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Weekend Warfare 1-14-24
Author Message
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01-13-2024, 07:26 PM

01 - 13 - 2024



- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
Standard Singles

- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat

- vs -
Xtreme Rules

- vs -
Xtreme Rules

RP stips for all matches is 1 rp 4k.

"Realize" By AC/DC starts to play as the fans start booing. Out walks Barney Green, dressed in his garbage man uniform. He slowly walks out and starts arguing back with the fans. He reveals his trash can and dumps a bunch of trash out of it onto the fans. He slowly enters the ring as fans start throwing garbage back at him. He waits in the corner as the music fades.


The crowd pop as Noah Jackson strolls lazily from the back and basks in the glow of sick cunt energy washing over him. He slowly puts his right foot forward and glides down the ramp on his heelies, rhythmically raising and lowering pointed fingers to the sky as the crowd chants.


Until he reaches the apron where he gracefully rolls under the bottom rope and goes straight to the corner continuing his motions and then chants until his music is rudely cut off.

- vs -
Standard Singles

Barney Green and Noah Jackson step into the wrestling ring, the crowd buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

JC: Fans, I’ve gotta’ say what an honor and a privilege it is to be calling the match of two legends like Noah Jackson and Barney Green in my first time behind the Warfare commentary booth. I can think of no better way to kick off 2024, and no better way to kick off my career on Warfare!

Both men stare each other down, their eyes filled with determination. Noah's cocky smirk is met with Barney's fierce and unflinching gaze.

JC: This crowd is electric with anticipation for this contest, and I can sympathize!

The referee signals for the bell, and the match begins.

Noah starts off strong, using his quick reflexes and sneaky heel tactics to gain the upper hand.

JC: The Cunning Cunt Noah Jackson seizing control here early. But don’t count out the Daddy of Violence!

Noah delivers a series of quick and calculated strikes, wearing Barney down with a mix of arm drags, back rakes, and open palm chops.

Noah taunts Barney, egging him on with obnoxious crotch chops and noogies. Barney struggles to keep up with Noah's speed, dodging a flurry of attacks while trying to find an opening to counter.

Noah unleashes his trademark moves with precision, delivering a devastating Deadset kimura armlock that puts Barney in a compromising position.

JC: I thought maybe Barney would put up a better fight than this, but Noah is in complete control now. Barney might be forced to tap out early here!

But Barney refuses to give in, summoning his strength and powering out of the hold with a burst of determination. The crowd erupts in cheers as Barney fights back with a Foleyplex fisherman suplex, catching Noah off guard and turning the tide of the match.

Barney goes for the cover!




JC: My goodness! And in a split second, Barney nearly stole the win right out from under Noah’s nose!

Barney gives Noah no time to recover, and unleashes a barrage of powerful strikes, showcasing his strength and brawling prowess. He rocks Noah with a thunderous headbutt and a series of lariats, seizing control of the match with each brutal blow.

Noah struggles to keep up with Barney's relentless assault, his cocky demeanor faltering as he finds himself on the receiving end of the punishment.

JC: The momentum swings of professional wrestling are on full display here tonight. Noah appeared to have this match in hand early, but now it’s Barney Green making it hard for Noah to keep up

But Noah is resilient, using his great stamina to withstand Barney's onslaught.

He dodges a Dreamaker rainmaker attempt and retaliates with a vicious eye gouge, taking advantage of Barney's easily distracted nature. The crowd boos as Noah resorts to dirty tactics, targeting Barney's partial blindness and exploiting every opportunity to gain the upper hand.


Noah lands his trademark kick flush on Barney’s blindside and goes for the cover!





Noah is furious, and in disbelief, screaming at the ref, accusing him of a slow count.

Noah goes for his primary finisher, the King Hit Superman Punch, aiming to deliver a decisive blow that would secure his victory. But Barney sees it coming and, with a burst of energy, he counters the move…


The crowd roars with excitement as Barney locks in his finishing move, the Green Dream crossface chickenwing submission hold.

Noah struggles in the hold, fighting against the intense pressure as Barney continues to apply the submission.

JC: Barney has been putting people to sleep with this move for over a decade! Noah must find someway to break this hold now, or this one is over!

With one final effort, Noah reaches for the ropes, but Barney pulls him back to the center of the ring, refusing to let go. Before he can even get Noah back to the center of the ring, he..

JC: He taps! He taps! Noah Jackson has tapped out!


The tension in the arena is palpable as Noah's resistance wanes, and he is forced to tap out, surrendering to Barney's relentless determination.

The referee calls for the bell, declaring Barney Green the victor. The crowd erupts in cheers as Barney celebrates his hard-fought victory!

The arena lights dim as the bassline to "Blood" begins to rumble around the arena. As the guitar riff hits, so does the lights, revealing Mark "The Dragon" Cross standing, one fist aloft, at the top of the aisle. Receiving recognition from the crowd, he strides purposefully to ringside, taking a moment to survey the scene as he reaches the apron.

XWF's Head of Security Tommy Gunn walks out from the back. He wastes no time walking straight down to the ring where he ascends the steps and then climbs through the ropes, never removing his eyes from his opponent.

- vs -
Standard Singles

As the wrestlers take their corners and prepare for the start of the match…

JC- Oh..  It looks like we're going to be joined by a guest this evening, fans!  Here comes the Daddy of Violence…  The King of Xtreme…  The Sire of Blood, Guts, and Fire….  Barney Green!

Barney marches to the ring like he's on a mission.  Tommy Gunn and Mark Cross exchange looks and watch Barney cut the corner ahead of the ring and taking a b-line straight towards the commentator's table.

JC: Welcome and hello, Barney!  What do I owe the pleasure?

BG- I hear that Pip and Heather didn't get new contracts for 2024…  I figured I'd throw my name in the hat and try-out for the job.

JC: How exciting!  Well, you picked a pretty good match to come out and call.  We've got newcomer Mark "The Dragon" Cross debuting tonight against XWF veteran Tommy Gunn!  It's great to see Mr. Gunn back in the ring and what a better opponent for the Dragon to test his skills on!

BG- I've had my battles with Tommy Gunn over the years….  He's one tough sonuvabitch…  Cross is going to have his work cut out for him!

JC: He's coming in with a decent size advantage over the newcomer!  Let's see how Mark Cross overcomes it!

The bell rings and Cross immediately shoots in!  He ties up with Gunn, but Gunn uses Cross's momentum and turns and shoves him into the corner!  He then reaches back and delivers a vicious chop to Mark's chest and receives a loud, "Whoo!" from the crowd.  He reaches back for another, but Cross dips out of the way and out and quickly goes behind Gunn.  He lifts him up and hits a slow rising German suplex!  Gunn rolls backwards, landing on his stomach, and holds the back of his neck in agony.

Gunn slams a fist on the mat in frustration and picks himself up, but Cross is ready!  He runs and leaps, going for a spinning heel kick, but is caught in midair by Gunn and brought down with a sidewalk slam!  He covers cross with a quick cover, but Cross kickouts before the official can even get in position.

