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12-11-2023, 12:58 PM

Eddie Havok, welcome to da XWF ya crumpet eat, tea sippen, queen bowen down ta Brit. Good thing ya used to bowen da knee, cause ya gonna be bowen down to da new king oh da Ex Dub Eff, ya boi CRAM. King oh ya TV screen, back-to-back main events cause I’m da king oh da ring.

I don’t know how ya worked ya way into this match never steppen foot in da XWF before, but ya did something for someone. Question is doh, did you impress someone enough with what ya did somewhere else that they gifted ya with this opportunity to come in and grab some gold? Or, did ya piss someone off so bad, dat da wanted to make ya first day in XWF ya last day in XWF?

I can’t say much about how ya get to be in a prime spot, coming in getting a title match without proven ya self, cause dat would make me a hypocrite, and there isn’t too much old CRAM hates more than a hypocrite. Cause old CRAM came in getten a shot at the TV gold too, without ever proving myself in da XWF. Big difference between our stories doh, is that CRAM delivered when he was called upon.

Ya coming in wit a golden opportunity Eddie, but problem is you my opp. I tore through TommyWish like he was my favorite Christmas dish. Now, CRAM gonna tear through you like it’s seventeen-seventy-six, on that Revo War tip. What I’m sayen boy, is that ya coat, and ya throat gonna be red, cause ya gonna end up dead.

I’m talken ya hopes and ya dreams, not ya body. Metaphorically, not literally, cause I can’t be caught up on some allegations, ya playen yaself, ya mental masturbations. CRAM da king in dat ain’t some revolution revelations.

Ya, dis so sweet, CRAM about to drop a beat. Just like I’ma drop ya in defeat. Eddie, ya getten played with like a teddy. Bear with me and you’ll see that CRAM ain’t cappen, I’m straight fire. I’m the gas that is gonna burn up ya mid ass.

Now, I gotta name the stip, and since I been on this revolutionary tip. I think we gotta go a route that will leave no doubt which country be the best. Like when ya win the gold at da Olympics and ya stand on the podium for the world to see that you're the gold standard, I think we need to have a big grand gesture for the world to see who the clear winner is. Dat got me thinking, maybe we should have us a flag match.

The winner is gonna be clear cut, cause he the one gonna be waven his flag in the air. Now, I be used to flyen a flag, but dats my colors out my back pocket, but this time I’ma be waven old Glory, while you union jack-off be layen in ya red coat, that got colored from ya throat.

[Verse 1: CRAM]
Yo, listen up, Eddie Havok, with your British swagger,
I'm 'bout to spit flames, leave you in tatters.
You think you're hot, but you're just a tea sipper,
I'll school you like history, American Revolution's victor.
You rep the Union Jack, talk all posh and neat,
But your wrestling skills are weak, can't compete on this beat.
1776, yeah, we declared independence,
Kicked your redcoats out, that's real transcendence.
You're from the land where the sun barely shines,
I'm from the land of the free, where we define the lines.
You think your accent's fly, but it's just a facade,
I'll take you down, leave you feeling flawed.
[Chorus: CRAM]
Eddie Havok, with your British delight,
I'll school you so hard, leave you in the night.
America won, you gotta accept that fact,
Your rhymes are outdated, mine are on the right track.
[Verse 2: CRAM]
You sip on Earl Grey while I down Red Bull,
I'm a rap revolutionary, breaking all the rules.
You're all manners and grace, but where's your grit?
I'm the one bringing fire, you're just counterfeit.
Your monarchy's old news, we tossed that crown away,
While you're stuck in the past, I'm making moves today.
So wave your Union Jack, but it won't save your flow,
I'll crush you in this battle, make your defeat show.
I rep the stars and stripes, land of the brave and bold,
You're stuck in tea time, my rhymes never get old.
So Eddie Havok, take a seat, learn from this lesson,
America's the champ, your rhymes? Just regression.
[Chorus: CRAM]
Eddie Havok, with your British delight,
I'll school you so hard, leave you in the night.
America won, you gotta accept that fact,
Your rhymes are outdated, mine are on the right track.
[Outro: CRAM]
So step back, Havok, and bow to the superior reign,
In this rap game, I'm the one who'll always reign.
Your British charm can't match my lyrical might,
I'm CRAM, and I just owned this fight.

