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WARFARE: Our Main Bi-Weekly Show ENIGMA
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(heel alignment but liked by many; has earned respect despite breaking the rules often)

01-16-2024, 09:40 PM

[Image: F2gQOM6XIAAT9-v?format=webp&name=small][/align]

Wrestler's Real Name: Chelometsev "Sev" Vladislav Yurievich

Wrestler Age/Date of Birth: 45/November 16, 1978

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 275 lbs

Hometown: The Boiler Room

Alignment (Face? Heel? Antihero?): Heel

Pic Base: Beast King FTM

Backstory/Important Character Details: If you had the pleasure of reading "Of Mice And Men" in high school, he's a little like Lennie Small. He's huge and has the strength of a bear, but his actions for the vast part of his career were often described like those of an obedient dog. Outside of the ring, he's kind and gentle. Unfortunately, he was previously labelled as "simple" although he's far from stupid. He rarely spoke in those early days, embarrassed by his Russian accent although it has faded quite a bit over two decades of working in North America. He used to let his partner PYRO do all the talking for him (which was not the best move, given that the man was an absolute asshole). Sev worked as part of the veteran curtain-jerking tag team called The Ring Crew in such notable early 90's promotions as the World Class Wrestling Federation and Pure Elite Wrestling to name a few. When WCWF closed its doors for good in 2003, he went on to wrestle the occasional match in high school gymnasiums and rec-centres throughout the Midwest, helping to put the up-and-comers over. In 2018, he worked for six months in WWH's Sanitarium brand where he served as muscle for Warden Jackson, actually managing to win a few matches, much to the annoyance of his less-successful partner. The pair went to New York in 2019 to wrestle for 5BW, not having much success. The duo signed with UPRISING as enhancement talent and ENIGMA was noticed by Jack Moreau (fka LEGION) and was recruited as an enforcer for the Church of the 7th Circle, a band of misfits that were freed from their shackles and set loose as minions. When the group crumbled, ENIGMA refused to return to that toxic former teaming and sought to return to 5BW to forge his own path on the singles scene.

Surprising himself more than anyone else, he found that without these restraints and the constant belittling of his so-called partner, he COULD actually succeed in the business he had loved so much for so long. For the last year, he's been working the independent circuit, making his way through companies like 5BW, PWE and the short-lived project called The Entity. He captured gold in two of those three companies before ending up in Intense International Wrestling to answer a challenge for a vacant championship. He is currently enjoying a meteoric rise to the top as the inaugural holder of the LEGACY Championship as well as a member of the Mecca (alongside his new friend JMont). Unfortunately, IIW announced its impending closure at the end of July, leaving THE MONSTER MACHINE without a permanent home once again.

Strengths: Ridiculously strong, impressively agile given his size, great stamina and work ethic. 

Weaknesses: Age and size. He's obviously going to get winded quicker than a cruiserweight half his age. Also has a bit of a temper he struggles to control lately, especially around those who would disrespect the business or the level of work he's put in to get where he's at. 

Entrance Theme Music (Provide YouTube link as well as name and version): "Night of the Wolf" by Nox Arcana

Ring Entrance (PLEASE write one out for use in match/show writing):

Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus,
Luna est dominae,
Volkodlak malorum,
Artes et perditae,
Lycan incarnatus…

A dense fog rolls out along the entrance ramp, the haunting whispered chant growing in volume along with the pulsing tempo of the music. A hulking appears from the gloom, slowly and methodically stalking towards the ring. His leather doomsday cloak is open over his massive chest, each step bringing him further into the light until “The Monster Machine” is revealed in full.

The dark and Gothic chanting continues, music swelling in volume as each pulse in the tempo and each measured step of the monster are in sync.

Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita! Rota! Vita! Mara! Vena! Mare! Dracul! Morte! Vita!

ENIGMA ascends the ring steps and subtly wipes his feet on the apron, turning towards the crowd as he removes the hood from his head, revealing his soot-streaked face and colorless eyes as well as the snake writhing around his neck. Throwing his head back, he sprays a bloody mist into the air before letting out a snarl. When his head lowers, blood drips from his chin and down his heaving chest.

In-Ring Style (Technician? High Flyer?): powerhouse

10 or More Standard Moves:
Kicks (soccer, straight, SF2 sweep kick)
Strikes (European uppercut, overhand clubbing punches, forearm shivers)
Springboard Knee
Big Boot
Discus Elbow
Shoulder Strike
Powerbombs (deadlift, running)
Lariats (running, 2nd rope diving, takedown)
Running Body Block
Samoan drop (used as a counter for running opponent)
Backfist (spinning/regular)
Foot Stomp
Choke Toss
Corner Slingshot Splash
Suplexes (German, T-Bone, Exploder, Belly to Belly)

Trademark Move Name(s): 
1) Damnation (gorilla press drop/slam)
2) Fade To Black (crossface choke)
3) DO YOU SEE? (running spear)
4) Hellbound (pumphandle slam)
5) Blood Moon (blood-red mist) *VERY RARE

Finishing Move Name(s): 
1) Questions & Answers (chokebomb)
2) Face Eraser (wheelbarrow facebuster)

Favorite Hardcore Attacks/Spots: Infrequently uses weapons outside of chairs or things near the ring (barriers, steps etc). Prefers his own body as a weapon. 

Additional Notes (What are some things that they would ALWAYS do? Or would NEVER do?): Always wipes his feet before entering the ring. Always respectful of (and never engages with) children. Will never bring an opponent's family into the mix. Has been known to lose control of his temper and lately has been punishing and "reaping the unworthy souls" who have dared to waste his time and energies. Came into the company on the Madness brand as an ally (and enforcer) for Summer Page but shocked the world when he turned on her and sided with her bitter rival Marisol Vilaro. Mocks and taunts the fans when they cheer for their faves, especially if it's someone he hates. His allegiances are his own business but he is VERY loyal to those chosen for his inner circle. If they are cast aside, he has a good reason for it.
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