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ANARCHY 01/18/2024
Author Message
Jett Sterling Offline
XWF Management
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(fighting the odds; helps others; disliked by most adult male fans)

01-18-2024, 06:40 AM

In the heart of Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, the atmosphere is electric with anticipation. The arena, illuminated by a spectacular array of lights, reverberates with the eager cheers of fans.

They proudly showcase their signs that shimmer in the brilliant arena lighting:






TODD: "Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for an action packed night of ANARCHY, coming to you live from the iconic Prudential Center here in Newark, New Jersey!"

BAMA T: "Tonight, Todd, we're kicking things off with a high-stakes singles match featuring Tommy Wish, with John Black and Reggie Estrada in his corner, against the formidable Scotty Steinberg."

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama, and you have to think that Scotty is looking for some semblance of revenge after the Thugs' sneaky attack pre-match last week led to his brother Ricky being transported to the hospital and the Thugs somehow walking away with a countout victory."

BAMA T: "Well, they might have taken out one Steinberg, but the other one's a different beast altogether. You know, Todd, Scotty Steinberg is built like a minotaur on a triple dose of bull steroids! And from what I hear, he's got a couple of screws loose too, baby. When you mix that kind of raw power with a touch of madness, you get an unpredictable monster in the ring. Even with the potential of three on one, the Thugs better watch out because I suspect Scotty's not just looking for revenge— he's looking to burn down the whole hood, baby!"

TODD: "Bama, let's talk about Centurion. He came back, took down EDWARD, the longest-reigning Anarchy champion in company history, and then lost the title in that chaotic open challenge set by GM Jett Sterling. Do you think Jett has something against Centurion?"

BAMA T: "Of course he does, Todd! Centurion's old news, baby! Tell me, when was the last time his name sold a single seat that wasn't to a middle-aged housewife reminiscing about her decades long crush? We're in the era of Sean Parker, a man oozing with flash and style, and the likes of Madison Dyson, a fascinatingly twisted character. Centurion? He's just a crabby old man who's lost touch and is still clinging to a bygone era while shaking his fist at the clouds!"

TODD: "Hold on, Bama. Centurion is a legend in his own right, a three-time Anarchy Champion and one of the most recognized names in XWF history. His impact on the XWF and this sport at large can't be denied."

BAMA T: "Three-time Anarchy Champion, Todd? Is that all? Every other belt he's won has been retired, much like he should be. The sport has evolved, and Centurion? He's stuck firmly in the past, baby!"

TODD: "Well, regardless of our opinions, Centurion has had a remarkable career, and it's far from over. But let's focus on the next match."

BAMA T: "Then, it's time for a triple threat showdown. Harmon Grayson Hays squares off against Mr. Oz and American Nightmare Razor Blade."

TODD: "That's right, Bama. Harmon Grayson Hays is back, and he's certainly made a statement with his return. Interrupting Razor Blade's debut against Mr. Oz last week was both unexpected and impactful."

BAMA T: "A masterstroke, baby! HGH just swooped in, turned off the lights, and when they came back on, he was the center of attention. Razor Blade may have got the DQ win, but HGH stole the spotlight. And Mr. Oz? He was left fuming!"

TODD: "Indeed, but HGH's actions didn’t sit well with Jett Sterling. Setting up tonight’s triple threat match seemed like a punishment, but HGH appeared unfazed, almost excited by the challenge."

BAMA T: "Excited, Todd? I’d say brimming with confidence. Remember, HGH is a former Anarchy Champion. Five months out with an injury? That's just fuel to his fire, baby. He’s probably been chomping at the bit to get back in action and mix things up."

TODD: "True, Bama. But let's not discount Mr. Oz and Razor Blade. Mr. Oz brings brute force, and Razor Blade, technical finesse. This won’t be an easy return for HGH."

BAMA T: "When has HGH ever wanted easy, Todd? He’s at his best amidst chaos, and a triple threat match is chaos incarnate. One thing's for sure— Mr. Oz’s strength, Razor Blade’s skills, and HGH’s cunning make for an explosive mix."

TODD: "But not as explosive as our MAIN EVENT, Sean Parker, the reigning champ, is set to face a mysterious new challenger in Pariah. Pariah's unpredictability makes this a unique challenge. And with Madison Dyson waiting in the wings, Parker needs to stay sharp. He can't afford to wear himself out tonight."