Gunn says something to the referee, but gets no response.  He grabs Cross by the head and brings him to his feet.  Cross counters with a straight punch to the gut!  Cross quickly follows up with an elbow that buckles over Gunn…  Cross then picks the big man up in a fireman's carry….

JC: Cross picks up 260 plus pounds easily and it looks like he's looking for the Go To Sleep!

BG- I'll give my all in the Free For All.

JC: Oh, but Gunn counters with an elbow of his own to the side of Cross's head!

Cross goes off balance and drops Gunn back to his feet!  Gunn swings a lariat, but Cross dodges perfectly and rolls Gunn into a schoolboy roll-up for a two count!  Gunn rolls through, but is slow to maneuver himself to his feet….  Cross is set up across the ring…  He runs full speed and, as Gunn picks up his head, connects with a shining wizard!

JC: Oh, my!  Tommy Gunn just got his clock cleaned!

BG: Speaking of clocks I like to drink Prime energy drinks!!! One per hour on the hour.

JC: Don't those have a ton of caffeine in such a small container?

BG: 200 milligrams per 12 ounce container. Which is exactly 86 more milligrams than a Red Bull.

JC: You're going to 86 your heart if you keep drinking that many energy drinks.

With Tommy Gunn still completely wrecked from the beating Mark Cross has dished out thus far "The Dragon" wastes no time in grabbing his opponent but the neck and pulling him up to his feet. Gunn stumbles forward, unable to keep his footing without Cross's help. Cross knees Gunn in the gut which results in Tommy Gunn doubling over in pain. Cross then places Gunn's head between his legs...hooks his arms and then...

Ketteiteki Desaki AKA That Move He Does!(Tiger Driver '91)

JC: And that is surely all she wrote for the XWF's Head of Security.

Cross leans down and hooks the leg as he looks out at the cheering crowd...




Winner - Mark "The Dragon" Cross

JC: Impressive debut here from Mark Cross. Few people in the industry can hand Tommy Gunn a beating like the one he just received but Cross did it without breaking a sweat.

BG: I bet you it's because he drinks Prime Energy drinks too!

JC: Do they sponsor you for how much you plug them?

BG: Not yet but I'm working on it!

The ref raises Mark Cross's hand in victory as the crowd showers him with applause.

BG: Well partner it's been fun but it's getting to be that time. I'll see you when I see you!

And just like that the man as the "Big Daddy of Violence" Barney Green gets up from his seat and disappears through the crowd as the XWF goes to commercial.

The lights in the arena go deep blue as smoke fills the air. Pink and silver laser lights cut through the smoke and it looks fucking rad.

JC: Bobby Bourbon, with new music it seems, because nobody has done ‘new year, new me’ like him. Just in 2023 alone he went from being an enigmatic title contender to champion to Leap of Faith winner to wearing a dress! I don’t think Bobby even knows what he’s doing this year!

As Elephant blares throughout the arena, slowly walking out onto the entrance ramp is Bobby Bourbon. He looks out at the crowd in the arena, cold and stoic, surveying his surroundings. He stops and raises his fists at 45 degree angles, and continues his deliberate plod towards the ring. Bobby climbs the steps, then climbs the nearest ring post half way and raises his fists at 45 degree angles. The lights go back to normal and the music stops.

Flynn bursts through the curtain in a dazzling blue robe. Across the back, it says "King of the Midcarders". He has no expression and makes no eye contact with his opponent. When the bell rings, he shifts gear and a snarl comes across his face.

JC: Mark Flynn probably had one of the most impressive years in the history of the XWF in 2023, including time as the Universal Champion, winning War Games, and even a Tag Team Championship run with the man he’s in the ring with now!

Mark points at Bobby, handing his 24/7 Briefcase to the timekeeper. Bobby cracks his neck, rolling his eyes, a smirk on his face.

The arena goes dark and an ominous red fog rises up around the stage giving the illusion that there was a fire burning below it.  Through the mist rises Doctor Louis D'Ville in his pearl-white suit and a grin from ear to ear.  He takes a step forward, while standing at the top of the ramp he take a deep breath of the fiery mist and exhales before slowly making his way to the ring.

JC: And the inmate that runs the asylum, himself. Doctor Louis D’Ville has done it all in the XWF, but then again, so have his opponents tonight! Doc had a strong 2023, with multiple eliminations at War Games, beating Bourbon for a briefcase at Relentless, and even beating Mark Flynn just a few weeks ago on this very program!

Doc slides into the ring and pushes himself up to his feet almost immediately. He too hands his 24/7 Briefcase to the timekeeper. He sneers as Bobby smirks and Mark snarls.

JC: The referee is giving instructions to all three men. This is a triple threat match, and in the XWF that means no disqualifications, first fall to a finish.

- vs -
- vs -
Standard Triple Threat

The referee pats down the last of the three men, and sends the each off to a corner of the ring before he signals for the bell.

“Kings Affirmation” by Iniko cuts through the speakers before the bell rings as all lights point to the top of the ramp. The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and boos, more cheers given the general heel nature of this match.

With a steely gaze on his face, Isaiah King walks out through the curtains, Universal Championship strapped to his waist and one half of the Tag Titles draped over his right shoulder.

JC: What's the Universal champion doing out here? Especially with two briefcase holders standing right there? It's almost like he wants to get cashed in on.”

The Kingslayer has a microphone in his left hand, which he lifts to his lips.

[King] ”What, y'all thought you could fuck with me last year, do your little dance, eye my belt and then not invite me to your New Years party? Pfft. For some reason y'all seem to think these belts still belong to ya.

Well news flash, this is my house.

If you want them so much, I'll keep it nice and close to you so you won't miss it.” [/King]

Isaiah walks around the ring, each of the three competitors hungry eyes lingering on his belts, belts they've all held before.

He walks to the announcers table, pulls up a folding chair for himself and settles in. He gives the bell-boy a good smile, nodding to him to ring the bell.

The bell ri-

The lights go off!

As they return moments later, all eyes shoot to the announcers table and Isaiah and his chair are no more.

Back in the ring, a clamor rings through the stadium as a metal meets the back of The Doctor. Isaiah stands behind him, just as Bourbon takes a swing at him from behind.

Ducking the arm, Isaiah takes two quick steps back, and sneers at Bobby.

Mark throws his hands in the air.

“What the hell are ya doing Izzy!”

“Shut ya ass up Flynn, you had so much shit to spew last time around, I don't think you should be speaking after the beating we gave ya.”

Doc only fell to a knee, his face morphing into a snarl as he whips around and stands looking behind the Kingslayer.

His hands slowly lift up when “You Know My Name” hits the speakers and a furious Ned comes sprinting down the ramp, his own half of the tag titles in his hand. He slides into the ring and spins Doc around to face him.

