Sean and Devlin crash to the mat, the force of their collision sending shockwaves rippling through the ring. A “Holy Shit!” chant breaks out as Sean and Devlin lie prone on the mat side by side. However, the referee then notices that both men have their arms splayed across the other’s chests. The referee is down to make the count!




Ring announcer: The referee has informed me that both competitors shoulders were down when making the three count, therefor this match has ended in a no-contest.

Theo Pryce: Damn it, you hate to see such a great match between two highly contested competitors end like this.

Denzel Porter: You do and I know they both wish things had gone differently but knowing these two stars, this match will happen again.


This Advertisement is brought to you by MGP: X - @miracleglxpro

March 31st, 2024 - Miracle Galaxy Pro returns to Shinjuku Face!

[Image: ikb51PA.png]

Co- Main Event
Standard Single Match

Johnny Bacchus
- vs -
Thaddeus Duke

The house lights fall dark with a loud audible snap.  Thad's pet lion, Mufasa, belts out a loud roar and with it, the stage and the ring light up in a dim gold colored lighting. Mufasa paces the stage as "My Name Is Human" by Highly Suspect plays throughout the stadium to a roar from the XWF Universe.

Ring Announcer:  From the Tribeca section of New York City.  Weighing 2 hundred 17 pounds.



Thad enters the stage with his hood up.  Standing on stage, Thad gives his 'messiah pose' as a triple pyro shot from the top of the X-Tron toward the ring.  When it bursts, it reveals a sparkling golden image of a roaring lion above the ring, bringing cheers from the XWF Universe.

The camera focuses on the stage as the lights cut and “Lament for Wasps” by Deafheaven begins to play over the P.A.  The guitar seems to shimmer over the crowd as muffled as white lights flash like sparks around the floor.  A name appears on the tron: “The Rascal King” Jonathan Bacchus. 

Frigid bedroom capture
In a spring without desire

The crowd gives an appreciative pop as the out from behind the curtain walks Jonathan Bacchus, dressed in all black with a peacoat over a turtleneck and combat pants bloused into his Louboutin sneakers.  He wears a white Thalia mask over his face, his hair hanging down over the top. 

Harvesting brightness despite.
Drawn to the heat, not the light.

He marches down deliberately, his eyes on the ring.  On the ramp, he removes the Thalia mask and flicks it casually over his shoulder into the crowd.  Stitches can be seen on his face – under his chin and across his hairline – as the remnants of his ugly Tai-Pei Deathmatch at the beginning of the month.

Ring Announcer: Making his way to the ring, from Oakland, California and weighing in at 205 lbs… he is “The Rascal King” – JONATHAN!  BACCHUS!

I lay steady
Stare at the ceiling, waking fears of nothing
You lament for wasps
You glow cobalt
In the home of the friendless

At the base of the ring, Bacchus turns to the stairs and climbs them to the turnbuckle.  With a single clean vault, he launches himself over the top rope and turns to land on the middle rope inside the ring, his peacoat seeming not to hamper his movement.  As his theme song explodes into the chorus, he throws his head back and arms out, the lights flashing bright white and the audience roaring appreciatively! 

Another night spent fussing, feasting like the lords
Laughing at the fronting, singing to the chords

A small smirk creeps over his face as he looks around at them – yet an intensity remains in his eyes.  He takes a moment to blow a few kisses to nobody in particular.

Of hell imagined
To the chords of hell imagined

He removes his peacoat and drops it to the outside before pulling his turtleneck over his head.  He whips this into the crowd before dropping down to the mat, circling the ring before taking back to his corner and reclining in it.

Hell imagined
Hell imagined

Denzel Porter: Nobody quiet does an entrance like these two Mega Stars.

Theo Pryce: This match is definitely the battle of legends both Hall Of Fame-worthy competitors and they are going to face off for the first time ever.

Mister Big Ticket: This is what the DPI is all about, DREAM MATCHES!!!!

*Bell Rings*

Duke with a dropkick to the chest right out the gate to Johnny.

Denzel Porter: Duke with one of the most beautiful dropkicks I've ever seen.