BAMA T: "You're hitting the nail on the head, Todd. While Parker's in the ring with Pariah, Madison Dyson's getting a rest week. This could be a strategic disadvantage for Parker, heading into that big defense against Dyson."

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. Every move Parker makes tonight could impact his upcoming match with Dyson. He’s got to be mindful not to give too much away or push himself too hard."

BAMA T: "Strap in, folks! ANARCHY at the Prudential Center is about to begin, and it's going to be a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions!"


- vs -

TODD: “Up first tonight we got a barn burner of a match,with powerhouse Scotty Steinberg versus XWF mainstay Tommy Wish.”

BAMA T: “No doubt and after that countout decision on the last episode of Anarchy I’m sure Tommy’s lookin’ for something a bit more definite tonight.

Scotty Steinberg walks out onto the ramp, pauses, looks around before raising his mighty bicep and giving it a big wet kiss. He continues walking to the ring; looks around and bounces his pecs before kissing his other bicep! Rolling into the ring he tenses his glutes and gives them a little slap, women in the audience pass out, men become envious as Scotty does a ridiculous amount of push-ups until the match starts.

It shows Tommy in the shadows in a corridor somewhere on the X-Tron in a hoodie, then it fades back into the arena where the lights flicker and the camera see's him coming down to the ring in his jacket hoodie, with him waving a Kendo Stick around him. Reggie Estrada and John Black follow just behind. Then he nods his head to the beat, and he gives some fans some dap as he walks down to the ramp, then he slides into the ring, and gets on the turnbuckle and poses to the crowd with the stick in the air. Then he comes down from there, and stands on the corner leaning on the corner as his theme fades off.

The bell rings and the match gets underway. And without wasting any time Tommy goes for a lockup, only to be swatted to the mat disrespectfully by Scotty. The fans boo as Scotty starts to flex his peaks, and Tommy looks none too happy either. But nonetheless he gets up and goes for another lock up, but its a fake out! He instead gets behind Scotty and clubs him in the back of the neck!

TODD: “Tommy using his head!”

Scotty stumbles forward and Tommy rushes him from behind, taking him down with a running bulldog! Tommy covers!


TWO! No, Scotty powers out!

BAMA T: “Gonna take more than that Tommy boy!”

Scotty gets to his feet and so does Wish as he gets cheered on by his team mates at ringside. Now it’s Scotty going for a lock up, and he synched it in, forcing Tommy into the corner. Scotty starts laying some vicious meathooks on Tommy before wrapping him up and suplexing him back into the center of the ring.

Tommy is quick to his feet, but soon gets run over by a big time lariat from Scotty!

TODD: “Scotty may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but man is he strong.”

BAMA T: “Hey, hey, I’m sure Scotty’s plenty smart. I bet he can do Quaddrastic equations and everything!”

Tommy then sits down on Tommy’s back and wrenches him back with a camel clutch…The Everything Bagel! Tommy looks to be in trouble in the center of the ring. The ref gets on the mat asking Tommy if he wants to quit. But Tommy doggedly shakes his head “no”! That’s when John Black gets on the ring apron, drawing the attention of the ref, while Reggie sneaks around the other side of the ring and gets in, dropkicking Scotty in the back of the head to get him to break the hold!

BAMA T: “Three’s NOT a crowd for Tommy!”

But then, Ricky Steinberg comes running down to the ring! He pulls John Black down off the apron and knocks him to the floor! Reggie slides back out the ring to confront him and the two of them throw down!

TODD: “Where was Ricky this whole time?”

BAMA T: “Maybe he was droppin’ a deuce.”

As the fight continues on the outside, Tommy gets to his feet on the inside. Scotty does as well. They two of them go for a lock up, but Tommy again hits the reversal, standing switching behind Scotty and delivering a suplex of his own! Tommy gets up and starts stomping away on Scotty, but SCotty soon shrugs him off and trips Tommy up, forcing him to the mat where Scotty mounts him and starts reigning down punches.

Meanwhile on the outside John Black is to his feet and he and Reggie double team Ricky, launching him into the crowd control barricade. Scotty sees this and goes to the ring ropes, cussing out the THUGS. But this gives Tommy the chance to sneak up behind him and deliver a dropkick that sends Scotty up and over the top rope and to the floor. Scotty wastes no time getting up, but he’s then jumped by the THUGS! The ref threatens a DQ and the THUGS roll Scotty back in, where Tommy hits him with a kick to the midsection and then a sit out jawbreaker. He goes for the cover!