Hitting the Legend with a kick to the gut, Ned follows it up quickly with a European uppercut, staggering the big man. Slipping behind the Doctor, Ned backs up to Isaiah.

The tag champs stand back to back, titles in their hand glaring down at Doc, Bourbon and Flynn.

This isn't you. This isn't us! We don't do this! Or are you just trying to lose that title before you have to defend it?[/font]

Kaye's head turns to face Isaiah, his glare full of righteous judgment. The two stare each other down, a hint of distrust in their gazes.

Doc breathes in deeply and steps forward, his eyes flicker to his briefcase safely with the ring announcer. Flynn's eyes dart to his own, before meeting Docs gaze.

Bobby lets out a laugh and slips out of the ring, shaking his head.


Isaiah continues to stare daggers into Kaye, his eyes attempting to pierce through to his very soul as the crowd cheers on.

JC: The crowd is salivating for this match! The last time Kaye and King faced was back in the last match of 2022!

”You know…” Theo Pryce interrupts from the top of the entry ramp as all eyes in the arena turn his direction.

”I leave you kids alone for 5 minutes and here you are interrupting what is supposed to be the start of a truly epic match between 3 XWF greats. You guys just cock blocked the entire XWF Universe with this nonsense. So here’s what I’m going to do. In the interest of getting this show back on track I am announcing right here and now the Main Event for Free For All…

It’s going to be Isaiah King defending his Universal Title against…his very own tag team partner Ned Kaye. A match Ned insisted upon.

King shoves Ned away from him, clutching the Universal Title close to him.

Now, if you two could get the hell out of the ring so Mark, Bobby and Doc could do what the people paid to see them do, I'd really appreciate it.”

The tag team champions reluctantly walk back up the ramp, keeping their distance from one another as Theo follows behind them like a disgruntled parent.

JC: Well that was something. No idea why the Champ would walk out to the ring with multiple case holders were standing, it's like literally walking into the Lions Den but I guess Isaiah King fears no man. Either way now that all of that is out of the way we can get to the 3rd match on this card, a match so big it could headline most Pay Per Views.

The ref looks over at the time keeper and nods his head signaling to start the match.

The bell rings!


Immediately, Bobby tosses something into the center of the ring, and a massive cloud of smoke emerges in the ring!

JC:Bobby with what I believe is a smoke grenade in the opening moments of the match!

As the fans scream, we see Bobby Bourbon emerge from the smoke, sneaking up the entrance ramp, checking over his shoulder to make sure neither Flynn nor Doc are following him. He retreats to the back, and comes back out with a purple sequined bag holding something the size of a watermelon. Bobby rushes back into the ring, and as the smoke dissipates, a massive plume of glitter goes off like a sprinkler, showering the entire ring. Doc, Mark, Bobby, and the referee all shine in the lights of the arena. Bobby is grinning ear to ear and looking at both Doc and Mark, pleased with himself for this chicanery.

JC: Bobby told us about this, his futuristic anti-laser technique on display, unfortunately neither Doc nor Mark are nightmare robot kill machines with that kind of offensive capability!

Doc immediately rushes Bobby with a high knee strike, and Bobby ducks, pivoting to face Doc! Mark rushes Bobby and grabs him in a rear waistlock! Doc spins connecting with a roundhouse as Mark drops Bobby with a german suplex! Doc steps over and stomps Bobby’s right hand. Doc stomps Bobby’s right shoulder, then brings him to a knee! Doc and Mark shoot off of opposing ropes, and come in with stereo dropkicks to Bobby’s skull!

JC: Neither Doc nor Mark seem at all please to have been coated in glitter tonight, though the strategy of taking the bigger Bourbon out seems to be working!

Doc lifts both of Bobby’s legs and delivers a stomp to his solar plexus! Flynn goes low with a baseball slide to Bobby’s ribs! Doc and Mark pick Bobby up and dump him to the outside! Mark points and shouts at Bobby, glitter dust shaking off of him into the front row! Doc capitalizes with an axe handle to Flynn’s skull!

JC: It looks like with Bobby neutralized Doc is willing to stop playing nice with Mark Flynn!

Flynn with a back elbow to Doc! Doc ducks, grabs Mark, and goes for a Northern Lights suplex! Mark flips out onto his feet! Thigh kick from Mark! Spinning back fist from Doc! Mark ducks, coming back with a side kick! Doc catches the foot! Enzugiri from Flynn! DOC DUCKS THE ENZUGIRI!






Doc rolls the pin over onto Flynn!



Mark releases the grip on Doc to escape, rolling out of the ring! Flynn looks absolutely furious! As Bobby struggles to bring himself to his feet on the opposite side of the ring, Flynn approaches the timekeeper, and motions for him to scram! The timekeeper moves aside, and Mark grabs Doc’s 24/7 briefcase and the walnut hammer used to strike the ring bell!

JC: Mark pointing at Doc, it looks like he’s playing mindgames with D'Ville!

Mark rears back and smashes Doc’s briefcase, the face of which has a marble slab with his name chiseled into it. The tiny hammer barely chips the marble, leaving it saying Doctor Lôuis D'Ville. The hammer bends as well, whatever alloy used in it's construction not really designed for hitting marble. Doc grins. As he does, Mark points at Doc and starts laughing. Doc laughs right along with Mark! BAM! Doc is blindsided by Bourbon with a barrage of forearms, belting Doc into the corner! Mark slides in with the hammer and Doc’s briefcase! Bobby lifts a boot with a foot choke to Doc in the corner, and Mark rushes in with a shoulder block to Doc! Bobby releases the foot choke as Mark drives the shoulder! Mark spins, shining like a disco ball from all the glitter, and goes to high five Bobby!


Bobby clocks Mark with the spinning jumping uppercut! Mark backs into the corner, sandwiching Doc! Bobby rears back, and charges in looking for a big body attack! Doc shoves Mark aside and rears back with a boot to Bobby’s face! Doc picks up the case and hammer! He swings the case, and Bobby catches it just inches before it made impact with his head. Doc also swings the hammer right at Bobby’s groin. Bobby turns a sickly grey and doubles over onto the mat.

JC: Doc just ding-a-dong danged Bobby Bourbon with the official XWF Tungsten Cadmium Walnut Cracker and Ring Bell Hammer!

Doc sneers, looking down at Bobby and Mark. Doc leaves the ring and goes to the timekeeper area.

JC: I hope he's not looking for another official XWF Tungsten Cadmium Walnut Cracker and Ring Bell Hammer! The fiend!

Doc picks up Mark Flynn's briefcase. There's a couple of fun stickers on it, the ones he got from a machine at the Denny's in hell no doubt. His name is written on it in gold marker ink. Doc also stops at the edge of the ring and pulls out his baton taser. He eyes it with consideration and a stiff upper lip, shining like stage jewelry from the earlier glitter bomb.

JC: Oh my God, Doc is looking to initiate shock treatment onto Bobby and Flynn!