Theo Pryce : One of the most violent dropkicks you ever seen.

Mister Big Ticket: I think both are good to describe it gentleman.

Duke then vaults back upwards, lifting Johnny up and nailing him with a jumping knee strike before Johnny could even regain any bearings, spinning him right into a thunderous neckbreaker.  Duke then manuvers his way into a covering position.



At 1 and a 1/2, Johnny is able to raise his right should a quarter inch off the mat. Unconvincing, but enough for the referee to see; wave off the pin attempt. Much to the chagrin Duke, who simply stares daggers through the ref. Knowing that Johnny is still reeling from his assault; as such will be a little slower to rise back up. As well as a little warier when it comes to actually engaging with Johnny, now that he understands a taste of what he is capable of. Duke turns towards the fans and gets a big mix reaction from them as some Cheer and boo simultaneously. Duke smirks at the noise and does a taught towards them.

Denzel Porter: The fans are showing respect to the LIONHEART!!!

Theo Pryce: Don't boost his ego even more now.

Still pandering to the fans and Unbeknownst to him, however, Johnny has made his way back to a vertical base; is positioned right behind Duke. Something he finds out when he turns around - right into a Saito Suplex, to the delight of the crowd. Johnny then grits his teeth, attempting to blank out the pain racing through him as he delivers a leg drop to his now downed foe, looking towards the turnbuckles as he does. He knows sooner rather than later, he is likely gonna have to pick up the pace of the match if he wishes to have any chance of winning. Duke begins to slowly rise - an attempt thwarted by Johnny as he  nails a shoot-style kick to the exposed sternum of his foe. Forcing him to drop face-first back atop the mat, then following up with a leg drop to the back of Duke .

He flops like a fish outta water upon impact. Johnny isn't done here though. Not at all. In fact, he picks Duke up; Irish whips him into the turnbuckles on the bottom left  side of the ring, pivoting his hips to ensure Duke does indeed head in that direction. Then leveling him with a clothesline to the back of the head once he reaches the turnbuckles. The impact enough to cause his head to whip forward then backward as he hits the mat. Johnny then rushes towards the ropes; jumping atop the middle one before flying off with a Springboard moonsault/pin combination.




At a count of around 2 and one-quarter, Duke is able to push his body up enough to force Johnny off him, but not enough to give himself any momentum so as to rise to a vertical base.

Denzel Porter: Close but no cigar there for Johnny.

Theo Pryce: Wonder if frustration is setting in for either one at this point with being unable to put the other away yet.

Mister Big Ticket: Patience is key to the win.

The referee, who to this point has only had to do a little outside of counting the pinfall attempts, checks on both men. Making sure that they are still able to compete. To continue this joust as the crowd begin to amp up their support for both competitors. Their desire to see both men finish this match fuels them as they continue to cheer them on. Smiling, Johnny works his way to a vertical base, much like a smiling Duke  - and is able to obtain a waist lock. As if he wants to connect with a belly-to-belly of his own.

Though that desire is cut off by a Mongolian chop by Duke, causing Johnny to stagger backward; enabling Duke to connect with a spinning backfist to send him back down to the mat. Johnny manages to prevent himself from falling and grasps the left leg of his foe, turning him around and into a Single leg Boston crab submission. Pain etched upon his face, Duke attempts to slowly but surely inching his way towards the ropes. Even as Johnny torques back; continues wrenching in the hold. Kneeling down, the ref asks Duke if he wishes to give up; receives a snarled "no" in response as Duke manages to push himself up and desperately cling onto the nearest bottom rope.

Denzel Porter: Great ring awareness there, to know where the ropes are; what is needed to reach them.

Theo Pryce: Duke is not one to submit.

Johnny relinquished the hold. He then leans on the ropes and drops a little as Duke makes it back to a vertical base.

