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(loved by some; hated by some; dips between clean/dirty)

12-14-2023, 09:36 PM

[We see it open to JB and T, at JB’s crib in Baltimore playing PS2 games to pass the time in his game room, while Reggie was stayin in Cali to focus on his own ish. Then JB phone goes off in his pocket, and he pauses the NFL game to answer the phone. ]

JB: Who is this?

E-Dogg: It’s E-Dogg, and I wanted to let y’all know that i’m droppin y’all from my management.

JB: Oh really? Why is that?

E-Dogg: Y’all not makin me money… and you know your boy T don’t like me around his girl and her kid. So for now on, i’m done with y’all!

JB: Oh…aight… fuck ya bitch!

[JB then hangs up the phone, and he sat there pondering what just occurred. T then looks at JB with a slight concern as he put the controller down.]

T: What’s going on man?

JB: E-Dogg dropped us from his management… I didn't know he would do us like that.

T: Oh fuck him, we can manage oursevles man. Why did you bother to involve him with us the first place when he was shady as fuck?

JB: I thought that me and him were cool, but I guess not. Fuck it, lets get back to this game da Skins kill ya Jets boy!

T: Nahh… i’m up by three, so you owe me some pizza boy! Haha!

JB: Fuck ya!

[Then they go back to their NFL exhibition game, then as time passed it was half past ten at night and we see them all dressed in their flyest gear. We see T in his white t, black jeans and regular off brand Air Jordans with a jacket. JB was dressed in all black with black Nikes with his $40 dollar chain on his neck. They walk up to the line that was wrapped out from the street to this club called Kidoloa in the harbor of Baltimore. It was midnight, and they still got stuck in a line by the time it was going to 1am, they managed to get to the door and this bouncer who looked like CRAM in his security gear stopped them from going in.]

Guard: Uh excuse me fellas, y’all can’t come in.

JB: Why not?

Guard: They don’t have uncool looking dudes in this club. You both aren’t exactly the clientele we need in this shit. So y’all gotta bounce!

JB: Nah, we been standin in this line since 10pm now you turnin us away?

[Then two women pass the due through the rope to the door, then the guard mugs them as T pulls him to the side of the line. JB wanted to pull a pistol at the guard, but T snatched it from him.]


JB: Oh you siden wit that CRAM lookin mafucka?

T: No, you didn’t need to act out… plus did you own this gun?

JB: Had that license for a long time.. Think it expired… but fuck it… i’m pissed off man.

T: It’s not worth it, let's go somewhere. I think I know a spot we can head to let off steam.

[Then JB put the pistol in the pocket, and they got into JB’s SUV that was few blocks away from the club they waited in line for. Then as they were driving, they stopped at a sidestreet, as JB was tryin to make sure everything is in his car. Then about ten minutes pass, they end up seeing one of the ladies of the night who looked like Becky G and Selena Gomez if they didn’t have careers in music and movies, dressed in the sluttest outfits. Both men put down their respective windows to talks to them.]

Lady 1: Hey boys, you guys want some fun tonight?

T: What fun y’alls talkin about?

Lady 2: You know, sucky suck, fucky fuck and all that shit!

Lady 1: We tend to charge 60 bucks for an hour a piece.

JB: 60 bucks! Man fucka outta hurr!

[JB and T put up the windows to have a discreet conversation about this as they walked a few feet away from the car.]

T: Hey man, screw the strip club down in Rounde St, this can be our chance to get our own entertainment!

JB: Hey if you want to break bread with them, then that’s all you man. I anit buy no hoe off the street.

T: Oh c’mon man, live a little… what’s the worst that can happen?

JB: Fine… check the glove box.

[T then opens the glove box and see’s another pistol in it, and he looks at him].

T: Really another gun?

JB: You know me, gotta stay strapped all the time. Take and put it in your pocket, I don’t trust these hoes.

[T then doesn’t hesitate to put the gun in his pocket, and JB then opens his window down to get the girls attention, which they turn around and see they want their services. Then they came back to the SUV, and they spoke to them.]

Lady 1: Oh now you want our attention, well here’s the deal we are knocking the price down to 25 an hour between us. Whatever you guys want, we will do.

Lady 2: Yeah what she said, anything…

T: Y’all know anything about footjobs?

Lady 2: What is that?

[JB and T look at one another if they aren’t aware of that type of thing. Then T then pulls out his and shows the ladies what that is, and they are immediately disgusted at what they seen.]

Lady 2: Ugh Feet, nooooooo!

Lady 1: You guys are weirdos!

JB: It’s not like you both have m’fers out here wanting y’all to shit on they chest and shit like that. If my boy wants that, one y’alls better be down for that shit. Or, we can send ourselves elsewhere.

Lady 1: Wait wait… i’ve dealt with a guy who is into that stuff, isn’t that right Hela?

Hela: Oh yeah Lita, he paid us so well for that stuff. Look Lita, it’s gettin cold and we need to be in a warm place, so are you guys gonna take us or what?