Doc rolls in, and catches a rising Bobby with a superkick! Mark shoots in to grapple Doc, but Doc catches him with the taser! Mark drops to the mat the out of the ring! Doc turns, and thrusts the taser at Bobby! Bobby catches the extended hand of Doc! Doc presses the tazer at Bobby, and Bobby, still reeling from having his gonads pulverized by a very unique kind of hammer, struggles to push the tazer away! Bobby with a knee to the gut of Doc! Richter Spike onto Doc! Bobby keeps the leg hooked!



Doc breaks out of the pin! Bobby rolls his eyes as he stands, pulling Doc back up with him! Bobby with a boot to Doc, and Bobby hoists Doc up for a Bobbybomb! Suddenly the lights go out!

JC: Fans, we have no idea what is happening or if this is a technical issue…

When the lights come back up, Doc is huddled on the outside! Mark Flynn is now on Bobby’s shoulders!


Bobby drops down and covers Flynn!



JC: Doc is still winded on the outside!



The crowd is struck with stunned silence as Mark becomes the second person to ever survive a Bobbybomb. In short order, it's going absolutely insane. The XWF crowd, in unison, begin chanting to the tune of 7 Nation Army.


Bobby stands up, looking around in awe. He then turns and looks at Mark, struggling to peel himself from the mat. Bobby’s demeanor softens as he watches Mark struggle to get up, the sound of the crowd pulling him to his feet strand by strand. Mark posts off of Bobby, swatting at him, defiantly.

JC: Mark Flynn will never quit, and Bobby Bourbon may already know that, the question is why has Bobby slowed down?

Bobby stands Mark up. The crowd is fever pitched as Bobby and Mark jaw back and forth at one another. Suddenly, the lights drop again!

When they come back up, Doc is standing in front of Flynn! Flynn throws a right at Doc! Doc blocks and hooks Mark! Doc hoists Mark up!


NO! Bobby slides back into the ring and crashes into Doc, causing all three men to land hard on the mat! On one corner, Doc slowly gets up, picking up his briefcase and baton tazer! Mark slowly gets up, holding his briefcase and the ring bell hammer! Bobby stands up, and both Doc and Mark glare at Bobby, all three men spangled and sparkling still from all the damn glitter. Bobby rolls his eyes, and pulls a small box with a switch on it out of his trunks! Bobby presses the button, and the ring begins to shake, and hum. The glitter begins to cascade off of all three competitors and the referee, settling onto the ring, as Mark and Doc struggle to hold their briefcases!

JC: I think Bourbon has turned the entire ring into am electromagnet! That madman!

Mark and Doc plod towards Bobby, each dropping their briefcases, arms outstretched. Finally, to be free, both men drop the Tungsten Cadmium hammer and the baton tazer. The tazer activates on contact, arcing through the Tungsten Cadmium hammer and down through the mat to whatever contraption Bobby built! All three men look shocked as the ring begins to tremble, and shake.

JC: Is that thing going to explode!?

Slowly, the ring begins to rise. Underneath we see a bevy of ladders, tables, and storage cases. Mini Morbid, hiding out underneath with a Ham Sandwich and the Bing Bong Twins, waiting to ambush someone but nobody cares who, scurry off, their dastardly scheme thwarted by the completely unexpected reaction caused by all three competitors. At a height of about fifteen feet, the ring stops, suspended in midair.

JC: I have never seen this in all my years, the ring is hovering in place, suspended in the air by itself! This has to be a no contest!

The referee, well shaken by this turn of events, consults the official XWF Rule Book in his pocket! The referee nods, and calls for the action to continue! Doc and Bobby rush each other and start throwing hockey punches at each other! The crowd goes wild as Mark dumps Bobby and Doc over the top rope! Both Bobby and Doc land on the apron, clinging to the ropes to avoid the huge fall to the ground! Mark rebounds, and he rushes at both Doc and Bobby! Doc and Bobby both drop, holding down the top rope, and Mark tumbles out of the ring, and falls to the floor below!

JC: OH MY GOD! Mark Flynn just fell fifteen feet to the floor below!

Doc quick to hit Bobby with a back chop, trying to send him to the floor from the hovering ring! No! Bobby tosses Doc back in the ring! Bobby re-enters the ring, and is hit with a nasty kick from Doc! Doc slings Bobby into a corner, and hoists him up onto the top rop! Doc climbs, and lifts Bobby!

JC: Doc looks to be going for a super Lobotomy!

Bobby wriggles in the air, and falls back behind Doc onto the mat! Bobby with a forearm to Doc’s back! Bobby steps up and grabs Doc, who is on the top rope, and leaps, with a massive Super German Suplex! It connects, and the ring itself buckles! Lights flicker and whatever was causing the ring to hover pops, and the ring crashes to the ground immediately! The referee barely catches herself, and sees Bobby bridging out with the super German Suplex!


Mark peels himself from the floor, climbing the ring barrier, and watches inside!



Winner - Bobby Bourbon

JC: INCREDIBLE match here by three bonafide XWF legends here and this time Bobby Bourbon has come out on top. But something tells me these three men aren't done with each other. And as luck would have it, all three are slated to take part in the XWF LAST BLOOD BATTLE ROYALE...Live from Arlington Texas in two weeks at FREE FOR ALL!!!

The voice rolls down the backstage hallways as the XWF cameras find Jason Cashe carving his way down the hall. Passing a few people, production staff, wrestlers and referees just lingering about. A lot of moving pieces and Cashe was looking at everyone.

“Have you seen Theo?”

Measuring his hand to show height, he exaggerated how short Theo actually was.

“He’s about yay high? Always wears a suit like he drinks out of a bidet? No?”

Dressed in a Houston Texans #48 Jersey, Cashe lifts his arms and lets them drop back to his sides. To his right at the fourway, Cashe spots the gorilla position leading to the live audience.

“Hey, give me a mic and cue my music..”

Cashe says as he passes by the Gorilla Position table. Grabbing one of the microphones ready for use, the production staff in the area gives Cashe the green light finger point. He was good to go ‘live’ and he stepped through the curtain..

The hymn-like hum vibrates through the area before Lauren Hill soundfully brings in the chorus to "Ready or Not". Jason Cashe comes out from the back. Looking around the arena, this was his ‘Home’ crowd and they showed their love as they got intense in their cheers for the returning former Tag and Xtreme Champion.

JC: “He’s back! Jason Cashe is back in XWF!!”

Taking a long drag off an air joint, Cashe howls up into the sky, a few fans howl with him. Heading to ringside, Cashe doesn't enter the ring but instead rounds it as he slaps hands with some hometown fans!

JC: “Houston is loud tonight! The question is, does Theo know that Cashe is in the building? Trilogy-Saga isn't coming back, is it?”

People in the front row were pulling at his Texans jersey as Cashe yanked himself free and continued around the ring.

JC: “These people LOVE Cashe and it's weird..”