Looking over at Johnny, Duke contemplates clotheslining him over the top; to the outside, but he's prevented from doing so by a dropkick to his chest by Johnny. Slowly pushing himself up,  Johnny grabs the left leg of his foe; delivers a knee drop to the inside of his thigh, causing a grunt to leave his mouth as Johhny leaps into the air. Landing this time with a leg drop atop the stomach/chest area of Duke .Rising, Johnny maintains his hold on Dukes leg and looks to hit a dragon screw but Duke  comes back with an enziguri and then lands a DDT and causing a jarring sensation to run though his foes body. Though his own leg begins to pulsate as he attempts to rise - the impact of the Single leg crab begins to truly set in.

Denzel Porter: These two have given it everything tonight in  front of this sold-out crowd here in the Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium!!!

Theo Pryce: Legacy moment are created here, this is a place where rookies become stars, where stars become superstars, where Superstars become legends, where Legends become immortal! This is the DPI! 

Mister Big Ticket: Legendary atmosphere here tonight.

Pushing himself up, Johnny manages to rise as his foe is still supine atop the mat, giving himself enough time to maneuver towards the turnbuckle. Well, limp towards the turnbuckle before cautiously scaling said turnbuckle and leaping off with an elbow drop to the chest of Duke  and goes for the pin.




Denzel Porter: It's over. ---  No. No he hasn't.

At what can only be described as a count of 2 and 9/10th, Duke is able to lift his left shoulder off the mat.

Pain searing through him as he does. Rolling off his foe, Johnny rises upwards, grabbing Duke Left wrist as he does. Inadvertently enabling Duke to whip him chest-first into the turnbuckles. Winding him as he falls back atop the mat. Both men were barely able to sit up - let alone stand at this juncture. Inhaling and exhaling, the 2 attempt to regain their bearings - both knowing this match is another step towards making their names even more legendary, another step to immortality. Their means to showcase to the fans what they are all about. This time, it's Duke who is able to rise up first. Allowing him to grab both of Johnnys wrists - raising his boot; striking him with a move not too dissimilar to an inverted curb stomp. The impact of which is essentially enough to cause a concussion. Duke maintains control of the wrists before hoisting Johnny up; dropping him down with a spinebuster. Falling forward into a pinfall with his arm draped across Johnny.




At a count of 2 and a half, Johnny is able to raise his right shoulder,.

Denzel Porter: How much longer can this contest go?

Theo Pryce: These guys have no quit in them, their body will have to shut down before they stand down for a three.

Mister Big Ticket: A battle of who can endure!!!

Duke and Johnny stare each other down as they stagger up on their feet and meet each other in the middle and begin exchanging a series of punches. Johnny, Duke, Johnny, Duke, Johnny, Duke. Johnny, Duke, Johnny, Duke and then Duke  again and then follows up with a headbutt to the face of Johnny and then sends Johnny into the ropes and waits for him to come back and goes for a heel kick but Johnny ducks and goes to bounce off the ropes and comes back to nail Duke  with the a tornado DDT and then drags him to the corner and puts him in a sitting position before heading over to the turnbuckle next door and climbs to the top to THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD ( Coast 2 Coast)!!!!!! Johhny pulls Duke out the corner and goes for the pin.

Theo Pryce : Johnny going to do it!!!




Duke gets his shoulder up and Johnny can't believe it and neither can the fans in the crowd as a look of shock falls over the arena.

Denzel Porter: Duke may have a pretty face but he is as tough as they come and is showing why he has the heart of a Lion.


Johnny stays calm and focused on Duke as he watches Duke pull himself up by the ropes and looks over at him with a smirk and mouths the words give it your best shot.

Theo Pryce: Man you got to love the heart of Duke. It runs in the family ya know.

Johnny comes running in at Duke but Duke catches him by the throat and tosses him to the corner and starts unloading on him with punches and kicks and then slings him into the opposite corner and meets Johnny with big body splash and then knock shim down with a close line and then Duke goes to bounce off the ropes and comes back and hits a leg drop over the chest of Johnny but doesn't go for the cover instead he lifts Johnny  up and talks some trash to him and then delivers a thunderous punch to his head and send shim back to the ropes and looks for a spine buster but Johnny  counters with a running knee to the face and then follows up with a spinning kick to the chest that sends Duke into the corner and Johnny quickly lifts him up on the top turnbuckle and then gets up there with him and yells out before hitting a Top Rope Release German Suplex!!!