TODD: “The THUGS with the number’s advantage here tonight, and Scotty almost took the fall!”

Tommy yanks Scotty up, but as he does so Scotty hits Tommy with a dirty low blow! The THUGS protest on the outside but the ref didn’t see it. Scotty then picks Tommy up with ease and drills him with a spinebuster! He covers!




Scotty, enraged, picks Tommy up by his hair and launches him across the ring with a release German suplex. Then, with a running start he drops a big time elbow on Tommy’s skull and covers again!




Scotty pulls Tommy up again, cussing and spitting, and Reggie gets on the ring apron to distract again, when he gets surprised by Ricky Steinberg pulling him down and clubbing him in the skull! John Black runs in and clobbers Ricky from behind. Reggie and JB mercilessly stomp Ricky at ringside.

In the ring, Scotty has Tommy back up and he rears back for a punch, but Tommy blocks and nails Scotty with his own closed fist shot. They both start trading furious blows!

TODD: "Tommy and Scotty are really going at it now, exchanging those heavy blows."

BAMA T: "Yeah, but keep an eye on the outside, Todd. The THUGS and Ricky Steinberg are turning this into a real circus, baby!"

As the brawl continues outside, Tommy gains the upper hand in the ring, landing a solid punch that stuns Scotty.

Tommy, seizing the opportunity, lands an Uppercut on Scotty that staggers him back into the ropes where John Black is waiting with a chain wrapped around his fist. JB cracks Scotty Steinberg in the back of the head, Steainberg staggers forward, and right into Tommy Wish's Disjointed Arms! 

The crowd roars in approval as Tommy goes for another cover.

TODD: "Tommy's going for the pin! This could be it!"




The referee's hand slams down for the third count just as Scotty's foot inches towards the bottom rope, but too late to break the count.

BAMA T: "And there you have it! Tommy Wish pulls off the win!"


Reggie and John Black are not done yet. They grab Ricky Steinberg, with Reggie holding him in place as John Black, delivers a brutal punch to Ricky's forehead with that chain.

TODD: "Oh no, The THUGS are taking things too far here! The match is over! You won!"

BAMA T: "This isn't about winning anymore, baby. They're sending a message, loud and clear."

Reggie and John Black then slide into the ring with a table, setting it up with swift and practiced efficiency. Scotty Steinberg, still reeling from the match, is their next target. The THUGS execute a Drive-Bye, and send Scotty crashing through the table.

TODD: "My God! Scotty Steinberg just went through a table! The THUGS are dismantling the Steinberg brothers here tonight!"

BAMA T: "The THUGS are making it known that Anarchy is their turf, and they're willing to go to extreme lengths to protect it from outsiders!"

TODD: "Folks, what we've just witnessed is a clear indication that the THUGS are not to be trifled with. Every team on or even thinking about joining Anarchy needs to take note. Tommy, Reggie, and John Black have just drawn the battle lines."

BAMA T: "The THUGS are here to stay, and they're not asking for respect – they're taking it by force, baby!"

- vs -

The arena lights dim and a swirling green portal suddenly materializes with a flash, accompanied by the sound of a whirring portal gun.

TODD: "And here we go! Look at that, Bama, a green portal! Talk about making an interdimensional entrance!"

Stepping through this cosmic gateway with his hands casually tucked in his pockets and a stern, grim expression, THE RICKINATOR!

He strides down the ramp, the portal pulsating behind him before closing with a final buzz.

BAMA T: "He's definitely bringing his A-game tonight. The crowd's loving it, but the real test is in the ring, baby!"

He hops into the ring and finally looks up, his eyes blazing with a fiery determination, all set for the showdown that's about to go down.

BAMA T: "Speaking of the ring, here comes Centurion. This man's been through the wringer lately, Todd. Tough losses, issues with Jett Sterling, but he's walking down that ramp like he owns it."

As Centurion's entrance theme ripples through the arena, the veteran strides confidently down the ramp. The crowd greets him with a mix of respect and anticipation. Despite recent challenges, including a string of losses and a tumultuous relationship with the General Manager, Jett Sterling— there's a resilient fire in his eyes.

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. Centurion's a pro's pro. You can see the determination in his eyes. He's not letting recent setbacks slow him down. This is a man on a mission."