Tapping the mic to see if it works, he leaps up onto the steel stairs at the corner post and steps up onto the ring apron.


The audience went bananas! He was wearing his pride as were many in the crowd tonight. The entire city had reason to be excited. Lifting a leg to dip under the ropes to enter the ring, Cashe stops and brings his leg back outside the ropes. Shaking his head, he drops down to ringside.

“Those of you who know me know that I’m not much to yapping once I get inside the ring..”

Shaking his head, he slaps the apron canvas.

“So I won't be entering this ring because I’m not here to fight.”

The positive cheers turned into a vibration of boos as they clearly wanted him to compete. It's been a while both in this city and in general.

“Last time I was here, I had yet to be stabbed by a fan.. Last time I was here, I was involved with a trash ass Faction that went nowhere fast and I… I want to take full blame for that!”
JC: “This doesn't seem like Cashe at ALL..”

“How does one expect success when I never felt that I fit in or wanted to be around many of the people around me?”

Instant heat as the crowd boos from his sliding jab towards former teammates in Raion Kido, Ned Kaye and others including Theo Pryce.

“I stuck through it, held on as best as I could because I gave respect to a man named Theo Pryce..”

JC: “Uh Oh! Don't spark any drama with the guy who signs our paycheck!”

Moving to the side of the ring where the entrance ramp was located, Cashe leans back against the ring.

“I am not signed to XWF and nobody other than the guy in the back near Gorilla gave me the greenlight to be out here. And since I couldn't find Theo Pryce in the back, I came out here to deliver a message!”

JC: “Cashe is the type to retire and kickstart his Bowling career..”

A few among the audience began chanting “Come Back, Cashe!”

“I’ve come to claim a spot.. I want to be in the Free For All Last Blood Battle Royal! I’ve come for a Vampire’s buffet and in this ring, it shall be served up properly!”

A thunderous ovation that will only be found in Houston or Atlanta, Jason Cashe lowers the microphone.

“New Romantics” by Taylor Swift blares throughout the arena. Every face turns to the stage, including Cashe. Nobody is sure who's music it belonged to.

JC: “Did Theo Pryce get new theme music?”

Multi-color lights flash over the stage settling on pink, Sloane Taylor emerges from the back full of energy and all smiles.

JC: “Hey! That's Sloane Taylor! Former UGWC Champion and Cashe’s wife! Vegas can be fun!”

She stops on the stage and waves at Cashe still at ringside.

JC: “From the looks of it, Jason Cashe wasn't aware his wife would be joining him! This is why you DON'T get Married in Vegas while drunk!”

Changing her view, she looks around her at the crowd, taking it all in before starting off down the ramp.

She greets the crowd, slapping hands and posing for quick selfies with the fans before making her way to the ringside where her Husband, Jason Cashe was giving her a look of confusion.

Sloane slides right past Cashe, not giving him anything but a shrug as she passes. He turns and watches as she prances around the ring, eating up the shine of the audience.


Asking for a mic, Sloane takes one from the ring announcer and immediately brings it to her lips.

“Hello Houston!”

They went NUTS! On the outside, Cashe looked a little miffed that she was taking his spotlight as he hops up onto the apron. Putting his own mic to his mouth to speak.


She turns to him. Eyebrows raised as she tried to hold back a smile.

“Yes, my Husband?”

“What are you doing out here?”

The noise was fluctuating in highs and medium, the in between was minimal.

“I think they like me!”

Sloane puts on a giddy of excitement as she turns and looks out at the cheering crowd. Her positivity could be very annoying.

“They like me too, they don't know any better..”

To that, he got booos! Sloane though was still full of her sparkly and bright energy as she moved closer to her Husband and Best Friend.

“I forgot to tell you but.. Ummm.. I joined the Last Blood Battle Royal!”

The house went crazy! Sloane hasn't been in a ring of any kind for a little while now. A mainstay in UGWC, Level Up and a few minor appearances before taking a leave of absence from the ring.

“Well damn..”

Seemingly disappointed, Cashe steps through the ropes. Having JUST said he didn't get in the ring unless he was going to fight. The fans went quiet.. Sloane lost her smile and gave him a look as she took a single step backwards. He laughs as a smile breaks across his face.

“It's about fucking time you got back in the ring!”

Dropping the microphone, Cashe lunges forward, snatching Sloane up, hugging her. She hugs him back. Pulling away, he lifts her left arm into the air as the two turn to see every direction of the sea of fans roaring with cheers.

JC: “I’ll be honest.. I thought that was going to go differently! I know it's his wife but it's 2024 and nothing is off the table!”

The fans erupt as the words $Money Talks$ flash on the X-Tron followed immediately by the opening notes of Linkin Park's "Points of Authority" starts playing. Theo Pryce walks out from behind the curtain.

JC: “Expensive suits and cheap toilet paper in the locker rooms. Go figure..”

“Look at the cute couple!”

Quickly picking up the mic he had dropped, Cashe approaches the ropes closest to where Theo was standing at the top of the ramp.

“Hey Waldo, where have you been?”

A few laughs in the crowd as well as from Theo as he responds.

“I’m a busy man, Jason. The better question is what can I do for you? As you can see, I have acquired the signature from your wife to compete in the Last Blood Battle Royal at the Free For All.”

“Yeah, well, that's dope and all but umm.. I want in..”

Roaring and howling from the live audience show their approval of the idea. There were a lot of sour grapes about Cashe's last run in XWF. Making him wait for a minute before answering, Theo finally gives his former Associate an answer.

“You know? Fuck it. Consider yourself in!”

Flipping the microphone, Cashe didn't need to respond. He just pointed at Theo while nodding his head.

JC: “This is awesome! What if it comes down to Husband and Wife? Oohhh or better, Wife, Husband and Wife’s Ex boyfriend?”

As Sloane and Cashe gather more cheers, Theo takes his leave back into the back.

The ramp starts to flood with smoke. A figure appears in the entranceway with his arms crossed. A series of fireworks go off along the top of the entrance ramp. The light adjusts back to normal. Havok starts to walk down the ramp.

JC: Eddie Havok had a solid debut on our last Warfare. He did not walk away with the victory but he definitely turned some heads and showed that he absolutely belongs here.!

He slowly and methodically makes his way toward the ring, bathing in the reaction of the fans within the arena. Waving in his arms, just over his shoulder… The Union Jack! The Flag of Great Britain!

The lights dim as multiple spotlights rotate throughout the arena. As "Leaving Dionysus" begins to play, the spotlights all point to the stage, illuminating a velvet red curtain. At the moment the guitars begin to play, the curtain is drawn open, revealing the imposing figure of Dionysus, holding a Thyrsus in his right hand and a shield on his left arm. He clashes the staff against his shield to rouse the crowd to clap with him, then roars, raising the Thyrsus above his head.

JC: Dionysus has had a solid Xtreme title run so far with 2 successful defenses under his belt and hoping for a 3rd here tonight against Razor!

