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12-14-2023, 11:44 AM

(Verse 1)
Yo, it's CRAM on the mic, ready to spit,
But talkin' 'bout Eddie Havok? Man, I don't give a shit.
He out there spitting that boring bio, lesson after lesson,
But in this rap game, I'm the one manifestin'.
Eddie and his bicycle crew, yeah, that's nice and all,
But when it comes to excitement, he's hittin' a wall.
Lost his first match in pro wrestling, that's the gist,
Now he's steppin' up in the XWF, he'll feel the twist.
CRAM's in the house, ain't about that history mess,
Eddie Havok's story? Nah, I couldn't care less.
He might've stumbled before, but here's the scoop,
In XWF, he'll meet defeat, that's the truth.
(Verse 2)
Eddie, step into the ring, tryna make a scene,
But against the XWF’s best, he's just too green.
I'm here to lay it down, no sugar-coated talk,
In this ruthless world, Eddie, you'll stumble and balk.
He rides his bike with his crew, well, good for them,
But when it's time to rumble, he'll meet Mr. Mayhem.
CRAM's spittin' facts, don’t care if I diss or offend,
But Eddie, in this game, you ain't gonna ascend.
CRAM's in the house, ain't about that history mess,
Eddie Havok's story? Nah, I couldn't care less.
He might've stumbled before, but here's the scoop,
In XWF, he'll meet defeat, that's the truth.
Eddie Havok, sorry bro, it's just the way it goes,
In the XWF ring, it's a whole different dose.
CRAM's here to rock it, no time for your fuss,
You'll lose that first match, that's just a must.
So here's the rap, CRAM's done and said,
Eddie Havok, prepare for a reality thread.
Your boring bio and bicycle crew, they won't define,
But in the XWF arena, your loss will surely shine.

~As the beat fades the scene fades into CRAM walking through a city park that has been decorated for Christmas. The lights shine bright in the dark Panama City night. With the Disciple dispatch, CRAM can roam free without free of being shot at by rivals wanting his turf. CRAM stops to admire a nativity scene. ~

Tis the reason for the season they say.

~CRAM smirks and wonders what his life would have been like with his parents as he continues walking through the park. Alone in the late night CRAM pulls a Backwoods blunt from his pocket and sparks up. CRAM continues to walk around the park as he smokes. CRAM comes to a display of Elves working in a gift shop and stops to stare at it. ~

Funny how them elves be spending they whole little lives working away, but Santa get all the credit. Sometimes in life, you can be the one who does all the work but never get any glory. Eddie, you be spouting off at the mouth about how you do all this work and held all these championships, but when I ask around about ya everyone just does an owl impersonation. WHO?

You talk about winning gold everywhere ya ever been, but you ain’t even got a bronze medal-level portfolio. Ya bout put me in a deeper sleep then some purple drank. Ya whole game plan to just give me a history lesson about you and your bike club and bore my ass ta sleep? Shee, better come with somethen better than that you wanna succeed against ya boi CRAM.

Yeah you in an MC for real, the mid-club, ya MC, mad cappen. Just like you thinken ya gonna pull a CRAM and capture the TV gold in ya debut, ya playen yaself homie. Lightning ain’t striking twice, them bolts ya gonna feel runnen through ya brain coming courtesy dah CRAM JAM!

Ya melon gonna get split kid, leave ya a para or quadriplegic from the neck damage I’m gonna inflict on ya. Have ya trading in that rocken chair of yours for a wheelchair. Ya no frills, no thrills, low skills haven ass. Bragging about been self-trained, ya self taught for the same reason ya self-pleasured, cause everyone can see ya a loser. No potential, no future, and CRAM gonna make dame sure ya got no gold.

Flag match means more than what ya thought boy. It means the only way to win is by getting your flag, which means no disqualifications or count out, which means I can do whatever I wanna do to ya boi. Ya missed the plot on that one, like my reach it’s completely over ya head. Dat that only thing over ya head doe, this whole situation is over ya head boy.

Ya left them small ponds where ya claim to have been a big fish, and ya done got thrown in the deepest part of the ocean. Ya done fell in the dang Mariana Trench boy, with the da great Samoan Shark. You a guppie, a little beta bait fish, and I’m gonna eat ya ass up at Warfare. Ya gonna learn what err body in Ex Dub Eff is learning, CRAM DA MAN!

I’m gonna be runnen this bit in no time soon, got the TV gold which means like Tupac all eyez on me. I’m straight gas homie, setten them fires, and Eddie you worse than mid, you just some skunk dirt. At Warfare I’m putten ya bitch ass back in that dirt.