On da real Ed, Edd, or Eddy, I don’t care about ya country, and this country don’t care about me. I’m a man who looks out for his own, and don’t bow down yo no one. Ya live in the monarchy, and ya looken at ya new king. You ain’t gonna colonize da TV championship, cause ya gonna get ran back across the pond like ya ancestors did in 1776. Like the American Revolutionaries,  I’m defending what I took from someone else. So ya can take ya plans of coming in and taking the TV and ya can CARM UM!!!

~ The scene opens to a large house, that is both run-down and roomy. The house sits in the heart of te slums of Panama City, Florida. Walls have been knocked down in the house to make the living room as large as possible, and able to seat over thirty large Samoans and Polyinesians. In the middle of the masses sits the man known as CRAM. The charismatic and street-smart leader is revered by his loyal brothers known as "The Company." The brotherhood had been dubbed a “gang”, and operated in the shadows, navigating the intricate web of the city's underworld with precision and guile.

The Company could trace their origins back to the “Big Island”, and the 1970’s. The Company was founded as a brotherhood to look out for other Ployinesians and Pacific Islanders, and like any organization, they required funding to keep running. This funding sometimes had to come from nefarious, or violent activities, but these were never committed against those who were deemed “innocent”.

This meeting had been called to discuss the chaos that had erupted as the Gangster Disciples attempted a drive-by shooting on CRAM before he left for Arizona. Miraculously, CRAM had survived unscathed, albeit with a steely resolve to seek vengeance. The Company seethed with anger, eager to retaliate against the audacious attack. However, CRAM, the prudent leader, urged caution and strategy.

Violence had erupted in Panama City the night that CRAM flew out to Phoenix. When CRAM had landed at Sky Harbor International Airport his phone immediately began to blow up with social media notifications, texts, and voicemails about the violence erupting back home in Panama City. As soon as he made it to his hotel, CRAM called his Luteniens and called for an immediate cease-fire on The Company’s part until a plan of action could be developed.

Now as The Company had gathered in their clandestine headquarters, a dimly lit house, reeking of cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke, and tension, The Company congregated. CRAM stood at the forefront, his commanding presence silencing the room.

"We will not rush blindly into this," CRAM's voice resonated, his words carrying as much weight as his massive frame.
"Revenge is best served cold, with a strategic plan in place."

Many members of The Company exchanged restless glances, itching for retaliation, but they respected CRAM's wisdom. "But how?" one member questioned, his voice edged with impatience.

CRAM leaned forward, his eyes gleaming with determination. "Information is power. We'll gather intel on their movements, learn their habits, their patterns, and through that, their weaknesses. We already know their key players, so we already know who we gonna be aiming at. This is not just about hitting back; it's about dismantling their power structure, and watching them implode."

The Company nodded in agreement, their faith in CRAM unwavering. They dispersed into the darkness of the night, each assigned a task to gather crucial information. They infiltrated the streets, the bars, and even the alleys, weaving their way through the network of informants and allies.

Days turned into weeks as The Company worked tirelessly, piecing together the puzzle that was the Gangster Disciples. CRAM, a master strategist, meticulously devised a plan that would strike at the heart of their rival gang's operation.
With the information gathered and the plan meticulously crafted, The Company gathered once more, their faces masked with determination.

"We strike at their core," CRAM declared, his voice resolute. "We dismantle their network and send a message they won't forget, if they even survive."

Under the cover of darkness, The Company executed their plan flawlessly. They has a plan that targeted the Gangster Disciples' key operations, disrupting their supply chains and undermining their leadership. With swift precision, they would execute each step with calculated precision.

CRAM had been gathering intelligence for months before the shooting even occures. CRAM knew the GD was the biggest threat to their power, and had been planning to take them out for months. Now, CRAM was leveraging the anger of the missed drive-by to take out his rivals.

After meticulously piecing together the intricate web of connections and vulnerabilities within the Gangster Disciples. They found a chink in their armor, a night when the operations of both houses would be vulnerable. It was a risk, a daring move that could cripple the syndicate if successful.