Approaching the ring, Centurion's gaze briefly lands on The Rickinator, already inside, waiting. With a nonchalant glance, he dismisses the ‘lower card wrestler’.

BAMA T: "Just a quick glance at The Rickinator, huh? Makes you wonder, Todd, if Centurion's really here to fight or just going through the motions?"

Climbing into the ring, Centurion surveys the crowd with a seasoned gaze, then turns to The Rickinator, nodding dismissively before settling into his corner.

TODD: "I think there's more to it, Bama. Centurion's a seasoned competitor. He's been down this road before, knows what it takes to bounce back."

Centurion quickly stretches, rolls his shoulders, and cracks his neck before signaling his readiness to the referee.


As the bell rings, Centurion and The Rickinator cautiously begin.

TODD: "Centurion's looking to rebound tonight, Bama. After losing the Anarchy title to Sean Parker in that controversial open elimination match, and then that questionable loss to Madison Dyson, he's got a lot to prove."

BAMA T: "True, Todd. But let's not forget, The Rickinator is still green, this being only his third match compared to Centurion's 300 plus. He's up against a mountain of experience."

Centurion showcases his technical skill, swiftly countering The Rickinator’s moves. He lands a clean Standing Dropkick, followed by a Saito Suplex, demonstrating why he's been a top competitor for years.

TODD: "Centurion's really taking control. That loss to Dyson, especially with Jett Sterling's involvement, has got to be fueling his fire tonight."

BAMA T: "And it's showing, Todd. The Rickinator's struggling to find his rhythm against the veteran. It’s a tough learning curve, baby."

The Rickinator, despite his efforts, finds himself outmatched. Centurion, seizing an opportunity, lands a Smart Bomb and quickly goes for the cover.




TODD: "Impressive kickout by The Rickinator. He’s not just handing this win to Centurion."

BAMA T: "Kid's got heart, but against Centurion's caliber, it takes more than heart. Centurion's not here to play, especially after those recent setbacks."

Centurion, undeterred, readies for the Fall of Rome. Despite The Rickinator fighting him every step of the way, he executes it flawlessly, and, with no escape, Ricky taps out.


TODD: "And there it is, the Fall of Rome! Centurion needed this win tonight."

BAMA T: "Absolutely, Todd. It's a statement. Despite the losses, despite the controversy, Centurion's showing he's still a force in the ring. And for The Rickinator, it’s a tough lesson against a seasoned pro, but I'm sure he'll bounce back stronger, baby!"

- vs -
- vs -
Triple Threat

The arena plunges into darkness, and a voice eerily announces, "Wrestling has one royal family." As "Kingdom" blasts through the speakers, a burst of fireworks lights up the stage, heralding the arrival of Razor Blade. Dressed in his signature American Nightmare outfit, Razor steps into the spotlight, his presence commanding immediate attention.

TODD: "Here he comes, Bama! Razor Blade, always one to make a grand entrance. And look at that, giving his American Nightmare belt to a young fan. That's a moment they'll never forget."

BAMA T: "You've got to love that, Todd. Razor might be tough in the ring, but he's got a heart, especially for his fans."

As Razor strides down the ramp, he's all business. Climbing the steel steps, he leaps onto the turnbuckle, arms raised high. The crowd roars as more fireworks explode around the ring.

TODD: "Razor Blade's really soaking in the crowd's energy tonight. He knows how to work this arena."

BAMA T: "That he does, Todd. But let's not forget, when that bell rings, it's a whole different Razor Blade we see. He's here to fight, and he's here to win–baby–win!"

Inside the ring, Razor climbs onto the top rope, taunting and rallying the crowd. He sheds his American Nightmare jacket and scans the ring with a fighter's gaze.

TODD: "Razor's gearing up for a tough fight tonight, Bama. With Mr. Oz and HGH on the other side of the ring."

BAMA T: "You're right, Todd. Mr. Oz's strength and those supernatural powers, that's a challenge. But let's not forget HGH. He's been a thorn in Razor's side for weeks, costing him matches with those distractions and interferences. Razor's got a score to settle tonight."

People begin to bang on drums as they play his entrance music. It seems as if Oswald has literally paid for an entire orchestra, just to play him to the ring.

TODD: "And now, here comes Mr. Oz. Talk about making an entrance, Bama. An entire orchestra playing him to the ring. That's some serious flair!"

