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Do you know who I am?
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(Physically attractive male on every level; can seduce you; that disarming smile; those bedroom eyes.)

12-14-2023, 05:46 AM

Eddie is sitting on a rockin’ chair to one side of a dark room.As the chair rocks back and forth, the floorboards creak underneath. 

“I really can't hold it against Cram. He really doesn't understand what he is up against. He is under the impression that because I'm British. I eat crumpets and slip tea. Bow to the queen. Possibly well-spoken and honorable. Just like the rest of the population. What a joke!” 

“Really I can't be any further from that stereotypical role model. I will say this. The only way I know how. Blunt and to the point!”

“You can keep all the tea in China. I have never liked the bloody stuff. You might not have heard, the Queen has passed. We are now in the era of the King. Not like, that means that much to me. It seems like the British are less impressed with the royals than the rest of the world is. What I do with the local crumpet on a Friday or Saturday, is between me and her.”

“It is clear that you don't know me. That's not your fault, that you're too lazy to try and find out. So Who is Eddie Williams?”

“Well I guess I better take a moment to tell you. Well to be honest, it will take longer than a moment.”

“So who exactly am I? Well I'm Eddie, better known as Havok for the past seven years. British born wrestler. Started as a fan of the sport while I was still young. After the death of my parents in a plane crash. I was raised by my brother and sister. Well that was until Lucas, my brother started training as a wrestler himself. I guess this was about the time that I started to show an interest in Wrestling.”

“Finally after many years, I started training myself. Looking to follow in his footsteps.”

“Finally made my debut back in the Summer of 2016. Unfortunately my debut match didn't go too well. I might have been on the losing team. Tagging with two other random people against three mid-carders in the federation. So one match in, one clear loss. Well I was thankful that I wasn't the one laying flat on my back looking up at the ceiling on that night.”

“Over the next few years, I picked up my fair share of wins and losses. Collecting a handful of Championship reigns along the way.”

“Over time I worked with other promotions, picking up more wins and Championships. I can honestly say that I have pretty much won gold in every promotion I have been in.”

“You see I have never and will never back d9wn from a fight. I have managed to overcome Giants of the industry. I have managed to do the impossible, fight against the odds. overall proven that I am a world class talent. Headlining multi pay per view all across the world.”

“Either way. I have no bones about working up from the bottom of the roster. It would seem that the management has decided that would be a waste. You see when you have a World class talent on your roster, it makes sense to push that talent and watch the money roll in.”

“So it looks like I will be facing Cram. The Television champion. In his own words, he said that he got a title shot in th8s first match. It is also true, he managed to rise to the challenge. Winning the championship.”

It could be referred to as a flash in the pan, lightning in the bottle. You know what they say about lighting striking twice, well that is absolute crap. Lighting does strike twice. Just not that often, and when it does, it normally has a devastating effect.”

“Cram, you have had a good talk so far. Rapped a little song. Good for you, you have a second talent that you could improve on, when you realize that the wrestling thing wasn't really for you, that you haven't got the talent to be in the ring.”

“It is true, you beat the previous Champion. Being better than a below average wrestler is one thing, but thinking that you are now better than a world class talent. You see, you don't get to this level on prue talent, but it does help a lot.”

“You mentioned the Revolution and the British going back home or some like that. I fail to see what that has to do with me. You see, I wasn't around in 1776. If I was that would surely make me the oldest living wrestler ever. Bot to mention I wouldn't be in any fit state to wrestle you or anyone else.”

“Did I mention that I never back down from a fight? I might be smaller than you. However, at this point it is clear that I am the bigger guy, the better talent. You can rap all you want. That won't help you when the time comes, I have more than one way to cut taller people down to size.”

“I might not have the Skulls Grimm M.C at my side out on the road. Doesn't mean you should take me lighter in the ring.” 

“Underestimate me at your own peril. I don't have to be able to pick you up for a body Slam that will be felt around the globe. No, I could just work a b9dy part, tear you down to the mat and then beat you sorry ass into submission.”

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