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Judging Metric For DPI 3
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02-06-2024, 05:26 AM

As provided by Denzel Porter:

Whatever you and your opponent agreed on as far as Rp limit goes but below is the following metric you will be judged on.

CHARACTER: How well did you sell your character to us? How well did you sell the importance of this match and what it means to your character?

FLOW: How well did you go from one topic to the next? Did you repeat any statements that seemed to come unintentionally? Was it easy to follow?

Trash Talk: Keep your trash talk entertaining and focused on your opponent and match, being more creative with your trash talk will get you some extra points and make sure you're not repeating something you have already said.

INTEREST: Keep our interest! The word cap is Keep us engaged about your match and opponent. Quality is what is going to win the match, not quantity.

SPELLING/GRAMMAR: This is more of a “last resort” type of ordeal; I’m not going to trash your RP because you may not know the difference of there/their/they’re, but if the decision is close, we will look to spelling and grammar as a final say. I advise you to just run your RP through a word processor which is free from Google.

[TAG TEAM] FLOW: I am going to be looking for some sort of flow and/or transition from one RP to the next of all the teammates, and a sort of continuance. If one of you decides to go “lone wolf” it could go against you. This -does not- mean that you are going to lose because one, or even two people went lone wolf, or even if everyone is doing their own thing! But it is a factor that we will be looking for, and could swing favor toward the other team.

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