After the first round of singing ends and the drums start off once more, Oz starts to walk to the ring, dressed in a large white cloak covering his body.

BAMA T: "Flair, Todd, and maybe a bit of intimidation too. Remember, it was Mr. Oz who was in the ring when HGH caused that disqualification in Razor's favor. And Oz wasn't happy about it, tried to attack HGH right there and then."

However, instead of entering the ring first, he waits.

TODD: "He's certainly taking his time, making sure everyone's attention is on him. But since that incident, we've heard nothing from Mr. Oz. No comments, no reactions. Silence."

He stands there near the ring floor next to the edge of the ramp. He slowly pulls off the cloak, folds it and then places it on the edge of the ring, next to one of the posts

BAMA T: "And that silence, Todd, is what worries me. In my experience, the silent ones are the most deadly. They're the ones who are planning, waiting for the right moment to strike. HGH better be on high alert tonight."

Mr. Oz climbs onto the apron and steps over the top rope, moving to his corner with a calm, almost eerie composure.

TODD: "Look at him just sitting there, waiting for the bell. It's like he's in a world of his own, completely unfazed by the crowd or his opponents."

Suddenly, the arena lights shift, signaling the arrival of Harmon Greyson Hays, also known as HGH. His entrance theme blasts through the speakers as he steps out onto the stage.

TODD: "And here comes HGH, Harmon Greyson Hays. After the role he's played in the past few matches, especially between Razor and Mr. Oz, you have to wonder what's going through his mind right now."

BAMA T: "He's been stirring the pot lately, and it's clear he enjoys every bit of the chaos he's caused. But tonight, he's in the ring with two men who have every reason to want a piece of him."

HGH strides down the ramp with a confident smirk, eyeing the crowd and his opponents in the ring.

TODD: "Look at him, Bama. HGH doesn't just walk to the ring; he owns it. That confidence could be his biggest strength tonight."

BAMA T: "Confidence, yes, but let's not forget who he's facing. HGH's arrogance might just be put to the test."

Reaching the ring, HGH slides in with ease and immediately starts taunting both his opponents, not backing down from the challenge ahead.

TODD: "HGH isn't wasting any time, getting right in the faces of Razor and Mr. Oz. He's ready to fight, but is he ready for the consequences?"

BAMA T: "He'd better be, Todd. HGH has been playing a dangerous game, and tonight, it's time to see if he can back up all that talk with action in the ring."


As the bell rings, Razor Blade wastes no time in taking the offensive against HGH, running in with a Crossbody and following it up with mounted punches. Mr. Oz, meanwhile, remains in his corner, not moving a muscle, his eyes fixed intently on the unfolding action.

TODD: "Razor's coming out strong here, Bama. He's not letting HGH get any momentum."

BAMA T: "He's like a man possessed, Todd. After everything that's happened, Razor's not holding back."

Razor quickly locks HGH in a Sleeper Hold, trying to wear him down early in the match. HGH struggles, but Razor transitions smoothly into a Snap Powerslam, driving HGH to the mat with force. HGH quickly rolls to the outside favoring his back and complaining to the referee.

TODD: "Razor's on fire tonight! He's using every move in his arsenal to keep HGH down."

BAMA T: "And look at Mr. Oz, Todd. Still just watching, waiting for the right moment."

Razor chases HGH outside, but HGH rolls back into the ring, forcing Razor to slide in after him, where he gets caught by some vicious stomps from HGH, but Razor battles back to his feet and regains control with a series of Dropkicks. HGH stumbles back, clearly thrown off by Razor's relentless attack. Razor then sizes up HGH for a Beautiful Disaster Kick, connecting perfectly and sending HGH crashing to the mat. Mr. Oz remains in his corner still.

TODD: "What a comeback from Razor! He's really showcasing his agility and strength here."

BAMA T: "But he can't forget about Mr. Oz. That guy's like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off, baby."

Razor, sensing an opportunity, climbs to the top rope and nails a perfectly executed Moonsault onto HGH. The crowd erupts as Razor hooks the leg for a pin.



THRE—But HGH kicks out just in time. Razor doesn't let the frustration show, instead, he pulls HGH to his feet and sets up for his trademark move, the Diamond Blade.

As Razor prepares for the Diamond Blade, HGH suddenly slips out of his grasp and quickly capitalizes, catching Razor off-guard with the Double Dose, driving him to the mat with a devastating DDT.