Denzel Porter: That's got to be it now.

Johnny  back up into the corner instead of going for the pin. Looking to inflict more damage before trying to put this one away after Duke kicked out before. He waits as Duke staggers up in a daze as he market knows where he at as he turns around to face Johnny and then  The Tragedy at Buffalo (fka the Czolgosz Driver) – Gutwrench Piledriver, Johnny quickly hooks both legs as the referee makes the count.




*Bell Rings*

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner by pinfall, The Rascal King” Jonathan Bacchus!!!!!

Denzel Porter: What an incredible match, a truly instant classic between two legends that fans will remember for a long time.

Theo Pryce: Truly an immortal showcase.

Duke rolls out the ring and gets some cheers from the fans as he walks up the ramp and heads to the back while Johnnny celebrates in the ring to a roar of cheers.


This Advertisement Promotion is brought to you by the XWF: X - xwf1999

XWF Universal Title

- vs -
Dolly Waters

Ring Announcer: The following contest is your main event of the evening and it is for the XWF Universal Championship! Introducing fi-

The lights in the arena cut out entirely, and the fans begin to buzz. The darkness holds for a moment before…

Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

With each of the hits of the word “Fame” a spotlight flashes back and forth between the stage and a random spot in the audience. On the screen, the images alternate between key moments from the career of Sebastian Everett-Bryce, S.E.B. and Empire.

Theo Pryce: You know I heard rumors that the winner of the Free For All Last Blood Battle Royale and the XWF's current #1 Contender Sebastian Everett-Bryce would be here tonight and now here he is!

After the final Fame, the lyrics end.

Na, na, na, na…

The screen flashes with the words “Welcome to the Empire.”

As the beat drops, Sebastian Everett-Bryce flings his arms wide, lit up by a bright spotlight. He’s wearing a Dark Blue jacket, with a light blue flowered pattern on top of a light blue shirt and jeans. His look is finished off with Chuck Taylors.. He stands in the middle of the ramp, the lights beating down on him, before looking out at the crowd, a sneering grin upon his face.

Fame makes a man take things over
Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame puts you there where things are hollow
It's not your brain, it's just the flame
That puts your change to keep you insane (sane)

The lights lift and Seb makes his way to the ring, he takes his time walking from side to side slapping hands with fans and playing up to the ovation. Also, doing his best to take as much time as he can to make the actual competitors due to fight wait to make their own entrances. He makes a round of ringside, interacting with all the fans before climbing the steps into the ring.

Fame, what you like is in the limo
Fame, what you get is no tomorrow
Fame, what you need you'll have to borrow
Fame, fame, fame, fame
Fame, fame, fame, fame

He moves to the center of the ring and unbuttons his jacket, and waits.

Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder?
Is it any wonder? (Ooh)

The beat drops again, he flashes his arms out to a side, a satisfied smirk upon his face, he holds the position for a moment, to allow the crowd to take pictures. As his music continues to play, Seb climbs out of the ring and walks down the steps, as he approaches the commentary position, Thad Duke climbs to his feet and the two best friends exchange a hug. Seb reaches out and shakes the hand of (not sure who else is commentating? Is it JC as normal?) before walking towards the large, ornate throne and picking up the headset that rests in the seat, and pulling it on.

SEB: Hello there.

Mister Big Ticket: Welcome to the booth SEB.

SEB: How are we doing, gentlemen?

Denzel Porter: Great now that you're here.

SEB: So fellas, I thought I’d come out and scope out the competition of course. After all, one of these competitors is going to be my opponent at March Madness.

Theo Pryce: Gotta respect the strategy there.

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger…

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Dolly Waters appears under the titantron.

Ring Announcer: From Frankfort, Kentucky, weighing 120lbs, Dollyyyyy Waterrrrrs!

She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.

Mister Big Ticket: Dolly looks ready for this one, Thad, she’s got that fire in her eyes.

Denzel Porter: She’ll be looking for a quick turnaround. I’ll admit it, I did not expect her to lose the Television title so soon after winning it, I genuinely thought she’d have a good run with it. But she’s bounced back and hopes to make Ned Kaye’s reign short-lived.