~CRAM begins walking again as he continues smoking his blunt. A few hours, a few beers, and another blunt later and CRAM finds himself immersed in a world of dreams. As his consciousness ebbed into the realm of slumber, he entered a drug-fueled dream where he became the Grinch incarnate, clad in the iconic green fur and donning that mischievous smile.
[Image: pnen2Uzs7vNHSO6TYbJS--3--aeh4g.jpg?tr=w-1600,c-at_max]

The Front Bank arena, usually abuzz with cheers and XWF wrestling excitement, was now enveloped in a hushed holiday atmosphere. CRAM, in his Grinch guise, embarked on a stealthy mission to steal away the holiday spirit from his fellow wrestlers.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, the Grinch-like CRAM tiptoed through the backstage corridors adorned with festive decorations. His first target was Eddie Havok, the most boring Brit of the ring. Sneaking into Eddie's dressing room, CRAM snatched his prized paper mache wrestling championship, the very one that Havok had bragged about winning so triumphantly in some place so shameful he couldn’t even name it. Leaving behind an empty box adorned with a mocking bow, CRAM sauntered away, relishing the chaos he had sown.

Continuing his Grinchy escapades, CRAM slinked into Isiah King's domain. The home-grown sensation was known for his cherished Universal championship belt. In a swift motion, CRAM pilfered these treasured possessions, leaving Isiah bewildered and disheartened at the sight of empty spaces beneath the glimmering Christmas tree.

Centurion, the embodiment of valor and honor within the XWF, was next on the Grinch's list. CRAM, in his green-furred guise, stealthily seized Centurion's prized shield and sword, the very symbols of justice and bravery. As Centurion searched frantically, the Grinch-like CRAM reveled in the chaotic mischief he'd sown.

Moving swiftly through the backstage corridors, the Grinch-like CRAM targeted Bobby Burbon, the charismatic showman of the XWF. Bobby's bright red hair was trimmed with little care as it vanished into the Grinch's sack, leaving behind a scene of confusion and dismay.

Finally, Dionysus, the untamed force of the XWF known for his wild antics, found his collection of rare wines and spirits whisked away by the Grinch-like CRAM, leaving him scratching his head in disbelief.

As the dream unfolded, CRAM, wrapped in the thrill of his thievery, reveled in the chaos he had caused. However, as the dream began to dissolve like morning mist with the approach of dawn, CRAM slowly stirred from his slumber.
Blinking away the remnants of the dream, CRAM found himself not amidst a jubilant Christmas party hosted by the XWF, but instead passed out on his couch. The television screen shined brighter than Christmas light, with XWF wrestlers dancing on the screen. The very wrestlers he'd dreamed of pilfering from, CRAM saw Eddie Havok, Isiah King, Centurion, Bobby Burbon, and Dionysus all made to look better than they were through selected highlights.

As reality merged with the dream, CRAM chuckled at the remnants of the dream that had woven its way into his subconscious. Ready to partake in some Christmas festivities CRAM called his crew to be joined in merriment. Letting go of the dream's mischievous echoes and embrace the joyous occasion with plans to soon sit at the head of the XWF family table. ~

(Verse 1)
Yo, CRAM in the booth, ready to spit the truth,
Eddie Havok, listen up 'cause I'm coming for you.
You talk big, but your game's just a wreck,
I'll leave you on the mat with a broken neck.
Christmas bells ringing, but no joy for you, see,
I'm the gift that's gonna bring your agony.
In the ring, I'll be the one to reign supreme,
While you're down and out, living your worst dream.
I'll step up to the challenge, bring the pain,
You'll be crying out, begging for a break in vain.
CRAM's the name, and victory's my aim,
Eddie Havok, your defeat by me will be ya claim to fame.
CRAM's the champ, the one to beat,
Eddie Havok, you're facing your defeat.
I'll break you down, make you fall to your knees,
In this match, victory belongs to me.
(Verse 2)
Now listen close as I drop some truth bombs,
2024's the year where CRAM comes on strong.
XWF's my playground, I'm taking control,
I'm rising up, gonna reach my ultimate goal.
King's Universal crown, it's calling my name,
I'll claim that throne, make the XWF even grander.
A new era's dawning, CRAM's the commander,
I'm taking over, leaving my foes in a slumber.
From the undercard to the main event stage,
I'll be the one to set the world ablaze.
No one can stop this force, this rise to power,
CRAM's the future, XWF's final hour.
CRAM's the champ, the one to beat,
Eddie Havok, you're facing your defeat.
I'll break you down, make you fall to your knees,
In this match, victory belongs to me.
I'm the future of this game, destined to thrive,
CRAM's legacy's set, it's time to arrive.
So bring your best, Eddie, but know this is fate,
I'll leave you crushed in the ring, there's no debate.
XWF, get ready for the takeover,
CRAM's the storm, the unstoppable force to discover.
King's Universal crown, it's within my grasp,
I'll claim it all, leaving my rivals in the past.
CRAM's the champ, the one to beat,
Eddie Havok, you're facing your defeat.
I'll break you down, make you fall to your knees,
In this match, victory belongs to me.
So mark my words, Eddie, it's your downfall I'll orchestrate,
CRAM's the name, and I decide your fate.
XWF, get ready for the reign that's near,
I'm coming for it all in this coming year!
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