TODD: "Incredible counter by HGH! He's turned the tables on Razor with that Double Dose!"

BAMA T: "Never count HGH out, Todd. He's got tricks up his sleeve, and that DDT was a game-changer, baby!"

Just as HGH looks to capitalize on his move, Mr. Oz springs into action, grabbing HGH in a crushing bear hug. HGH struggles to no avail.

TODD: "Here comes Mr. Oz! He's been waiting for this moment, and now he's making his move!"

BAMA T: "Mr. Oz is like a dormant volcano, Todd. When he erupts, it's explosive as Hell, baby!"

Suddenly, the lights in the arena go completely dark, casting the ring and the crowd into pitch black.

TODD: "The lights are out! What's going on here? This is unexpected!"

BAMA T: "Not again!"

As the tension in the arena reaches its peak, the lights abruptly flash back on, revealing a baffling scene. Both Mr. Oz and HGH are nowhere to be seen, leaving Razor Blade alone in the ring.

TODD: "The lights are back, and... what? Mr. Oz and HGH are gone! Just vanished!"

BAMA T: "I've seen a lot of things in my time, Todd, but this is downright bizarre. Where did they go?"

The referee, equally puzzled, has no choice but to start the countout. He begins the ten-count, his voice echoing through the arena as the crowd murmurs in confusion.

TODD: "Looks like the referee is starting the count. Razor's not going to be happy about this. Another match disrupted, and this time it's like his opponents just vanished into thin air."

BAMA T: "Razor was looking for a fight, Todd, and now he's left in the ring with nothing but questions, baby. This isn't how he wanted to win."

Razor, recovering from the Double Dose, stands up, his anger obvious. He looks around the ring and then to the crowd, clearly upset about another match being ruined in such a strange manner.




The referee's count continues as Razor paces the ring, his eyes darting around in search of Mr. Oz and HGH.

TODD: "Razor's pacing like a caged animal. He came here to settle scores, and now he's left hanging."

BAMA T: "This was about making a statement, and Razor's chance to make that statement just vanished into thin air, baby."




The referee hits the ten-count, signaling the end of the match. Razor stands in the center of the ring, his hands on his hips, shaking his head in disbelief and frustration.


TODD: "It's over. The match ends in a countout, but nothing about this feels resolved."

BAMA T: "Razor's got every right to be angry, baby. He wanted a fight, and instead, he got a mystery."

As Razor's music hits, he exits the ring, still visibly upset.

- vs -
Singles | Non-Title

The lights dim, casting an eerie golden hue across the stage. Suddenly, amidst a burst of golden pyrotechnics, the enigmatic figure of Pariah emerges from the shadows, shrouded in a long, shimmering golden robe that glitters under the arena lights.

TODD: "And here comes Pariah, folks. Just look at that entrance – it's like something out of a fantasy!"

BAMA T: "Fantasy or not, Pariah knows how to grab attention. He's here to dazzle, to dominate, and to disrupt, baby!"

Slowly, with a methodical and deliberate stride, Pariah begins his descent towards the ring. The crowd is captivated, some cheering, others booing, but all eyes are fixed upon this unorthodox competitor.

As he approaches the ring, Pariah pauses, his head tilting slightly as if surveying his domain. He then ascends the steel steps. Once atop the apron, he faces the crowd, arms outstretched, basking in the mixed reactions of the audience, a smirk playing on his lips.

TODD: "That's classic Pariah, soaking in the crowd's reaction. You never know what's going through his mind, but that smirk says he's confident, maybe even a little cocky."

With a fluid motion, Pariah sheds his golden robe and slips through the ropes with a smoothness that contradicts his size. Inside the ring, he moves with a hunter's precision, prowling towards his corner. 

BAMA T: "Todd, baby, that's a predator right there. Pariah's got that dangerous edge, like he's about to unleash something we've never seen before."

There, he crouches low, eyes fixed intently on the ring, every muscle coiled and ready to unleash his unique brand of chaos the moment the bell rings.

TODD: "Absolutely, Bama. Pariah's debut last week was nothing short of impressive, showing he's a force to be reckoned with. But let's not forget the champ, Sean Parker. His high-flying style and ability to command the ring as the reigning Anarchy Champion, especially winning that title in a match involving Madison Dyson, Mr. Oz, all those other guys, and most impressively– three time champion Centurion!"