SEB: I’ll admit I do like what I’ve seen from this one; she’s a feisty competitor and defeating Ned tonight would certainly throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

Suddenly, the arena flashes white as spotlights from around the venue converge at the entrance room as "You Know My Name" begins playing bombastically. As the lyrics start, Ned Kaye stands at the point where the spotlights merge to thunderous applause, the XWF Universal Championship glimmering around his waist. He lifts his fist up in the air, awaiting the crowd to do the same before rushing down to the ring, serenaded by blue hues that light up the ramp following his steps.

Ring Announcer: And her opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing 224lbs, he is the reigning and defending XWF Universal Champion, “Notorious” Nnnnnned Kaaaaaaye!

The lights above the stadium darken in their blue color as Ned gets closer to the ring, little bits of ember adorning the titantron and ramp, orange breaking up the blue. Before he gets to the ring, he throws SEB a glance who just smiles and waves at him. Ned then leaps over the ropes into the ring before looking down, breathing the moment in, and pointing out at the crowd, ready to fight just with their energy alone. Jumping a bit from the adrenaline, he makes his way to his corner, handing the referee his championship as he prepares for the bell.

Mister Big Ticket: Ned looks as ready as ever for his first title defense here tonight!

Denzel Porter: The first title defense is always the most pressure-filled one. No one wants to be a one-term champ, just ask Isaiah King.

Theo Pryce: Oh man, that one cuts deep.

The referee finally calls for the bell as Ned looks a little taken aback by SEB’s appearance. He throws him a glance, his brow furrowed and SEB just ushers him away with a wave of his hand as if directing his attention back to the ring.

SEB: Focus on your opponent, you muppet, not me. I thought Ned was meant to be a veteran?

Mister Big Ticket: He is and in case you forgot, he and Isaiah turned your Pantheon boys over just fine last Warfare to retain the tag team titles!

SEB: A blip in the road, JC, that’s all that was, I assure you.

As Ned turns his head back, he’s caught off-guard by a powerful shotgun dropkick from Waters which sends the champion forcefully back into one of the corners.

Mister Big Ticket: Well, whatever mind games SEB was looking to play here has started working already, Ned was so preoccupied with Everett-Bryce that he completely took his eye off the ball.

SEB: There’s no mind games here!

Denzel Porter: And here comes Dolly again! Leaping calf kick in the corner!

Ned staggers out of the corner after being on the receiving end of an early flurry from the challenger. Dolly doesn’t let up though, coming in once more and rams multiple knees to Ned’s midsection that force him onto the ropes. Dolly goes back on the attack, generating momentum from the ropes but Ned catches her running in with a textbook dropkick to the chin that takes her down. The momentum from the dropkick brings Dolly rolling back to her feet, Ned sends her back down with a couple of quick-fire arm drags before bookending the sequence with a standing shooting star press. Ned immediately goes for the first pinfall attempt of the match, hooking one of Dolly’s legs.


Two- but Dolly is able to power out in the early going. 

As she rises, Ned stays on the offensive, not allowing her a moment to breathe. He transitions smoothly from his last move into a leg-sweep that takes Dolly down to the canvas once more. With Dolly down, Ned still doesn't let up, quickly following up with a double knee drop aimed at her chest as Dolly winces in pain.

However, despite the punishment from the champion, Dolly rolls away from Ned's next move, narrowly avoiding a bicycle kick aimed at her head. Capitalizing on the opening, Dolly springs to her feet and delivers a lightning-fast spinning mule kick, catching him off guard.

Dolly seizes control of the match for now, launching a flurry of strikes at Ned. She targets his knee, elbow, and lower back with precision strikes, exploiting his vulnerabilities. Ned tries to fight back, but Dolly's relentless assault keeps him on the defensive.