- vs -
Xtreme Rules

The match begins with American Nightmare Razor Blade and Dionysus circling each other warily. Razor Blade looks for an opening, while Dionysus keeps his guard up, ready for any move.

JC: Here we are, folks. Razor Blade, the man of brute strength and determination, facing off against Dionysus, the Lord of the Vine for the XWF X-Treme Championship. What a clash this is going to be!

Razor Blade makes the first move, attempting a quick takedown, but Dionysus protects himself with a solid defense. Razor Blade then takes a step back and the two circle one another some more before Razor and Dionysyus lock up in a collar and elbow tie-up. Dionysus, using his height and weight advantage, pushes Razor back into the ropes. The referee calls for a break, and Dionysus steps back with his hands in the air.

Dionysus then offers a test of strength, which Razor Blade hesitantly accepts. The two wrestlers lock hands, engaging in a power struggle. Razor Blade, surprisingly, begins to get the upper hand, using his leverage smartly. However, Dionysus, with a sudden burst of strength, reverses the momentum, pushing Razor Blade down to one knee.

JC: Look at the power of Dionysus! But Razor Blade is not giving up that easily!

With a swift move, Razor Blade breaks the hold and executes a quick kick to the mid-section. Razor Blade quickly rushes past Dionysus and hits the ropes, coming in on the rebound with a Running Bulldog that sends the champion to the mat. Razor Blade quickly covers the champion!

JC: The American Nightmare is looking to end this one early!



JC: He’ll have to do more than that to keep the champ down!

Razor doesn’t waste a second transitioning from the failed pin attempt into a sleeper hold. Dionysus struggles, but his strength prevails as he rises to his feet, breaking free with elbow strikes to Razor Blade's midsection.

Dionysus then takes control, landing a series of heavy punches and a big boot that sends Razor Blade stumbling into the corner. Dionysus flies in with a crushing corner splash, but Razor Blade dodges at the last second, leaving Dionysus to hit the turnbuckles hard.

JC: The American Nightmare avoiding the corner splash from the champ by a razor thin margin!"

As Dionysus stumbles out of the corner embracing his chest, Razor Blade snatches him up from behind and sends him crashing to the mat with an Inverted Suplex Slam. Razor then takes to the top turnbuckle and flies in with a perfectly executed Moonsault for the pin fall!




Razor Blade keeps up the pressure with a knee drop before pulling Dionysus to hid feet. Razor hits the ropes and rushes in on the rebound, but Dionysus retaliates with a spinebuster, halting Razor Blade's momentum. He then executes a Fist Drop before going for a cover of his own!




JC: What a display of back-and-forth action! These two are giving it their all.

Dionysus attempts his finisher, the Grapevine, but Razor Blade counters, transitioning into his own finisher, the Blade Rose. The crowd erupts as he lands the move. He covers Dionysus.




Dionysus powers out at the last moment, much to the astonishment of the crowd and Razor Blade.

Both wrestlers are visibly exhausted but determined. Dionysus, sensing an opportunity, goes for the Brut Force, his boxing combination. Razor Blade, however, anticipates this and dodges, hitting Dionysus with a disastrous Disaster Kick.

JC: Incredible resilience by Razor Blade! He’s not letting this chance slip away!

Razor Blade signals for the end, preparing for a second Blade Rose. As Dionysus slowly rises, Razor Blade grabs him, looking to execute the move.

The crowd erupts into a mix of cheers and boos, recognizing the former Anarchy Champions familiar entrance theme.

JC: Wait a minute! That's HGH's music! What's he doing here right now?

Razor Blade, momentarily distracted, turns his attention towards the entrance ramp, looking for HGH.

JC: This is not the time for this, HGH! We have a crucial match going on!

The distraction proves costly for Razor Blade. Seizing the opportunity, Dionysus counters with a Deified, catching Razor Blade completely off-guard. Razor Blade hits the mat, but pops right back up and stumbles, dazed from the sudden impact.

Dionysus quickly follows up with his other finisher, the Quinque Punctum, locking in the hold tightly. Razor Blade struggles, but the hold is too strong. He has no choice but to tap out.


JC: There you have it, Dionysus retains! What an incredible match! Both Dionysus and Razor Blade gave it their all, but in the end, the sudden intrusion of HGH's entrance music played a pivotal role in the match's outcome. It’s unfortunate that Razor Blade's impressive effort was overshadowed by such a distraction."

Dionysus stands on the ramp, gripping his X-Treme Title in his clutch. He high-fives a few fans before turning around towards the ring, rising the championship belt up--ONLY TO BE ATTACKED FROM BEHIND WITH A CLUB TO THE BACK!

JC: WHOA! What the hell is this? And with Dion clearly not 100%...

The camera refocuses and we can see a thick, beefy boy with a hoodie on covering the bulk of their body. They also have a mask covering the entirety of their face.

JC: ...who the hell IS this guy? And why is he going after Dionysus!?

The big man grabs Dionysus by the back of the head, carelessly tossing him back towards the ring into the turnbuckle post.

JC: OH! What a collision!

Dionysus backs up, holding his forehead close when the masked man shoves him forward, once again sending him colliding with the turnbuckle post! Dionysus falls back onto the floor, and we can see a bit of blood starting to form.

JC: Dionysus has been busted open! The X-Treme Champion is bleeding thanks to this...unknown attacker!

The masked man grabs Dionysus by his hair, forcing him to his feet. Dion, to his credit, tries to fight back, but a HUGE headbutt to the ginger DIRECTLY to the wound, forces him to fall back against the apron just keep standing. He loses his footing, however, and stumbles to a knee. The masked man methodically clenches his fist before sending a few errant right hands to the wound, widening it and causing more blood to trickle down the champion's face.

JC: This unknown assailant has called his shot! The X-Treme Champion, not for the first time, is being bloodied, but nobody knows who they are and this is most definitely a heinous assault folks!

The masked man tosses Dionysus into the ring. They then grab the X-Treme Title, carelessly chucking that through the ropes, uncaring for any damage might be caused to it.

JC: Just no respect for a championship as prestigious as the X-Treme Title...

The masked man rolls under the ring, and after glaring out around at a booing crowd, he heads towards a corner.

He waits a few moments, looking out at the crowd before turning around--and meeting Dionysus' right hands!

JC: A little bit of blood isn't gonna stop...the X-Treme Champion!

After a few errant right hands, the masked man overpowers Dion, shoving him out of the corner and taking him across the ring! When Dionysus reaches his feet, he is damn near immediately SPEARED!


As if cut off by his own thoughts, Pip suddenly stops as the masked man reaches his feet. He sends a right foot down atop the X-Treme Championship belt. He rips the hood off his face before tearing the mask from his head--REVEALING HAWAIIAN HARDHEAD!

The crowd are initially unsure how to react, leaving him with a mixed reaction!