[Metal Cover]” by ToxicxEternity starts to play throughout the arena. As the song plays its slow, building intro, Sean Parker appears on the stage in a hooded waistcoat. He goes down on one knee, his head low as sparks fill the stage area. When the song explodes into life, Sean leaps to his feet, his arms outstretched and his hood falls back behind him. Sean walks confidently to the ring, running as he gets ringside and slides effortlessly under the bottom rope. 

TODD: "That athleticism, Bama, is what makes Parker so dangerous in the ring. He’s agile, quick, and always ready for action. But Pariah’s debut last week was unforgettable. Parker's got his work cut out for him tonight."

He takes off his waistcoat, tossing it into the crowd before he climbs up one of the turnbuckles and fist pumps before doing a backflip back down as his music fades out.

BAMA T: "No doubt, Todd. Pariah's unpredictable, and Parker will need more than high-flying moves to keep up. This match is a clash of styles, and I can't wait to see how the champ adapts to Pariah's unorthodox approach."

As the bell rings, Pariah rushes across the ring, catching the champion off-guard, squashing him into the corner with a big corner clothesline. He then proceeds to deliver a series of quickfire and angry kicks to Parker’s gut, forcing him downward and continues to stomp a mudhole in him until the referee is forced to intervene, stepping in between them.

TODD: "Wow! Pariah is wasting no time tonight in our main event, overpowering the champion in the early going!"

BAMA T: "He’s out to impress tonight, Todd. He earned a non-title shot following his debut victory a week ago and he’s now wanting to make a statement at the expense of the champ and potentially secure himself a future title shot."

Sean pulls himself back to his feet, using the ropes for leverage, favoring his midsection slightly after Pariah’s vicious kicks. Pariah comes charging in again but Sean is wise to it this time and commando rolls out of the way at the last second, causing Pariah to collide chest-first with the turnbuckles. Sean is back up now and jumps up, landing a martial arts-style spinning back kick to Pariah’s midriff before nailing him in the jaw with a spinning back fist. Sean grabs him in a front facelock and leaps up onto the turnbuckle delivering a swift tornado DDT much to the delight of the crowd.

TODD: "And just like that, Parker is back in it. He was caught off-guard early there by Pariah but he’s showing, even for a young guy like him, that he’s got experience as well as quickness."

BAMA T: "There’s that martial arts background coming into play here, Todd, Sean has those proverbial educated feet."

Sean runs towards a prone Pariah and goes for a standing shooting star press but Pariah rolls back. Sean sees him move though and adjusts his position mid-flight, landing in a crouched position instead of crashing and burning. However Pariah quickly retaliates by sending a hellacious chop into the chest of the champion causing him to wince as the sound of palm against chest echoes throughout the Prudential Centre. Sean backs up against the ropes, still feeling the effects and Pariah grabs him by the back of the head, delivering a no-nonsense headbutt that staggers him before lifting him at the waist with ease and drills him with a hard sidewalk slam. Pariah maintains the position and transitions into a pinfall, hooking one of Sean’s legs.



But Sean powers out. Pariah keeps up his offense with a hard elbow drop right onto Sean’s sternum causing the champion to grimace. Pariah pulls Parker to his feet and forces him onto the ropes and unleashes another series of hard chest chops, causing his chest to light up like a Christmas tree. Parker’s eyes widen as he tries to shake off the pain and Pariah disrespectfully slaps him in the face, paint-brushing him a few times.

TODD: "My God, did you hear those chops! And look at the welts on Parker’s chest already!"

BAMA T: "I’m not sure how wise this is though, Todd, slapping the champ in the face."

Pariah pulls Parker into a front face lock and attempts a DDT but Sean spreads his bodyweight, blocking the attempt and shows an incredible display of strength to lift Pariah up and over into a Northern Lights suplex, bridging beautifully into a pin!



Pariah kicks out, his face a picture of shock after almost getting caught napping. Sean rolls back to his feet and sees Pariah charging towards him again but he takes out his knee with a well-placed basement dropkick. Pariah drops down to one knee, clutching his other knee in pain but is immediately put down onto his back when Sean comes running in a leaping forearm smash to the face. Immediately, Sean leaps effortlessly to the nearest turnbuckle and comes flying off with a beautiful Sky Twister Press and goes for another cover.



Another kick out from Pariah though, the Anarchy newcomer showing his tenacity.