Under the cover of darkness, CRAM and the operatives of The Company moved silently, like phantoms, towards their targets. Each member had been trained on the streets, and were now equipped with the skills and tools needed for this daring operation.

The cookhouse was the first target. With precision and stealth, CRAM infiltrated the compound, swiftly disabling security measures and neutralizing the two guards. They moved through the facility like shadows, swiftly planting accelerants strategically throughout the building.

As they retreated from the cook house a small fire was set that would burn slow enough for the Company to get to a safe distance before it would hit the accelerants. The flames reached the accelerants as planned, and an engulfing fire erupted. The cookhouse erupted in flames, sending plumes of smoke billowing into the night sky. It was a calculated strike aimed at disrupting the Gangster Disciples' drug production and dealing a severe blow to their financial resources.
While chaos reigned at the burning cookhouse, another team of operatives from The Company was already converging on the main trap house used for distribution. They moved with practiced efficiency, swiftly dispatching guards and breaching the fortified doors.

Inside, a fierce firefight ensued as members of The Company clashed with GD g members. Amidst the chaos and deafening gunfire, they planted explosives, targeting key structural points within the trap house. As flames engulfed the cookhouse, the trap house became a battleground. In a final, daring move, and unwillingness to be taken in for questioning, loyal members of The Company triggered the charges, and the building shuddered as explosions ripped through its foundation. The trap house collapsed into a heap of smoldering debris, a symbol of the devastating blow dealt to the Gangster Disciples' distribution network.

The night sky was illuminated with the glow of two infernos, marking the downfall of the Gangster Disciples' strongholds. CRAM had executed a meticulously planned operation, striking a crippling blow to the criminal syndicate's operations in a single, audacious night. The Gangster Disciples would be feeling the repercussions for months to come, their grip on the city weakened by the calculated actions of CRAM and The Company.

As the dust settled, the Gangster Disciples reeled from the blow delivered by The Company. CRAM stood tall, his crew by his side, the satisfaction of retribution evident in his eyes.

"This is not just a victory," CRAM announced. "It's a testament to the power of strategy and unity. We don't just fight; we outsmart."

The Company celebrated their triumph, knowing that CRAM's strategic prowess had not only secured their revenge but had also solidified their position in Panama City's complex underworld. Their unity and calculated moves had sent a powerful message – in the game of power, patience, and strategy reigned supreme.

With the Gangster Disciples now at their weakest point, since The Company had come to Panama City, CRAM knew they had to execute the final blow. The Company had to take out the GD before they could regroup. It was time to deal the death blow. ~

(Verse 1)
Yo, listen up, let me tell you a tale,
About CRAM's rise, how we're set to prevail.
Eddie Havok, man, he thinks he's the boss,
But he's 'bout to feel the weight of our force.
We ain't just about the power or the might,
CRAM's got the strategy, we're gonna take flight.
Street smarts run deep in our veins,
Eddie's time's up, he's feelin' the chains.
CRAM's the name, we play the game,
Deliverin' the death blow, no fortune or fame.
Eddie Havok's reign, it's 'bout to end,
With our power, strategy, and street smarts blend.
(Verse 2)
We move in silence, calculating moves,
Eddie Havok, he's got a lot to lose.
He might flash the cash, but it ain't about that,
CRAM's got the brains, we're where it's at.
We're makin' moves, like chess on the street,
Eddie's caught slippin', he's facin' defeat.
Our crew's tight-knit, we're a force to fear,
CRAM's takin' over, that's crystal clear.
CRAM's the name, we play the game,
Deliverin' the death blow, no fortune or fame.
Eddie Havok's reign, it's 'bout to end,
With our power, strategy, and street smarts blend.
No room for error, this ain't no joke,
CRAM's comin' in, we're ready to provoke.
Eddie Havok, better watch your back,
CRAM's on the rise, and we're on the attack.
CRAM's the name, we play the game,
Deliverin' the death blow, no fortune or fame.
Eddie Havok's reign, it's 'bout to end,
With our power, strategy, and street smarts blend.
So here's the story, the end's in sight,
CRAM's takin' over, bringin' the light.
Eddie Havok, you better say your prayers,
CRAM's comin' in, and we're takin' the chairs.
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