Hardhead, HHH for short, glares out at the fans around the arena. He throws his hair back, a mean mug adorning his face as he grips Dionysus by the head. He forces him to his feet before throwing him under his left arm.

With a few nods to the still mixed reactions from the crowd, he claims Dion's left hand before lifting him up in the air for a suplex!

JC: We saw the SPEAR that damn near knocked Dion out...and now...for the end-all!

After the slightest hesitation, HHH sends Dion down with a Jackhammer!

JC: The HAWAIIAN Dionysus!

Dionysus holds his stomach close, as HHH gets to his feet. He holds his head high as he approaches the ropes. We can hear him say "mic!" and he is quickly obliged. On his pace back towards Dion, he grabs the X-Treme Title...and arrogantly placing it on his right shoulder!

[whiteJC: I think I know...what he's after![/white]

HHH pounds on the mic a few times, and the resounding thud echoes through the building. After a bit more, he speaks.

HHH: Let's try this again!

The crowd let out their mixed reactions, but by now, we're edging more towards boos.

JC: I can't blame these fans for being unsure how to react. Hardhead is a legend in his own right, but this...honestly this isn't too far off-base for the Insane Delgado...

After sending a wad of spit off to his right, he speaks again.

HHH: The a dying breed. People like me, with my tenacity, my ingenuity, and my brutality...are no longer the commonplace that the XWF holds. For nearly a decade, I have tried my damndest to find my place in professional wrestling...WITHOUT...the XWF. And for about two years...I thought I'd be fine. I thought I could let it go! But then I look back...and it's not the barbed wire's not the pity from folks like Jonathyn Brown or T-Money...and it sure as hell...ain't the disrespect...that all you fans have ever shown me...!"

That's enough to get the rest of the crowd to join in on the boos.

HHH: ...what brings me back seeing...THIS championship...

Hardhead raises the X-Treme Title up in the air.

HHH: ...being fake-ass Dionysus!

He lowers the title, but keeps it in his right hand even as the crowd's boos get louder.

HHH: The X-Treme Division...needs someone who knows...what TRUE violence is like. And I hope the blood on your face is a wake-up call, D...cause lemme be the one to speak on it...y'all have this PPV...Free for All...and while I can't enter the eponymous match...that doesn't mean I don't want one. So think you're truly X-Treme? You don't know what it means!

HHH gets closer to Dion, yelling it in his face.

HHH: for All...and at the end of the night...the X-Treme comin back home to papa! And if you didn't know by now...

He pauses a few moments as the crowd instinctively start to finish the familiar saying.

HHH: ...I don't want you to know.

He tosses the mic to his right, uncaring as the thud echoes throughout the arena. HHH chucks the X-Treme Title out of the ring, just HEAVING it up the ramp! He looks around the arena for a few moments before exiting the ring himself.

JC: HAWAIIAN HARDHEAD is back! He just called his shot for Free for All! Theo, Vinnie, if you're out there but that's certainly a match I wanna see! And I can bet, with the blood of Dionysus staining the mat, the X-Treme Champion wants to see it too!

The stadium spotlights rush up toward the ceiling and Waters appears under the XTron. She marches to the beat of Ode To Joy, the crowd roaring, her gaze set squarely on the squared circle. She climbs through the ropes and takes the center of the ring. Raising a single fist into the air.


The bass is so deep, the ramp rumbles to the beat…

Or could that be the massive step of the dominant tank that is…


- vs -
Xtreme Rules


As the bell tolls, Dolly stares at the ever-confident Cram, boring straight into his eyes as the crowd gets fired up. Cram’s smile grows wider as he stares at the small woman, motioning for her to bring it.

JC: And we’re off, folks! Happy to be calling the first main event here for my stay on Warfare, and what a main event it is! Cram’s been making a name for himself with a Star of the Month and a nice Television Championship reign so far, but Dolly Waters is trying to make another run at the gold and could be giving Cram a real run for his money!

The two circle around the ring, slowly taking their time to come to the center of the ring. Despite the hardcore stipulation placed onto this match by Cram, there’s a clear feeling-out process here. Neither competitor wants to be the first one to make a move, and Cram tries talking some smack to throw Dolly off her game.

Dolly doesn’t even flinch at Cram’s words, showing her veteran poise and instinct. Cram’s brows furrow together in annoyance, before he lunges in to try and grab at Dolly! But Dolly ducks underneath the grab, coming to the side, and - LEG KICK! LEG KICK! LEG KIIIIIICK!

The kicks fire off like shotgun blasts, trying to attack the big man’s center of power! Cram bites his lip, feeling the sting of the feet as Dolly seems to be gaining a bit of momentum here!

JC: Good strategy here by Dolly to start things off here! She’s giving up a whole foot in height and over three hundred pounds to this big fella Cram, so it’s a matter of using speed and technique to slow his onslaught down.

Dolly goes for another leg kick, but Cram shows some adaptability on display by raising his leg to check the kick! Foot collides against hard shin, and now it’s Dolly who’s having to wince as her strategy ends up backfiring slightly. She takes a few steps back to get some distance, but Cram’s hulking form ends up closing the distance faster than she was expecting.

A solid throat thrust from Cram lands true, sending Dolly packing into the corner on the spot. She grabs at her throat, gasping and wheezing for air, but Cram isn’t letting up as some clubbing forearms rain down right on Dolly’s cranium! That’ll have her dizzy! Cram backs up now, getting some runway space as he stares right at Dolly before rushing in… running hip attack coming through-!

But Dolly slides out of the ring just in time! Cram’s back lands hard against the turnbuckle, and the big man has to take a second! But a second is all Dolly needs as she grabs at Cram’s ankle from outside, managing to trip him up and take him down! Dolly keeps the ankle in her hand - and jams it right into the metal ring post!

JC: Cram managed to get ahead of the game for a minute there, but Dolly readjusted just like that! Cram’s got some natural talent to his game, but he’s gotta get his head straight to keep up tonight. Can’t play games in the ring when you’re in there with a competitor as seasoned - despite her young age - as Dolly Waters!

Dolly goes right underneath the ring, looking to take advantage of the extreme stipulation going on tonight, and pulls out a wooden kendo stick! She twirls it in her hands, getting used to the grip once again as she eyes up Cram’s leg she just bashed into the ring post. She lines up her mark, going to swing…

And Cram pulls his leg back! Dolly’s strike whiffs against the metal post as she realizes her mistake too late! Cram kicks his leg back now, striking Dolly and sending her flying into the metal guard rail!

JC: Take that back, Cram just took control back just like that! Dolly’s doing her best, but it’s so hard to overcome such a massive power difference like that! If Cram’s going to win this match, he needs to keep his eyes in the back of his head and just keep it down to a battle of strength and will.

Dolly heaves, trying to take a deep breath as Cram manages to roll on out, glaring at Dolly with a quiet, stewing venom in his eyes. Dolly curses under her breath as Cram comes closer, and she whacks him with the kendo stick between the eye!

He. Does. Not. Even. Flinch.