TODD: "This is more like the Sean Parker we’ve seen on Madness, that smash-and-grab, high-flying style that’s made him so prominent in recent months."

BAMA T: "Pariah is far from out of this though, Todd. That Sky Twister Press landed flush but kicked out right at two there."

As Sean grabs Pariah to pull him to his feet, he unleashes a combo of martial arts combinations that forces Pariah to cover up. Pariah interrupts the strikes though, catching Sean with a thumb to the eye which the referee warns him about.

Pariah seizes the moment, capitalizing on the temporary distraction, and takes control of the match. With Sean momentarily blinded, Pariah delivers a hard DDT and he goes for another pin attempt.



...but Sean kicks out just in the nick of time, displaying his resilience. Pariah, frustrated but focused, resumes his offensive assault. He lifts Sean to his feet, setting him up for a devastating piledriver. The crowd buzzes with anticipation as Pariah lifts Sean into position.

BAMA T: "Pariah looks to be going for the kill here, Todd. If he connects with that piledriver, it could spell the end for the champion!"

TODD: "Parker's in a precarious situation, but we've seen him escape from tight spots before."

However, Sean manages to wriggle free from Pariah's grip, countering with a quick backdrop. Both competitors scramble to their feet, showcasing the intensity of this main event. Sean, fueled by the energy of the crowd, charges at Pariah, connecting with a lightning-fast enzuigiri that sends Pariah staggering towards the ropes.

Sean seizes the opportunity, executing a flawless springboard hurricanrana that sends Pariah over the top rope and crashing to the outside. The arena erupts in cheers as Sean stands tall in the ring, ready to take flight.

BAMA T: "Incredible athleticism from the champion! He's not just a high-flyer; he's a strategist, too."

TODD: "This is the moment Sean Parker thrives in. Let's see what he has in mind."

With the crowd chanting in anticipation, Sean ascends the turnbuckle, poised for a spectacular dive. Pariah slowly gets to his feet outside the ring, unaware of the impending aerial assault. Sean takes a deep breath…

Madison Dyson casually steps out onto the stage.

TODD: "What's Madison doing here? She's got no business in this match!"

BAMA T: "It's mind games, baby. She's here to distract Parker, and it's working!"

Sean, momentarily distracted, turns his focus back to Pariah, but it's too late. Pariah, having recovered, spits a blinding Golden Shower of poison mist into Sean's eyes. Disoriented and struggling to see, Sean is an easy target for Pariah's Golden Drop, a vicious Dirty Deeds DDT.

TODD: "Oh no! That Golden Shower has blinded Parker! And there's the Golden Drop!"

BAMA T: "That's dirty, Todd, but in this business, it's all about taking opportunities, baby."

Madison laughs from the stage, reveling in the chaos she's caused. Pariah, soaking in the moment, hesitates slightly before covering Sean.




TODD: "Is this it? Is this... No! The champ kicks out! Unbelievable resilience from Sean Parker!"

BAMA T: "I can't believe it, Todd! Parker's still in this!"

Pariah, now more determined than ever, lifts Sean for a second Golden Drop. With Sean still reeling from the mist and the first DDT, Pariah executes the move with brutal precision.




The referee calls for the bell. Pariah stands victorious over the blinded and beaten champion, as Madison continues to point and laugh from the stage.


TODD: "Pariah has done it! He's defeated the champion, but not without a huge assist from Madison Dyson."

BAMA T: "Pariah's proven himself tonight, but this controversy is far from over."

As Pariah celebrates in the ring, the crowd is booing. Madison's interference has undoubtedly tainted the victory, but it's clear that Pariah is a force to be reckoned with in XWF.

TODD: "Controversial or not, Pariah's win tonight has shaken things up. What does this mean for Sean Parker and Madison Dyson moving forward?"

BAMA T: "One thing's for sure, Todd. With the animosity building between the champion and challenger, the Championship match at ‘Free 4 All’ should be a barn-burner, baby!"

TODD: “Indeed, Bama! That’s all the time we have for tonight, folks, but join us Sunday, January 28th for ‘FREE 4 ALL’, live from Arlington, Texas, and ONLY on Pay-Per-View!”

Bama T: “And Streaming, you fool!!!”

The next Anarchy comes to you live Thursday, February 15th. In the meantime, be sure to order XWF: FREE 4 ALL - Sunday, January 28th!


A big THANK YOU to the match writers:

Madison Dyson and Sean Parker!

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