With Ned reeling, Dolly seizes the opportunity to showcase her agility and high-flying prowess. She ascends to the top turnbuckle, the crowd roaring in anticipation. With a graceful leap, she executes her trademark "Serenity Fall" diving frontsault leg drop, crashing down on Ned with breathtaking force.
The impact leaves both wrestlers sprawled on the canvas, the audience on the edge of their seats. As the referee begins the count, the fate of the match hangs in the balance.



But before the referee's hand can strike the canvas for the third time, Ned manages to muster the strength to kick out, keeping the match alive. The crowd erupts in cheers and applause, impressed by the resilience displayed by both competitors.

Mister Big Ticket: Dolly certainly came to play tonight, she’s giving the champ everything she’s got!

Denzel Porter: Ned’s still in this match though, it took him this long to get to the top of the mountain, he’s not going to let this one slip away easily.

SEB: I thought Ned would’ve shown more in this match by now if I’m being honest, boys. So far, this Dolly is the only one that’s shown any proper fight so far.

Dolly wastes no time as she springs back to her feet, her eyes fixed on Ned, who is struggling to recover from her devastating maneuver. Sensing an opportunity to further capitalize on her momentum, Dolly grabs Ned by the arm and whips him into the ropes. As Ned rebounds, Dolly charges forward, executing a lightning-fast shotgun dropkick that sends him crashing into the turnbuckle with immense force.

With Ned stunned in the corner, Dolly doesn't let up. She charges in again, aiming a running chop at his chest, the sound echoing throughout the arena. Ned grimaces in pain as Dolly continues her relentless assault, unleashing a barrage of strikes, each one calculated to wear down her opponent.

But just when it seems like Dolly has full control of the match, Ned summons a burst of energy, ducking under one of her strikes and countering with a lightning-fast spinning heel kick that catches her off guard. Dolly staggers backward, momentarily stunned by the unexpected blow.

Seizing the opportunity, Ned launches into action, unleashing a flurry of his own signature moves. He connects with a series of precise strikes, targeting Dolly's vulnerable joints and soft spots. A double stomp to her back leaves her gasping for air, while a step-up enzuigiri rocks her head back with stunning force.

As Dolly struggles to regain her footing, Ned brings out his trademark "Disciplinary Action," executing a slingshot hurricanrana that sends Dolly crashing to the mat in a heap. The impact leaves her dazed and vulnerable, prompting the champion to go for a pinfall attempt once more, hoping to secure his first defense.

The referee slides into position, his hand poised to begin the count.



But at the last possible moment, Dolly kicks out with determination.

Mister Big Ticket: Now the champion’s come to play! He caught Dolly with all of that Disciplinary Action we’ve seen countless times before!

Denzel Porter: Definitely more like the Ned we saw at Free For All.

SEB: I’ll give him his props, that was pretty impressive. I mean it’s no Empire Kick but hey, the guy’s working with what he’s got.

The arena pulses with excitement as the match reaches a fever pitch. Dolly and Ned continue to trade blows, each refusing to relent. Dolly launches into another flurry of strikes, her movements a blur of speed and precision. She connects with a series of devastating knee strikes and palm strikes, each one aimed at wearing down Ned's defenses.

But Ned, ever resilient, refuses to stay down. With fierce resolution in his eyes, he retaliates with a barrage of strikes of his own, each one delivered with equal pinpoint accuracy. He catches Dolly with a spinning heel kick followed by a thunderous double stomp to the chest. Ned again goes for a cover, hooking one of Dolly’s legs as the referee is there to count.



Thr-no! Again Dolly fights back and kicks out.  With sweat dripping down their faces and the crowd on their feet, champion and challenger begin to engage in a back-and-forth exchange of high-impact moves and lightning-fast strikes.

Dolly, fast and agile, unleashes a flurry of aerial assaults, springboarding off the ropes and launching herself at Ned with breathtaking precision. She connects with a diving dropkick followed by a picture-perfect moonsault, the impact leaving Ned reeling on the canvas.

But Ned refuses to stay down. He counters with a series of devastating strikes and submission holds. He locks Dolly in a tight armbar, wrenching her arm back with all his might, but Dolly refuses to submit, gritting her teeth against the pain.