Even as a stream of blood trickles down his face, Cram’s grin returns, cracking his neck and coming even closer. Dolly goes for another swing, but Cram takes the kendo stick! He lines up his shot -

CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! One blow right to Dolly’s stomach takes the wind right out of her sails as she goes onto all fours! Cram doesn’t waste time as he sizes up Dolly once more with the kendo stick - ANOTHER CRACK!

JC: Cram with a weapon in his hands is like a WMD raining down! So dominant with his moves in there…

Cram breaks the kendo stick in two, ruining any chance Dolly could have of trying to use it against him later on. The crowd rains boos all over Cram as he delivers a cocky pose, showing his swagger before turning his attention to Dolly who’s trying to crawl away.

Pulling her by the hair onto her feet, he brings her in close, trying to snap the life out of her with a firm bear hug! It’s locked in for a few moments, before Cram checks behind himself - BELLY-TO-BELLY TO DOLLY OVER THE BARRICADE! HER BODY HITS AGAINST THE CONCRETE FLOOR!

Cram bolts right back up to his feet and pops off! The world is his stage right now, and he’s not afraid to show it! The fans respond with a chorus of boos, only to get flipped off by Cram as he laughs at them!

JC: Cram is mauling Dolly and throwing her around like a ragdoll right about now! That young lion out there is trying his damndest to keep his Television Championship around his waist! Dolly can get some good offense in, but one hit from Cram is like getting ten from Dolly! How do you come back from this?

Cram, however, is not done. He goes underneath the ring, and pulls out his real prize. The crowd suddenly pops once they realize what’s going on, with some pro-Dolly fans gasping in horror…


JC: …Of course, maybe you don’t come back if Cram gets his way with this…

Cram sets up the table without a hitch, placing it along the ringside area and testing its durability real quick with a firm slap to the wood. Nodding and with a smile, he goes back to the barricade area. He grabs Dolly up by the hair…


Cram yelps and stumbles, and Dolly realizes that now is her chance! She grabs the big man by the back of the neck, and bashes his face into the guard rail as hard as she possibly can! Blood spurts out all along the barricade, and as Dolly shoves Cram back, it’s clear that he broke his nose off of that impact!

JC: This is a real breakthrough on Dolly’s end so far in this match! She can’t afford to waste it if she’s going to come out on top here!

Dolly uses the guard rail as a springboard as she kicks her legs out! DIIIIIVING DROOOOOPKICK! It lands right on Cram’s chest, sending him sprawling back! He’s laid out against the table, eyes glazed over! Dolly doesn’t waste even a second of time, knowing she’s got to continue to make the most of this! She goes onto the ring apron, running across to line herself up -


Both competitors are laid out! Dolly put her body on the line to take out Cram, and it worked - but at what cost?!

JC: I see the referee is coming out now to check on both Dolly and Cram to see if they can continue - wise move on his part, but it’s clear now both competitors are spending themselves out. At this point, they’ve gotta be thinking finishers and how they can get the pin here.

Dolly is the first to start stirring with the referee in her face, blinking and rubbing her tired eyes as the roar of the crowd seems dulled and faded. It’s been a while since she had managed to push herself this far, but it was working out so far. Using the ring apron as support, she manages to barely get herself on her feet just as Cram was beginning to start stirring.

Dolly grits her teeth and tries pulling up Cram to get him in the ring! She’s trying to go for the end! But she’s going red in the face, trying in vain to get him up! No matter how hard she plants her feet and grits her teeth, it’s not working out! And all she’s doing is wasting more time, allowing Cram to try and wake up more and more!

Dolly lets go, exasperated as a thick layer of sweat is building on her skin. Someone could get a real workout in trying their best to move Cram around… but now wasn’t the time for a workout, it was time to figure out how to get a victory.

Dolly seems to have an idea and moves over towards Cram’s face, but as she leans over to pick him up, Cram’s arm shoots up out of nowhere and grabs Dolly by the throat as the crowd realizes what’s about to happen in horror!

JC: And that’s yet another example of how a wrestling match can change on a dime, folks! Dolly took too long to try and figure out her next move, and she’s about to pay the price right now!

Dolly tries fighting, kicking, scratching, clawing - whatever someone could even think to do in this situation, she’s trying her damndest to do it. But no matter what she tries, it’s not stopping Cram from slowly getting back onto his feet, looking like a demon fresh out of Hell with all the blood dripping down his face.

Cram hoists Dolly into the air, holding her high above his shoulders! Dolly tries fighting out, only for Cram to throw Dolly back in like a lawn dart! Dolly gets show into the ring, landing awkwardly on her face as she tries covering up while Cram comes right back in. Dolly tries to get her bearings back and go for a quick strike to catch Cram off-guard, but Cram boots her in the gut to double her over!

And now, Cram places Dolly’s head right beside his hip as he’s trying to lift her! Trying to go for his patented gutwrench piledriver to end this!


JC: Wouldya look at this - Cram can’t lift Dolly for the Cram Jam! It looks like Dolly’s wrapping her legs right about Cram’s injured leg!

Cram snorts at the sight of Dolly trying to fight back, clubbing her back with a forearm. But Dolly doesn’t give in, pushing forward with her shoulder as much as possible, bringing Cram right to the ropes! She ducks down even lower - shoulder thrust to Cram’s knee!

Cram yelps in pain, instinctively shoving Dolly away to create some separation. He just needs one move to set her up. One move to spell the end for her. One move he can hit as he sees her moving towards the ropes. One move…



Cram stumbles back, eyes glassy as he didn’t expect that to come out of nowhere. His injured leg finally starts to buckle, sending him on one leg while trying to work the fog out of his vision. He blinks, rubbing his own tired eyes, but it doesn’t seem to work enough. He heaves, exhaling deeply as he looks up…





JC: SHE DID IT! SHE DID IT! Dolly Waters came back to win the Television Championship in an absolute barnstormer of a match! Cram gave it everything he had, but veteran instincts won the day in the end!

Winner and NEW Television Champion: DOLLY WATERS!

The referee collects the prestigious gold belt from ringside, dusting it off and presenting it to Dolly as she slowly gets up to celebrate her victory. As soon as Dolly lays eyes on the belt, it’s almost like rekindling with a lost love as she desperately hugs her pride and joy, tears of sacrifice dripping from her eyes.

But finally, as she gets up onto her feet and raises her new title up high, the fans join in solidarity with her. This time, Dolly made her name for herself again - on her own merits without underhanded tactics.

Warfare fades to black on the sight of Dolly Waters posing with the Television Championship.

Thank you to the following match writers:

Dolly Waters
Bobby Bourbon
Doc D'Ville
Jett Sterling
Liam Desmond

And those who sent in segments:
Isaiah King
Ned Kaye
Mark Flynn
Hawaiian Hardhead
Jason Cashe
Sloane Taylor
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Because that was the closest you were going to get to this belt while I’m holding it.

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