[JB nodded and opened the door for them to enter, then they drove to a motel 6 that was fifteen miles to the downtown part of Baltimore. They rented a room that had two separate queen bed, and since it was a motel 6, it wasn’t exactly a Theo Pryce quality of approval, but it would do. Then all parties got on bed each, and the ladies went to the bathroom to “freshen up” as JB and T were about to get some entertainment. Then we see girls pull out some ski masks and a “gun” from their purses, and they storm the room with the gun. JB and T weren’t exactly shocked as they sat there, looking at them as if they didn't care.]

JB: Oh you both are robbers huh?



JB: I see one of you girls are shaking the gun. Is it loaded?


[Then Hela was hesitating as she was trying to aim the gun at their heads, then she dropped the gun on the floor, and T held her at gunpoint. Hela tries to break  free from his hold, but couldn’t let go.]


JB: If you guys want to see another day… then you have two options.

[JB gets from the bed to aim his gun at Lita, then worried that her younger sister is going to die, drops the gun on the floor and surrenders.]

Lita: What are the options?.... Please let her go!

JB: I will give you both 1,000 dollars in cash, after one of you give my man a footjob here tonight. OR… have you both end up missing in B-Mo, i got some people who love to make two hoes like you go missing without a trace. BUT, I don’t wanna go that route… so it’s up to you both, T let her go.

T: With pleasure!

[T lets go of Hela and they both rush to the bathroom, then T and JB laugh it off and just give them rolled up cash and leave it on each bed. They left them behind in a free motel, as they came out of the bathroom relieved that they didn’t get killed by them. Then the next morning, JB was cooking some breakfast for them to eat in his crib, and once they had their meal they headed out to the deck to talk.]

T: Kinda felt bad about last night, we didn’t have to do them dirty.

JB: I know, but they thought they could rob us but didn’t know we don’t give a fuck.

T: I mean that’s true, but that girl I held hostage kinda reminded me of Jonee a bit for some reason.

JB: Man you still on her?

T: I’m not…

JB: Stop Lyin…

T: Fine, yes i am… not my fault i caught feelin’s for her man. She is the mother of our kid… well now E-Dogg’s kid now.

JB: Look man, I get it man. I was in that role before when I had my own wife and son back the day, but I learned how to move on… it’s for the best to move past it.

T: I know it’s just… man, I wanted to.. To… ahhh, fuck it. Fuck E-Dogg and Jonee… its time for the three of us get shit cracking once again.

JB: You know that’s right.

[Then after their morning convo, it was later in the day and they decided to shoot their promo in JB’s backyard with the XWF logo that was on the brick wall, with a mini tripod they could find at Five below. The quality obviously was going to be terrible, but they didn’t  pay it any mind.]

JB: We are once again teaming up to take on this duo of Corey and Dolly, the two most iconic duos in XWF since they decided to make themselves the bonnie and clyde of this place. Well, I know they are a couple in and out of the ring, and even Corey wanted to come back to wrestle one last time without any belts on the line. Don’t blame him or Dolly for that, because they know that they will leave again.

T: I mean can you blame them? They haven’t been seen since 2021 or 2022, maybe save for a few appearances here and there. I mean i think Dolly has been hanging out in the muddy waters with her daddy, and Corey has been doing Corey things like living like an influencer and completely ignoring his wrestling background. I know wrestlin isn’t in his blood no more, which is a shame because I was hoping to see that part of him again. Maybe, his handlers are the ones who told him that it will be his only one off match, so he can be able to fly to Paris for fashion week or somethin like that.

JB: Well, guess what… no matter what the cause is, they know they can beat us. They can beat us and move on, and act like it never happened. That’s pretty much the norm for us, we are like the blackhole of wrestling teams that you never know it happened to, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them two lovebirds to have them flock on out of XWF for good.

T: Don’t be too harsh on them JB, they might haven’t been relevant in a long time but they do know they have the machine behind them. Those same machines are the ones tellin them to do this match, just to keep their stock up in public. Well hate to tell Dolly and Corey this… but this isn’t going to be a simple, five minute opener to a show… we want the people in Texas to know that I don’t be playing nor JB be playin around. We will test you both on whether you still have your heart in this shit or not, and if not, then you both made the biggest mistake in your career outside of the fed, and it's time to reevaluate your public image outside the fed.

JB: I know them tabloids can’t wait to see a beaten and fucked up Corey and Dolly, I already know me and T will be crucified for hurting Twitter’s love goals couple. But we don’t give a fuck, and we aren’t afraid of going to war with them, even if we had to hire some two florida local dudes when we weren’t down to fight em back then.

T: Now things are different, and this holiday my wish is to take out with one of you two love birds with a HideYaFace and go Kurt Angle 06 on one your freakin ankles until you say “LORT HAV MERCY ON MY ANKLE!” as I lock that shit in tight. Someone going back home with a broken ankle!

JB: Well I will simply just watch this unfold, and wait til the time is right to strike on one of them. But honestly, no matter who wins… lets just say, may the best team win this coming Saturday next. We're out!

[Then we see Tommy turning off the tripod camera, and they end up going back to his deck as the scene fades into the XWF logo.] [/color]
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