Both wrestlers dig deep, drawing upon every ounce of energy and determination they possess. With the fate of the match hanging in the balance, they trade one last flurry of blows, each one delivered with the force of a sledgehammer. The crowd's anticipation reaches a fever pitch as they watch the two competitors push themselves to their limits. Dolly charges at Ned with lightning speed. She unleashes a barrage of strikes, targeting Ned's vulnerable spots with pinpoint accuracy. Her fists fly like a whirlwind, each blow landing with bone-jarring impact.

But Ned refuses to back down. With a steely resolve, he counters Dolly's onslaught with a series of swift and powerful strikes of his own. His movements are precise and calculated, each strike aimed at wearing down his opponent's defenses. Dolly and Ned continue to trade blow after blow, neither willing to give an inch. The intensity in the arena is palpable as Dolly and Ned continue their fierce exchange. With each strike, each counter, they push themselves to the brink, their determination driving them forward.
Dolly launches herself at Ned with a spinning mule kick, aiming for his midsection. But Ned anticipates her move, sidestepping at the last moment and countering with a lightning-fast step-up enzuigiri that catches Dolly square in the jaw.

Mister Big Ticket: She's definitely going to feel that one tomorrow!

The impact sends Dolly staggering backward, momentarily stunned. Sensing an opening, Ned charges forward, unleashing a devastating barrage of strikes. He connects with a series of precise blows, each one landing with bone-jarring force.

But Dolly refuses to stay down. With sheer grit and determination, she fights through the pain, summoning her remaining strength for one final push. With a fierce cry, she launches herself at Ned, delivering a thunderous running knee strike that sends him crashing to the mat.
The crowd erupts into cheers as Dolly goes for the pin, hooking Ned's leg with all her might. The referee slides into position, his hand poised to begin the count.



But before the referee's hand can strike the canvas for the third time, Ned summons his last reserves of strength, kicking out with sheer determination. The match continues, both wrestlers refusing to back down as they fight tooth and nail for victory.

The crowd watches in awe as Dolly and Ned continue their epic battle, each refusing to give an inch. The outcome hangs in the balance as they push themselves to their absolute limits, their determination shining through in every move they make.

Dolly catches Ned with a spinning backfist and Irish Whips him into the corner. She runs in for a big corner attack but Ned counters, burying a kick deep into her gut before hopping into a seated position on the top turnbuckle. He grabs Dolly and drills her with the Trooper’s Tribute Tornado DDT, the momentum sending Dolly all the way back to her feet. Ned feels the momentum properly shifting now, flipping his hair out of his eyes and pumping his chest which draws a cheer from the crowd.

Mister Big Ticket: Ned’s feeling it now! He caught Dolly with all of that Tornado DDT!

Denzel Porter: I think it’s curtains now for Waters; she had her chances early in the match but couldn’t capitalize.

Ned sizes Dolly up before launching himself off the top rope, nailing her with The Ego Crusher! He locks in the headscissors choke around Dolly’s neck and throat and she flails on the mat, trying desperately to get to the ropes with her feet. However Ned holds her in place expertly, squeezing hard with his legs until Dolly is forced to tap out and the referee calls for the bell!

Mister Big Ticket: Dolly taps! Ned retains, what a match!

Denzel Porter: And a first defense in the books for him as well, an impressive victory for sure.

SEB: If you’ll excuse me boys, it’s been a pleasure!

Ring Announcer: Here is your winner, and still! XWF Universal Champion! The Notorious! Ned Kaaaaaye!!

The referee hands Ned the Universal Championship belt as SEB can be seen leaving his throne at ringside where the commentary desk is. He slides into the ring as Ned puts his championship belt over his shoulder. As he turns around and spots SEB, he immediately adopts a defensive posture but SEB holds his hands up in innocence and applauds Ned before raising his hand in victory. He points at the title before making a gesture, pointing to an imaginary watch on his wrist before he leaves the ring.

Mister Big Ticket: What a night we’ve had tonight for Night One of the Denzel Porter Invitational!

Denzel Porter: Join us tomorrow night for Night 2!!!

Theo Pryce: Have a good night everyone!

[Image: XCwEiv2.png]
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